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					                                                          a       b            c                          d
    1                                A

                                               i              j            k       l       m                               h
B                                                     e                                f
    2                                 2a

    3                                 3a                                                   4

    5                                 5a


    8                                 8a

Experian’s Credit Profile Report         B Consumer identifying                                         I
                                                                                                   I	 =		 nquiry	
Files on more than 215 million credit-       (personal)	information                                     M
                                                                                                   M	=		 anual	data	
active	consumers	nationwide	are	          j Type of terms and amount                                    P
                                                                                                   P	=		 DS	—	Experian’s	proprietary		
maintained	in	Experian’s	database.	                                                                     data source
                                          k Direct	Check

Your	inquiry	initiates	a	search	of	         (optional	product	add-on)                          5a Consumer’s	previous	addresses	with	
this	database,	which	produces	an	                                                                  source,	in	order	by	reliability	of	source
applicant’s	credit	history	—	the	Credit	 l Profile	Summary	
Profile	Report.	An	illustration	and	        (optional	product	add-on)                          6   Last	subscriber	reporting	the	consumer	
description of a sample Credit Profile                                                             at his or her current address
                                         m Risk	Model	
Report	follow.	To	access	our	STAR	          (optional	product	add-on)                          7   An	asterisk	preceding	any	address	
2000	test	database,	please	contact	your	 2 Consumer’s name                                         indicates the address did not match
Experian	sales	representative.                                                                     inquiry	current	address
                                         2a Alternate	names	such	as	different,	
                                            previous	surnames	or	nicknames	                    8   Employer’s name and address, including
 1 Date	and	time	that	
                                            associated	with	the	consumer’s	file                    time frame reported and source:
    the	report	was	pulled
                                           3       Consumer’s	SSN                                  U = Update tape
A       Inquiry
                                                                                                   I	 =	Inquiry
    a Consumer’s name                      3a Other	SSNs	reported	on	the	
                                                   consumer’s file, in descending order   8a Previous employer’s name and address,
    b Social	Security	number	(SSN)                 based	on	the	number	of	occurrences	       with	time	frame	reported	and	source
    c Spouse’s	name	and	SSN                        reported;	an	asterisk	denotes	any	SSN	
    d Current address
                                                   not	matching	the	inquiry	input	SSN.

    e Previous address                     4       Consumer’s	year	of	birth	or	date	
                                                   of	birth
    f Driver’s	license	number
                                           5       Consumer’s address, including time
    g Employment
                                                   frame	reported,	source	and	number	
    h Telephone	number                             of	subscribers	reporting	the	address:	
    i Year	of	birth                                U = Update tape









C   Messages	(consumer)                      I	=	Institution)	and	the	GEO	code	       optional	with	PSUM	keyword	on	
    The	Messages	section	may	include	        of	the	current	address.	Optional	        inquiry,	or	contact	your	Experian	
    general consumer statements              by	contacting	your	Experian	             sales	representative.
    and informational or other special       sales	representative.
    messages.	Consumer	statements	                                                G   Score	Summary
    relating	to	a	tradeline	or	public	   E   Fraud	Shield summary
                                                                                      Risk	model	scores	are	
    record item appear directly after        The	Fraud	Shield summary
                                                                                      generated if you use Experian’s
    the	item.                                contains messages related to             credit	risk	models.	This	is	
                                             Fraud	Shield	fraud	prevention	           optional	with	RM	keyword	on	
D   Demographics                             services.	Contact	your	Experian	         inquiry,	or	contact	your	Experian	
    Demographics	contains	the	               sales representative for                 sales	representative.	This	also	
    consumer’s	telephone	number	             more	information.                        may optionally display score
    (including	source	and	phone	type:                                                 factor	code	definitions.
                                         F   Profile	Summary
    R = Residential, B = Business,
                                             Profile	Summary	contains	17	
    C = Cellular, P = Pager,
                                             significant calculations from the
    T = Pay telephone, F = Fax,
                                             Credit	Profile	Report.	This	is	

    13                                                                                           17
    14                                            16                                             18
    15                                                                                           19




    Reminder: To	ensure	compliance	with	               15 Status	date	if	status	is	satisfied,	
    the	Fair	Credit	Reporting	Act,	you	                   released, vacated, discharged
    must	exercise	reasonable	care	to	input	               or dismissed
    accurate	identification	belonging	to	the	          16 Amount	of	public	record
    consumer	when	requesting	services.
                                                       17 Code	describing	the	consumer’s	
H        Public	records                                   association	to	the	public	record	item	per	
         Public	record	information	consists	of	           the	Equal	Credit	Opportunity	Act
         bankruptcies,	liens	and	civil	actions	        18 Certificate	ID	or	docket	number
         against	a	consumer.
                                                       19 Book	and	page	number
11 Reporting court’s name
                                                       20 Plaintiff’s name
12 Reporting	court’s	subscriber	number
                                                       21 Voluntary indicator only; may display
13 Type	of	public	record/status	                          as	VOLUN	if	consumer	voluntarily	
         of	public	record                                 dismissed	bankruptcy
14 Original	filing	date	with	court                     22 Liability	and	asset	amounts	for	
                                                          bankruptcies	only





    I       Trades
            Any	or	all	of	the	following	              c Balloon payment information      24 Special	comments	reported	by	
            information may appear if                    (date	and	amount)	                 a	subscriber	or	consumer	to	
            provided	by	a	subscriber:                 23 Compliance condition code
                                                                                            distinguish accounts that may
                                                         reported	by	a	subscriber	to	       require	special	handling
        a Mortgage	Identification	Number	
            (MIN)	for	mortgage	trades                    distinguish accounts that are   25 Deferred	payment	start	date	for	
        b Original credit grantor name                   “Closed	by	Consumer”	and/or	       deferred	loans.	Loans;	deferred	
                                                         “Disputed	Accounts.”               indicates the terms of the loan have
            for third-party collection
                                                                                            been	deferred	to	a	future	date.
            agency trades

            27             28      29

       30         31                      32             33            34     35          36             37          38


26 An	asterisk	preceding	public	record	        32 Payment level date is the                    Scheduled	monthly	payment	is	
      information or a trades indicates           current status date                          implied	if	there	is	no	“-A”	or	“-E.”
      that information may need                                                                Estimated monthly payment is
                                               33 The amount past due for
      further	review.                             the account                                  indicated	by	the	“-E”	directly	after	
27 Reporting	subscriber’s	name                                                                 the monthly payment amount,
                                               34 Date	of	consumer’s	last	payment	
28 Reporting	subscriber’s	number                  on the account                               calculated	by	Experian	based	on	
                                                                                               the	reporter’s	formula.
29 KOB	(Kind	of	Business)	Code	              35 Payment amount the consumer is
   describes	a	subscriber’s	business.	          scheduled to pay on the account           37 Balance date is the date of the
   The	first	letter	designates	an	industry.	 36 Actual	monthly	payment	is	indicated	           subscriber’s	reported	update	
   The	second	letter	more	narrowly	                                                            on	the	account.
                                                by	the	“-A”	directly	after	the	monthly	
   defines	a	subscriber’s	business.             payment amount; represents the
                                                                                          38 Current	balance	on	the	account
30 Date	the	account	was	opened                  actual	payment	amount	received	by	        39 The account condition indicates
31 Amount	of	the	loan	or	
                                                the	lender	for	that	reporting	period.          the	current	condition	of	the	account.
      credit	established

 40                                                                          44
 41                                                                          45


40 Payment status comments reflect           2 60 days past the due date                 B	 	 ccount	condition	change:
      the payment history of the account                                                    payment	code	not	applicable
                                             3 90 days past the due date
      as	of	the	balance	date.
                                             4 120 days past the due date                -	(dash)	No	history	reported	for
41 Type of account
                                                                                         that month
                                             5 150 days past the due date
42 Consumer’s payment history during                                                     Blank	No	history	maintained;	
      the	past	25	months	beginning	with	     6 180 days past the due date                see payment status comment
      the	month	represented	by	the	          7	 Chapter	13	Bankruptcy	(petitioned,	
      balance	date.	The	codes	reflect	          discharged, reaffirmation of          43 Consumer’s	account	number
      the status of the account for each        debt	rescinded)                       44 Code	describing	consumer’s	
      month	and	are	displayed	for	balance	
                                             8 Foreclosure proceeding, deed in lieu      association to the account per
      reporting	subscribers	only:
                                                                                         the	Equal	Credit	Opportunity	Act.
                                             9	 Chapter	7,	11	or	12	Bankruptcy	
      C Current                                                                       45 Terms of account
                                                (petitioned,	discharged,	
      N	Current	account/Zero	                   reaffirmation	of	debt	rescinded)      46 Maximum	delinquency	and	payment	
        balance	—	no	update	tape	
                                             G Collection                                code is the most recent date and
        received for this trade
                                                                                         code	of	the	worst	status
                                             H Foreclosure
      0	 Current	account/Zero	                                                        47 Months	reviewed	indicates	the	total	
         balance	—	reported	on	              J Voluntary surrender
                                                                                         number	of	months	history	has	been	
         update tape                         K Repossession                              maintained for the account
      1 30 days past the due date            L Charge-off






    d    Portfolio	“Sold	To:”	or	“Purchased	        K   Direct	Check      SM
                                                                                                           agency nearest to the consumer’s
         From:”	name                                    Direct	Check	 is the fastest,
                                                                                                           current	address.	Use	for	consumer	
    48 Two	amounts	may	display.	Indicates	
                                                        most	inexpensive	way	to	contact	                   referrals.	Display	is	elective;	contact	
         the	account	has	a	$12,500	(L)imit	and	         other	credit	grantors	to	obtain	the	               your	Experian	sales	representative.
         the	(H)ighest	balance	was	$10,659.             updated information that you need
                                                        about	your	customer.	Contact	your	                 To	find	out	more	about	Credit	Profile	
                                                                                                          For further details on Experian products, please call
                                                        Experian sales representative for                  Report, contact your local Experian
J       Inquiries                                       more	information.                                        representative for more
                                                                                                           sales Business Credit Information Inc.
        Inquiries	indicate	that	a	Credit	Profile	                                                          information	or	call	1	888	414	1120.
        Report	was	received	on	that	date	by	the	    L   Consumer	Assistance
        subscriber	listed.	Inquiring	subscriber	        Name,	address,	telephone	number	                          or visit our web site
        name,	number	and	KOB	are	shown.		 ype,	
                                              T         and	Web	site	of	Experian’s	consumer	
        terms and amount may display and are            assistance office or credit reporting W W W . B U S I N E S S C R E D I T I N F O R M A T I O N . C O M
        from	the	subscriber’s	inquiry	input.

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