Do laser hair removal procedures cause scarring

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					Do laser hair removal procedures cause
Any laser treatment procedure may cause some mild side effect such as burn, redness, blistering
etc. However this effect only last for temporary and the risk of laser treatment for removin the
unwanted air is said to be the smallest. Te risk of laser treatment on an individual depends on
several tins such as:

Te experience and knowledge of the physician who perform the laser treatment

The advance of the laser device

Te amount of melanin pigment in the individual’s skin, the darker the skin the greater the risk
will be

The particular ability of individuals to heal from the side effect.

Temporary Pigmentary Changes
Many people experience Pigmentary changes, either the lightening or darkening spot on the skin
treated are following the laser hair removal procedure. Pigmentary changes in the skin only last
for a few days and after that the skin will be normal again. Experience physician knows how to
minimize the risk of getting side effect from his treatment. That is why choosing the right clinic
with experienced operator is very important aspect in the success of the hair removal treatment.

Professional physician can extremely determine the success of the laser hair removal treatment.
Scarring is very rare as the discoloration of the skin. Blistering or bleeding is often the form of
inappropriate laser treatment. While redness is very common side effect after laser treatment.
Laser hair removal is cosmetic procedure but the process employed is medical. Before opting for
the laser treatment it is better to consult your docter about the visibility of your skin type and hair
type for this treatment. Some people such as those whose hair is lighter and skin is dark is not
good candidate for laser treatment. Your docter will give some pain relief as the remedy of light
side effect. But most people do not need them.

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