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 Oak Hall
 Let the experience

 Contents & Resort Guide
 PAGE	 RESORT		                                                                                                       ACCOMM		 TRAVEL		 SNOWSPORT

 04 	     Jungfrau	and	Eiger	Region - a paradise for snowsports (9,748 feet)

 06		     Lauterbrunnen	Chalet - a modern chalet-style centre, ideally located

 07		     Lauterbrunnen	Staubbach	Hotel - alpine hospitality with comfortable rooms for two

 08		     Saas - pearl of the Swiss Alps - the second highest resort in Switzerland (11,811 feet)

 09		     Saas	-	Chalet	Florida - an excellent chalet with a range of single and twin rooms

 10		     Zillertal with 640kms ideal pistes - the largest winter sports area in Europe (10,500 feet)

 12		     Zillertal	Hotel	Alpenblick - an ideal three star hotel with easy travel to the slopes at Schlitters

 13		     Zillertal	 - four star hotels by the snow-capped mountains

 14		     Engelberg with superb runs - awesome action at high altitude (9,935 feet)

 15		     Engelberg	modern	chalet - just a seven minute transfer to the Titlis gondola

 16		     Dachstein	-	Tauern	network - a famous world cup resort with a glacier (8,230 feet)

 17		     Schladming	Pension	Ennstal - very popular, family run, right at the foot of the slopes

 18		     Verbier	high	altitude	skiing - second largest Swiss resort - fantastic terrain (10,950 feet)

 19		     Verbier	Centre	on	the	mountain - high location skiing directly from the front door

 20		     Learn	to	Ski	or	Snowboard - our instructors make it fun learning snowsports

 22		     Travelling	to	the	Mountains - by our state-of-the-art coaches and by top airlines

 23		     Independent	Travel - use your own car or flights from a local airport

 24		     Share	our	enthusiasm - the reasons for Oak Hall being so popular

 25		     Enjoying	the	Mountains - everything is carefully planned by our team

 26		     Prepare	for	Snow! - you will have an amazing holiday with us

 27		     Booking	to	come	with	us - It’s simple and quick using the web or applying by post

     Mountain Centre              Hotel            Coach          Oak Hall Group Flight       Own Travel
     Oak Hall Skiing Instruction & Equipment Hire                Oak Hall Snowboarding Instruction & Equipment Hire
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02                                                               WWW.OAKhAll.cO.uK
Winter 2010
is going to be fantastic!

                                                                                                   God blessed me and I’m
                                                                                                   sure so many others, with

These Oak Hall winters just
                                                                                                   friendships, amazing
                                                                                                   conversations, more

seem to get better!
                                                                                                   revelation of God’s love
                                                                                                   and power, and of course
                                                                                                   the snowboarding was
                                                                                                   amazing too!
FRIENDSHIP,	MOuNTAINS,		                       Oak Hall experience – excellent! If you’re
ACTION	AND	SPIRITuAL	GROWTH                    coming alone, you’ll find a lot of folks come
We love the combination of friendships         with Oak Hall on their own and make many
shared, fresh mountain air, exhilarating       new friends… If you’re preparing to bring
sports, inspiring Bible study and time to      a whole gang with you, that’s great too -
worship the God who created all of this.       check our new special discounts for
                                               groups of six or more (page 24).
OVER	1000	PLACES	AT	ONLy	£198                                                                  BOOK	EASILy	ONLINE
Yes, it’s true. For Winter 2010 we have over   RELAXED,	POSITIVE	AND	                          The fastest way to reserve your place is
1000 places at only £198. Bookings flood       ADVENTuROuS                                     online – – if you need
in so make sure you snap up your choice…       “Oak Hall-ers” are positive and supportive,     any help during the process, please give
                                               enjoying life to the full. We plan with the     us a call on 01732 763131.
A	MASSIVE	OAK	HALL	WELCOME!                    20’s and 30’s in mind but welcome all who
You may be one of our long-term friends        are ready to get involved to contribute to      IT’S	BEEN	GREAT	FuN	CREATING	
preparing to come on your fifteenth Oak Hall   the success of each holiday.                    THIS	BROCHuRE	WITH	OuR	OWN	
holiday – welcome back! It’s great to have                                                     PICTuRES	AND	yOuR	LETTERS
so many who come again and again…              HIGH	RESORTS	WITH	TOP		                         All of the smiling faces and exciting action
                                               SNOW	RECORDS                                    throughout this brochure are Oak Hall-ers
FIRST	TIME	WITH	OAK	HALL?	                     We carefully choose the best Alpine resorts     in our resorts snapped by our team! The
yOu’LL	BE	GLAD	yOu	DID                         with extensive networks of tows and pistes.     quotes are from letters received last season.
Perhaps you are preparing for your first       There are wide ranges of runs for everybody     We hope it will all combine to give you a
                                               - beginners, intermediates and advanced.        great taste of what awaits you in 2010...

WWW.OAKhAll.cO.uK                                                                                                                          03

     • Awe-inspiring scenery in the heart
       of Switzerland
     • Choice of chalet or hotel
     • The famous Eiger and Schilthorn

                                                   THE	JuNGFRAu	-	TOP	ALPINE	REGION	 High in the Bernese Oberland region our
      • Enjoy 4 interlinked areas
                                                   -	A	PARADISE	FOR	WINTER	SPORTS guests love their stay amongst
                                                   Under the mighty Eiger and Jungfrau           Switzerland’s most impressive mountain
      • High level snowsports at 9,748 feet
                                                   mountains, the Kleine Scheiddeg-              ranges including the Eiger and the famous
      • Marked piste - 213 km
                                                   Männlichen and Mürren-Schilthorn are          Jungfraujoch standing at a breathtaking
      • Lauberhorn World Cup Downhill and
                                                   a paradise for snowsports - 213 km of         13,642 feet.
        Slalom courses
      • Sightseeing to 13,642 ft at Jungfraujoch   prepared pistes combined with amazing
                                                   scenery and lots of sun. The network of 45    THE	JuNGFRAu	REGION		
                                                   lifts guarantees uninterrupted skiing and     PROVIDES	AN	IMPRESSIVE		
      OAK	HALL	FEATuRES                            snowboarding on 64 well-groomed and           LIFT	AND	TRANSPORT	SySTEM
      • Travel, accommodation, three meals
        a day, from £198                           carefully interlinked pisted runs.            Lauterbrunnen is also ideally placed for
      • Hotel Staubbach: en-suite rooms for                                                      access to the skiing and snowboarding
        two included in basic cost                 EXCEPTIONAL	MOuNTAIN	ACTION	                  above the picturesque village of Mürren.
      • Coach and Air options from the UK          WAITING	TO	BE	ENJOyED                         From here the lift system provides a full
      • An Oak Hall Skiing and Snowboarding        In the Jungfrau we use two practice areas     variety of runs, rising to the famous and
        centre at Lauterbrunnen                                                                  demanding James Bond Schilthorn black
                                                   with easy tows enabling beginners to build
      • 3 meals a day after arrival                                                              run with its year-round snow and awe-
                                                   up skills and confidence before venturing
      • Free tea, coffee and hot chocolate                                                       inspiring panoramic views from the famous
                                                   onto the main runs. For intermediate skiers
        in our chalet                                                                            revolving restaurant.
                                                   and riders the area provides the best
                                                   variety for those wanting an exhilarating
                                                   experience or simply up for taking in this    Whilst those learning to ski or snowboard
                                                   awe-inspiring mountain setting. The           will really appreciate the excellent easy
                                                   Engetal, Salzegg and Eigergletscher runs      runs and chair lifts, the more experienced
                                                   test even the most experienced.               will want to face the challenge of the 4,331
                                                                                                 foot descent on the route of the annual
                                                   Thanks to its altitude, this region has a     “Inferno” race - an unforgettable run and a
                                                   proven record for good snow conditions        great achievement!
                                                   from December right through until the end
                                                   of April, with excellent powder action        TRy	ICE-SKATING,	WINTER		
                                                   following fresh snowfalls.                    WALKS	AND	CuRLING
                                                                                                 For a change from the slopes, the local
                                                   Each morning our local bus departs just       railways from Lauterbrunnen offer a whole
                                                   100 metres from our Lauterbrunnen chalet,     variety of excursions that enable you to
                                                   taking us on the 5-minute journey to the      visit some of the most beautiful and
                                                   mountain railway that winds its way up to     picturesque scenes in the Swiss Alps.
 Just wanted to say
                                                   Wengen and Kleine Scheidegg. Our hotel        Alternatively, take the mountain train to
                                                   is even nearer to the mountain railway.       Grindelwald, Wengen or Mürren where
 for our best trip ever
 with Oak Hall!

04                                                 WWW.OAKhAll.cO.uK

                                                                              “I	made	lifelong
                                                                             friends	and	have 	
there are modern sports complexes with
                                               easy it can be to learn to snowboard - a
                                               little technique provides sensational fun on
ice-skating rinks, curling, spacious indoor
swimming pools, sauna and fitness rooms.       the slopes!
From Lauterbrunnen there are a wide
variety of winter walks on specially           For those who have already been playing
prepared paths, not to mention the option      hard, take the opportunity to improve your
of visiting the world famous Jungfraujoch      snowboarding techniques on some awesome
standing at the top of Europe.                 runs or take some time to ride in the fun park.
                                               (For details of our excellent snowboarding
The lift pass entitles you to take the train   instruction options see page 20.)
from Lauterbrunnen and visit the lakeside
town of Interlaken, nestling between the
beautiful lakes of Brienz and Thun. For
those not skiing or snowboarding, the area
offers a cheaper Aktiv pass enabling you to
travel on the local transport network and
catch up with people on the mountain
during the daytime.                                                                              Many thanks for this most
                                                                                                 brilliant of holidays:
ENJOyING	THE	THRILL		                                                                            the journey was ultra-
OF	SNOWBOARDING                                                                                  smooth throughout, the
The established Oak Hall snowboarding                                                            catering was top-notch.
centre in Lauterbrunnen, run by our own
                                                                                                 Marks: 10/10
team of snowboard instructors, offers you
the convenience of low cost equipment
hire with creative teaching every week
throughout the season. It is amazing how

WWW.OAKhAll.cO.uK                                                                                                      05

 Holidays from £198
 direct flights with BA or Swiss from
 Heathrow to Zurich*.
                                                                              I have just returned                                   I hope to be back next
 LX:                                                                          from a Lauterbrunnen,                                  year for more fun. Also
 own travel arrangements. Coach transfer                                      Switzerland ski trip and                               the talks in the evening
 available (£35) to meet LA flight - see above.                               had a fantastic fIrst Oak                              were really good…
                                                                              Hall holiday!
 CODE       DATES                         COST
 LA1                                      £298.00
            Sat 12 Dec 09 - Sat 19 Dec 09
 LX1                                      £198.00
 LA2                                      £398.00
            Sat 19 Dec 09 - Sun 27 Dec 09
 LX2                                      £298.00
 LA3                                      £448.00
            Sun 27 Dec 09 - Sat 02 Jan 10
                                                                             THE	IDEALLy	LOCATED		                              The standard chalet bedrooms accommodate
                                                                             CHALET	JuNGFRAu                                    four people in comfortable bunk rooms,
 LA4                                      £328.00
            Sat 02 Jan 10 - Fri 08 Jan 10                                    Once again we provide the unbeatable               with families or groups of four welcome to
 LX4                                      £228.00
                                                                             combination of top action on the slopes            reserve a 4-bedded room at no extra cost.
 LA5                                      £298.00
            Fri 08 Jan 10 - Fri 15 Jan 10
 LX5                                      £198.00                            with excellent alpine hospitality for your
 LA6                                      £298.00                            holiday at a remarkably low cost including         There are also twin bedded rooms available
            Fri 15 Jan 10 - Fri 22 Jan 10
 LX6                                      £198.00                            free tea, coffee and hot chocolate at our          for married couples and two rooms with a
 LA7                                      £298.00                            modern Swiss chalet.                               double bed and en suite facilities (per person
            Fri 22 Jan 10 - Fri 29 Jan 10
 LX7                                      £198.00                                                                               supplements detailed below). Every bedroom
 LA8                                      £338.00                                                                               has its own washbasin and there are a good
            Fri 29 Jan 10 - Fri 05 Feb 10
 LX8                                      £238.00                            L:                                                 number of additional facilities throughout
 LA9                                      £338.00                            By Luxury Neoplan Coach.                           the centre including plenty of hot showers.
            Fri 05 Feb 10 - Fri 12 Feb 10
 LX9                                      £238.00                            Evening Departure from UK.
 LA10                                     £458.00
            Fri 12 Feb 10 - Fri 19 Feb 10                                                                                       There are a number of local amenities close
 LX10                                     £348.00                            CODE   DATES                             COST
 LA11                                     £338.00                            L1     Fri 11 Dec 09 -   Sun 20 Dec 09   £198.00   to our chalet including a small supermarket,
            Fri 19 Feb 10 - Sat 27 Feb 10                                                                                       internet facilities, a restaurant, information
 LX11                                     £238.00                            L2     Fri 18 Dec 09 -   Mon 28 Dec 09   £298.00
 LA12                                     £298.00                            L3     Sat 26 Dec 09 -   Sat 02 Jan 10   £328.00   bureau and cash point machine.
            Sat 27 Feb 10 - Fri 05 Mar 10                                    L4     Thu 31 Dec 09 -   Sat 09 Jan 10   £238.00
 LX12                                     £198.00
                                                                             L5     Thu 07 Jan 10 -   Sat 16 Jan 10   £198.00
 LA13                                     £298.00
            Fri 05 Mar 10 - Fri 12 Mar 10                                    L6     Thu 14 Jan 10 -   Sat 23 Jan 10   £198.00
 LX13                                     £198.00
                                                                             L7     Thu 21 Jan 10 -   Sat 30 Jan 10   £198.00
 LA14                                     £298.00                            L8     Thu 28 Jan 10 -   Mon 08 Feb 10   £238.00
            Fri 12 Mar 10 - Fri 19 Mar 10
 LX14                                     £198.00                            L9     Sat 06 Feb 10 -   Mon 15 Feb 10   £238.00
 LA15                                     £298.00                            L10    Sat 13 Feb 10 -   Sun 21 Feb 10   £348.00
            Fri 19 Mar 10 - Fri 26 Mar 10
 LX15                                     £198.00                            L11    Fri 19 Feb 10 -   Sun 28 Feb 10   £198.00
 LA16                                     £338.00                            L12    Fri 26 Feb 10 -   Sat 06 Mar 10   £198.00
            Fri 26 Mar 10 - Fri 02 Apr 10
 LX16                                     £238.00                            L13    Thu 04 Mar 10 -   Sat 13 Mar 10   £198.00
 LA17                                     £378.00                            L14    Thu 11 Mar 10 -   Sat 20 Mar 10   £198.00
            Fri 02 Apr 10 - Fri 09 Apr 10                                    L15    Thu 18 Mar 10 -   Sat 27 Mar 10   £198.00
 LX17                                     £278.00
                                                                             L16    Thu 25 Mar 10 -   Sat 03 Apr 10   £238.00
 LA18                                     £338.00
            Fri 09 Apr 10 - Fri 16 Apr 10                                    L17    Thu 01 Apr 10 -   Sat 10 Apr 10   £278.00
 LX18                                     £238.00
                                                                             L18    Thu 08 Apr 10 -   Fri 16 Apr 10   £238.00
 *additional airport taxes & charges of about £85 payable on all LA trips.
 Ski PPC available in week 12.                                               CHALET JUNGFRAU – ROOMING OPTIONS
 Snowboard PPC available in week 15.
                                                                             Standard rooms for 4 at no extra cost.
 We have indicated the cost of air taxes at the time of printing in May
 2009. This is variable and will change by the time we pay the tax on your
                                                                             Twin rooms - £32 extra p.p.
 behalf. We will confirm the actual cost at the time of the ticket issue.    En-suite Doubles - £58 extra p.p

06                                                                            WWW.OAKhAll.cO.uK

                                                                                          HOTEL	STAuBBACH
                                                                                          En-suite rooms for
                                                                                          two at no extra cost
                                                                                          By luxury Neoplan coach.
                                                                                          Evening departure from UK.

                                                                                          CODE DATES                        COST
                                                                                          JB2 Fri 18 Dec 09 - Mon 28 Dec 09 £358.00

                                                                                          Oak Hall scheduled flights from London -
                                                                                          see website for details.

COMFORTABLE	HOTEL	STAuBBACH	                   AN	uNBEATABLE	COMBINATION	                 Own travel arrangements. Coach transfer
WITH	ROOMS	FOR	TWO                             uNDER	THE	EIGER                            available (£35) to meet JA flight - see above.
Hotel Staubbach in Lauterbrunnen has           This area offers unbeatable skiing and
proved very popular. This becomes              snowboarding amidst incredible scenery     CODE       DATES                         COST
an Oak Hall hotel for special weeks            and has been a firm favourite for many     JA2                                      £458.00
                                                                                                     Sat 19 Dec 09 - Sun 27 Dec 09
                                                                                          JX2                                      £358.00
as our own team run the entire hotel.          years. Many guests come back season
                                                                                          JA3                                      £498.00
Hotel Staubbach is in the centre               after season knowing what a great                     Sun 27 Dec 09 - Sat 02 Jan 10
                                                                                          JX3                                      £398.00
of Lauterbrunnen, close to all local           combination of accommodation and pistes    JA9                                      £428.00
amenities and the train station, giving        are available. Switzerland piste maps on              Sat 06 Feb 10 - Sat 13 Feb 10
                                                                                          JX9                                      £328.00
quick access to the slopes. We are             our website:             JA10                                     £498.00
                                                                                                     Sat 13 Feb 10 - Sat 20 Feb 10
taking over all 35 rooms to provide you                                                   JX10                                     £398.00
with comfortable rooms for two, with                                                      JA16                                     £448.00
                                                                                                     Sat 27 Mar 10 - Sat 03 Apr 10
a small number of family rooms also                                                       JX16                                     £348.00
available. Most rooms are en-suite and                                                    JA17                                     £498.00
                                                                                                     Sat 03 Apr 10 - Sat 10 Apr 10
                                                                                          JX17                                     £398.00
these are allocated on a first-booked
                                                                                          JA18                                     £448.00
basis. We are delighted to offer this                                                                Sat 10 Apr 10 - Sat 17 Apr 10
                                                                                          JX18                                     £348.00
hotel again in 2010, so that we can
                                                                                          *additional airport taxes & charges of about £80 payable on all JA trips.
welcome you to Lauterbrunnen, our
most popular resort.
                                                                                          Hotel Staubbach rooms are for two, with some
                                                                                          family rooms. Most rooms are en-suite, allocated on
RENOWNED	OAK	HALL	                                                                        a first-booked basis.
HOSPITALITy                                                                               LIFT PASS COSTS
In both Chalet Jungfrau and Hotel                                                         Costs include local transfer transport & returnable 5 CHF keycard deposit.
                                                                                          Maximum possible days on the slopes:
Staubbach, our Oak Hall catering team                                                     5 days = L3, LA/LX3-4, 12; JA3
will provide appetising and filling meals.                                                6 days = L10, 12, 18; LA/LX1, 5-10, 13-18; JA/JX9-18
                                                                                          7 days = L1, 4-7, 9, 11, 13-17; LA/LX2, 11; JA/JX2
In the evenings our team will lead the Bible                                              8 days = L2; JB2
                                                thank you all for yet                     9 days = L8
talks at our meetings, with a range of fun
activities to follow for those up for more,
                                                another brilliant trip.                   Costs for 5/6/7 days:
                                                                                          Adult - 275/313/346 CHF
and a warm friendly environment for those
                                                The stay at the Hotel                     Child (7-15) - 140/159/176 CHF
just wanting to sit and chat after another      Staubbach in                              Youth (16-19) - 221/251/278 CHF
                                                                                          Senior (62+) - 248/282/312 CHF
excellent day in the mountains.                 Lauterbrunnen was
                                                                                          We have indicated the cost of air taxes at the time of printing in May
                                                another example of God’s                  2009. This is variable and will change by the time we pay the tax on your
                                                blessing on my life.                      behalf. We will confirm the actual cost at the time of the ticket issue.

WWW.OAKhAll.cO.uK                                                                                                                                             07

     • Saas Grund with Saas Fee in the
       Swiss Valais
     • The Fee glacier at 11,811 feet
     • Switzerland’s second highest
       alpine resort

      RESORT	FEATuRES                          THE	RENOWNED	SAAS	SKI	REGION                      LOVE	THE	WIDE	OPEN	PISTES		
      • High altitude skiing and               The resorts of Saas Grund and Saas Fee            AND	POWDER
        snowboarding                           combine to offer excellent skiing and             Skiers and riders alike will love the
      • 3 resorts to ski and snowboard         snowboarding including the second highest         wide-open pistes of Spielboden or the
      • Marked piste - 140 kms                 pisted areas in Switzerland. There are eight      powder as you descend from the Plattjen
      • Year-round glacier snow guaranteed     surrounding mountain peaks all higher than        gondola. Take the metro and stay on top
                                               13,124 feet, with the Fee Glacier hosting         of the world as you ski and snowboard on
      OAK	HALL	FEATuRES                        year-round snowsports and giving one of the       the year-round pistes or face the ultimate
                                               most dramatic glacial backdrops in the Alps.      challenge of Piste Surprise!
      • Chalet with central village location
      • Quick and easy access to the slopes
      • 3 meals a day after arrival            EXHILARATING	ACTION		                             We recommend taking the full area Saas
      • Free tea, coffee and hot chocolate     FOR	EVERyONE                                      Pass covering local bus transfers in the
        at our centre                          High in the Valais region of Switzerland, this    whole Saas Valley, including the main Saas
                                               outstanding snowsports area is just waiting       Fee area. The three areas included - Fee,
                                               to be enjoyed by all abilities. The nursery       Grund and Almagell - ensure a vast array
                                               slopes in Saas Fee offer the perfect place        of skiing and snowboarding to suit varied
                                               for beginners to build up initial confidence      weather conditions.
                                               before setting their sights on the wide variety
                                               of pistes available. For intermediate skiers      SNOWBOARDING	IN	THE		
                                               and riders there is a great range of pistes       SAAS	FuN	PARK
                                               to choose from, with wide-open slopes             The Saas area provides exceptional terrain
                                               from the top station all the way down into        and a well-respected fun park with jumps
                                               Saas Fee 5,000 feet below. The experienced        and boarder-cross to enjoy. Oak Hall
                                               will enjoy the exciting selection of mogul        snowboarding equipment will be available
                                               runs, marked off-piste routes and the             to hire although snowboard instruction will
                                               steep descents from Felskinn or Längfluh.         not be available at this resort.

                                               SPECTACuLAR	GLACIERS	-	ON	TOP	                    SAAS	GRuND	-	A	PICTuRESQuE	
                                               OF	THE	WORLD	WITH	THE	SAAS	PASS                   SWISS	VILLAGE
                                               There are a total of 45 cable cars, lifts and     We stay in Saas Grund, high in the
 We had a truly wonderful                      tows spread across the mountains                  mountains at 5,124 feet with its
 and rewarding time.                           surrounding Saas Grund and Saas Fee.              characteristic Swiss-style pine houses
                                               The majestic Hohsaas Glacier, at 10,171           so often covered with fresh snow. The
                                               feet, is above the village of Saas Grund,         magnificent mountain peaks tower above
                                               whilst the impressive Alpin Express and           the village, welcoming us to this traditional
                                               Metro Alpin above Saas Fee provide quick          Swiss scene. A wealth of cafés, shops
                                               access to the Glacier with spectacular            and sporting facilities make this one of
                                               panoramic views.                                  Switzerland’s premier Alpine resorts.

08                                             WWW.OAKhAll.cO.uK

                                                                                “Thank	you	
                                                                               so	much	for	
                                                                          another	brilliant
                                                                           skiing	holiday.” 	

                                                                                                   Direct flights with BA London to Milan*
CHALET	FLORIDA	-	AN	IDEAL	BASE	                 team always organise additional events
FROM	WHICH	TO	ENJOy	THIS	VAST	                  to ensure that our evenings will be
WINTER	SPORTS	AREA                              action-packed and fun-filled. Games,
                                                                                                   Own travel arrangements. Coach
Our popular “Chalet Florida” allows easy        tournaments and even a chocolate                   transfer available (£35) to meet FA flight
access to the Saas Grund gondola base           fondue event are great favourites at our
station, which takes us to the Hohsaas          chalet. You will also want to step out and         CODE       DATES                                            COST
                                                enjoy the village with all its activities -        FA3                                                         £468.00
Glacier at 10,171 feet. An excellent local                                                                    Sat 26 Dec 09 - Sat 02 Jan 10
                                                                                                   FX3                                                         £368.00
bus system takes you to the foot of the         sample a traditional Swiss cheese
                                                                                                   FA4                                                         £348.00
extensive Saas Fee area in just 10 minutes.     fondue, go curling, catch an ice-hockey                       Sat 02 Jan 10 - Sat 09 Jan 10
                                                                                                   FX4                                                         £248.00
                                                match or simply relax in one of the many
                                                                                                   FA10                                                        £478.00
                                                cafés with their traditional pastries.                        Sat 13 Feb 10 - Sat 20 Feb 10
This excellent chalet provides the ideal                                                           FX10                                                        £378.00
combination of simple but comfortable                                                              FA16                                                        £358.00
                                                                                                              Sat 27 Mar 10 - Sat 03 Apr 10
accommodation and offers rooms for three        THE	WORLD’S	HIGHEST	                               FX16                                                        £258.00
to five persons, as well as a wide variety of   REVOLVING	RESTAuRANT                               FA17
                                                                                                              Sat 03 Apr 10 - Sat 10 Apr 10
                                                We will be able to head high above the             FX17                                                        £298.00
single and twin rooms (per person
                                                town of Saas Fee to the world’s highest            FA18                                                        £358.00
supplements detailed in side panel).                                                                          Sat 10 Apr 10 - Sat 17 Apr 10
                                                                                                   FX18                                                        £258.00
                                                revolving restaurant at Mittelallalin standing
                                                                                                   * additional airport taxes & charges of about £99 payable on all FA trips.
THE	ADDICTIVE	SPORT	OF	TuBING                   at 11,483 feet. From this vantage point,
Tubing is one of our exhilarating evening       marvel at the panoramic views which                ROOMING OPTIONS:
                                                stretch out across the Alps in all directions.     Standard rooms for 3, 4 and 5 at no extra cost
activities. A special snow-tube lift takes us                                                      Twin Rooms - £32 extra p.p.
to the illuminated tube run where we climb      Whether you ski, snowboard, snowblade
                                                                                                   Single Rooms - £58 extra p.p.
onto rubber rings and are propelled down        or just look, the experience will literally take
                                                                                                   LIFT PASS COSTS
a 656 feet slope. Beware, snow-tubing is        your breath away.                                  Costs include local transfer transport & returnable 5 CHF keycard deposit.
addictive! Those going on the first or last                                                        Maximum possible days on the slopes: 6
trip of the season may not be able to do        At Chalet Florida, the costs include return        Esimated costs for 5/6 days:
this activity.                                  travel (except for codes beginning with FX),       Adult - 330/385 CHF
                                                                                                   Child (9-16) - 185/215 CHF
                                                alpine centre accommodation and bed                Youth (17-18) - 275/320 CHF

FuLL	AND	ACTIVE	EVENINGS                        linen, along with breakfast, packed lunch          Senior (65+) - 300/350 CHF

Music and helpful Bible study talks are         and evening meal after arrival plus free           We have indicated the cost of air taxes at the time of printing in May
                                                                                                   2009. This is variable and will change by the time we pay the tax on your
the key to inspiring evenings and our           teas, coffees and hot chocolates.                  behalf. We will confirm the actual cost at the time of the ticket issue.

WWW.OAKhAll.cO.uK                                                                                                                                                      09

     • An Oak Hall Skiing and Snowboarding
       centre in Schlitters
     • 640kms of prepared pistes
     • Explore the extensive Tirolean Zillertal

                                                                                         “A	little	taste	
      RESORT	FEATuRES                             AN	INCREDIBLE	COMBINATION		
                                                  OF	HOTELS,	169	SKI	LIFTS	AND		
                                                                                          of	heaven!”
      • 10 top resorts on offer
      • A huge selection of 169 lifts             640KMS	OF	PISTES                              a day or two, absolute beginners will
      • Hintertux Glacier - 10,500 feet           The Ziller Valley is simply the place to be   progress to the easy runs and begin
      • Excellent off-piste action                for skiers and snowboarders with its          to venture across the whole area.
                                                  massive range of great pistes being ideal
      OAK	HALL	FEATuRES                           for both sports. This huge area is served     uNBEATABLE	VARIETy	FOR		
      • Choice of superb 3 and 4 star
                                                  by an array of modern lifts, making it easy   REAL	ADVENTuRES
                                                  to reach the vast selection of pisted runs    The variety of high level runs and sunny,
        en-suite hotels
      • Air, coach and independent travel         suitable for all abilities.                   open pistes offered by Hochzillertal at a
        options from the UK                                                                     height of 8,205 feet is just the start of
      • Authentic Austrian-character hotels       AN	EXTENSIVE	AND		                            what the area has to offer. The winding
        nestling in spectacular valleys           CHALLENGING	CHOICE                            Apfelstrudel run has its ever-popular
                                                  Experienced skiers and riders will want to    piste-side café. The challenge of fresh
                                                  take full advantage of the famous pistes at   powder underneath the Öfererjoch
                                                  Zell am Ziller, Mayrhofen and Gerlos which    chairlifts, together with the long,
                                                  provide many real adventures and are all      exhilarating descent into the Ziller Valley,
                                                  included on the Super Lift Pass. This         combine to create a paradise for all on
                                                  extensive choice for intermediate and         skis, snowboards and snowblades.
                                                  advanced skiers and riders is perhaps
                                                  without equal in Europe.                      SNOWBOARDING		
                                                                                                ON	INCREDIBLE	RuNS
                                                  THE	uLTIMATE	WINTER	                          This winter, we will again be offering our
                                                  PLAyGROuND	AT	HOCHZILLERTAL                   own Oak Hall snowboarding instruction
                                                  Our instruction programme is based at         and equipment hire throughout the season
                                                  the Hochzillertal complex where there is      on trips to Hotel Alpenblick in Schlitters
                                                  magnificent skiing and snowboarding.          (trips coded Z/ZA/ZX). Our snowboard
                                                  This area provides an excellent place for     instructors will help you get to grips with
                                                  learning to ski and snowboard with slopes     your snowboard on the slopes whether
                                                  and tows catering especially for your level   you are starting from scratch or further
 We all had a great                               to ensure you get off to a confident start.   developing your technique on the
 time and the snow was                            After practising on the ski school tow for    incredible runs. (Please see page 20 for

10                                                WWW.OAKhAll.cO.uK

details.) We are also pleased to offer top        THE	ZILLERTAL	SuPER	LIFT	PASS	
ski instruction on all our holidays to the        -	AMAZING	VALuE
Zillertal throughout the season.                  The Zillertal narrow gauge railway runs
                                                  along the length of the valley, giving
THE	AWESOME	HEIGHTS	OF	                           access to a whole variety of areas from
HOCHFÜGEN	-	LINKED	WITH	                          which to choose. We meet the train just
HOCHZILLERTAL                                     outside Hotel Alpenblick, whilst ski buses
Hochfügen is just one of the exciting areas       leaving from the front door of the Hotel
not to be missed included in the full area lift   Jenbacherhof and Hotel Café Zillertal        Thank you very much for a
pass. This amazing wintersports area has          take you swiftly to the slopes. The Super    fantastic week at Hotel
further improved with the recent linking of       Lift Pass offers great value, with access    Alpenblick… not only
the Hochfügen area and the neighbouring           to all areas of this large winter sports     was the hotel, food and
Hochzillertal for intermediates. Each week        area, including the Hintertux glacier, as    skiing fantastic, we came
our team offer instruction covering the best      well as local transport provision.           away feeling incredibly
of the combined 155km of Hochzillertal                                                         encouraged.
and Hochfügen, with high altitude beginner
pistes and fast challenging runs for the
more advanced under the awesome peak
of the Pfaffenbühel.

AT	10,500	FEET
The Hintertux glacier - training ground of
the British Ski Team - is at the far end of
the valley and provides year round skiing
and snowboarding at the incredible
height of 10,500 feet with year-round
snow. The Zillertal has an outstanding
snow record throughout the valley and
the Hintertux brings the extra certainty of
glacier skiing.

WWW.OAKhAll.cO.uK                                                                                                    11
                “It	was	the	
             most	amazing	
               trip	ever!!!”
 By Luxury Neoplan Coach.
 Evening Departure from UK.

 CODE       DATES                                             COST
 Z2         Tue 22 Dec 09 - Wed 30 Dec 09                     £328.00
 Z3         Mon 28 Dec 09 - Mon 04 Jan 10                     £378.00
 Z4         Sat 02 Jan 10 - Mon 11 Jan 10                     £328.00
 Z9         Thu 04 Feb 10 - Sat 13 Feb 10                     £328.00
 Z10        Thu 11 Feb 10 - Fri 19 Feb 10                     £398.00
 Z11        Wed 17 Feb 10 - Fri 26 Feb 10                     £328.00          TRADITIONAL	3	&	4	STAR	HOTELS	                    continental breakfasts and packed
 Z17        Mon 29 Mar 10 - Wed 07 Apr 10                     £328.00          IN	THE	AuSTRIAN	TIROL                             lunches each day as well as a choice
 Z18        Mon 05 Apr 10 - Wed 14 Apr 10                     £328.00          For those who want a good hotel and               of menu for our evening meals.
                                                                               relaxation in lovely surroundings, we are
 ZA:                                                                           delighted to be able to stay again in the         The hotel has a good selection of
 direct flights with Lufthansa/BA,                                             family-run Hotels at Schlitters, Jenbach          bedrooms, all with en-suite facilities and
 Heathrow to Munich*                                                           and Strass. The Tirolean style hotels are         many with balconies. The hotel rooms
                                                                               comfortable and clean with continental            normally accommodate three or four, with
 ZX:                                                                           breakfast, and evening meals provided in          some double rooms for married couples
 Own travel arrangements. Coach transfer                                       each hotel.                                       and some single rooms available
 available (£35) to meet ZA flight - see above.                                                                                  (supplements detailed in side panel).

 CODE       DATES                                             COST             HOTEL	ALPENBLICK,	SCHLITTERS	
            Wed 23 Dec 09 - Tue 29 Dec 09
                                                              £398.00          -	A	COMFORTABLE	3-STAR	HOTEL
 ZX2                                                          £328.00          We are very pleased to be able to offer
 ZA3                                                          £478.00          this three star hotel in the small
            Tue 29 Dec 09 - Mon 04 Jan 10
 ZX3                                                          £378.00
                                                                               traditional village of Schlitters. It offers us
 ZA4                                                          £398.00
            Mon 04 Jan 10 - Mon 11 Jan 10                                      spacious and comfortable surroundings,
 ZX4                                                          £328.00
 ZA9                                                          £428.00
            Fri 05 Feb 10 - Fri 12 Feb 10
 ZX9                                                          £328.00
 ZA10                                                         £498.00
            Fri 12 Feb 10 - Thu 18 Feb 10
 ZX10                                                         £398.00
 ZA11                                                         £428.00
            Thu 18 Feb 10 - Thu 25 Feb 10
 ZX11                                                         £328.00
 ZA17                                                         £428.00
            Tue 30 Mar 10 - Tue 06 Apr 10
 ZX17                                                         £328.00
 ZA18                                                         £428.00
            Tue 06 Apr 10 - Tue 13 Apr 10
 ZX18                                                         £328.00
 * additional airport taxes & charges of about £109 payable on all ZA trips.
                                                                                                                                     I felt my skiing really
 HOTEL ALPENBLICK, SCHLITTERS – 3-STAR:                                                                                              came on which was
 Standard rooms for 4 at no extra cost.
                                                                                                                                     great…the lessons were
 Double rooms - £32 extra p.p. Singles - £58 extra p.p                                                                               brilliant
 Snowboard PPC available in week 9.
 We have indicated the cost of air taxes at the time of printing in May
 2009. This is variable and will change by the time we pay the tax on your
 behalf. We will confirm the actual cost at the time of the ticket issue.

12                                                                             WWW.OAKhAll.cO.uK

                                                                                                   direct flights with Lufthansa, Heathrow
                                                                                                   to Munich*

                                                                                                   Own travel arrangements. Coach transfer
                                                                                                   available (£35) to meet HA flight - see above.

                                                                                                   CODE DATES                                                  COST
                                                                                                   HA10                                                        £568.00
                                                                                                        Sat 13 Feb 10 - Sat 20 Feb 10
                                                                                                   HX10                                                        £468.00
                                                                                                   *additional airport taxes & charges of about £109 payable on all HA trips.
HOTEL	JENBACHERHOF	–	A	                          welcome, good tasty food and spotless,
BEAuTIFuL	HOTEL	WITH	4	STARS                     comfortable en-suite rooms. There is a view
                                                                                                   HOTEL JENBACHERHOF – 4 STAR:
Following our warm Austrian welcome at           right across the Ziller Valley to the snow-       All EN-SUITE ROOMS
beautiful Hotel Jenbacherhof in Jenbach last     capped majestic mountains. The hotel              Standard rooms for 3 at no extra cost
year, we are pleased to offer this traditional   rooms normally accommodate three or               Double rooms – £48 extra p.p.
four star hotel for 2010. Mouth-watering         four with some double rooms for married
local cuisine is served in the restaurant
and, for warmer valley-days, the elevated
                                                 couples (see below for supplements).
                                                 Breakfast, packed lunch and evening               ZILLERTAL,	
sun terrace gives a magnificent outlook on
the Alpine vista that surrounds. The rooms
                                                 meals are included after arrival.
are well equipped with en-suite bathrooms        MuSIC,	LIVELy	ACTIVITy,	ICE	                      RA:
and many also feature balconies. Complete        CREAMS	AND	GATEAuX                                direct flights with Lufthansa, Heathrow
with leisure facilities including an indoor      In the evenings, after our meal, amusing          to Munich*
swimming pool, steam room and sauna,             incidents and all the day’s adventures are
this picturesque hotel makes for a wonderful     retold. Our evening meetings are always           RX:
setting for an Oak Hall ski holiday. With        popular, with a well-presented Bible              Own travel arrangements. Coach transfer
rooms for two or three (see side panel for       study talk and music to enjoy. Later, we          available (£35) to meet RA flight - see above.
supplements) a warm reception awaits             can gather in one of the local cafés to
                                                                                                   CODE DATES                                                  COST
you at Hotel Jenbacherhof. Breakfast and         enjoy a refreshing ice cream or take part         RA10                                                        £538.00
                                                                                                        Sat 13 Feb 10 - Sat 20 Feb 10
evening meals are included after arrival.        in a traditional game of Austrian 9-pin           RX10                                                        £438.00
                                                 bowling or curling - a fitting finalé to a        *additional airport taxes & charges of about £109 payable on all RA trips.

HOTEL	CAFÉ	ZILLERTAL	-	WARM	                     day in the mountains.                             HOTEL CAFÉ ZILLERTAL, STRASS – 4 STAR:
4-STAR	HOSPITALITy	WITH	EN-                                                                        ALL EN-SUITE WITH BALCONIES
                                                 The hotels provide very convenient access         Standard rooms for 3 or 4 at no extra cost
                                                 to all the local ski bus and train transport,     Double rooms - £48 extra p.p
After an energetic day on the mountain,
                                                 giving great flexibility and getting you to the   LIFT PASS COSTS FOR ZILLERTAL AREA
the Unterladstätter family and their staff are                                                     Costs include local transfer transport & returnable €2 keycard deposit.
always very hospitable, providing a warm         slopes easily.                                    Possible days on snow:
                                                                                                   5 days = Z3; ZA/ZX2-3, 10
                                                                                                   6 days = Z2, 10; ZA/ZX4, 9, 11, 17-18; RA/RX10; HA/HX10
                                                                                                   7 days = Z4, 9, 11, 17-18
                                                                                                   Costs for 5/6/7 days:
                                                                                                   Adult - 168/195/219 euros
                                                                                                   Youth (15-18) - 133/154.5/173.5 euros
                                                                                                   Child (6-14) - 75.5/88/99 euros

                                                                                                   We have indicated the cost of air taxes at the time of printing in May
                                                                                                   2009. This is variable and will change by the time we pay the tax on your
                                                                                                   behalf. We will confirm the actual cost at the time of the ticket issue.

WWW.OAKhAll.cO.uK                                                                                                                                                       13

     9935	FEET	
     –	GuARANTEED	
     • High altitude glacier Skiing and
     • Highest viewpoint in Central
     • Superb runs and spectacular views

      RESORT	FEATuRES                         AMAZING	HIGH	LEVEL	                               choice! Why not spend the morning on the
                                              SNOWSPORTS                                        variety of pistes found on the south facing
      • High-level snowsports - 9,935 ft
                                              We invite you to come with us to enjoy            Brunni before heading up after lunch to
      • Marked piste - 82 km plus excellent
                                              Engelberg. The village is dominated by the        enjoy the north facing slopes of the
      • The Titlis and Brunni mountains       impressive 9,935 feet Mount Titlis, and is        Jochpass or the long red runs above
        to enjoy                              surrounded by stunning mountains making           Trübsee. The red runs on the glacier
                                              this an ideal winter holiday location.            provide excellent high altitude skiing and
                                                                                                snowboarding with stunning views across
      OAK	HALL	FEATuRES                                                                         central Switzerland.
      • An Oak Hall Skiing and                GuARANTEED	SNOW		
        Snowboarding centre                   ON	THE	GLACIER
      • Comfortable modern chalet             The piste on Mount Titlis is accessed by          CHALLENGING	VARIETy	FOR	
      • 3 meals a day after arrival           the world’s first rotating cable car, which       ADVANCED	SKIERS	AND	
      • Free tea, coffee and hot chocolate    turns a full 360° to provide a unique way to      SNOWBOARDERS
        at our chalet                         view the varied terrain as you travel to the      There is plenty on offer for those with many
                                              guaranteed snow on the glacier. The               piste-miles clocked up; for an unforgettable
                                              “Ice-flyer” whisks you over a vast expanse        challenge, try the black run from the glacier
                                              of snow to the top where a breathtaking           and continue down the 12 km descent to
                                              panorama unfolds with a multitude of              the village. The off-piste seems endless
                                              slopes and a host of leisure activities from      and with a guide you can tackle the
                                              which to choose.                                  exciting runs on the glacier and the famous
                                                                                                Laub run.
                                              SuPERB	SELECTION	OF	PISTES
                                              The resort offers pistes to cater for all         A	TOP	DESTINATION	FOR	
                                              tastes and abilities with great glacier skiing    SNOWBOARDING
                                              and snowboarding. With more than 20 lifts         We are pleased to offer both Oak Hall ski
                                              to choose from, the right terrain is easily       and snowboard instruction as well as
                                              accessible for fun and excitement in this         equipment hire at Engelberg. Why not join
                                              beautiful alpine setting.                         us at this well-respected snowboarding
                                                                                                resort, whether for your first taste of
                                              EXCELLENT	HIGH	ALTITuDE	                          snowboarding, or to further advance with
 I’ve recently been on my                                                                       wide runs perfect for carving and fun park
                                              SKIING	&	SNOWBOARDING
 fIrst Oak Hall skiing                        You will soon be venturing onto the long          complete with rails, pipes and kickers.
 expedition in Switzerland,                   blue run from the Trübsee back down to            Riders will simply love the free-ride paradise
 I was so impressed and                       the village. Intermediate skiers are spoilt for   open terrain above Trübsee. (See page 20
 really enjoyed my week

14                                            WWW.OAKhAll.cO.uK

                                                                                               Oak Hall scheduled flights from London -
                                                                                               see website for details

for more information on our snowboarding                                                       EX:
instruction and equipment hire.)                                                               Own travel arrangements. Coach transfer
                                                                                               available (£35) to meet EA10 flight - see above.
                                                                                               CODE DATES                                                 COST
                                                                                               EA10                                                       £458.00
Visit Engelberg’s extensive sports centre                                                           Sat 13 Feb 10 - Sat 20 Feb 10
                                                                                               EX10                                                       £358.00
for ice-skating or a game of indoor tennis,                                                    * additional airport taxes & charges of about £80 payable on EA10.
or the “Sonnenberg” with its indoor
swimming pool close to the main gondola
station. For those who enjoy cross-country
                                                The team were great                            EG:
                                                and worked really hard                         By Luxury Neoplan Coach.
skiing and winter walking, the resort offers
                                                all week; I improved                           Evening Departure from UK.
34 km of trails!
                                                immensely at snowboarding                      CODE       DATES                                           COST
AN	IDEAL	CENTRE	-	7	MINuTES	                    and can’t wait for my                          EG16       Sat 27 Mar 10 - Mon 05 Apr 10                   £258.00
                                                next dose of snow-fuelled                      EX16       Sun 28 Mar 10 - Sun 04 Apr 10                   £258.00
                                                adrenaline!                                    EG17       Sat 03 Apr 10 - Mon 12 Apr 10                   £298.00
With stunning views of the mountains, the
                                                                                               EX17       Sun 04 Apr 10 - Sun 11 Apr 10                   £298.00
chalet is ideally situated within walking
                                                                                               EG18       Sat 10 Apr 10 - Sun 18 Apr 10                   £258.00
distance of the Brunni gondola station or a                                                    EX18       Sun 11 Apr 10 - Sat 17 Apr 10                   £258.00
short 7-minute transfer from the Titlis base   In the evenings we meet together for a
                                                                                               Week 10 is an All-Age Special where under-7’s are welcome.
station by a free, regular bus service. The    time of singing and a Bible talk before our
chalet is also within an easy walk of the      fun activities with possibilities such as       CHALET MOUNTAIN CENTRE
                                                                                               ROOMING OPTIONS:
village with its cafés, restaurants and        ice-skating, table football and table tennis.
                                                                                               Standard rooms for 4 or 6 at no extra cost.
shops with good rail links to visit the                                                        Twin bunk rooms - £32 extra p.p.
nearby town of Luzern and beyond. We           Chalet Juhui will be the ideal base for
                                                                                               LIFT PASS COSTS
provide you with comfortable                   special family holidays away together, with     Costs include local transfer transport & returnable 5CHF
accommodation in bunk rooms for 4 - 6                                                          keycard deposit.
                                               all ages welcome on EA/EX10. The resort
                                                                                               A maximum possible days on slopes:
with a limited number of twin bunk rooms       has a proven late season snow record so         6 days = EA/EX10
available for married couples (per person      we are there right through to mid April.        7 days = EG/EX16-17
supplements detailed in side panel).                                                           Approximate costs for 6/7 days:
                                                                                               Adult - 279/308 CHF
                                               The cost includes return travel, alpine         Senior (64+) - 224/247 CHF
The chalet provides a spacious dining          centre accommodation, and breakfast,            Youth (16-19) - 197/217 CHF
                                                                                               Child (6-15) - 115/126 CHF
room with stunning mountain views for our      packed lunch and evening meal after
breakfast and evening meal times, along                                                        We have indicated the cost of air taxes at the time of printing in May
                                               arrival, plus free tea, coffee and hot          2009. This is variable and will change by the time we pay the tax on your
with separate games and meeting rooms.         chocolate at our centre.                        behalf. We will confirm the actual cost at the time of the ticket issue.

WWW.OAKhAll.cO.uK                                                                                                                                                 15

     A	HuGE	VARIETy	
     OF	175	KMS	OF	
     • Exhilarating skiing on some of Austria’s
       best slopes
     • The Dachstein-Tauern extensive
       snowsports network
     • Excellent location
     • Superb Interlinked Lift System

      RESORT	FEATuRES                             A	FAMOuS	WORLD	CuP	SKI	RESORT                   STuNNING	GONDOLA	RIDE		
      • A world cup race venue                    Schladming-Haus is one of the great             TO	6,142	FEET
      • Dachstein Glacier at 8,230 feet           locations of the ski world with our hotel at    Each morning, we have the option to walk
      • 4 interlinked resorts with                Haus im Ennstal looking out onto the            the few hundred feet to the Hauser
        guaranteed snow                           renowned Women’s World Cup run. The             Kaibling gondola station that takes us up
                                                  superb Alpine terrain provides a huge           to over 6,000 feet. We usually take a local
      OAK	HALL	FEATuRES                           variety of pistes for all to enjoy on some of
                                                  Austria’s best slopes. A stay in Haus
                                                                                                  bus across to Reiteralm on the first two
                                                                                                  mornings as it offers more suitable beginner
      • Excellent intermediate skiing
                                                  provides the ideal base to enjoy the best of    areas, while the more experienced have
      • En-suite accommodation a short
                                                  the massive Ski Amadé area lying at the         the adventure of tackling all four interlinked
        walk to the lifts
                                                  foot of Hauser Kaibling with great access       mountains back to Haus to our front door.
      • Scheduled return flights
      • 3 meals a day after arrival               to the three adjacent mountain areas.

 The accommodation and
 food were great !

16                                                WWW.OAKhAll.cO.uK

                                                                                             Direct flights with Lufthansa/BA,
                                                                                             Heathrow to Munich*

                                                                                             Own travel arrangements. Coach transfer
                                                                                             available (£35) to meet TA flight - see above.

                                                                                             CODE       DATES                                             COST
                                                                                             TA2                                                          £428.00
                                                                                                        Sat 19 Dec 09 - Sat 26 Dec 09
                                                                                             TX2                                                          £348.00
                                                                                             TA3                                                          £498.00
                                                                                                        Sat 26 Dec 09 - Sat 02 Jan 10
                                                                                             TX3                                                          £418.00
                                                                                             TA4                                                          £398.00
                                                                                                        Sat 02 Jan 10 - Sat 09 Jan 10
                                                                                             TX4                                                          £318.00
                                                                                             TA7                                                          £438.00
THE	IMPRESSIVE		                                THE	VERy	BEST	IN	WINTER	HOLIDAyS             TX7
                                                                                                        Sat 23 Jan 10 - Sat 30 Jan 10
DACHSTEIN	GLACIER                               Our Schladming Haus holidays are
                                                                                             TA8                                                          £438.00
The extensive Ski Amadé area provides           enormously popular, offering all you could              Sat 30 Jan 10 - Sat 06 Feb 10
                                                                                             TX8                                                          £358.00
an essential snow guarantee with                possibly want for winter relaxation. Do      TA9                                                          £448.00
                                                                                                        Sat 06 Feb 10 - Sat 13 Feb 10
widespread snowmaking facilities and the        come with us!                                TX9                                                          £368.00
mighty Dachstein Glacier. The Glacier                                                        TA11                                                         £448.00
                                                                                                        Sat 20 Feb 10 - Sat 27 Feb 10
ensures great year-round conditions for                                                      TX11                                                         £368.00
exhilarating snow sports with exceptional                                                    TA12                                                         £438.00
                                                                                                        Sat 27 Feb 10 - Sat 06 Mar 10
                                                                                             TX12                                                         £358.00
views over the Styrian province of Austria
                                                                                             TA13                                                         £438.00
towards Salzburg.                                                                                       Sat 06 Mar 10 - Sat 13 Mar 10
                                                                                             TX13                                                         £358.00
                                                                                             TA14                                                         £438.00
THE	COMFORTABLE	FAMILy-RuN	                                                                             Sat 13 Mar 10 - Sat 20 Mar 10
                                                                                             TX14                                                         £358.00
PENSION	ENNSTAL                                                                              TA15                                                         £428.00
                                                                                                        Sat 20 Mar 10 - Sat 27 Mar 10
We are delighted to be able to offer                                                         TX15                                                         £348.00
accommodation right at the foot of the                                                       TA16                                                         £458.00
                                                                                                        Sat 27 Mar 10 - Sat 03 Apr 10
slopes across the season. Here we relax                                                      TX16                                                         £378.00
and enjoy the comfort of Pension Ennstal,                                                    TA17                                                         £498.00
                                                                                                        Sat 03 Apr 10 - Sat 10 Apr 10
                                                                                             TX17                                                         £418.00
run by the Hofer family, surrounded by the
                                                                                             *additional airport taxes & charges of about £109 payable on all TA trips.
beautiful Dachstein-Tauern peaks.
                                                                                             ROOMING OPTIONS
                                                                                             ALL EN-SUITE WITH BALCONIES
After an energetic day’s action, we enjoy                                                    Standard rooms for 3 or 4 at no extra cost.
the inviting 3 course meals served to us by                                                  Doubles/Twins - £32 extra p.p.
the friendly staff, and benefit from the          I have just returned                       Single Rooms - £58 extra p.p.
comfortable en-suite bedrooms with standard       from a brilliant week                      LIFT PASS COSTS
                                                                                             Costs include local transfer bus to Reiteralm & returnable
rooms for 3 or 4. These use bunk or Austrian-     in Schladming, Austria                     €3 keycard deposit.
style beds (one frame with separate               with Oak Hall and had                      Possible days on snow = 6; 5 in 7 day pass is €5-10 less
mattresses and duvets). The Pension also          a wonderful time. The                      High-Season costs for 5 in 7 days/6 day pass
                                                                                             (April is approx 7% less than prices quoted below):
has a number of double and twin rooms             team were exceptional                      Adult - 182/189 euros
for married couples, and single rooms (per        and made the week fIrst                    Youth (17-19) - 150.5/156 euros
                                                                                             Child (7-16) - 105/108.5 euros
person supplements detailed in side panel).       class. Thank you.                          Ski PPC available in weeks 9, 11 and 13.
The cost includes all meals after arrival.
                                                                                             We have indicated the cost of air taxes at the time of printing in May
                                                                                             2009. This is variable and will change by the time we pay the tax on your
                                                                                             behalf. We will confirm the actual cost at the time of the ticket issue.

WWW.OAKhAll.cO.uK                                                                                                                                                 17

     • World renowned
     • One of Europe’s largest ski areas
     • High terrain at 10,925 feet

      RESORT	FEATuRES                             We ski from the front door! Verbier is a        accommodation. On powder days the first
                                                  stunning resort for the snowsports enthusiast   set of tracks is made by Oak Hall skis, before
      • 410 km of pistes with 93 lifts
                                                  and our accommodation on the piste at           people staying below in the village have
      • Second largest resort in the Swiss Alps
                                                  7218 feet enables us to make the most of it.    even joined the queue for the cable car!
      • Guaranteed high altitude snow with
                                                  AN	AMAZING	PLACE	FOR	THE	                       A	HOME	ON	THE	SLOPES
                                                  ADVANCED	SKIER,	AS	WELL	AS	A	                   Having a home at the top of the mountain
                                                  GOOD	PLACE	TO	LEARN                             means that at any time we can return and
      • mountainside accommodation right                                                          enjoy a hot drink, catch up with other
                                                  Verbier’s reputation as a premier resort is
        on the slopes
                                                  well known! The resort is set in stunning       people or eat our packed lunch in our very
      • top sports instruction
                                                  scenery and provides amazing views all the      own dining room with a view out across
      • the famous “Oak Hall” buzz in this
        great mountain centre                     way to Mont Blanc. With a huge 410km of         the mountains and valleys of the Four
                                                  groomed runs, Verbier is the perfect place      Valleys region.
                                                  for enthusiastic skiers of all abilities to
                                                  progress to the next level. The wide, sunny,    At 4:30 pm the mountain closes and other
                                                  south facing runs outside our accommodation     skiers have to go home but we get to stay.
                                                  are a good place for “first-timers” to begin    Few places are more peaceful than an
                                                  their adventures and for others to build        empty mountain as the sun sets and we
                                                  their confidence while the black slopes         eat good food together prepared by our
                                                  below Mont Fort (10,925 feet) will stretch      Oak Hall team. After 4:30 pm there is no
                                                  the most advanced skier or boarder.             access to or from the village below, but this
                                                  Verbier offers some of the finest and most      is an advantage as we spend time together
                                                  accessible off-piste in the Alps, one peak      praising God and learning from His Word in
                                                  (Mont Gelé, 9918 feet) is entirely devoted      the evening meeting, then drink hot chocolate,
                                                  to off-piste skiing.                            swap stories of the day, play games and
                                                                                                  maybe unwind with a ski movie.
                                                  STAyING	AT	7218	FEET	WITH	
                                                  DOORSTEP	SKIING                                 PLENTy	TO	DO	IN	THE	FAMOuS	
 The views, weather,                              We are the first on the mountain every          TOWN
                                                  morning. With no journey to the slopes,         With such extensive skiing you may hardly
 skiing and instruction
                                                  our Maison de Vacances in the lift station      visit the town but a visit does provide
 on the PPC, were all
                                                  at 7218 feet provides true “ski-in, ski-out”    plenty to enjoy. Renowned for its shops,

18                                                WWW.OAKhAll.cO.uK

                                                                                                   The facility to walk
                                                                                                   out with your skis and
                                                                                                   either ski straight down,
                                                                                                   or take the gondola to
                                                                                                   Attelas – about 8700’ –
                                                                                                   in 6 minutes, is
cafés and restaurants, Verbier offers many      The costs include return travel, alpine centre
alternatives to winter sports including the     accommodation, and breakfast, packed
sports centre with an indoor swimming pool.     lunch and evening meal after arrival plus
                                                unlimited free teas, coffees and hot
A	POPuLAR	CHOICE                                chocolate at our centre.
Places for Verbier will be taken quickly! We
can only offer a limited number of places. If   Our accommodation is basic, but
you would like to join us there, do reserve     adequate, with bunk rooms for six, hot
your holiday as soon as possible for
Verbier’s amazing skiing. We will welcome
                                                showers in each room and breathtaking
                                                views from every room.
you to stay with us on the mountain.                                                             MA:
                                                                                                 Direct BA flight from Heathrow
                                                                                                 to Milan*

                                                                                                 Own travel arrangements. Coach transfer
                                                                                                 available (£35) to meet MA flight - see above.

                                                                                                 CODE DATES                                                 COST
                                                                                                 MA15                                                       £398.00
                                                                                                      Sat 20 Mar 10 - Sat 27 Mar 10
                                                                                                 MX15                                                       £298.00
                                                                                                 *additional airport taxes & charges of about £99 payable on MA15.

                                                                                                 MOUNTAIN CENTRE – ROOMING OPTIONS:
                                                                                                 All rooms are for 6 in bunk beds and have
                                                                                                 en-suite showers.
                                                                                                 LIFT PASS COSTS
                                                                                                 4-Valley Lift Pass, including non-refundable 5 CHF keycard.
                                                                                                 You will need a 6 day lift pass for this trip
                                                                                                 Approximate costs for 6 days:
                                                                                                 Adult - 360 CHF
                                                                                                 Youth (born ‘90-’94) - 290 CHF
                                                                                                 Child (born ‘95-’02) - 185 CHF
                                                                                                 Senior (born ‘33-’45) - 290 CHF
                                                                                                 Ski PPC available in week 15.
                                                                                                 We have indicated the cost of air taxes at the time of printing in May
                                                                                                 2009. This is variable and will change by the time we pay the tax on your
                                                                                                 behalf. We will confirm the actual cost at the time of the ticket issue.

WWW.OAKhAll.cO.uK                                                                                                                                                   19
 Learn to Ski or Snowboard!

                                                TOP	QuALITy	SKI	INSTRuCTION                   SKIING	AND	SNOWBOARDING	
                                                Oak Hall offers top quality ski instruction   INSTRuCTION	PACKAGES	AT		
                                                and ski equipment hire in all our resorts.    A	REMARKABLy	LOW	COST
                                                Our Oak Hall ski instructors will be there,   For beginners and basic improvers - 5 x 2
                                                keen to help in every resort this season.     hour progressive sessions for just £62.
                                                Your instruction needs to be reserved
                                                when you make your initial booking. Places    These sessions will normally take place on
                                                in the classes are limited. This cost is      the first 5 consecutive mornings of your
                                                refundable up to eight weeks before the       holiday (subject to local conditions) in a
                                                holiday departs.                              friendly and encouraging atmosphere.

 I absolutely loved                             SNOWBOARD	INSTRuCTION		                       For those with greater experience - 5 x 2
 learning to ski and can’t                      IN	SELECTED	RESORTS                           hour sessions for £62 with our excellent
 wait to learn more!                            With snowboarding a firm part of our          instructors encouraging you to progress
                                                programme, we are delighted to offer Oak      to the next level in a positive and
                                                Hall snowboard instruction and snowboard      enthusiastic style!
                                                equipment hire in the following resorts:
                                                                                              Whatever your level of experience, we would
 THE	BEST	AND	MOST	ENJOyABLE	                   • Jungfrau (L/LA/LX)                          recommend that you ensure a measure of
 INSTRuCTION	FOR	EXPERTS	OR	                    • Zillertal (Hotel Alpenblick code Z/ZA/ZX)   personal physical fitness to get the most
 BEGINNERS                                      • Engelberg (EG/EA/EX)                        out of your skiing or snowboarding
 Our snowsports team is based on those                                                        experience this coming winter.
 qualified through the British Association of   In addition, we offer snowboard equipment
 Snowsports Instructors (BASI). So whether      hire in Saas (FA/FX).                         ADVANCED	SKIING	AT	
 you are looking to venture onto skis,                                                        OuTSTANDING	VALuE
 snowboard or snowblades for the very first     Please note that due to the physical          Personal Performance Ski Courses available
 time or want more input to enjoy the full      demands of learning to snowboard and          on trips coded: TA/TX9, TA/TX11,TA/TX13,
 challenge of the mountain - our instructor     our range of equipment, the minimum age       L/LA/LX12 & MA/MX15. Personal
 team will be there for you this winter.        for snowboard instruction and equipment       Performance Snowboarding Courses available
                                                hire is 12 years.                             on trips coded: Z/ZA/ZX9 & L/LA/LX15.

20                                              WWW.OAKhAll.cO.uK
                                                                          “We	arrived	
                                                                         novices	and	
                                                                     left	completely	

The ever-popular Personal Performance       GOOD	EQuIPMENT	AT	A	LOW	COST                Very occasionally, we may not have your size
Course (PPC) will run for those with 10     We are pleased to supply equipment hire     available. In this instance, we will arrange
weeks or more experience who are            packages per holiday as follows:            for you to hire from a local shop and will
confident on all pisted runs. We will be                                                refund your original equipment payment.
looking at skiing and snowboarding beyond   • Ski set: skis, boots and poles: £53
normal piste conditions - bumps, steeps,    • Skis and poles only: £47                  In the rare event that hired equipment is
variable snow and higher speed carving as   • Ski boots only: £16                       damaged or lost, payment of the replacement
well as developing all round skills.        • Snowboard and soft boots: £53             value of affected items is payable to Oak
                                            • Snowboard only: £47                       Hall at the resort. You can then claim for
The course includes 20 hours’ coaching      • Snowboard boots only: £16                 costs with your own travel insurance.
on the mountain and video analysis in the
evenings with time to provide individual    Please note the following ranges for such
feedback and attention. The PPC’s will      equipment (minimum hire age 12 years):
be run by our senior BASI instructors and
                                            • Adult boot sizes: UK 3-12
are available for just £162- simply
                                            • Ski lengths: 120-180cm
outstanding value.
                                            • Snowboards: 141-167cm

                                                                                            The skiing was
                                                                                            challenging but the
                                                                                            lessons were designed to
                                                                                            move us on – and they
                                                                                            did! Thank you so much!!

WWW.OAKhAll.cO.uK                                                                                                                  21
                                                                      Travel to the
                                                                     with Oak Hall

 ADVANCED	OAK	HALL		                             holiday. This costs only £15 and includes       As is usual for flights to Europe, there is
 NEOPLAN	COACHES                                 a transfer vehicle to take you to meet the      a 20kg baggage allowance for each
 Our luxurious Neoplan coaches will take you     Oak Hall coach in Otford.                       passenger. If you would like to bring more,
 smoothly overnight to the Alps. Our latest                                                      the airline will charge for this extra amount
 coaches are even longer than before, yet        All your payments for travel by coach are       at the airport.
 with only the same number of seats upstairs.    kept in a Trust Account until after your
 This gives a greatly increased amount of        holiday is completed. This provides your        As with most return flight tickets, if you do
 legroom. They have powerful state-of-the-       security for protection against the unlikely    not use the outbound section of the flight
 art engines, air suspension, reclining seats,   event of insolvency and ensures a full          the airline will automatically cancel your
 seatbelts, toilet and washroom.                 refund and repatriation.                        inbound seat and you would need to
                                                                                                 purchase an additional ticket for the return.
 Tea and coffee are served free of charge        TOP	QuALITy	SCHEDuLED	AIRLINES
 on board. Please note that smoking is not       We fly with top class scheduled carriers from   ATOL	PROTECTION
 permitted on our coaches, and we are            London Heathrow, with the basic holiday         In addition, the air holidays and flights in
 unable to carry alcohol in our coaches or       cost including the return coach transfer        this brochure are ATOL protected by the
 baggage trailers.                               from Zurich, Basel, Munich or Milan             Civil Aviation Authority. Our reference is
                                                 airports to the door of our accommodation.      ATOL3207 held in the name of Oak Hall
 To help us take you comfortably to the                                                          Expeditions Ltd. In the unlikely event of
 mountains, the maximum limit for the            Please note that the flight times given in      our insolvency, the CAA will ensure that
 combined weight of all an individual’s          our literature are local times and correct      you are not stranded abroad or will arrange
 baggage is 25kg (including hand baggage).       at the time of printing. Air flights are        to refund any money you have paid to us
 In addition, you can take a set of skis or      occasionally subject to delay due to            for an advance booking.
 snowboard for £15 carriage fee.                 weather or subject to final adjustment
                                                 by the airline.
 All our coach holidays begin at Folkestone
 in Kent. In addition we offer a transfer        We also detail the approximate Government
 service from London Victoria Coach              tax and airport charges separately, which
 Station at a cost of £14 return; or from        are payable with your final payment but are
 the Riverside Retail Car Park in Otford to      always subject to change. We will confirm
 Folkestone at a cost of £10 return. You         the actual cost at the time of the ticket
 may choose to park your car at our Oak          issue and, if necessary, ask for any extra
 Hall centre in Kent for the duration of your    balance at that stage.

 22                                              WWW.OAKhAll.cO.uK
Travel the Best Way for You!
Luxury Oak Hall coaches, our Scheduled
Heathrow Flights, Your Own Flights or Car...

yOu	CHOOSE                                     FROM	yOuR	LOCAL	AIRPORT
On any of our holidays you are welcome         With such a broad array of airports and
to join us in resort having travelled by any   airlines available from the UK, you may
means of transport you choose! These are       well find a flight that brings you to Austria
the holidays that have an “X” in their code.   or Switzerland directly from an airport that
                                                                                               We received wonderful
You may want to drive a people carrier or      is very convenient to you. You may then
                                                                                               encouragement, both on
minibus to us, visit somewhere else on the     be able to use the Oak Hall transfer coach
                                                                                               and off the slopes, and
way or even come by train.                     (£35) or local transport to bring you to
                                                                                               have to say we really
                                               your Oak Hall destination.
With this holiday option, you travel
                                                                                               appreciate the whole
independently and then meet us in the          Please ensure that you only book flights
                                                                                               package you provided:
mountains for your unforgettable Oak           after you have a confirmed place on the         good food, spiritual
Hall holiday.                                  Oak Hall holiday. If you have booked the        encouragement, brilliant
                                               Oak Hall airport transfer coach, please         sense of fun, topped off
                                               make sure that your chosen flight is            by absolutely fantastic
                                               scheduled to arrive in good time, ideally       weather.
                                               2 hours, ahead of our coach departure.
                                               In the event of your flight being delayed
                                               you will be able to make your own way
                                               to the resort by rail and bus.

WWW.OAKhAll.cO.uK                                                                                                   23
 Enthusiastic Groups
 who Enjoy an

                                                Schladming, in Lauterbrunnen (Hotel             BRINGING	SOME	FRIENDS	TO	
                                                Staubbach or Chalet Jungfrau), or in            ENJOy	WINTERSPORTS	WITH	yOu
                                                Zillertal. Do book this soon as we expect       If you come with a group of friends or
                                                this to be very popular this year!              family be sure to take advantage of our
                                                                                                special discounts! (Please see below for
                                                WE	WANT	TO	WELCOME		                            weeks that are excluded and other details.)
                                                yOu	WITH	uS
 Thank you for a very                           Oak Hall events are planned with those in       • For a group of 10 or more: £20 off
 special Christmas away...                      their 20’s and 30’s in mind, but all are          each place!
 it was wonderful to                            welcome who enjoy our relaxed style.            • For a group of 6 or more: £10 off
 spend Christmas in such                                                                          each place!
 a beautiful setting and                        For those travelling unaccompanied the
 with congenial company,                        minimum age is 18 years. Whilst families        We will be pleased to send you materials
 and we came away feeling                       are welcome, we have a lower age limit of       to help you tell others about your holiday.
 touched and blessed by                         7 years; except in Engelberg on “All Age
 the Oak Hall team.                             Special” holidays where younger children        The members of your group can book
                                                are welcome too. Also, for Engelberg, we        online in the normal way adding into the
                                                are introducing a special discount of 50%       “comments” section which group they are
                                                for children aged 3 or under if they sleep in   a part of. Your group will need to book
 If you come on an Oak Hall holiday on your     a travel cot in the chalet. On these special    within three days of each other so that we
 own, you will soon find yourself part of a     Engelberg holidays, ski instruction is also     can process your booking and apply the
 friendly and positive crowd. Oak Hall works    available to those aged 4 and over.             discount to each member.
 really well for groups of friends travelling
 together too.                                  While our instructors are really pleased to     • group bookings need to be made as
                                                teach children, our resort team may               soon as possible as this offer is of course
 TREAT	yOuRSELF	AND	yOuR	                       request parents to accompany their                subject to availability.
 FRIENDS	OR	FAMILy	TO	A	REAL	                   children during lessons even though this        • this offer is not available for weeks 2, 3,
 WHITE	CHRISTMAS	!                              may affect the parent’s own lesson                10, 16, 17 and 18
 Have you ever spent Christmas in the           arrangements. We would ask parents to           • discounts will be applied once all
 mountains? It is an unforgettable              note that our team are not able to take           members of the group have paid their
 experience - a white Christmas with            responsibility for children outside of lesson     final balance.
 wonderful celebrations carefully prepared      times and to be mindful of the need for         • this offer cannot be combined with any
 by our team for you to enjoy. This year,       close supervision of children in the              other offer and is not available in
 you could celebrate Christmas in               mountain environment at all times.                Schladming.

24                                              WWW.OAKhAll.cO.uK
Making the most
of the Mountains

                                                                                                     I was really impressed
                                                                                                     with the amount of
                                                                                                     kindness and concern…
                                                                                                     it has made a real
                                                                                                     impression - how
                                                                                                     Christians care and the
                                                                                                     realness of people’s
AN	EXCELLENT	HOLIDAy                            We provide 3 meals a day after arrival in our
We aim for each holiday to have a               resorts, except in Jenbach, with a continental
minimum of 25 in the group. The number          breakfast and a hot evening meal in the          sheets or sleeping bag. At Saas, bed linen is
of those travelling on your chosen holiday      hotel restaurant or chalet dining room. Each     provided but you will need to bring a towel.
often depends on the size and availability      morning we supply provisions, except in
of our accommodation; this will vary from       Hotel Jenbacherhof, so that you can make         AN	uNFORGETTABLE	SMOOTH-
25 up to 125.                                   a packed lunch to take to the slopes.            RuNNING	BREAK	
                                                                                                 We do our very best to ensure everything
Mixed accommodation is only available           Please note that at our Swiss chalets, our       is in place for you to have an enjoyable,
for married couples or families and we ask      team will welcome your help with serving         well-earned holiday and we work very hard
you to reserve these with any appropriate       and washing up after meals for one day           to make sure everything runs smoothly. If
supplements at the time of booking. It is       during your time away. Please be aware           you find a problem at the resort, please
our policy to ask that families with children   that for Chalet Jungfrau, Engelberg and          advise our resort team immediately so the
under 16 years share a room together.           Verbier, it is necessary to bring a towel and    matter can be dealt with promptly. In the
                                                                                                 unlikely event that the difficulty cannot be
                                                                                                 resolved, please write to us within 14 days
                                                                                                 of your return, giving all relevant details.

                                                                                                 A	CHRISTIAN	TEAM
                                                                                                 We are a Christian team, with the whole
                                                                                                 goal of our teamwork being to provide
                                                                                                 excellent holidays in a friendly environment,
                                                                                                 amongst the beauty of God’s creation. We
                                                                                                 enjoy life to the full in the mountains, and
                                                                                                 the helpful Bible study talks make each
                                                                                                 evening special. We ask everybody to sign
                                                                                                 that they will be supportive of the Oak Hall
                                                                                                 team in all changes and circumstances
                                                                                                 during their holiday. We will all work
                                                                                                 together as a group of friends to ensure
                                                                                                 the success of each holiday.

                                                                                                 We operate a smoke-free and alcohol-free
                                                                                                 environment in all Oak Hall accommodation.

WWW.OAKhAll.cO.uK                                                                                                                            25
 Prepare for Snow!
                       “Can’t	wait	till	m
                         next	Oak	Hall!”	 y	

                                                                                                    Our high expectations
                                                                                                    were not just met; they
                                                                                                    were exceeded.

 HAVING	THE	RIGHT	DOCuMENTS                      We recommend you take out insurance at         the time of posting may be taken by the
 For all of our resorts, British citizens will   the time of paying your final balance. We      time your form arrives through the post.
 just need a valid UK Passport. (If you do       ask that you also let us know the details of
 not have one, allow at least two months         your insurance policy at this stage.           If you book within 2 calendar months of the
 to obtain it - it is wise to check that your                                                   date of departure, we ask you to kindly pay
 passport is valid for the duration of the       If you or your travelling companion(s) have    the full holiday cost and ensure that you
 holiday at this point). For British Citizens,   any pre-existing medical conditions then       have holiday insurance at that stage.
 it is also important to carry a valid EHIC      you should ensure medical advice is            Please detail any preferences you may
 (European Health Insurance Card).               sought before travel is undertaken.            have for sharing rooms (with family and
                                                                                                friends) at the time of booking and we will
 We strongly advise all other nationalities to   THE	BEST	LIFT	PASS	FOR	yOu                     do our best to help to make it happen.
 check current visa requirements for the         Lift passes come in a bewildering variety,
 resort destination, and the countries we will   depending on age, duration, time of the        Please contact our office before making
 be travelling through, immediately at the       season, your chosen resort and snow            your reservation if you have a disability,
 time of booking, as there can be delays in      conditions. On our website, you will find      any pre-existing medical condition or any
 issuing visas. We are happy to send you a       details of the ski passes available and you    special dietary needs - with our Austrian
 letter confirming your holiday reservation to   will be able choose the best one for you.      hotel-based resorts best placed to cater
 support your visa application after payment     You can pay for your pass online with your     for such needs.
 of your full holiday cost.                      winter holiday final payment. In the event
                                                 that there are large foreign exchange rate     At Lauterbrunnen, Saas, Engelberg and
 (Please note we fly into Munich, Germany        changes, we may contact you to inform          Verbier, we cater for a standard and
 for our Austrian resorts, Milan, Italy for      you of any further balance.                    vegetarian diet only.
 Saas and Verbier and all our coach
 journeys travel through France to reach         RESERVING	yOuR	PLACE	WITH	uS	                  WE	WILL	BE	PLEASED	TO	CONFIRM	
 Switzerland and Austria.)                       IS	EASy	ONLINE!                                yOuR	RESERVATION
                                                 Having enjoyed reading through our Oak         On receipt of your booking application
 As all our holidays cross international         Hall brochure, now come and join us! Just      online or through the post, we will send
 borders please ensure that our records of       click to and enjoy the       you confirmation of your successful
 your name match your passport.                  process of choosing and booking your           reservation onto the trip of your choice or
                                                 holiday online. On our site, you will also     contact you to discuss other alternatives
 MAKING	SuRE	yOu	HAVE	                           find piste maps, more photos and               including waitlist options for specific
 INSuRANCE                                       availability information. If you have any      fully-booked holidays. With this
 As we travel and enjoy the slopes together      questions as you use the site, please          confirmation we will give you final
 it is only wise to have the peace of mind of    telephone us during office hours and we        information about your particular holiday,
 good insurance. For this reason, we require     will be pleased to help you. Alternatively,    including travel details with meeting and
 everyone travelling with us to have travel      use the postal booking forms on page 27        return times. Please keep this information
 insurance including full wintersports cover.    but please note that spaces available at       safe ready for your time of departure.

26                                               WWW.OAKhAll.cO.uK
                                                                               FOR OFFICE USE:                           ref:                         dep:

                                                                                                Oak Hall Winter 2010 Reservation Form

Let’s Go!
                                                                                           Please use one form per person & photocopy extra copies as required.
                                                                              PERSONAL DETAILS
                                                                              First Name (as per passport):
                                                                              Title:                Last Name (as per passport):
                                                                                                                                                      (lower age limit is 18 unless
                                                                              D.O.B:                                                            accompanied by parent or guardian)
                                                                              Nationality (as per passport):

                                                                              Post Code:
                                                                              Home Phone:
                                                                              Work Phone:
                                                                              HOLIDAY CHOICE
                                                                              Dates:                                                 Code:
                                                                                  London transfer (£14)             Otford transfer (£10)           Park at Otford (£15)
                                                                              INSTRUCTION REQUIRED
                                                                              All instruction options: 5 sessions at a total cost of £62.
                                                                                   Ski instruction     Snowboarding instruction (minimum age 12)
                                                                                   Ski PPC £162 (L/LA/LX12, TA/TX9, TA/TX11, TA/TX13, MA/MX15)
                                                                                   Snowboard PPC £162: (L/LA/LX15, Z/ZA/ZX9)
After reserving your coach or independent travel holiday with just a          SKI EXPERIENCE:
£50, or flight holiday with a £100, non-returnable deposit, we ask you           No experience            Snowplough             OK parallel        Confident parallel
then to pay the full balance due to us at least 2 calendar months             SNOWBOARDING EXPERIENCE:
before departure. Please carefully note this date, as due to the                No experience Able to turn                       Intermediate
popularity of our trips we may need to pass any unpaid place on to            EQUIPMENT REQUIRED: (Minimum equipment hire age: 12)
another person at this point and in order to keep our holiday costs low       We hire: boots in adult sizes 3-12, skis120-180cm & boards 141-167cm.
we may not issue reminders.                                                       Skis, boots & poles (£53)             Skis & poles (£47)           Ski boots (£16)
                                                                                  Snowboard & boots (£53)               Snowboard (£47)              Board boots (£16)
In the very unlikely event that we cancel a holiday we will notify you            Carriage fee - own equip (£15)    I will not be skiing or snowboarding
straight away to offer you suitable alternatives, or, if you prefer, refund   If hiring equipment, please specify: Height: (cms)
your money in full. Our prices are calculated to include the current
                                                                              Weight: (kgs)                                     Shoe size: (UK)
arrangements and rate for VAT. We will absorb any changes in
currency exchange rates up to 2% deviation from the rate on 5 March           ANY ROOM SUPPLEMENTS PAYABLE WITH THIS FORM:
                                                                              Accommodation is in standard shared rooms (with no supplement) unless
2009 (E and O.E.)
                                                                              requested below. Check brochure for alternatives and costs.
                                                                                  Standard room            Double/twin room             Single room
                                                                                 Family room for
We know that sometimes your plans may change. We will do our best
                                                                              PAYMENT ENCLOSED: I enclose my cheque including payment for the following:
to help if you want to change your booking to an alternative winter           (Please note, any room supplement should be paid with reservation to guarantee held space)
2010 holiday, or transfer your place to another person of your choice,            Deposit (£50 coach/own travel or £100 Oak Hall flights)
more than two calendar months before departure. Please note that in               Room supplement if applicable (payable with deposit)
the case of a name substitution, the deposit paid is non-transferable             I’m booking within 2 months of departure and so enclose full payment.
and is therefore payable by your nominee. After the 2-calendar months
                                                                              Cheques should be made payable to Oak Hall. Full payment of lift pass, air tax and
full-payment deadline we are unable to make any such changes.                 final balance is due two months before your holiday departs. Within two calendar
                                                                              months of the holiday departure all payments are non-refundable and non-transferable.
That’s it! All that remains is for you to click to and      sign the following. I sign to agree that deposit payments are non-returnable and non-
                                                                              transferable. I agree to pay the full final balance two calendar months before the holiday
book in - or use this booking form and a cheque - we will do the rest
                                                                              departs. I am in good health and am a positive person and will be supportive of the Oak
to ensure you have a marvellous time in the mountains.                        Hall team in all circumstances during the holiday. I will advise you of any travelling
                                                                              companions with whom I want to share a room, any special dietary requirements and of
You cannot beat the exhilaration of skiing and snowboarding amongst           any disability and/or pre-existing medical condition at this stage with an accompanying
incredible scenery and the well-being of sharing the expanses of snow.        letter. I accept all booking conditions as presented in the Winter 2010 Oak Hall brochure.
We want you to be with us for an awesome Oak Hall Skiing and                  Signed:                                                                  Date:
Snowboarding holiday!
                                                                              That’s it! We look forward to welcoming you!

WWW.OAKhAll.cO.uK                                                                                                                                                          27
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                                   p ro viding the
                                    ve r y b e s t !

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 Norwegian fjo
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 Cycling in the                                         Walking in the                       gue
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                   e  sights of Rom                     The Ita   lian Island of                   and beaches
  The remarkabl                     School                                     autiful coastline
                  A lpine Bible                          Côte  Fleurie – be
  The Oak Hall                            re                                safari in Botsw
                     y, beauty, cultu                    A fascinating
  G reece - histor                    Austria                               friendship    in Serbia
                   landscape of                          Sharing loyal
   The stunning               of the Orient                                s of Thailand
                    e heart                              In the jungle                        hty Himalayas
   China - into th              the Philippine
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   The tropi  cal Islands of                              Nepal – trekk                        hills of Kent
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    An Am   azon adventur                                 Our Oak Hall
                     land of Cypru
    The tranquil is
                                             packed study tours                          e visit with yo
                    lestine - interestnce we take you for an unforgettabli Oasis, Jericho, the
                                                                                                           ur Bible.
    israel and Pa y years experie                              an Desert, En
     With over thirt        of Olives, Bet
                                               hlehem, Jude            d much, muc
                                                                                         h more!
     Jerusalem, M
                      ount                               azareth an
                                        nt Hermon, N                                                     d alps.
     Jordan Valley,
                       Galilee, Mou
                                                                                 in the snow covere
                                                         air and sunshineree meals a day, return
                       owboarding - enjoy                                et, th
      Skiing and Sns from only £198 including Alpine chal ber to April in the top resorts
                                                          from   Decem                                llent
      Very low cost                        ting holidays                             ing. Our exce
                       taxes. 83 exci             frau, Zillertal
                                                                   and Schladm
                                                                                           skills on the m
      travel and all               lberg, Jung                                  existing
       of Saas, Verbier, Enge                              adding to your
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                        ake it fun lear
       instructors m
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                               me with us.                                e evening Bib
        we invite you to co , the highlight of each day is this an exciting time awaiting
                          team                                       ere
        As a Christian                           ’t miss out ! Th
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        and  praising God

                       Kh all .cKhal.cO.uKO uK
        you with Oak

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