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					                                        Suggested Toy List
Thank you for wishing to contribute to our toy drive. The toys that are collected will be sorted and packed
 for our centers to distribute to our children. While all donations are appreciated and utilized, we prefer
receiving toys that are $5 to $20 in value so that everyone receives something equally wonderful. Stuffed
 toys are adorable, but many children cannot enjoy them due to allergies. The following is a suggested list
                             of toys that are most appropriate & appreciated.

            INFANTS-1 YEAR AGES 2-5 *                          AGES 6-9                  AGES 10-17
            Baby Shoes               Baby Dolls                Baby Dolls                Art Supplies
            Baby Sweater             Balls                     Barbie Doll Car           Back Pack
            Bath Toys                Big Wheels                Barbie Dolls              Baseball & Bat
            Board Books              Board Books               Baseball & Bat            Bicycle
            Crib Blanket             Building Blocks           Bicycle                   Board Games
            Crib Mobile              Cooking Sets              Books                     Books
            Dolls                    Crayola Art Supplies      Catcher’s Mitt            Calculator
            Gowns                    Doll Buggy/Carriage       Comb & Brush Set          Camera
            Musical Toys             Doll Dishes               Doll House                Catcher’s Mitt
            Play Suits               Doll House                Dolls                     Clocks
            Pull Toys                Dolls                     Educational Games         Craft Projects
            Push Toys                Drums                     Educational Toys          Duffle Bag
            Rattle                   Educational Games         Fishing Poles             Educational Game
            Riding Toys              Educational Toys          Games                     Football
            Rocking Horse            Musical Toys              Legos                     Games
            Soft Toys                Push Toys                 Piano Keyboards           Guitar
            Vinyl Books              Record Player             Small Basketball          Hand Bag
                                     Riding Toys               Small Football            Jewelry
                                     Scooter Toys              Small Video Games         Puzzles
                                     Small Train Sets          Toy Cars                  Radios
                                     Table & Chairs            Toy Trucks                Remote Car
                                     Toy Boats                 Walkie Talkie             Science Projects
                                     Toy Cars                                            Skateboard
                                     Toy Planes                                          Small Video Games
                                     Toy Telephone                                       Sports Hat
                                     Toy Trucks                                          Tennis Racquet
                                     Tricycles                                           Wallets
                                     Vinyl Books                                         Wrist Watch
                                     Wooden Puzzles

                              Gift Certificates, Movie Passes and gifts for children aged 0-3
                                   and older children aged 5-12 are especially needed.

                                                         *Please note-
      If you are selecting a toy for a child under three years old, please make sure the box/ tag does not state for 3+

                                               THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

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