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     Prime Minister’s Office,
     Office of the Cabinet of Ministers,
     Presidential Secretariat
1    Ministry of Agrarian Services & Wildlife
2    Ministry of Agriculture,
3    Ministry of Buddha Sasana & Religious Affairs,
4    Ministry of Child Development & Women's Affairs,
5    Ministry of Civil Aviation,
6    Ministry of Coconut Development & Janatha Estate Development
7    Ministry of Construction, Engineering Services, Housing & Common Amenities,
8    Ministry of Cooperatives & Internal Trade,
9    Ministry of Culture & the Arts
10   Ministry of Defence,
11   Ministry of Disaster Management,
12   Ministry of Economic Development,
13   Ministry of Education,

14   Ministry of Environment,
15   Ministry of External Affairs,
16   Ministry of Finance & Planning,
17   Ministry of Fisheries & Aquatic Resources Development,
18   Ministry of Foreign Employment Promotion & Welfare
19   Ministry of Health,
20   Ministry of Higher Education,
21   Ministry of Indigenous Medicine,

22   Ministry of Industry & Commerce,
23   Ministry of Irrigation & Water Resources Management,
24   Ministry of Justice,
25   Ministry of Labour & Labour Relations,
26   Ministry of Lands & Land Development,
27   Ministry of Livestock & Rural Community Development,
28   Ministry of Local Government & Provincial Councils,
29   Ministry of Mass Media & Information,
30   Ministry of National Heritage,

31   Ministry of National Languages & Social Integration,
32   Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs,
33   Ministry of Petroleum Industries,
34   Ministry of Plantation Industries,
35   Ministry of Ports & Highways

36 Ministry of Postal Services,
37   Ministry of Power & Energy,
38   Ministry of Private Transport Services
39   Ministry of Productivity Promotion
40   Ministry of Public Administration & Home Affairs,
41   Ministry of Public Management Reforms,
42   Ministry of Public Relations & Public Affairs
43   Ministry of Rehabilitation & Prison Reforms,
44   Ministry of Resettlement,

45 Ministry of Social Services,

46   Ministry of Sports,
47   Ministry of State Resources & Enterprise Development,
48   Ministry of Technology & Research,
49   Ministry of Telecommunication & Information Technology
50   Ministry of Traditional Industries & Small Enterprise Development,
51   Ministry of Transport,
52   Ministry of Water Supply & Drainage,

53 Ministry of Youth Affairs & Skills Development,
54 Mnistry of Minor Export Crop Promotion
CIO - Name                     CIO Designation
Ms. T.T. Upulmalie             Assistant Secretary
Mr. R.K. Keerthi Siriwardena   System Analyst
Mr. C.N. Withanachchi          Senior Assistant Secretary

Mr. H.G.G.J Dharmasena         Director (Administration)
Mrs. J.A.A.N. Kannagara        Additional Secretary
Mr. K. V. Athula               Assistant Secretary
Mr. R.M.S.P. Rathnayake        Additional Secretary

Ms. D.M.C.T.K. Dassanayaka     Assistant Secretary
Mr. Priyantha Mayadunne        Additional Secretary

Mr. S. Hettiarchchi            Additional Secretary
Mr. G.K.D. Amarawardena        Additional Secretary

Mr. G.M. Niel Gunadasa         Director
                               Assistant Secretary (Human
Mr. S.M.S.D. Gunasinghe        Resource Development)
Mr. B.N. Pathirathna           Director (Admin)
Mr. R. Semasinghe              Senior Assistant Secretary
Mr. Indra Ranasinghe           Director General (Acting)

Dr. S.R.U. Wimalaratne         Director - Information

Mr. S.M.N.R. Abewardana        Assistant Director (Planning)

Ms. Manike Chandrasiri         Additional Secretary (Policy)
Eng. P. U. Wickremaratne       Director
Mr. A.K.D.D.D. Arandara        Assistant Secretary
Ms. Padmini Ratnayake          Additional Secretary
Mr. G.D.S. Jayawardhana        Chief Accountant
Mrs. M.P.E. Rukmanie           Additional Secretary (Admin)
Mr. D.B. Samarakoon            ( Director - Planning)
Mrs. K.W.T.N. Amarathunga      Additional Secretary
Ms. K.W.S.P. Athukorala        Director (Planning)
                               Assistant Secretary
Ms. Mayuri Perera              (National Languages)
Mr. W. Kaburugamuwa            Senior Assistant Secretary
Ms. Kanthi Wijetunga           Additional Secretary
Mrs. W.S.S. Kurera             Senior Assistant Secretary
Ms. J.A.D.R. Jayasooriya       Assistant Secretary
                               Assistant Secretary
Ms. P.K.S. Subhodini           (Development)
                             Director (Planning & Pr.
Ms. Indrani Vithanage        Monitoring)

K.A. Vimalenthirarajah       Senior Assistant Secretary
Mr. B.M.U.D. Basnayake       Additional Secretary

Mr. B.K.S. Ravindra          Additional Secretary
Mr. K. Nikarilkanth          Assistant Secretary
                             Additional Secretary
Mr. Sunil Samaraweera        (Administration)
                             Additional Secretary
Mr. H.M.B.C. Herath          (Development)

Mr. Niruka Laththuwahanadi   Assistant Secretary

Mrs.W.M.M.R. Adikari         Additional Secretary
Mr. W.W. Harrison            Assistant Director, Planning
Mrs. K.G.D. Priyanka         Assistant Director
                             Additional Secretary (Skills
Mrs. T.M.L.C. Senarathna     Development)
     Department                                       Name                                Designation
 1   Coast Guard Department of Sri Lanka
 2   Community Based Correction Department
 3   Deparment of Foreign Aid and Budget Monitoring
 4   Department of Agrarian Development                 Mr. G.G. Ajith                    Project Assistant
 5   Department of Agriculture                          Dr. R.R.A. Wijekoon               Deputy Director
 6   Department of Animal Production and Health         Dr. K. D. Ariyapala               Veterinary Surgeon
 7   Department of Archaeology                          Ms. W.R.J. Wasana Premachandra Research Assistant
 8   Department of Attorney General                     Ms. Disrukshi Dias Wickremasinghe Deputy Solicitor General
 9   Department of Auditor General's                    Mr. W.P.C. Wickramarathna         Deputy Auditor General
10   Department of Ayurveda                             Ms. N.A.A Shyamali                Investigation Assistant
11   Department of Buddhist Affairs                     Mr. P.T.L. Rathnapala             Co-ordinater
12   Department of Buildings                            Mrs. W.A.W. Abayawardena          Chief Engineer (Planning)
13   Department of Census and Statistics                Mr. S.A.S.Banduasena              Acting Director
14   Department of Christian Religious Affairs          Mr. I.P.G.U.S.K. Wimalaratne      Project Assistant
15   Department of Civil Security                       Mr. C.P.U. Hettiarachchi          Assistant Director ( Admin)
16   Department of Coast Conservation                   Eng. B. Wickremarachchi           Senior Engineer - Head of Monitoring & Evaluation
17   Department of Commerce                             Mr. L.G. Dissanayake              Assistant Director Commerce
18   Department of Commissioner General of Samurdhi Mr. K.R. Pathmapriya                  Deputy Commissioner
19   Department of Co-operative Development             Ms. H.S. Fonseka                  Assistant Commissioner (Administration)
20   Department of Cultural Affairs                     Mr. T.V.K. Rathnayake             Assistant Director
21   Department of Debt Conciliation Board
22   Department of Development Finance                  Mr. H.P.S.Shantha                 Planning Assistant
23   Department of Educational Publications             Ms. Dakshina Kasturiarachchi      Assistant Commissioner
24   Department of Elections                            Mr. E. Sumanasiri                 Computer Programmer
25   Department of Examinations                         Mr. K.M.H. Bandara                Commissioner (Technology)
26   Department of Excise                               Mrs.P.W. Rajapaksa                Excise Commissioner (Admin& HRM)
27   Department of Export Agriculture
28   Department of External Resources                   Mr. Anuruddha Pebotuwa            Director
29   Department of Fiscal Policy                        A.W.M.A.A. Anuradha ThilakarathnaAssistant Director
30   Department of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources      Mr. A. A. Fernando                Programme Assistant
31   Department of Forests                              Mr. K. P. Ariyadasa               Conservator of Forests
32   Department of Government Analyst                   Mr. A. Welianga                   Senior Assistant Gov. Analyst
33   Department of Government Printer                   Mr. P.H.L. de Silva               Deputy Government Printer (IT)
34   Department of Health Services
35   Department of Hindu Religious and Cultural Affiars Mr. S. Kanthasamy                 IT Officer
36   Department of Immigration & Emigration             Mr. I. C. Pathiraja               Assistant Controller
37   Department of Import and Export                    Mr. M.P. Nalin Rodrigo            Data Mgt. Assistant
38   Department of Information                          Mr. A.H. Mohomad                  Assistant Director
39   Department of Inland Revenue                       Mr. U.P.S.A. Jayalath             Deputy Commissioner
40   Department of Irrigation                           Mr. G.K.Pathmakeerthi             Senior Irrigation Engineer
41   Department of Labour                               Mr. H.K.K.A. Jayasundara          Commissioner (Development)
42   Department of Land Commissioner General            Ms. G.D.I.L. Wijegunawardena      Deputy Land Commissioner (Acting)
43   Department of Land Title Settlement                Mr. D.M. Dharmasena               Assistant Commissioner
44   Department of Legal Affairs
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45   Department of Legal Draftsman                     Ms. D.D. Kulasena                Assistant Legal Draftsman
46   Department of Management Audit
47   Department of Management Services                 Ms. Mala Fonzeka                 Systems Analyst
48   Department of Manpower and Employment             Mr. E.L.K. Dissanayake           Assistant Director
49                                                     Mr.S.N
     Department of Measurement Units, Standards and Services Akuranthilaka              Assistant Director
50   Department of Meteorology                         Mr.Lalith Chandrapala            Director
51   Department of Motor Traffic                       Ms. Samanthi Senanayake          Assistant Commissioner
52   Department of Muslim Religious and Cultural Affairs
53   Department of National Archives                   Mrs. R.C.R. Priyangani           Assistant Archivist
54   Department of National Botanical Garden           A.M.A.S. Attanayake              Deputy Director
55   Department of National Budget                     Mr.B.A.K.W. Mahendra             Assistant Director
56   Department of National Museums                    Mr. W.M. Gamini Kulatunga        IT Assistant
57   Department of National Physical Planning          Mr. B.A. Thilakeratne            Deputy Director General
58   Department of National Planning                   Mr.R.K.M.N.N. Palipana           Asst. Director
59   Department of National Zoological Garden          Ms. Renuka Bandaranayake         Asst. Director, Research and Aquarium
60   Department of Official Languages
61   Department of Pensions                            Mr. Pradeep Imal Gunawardana     Deputy Director
62   Department of Police                              Mr. M.H. Anver                   Director - Information Technology
63   Department of Posts                               Mr. T. Shreeharan                Asst. Superintendent, Planning, Marketing &IT
64   Department of Prisons                             Mr. G.M.K. Bandara               Commissioner (Finance)
65   Department of Probation and Childcare Services    Ms. Harshani Fernando            Assistant Commissioner
66   Department of Public Enterprises                  Mr. K.S.P. Rupasinghe            Assistant Director
67   Department of Public Finance                      Mr. Chanaka Welgama              Asst. Director
68   Department of Public Trustee
69   Department of Registration of Persons             Mr. W.A. Ranjan Nishantha        Enforcement Officer
70   Department of Rubber Development                  Ms. K.V.P.M.J. Gamage            Director, Administration
71   Department of Social Services                     Mr. M.A.I. Perera                Deputy Director
72   Department of Sports Development                  Ms. D. N. Biyanwila              Assistant Director
73   Department of Sri Lanka Railways                  Mr. A.T.L.P. Samarasinghe        Data Processing Manager
74   Department of State Accounts                      Ms. S.A.C. Kulathillake          Director
75   Department of Surveyor General                    Mr. P.A.N. De Silva              Deputy Surveyor General (IT)
76   Department of Technical Education and Training Mr. A.D.A. Mahinda                  Deputy Director (Data Processing, Statistics & Planning)
77   Department of Textile Industries                  Mrs. G.K. Kottepola              Assistant Director
78   Department of Trade, Tariff and Investment Policy Mr. E.A. Ratnaseela              Deputy Director
79   Department of Treasury Operations                 Mr. S.A.D.P. Gunawardena         Director
80   Department of Up-Country Peasantry Rehabilitation Mr. S.M.S. Ranathunga            Information Technology Assistant
81   Department of Valuation                           Mr. Sarath Premalal Weeratne     Deputy Chief Valuer
82   Department of Wildlife Conservation               Mr. M.S.L.R.P. Marasinghe        Deputy Director
83   Food Commissioner's Department                    N. nimalaka Dias                 Food commissioner
84   Government Factory                                Mr. A. Edirisinghe               Deputy Factory Engineer
85   Law Commission of Sri Lanka                       Ms. D.L. Gunasekera              Secretary
86   Registrar of Companies                            Mr. K.P. Weerasinghe             Data Processor
87   Registrar-General's Department                    Mr. Wasantha Sandiligama         Additional Registrar General (IT)
88   Sri Lanka Air Force                               Group Captain T.G.J. Amarasena   Command IT Officer
89   Sri Lanka Army                                    Brigadier S.J. Wickramasinghe    Director (IT)
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90 Sri Lanka Customs   Mr. P. Ajantha Dias       Director
91 Sri Lanka Navy      Captain P.D.K.N. Peiris   Director Naval Information Technology

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                                             District Sec
     District Sec                       Name                          Designation
 1 District Secretariat, Colombo        Mrs.Y.K.Shiromi Jeewamaala    Asst District Secretary
 2 District Secretariat, Kalutara       Mrs.B.G.S. Gunathilaka        Additional District Secretary
 3 District Secretariat, Gampaha        Mr. Ranjith Kumaradasa        Assistant District Secretary
 4 District Secretariat, Badulla        Mrs. R.H.C. Priyanthi         Assistant District Secretary
 5 District Secretariat, Monaragala     Mrs. D.S. Pathmakulasuriya    Additional District Secretary
 6 District Secretariat, Galle          Mr. Ranil Wickramasekara      Assistant District Secretary
 7 District Secretariat, Matara         Mr. R.C. de Zoysa             Additional District Secretary
 8 District Secretariat, Hambantota     Mr. W. A. Dharmasiri          Additional District Secretary
 9 District Secretariat, Kegalle        Mr. E.R.L.B. Atampawala       Assistant District Secretary
10 District Secretariat, Ratnapura      Ms. S.A. Dilruk               Assistant District Secretary
11 District Secretariat, Matale         Niroshana Karunathilaka       Assistant District Secretary
12 District Secretariat, Kandy          Mr. Venusha Pallawala         Assistant District Secretary
13 District Secretariat, Nuwaraeilya    Mr. D.L.A. Wijenayaka         Chief Accountant
14 District Secretariat,                Mr. I.M. Senarathne         Chief Accountant
15 Anuradhapara
   District Secretariat, Polonnaruwa    N.G. Panditharathna         Additional District Secretary
16 District Secretariat, Kurunegala     Mr. D.A. Nayanananda        Assistant District Secretary
17 District Secretariat, Puttalam       Mr. W.A.R. Wickramasinghe Assistant District Secretary
18 District Secretariat, Ampara                                     Additional District Secretary
                                        Mr. J.S.D.M. Asanka Abeywardhana
19 District Secretariat, Trincomalee    Mr. R.Kalaichelvan          IT Assistant
20 District Secretariat, Batticaloa
21 District Secretariat, Jaffna
22 District Secretariat, Mannar
23 District Secretariat, Killinochchi
24 District Secretariat, Mulativu
25 District Secretariat, Vauniya

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                                           Divisional Sec
     Divisional Secretariats                   Name
 1   Divisional Secretariat, Colombo             Mrs. H.R. Sirinama
 2   Divisional Secretariat, Dehiwala            Mr. H.U.R. Fonseka
 3   Divisional Secretariat, Hanwella            Mr. K. C. Niroshan
 4   Divisional Secretariat, Homagama            Buddhi Tharanga Karunasena
 5   Divisional Secretariat, Kaduwela            Mr.G.Chandrasena
 6   Divisional Secretariat, Kesbewa             Mrs.S.L.Welgama
 7   Divisional Secretariat, Kolonnawa           Mr. U.W. Senarathna
 8   Divisional Secretariat, Maharagama          Ms. Nirmalee Kumarage
 9   Divisional Secretariat, Moratuwa            Mrs. G.I. Sanjeewani
10   Divisional Secretariat, Padukka             Mrs.M.M.K.D.Walpola
11   Divisional Secretariat, Ratmalana           Mr. H.M.T.P. Herath
12                                               Ms. Omali Wimalarathne
     Divisional Secretariat, Sri Jayawardanapura Kotte
13   Divisional Secretariat, Thimbirigasyaya     Mrs. M.M. Aliff
 1   Divisional Secretariat, Attanagalla         Mr. R.C. Dharmasena
 2   Divisional Secretariat, Biyagama            Mrs.M.K.S.R. Nanayakkara
 3   Divisional Secretariat, Divulapitiya        Miss. M.K.P. Rukmani
 4   Divisional Secretariat, Dompe               Mrs. R.A.N Kumari
 5   Divisional Secretariat, Gampaha             Mr. A.L.A. Chandana Perera
 6   Divisional Secretariat, Ja-ela              Mr. W.L.D.N. Kumara
 7   Divisional Secretariat, Katana              Mr.V.D.S.Rodrigo
 8   Divisional Secretariat, Kelaniya            Ms. W.H.V. Pushpamala
 9   Divisional Secretariat, Mahara              Ms. Thamara D. Perera
10   Divisional Secretariat, Minuwangoda         M.A.I.K. Manthreeratne
11   Divisional Secretariat, Mirigama            Ms. K.S. Dilhani
12   Divisional Secretariat, Negombo             Miss. R.P.S. Prasadini
13   Divisional Secretariat, Wattala             Ms. Nimalka Dias
 1   Divisional Secretariat, Agalawatte          Mr.G.S. Kannangara
 2   Divisional Secretariat, Palindanuwara       Mrs. R.M.D. Ranasinghe
 3   Divisional Secretariat, Bandaragama         Mrs. K.V.D.C. Wimalasiri
 4   Divisional Secretariat, Beruwala            Mr. C.J. Rajakaruna
 5   Divisional Secretariat, Bulathsinhala       Mr. G.D.D. Amarasinghe
 6   Divisional Secretariat, Dodangoda           Ms. B.R. Samarathunge
 7   Divisional Secretariat, Horana              Mr. A.S.D. Aluthge
 8   Divisional Secretariat, Ingiriya            Ms. Samanthika P. Liyanage
 9   Divisional Secretariat, Kalutara            Mr. Sirisoma Lokuwithana
10                                               Mr. Priyantha C. Hapuarachchi
     Divisional Secretariat, Madurawala, Anguruwatota
11   Divisional Secretariat, Matugama            Mr.W.P.Sandanayake
12   Divisional Secretariat, Millaniya           Mr. W.A.D. Rajapaksha

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                                          Divisional Sec
13 Divisional Secretariat, Panadura              Mr. M.A.T. Senarath
14 Divisional Secretariat, Walallawita           Mr. M.L.D. Niroshana
 1 Divisional Secretariat, Ambangangakorale      Mr. D.M.L.K. Dasanayake
 2 Divisional Secretariat, Dambulla              Mrs.W.J.M.Kumari
 3 Divisional Secretariat, Galewela              Mr. W.P.A.U. Weerasinghe
 4 Divisional Secretariat, Laggala - Pallegama   Mr. K.D. Wickramasooriya
 5 Divisional Secretariat, Matale                Mr. R.D.S Premarathne
 6 Divisional Secretariat, Naula                 Mr.K.B.D.B. Dissanayake
 7 Divisional Secretariat, Pallepola             Mrs. G.N. Senarathne
 8 Divisional Secretariat, Rattota               Ms. K.L.C.N Perera
 9 Divisional Secretariat, Ukuwela               Mr. Y.M Karunathilake
10 Divisional Secretariat, Wilgamuwa             G.G. Jayaweera banda
11 Divisional Secretariat, Yatawatta             Mrs.N.W.Apsara Kudahetti
 1 Divisional Secretariat, Akurana               Ms. K.P.K.L.P. Maduwanthi
 2 Divisional Secretariat, Deltota               Mr. H.M.S.R.B Abeykoon
 3 Divisional Secretariat, Doluwa                Mr. D.M.N.G.P.G.T. Karunaratne
 4 Divisional Secretariat, Ganga Ihala Korale    Ms.D.S.Udahentenna
 5 Divisional Secretariat, Harispattuwa          Ms. Samanthi Meethalawa
                                                Mr. R.W.P.Mohan Dharmadasa
 6   Divisional Secretariat, Hataraliyadda
 7   Divisional Secretariat, Kandy              Mr. T.M.S.B. Tennakoon
 8   Divisional Secretariat, Kundasale          Ms. I.B.R.R. Kumari
 9   Divisional Secretariat, Medadumbara        Mr. R.L.M.C Karunathilake
10   Divisional Secretariat, Minipe             Mr. K. J.S.B. Yatiwelle
11   Divisional Secretariat, Panwila            Mr. K.M.H .W Bandara
12                                              Mr. Shantha Weerasinghe
     Divisional Secretariat, Pasbage Korale- Nawalapitiya
13   Divisional Secretariat, Pathadumbara       Mr. J.P.U.K. Jayarathne
14   Divisional Secretariat, Pathahewaheta      Ms .D.M.C.C.K. Gunarathna
15   Divisional Secretariat, Poojapitiya        Mr. P.H.A.G. Kumara
16   Divisional Secretariat, Thumpane           Mr. W.M.K.K. Karunaratne
17   Divisional Secretariat, Udapalatha         Mr. B.M.N. Balasooriya
18   Divisional Secretariat, Ududumbara         Mr. P.H. Saliya Bandara
19   Divisional Secretariat, Udunuwara          Mr. Gamini Munasinghe
20   Divisional Secretariat, Yatinuwara         Mr. H.N Sanjeewa
 1   Divisional Secretariat, Ambagamuwa Korale  Mr. A. Mohomad Firnaz
 2   Divisional Secretariat, Hanguranketha      Mrs. M.P.W. Shiromani
 3   Divisional Secretariat, Kotmale            Mr. A.A.V Sampath
 4   Divisional Secretariat, Nuwara Eliya       Mr.Gamini Illangarathna

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                                          Divisional Sec
 5 Divisional Secretariat, Walapane            Mr. K.G.S Dharmawardhane
 1 Divisional Secretariat, Aranayake           Mrs. M.M.P.Priyangani
 2 Divisional Secretariat, Bulathkohupitiya    Mr.B.T.J.Abesekara
 3 Divisional Secretariat, Dehiowita           Mr. R.P. Mohan Wijerathna
 4 Divisional Secretariat, Deraniyagala        Mr. W.L.R.I.J.K. Liyanage
 5 Divisional Secretariat, Galigamuwa          Miss. R.P.U.N.K. Wijerathna
 6 Divisional Secretariat, Kegalle             Mrs.H.T.R.N.Piyasena
 7 Divisional Secretariat, Mawanella           Mr.S.M.S.Sangakkara
 8 Divisional Secretariat, Rambukkana          Ms. J.M.S. Jayasinghe
 9 Divisional Secretariat, Ruwanwella          Ms. R.U.D.L.Karunarathna
10 Divisional Secretariat, Warakapola          Mr. H.A Nihal Piyasiri
11 Divisional Secretariat, Yatiyanthota        Mr. E.M. Gamini
 1 Divisional Secretariat, Ayagama             D.A.M. Wickramarathna
 2 Divisional Secretariat, Balangoda           Mrs. G.D.L.U. Kumari
 3 Divisional Secretariat, Elapatha            Mr. M.D.D. Ukuwela
 4 Divisional Secretariat, Ehaliagoda          Mrs.B.A.D.D.W. Siriwardena
 5 Divisional Secretariat, Embilipitiya        Mr.H.A.K. Pushpakumara
 6 Divisional Secretariat, Godakawela          Mr. M.A.P. Prasanna
 7 Divisional Secretariat, Imbulpe             Mr.H.M.H.bandara
 8 Divisional Secretariat, Kahawatta           Ms.W.A.M.K.Priyangani
 9 Divisional Secretariat, Kalawana            Mr.H.M.C. Susantha
10 Divisional Secretariat, Kiriella            Mrs. I.R.M.P.D. Illukkubura
11 Divisional Secretariat, Kolonna             Mr.R.S.Prasanna Ranjeen
12 Divisional Secretariat, Kuruvita            Mr. J.L.C.K. Jayasinghe
13 Divisional Secretariat, Nivithigala         Mr.S.N.Gamage
14 Divisional Secretariat, Openayaka           Mr. B.L.P.N. Liyange
15 Divisional Secretariat, Pelmadulla          L.M.S.Jayasena
16 Divisional Secretariat, Ratnapura           Himali Senavirathna
17 Divisional Secretariat, Weligepola          Mr.S.W.Sameera Prasana Kumara

 1   Divisional Secretariat, Badulla             Mrs.N.M.Gnanawathi Nawarathna
 2   Divisional Secretariat, Bandarawela         Mr. J.M.U.I. Jayaweera
 3   Divisional Secretariat, Ella                Mrs. Thnushka Abeywardena
 4   Divisional Secretariat, Hali-Ela            Ms. Nimesha Priyangi Wanasinghe
 5                                               K.A.J. Priyangika
     Divisional Secretariat, Haputale - Diyathalawa

 6 Divisional Secretariat, Haldummulla         Mr. R.M Sanjeewa Rathnayake
 7 Divisional Secretariat, Kandaketiya         Mr.D.M.L.H.Dissanayake

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                                          Divisional Sec
 8   Divisional Secretariat, Lunugala             Mr. K.D.R.H. Silva
 9   Divisional Secretariat, Mahiyanganaya        Ms. Athma D. Jayaratne
10   Divisional Secretariat, Meegahakiwula        Ms.A.A.Lakmini Amarasekara
11   Divisional Secretariat, Passara              Ms. Poornima Basnayake
12   Divisional Secretariat, Rdimaliyadda         Mr. A.M.P Arandara
13   Divisional Secretariat, Saranathota          Mr.Mangala Mihilal
14   Divisional Secretariat, Uvaparanagama        G. Harsha Wijesena
15   Divisional Secretariat, Welimada             Mr. W.M.C Weerasinghe
 1   Divisional Secretariat, Badalkubura          Mrs. Ramani D. Punchiwedikkara
 2   Divisional Secretariat, Monaragala           W.M.N. Wijebahu
 3   Divisional Secretariat, Bibile               Mr.M.A.H.Perera
 4   Divisional Secretariat, Buttala              Mr. Sarath Withana
 5   Divisional Secretariat, Kataragama           A.M. Nandasiri
 6   Divisional Secretariat, Madulla              Mr. S.C. Weerakoon
 7   Divisional Secretariat, Medagama             K.H.M.D. Wijewardana
 8   Divisional Secretariat, Sevanagala           G.G. Rasika Paragahagoda
 9   Divisional Secretariat, Siyambalanduwa       Mr.J.M.U.K.Jayasekara
10   Divisional Secretariat, Thanamalvila         Mr. W.C.S.K. Rathnayake
11   Divisional Secretariat, Wellawaya            Mr. K.H.A.K. Nishanatha
 1   Divisional Secretariat, Akmeemana            Ms. Damayanthi Paranagama
 2   Divisional Secretariat, Ambalangoda          Mr.W.A.N.Kulathunga
 3   Divisional Secretariat, Baddegama            Mr. P. S. Gunawardana
 4   Divisional Secretariat, Balapitiya           Mrs. K.T.N. Manohari
 5   Divisional Secretariat, Bentota              Mr. G.H. Ariyasena
 6   Divisional Secretariat, Bope-Poddala         Mrs. C. Priyanga Rajakaruna
 7   Divisional Secretariat, Elpitiya             Ms. Anusha Batawala Gamage
 8   Divisional Secretariat, Galle                Mr. Lal Samarasekara
 9   Divisional Secretariat, Habaraduwa           Mr.G.W.S. Priyadarshana
10   Divisional Secretariat, Hikkaduwa            Mr. U.G. Vidura Kariyawasam
11   Divisional Secretariat, Imaduwa              Mr. G.G.R.P. Rupasinghe
12   Divisional Secretariat, Karandeniya          Mr. H.N.S.T.K. de Silva
13   Divisional Secretariat, Nagoda               Mr. H.B.G.P. Rasika Kumara
14   Divisional Secretariat, Neluwa               Mr.H.G.D.Chathura Mihidum
15   Divisional Secretariat, Niyagama             Mr.Ravi Prasad kalupahana
16   Divisional Secretariat, Thawalama            Ms. J.A.A.N. Jayaweera
17   Divisional Secretariat, Welivitiya-Divithura B.P. Abeysekara
18   Divisional Secretariat, Yakkalamulla         Ms. Pushpika Thushari Jagoda
19   Divisional Secretariat, Gonapinuwala         Mr. Nimal Gunawardana

                                             Page 13
                                          Divisional Sec
 1   Divisional Secretariat, Ambalantota        Mr. K.G.S. Kumara
 2   Divisional Secretariat, Angunukolapalassa Mrs.K.C. Lokuhewagama
 3   Divisional Secretariat, Beliatta           Mr.C.P.R.Bandara
 4   Divisional Secretariat, Hambantota         Mr. P.W.P. Mahesh Kumara
 5   Divisional Secretariat, Katuwana           Mr. P.G.S. Priyantha
 6   Divisional Secretariat, Lunugamwehera      Mr. Prasanga Udayakantha
 7   Divisional Secretariat, Okewela            Ms. D.H.U. Sandamali
 8   Divisional Secretariat, Sooriyaweva        Ms. P.T. Subhashinie Silva
 9   Divisional Secretariat, Tangalle           Mrs. Kanchana K. Thalpawila
10   Divisional Secretariat, Tissamaharama      Mr. H.S.N. De.Z. Siriwardana
11   Divisional Secretariat, Walasmulla         Mrs.Deepika K Gunarathna
13   Divisional Secretariat, Weerakatiya        Mr. P.S. Abeywickrama
 1   Divisional Secretariat, Athuraliya         Mrs.U.S. Matharage
 2   Divisional Secretariat, Akuressa           Mrs. K.S. Ruwinika Perera
 3   Divisional Secretariat, Devinuwara         Mr. B. K. Indika
 4   Divisional Secretariat, Dikwella           Mr. B. S. Ranjitha
 5   Divisional Secretariat, Hakmana            Mr. T. P. Sooriyaarachchi
 6   Divisional Secretariat, Kamburupitiya      Mr. Namal Indika Liyanage
 7   Divisional Secretariat, Kirinda-Puhulwella Ms. K.N. Kaushalya Kumari
 8   Divisional Secretariat, Kotapola           Mr. Chandana Lokuhewage
 9   Divisional Secretariat, Malimbada          Mr.K.G.R.Jayanath
10   Divisional Secretariat, Matara             Mr. Kusalaka Nanayakkara
11   Divisional Secretariat, Mulatiyana         Mr. D.L. Sannasooriya
12   Divisional Secretariat, Pasgoda            Mr. D.R. Jayathilaka
13   Divisional Secretariat, Pitabeddara        Mr. Janaka Amararathna
14   Divisional Secretariat, Thihagoda          Ms. P.K.C.N. Mahindanghana
15   Divisional Secretariat, Weligama           Mr.A.M.S.I.Attanayake
16   Divisional Secretariat, Welipitiya         Mr. H.M.S.R. Karunarathna
17   Divisional Secretariat, Pujapitiya         Ms. H.P.D.M. Sarathchandra
 1   Divisional Secretariat, Padaviya           Mr. M.M.K. Chandraguptha
 2   Divisional Secretariat, Kebithigollewa     Mr. S. T. Tissera
 3   Divisional Secretariat, Medawachchiya      Mr. M.S. Janaka
 4   Divisional Secretariat, Mahawilachchiya    Mr. D.P. Indraka
 5                                              Mr. T.M.K.B. Prematilake
     Divisional Secretariat, Nuwaragam Palatha Central
 6   Divisional Secretariat, Rambewa            Mr. S.N.G. Abeysekara
 7   Divisional Secretariat, Kahatagasdigiliya Mrs.G.W.N. Viraji
 8   Divisional Secretariat, Horowpothana       K.M.I.D. Kanakarathna
 9   Divisional Secretariat, Galenbindunuwewa Ms.L.M. Amarasooriya
10   Divisional Secretariat, Mihinthale         Mrs. Iresha Dharmasena

                                             Page 14
                                         Divisional Sec
11                                             Mr.W.M.R. Ruwan Wijesinghe
     Divisional Secretariat, Nuwaragam Palatha East
12   Divisional Secretariat, Nachchadoowa      Ms. N.D. Eashwara
13   Divisional Secretariat, Nochchiyagama     Mr. G.M.S.K. Karunadasa
14   Divisional Secretariat, Rajanganaya       Mr. N.M.N.R.B. Nawaratne
15   Divisional Secretariat, Thambuttegama     Ms. R.A.S.J. Jayasooriya
16   Divisional Secretariat, Thalawa           Mr. N.H.R. Nishantha
17   Divisional Secretariat, Tirappane         Mr. U.D.I.P. Wickremasinghe
18   Divisional Secretariat, Kekirawa          Mr. B.M.N.S.K Banneheka
19   Divisional Secretariat, Palugaswewa       Mr. W.A.P.N. Karunathilake
20   Divisional Secretariat, Ipalogama         Ms. M.S.S Sajida Banu
21   Divisional Secretariat, Galnewa           Mr. K.A.S.S. Payanatha
22   Divisional Secretariat, Palagala          Ms. W.M.H. Wijesinghe
 1   Divisional Secretariat, Elahera           Mr.S.D.P Jayasooriya
 2   Divisional Secretariat, Hingurakgoda      Mr.D.M.A.S Wijerathne
 3   Divisional Secretariat, Lankapura         Mr. A.U.G.T. Nandasiri
 4   Divisional Secretariat, Medirigiriya      Mr. N.A.A.S. Nishshankaarachchi
 5   Divisional Secretariat, Welikanda         Mr. K.S.C.S. Kumara
 6   Divisional Secretariat, Dimbulagala       Mr. K.W.G.N.P Wijesiri
 7   Divisional Secretariat, Thamankaduwa      Mr. P.A.A.S. Weerasekara
 1   Divisional Secretariat, Kurunegala        Mr. R.L.W. Weerakoon
 2   Divisional Secretariat, Giribawa          M.R.W.K. Gunasekara
 3   Divisional Secretariat, Galgamuwa         Mr. B.M.N.R. Sampath
 4   Divisional Secretariat, Ehetuwewa         Mr. W.H.M.B. Wanninayake
 5   Divisional Secretariat, Ambanpola         Ms. H.M.C.J. Herath
 6   Divisional Secretariat, Kotavehera        Ms. B.M.R.D. Basnayaka
 7   Divisional Secretariat, Rasnayakapura     Mrs.W.P.C.N. Pathirana
 8   Divisional Secretariat, Nikaweratiya      Mrs.M.C.K. Wijekuruppu
 9   Divisional Secretariat, Mahawa            Ms. K.C.S. Fernando
10   Divisional Secretariat, Polpithigama      Mr. B.H.M.T.W Bulathsinhala
11   Divisional Secretariat, Ibbagamuwa        Mr. M.C. Jayatissa
12   Divisional Secretariat, Ganewatta         Mr. W.S. Senatissa
13   Divisional Secretariat, Wariyapola        Mr. P.M.S.P. Pathiraja
14   Divisional Secretariat, Kobeigane         Mr. R.M.H.B. Rathnayaka
15   Divisional Secretariat, Bingiriya         Mr. D.M Gunathilake
16   Divisional Secretariat, Panduwasnuwara    Mr. M.R.M. Imran
17                                             Mr.
     Divisional Secretariat, Panduwasnuwara East R.H.M. Premachandra
18   Divisional Secretariat, Bamunakotuwa      Mr.H.M.J.M. Herath
19   Divisional Secretariat, Maspotha          Mr. T.M.S. Tennakoon
20   Divisional Secretariat, Mallawapitiya     Ms. Gimhani C.Amarasinghe

                                            Page 15
                                         Divisional Sec
21   Divisional Secretariat, Ridigama          Mr.M.S.M. Nawas
22   Divisional Secretariat, Mawathagama       Ms. P.H.C.A. Jayasooriya
23   Divisional Secretariat, Kuliyapitiya East Mr. H.B.N.D Dasanayake
24   Divisional Secretariat, Weerambugedara    Mr.K.A.S.S. Piyanatha
25   Divisional Secretariat, Kuliyapitiya West Mr. W.A.S Wasalamuni
26   Divisional Secretariat, Udubaddawa        Ms. Kusum Molagoda
27   Divisional Secretariat, Pannala           Ms. Sumudu P. Withanage
28   Divisional Secretariat, Narammala         Mrs. S.M. Peththawadu
29   Divisional Secretariat, Alawwa            Ms. E.M.S.P. Ekanayake
30   Divisional Secretariat, Polgahawela       Mrs. M.R.M.S. Mallawa
 1   Divisional Secretariat, Puttalam          Mr. N.C. Dissanayake
 2   Divisional Secretariat, Kalpitiya         A.S.M Asmil
 3   Divisional Secretariat, Dankotuwa         Mr. D.S.R. Fernando
 4   Divisional Secretariat, Karuwalagaswewa Miss B.M.V.S. Kumaraguru
 5   Divisional Secretariat, Chilaw            Mr. K.P. Rangana Fernando
 6   Divisional Secretariat, Pallama           Mr. R.S.G Jayalath
 7   Divisional Secretariat, Mundel            Ms. B.W.M.M.S Bandara
 8   Divisional Secretariat, Arachchikattuwa   Mr. P.D.A. Gunarathna
 9   Divisional Secretariat, Anamaduwa         Mr. G.M.J.W. Thennakoon
10   Divisional Secretariat, Madampe           Mr. V.P.D. Wickramasinghe
11   Divisional Secretariat, Nawagattegama     Mr. J.T. Balasuriya
12                                             Mr.
     Divisional Secretariat, Mahakumbukkadawala D.M.H.S Bandara
13   Divisional Secretariat, Mahawewa          Mr.S.A.N. Priyashantha
14   Divisional Secretariat, Nattandiya        Miss. W.R.A.S.C. Herath
15   Divisional Secretariat, Wennappuwa        Mr. G.I.G. Perera
16   Divisional Secretariat, Vanathavilluwa    Mr.N.A.S.K. Rathnayaka
 1   Divisional Secretariat, Ampara            Mr. M.G. Ranasinghe
 2   Divisional Secretariat, Mahaoya           Mr. I.H.M. Dasanayake
 3   Divisional Secretariat, Dehiattakandiya   Mr. S.A.P. Raveendra Gunarathne
 4   Divisional Secretariat, Padiyathalawa     Mr. D.M.N. Dissanayake
 5   Divisional Secretariat, Uhana             Ms. H.A. Malini
 6   Divisional Secretariat, Navithanveli      Mr. V. Jehadeesan
 7   Divisional Secretariat, Samanthurai       Mr. A.L. Maharoof
 8   Divisional Secretariat, Kalmunai          Mr. M.B. Abul Hasan
 9   Divisional Secretariat, Sainthamarathu    Mr. M.I.M. Thawfeek
10   Divisional Secretariat, Karativu          Mr. S. Nagarajah
11   Divisional Secretariat, Nintavur          Ms. T. Thiruselvem
12   Divisional Secretariat, Addalachchenai
13   Divisional Secretariat, Irakkaman         Mr. S.L. Mohammad Haneefa

                                            Page 16
                                            Divisional Sec
14   Divisional Secretariat, Akkaraipattu       Mr. M.A. Mohideen Pichchei
15   Divisional Secretariat, Alayadiwembu       Mr. K. Lavanathan
16   Divisional Secretariat, Damana             Mr. M.G.W. Kumararatne
17   Divisional Secretariat, Thirukkovil
18   Divisional Secretariat, Pottuvil           Mr. A.B.M. Ashraff
19   Divisional Secretariat, Lahugala           L.A. Somarathne

                                               Page 17
                                 Divisional Sec
Assistant Divisional Secretary
Assistant Divisional Secretary
Assistant Divisional Secretary
Asst Divisional Secretary
Divisional Secretary
Assistant Divisional Secretary
Assistant Divisional Secretary
Assistant Divisional Secretary
Assistant Divisional Secretary
Assistant Divisional Secretary
Assistant Divisional Secretary

Assistant Divisional Secretary
Assistant Divisional Secretary
Asst Divisional Secretary
Assistant Divisional Secretary
Divisional Secretary
Divisional Secretary
Assistant Divisional Secretary
Assistant Divisional Secretary
Assistant Divisional Secretary
Divisional Secretary

Asst Divisional Secretary
Assistant Divisional Secretary
Assistant Divisional Secretary
Assistant Divisional Secretary
Assistant Divisional Secretary
Assistant Divisional Secretary
Divisional Secretary
Assistant Divisional Secretary
Divisional Secretary
Divisional Secretary

                                    Page 18
                                 Divisional Sec
Divisional Secretary
Asst Divisional Secretary

Asst Director-planning
Development Co-ordinator
Asst Divisional Secretary
Asst Divisional Secretary
Asst Divisional Secretary
Asst Director-planning
Asst Divisional Secretary
Training & research assistant
Development Cordinator
Finance Assistant
Data Entry Operator

Assistant Divisional Secretary
Science & Technology officer
Divisional Secretary
Science & Technology officer
Asst. Divisional secretary

Asst. Divisional secretary
Divisional secretary
Assistant Director - Planning
Assistant director
Assistant Director - Planning
Asst Div Secretary
Divisional Secretary
Assistant Divisional Secretary
Assistant Divisional Secretary
Advising Assistant
Divisional Secretary
Divisional Secretary
Assistant Divisional Secretary
Divisional Secretary

Communication Facilitator
Assistant Divisional Secretary
Asst Div secretary
Divisional Secretary

                                    Page 19
                                 Divisional Sec

Asst Divisional Secretary
Asst Divisional Secretary
Asst Divitional Secretary
Assistant Director (Planning)
Asst. Divitional Secretary
Science & Technology Officer
Asst Divisional Secretary
Pension Officer
Assistant Director (Planning)

Asst Divisional Secretary
Asst Divisional Secretary
Asst Divisional Secretary
Divisional Secretary
Development Co-ordinator
Asst Divisional Secretary

Asst Divisional Secretary
Asst Divisional Secretary
Management Assistant
Asst Divisional Secretary
Development Officer
Public Management Assistant
Development Assistant

Asst. Divisional Secretary
Land Use Planning Assistant
Assistant Divisional Secretary
Assistant Divisional Secretary
Assistant Divisional Secretary

Asst Divisional Secretary

                                    Page 20
                                 Divisional Sec
Asst Divisional Secretary
Assistant Divisional Secretary
Assistant Divisional Secretary
Administrative Officer
Asst Divisional Seretary
Asst Divisional Secretary
Sports Officer
Asst Divisional Secretary

Assistant Divisional Secretary     Divisional Secretariate, Badalkumbura
Assistant Divisional Secretary
Assistant Divisional Secretary
Assistant Divisional Secretary
Asst Divisional Secretary
Asst Divisional Secretary
Divisional Secretary
Administrative Officer
Divisional Secretary

Divisional Secretary
Asst Director
Divisional Secretary
Assistant Divisional Secretary
Divisional Secretary
Divisional Secretary
Divisional Secretary
Divisional Secretary
Assistant Divisional Secretary
Assistant Divisional Secretary
Assistant Divisional Secretary
Assistant Divisional Secretary
Assistant Divisional Secretary
Assistant Divisional Secretary
Divisional Secretary

                                    Page 21
                                  Divisional Sec
Assistant Director (Plannning)
Assistant Divisional Secretary
Assistant Divisional Secretary
Assistant Divisional Secretary
Additional Divisional Secretary
Divisional Secretary
Divisional Secretary

Assistant Divisional Secretary
Assistant Divisional Secretary
Assistant Divisional Secretary
Assistant Divisional Secretary
Assistant Divisional Secretary
Asst Divisional Secretary
Asst Divisional Secretary
Asst Divisional Secretary
Asst Divisional Secretary
Divisional Secretary
Divisional Secretary
Assistant Divisional Secretary
Assistant Divisional Secretary
Assistant Divisional Secretary
Divisional Secretary

Management Assistant
Management Assistant
Chief Management Assistant
Assistant Director Planning
Assistant Divisional Secretary
Assistant Divisional Secretary
Assistant Divisional Secretary
Assistant Divisional Secretary
Assistant Divisional Secretary

                                     Page 22
                                        Divisional Sec
Assistant Divisional Secretary
Assistant Divisional Secretary
Assistant Divisional Secretary
Administrative Officer
Assistant Divisional Secretary
Development Assistant
Development Co-ordinator
Assistant Divisional Secretary
Management Assistant

Assistant Divisional Secretary
Assistant Divisional Secretary
Assistant Divisional Secretary
Assistant Divisional Secretary
Assistant Divisional Secretary   716849752 275675087

Assistant Divisional Secretary
Assistant Divisional Secretary
Assistant Divisional Secretary
Science and Technology Officer
Assistant Divisional Secretary
Assistant Divisional Secretary
Assistant Divisional Secretary
Assistant Divisional Secretary
Assistant Divisional Secretary
Assistant Director(Planing)
Assistant Director(Planing)
Assistant Divisional Secretary
Assistant Divisional Secretary
Assistant Divisional Secretary
Administrative Officer
Assistant Divisional Secretary
Management Assistant
Assistant Divisional Secretary
Management Assistant

                                           Page 23
                                       Divisional Sec
Assistant Divisional Secretary
Assistant Divisional Secretary
Assistant Divisional Secretary
Administrative Officer
Assistant Divisional Secretary
Assistant Divisional Secretary
Assistant Divisional Secretary
Assistant Divisional Secretary
Assistant Divisional Secretary

Assistant Director(Planing)
Assistant Director(Planing)
Assistant Divisional Secretary
Assistant Divisional Secretary
Administrative Officer
Assistant Divisional Secretary
Assistant Divisional Secretary
Divisional Secretary
Additional District Registrar
Assistant Divisional Secretary
Administrative Officer
Assistant Director
Assistant Divisional Secretary
Assistant Director(Planing)

Assistant Divisional Secretary
Human Resouces Development Assistant
Management Assistant
Assistant Divisional Secretary
Assistant Divisional Secretary
Assistant Divisional Secretary
Administrative Officer
Assistant Divisional Secretary
Administrative Officer
Assistant Divisional Secretary

Assistant Divisional Secretary

                                          Page 24
                                       Divisional Sec
Administrative Officer
Assistant Divisional Secratry
Human Resource Development Assistant

Development Assistant
Divisional Secretary

                                          Page 25
                                           Organization        Name of the CIO Ofiicer
  මධ්‍යම පළාත Central Province
              Provincial Council - Central Province            Mr. M.R.G.H.Dasanayaka
              Provicial Revenue Department                     Mr. C.A. Sugathadasa
              Education Department                             Mr. K.W.D.U Chandra Kumara
              Engineering Services Department                  Mr R.A.K. Senevirathna
              Provicial Land Commissioner's Department         Ms. M.P.M. Manel
              Department of Local Government                   Mr. B.G. Palitha Rajapaksha
              Department of Trade & Commerce                   Ms. Padma Jayasekara
              Transport Department                             Ms. D.R. Wijitha Kumari
              Department of Cultural Affairs                   Ms. G.M. Jayani Gunarathna
              Department Of Ayurveda                           Mr. M.D.J.Abegunawardhan
              Department of Social Services
              Department of Probation and Childcare Services
              Ministry of Agriculture                          Mr. W.R.W.R. Walipitiya
              Department of Agriculture                        Mr. W. Ranjith Werasekara
              Department of Animal Production and Health
              Ministry of Power & Energy                       Ms. H. Ajantha Wickckramarathna
              Ministry of Industries                           Ms. Shirani Werakoon
              Department of Textile Industries                 Ms. E.G. Achala Nishanthi
              Department of Industry Development
නැගෙනහිර පළාත Eastern Province
              Provincial Council - Eastern                     Mrs. Kavitha Uthayakumar
              Provincial Secretaries Office                    Mr. B. Sivapiragasam
              Ministry of Sports, Health & IT                  Mr. Edaras Faris
              Department of Health Services
              Department Of Ayurveda
              Ministry of Education                            Mr. D,W.U. Welikala
              Education Department                             Mr. M.K.M. Mansur
              Department of Cultural Affairs
              Department of Land Development
              Provicial Land Commissioner's Department         Ms. Wanaja Selvartnam
              Ministry of Agriculture                          Mr. S. Sundararaja
              Department of Agriculture                        Mr. S.M. Husen
              Department of Animal Production and Health
               Department of Industries                                                  Mr. U.D.C. udawatha
               Ministry of Road Development, Irrigation, Housing and Electricity
               Department of Road Development                                            Ms. G. Jekathishwara
               Department of Irrigation
උතුරු මැද පළාත North Central Province
               Provincial Council - North Central Province                               Mr. S.H. Mahawithana
               Ministry of Road Development, Power and Fisheries                         Mr. U.R.Rajaguru
               Ministry of Agriculture                                                   Ms. Madave Nisansala Gunawardana
               Ministry of Industries                                                    Mr. W.M.R.B. Weerasekara
               Engineering Services Department                                           Ms. M.P.P Dilhani
               Department of Industry Development                                        Mr. H.M.S. Weckckramathissa
               Department of Animal Production and Health                                Mr. Nihal Wedasinghe
               Department of Social Services                                             Ms. Chandra P. Wethana
               Department of Health Services
               Provincial Health Services Education Office                               Mr. M. Wedyasekara
               Department of Probation and Childcare Services
               Department Of Ayurveda
               Education Department                                                      Mr. J.H.M. Yasavimala
               Provicial Revenue Department                                              Mr. D.T.G.D.A. Kavikumara
               Department of Local Government                                            Mr. Virak Perera
               Provicial Land Commissioner's Department                                  Mr. K.A. Neel Methsisila
               Department of Agriculture
               Ministry of Health, Probation and Child Care                              Ms. W.T.A. Manel
     වයඹ       North Western Province
               Provincial Council - North Western Provicne                               Mr. S.R.A. Samarakoon
               Chief Ministry                                                            Mr. E.M.S. Ekanayake
               Ministry of Road Development                                              Mr. J.B.C. Kumara Thilakarathna
               Ministry of Agriculture                                                   Mr. K.A. Nandasiri
               Ministry of Health                                                        Ms. N.P.D.A.N. Nishshanka
               Ministry of Social Welfare, Probation and Child Care and Womens Affairs   Mr. D.M.K. Gamage
               Department of Agriculture                                                 Mr. B.L. Gunathilake
               Department of Animal Production and Health                                Ms. G.M.N. Thilakerathna
               Department Of Ayurveda                                                    Ms. J.G.A.P.P. Jayasekara
               Department of Education
               Engineering Services Department                                           Eng. J.S. Jayathissa
             Department of Road Development
             Department of Health Services
             Department of Local Government                        Mr. I.M.I. Elangakoon
             Department of Social Services
             Provicial Revenue Department                          Ms. A.L.K.M.C. Kumarihami
             Provicial Land Commissioner's Department              Mr. D.P.Sisira Kumara
සබරෙමුව පළාත Sabaragamuwa Province
             Provincial Council - Sabaragamuwa Province            Mr.H.W.Gunadasa
             Ministry of Health                                    Mr. S.V.G. Chandrasiri
             Ministry of Road Development                          Mr. L.J. Babarabotuwa
             Ministry of Agriculture                               Mr. M.B.S.N Kumarage
             Department of Probation and Childcare Services        Mr. M.R.Sujith Hewakumara
             Ministry of Social Welfare, Probation and Childcare   Mr. A.M.R.S.A. Adikari
             Provicial Land Commissioner's Department              Mr. D.K. Dharmawardhana
             Ministry of Industries
             Department of Animal Production and Health            Mr. N.A.T.N. Niunhella
             Department of Industry Development                    Mr. K.P.N. Athanayake
             Provicial Revenue Department                          Mr. Dilruk Lubbini Hapugaskubura
 දකුණු පළාත  Southern Province
             Provincial Council - Southern Province                Mr. S.P. Wijerathne
             Chief Ministry                                        Mr. W.G.Amila Indika
             Ministry of Education
             Department of Education
             Ministry of Health                                    Mr. H.N.N. Suranga Kumara
             Ministry of Agriculture                               Mr. Piyadasa Hatharasinha
             Department of Agriculture                             Mr. S.D.W. Gunasekara
             Department of Animal Production and Health
             Ministry of Power & Energy                            Ms. Wasantha Athanayake
             Department Of Ayurveda                                Mr. D.S. Disanayake
             Department of Health Services                         Ms. S.Weerathuna
             Provicial Land Commissioner's Department              Mr. H.K.A. Kapila
             Engineering Services Department                       Mr. P.A. Senarathna
             Department of Irrigation
             Provicial Revenue Department                          Mr. Trinishiya Gunasekara
             Department of Local Government                        Mr. Saman Darshana Padikoorala
  ඌව පළාත     Uva Province
              Provincial Council – Uva Province                           Ms. P.A.M. Sandya Priyadarshani Ambanwela
              Ministry of Finance                                         Mr. R.P. Medawela
              Ministry of Education                                       Mr. W.M.N. Weerasinghe
              Ministry of Health                                          Mr. K. Nishantha Pushpakumara
              Ministry of Agriculture                                     Mr. W.M.C. Bandara
              Ministry of Road Development, Transport                     Mr. W. Randeniya
              Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports                          Mr. W.M.U.N. Wejesundara
              Education Department                                        Mr. R.M Thilakarathna
              Department of Animal Production and Health                  Mr. M.G. Sanatha Gamage
              Department Of Ayurveda
              Department of Agriculture                                   Mr. A.L. Wikramasinhe
              Department of Small Industries                              Mr. P.M. Jayasena
              Department of Industry Development                          Mr. P.M. Jayasena
              Department of Road Development                              Ms. Pubudu Peshala Haththotuwa Gamage
              Department of Policy Planning                               Mr. W.M.D. Jeewantha
              Department of Finance Management                            Mr. H.D.C.P. Jayarathna
බස්නාහිර පළාත Western Province
              Provincial Council - Western Province                       Mr.W.P.Thilakarathna
              Ministry of Transport, Sports and Youth Affairs             Mr. L.W. Munasinghe
              Ministry of Agriculture                                     Ms. Nayana Erandathi Senarathna
              Department of Agriculture                                   Mr. R.V. Edirisinghe
              Provicial Land Commissioner's Department                    Ms. Thenage Dineshani Kumari Fernando
              Department of Animal Production and Health                  Docter. C. Thewathasan
              Ministry of Health                                          Mr. R.D. Jaminda
              Department of Health Services                               Docter Harsha D. Silwa
              Department Of Ayurveda                                      Mr. A.D.A.P. Wejayawantha
              Department of Social Services                               Ms. W.Y. Dayawathi
              Department of Probation and Childcare Services              Ms. C.M. Karunarathna
              Ministry of Road Development, Commerce and Power & Energy
              Ministry of Sports                                          Mr. R.H.T.S. Hettiyarachchi
              Department of Motor Traffic                                 Mr. A.K.R. Alawatha
              Department of Local Government                              Mr. Bandula Ranathunga
 උතුරු පළාත   Northern Province
                Chief Secretary's Secretariat.                             Mr.A.Kogulan
Provincial Planning Secretariat(DCS-Planning)   Mr.K.Sadagopan
Provincial Treasury(DCS-Finance)                Mr.S.Sivaruban
Provincial Public Administration(DCS-ADM)       Mr.K. Viyayananthan
Ministry of Agriculture                         Mr.S.Mayooran
Ministry of Health / Dept.of Health             Mr.G.Vasudevan
Ministry of Education / Dept.of Education       Mr.B.Gajendren
Ministry of Local Govt.                         Mrs.K.Mathuranthagi
Ministry of Infrastructure                      Miss.S.Sivanuja
Dept.of Agriculture                             Mr.S.Baskaran
Dept.of Irrigation                              Mr.S.Anton Bovanarkes
Dept.of Road Development                        Miss.B.Ajanthini
Dept.of Local Govt.(CLG)                        Mr.P.Jebaseelan
Revenue Commissioner                            Mr.P.Thavarajah

Deputy Chief Secretary
Assistant Educational Director (Planning)
Deputy Director
Finance Assistant
Program Assistant
Director (Trade)
IT Assistant
Cultural Officer

Assistant Secretary (Admin)
Assistant Economist

Assistant Secretary (Admin)
Management Assistant

Assistant Secretary
Data Entry Operator

Director (Culture)
Additional Educational Director

Assistant Land Commissioner
Development Assistant
Deputy Provincial Director
Program Assistant

Admin Officer

Director (Finance)
Industry Project Officer
Assistant Secretary (Admin)
Assistant Secretary (Planning)
Industry Project Officer
Assistant Director
Admin Officer

Management Assistant

Assistant Educational Director
Program Assistant (Land)

Assistant Secretary (Admin)

Deputy Chief Secretary (Training)
Assistant Director (Planning)
Assistant Director (Planning)
Deputy Director (Planning)
Assistant Director (Planning)
Assistant Director (Planning)
Deputy Agriculture Director
Subject Specialist
Human Resource Development Officer

Chief Engineer
Assistant Commissioner

Deputy Commissioner
Assistant Land Commissioner

Deputy Chief Secretary
Assistant Secretary (Planning)
Assistant Secretary (Planning)
Assistant Secretary (Planning)
Program Assistant
Assistant Secretary (Admin)
Management Assistant

Veterinary Surgeon
Program Assistant
Tax Officer

Assistant Secretary (Admin)

Program Assistant
Assistant Director (Planning)
Agriculture Operation Officer

Management Assistant
Assistant Commissioner (Finance)
Deputy Director (Admin)
Chief Accountant

Deputy Chief Secretary
General Manager
Assistant Director (Planning)
Assistant Director (Planning)
Admin Officer
Development Assistant II
Deputy Education Director
Veterinary Surgeon

Finance Assistant
Development Assistant
Development Assistant
Program Assistant


Vice Secretary
IT Assistant
Assistant Secretary
Assistant Director
Veterinary Surgeon
Assistant Secretary
Provincial Health Director
Admin Officer
Admin Officer
Assistant Commissioner

Assistant Secretary
Technical Officer - Planning

 Computer Data Entry Operator
Programme Asst.(IT)
Programme Asst.
Programme Asst.
Programme Asst.(IT)
Programme Asst.
Computer Data Entry Operator
Computer Data Entry Operator
Management Asst.
Agriculture Instructor
Programme Asst.
Technical Officer
Programme Asst.
     Statutory Boards
 1   Agricultural and Agrarian Insurance Board
 2   Atomic Energy Authority
 3   Bank of Ceylon
 4   Board of Investment of Sri Lanka
 5   Building Materials Cooperation
 6   Central Bank of Sri Lanka
 7   Central Cultural Funds
 8   Central Environment Authority
 9   Ceylon Ceramics Corporation
10   Ceylon Electricity Board
11   Ceylon Fisheries Corporation
12   Ceylon Hotel Corporation
13   Ceylon Petroleum Corporation
14   Ceylon Shipping Corporation Ltd
15   Civil Aviation Authority of Sri Lanka
16   Coconut Cultivation Board
17   Coconut Development Authority
18   Commission to Investigate Allegations of Bribery and Corruption
19   Common Amenities Board
20   Consumer Affairs Authority
21   Development Lotteries Board
22   Disaster Management Centre
23   Employees' Trust Fund Board
24   Family Health Bureau
25   Geological Survey and Mines Bureau
26   HDFC Bank of Sri Lanka
27   Health Education Bureau
28   Industrial Development Board
29   Institute of Biochemistry, Molecular Biology and Biotechnology
30   Kandurata Development Bank
31   Land Use Policy Planning Division
32   Lankaputhra Development Bank
33   Legal Aid Commission of Sri Lanka
34   Mahaweli Authority of Sri Lanka
35   Marine Environment Protection Authority
36   National Apprentice & Industrial Training Authority
37   National Aquaculture Development Authority of Sri Lanka
38   National Building Research Organization
39   National Child Protection Authority
40   National Crafts Council

                                           Page 11
41   National Dangerous Drugs Control Board
42   National Design Center
43   National Education Commission
44   National Engineering Research & Development Centre
45   National Gem & Jewelery Authority
46   National Housing Development Authority
47   National Institute of Business Management
48   National Institute of Education
49   National Institute of Fishe& Nautical Engineering
50   National Institute of Plaintaion Management
51   National Institute of Social Development
52   National Institute of Technical Education / University of Vocational Technology
53   National Intellectual Property Office of Sri Lanka
54   National Library and Documentation Services Board
55   National Livestock Development Board
56   National Lotteries Board
57   National Productivity Secretariat
58   National Savings Bank
59   National Secretariat For Non-Governmental Organizations
60   National Water Supplies and Drainage Board
61   National Youth Sevices Council
62   Office of the Leader of the House of Parliament
63   Official language commission
64   Parliament
65   People's Bank
66   Public Service Commission
67   Public Service Training Institute
68   Rajarata Development Bank
69   Road Development Authority
70   Rubber Research Board of Sri Lanka
71   Ruhunu Development Bank
72   Sabaragamuwa Development Bank
73   Samurdhi Authority of Sri Lanka
74   SME Bank Ltd
75   Sri Lanka Accounting and Auditing Standards Monitoring Board
76   Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation
77   Sri Lanka Bureau of Foreign Employment
78   Sri Lanka Cashew Corporation
79   Sri Lanka Cement Corporation
80   Sri Lanka Export Development Board
81   Sri Lanka Handicraft Board

                                            Page 12
 82   Sri Lanka Institute of Advanced technological Education
 83   Sri Lanka Institute of Development Administration
 84   Sri Lanka Land Reclamation and Development Corporation
 85   Sri Lanka Ports Authority
 86   Sri Lanka Standards Institute
 87   Sri Lanka Tea Board
 88   Sri Lanka Tourist Board
 89   State Mortgage & Investment Bank
 90   State Pharmaceuticals Corporation
 91   State Printing Corporation
 92   State Timber Corporation
 93   Tea Small Holdings Development Authority
 94   Textile Quota Board
 95   University Grants Commission
 96   Urban Development Authority
 97   Uva Development Bank
 98   Vocational Training Authority
 99   Water Resource Board
100   Wayamba Development Bank
101   Tertiary and Vocational Education Commission
102   Sri Lanka Women's Bureau
103   National Police Commission
104   Central Engineering Consultancy Bureau
105   Ceylon Fertilizer Company Ltd
106   Ceylon German Technical Training Institute
107   Coconut Development Authority
108   Credit Information Bureau
109   Director General's Office of Merchant Shipping
110   Employees Provident Fund
111   Hector Kobbekaduwa Agrarian Research and Training Institute
112   Industrial Technology Institute
113   Institute of Government Accounts and Finance
114   Institute of Policy Studies
115   Insurance Board of Sri Lanka
116   International Centre for Training of Rural Leaders
117   Lanka Logistics & Technologies Ltd.
118   Medical Research Institute
119   National Authority on Tobacco and Alcohol
120   National Development trust Fund
121   National Disaster Relief Services Centre
122   National Enterprise Development Authority

                                           Page 13
123   National Fertilizer Secretariat
124   National Institute of Cooperative Development
125   National Institute of Fisheries and Nautical Engineering
126   National Institute of Health Science
127   National Institute of Social Development
128   National Institute of Sports Science
129   National Insurance Trust Fund
130   National Science and Technology Commision
131   National Transport Commission
132   National Youth Services council
133   Public Utilities Commision of Sri Lanka
134   Ranaviru Seva Authority
135   Registrar of Supreme Court
136   Rehabilitation of Persons, Properties and Industries Authority
137   Resettlement Authority
138   Secretariat for Non Governmental Organizations
139   Securities and Exchange Commission
140   Sri Lanka Ayurvedic Drugs Corporation
141   Sri Lanka Central Transport Board
142   Sri Lanka Convention Bureau
143   Sri Lanka Export Credit Insurance Corporation
144   Sri Lanka Foreign Employement Agency
145   Sri Lanka Institute of Advanced Technological Education
146   Sri Lanka Institute of Local Governance
147   Sri Lanka Institute of Tourism and Hotel Management
148   Sri Lanka Insurance Corporation
149   Sri Lanka Medical Council
150   Sri Lanka State Plantation Corporation
151   Sri Lanka Sustainable Energy Authority
152   Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority
153   Sri Lanka Tourism Promotion Bureau
154   Sri Lanka Women's Bureau
155   State Development and Construction Corporation
156   State Engineering Corporation
157   State Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Corporation
158   Sugercane Research Institute
159   Tea Research Institute
160   Coconut Research Institute
161   Passenger Transport Authority
162   Board of Investment
163   Finance Commision

                                              Page 14
164   Human Rights Commision
165   Judicial Service Commision
166   Telecommunication Regulatory Commision
167   National Film Corporation of Sri Lanka
168   Associated Newspapers of Ceylon Ltd
169   Lanka Salt Ltd
170   National Science Foundation

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Name                                  Designation
Mr. I.U. Kelum Kaluarachchi           Deputy Director (Finance)
Mr. Siril Kasige                      Head General Scientific Division
Mr. T.C.S. Rohan Peiris               Department Head (IT)
Mr. J.P.C. Jayalath                   Director (IT)

Mr N.D.S.N Gunatilake                 Senior Assistant Director
Visaka Liyanaarachchi                 Architect
Eng. J.M.U. Indrarathna               Deputy Director General (Finance)
Mr. H.M. Ashok Herath                 Assistant Internal Auditor
Mr. M.G. Thilakeratne                 Deputy General Manager (IT)

Mr. S.W. Gamage                       Deputy General Manager (Planning)

Ms. S.I. Magammudali                  Deputy Director (HR)
Mr. Deepal Priyanjith                 Planning Officer
Ms. H.M.D.W. Herath                   IT Officer
 Mr. N. C. Perera                     IT Assistant

Ms. Shanthini Thirunilakandan         Director

Mr. Srimal Samansiri                  Assistant Director (IT)
W.S.S. Dharmasiri                     Manager (IT)

Mr. D.M.K.Dassanayake                 Database Management Executive
Mr. W.M.A. Bandara                    Assistant General Manager (IT)
Doctor G.G.A.K. Kulathunga            Medical Officer
Mr. T.C Peiris                        Deputy Director

Mr. M.D.P. Karunarathna               Senior Manager (IT)
Mrs.W.M.M.Priyanthi                   Assistant Director
Ms. Deepika Nawarathna                Assistant Manager
Ms. Mahesha Priyadarshani de Silva    Legal Officer                       maheshal
Mr. W.K. Gunadasa                     Manager (IT)
Mr. D.R.C. Jayawardhana               Accountant
Mr. Jagath Chandra Kumara Basnayaka   Director (Training)
Mr. H.M.U.K.P.B. Herath               Deputy Director
Ms. Kumari M. Weerasinghe             Senior Scientist
Mr. Piyadasa Marabage                 Chief Executive Officer

                                           Page 16
Mr. Kapila Dekanduwalan           System Analyst

Mr. A.R.C. Salgadu                principle research engineer
Ms. A.N.B. Perera                 Chief Accountant
Mr. Manuja Karunarane             Assistant General Manager
Mr. C. Gunadasa                   Director

Mr. L.D.J. Priyantha              Accountant
Mr. Amarawansha Ranaweera         Director
Mr. S.A. Liyanage                 Deputy Director
Mrs. G.R. Ranaweka                Deputy Director
Mr. Chaminda Silwa                Systems Analyst / Head (IT)
Mr. M.D.Karunathilake             Manager (M&E)

Ms. J.M.T. Jayasundara            Deputy Director
Mr. P.A. Abesuriya                Senior Manager (Computer Systems)

Mr. Johns Chandradasa             Assistant General Manager (IT)
Mr. Chandana Kumara Uyangoda      District Youth Services Officer (Inspection)
Mr. B.K. Prabath Chandrakeerthi   Senior Assistant Secretary

Mr. Mahesh Perera                 Director - Information Systems & Management
Mr. Sobitha Weerasekera           Act. Head of IT
Ms. S.D.A. Keerthirathne          Assistant Secretary (Admin)
Mr. H. Jayathilake                Assistant Director
Mr. K.P. Dahanayake               Assistant General Manager (Credit)
Mr. A.M. Fausi                    Additional General Manager
Ms. Wasana Wejesuriya             Chief Research Officer
Mr. S.S. Galagama                 Chief Manager (Business Development)
Mr. W.G. Jayantha Premadasa       Assistant General Manager (IT)
Mr. Hiran Prasanna                Systems Analyst

Ms. F.P. Shiromi Abeykoon         SBE Administration Officer
Mr.Nishantha Mohotti              Engineer (IT)
Mr. K.O.D.D. Fernando             Deputy General Manager (IT)
Mr. P.B. Kodikara                 Manager (Policy Planning)

Mr. Harsha Pathberiya             Deputy Director
Ms. Lakshmi Perera                Managing Director

                                       Page 17
Mr. M.M. Naimudin                     Deputy Director General (Finance)
Mrs.Kumudini Sarachchandra            Consultant
Mr. C.B. Amarasinghe                  Assistant General Manager (Research)
Mr. H.M.U.B. Galagoda                 Manager (IT Systems)
Mr. Wasantha B. Meewaddana            Deputy Director General
Mr. E.A.J.K. Edirisinghe              Deputy Commisionor

Mr. D.K.D. Dissanayake                Assistant Director
Mr. D.P.A. Liyanage                   Manager (MIS)
Ms.Badra Senanayake                   Manager(publication)
Mr. Upali Dayarathna                  Deputy General Manager (IT )
Mr. Rohitha Arunasiri Waidyarathna    Programme Manager
Mr. Saminda Prasanna                  Database Manager
Mr. B.N.S. Lankasena                  Systems Analyst
Mr. L. H. Indrasiri                   Director, Information Systems and GIS
Mr. W.M.D.S. Wickramasinghe           Chief Manager (Finance & IT)
Mr. G.M.P.A. Gallaba                  Director
Mr. K.M.U.C.B. Kulathunga             Geologist
Mr. Harinda Lakmal WelikadaArachcha   Chief Administrator (Computer Systems)
Mr. J.A.D.J. Perera                   Director (IT)
Ms. Manel Chandrasekara               Research Officer
Ms. B.V. Mangalika                    Assistant Secretary

Mr. R.M.D.D.B. Rathnayake             Assistant Manager IT

Ms. S.S. Roshini                      Assistant Director

Dr. L.P. Rupasena                     Deputy Director
Mr. Dinesh G.A. Sattrukalsinghe       Additional Director (Admin & Operation)

Mr. K.K. Dhanasiri                    Deputy Director
Mr. Kapila Weerasekera                Assistant Manager IT & Projects
Dr. Uditha Perera                     Medical Officer

Mr. Lakshman Thrimawithana            Assistant Director

                                           Page 18

Ms. K. Kusum Rathnasiri        Computer Programmer

Dr. R. Dissanayaka             Medical Officer
Mr. Ariyawansa Ranaweera       Director - School of Social work

Mr. Laksiri Lokuhewage         Senior Manager

Ms. W.M.S. Nawarathna          Development Assistant

Mr.K.L.S. Kumar                Assistant Quality Controlar
B.R.M.S. Gunathilake           ICT Manager

Mr. Anjana Dodamgoda           Analyst/ Programmer

Mr. A.K.M. Jayathilake         Administrative Assistant
Mr. N.P.R.K. Chandrathilaka    Technical Officer
Mr. Udana Wickremasinghe       Director

Mr. D.S.D.C. Rajasinghe        Deputy General Manager (DPIP)
Mr. Amila Weerasinghe          Computer Instructor
Mr. S.P. Rohana Dissanayaka    System Analyst
Ms. Sandya Kumari Ariyawansa   Research Officer
Dr. L.S.K. Hettiarachchi       Deputy Director Research (Production)

                                    Page 19
Mr. B.A.R. Bamunusinghe   Director - Administration & Finance

Mr. M.C.M. Farook         Assistant Director
Mr. P.L. Dharmawickrama   Deputy General Manager - finance

H.M.M. Perera             IT Cordinator

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