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              STORIES OF LIFE:
               Giving with Joy:
          A Story about Philanthropy

               MORE IN THIS ISSUE:
        “Thinking Outside the Box”—Ways to Give
           Purple Wishes Program Launched
               Holiday Events Calendar
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Contents                                                                                                           LYNGBLOMSTEN LIFESTYLE
                                                                                                              is published quarterly by the Lyngblomsten
                                                                                                                Marketing Communications Department
Giving with Joy:                                                                                          in cooperation with the Lyngblomsten Foundation.
A Story about Philanthropy. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .3
Resource Roundtable . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .4
Reflections . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .5                        Patricia Montgomery
                                                                                                           Director of Marketing Communications
Board Profile: Jeanette Severson . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .6
Our Partnership: Amazing Grace Lutheran . . . . . . . . . . . . .6                                                  Jessica Johnson
                                                                                                           Marketing Communications Specialist
Purple Wishes Program . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .7
Board Profile: Sharon Bachman . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .11                                          Rebecca Schwartz
                                                                                                           Marketing Communications Specialist
Golf Classic: A Look Back . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .12
‘Fun”anthropy is Alive and Well . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .13                       Lyngblomsten Lifestyle can be found online at
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Dorothy Lee outside her home enjoying a beautiful day.
                                                                                                                      Attn: Mary Grupa
Read her story on page 3 about giving with joy.                                                            1415 Almond Avenue, St. Paul, MN 55108
                                                                                                         (651) 632-5324 or

2      Lyngblomsten Lifestyle | Fall 2009
       GIVING WITH                                                                  “Jesus is joyous

                                                                                    when we give...”
                                                                                            — Dorothy Lee

                                        by Jessica Johnson
                                 When Dorothy Lee was           don’t expect a return on their investments from their
                                 just a young girl, her         children, but the experience is life-changing. ‘Why not
                                 father would give her a        give it while you can?” Dorothy asked. “I’m interested in
                                 nickel to put in the collec-   the whole spirit; I love the spirit of Lyngblomsten!”
                                 tion plate at church. “He
                                 said it went to help the       In 2004 when Dorothy needed to recover from back
                                 starving children in           surgery, it was a simple decision for her to recuperate at
                                 China,” Dorothy shared.        the Lokensgard Transitional Care Unit at Lyngblomsten.
                                 “I would tie it in a hand-     As a resident of the 7500 York building, her caretakers
                                 kerchief so I wouldn’t lose    asked her why she chose Lyngblomsten; she replied,
it.” Even though it was her father’s hard-earned money,         “Why not?! I wanted the experience. It felt more like a
the importance of giving from a position of joy was             homey hotel than a nursing home.” Her time at
instilled in Dorothy at an early age. “Jesus is joyous          Lyngblomsten further solidified her appreciation for the
when we give—it doesn’t matter to whom, but it means a          good going on around her. “I give it [Lyngblomsten] an
lot more to those who need it.” She continued, “It was          A+,” Dorothy quickly added with a smile.
all God’s to begin with. Without the gospel, we wouldn’t
have anything—that’s what it all comes down to.”                         Through our community of donors,
                                                                      volunteers, and corporate congregations,
Dorothy and Alan, her late husband of 48 years who                    Lyngblomsten encourages the individual
passed away in 2000, were actively involved in their                      to live one’s personal ministry by
community. They volunteered at their church (University                  enhancing the lives of older adults.
Lutheran Church of Hope), community boards, and with                    - One of Lyngblomsten’s Four Values Principles
Meals on Wheels. However, it was a “friendly visitor”
program at their church which led them to                       With a passion for education, Dorothy’s career began as
Lyngblomsten. Dorothy and Alan visited a couple living          a high school history teacher and debate coach—leading
in the care center and were immediately impressed with          a team of young men in Fergus Falls to place second in
the congenial staff, cleanliness, and overall philosophy        state competition. She then went on to receive her
of Lyngblomsten.                                                master’s in guidance and worked as a counselor in
                                                                nursing and set up an employee assistance program at
Dorothy described that her husband had wanted to                Abbott Northwestern Hospital in Minneapolis.
donate to Lyngblomsten because he recognized the
need and was on board with the vision. It was then that         “I’ve never thought of myself as a, nor liked the word,
they listed Lyngblomsten as a beneficiary in their will. In     philanthropist, but I have come up with a way I could live
addition, Dorothy has been a member of Lyngblomsten’s           with it from looking in the Bible: the widow who gave
President’s Club for many years (for donors who give            everything she had,” Dorothy shared. She went on,
$1,000 or more to Lyngblomsten in a given year).                “Priests mocked her. Her motives are unknown, but
Without children of their own to provide for and educate,       maybe she gave because she just plain wanted to.
they were able to bless others in their pursuit of educa-       Maybe she even had fun doing it. There’s a lot of fun in
tion and affordable healthcare. “It’s like parents—they         being a philanthropist!” L

                                                                                            Lyngblomsten Lifestyle | Fall 2009   3
                                                                         Thinking                              side
round table
    a resource forum                              by Jessica Johnson

     Looking to give a creative, mission-based gift
     this season that will make a lasting impact?
                Think outside the box!
                                                                                     the Box

      In a culture that’s centered around the self—with the iPod,® creating a “Mii” (pronounced me) on the
      Nintendo Wii,® YouTube,™ millions of personal blog sites, and slogans like “Have it your way”™ from
      Burger King,® why not go against the grain this season with gifts that reflect outward?

    •Consider giving of your time by volunteering through Lyngblomsten.  Visit and click
     “Get Involved” or call Volunteer Services at (651) 632-5356 for more information.
    •Support your favorite charity by making a donation in someone’s honor through Lights for Lyngblomsten
      (see page 11) or Twice the Gift (see ad below).
    •Give in to your sweet tooth AND support Volunteer Services by purchasing gourmet pecans (available in
      three flavors: plain, cinnamon-glazed, or chocolate-covered). Call (651) 632-5358.
    •Buy a gift for a resident at the Lyngblomsten care center through our Spirit of Giving Program (see page 5).
    •Consider giving a year-end donation to the Lyngblomsten Foundation to help us continue funding all the
      unique programs and services Lyngblomsten provides.
    •Bake with family and friends; donate baked goods to the Auxiliary’s Cookie & Craft Sale (see page 16).
                                                • Looking for a gift idea for a loved one at Lyngblomsten?
                                                               How about a gift certificate for a massage (contact Ruthann
                                                               at (651) 338-5849), a gift certificate for the 5-5-1 Club &
        Buy meaningful gifts                                   Café (available at the 5-5-1 Club; (651) 632-5330), a
        and support Twin Cities
                                                               Lyngblomsten cookbook, or a Beauty Shop gift certificate
                                                               (both available at the care center front desk).
      Twice the Gift is a unique shop that
      showcases the products and services
                                                             •Forget the gifts altogether!Start a tradition of volunteering
                                                               together and invest in something lasting while creating
      offered by more than 50 Twin Cities
                                                               memories and saving money!
      nonprofits. This year Lyngblomsten
      Volunteer Services is participating, too!
                    Twice the Gift
      (open from mid-October through the holidays)                          Impact the Lives of Older Adults
                IDS Center – 1st Floor Crystal Court
                 80 South 8th Street, Minneapolis
                                                                               Through Lyngblomsten:
          10 AM – 6 PM Monday thru Saturday
         and the 3 Sundays before December 25
                                                                       • To contribute with a financial donation, contact
                                                                         Dale Fagre, Chief Development Officer, at
           Lyngblomsten will be featured on:                             (651) 632-5319 or
            November 17 and December 1.
          We’d love to see you at Twice the Gift!
                                                                                          volunteering your
                                                                       • To contribute byDirector, Volunteer time, contact
                                                                         Melanie Davis,                      Services &
                                           Corporate Engagement (651) 632-5356
           Questions? Contact Shannon Parker at
        (651) 632-5358 or

4   Lyngblomsten Lifestyle | Fall 2009
                           A Gift Collection for Residents of Lyngblomsten
                              How to Participate:
                              Purchase a $10–$15 gift (see suggested gift ideas below). Then drop off the
                              unwrapped gift at the front desk of the Care Center (1415 Almond Ave.)
                              between 9 AM and 9 PM daily. Gifts are due by Friday, December 18.
                              Or you can send a monetary gift, which will be used to purchase gifts for our
                              residents, to Lyngblomsten, Attn: Leah Gravink, 1415 Almond Avenue, St. Paul,
                              MN 55108. Monetary gifts are due by Friday, December 11.
         Suggested Gift Ideas:
         Zip-up or button-down sweaters or shirts, “over-the-head” necklaces, cookies, sun catchers, purses,
         wallets, scarves, mittens and large-print books.
                       Questions:       Call (651) 632-5365 or email

  “A Cup of Christmas Tea”
                Tuesday, December 8, 2009
                            10:00 - 11:00 AM
                   Newman-Benson Chapel at Lyngblomsten
                  1415 Almond Avenue, St. Paul, MN 55108
    Warren Hanson, a singer, author, and illustrator of A Cup of
    Christmas Tea, returns to Lyngblomsten! Along with such favorites
    as A Cup of Christmas Tea, The Next Place, Older Love, and the
    enchanting Peef books, Warren will have his newest book,
    Everything Happens for a Reason. Enjoy tea and treats at this              This Christmas program is funded by
    charming morning retreat. Questions? Call (651) 632-5335.                donations, and your generosity would be
                                                                                       greatly appreciated.
     Sponsored by Lyngblomsten’s Community Wellness & Education Program.

                                         “Hold Onto Me, Jesus”
                                                        This devotion is by Pastor Christopher Becker
                                                                     Pastor at Amazing Grace Lutheran Church
                               2 Corinthians 1:3-4

                               “3Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of compassion

                               and the God of all comfort, 4who comforts us in all our troubles, so that we can
                               comfort those in any trouble with the comfort we ourselves have received from God.”

Our life today seems to rush past those trusting moments. As you move about the busyness of daily life, give your-
self time to rest in the arms of Jesus. Leave room for listening to God’s soothing and strengthening word, sway in
the rhythm of community worship, and rest in the assurance of Jesus’ promise to love you always.

Prayer: Dearest Jesus, so tender and mild, I come to you this day and ask that you hold me. Hold onto me so that I
can feel safe and loved. Let me rest my head on your shoulder and find in you the peace I desperately seek. Hold
onto me, Jesus. Amen. L
                                                                                       Lyngblomsten Lifestyle | Fall 2009   5
Board Profile                                                       the Resident Life Committee, the Lyngblomsten
                                                                    Auxiliary, Sunday morning worship, and the
Corporate                                                           Lyngblomsten Gift Shop. She also assists with clerical
                                         Jeanette                   and event-related projects (and brings in cookies!) for
                                                                    the Corporate Office. With well over 7,500 hours given,
                                         Severson                   she’s still counting! Jeanette lives independently at
                                         by Jessica Johnson         Greenhouse Village in Roseville. “My car knows the way
                                                                    over [to Lyngblomsten] very easily!” she quipped.
                                 Board members often
                                 volunteer their time in            Raised on a farm, Jeanette moved to Minneapolis as a
                                 ways beyond board or               young adult where she went to night school for
                                 committee responsibili-            business. After working in accounting at Greyhound for
                                 ties. A prime example is           many years, she began working for an electrical
                                 Jeanette Severson who              contractor’s office serving as a renaissance woman—
is in her 2nd term for both the Corporate Board and the             answering phones, billing, and dispatching, among
Foundation Board.                                                   other things, until she retired in 1971.

In 2008 the Bureau of Labor Statistics found that                   In thinking about the future, Jeanette shared, “I’d like
volunteers over age 65 in the U.S. spent an average of              to see Lyngblomsten continue to develop relationships
96 hours per year volunteering.1 For Jeanette, that                 with residents and keep up the good work that they’ve
average would be more along the lines of over 500                   been doing all these years. I’d also like to see more
hours a year. Since 1995 when her husband came to                   people volunteer—it’s always appreciated by the
live at Lyngblomsten Care Center’s Hanson Service                   people here.” L
House, volunteering at Lyngblomsten has been her
passion. She volunteers in a variety of areas including             1

              Partnership:                                         Amazing Grace Lutheran
                           Profiling the Twin Cities’ congregations partnered in ministry with Lyngblomsten

Just as their mission statement proclaims, Amazing Grace Lutheran is truly a church
seeking to “join God at work in the world.”
In 2007 two churches united to form Amazing Grace Lutheran, a Lyngblomsten corporate
congregation with just over 300 active members located in Inver Grove Heights. With
about 40 percent of their congregants in the “senior” demographic, Reverend Chris Becker
was happy to report, “Our seniors don’t act their age—they’re very involved: volunteering
with meals, at shelters, on boards and ministry teams—even tending to our flower beds.”
What makes Amazing Grace Lutheran special, according to Pastor Becker, is their community involvement. “As people of faith,
we speak out on issues in a public way (through meetings with elected leaders, the state legislators, etc.). God has created all
people—so there’s a mandate that we work for the good of all people.” Parish Nurse Judy Thompson added, “We are very
active at a local level with justice issues like affordable housing and healthcare reform. We’re also involved in global ministry,
taking annual trips to Guatemala and Tanzania, for health promotion and a community boarding school.”
Within their congregation Amazing Grace Lutheran has a prayer shawl ministry, transportation ministry, respite care, senior
men and women’s groups, and a prayer chain ministry, just to name a few. Partnering with Lyngblomsten in their Parish Nurse
program has allowed Pastor Becker to be present in other areas of his church. “Judy has done a great job as our parish
nurse—addressing the overall health of our congregation: physically, emotionally and spiritually.”
Looking to the future, Amazing Grace Lutheran is considering a partnership with three area churches and Lyngblomsten in
starting a consortium of “The Gathering” (a program that provides respite for caregivers of those living with memory loss).
Judy shared, “I think it will be a great way for older adult volunteers in our church to get involved; they have incredible gifts
to give.” L

6   Lyngblomsten Lifestyle | Fall 2009
                                  Purple Wishes Program:

                                  Making Wishes Come True
                                  by Rebecca Schwartz
Lyngblomsten’s mission to enhance the lives of older adults        Julie Paa, Lyngblomsten employees, took Greg to Clearwater
in innovative ways has sparked a new program at                    Lake near St. Cloud for his fun day of fishing. Greg stated,
Lyngblomsten called Purple Wishes. During a Lyngblomsten           “There are so many good people here [at Lyngblomsten].
Culture Change meeting, a program called Golden Wishes in          I had a great time
a nursing home in southern Minnesota was discussed.                fishing; it was such
The committee agreed it would be a great concept for               a nice day to be
Lyngblomsten, so they envisioned a similar program and             out on the pon-
called it Purple Wishes (“purple” to reflect Lyngblomsten’s        toon! I caught two
corporate color). The program, created to grant special            sunnies and two
wishes to residents in the care center, launched in May            perch, but none of
with the first wish granted for Barb Murphy.                       them were as big
                                                                   as the 45-pound
Barb’s wish was to                                                 catfish I caught
have a motorcycle                                                  when I was
ride. “I love riding                                               younger!”                                   Greg Romero
motorcycles. I love
being out in the                                                   Janet Byrnes, Lyngblomsten’s assistant administrator and
open – enjoying the                                                advocate for the program, explains, “With Purple Wishes, we
fresh air and seeing                                               are focusing on creating great experiences for the residents,
the country,” Barb                                                 not on giving them material things. Items like new walkers
shared. “It’s some-                                                are important, but things like that are not the reason the
thing I used to do                                                 Purple Wishes program was created. If someone comes to us
with my family, but I           Barb Murphy & Pat Martin           with a wish, we will try our best to make connections and
haven’t been able to                                               grant it.”
do it for such a long time.” Lyngblomsten employee Pat
Martin fulfilled Barb’s wish by driving her around town on his     Currently, residents of the Lyngblomsten Care Center are
Harley and out to Stillwater for lunch. Katie Nelson (another      eligible to have wishes granted. Anyone who is aware of a
Lyngblomsten employee) even provided her with a leather            resident’s special wish can refer him/her to Purple Wishes by
jacket for the excursion. Barb explained, “Being on the back       filling out an application, available in the care center lobby or
of that bike and feeling the fresh air was wonderful. I just       by calling the contact persons listed below. Purple Wishes is
loved it! The only thing that could’ve made it better was if the   funded by monetary and in-kind donations; therefore granting
ride was even longer!”                                             wishes is dependent on making the necessary connections
                                                                   and receiving money to cover related expenses.
In July, care center resident Greg Romero had his wish for a
fishing trip granted. The last time Greg had been fishing was      If you have any ideas, recommendations for a Purple Wish, or
in 1992, and he expressed that he missed it dearly. “I grew        special connections (e.g. you have access to someone
up fishing my entire life all around different lakes in            famous), contact Janet Byrnes at (651) 632-5350 or
Minnesota. I’ve always loved the outdoors, and it was so nice or Leah Gravink at (651) 632-5365
to get outside again after all these years.” Renee Carson and      or L

                                           Book Fair
           AUXILIARY’S                   Tuesday, November 24,2009
                                            8:00 AM – 4:00 PM
                start on
    Get a head            nd        Lyngblomsten Care Center Lobby
                 opping a !
     ho liday sh       ause
               a good c              1415 Almond Avenue, St. Paul
                                       New books and gifts from The Red Balloon.

                                                                                                   Lyngblomsten Lifestyle | Fall 2009   7
    Cal Neubauer Memorial
            and Dedication
    The family of long-time resident
 Cal Neubauer placed a leaf on the
      Remembrance Tree, a lasting
         memorial displayed on the
   Lyngblomsten campus. The leaf
     was made possible because of
    gifts given to the Lyngblomsten
Foundation from family and friends
                   in memory of Cal.

                                         Ice Cream Social
                                         On July 9, neighbors, friends, and
                                         families enjoyed the beautiful weather,
                                         a wild animal exhibit, fun games, and
                                         ice cream (of course!) at the 5-5-1
                                         Club Community Center’s annual
                                         Ice Cream Social.

                                                                                   a loca
                                                                                   for a
8   Lyngblomsten Lifestyle | Fall 2009
                                                   Descendent of a Lyngblomsten
                                                   Founding Woman
                                                   While working on her family's genealogy,
                                                   Twin Cities resident Nancy Herbst discovered
                                                   her connection to Lyngblomsten. Here she is
                                                   pictured with the trunk belonging to her grand-
                                                   mother, Bergitte Stavseth Andresen (Mrs. A.
                                                   Andresen), one of the 11 Norwegian women
                                                   who founded Lyngblomsten.

                                                                             Music in the 5-5-1 Club
                                                                             & Café!
                                                                             Lyngblomsten employee John
-1 Club Outing: Mosaic on a Stick                                            Johnson recently serenaded cafe
 lyn Heuer participated in a trip to Mosaic on a Stick,                      guests while they enjoyed their
  al artist-owned mosaic supply shop, community                              lunch.
sroom and artist studio. Mosaic on a Stick has
n commissioned to beautify the Snelling Avenue
ters. Here Marilyn helps create a mosaic medallion
                                                                                     Lyngblomsten Lifestyle | Fall 2009   9
                                          Gifts to the
                                    In Memory or Honor of a Loved One
IN MEMORY OF                        IN MEMORY OF                 IN MEMORY OF                       IN MEMORY OF
Norma Bartlett                      Erma Dabe                    Leona Johnson                      Ruby Hogan
Richard and Sandra                  Joseph and Jeanne Dabe       Anonymous                          Lucille Hogan
    Anderberg                       Pete and Ruth Deeg           William and Arlene Gall            Rachel Husom
Diana Ashbach                       Richard and Leone Elgaard    Esther Gredvig-Wolf                Gerard Kratz
Mark Butala                         Theodore and Judy Hinrichs   Anne Hanson                        Paul and Anne Maxa
Dennis Confer and Ruth              Robert and Sharon Karel      Health East Hospice                Mary O'Hearn
    Bryant                          Richard Moen                 Eunice Heuer                       Carol and Mike O'Keefe
John and Janet Crocker                                           Clifford and Violet Hill           Pete Peterson
Dennis and Jo Ann                   IN MEMORY OF                 Morton and Beverly Holmgren        Jeanette Severson
    Dworshak                        Martha Dauffenbach           Pastor and Mrs. Leonard D.         Lila Swanson
First National Bank                 Francine Fieldman                Jacobsen
Dominic and Meredith                                             Harold and Cynthia Johnson         IN MEMORY OF
    Fragomeni                       IN MEMORY OF                 Rosemary and Harry Johnson         Lois Holmquist
James and Elizabeth Fulford         Paul T. Davis                Verna Johnson                      LeRae Mortensen
Mary Lou Haldorson                  Susan and Ethan Lang         Donald and Carol Kelsey            Iris Raths
Anne Hanson                                                      Jerome and Sharon Knudsen
Harrison Business Service           IN MEMORY OF                 Dorothy Mechura                    IN MEMORY OF
Gerald Hawkins                      Elfrieda Engstrom            Roy and Arlene Muscatello          Marjorie Johnson
Thomas and Diane Hayden             Duane and Phyllis Dahl       Kathryn Nelson                     Dorothy Stach
Theo Hirshfeld                      Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Einess    Bob and Elaine Ogren               Rev. and Mrs. Orville K. Wold
David and Judith Jessup             Edward and Bessie            Jim Otto
Dwight and Carol Johnson                Engstrom                 Lucille Quehl                      IN HONOR OF
Kevin and Colleen Kennedy           Paul and Ann Grussing        Ruth Rajacich                      Keys Cafe
Beulah Kirk                         Philip and Margie Hagen      Iris Raths                         Karen Ringheim
Helen Klask                         Anne Hanson                  Marilyn Rowe
Beth McCormick                      Eunice Heuer                 Joan and Edward Sandberg           IN MEMORY OF
Dorothy Peterson                    Morton and Beverly           Ron Sandquist                      Annie Larson
Stephen Pieh and Barbara                Holmgren                 Roger and Sheila Skone
                                                                                                    Ruthann Ryberg
    Kern-Pieh                       Helen Klask                  Bobbie D. Smack
Iris Raths                          Richard and Kathleen         Martin and Mary Ellen
                                                                                                    IN MEMORY OF
Rendezvous Yacht Club                   Kuettel                      Tollefson
                                                                                                    Alicia Meyer
Marilyn Rowe                        Bob and Elaine Ogren         Craig and Nicole Twisk
                                                                                                    Leah Gravink
Ronald and Nancy Scheel             Jean Remes                   Richard and Zarida Young
                                                                                                    Jack and Beverly Stueber
John and Glenda Thors               Mary Reynolds-Smith and
Marcia Venjohn                          Paul Smith               IN MEMORY OF
                                                                                                    IN MEMORY OF
Bradley and Joan Videen             Jeanette Severson            Ruth Hanson
Elizabeth Wiger                                                                                     Edna Ostermann
                                                                 Howard and Silvia Hanson
Louise Witherspoon                                                                                  Dorothy Stach
                                    IN MEMORY OF
Mildred Wolff                       Beatrice Erickson
                                    Patricia Walcheski and
IN MEMORY OF                           Richard Smalkoski
Edith Bowles
Violet Strand                                                              The Lyngblomsten Foundation recognizes donors who
                                    IN MEMORY OF                           have made gifts to the Lyngblomsten Remembrance
                                    Jerry Formo                            Fund in memory of loved ones and in honor of friends
IN MEMORY OF                        Lois Wattman and Doug                  and associates. This listing reflects gifts received from:
Donald and Mary Joan                   Shaw
Linda Bowman                        IN HONOR OF
                                                                         May 1, 2009 – July 31, 2009*
                                    Marie Franzen's 90th         *Includes memorial donations to the Lyngblomsten Auxiliary.
                                    Birthday                         If you have questions about this list, please contact the
                                    Dorothy Stach                Foundation at (651) 632-5324 or

10   Lyngblomsten Lifestyle | Fall 2009
                                                            Board Profile

IN MEMORY OF                   IN MEMORY OF
David Pederson                 Virginia Swedeen
John and Joyce Arver           Kenneth and Marjorie
Morton and Beverly Holmgren       Swedeen
Bob and Elaine Ogren                                                Sharon
Carmen Pederson
Gordon and Dawn Peterson
                               IN MEMORY OF                       Bachman
                               Dorothy Truman
Jeanette Severson                                                by Rebecca Schwartz
                               Pastor and Mrs. Leonard D.
IN MEMORY OF                   Mary Venne                   Sharon Bachman is a woman who takes pleasure
Bea Ringus                                                  in volunteering and being involved with the com-
Christine Lunz                 IN MEMORY OF                 munity, so when Mary Blanchard mentioned the
                               Louise Vickers               Lyngblomsten Foundation Board to Sharon two
IN MEMORY OF                   Iona Omnaas
Margaret Rolig
                                                            years ago, she decided to give it a try. Sharon is
John and Bonnie Rolig                                       now serving her second year on the Foundation
                                                            Board and is enjoying the experience. Interacting
IN HONOR OF                                                 with other board members is a joy for Sharon,
Jeanette Severson's                                         saying, “I really get a sense that the people who
                                                            are involved with Lyngblomsten are spiritual,
Morton and Beverly Holmgren
                                                            caring, and genuine. It’s such a pleasure to see
                                                            that within an organization.”

                                                            Sharon has an interest in Lyngblomsten’s home-

            LIGHTS                                          and community-based services and transporta-
                                                            tion. “For elders who are still able to live in their
            FOR                                             homes but can’t get around on their own, trans-
                                                            portation is incredibly important. I would like to
            LYNGBLOMSTEN                                    see the transportation program expand and grow,
                                                            not only with Lyngblomsten, but within other com-
 Give a donation to Lyngblomsten
                                                            munities as well.” Sharon is no stranger when it
 Foundation and dress the recognition
                                                            comes to volunteering with other organizations
 Christmas tree with card
                                                            too. Since 2002, she has been involved with St.
 ornaments recognizing your
                                                            Andrew’s Lutheran Church in Mahtomedi (a
 family members and friends.
                                                            Lyngblomsten corporate congregation) and has
 Bulbs are $25, Stars are $75 and
                                                            volunteered with March of Dimes Chef’s Auction
 Strings of Lights are $100.
                                                            as co-chair and chairperson.
 Then join us
 December 8th at 7 PM                                       When Sharon isn’t volunteering or participating in
 for the Tree Lighting                                      activities at St. Andrew’s (she enjoys the Bible
 Ceremony to celebrate this                                 studies), she is staying active with golfing, water-
 annual holiday campaign.                                   skiing, playing with her black lab, Duke, and
                                                            spending time with her husband, Steve, and three
 For details, contact Emily                                 stepsons. She explained, “I have been praying
 Seiber at (651) 632-5323 or                                that God puts me where I need to serve, and I feel                                  that Lyngblomsten is one of those places.” L

                                                                                       Lyngblomsten Lifestyle | Fall 2009   11
                                      A look back on the...
       13 th Annual                                      Lyngblomsten Foundation’s 13th Annual Golf Classic
                                                         was held on August 3rd at Midland Hills Country
Lyngblomsten Foundation’s                                Club. The event raised over $30,000 for

                                                         Lyngblomsten’s 5-5-1 Club & Cafe. 101 golfers
                                                         enjoyed the beautiful day and 40 guests joined them
                                                         for dinner, silent auction and awards. For the third
                                                         year in a row, a group of dedicated youth volunteers

CLASSIC                                                  participated in the Youth Putt-A-Thon on the
                                                         putting green.
                                                         The Golf Committee thanks all of the sponsors,
     2009 WINNERS                                        golfers, dinner guests, and fabulous volunteers for
     First Place Men’s Group                             making this year’s Golf Classic a success! L
     Bill Remes, Dave Ternes
     Harold Ameson, Lee Skaalrud
                                                         Platinum ($2,500)
     First Place Mixed Group                             Pro Rehab; Rodney D. Anderson Law Offices
     Jim Dyvig, Kris Marshall                            Gold ($1,000+)
     Mark Frank, Ray Hermanson                           Joyce Boss; Career Partners International;
                                                         Bill and Lorraine Lund; Joel Poeschl and
                                                         Jeanne Pemble;
                                                         LarsonAllen LLP; Ruth Roth;
                                                         Thrivent North Ramsey County Chapter;
                                                         Thrivent South Ramsey County Chapter
                                                         Silver ($500+)
                                                         Diversified Construction; EverCare; HLB Tautges Redpath, Ltd;
                                                         Johnson McCann Benefits LLC; Lee F. Murphy Insurance;
     Lyngblomsten Cup Champions:                         McGough Construction; Restoration Professionals;
     St. Andrew’s Lutheran Church                        WAI Continuum

     Winning team Jeff Sowada, Rhonda Sowada, Gayle
     McCann, & Pat McCann posing with the
     Lyngblomsten Cup and Pastor John Hogenson (left).

     St. Andrew’s Lutheran Church was the
     winner of the 2009 Lyngblomsten Cup (a
     special contest for corporate congregations).
     The Cup, with their church name engraved
     on it, is being displayed at their church until
     they come back next August 2 to defend it.
     Please put August 2, 2010, on your church                         Youth Putt-A-Thon
     calendar and plan to bring a foursome next
     year so your church can have its name               THANK YOU participants of the Putt-a-Thon:
     engraved on the Cup in 2010 and display it          Christian Graham, Shannon Parker, Mary Rose
     for one year plus receive $1,250 in senior          Graham, Allison Germ, Abby Poeschl, Psaw Paw
     ministry services!                                  Kasuh, Giri Kasuh, Michele Heggerston, Jackson
                                                         Poeschl, Joey Graham, Laura Pixley, Lana Western
12    Lyngblomsten Lifestyle | Fall 2009
                                                In Honor of Marge Abas                In Honor of Paul Mikelson
                                                Ferial Abraham and Mary               Rev. and Mrs. Norman W.
           2009 Golf Classic                       Abraham                               Heidorn

   Memorial &                                   In Memory of Jack Boss
                                                Joyce Boss
                                                                                      In Memory of Keith Mortensen
                                                                                      LeRae Mortensen

   Honorary List                                In Memory of Dave Dingman
                                                Shirley Dingman
                                                                                      In Memory of Dick Myers
                                                                                      Ruth F. Myers
  Participants of the Golf Classic could        Jim's Barber Shop
donate $50 for a commemorative sign to                                                In Memory of Dale and Donna
                                                In Memory of Leonard Fagre            Parnell
    honor or remember a loved one.              Dale and Deb Fagre                    Mary Ownby

                                                In Memory of Joe Gorecki              In Memory of Gordy Pearson
                                                Mary and Tim Grupa                    Dale and Deb Fagre

                                                In Memory of Dorothy Ketelhut         In Memory of Melvin Roth
                                                Elaine Larson                         Ruth Roth

                                                In Memory of Robert E. Larson         In Honor of Geri Rutz
                                                Elaine Larson                         Audrey Kraus

                                                In Memory of Doug McClellan           In Honor of the 5-5-1 Club
                                                Mary and Tim Grupa                    Volunteers
                                                                                      Cindy and Steve Vilks
                                                In Honor of Don Mielke
                                                Gus and Mary Blanchard

                              ‘FUN’anthropy is Alive and Well
                                      Dale M. Fagre, Chief Development Officer

   Recently a colleague and I visited a dear woman with whom I have met on a regular basis over the past
   several years. During this visit together, she shared with a big smile her personal beliefs about the joys of
   giving in her life. She expressed that it is much more fun to give than to receive. She also described at one
   point she had been honored as a philanthropist but that she did not feel that word described her at all. As
   soon as she said this, it struck me that she was right. In fact, she is practicing ‘FUN’anthropy!

   As she shared her life story of stewardship, she truly lit up and expressed the joy and the fun of giving not
   only to Lyngblomsten, but also to other organizations and ministries she cared about. She expressed that
   she and her husband (now deceased) made a life-long practice of giving joyfully and abundantly!

   In these challenging economic times, we all are watching our pennies and are a little more uncertain about
   the future. But, we can all take stock in what this gracious woman stands for. Though she lived through the
   Great Depression, world wars, recessions, rising interest rates and uncertain times, she has always given
   joyfully without worry about whether or not she would have sufficient resources in the future. She continued
   (and continues) to give generously (but not foolishly) and told us that “God loves a cheerful giver” and will
   continue to provide for her, which he has done for almost 90 years! Now, I can’t think of a better example of

   I encourage anyone who reads this article to approach your opportunities to give with a joyful heart and a
   smile, and to have FUN! L

                                                                                        Lyngblomsten Lifestyle | Fall 2009   13
                                                                      Events Calendar
                                                                      Wednesday—Friday, October 7—9
                                                                      Lyngblomsten Auxiliary Fall Rummage Sale
                                                                      Held in the Newman-Benson Chapel at Lyngblomsten
                                                                      Wednesday 10/7: 9 AM—7 PM
                                                                      Thursday 10/8: 9 AM—4 PM
                                                                      Friday 10/9: 9 AM—NOON ($3 bag day!)
                         Need a place to rest your                    Fall into great deals on everything for family and home.
                        weary head while visiting a                   NOTE: The Lyngblomsten Gift Shop will be having a
                                                                      Clearance Sale going on just “down the hall” from the
                       loved one at Lyngblomsten?                     rummage sale (on Wednesday and Thursday).
                                                                      Sunday, October 11
     Stay the night in the newly updated guest room in                Husby Memorial Concert
     The Heritage at Lyngblomsten (1440 Midway Pkwy, St. Paul).       3:00 PM in the Newman-Benson Chapel at Lyngblomsten.
     Amenities include:                                               Featuring pop organist George French. FREE! Funding
            • Twin single beds + pull-out single bed                  provided by The Gertrude Husby & Ingebor Husby-Smith
            • Private bathroom with walk-in shower                    Memorial Endowment.
            • Flat screen TV (with cable)                             Tuesday, October 13
            • Small refrigerator in room                              Monthly Book Club
            • Free coffee, juice and toast in the                     Join book club leader Pauline McMahon at 2 PM in the
              morning (Monday thru Saturday)                          Apartments Recreation Room (1455 Almond Ave, St. Paul) in
                                                                      discussing Home by Marilynne Robinson. If you have any
                 Rate: $50 per night                                  questions, contact Pauline at (651) 645-7933. Everyone is
       For more information or to make a                              welcome!
        reservation call (651) 632-5429.
                                                                      Thursday, October 15
                                                                      Winona Fall Colors Trip with the 5-5-1 Club
      Everyone in the community is invited to this FREE concert       Tour Cathedral Crafts Studio (stained glass windows cre-
                                                                      ation), enjoy lunch at Signature’s Restaurant (at the Bridges
                        featuring pop organist
                                                                      Golf Club), tour the Watkins Store & Museum, and relish in
                   George French                                      the beautiful fall colors of the countryside. Cost is only $47;
                                                                      call (651) 632-5330 for details.
                                                                      Tuesday, October 13
                                                                      President’s Club Dinner at North Oaks Country Club
                                                                      5:30 PM; all donors who contribute $1,000+ during the
                                                                      2008-2009 fundraising year receive an invitation.
                                                                      Thursday, October 15
                                                                      Volunteer Driver Training
                                                                      6:30 – 8:30 PM at the 5-5-1 Club & Café
                                                                      Training open to anyone over 18 interested in learning to
                                                                      safely transport older adults and persons with special
                                                                      needs. Topics include proper body mechanics, safe wheel-
                              12TH ANNUAL                             chair transfers, and effective positioning. $10 per person
                                                                      (or $25 for a group of 3 or more). FREE for members of
     HUSBY MEMORIAL CONCERT                                           Lyngblomsten’s corporate congregations. To register:
                                                             or (651) 632-5330.
      Sunday, October 11, at 3:00 PM                                  Hosted by Lyngblomsten’s Home- & Community-Based
       Newman-Benson Chapel at Lyngblomsten                           Services.

     1415 Almond Ave., St. Paul (651) 646-2941                        Tuesday, October 27
                                                                      Lyngblomsten Gift Shop’s Fall Fashion Show
           This FREE concert is made possible by the Gertrude Husby
                & Ingebor Husby Smith Memorial Endowment.
                                                                      Come see the new fall fashions available in the
                                                                      Lyngblomsten Gift Shop. The show is at 2 PM in the
                                        Newman-Benson Chapel at Lyngblomsten. Free. Questions?
                                                                      Call (651) 632-5432.
14    Lyngblomsten Lifestyle | Fall 2009
Tuesday, November 3                                              Friday, December 4
‘Donut’ Make You Wonder presents                                 Scandinavian Cookie & Craft Fair
“Are you a Veteran or a Spouse of a Veteran?”                    Sponsored by the Lyngblomsten Auxiliary
Come to the Newman-Benson Chapel from 10:00-11:00 AM.            9:30 AM – 4 PM in the Newman-Benson Chapel. Numbers for
Learn how your wartime military service could help you           admittance will be available at 9 AM. Make your holidays
receive up to $1,949 of tax-free money to supplement your        stress-free by stocking up on homemade goodies and
income to pay for health care costs. No RSVP. $1 suggested       handcrafted gifts.
donation. Questions? Call (651) 632-5335.
                                                                 Tuesday, December 8
Tuesday, November 3                                              A Cup of Christmas Tea with author/singer/illustrator Warren
Vision Loss Support Group                                        Hanson at 10 AM. See page 5 for details.
Meets from 1:30-2:30 in the 2nd floor lounge at The Heritage
                                                                 Tuesday, December 8
on the 1st Tuesday of the month. Eula Dellwo from Vision
                                                                 Lights for Lyngblomsten Tree Lighting Ceremony
Loss Resources will facilitate. FREE. For more information,
                                                                 7 PM in the Newman-Benson Chapel at Lyngblomsten.
call (651) 632-5335 or email
                                                                 Everyone is invited to celebrate the culmination of our
Monday, November 9                                               fundraising efforts at the tree lighting ceremony. Come and
Lyngblomsten Foundation’s Heritage Society Luncheon              enjoy Christmas music and refreshments. Free.
This luncheon is for those who have established a planned gift
                                                                 Tuesday, December 15
to Lyngblomsten and those who would like to learn more
                                                                 The Volunteer Services Christmas Open House will be from
about establishing a gift. Reservations are required and invi-
                                                                 2 PM – 6 PM in the Volunteer Lounge. All volunteers are invit-
tations will be mailed. Contact Dale Fagre at (651) 632-5319
                                                                 ed to ring in the holidays with us!
for more information about planned giving. The luncheon will
be at 11:45 AM in the Newman-Benson Chapel at                    Thursday, December 17
Lyngblomsten.                                                    A Candlelight Christmas Service will be held at 4 PM in the
                                                                 Newman-Benson Chapel. Everyone is welcome.
Monday, November 9
Lyngblomsten Gift Shop’s “Seasoned with Christmas.”              Thursday, December 17
11:30 AM - 7 PM. Be among the first to browse the Christmas      Care Center Resident and Family Christmas Dinner and
merchandise and find great gifts for everyone on your list!      Concert
Goodies will be served!                                          Following the Candlelight Christmas Service, held in the
(NOTE: Shop closed Nov. 6-8 to prepare.)                         Newman-Benson Chapel. For more information contact
                                                                 Leah Gravink at (651) 632-5365.
Wednesday, November 11
5-5-1 Club & Café’s Veteran’s Day Celebration:                   Friday, December 18
“Honoring Generations of Veterans”                               The 5-5-1 Club & Café is hosting a Christmas luncheon and
Celebrate those who have served on behalf of our country by      program at noon. For details and to RSVP please call (651)
coming to the community center at 1:30 PM for a time of          632-5330 by Tuesday, December 15.
songs, stories and treats. FREE. If you are a wartime veteran,
we would like to recognize you; please RSVP to (651) 632-        Wednesday, December 23
5330. (Non-veterans don’t need to RSVP—just come!) Rides         Catholic Christmas Service
are available upon request; call (651) 632-5332.                 Rosary at 3 PM; Mass at 3:30 PM. Newman-Benson Chapel.

Sunday, November 15                                              Friday, December 25
Crafters registration deadline. See back cover for more          Ecumenical Christmas Service at 10:30 AM in the
information.                                                     Newman-Benson Chapel.

Tuesday, November 24
Lyngblomsten Auxiliary’s Book Fair                                            All events are located on the
8 – 4 PM in the Care Center Lobby
Find new books and wonderful gifts at discounted prices from
                                                                               Lyngblomsten campus at:
The Red Balloon.                                                             1415 Almond Avenue
Thursday, November 26                                                        St. Paul, MN 55108
Thanksgiving Worship Service                                                     unless otherwise noted.
10:30 AM in the Newman-Benson Chapel at Lyngblomsten.
Wednesday—Thursday, December 2—3
Cookie Collection for the Scandinavian Cookie and Craft Fair
Help raise funds for the Lyngblomsten Auxilliary by donating
                                                                        Happy Holidays!
your home-baked cookies or other holiday treats. Drop off
from 8 AM-8 PM at the Lyngblomsten Care Center front desk.
Questions? Call (651) 329-5934.
                                                                                              Lyngblomsten Lifestyle | Fall 2009   15
                                                             Our Mission                                        Nonprofit Org.
                                              Influenced by Christ, Lyngblomsten provides
                                                                                                                 US Postage
                                       a ministry of compassionate care and innovative services
                                           to older adults in order to preserve and enhance
                                                                                                                 St. Paul, MN
                                                           their quality of life.
                                                                                                               Permit No. 2376

1415 Almond Avenue
 St. Paul, MN 55108

               Lyngblomsten Auxiliary’s                                   Take a look at what’s coming up at the...
   Annual Scandinavian
   Cookie & Craft Fair
              •Various Other Baked Goods                                             Lyngblomsten
    •Many individual crafters selling their arts & crafts
                                                                           Gift & CoffeeShop
      Friday, December 4, 2009
   9:30 AM – 4:00 PM
     Newman-Benson Chapel at Lyngblomsten                                       Fall Fashion Show
          1415 Almond Ave., St. Paul
                                                                                Tuesday, October 27, 2009
                                                                                Come see the new fall fashions available in the
                                                                                Lyngblomsten Gift Shop. Show is at 2 PM in the
    Admittance numbers available at 9:00 AM.                                    Newman-Benson Chapel at Lyngblomsten.
                                   Donations of cookies (and other
                                   baked goods) will be collected
                                   on December 2 & 3. Please                              Seasoned with Christmas
                                   bring them in dozens to the                            Monday, November 9, 2009
                                   front desk at the Lyngblomsten                         Come between 11:30 AM - 7 PM and be the
                                   Care Center.                                           first to browse the Christmas merchandise
                                   • Cookies and goodies from                             and find great gifts for everyone on your
                                     other countries welcome!                             list! Goodies will be served!
                                     Please include name of item.
    Cookies: Call Marilyn Kruse at (651) 329-5934.                                 New Hours
    Crafters: Call Marilyn Hobbs at (651) 771-2308                                  Monday: 10 AM– 5 PM
                                                                                    Tuesday – Friday: 9 AM – 5 PM
    for details about selling your wares.                                           Saturday & Sunday: 12 PM – 4 PM

                                                                             The Gift Shop is located on the Lyngblomsten campus at
                                                     1415 Almond Avenue, St. Paul, MN 55108
   Matching funds will be provided by Thrivent Financial for Lutherans.                           (651) 632-5385