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A Fruit That helps Pain, Cancer, Arthritis, Fatigue, Immune System Failure
 THE SECRET OF NONI                                            rheumatoid arthritis,
 By Joel Fuhrman, MD.                                          fibromyalgia and even
                                                               garden-variety back pain.
 As a family physician who specializes in
 nutritional medicine, I have found certain                    My father has chronic
 natural products to be helpful for various                    lymphocytic leukemia with
 conditions, especially in combination with                    a steadily worsening anemia
 aggressive dietary change and optimal                         and a climbing white blood
 nutrition.                                                    cell count After just two
                                                               weeks on Noni Juice, his
A Japanese research team studied the effects                   anemia improved and his
of 500 plant extracts with immuno-                             white count dropped from
supporting properties, and found NONI to                       115 to 76. Not only that, my
perform the best in inhibiting the ras-NRK                     father had suffered severe
cell (a cancer precursor.)                                     ankle injuries during World
                  After hearing all the                        War II. After only five days
                  miraculous claims about Noni                 of being on Noni, he could dance pain-free
                  I decided to experiment with a               after being in pain for years.
                  series of patients with a few                Other physicians, including Steven Hall
                  different medical conditions.                M.D., corroborated my findings with their
                  When I first tried Noni on my                patients, as well. Dr. Hall wrote me, “Ten
                  father and a few other patients              years of chronic back pain gone within three
                  with serious illnesses, it really            weeks of starting this juice.” Twenty-three
                  worked.                                      years of menstrual headaches gone after
                 I started using Noni juice                    taking Noni. A forty-year old female who
              with my patients and never                       suffered a stroke after spinal disc surgery,
 have I seen a product so effective for so                     resolved her lidlag, vision, and limb pain
 many different conditions.                                    within three weeks of starting Noni Juice.

To my amazement, Noni Juice offered relief                     I urge all health professionals to try Noni
in the majority of cases for many different                    juice on themselves and their patients. I'm
conditions. Almost every patient reported                      convinced it could make a significant
pain relief from musculoskeletal symptoms.                     difference in most people's health.
It worked remarkably well for degenerative                      The Juice of the NONI Has Been Used to
joint disease, autoimmune illness like                          Treat the Following:

C27: The Secret of Noni                                                                                                1
 Shaffer’s Heath Center 1825 Chew St. Fairgrounds Market Allentown, PA 18104 (610) 439-1013
                                   Broken Bones                round. The blossoms of the
Digestive System                   Sprains                     tree are a creamy white
 Diarrhea                                                      color. The mature Noni fruit
                                Effects of Aging
 Intestinal Parasites                                          is about the size of a potato
 Indigestion                   Given as a general            and resembles a small
 Stomach Ulcers                  healthful tonic to treat      breadfruit.
                                   general effects of aging
Chest Infections
 Cough                         Medicinal Benefits of Parts
 Tuberculosis
                                     of the Noni Plant
 Asthma                          Listed above is a
 Respiratory Afflictions      representative list of the
                                traditional uses of the Noni
Eye Infections                  fruit. This list is simply
 Eye Complaints               meant to educate on the
                                traditional uses of the Noni
Fevers                          and not to make any curative
 Fever with vomiting          claims. We believe that we
 Flu                          have much to learn from the
                                traditional use of this
Mouth and Throat Infections     amazing plant.
 Inflamed, sore gums            The wonderful thing about
 Sore throat with cough       the NONI plant is that every
 Thrush                       part is valued and used. The
 Gingivitis                   seeds of the fruit are used as
 Toothache                    a purative, poultice is made
Skin Infections and             of the leaves to treat various
Inflammations                   skin ailments and to relieve
                                pain and inflammation. The
 Abscess                      bark is a strong astringent,
 Boil, Carbuncle              taken for malaria. A root
 Abrasions                    extract is given to relieve
 Blemishes                    hypertension.
 Wounds, Infections           Extracts from the flowers are
Internal Disorders              used to treat sore eyes. And
                                this is just the beginning.
 Diabetes
 High Blood Pressure          Some Important Facts
 Headache                     About the Noni Plant
 Kidney and Bladder
                                The Noni plant flourishes in
Disorders                       the lush and unspoiled
 Malignancies or Tumors       islands of French Polynesia.
Gender Specific                 It is considered to be one of
                                the most beautiful plants in
 Childbirth and Pregnancy     the islands. It is a valued
 Menstrual Cramps             addition to a traditional
 Regulate Menstrual Flow      Polynesian garden. The plant
Bone and Joint Complaints       reaches heights of 15-20
                                Feet and yields fruit year-
 Arthritis

C27: The Secret of Noni                                                                       2
 Shaffer’s Heath Center 1825 Chew St. Fairgrounds Market Allentown, PA 18104 (610) 439-1013


                                  By Stephen M. Hall M.D.

     I am a board certified family practitioner with a successful practice
  combining traditional allopathy with proven natural treatments. In eleven
  years of practice, I’ve not seen a treatment as intriguing and broadly
  applicable as NONI. This is the first time I’ve endorsed a product.

      I’ve personally had a debilitating back pain for over ten years. I have
  three degenerative discs and a large Schmorlis node on the anterior edge of
  L2 with osteophyte formation. I have tried everything I could think of;
  Chiropractic, Hellerwork, Naturopathy, Yoga, Acupuncture, Aerobics,
  Massage, Dialoguing, all with slowly worsening pain. Three weeks on
  NONI and the pain and spasms were gone. I could get out of bed without
  20 minutes of stretching, pick up my six year old again, chop and load
  firewood. The list goes on. I feel like I have a second chance at life!

      There are good scientific explanations available for how it works. NONI
  contains proteases and other enzymes along with precursors to an alkaloid
  called xeronine which is important for enzymatic function and cellular
  regeneration. The net result of taking NONI is that all of your enzymes
  work better. This helps the immune system, the endocrine system,
  inflammation, digestion, allergies, and nearly any bodily function you can

C27: The Secret of Noni                                                                       3

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