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					Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) Hair Removal
The Intense Pulsed Light is becoming very poplar since it is effective in removing the hair. It is
not actually laser but the result is similar. The device uses the almost similar concept with the
laser hair removal. The IPL device is more difficult to be performed than laser treatment. And it
also requires experienced technician to operate the device well. The Intense Pulsed Light is
recommended for all skin types including the skin type which is not recommended for laser hair
removal treatment such as black skin.

Here are the benefits of IPL:

This device can work for all skin types

The device can gave positive result for skin type which is not recommend for laser treatment

The IPL gives better result in person with darker hair and lighter skin color. IPL can remove the
hair on any type of skin. For you who have darker skin and desire to get the unwanted hair
removed quickly and efficiently, the IPL is the answer.

However, you also need to know about the long term effect caused by the IPL. Here are some
side effects which may be occurring:

Sometimes the pigment cell can get damaged which cause the skin treated to be darker or lighter.
It may causes skin patches. The Intense Pulsed Light may not be very effective for those who are
red haired, blonde or white hair. There are several different types of IPL such as EpiLight,
Quantum, PhotoDerm, Aculight, and Vasculight. To sum up: the intense pulsed light is regarded
to be the most effective way beside laser hair removal treatment in order to eliminate the hair for
long time. The IPL can work for almost all skin type. If you are going to have IPL to remove the
unwanted hair, it is better to consult your technician and docter.

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