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									                                                   MONTHLY EXPENSE REPORT
Name:                               Dept:                                                                                                Date: July 15, 2011

                     AUTOMOBILE TRAVEL
       Date           Mileage Destination                                         Purpose

                              Total Miles @ $0.43: Mileage Expense
                     OTHER TRAVEL (Attach receipts; if air, you must attach ticket stub)
                      Kind of
       Date           Travel Destination                              Purpose

       Date          OVERNIGHT ACCOMODATIONS (Attach Itemized Bills)
                      PER DIEM (2-3 meals)         days @ $39.00                                    All per diem is for overnight or longer trips only.
                                                                                                    If you are away only one day, please report
                      PER DIEM (1 meal)            days @ $20.00                                    actual meal costs + tips (not to exceed per
                                                                                                    diem) and include receipts. Also, per diem is for
                      PER DIEM when entertained    days @ $13.00                                    yourself only - report actual for others.
   For record Purposes only: List expenses relating to this Report which
                              were already charged to a general ledger                 Date         OTHER REPORTABLE EXPENSES (Attach Receipted Bills)
                                        account or your corporate credit card

                                                                                        *TOTAL REIMBURSABLE EXPENSES                                                       $0.00
PLEASE NOTE: Prior to submitting this report, you need to obtain the approval
signature of your appropriate Department Head/Academic Dean/Vice President.
We recommend that you always keep a copy for your files.                                         Please fill in CHARGE #s & AMOUNTS
REMARKS/BILLING INSTRUCTIONS (IF ANY)                                                 Fund           Org.       Acct. Prog Activity

Signed:       ____________________________________________
               Employee Signature                                     Date

Approved: ____________________________________________ TOTAL REPORTABLE EXPENSE                                                                                            $0.00
                 Department Head/Academic Dean/Vice President         Treasurer
Per diem amounts valid as of October 1, 2009                                      * This amount may be reduced if there is an outstanding balance due to the university.

     Printed: 7/15/2011 6:51 PM                                                    Blank of 36e6ee29-e222-4aa4-a08e-c12a9c553a22.xls
Instructions for using Expense.xls
 1. Click on the Expense spreadsheet link and save the file on your file server or local hard disk.
    Do not fill in the spreadsheet in your browser, since it will not print as well from there.
 2. The spreadsheet has been protected to prevent accidental overwriting of formulas and text.
    The unprotected fields are colored light green so that they can easily be seen. You can move from one
    unprotected field to the next with the tab key, the cursor keys, or your mouse.
 3. Should you need to change the spreadsheet in some way, you can easily remove the protection using the
    "Tools" menu. Click Tools on the menu bar, then Protection, then Unprotect Sheet.
 5. To enter your name, move the cursor to the "Name:" field, press <F2>, and enter your own name.
    Repeat this for entering your department. Enter your ID# in upper right corner.
 6. Enter your expense details in the appropriate places. Mileage expense, per diem amounts, and totals
    will be automatically calculated.
 7. Enter billing instructions, accounts and disbursement amounts. A message will appear in red at the
    bottom of the spreadsheet if "Total Reimbursable Expenses" is not equal to "Total Reportable Expense".
 8. Be sure to attach appropriate ORIGINAL receipts when claiming reimbursement.
    Attached receipt must indicate proof of payment. Order confirmations are not adequate proof of an
    incurred expense.

Filing your reports

If you wish, you can file each expense report you write under a separate tab in the expense.xls

 1. Right click the tab name at the bottom of the screen (currently "Blank").
 2. Click Move or Copy...
 3. Check Create a copy
 4. Select the sheet you want to insert the copy in front of.
 5. Double click the tab of the new sheet (probably "Blank(2)").
 6. Type in a name for this sheet (eg, 000521)

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