Sports Marketing Segmentation by wpr1947



   Marketing II
    Mr. Yates

                  MJY 11/09
    The “Sports Consumer”
 A consumer is a person who uses an
  actual product
 A sports consumer is a person who may
  play, officiate, watch or listen to sports,
  read, us purchase, and or collect items
  related to sports
 A purchase by a sports consumer is like a
  vote – because the purchase = approval
                       MJY 11/09
              Consumer Decisions
   Environmental Factors influence a customer’s
    involvement. These might include:
       Family, friends, cultural differences, class, race,
        gender, region, and marketing
   Individual Factors influence a customer’s
    involvement. These might include:
       Self-image (athletic), Self-development (stage of
        life), personal sports involvement (what they play,
        or have played in the past)

                              MJY 11/09
    How are customers segmented?
   Segmentation is a way of analyzing a
    market by specific characteristics --- to
    create a target market

                        MJY 11/09
        What characteristics?
 Geographics – where they live
 Demographics – gender, race, religion,
 Psychographics – attitudes, opinions,
  toward the product or service

                     MJY 11/09
              Example - Golf
 Who is the sports consumer market for
 Prior to Tiger Woods, you could safely say
  it was:
     Male
     Ages 30-60
     Income of $50k - $175k

   Has Tiger changed that?
                       MJY 11/09
                Sports “Products”
 Products can be goods or services, or
 Sporting Events – games, competitions,
  exhibitions, athletes, and arenas
 Sports Information – news, statistics,
  schedules, and stories
       TV, radio, online, and print media

                            MJY 11/09
           More “Sports Products”
 Sports Training – usually a service such as
  instruction provided through fitness centers,
  sports camps, and lessons
 Sporting Goods – wide range of goods
       equipment, licensed merchandise, collectables,
        apparel, accessories

                           MJY 11/09
            Sports Product Line
 A group of closely related products
  manufactured and sold by a company
 They satisfy a group of needs, may be
  used together, sold to the same customer
  group, sold through a specific outlet etc.
 Example: Spalding
     Basketball Line – basketballs, air pumps,
     Baseball Line – gloves, bats, balls, uniforms

                          MJY 11/09
         Sports Product Extensions
 The sporting event is just one type of product
 The core product is the arena and the players
 The extensions of that are the:
       mascots, apparel and equipment
   Extending further out are:
       programs, videos, music, statistics, tickets, etc.

                              MJY 11/09

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