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					Collegiate United Methodist Church/Wesley Foundation

January 4, 2008

Volume 27, Issue 1

A Monastic Resolution
Wil Ranney                    American consumerist           McDaniel. In it, they talk      Thankfully, in the third
                              culture, so that we may be     about John Wesley and the       century some people
It‟s that time of year        able to craft more             New Monasticism. For            asked, “Why would God
again; our pants are snug     thoughtful resolutions for     those of you who are            incarnate as Jesus if we are
from stocking candy and       2008.                                     unfamiliar with      to shed our earthly
we have a lot of new stuff,                                             Monasticism,         bodies?” The answer: Jesus
some of which our friends     I recently                                just think of        was both fully divine and
will envy and some has        finished a                                monks taking         fully human at the same
already been forgotten in     research paper                            vows. The            time. Wesley of course,
the back of our closets.      on Oil                                    central theme        using reason no doubt,
Friends, this time of year    Addiction and                             of monasticism       looked at that Monastics,
is a time for resolutions.    Sin, and in my                            was dualism:         and saw value in their
Thus, in the wake of our      quest I came                              that there           humble lifestyle. This is
Christmas consumer            across an                                 exists a             where Wesley said, “Gain
frenzy, I thought it only     article titled,                           spiritual realm      all you can, Save all you
appropriate to take a look    “John Wesley,                             and an earthly       can, Give all you Can.”
back at what our              Process                        realm, and in order to          Wesley saw monasticism as
esteemed church father,       Theology, and                  experience the spiritual,       the perfect counter to what
John Wesley, might have       Consumerism” by Jay            you had give up the             was then a new idea,
to say about our              Farthing and John              earthly, hence the vows.
                                                                                             (continued on page 4)

Inside this Issue
A Monastic Resolution 1
                              Hospital Visitation Schedule Announced
                              Rev. Linda Butler               to wear diapers after I had     The next morning I woke
Hospital Visitations   1                                      already been “potty”            up with a slight fever and a
                              I was two years old when I      trained and wore big girl       rash which was diagnosed
                              had my first and only over      pants.                          as German measles. The
Nothing But Nets       2      night hospital stay. My                                         surgery was cancelled and
                              family tells me I can‟t         I was in the hospital to        I was sent home. Much to
                              possibly remember it, but       have a small growth             my parents‟ relief, the
Destination            3                                      removed from my eye lid.
Discipleship                  I remember it very                                              growth on my eye went
                              clearly. I remember very        My parents were very            away on its own.
                              vividly being placed in a       worried and it took a lot of
Behind the Razor Wire 10      crib despite my loud            persuading on the nurse‟s       Although I was in the
                              protests that I was big girl    part to convince my             hospital less the twenty-
Heartland Senior       11
                              and I slept in a big girl       parents it was alright for      four hours, I was there
Service                       bed. But the most               them go home and leave          long enough to experience
                              humiliating part of the         me there overnight.
                                                                                              (continued on page 2)
                              hospitalization was having
            Page 2                       Communicator                                  Volume 27, Issue 1

Nothing But Nets
One great ad on TV--and        disease, malaria, by
we are part of it!             providing insecticide-
                               treated bed nets. Each
Yes, you may have seen it.     $10 donation will purchase
If you are a sports fan as I   and deliver to a family an
am, I am sure you‟ve seen      insecticide-treated bed
it. And we have a part in it   net as well as education
and here‟s how and why.        about its use.
The people of the United       The July 2007 issue of
Methodist Church are a                                                                         10,000 nets ($100,000) for
                               National Geographic has a      third.”
founding partner in the                                                                        our Iowa Conference. As
                               comprehensive article,                                          of Nov. 30, 6521 nets had
Nothing But Nets project.                                     United Methodists have
                               Malaria, Stopping a Global                                      been donated. If you
Other partners are the                                        been in mission in Africa
                               Killer in which the writer                                      would like to purchase one
United Nations Foundation,                                    for more than 160 years
                               states, “One of the best                                        or more bed nets just
the National Basketball        defenses against malaria is    operating hospitals,
Association‟s NBA Cares,                                      clinics, schools and             make your check to
                               a gauzy piece of fabric-a                                       CUMC/WF and mark it
and Sports Illustrated.        mosquito net. Treated          mission centers. Nothing
Nothing But Nets focuses                                      But Nets is just one visible     Nothing But Nets. $10
                               with insecticide and                                            can do a wonderful thing!
on protecting children in                                     part of that long-term
                               draped over beds, nets
Africa from the mosquitoes                                    commitment. Bishop
                               can cut infections by half                                      Carolyn Cornette, Sending
that carry the killer                                         Palmer has set a goal of
                               and child deaths by a                                           to Serve

Hospital Visitations                             (continued from page 1)

the fear, stress, and the      listened to my concern and      Methodist Church is my
overall disruption and         prayed with me and my           church.” There has been
powerlessness a hospital       very anxious parents.           some confusion for some
stay can cause. We could                                       folks over having your
have used a pastoral call!     We on the pastoral care         name in the paper. These
If my parents had told our     team would like to visit        are two separate issues.
pastor that I was having       you and pray with you and       You can tell them the name
surgery, I am sure he          your family if you are          of the church and say “no”
would have visited, but my     hospitalized. Over the past     I do not want my name in
parents didn‟t think it was    several months we have          the paper. When you say
important enough to            developed a regular on          “yes” I want my name in
bother him. I am sure he       going weekly hospital           the paper, this does not
would have visited if he       visitation schedule. We go      give the hospital
had known. He probably         to Mary Greeley Medical         permission to notify the
couldn‟t have done much        Center everyday: I visit        church or have your name
about the diapers and the      Monday, Wednesday,              listed in the hospital
crib, but he could have        Thursday, Saturday and/or       church census.
                               Sunday, Bev Shirbroun
                               visits on Tuesday, and Rev.     We care about you and
Regular Contents               Scott Grotewold visits on       want to be there for you,
                               Friday.                         so give us a call or give the
Staff Directory        3                                       hospital your church‟s
                               Although we visit               name when you are
Personals              5       everyday, we do not know        admitted.
                               if you are there unless (1)
                               you or your family              May the God of comfort,
Calendar               6       member calls the church         strength, and compassion
                               to let us know or (2) when      surround you.
Blurbs                 8       you are admitted you tell
                               them “Collegiate United
        Volume 27, Issue 1                              Communicator                                   Page 3

                                                                        Staff Directory
“Destination Discipleship”
Our Sermon Series for Epiphany                                          W Scott Grotewold, Senior Minister of CUMC &
                                                                        Director of Wesley Foundation
Scott Grotewold
                                                               Ext. 13
What is Epiphany? The Christian Church historically commemo-
                                                                        Linda Butler, Associate Minister of CUMC
rates several things during this season, which lasts from January 6 –
                                                               Ext. 16
Ash Wednesday (which this year is Feb. 6): the visit of the Magi to
                                                                        Cell phone-515-778-7498
the baby Jesus‟, his baptism in the Jordan by John; the wedding at
Cana, and the Transfiguration.                                          Jim Shirbroun, Campus Minister & Associate
                                                                        Director of Wesley Foundation
All of these have a common theme: the revealing to the world of Ext. 15
the incarnation of God in Jesus – and of persons being called to
                                                                        Cell phone-515-231-9621
respond, to be his followers, his disciples.
                                                                        Naomi Sea Young Wittstruck, Campus Ministry
Becoming a disciple is a process, says our United Methodist             Associate
Church‟s General Board of Discipleship. We should always be            Ext. 25
deepening ourselves to become better sharers of the Good News
of Jesus Christ. Four “steps” or “movements” have been identified       Wil Ranney, Coordinator of Discipleship,
in this process:                                                        Technology & Communications (DTaC)
                                                                     Ext. 35
   Reaching out to people, receiv-
    ing them into fellowship;                                           Tim Gossett, Dir. of Christian Ed & Adult
   Providing opportunities for
                                                               Ext. 33
    them to grow in their relation-
    ship with God;                                                      Nan Geske, Youth Specialist
   Nurturing them in the Christian                            Ext. 34
                                                                        Dianna Nelson, Children‟s Specialist
   Sending them out to serve God
                                                               Ext. 28
    in the places where they live,
    work, and play. (If this is ac-
                                                                        Joyce Rasmussen, Administrative Coordinator
    complished, more people will
                                                               Ext. 11
    be reached and received into
    fellowship, and the cycle be-                                       Natalie Rekemeyer, Administrative Assistant
    gins again.                                                Ext. 10
                                                                        Roger Lawrence, Building Superintendent
Careful readers might catch how CUMC/WF‟s program clusters
                                                               Ext. 17
and ministries are organized after these steps: Reaching and Re-
ceiving, Relating to God, Nurturing in Faith, Sending to Serve.         Howard Wolfe, Building Custodian

So, too, will our Sermon Series for Epiphany 2008 follow these                            Music Staff
steps as we explore what it means to be a disciple and what it takes    Carl Bleyle, Chancel (adult) Choir Dir/Organist
to achieve discipleship. We‟re calling the series, “Destination:
                                                                        Dee Dreeszen, Bell Choir Director
January 6: on the process of discipleship; Linda Butler preaching
January 13: on reaching out and receiving others; Scott Grotewold       Jason Janssen, faithspring Band Director

January 20: on relating people to God; Jim Shirbroun preaching          Cathy Compton, Wesley Singers Director
January 27: on nurturing people in their faith; Scott Grotewold
February 3: on sending people out to serve as disciples; Linda
Butler preaching
We hope you will join us for this special sermon series which we
intend to help define the ways a congregation – ours included! –
becomes a welcoming, growing, faith-sharing congregation.
          Page 4                              Communicator                           Volume 27, Issue 1

A Monastic Resolution
(continued from page 1)
                               The second aspect is          as much grace as you           Revealing that the
Capitalism. In doing so, he    freedom from inordinate       need, and the poorer you       kingdom of the God is
even manages to skirt          attachments. About this       are, the more grace you        here and now betrays the
dualism. Wesley‟s purpose      Wesley said, “I need to eat will get. Wesley even            greatest lie of
for gaining affluence was      less in order to make the     referred to the poor as        consumerism and
so that you would have         point that my appetites are “Christ‟s Poor”. His             capitalism, and even
more to give to those who      not sovereign over me”. In argument was that                 socialism: they are based
need it, not to abandon        this manner, fasting can be “Affluence sets up the           on the idea that there is not
your earthly life.             used as a spiritual           temptation to trust in one‟s   enough to go around
Remember, Wesley               discipline in order to        own resources rather than      (economic scarcity), but as
believed that we could         prove that                                    in God”.       Christians we believe in a
                                                   Revealing that the
reach perfection in our        our desires                                   Wesley is      divine economy of
earthly life, but he also      do not have      kingdom of the God is saying that           abundance. With God‟s
said that there is “no         bondage           here and now betrays we should             righteousness there is
holiness but social            over us. In      the greatest lie of con- choose             always enough to go
holiness”, thus the need to    my paper, I      sumerism and capital- poverty so            around, from manna in the
share wealth. Through the      talked about                                  that we        desert to the feeding of the
                                                ism: they are based on
efficiencies of supply and     our countries                                 understand     5000. The question is, are
demand economics, we           addiction to      the idea that there is our basic           we going to submit to
are afforded great benefit,    oil, and that        not enough to go         need, to be    bondage to our
but also great                 fasting from      around, but as Chris- in                   consumerist society, or are
responsibility.                driving           tians we believe in a relationship         we going to going to
                               would be a                                    with Christ,   become instruments of
Farthing and McDaniel          way in which
                                                   divine economy of         to get more    God‟s righteousness in the
identified six aspects of      each of us           abundance. With          grace.         Kingdom of here and now!
the monastic life, both        could prove       God’s righteousness Similarly, the
preached AND practiced         that oil is not there is always enough fifth point is        In case you are
by John Wesley, that can       our                                                          wondering, LeAnn and I
                                                  to go around, from         freedom for
help us make our own,          sovereign.                                                   made a commitment to live
responsible consumer           The third        manna in the desert to or being             carbon neutral for 2008.
choices. The first aspect is   aspect is       the feeding of the 5000. poor so that        We are going to do
the primacy of sharing. It                                                   your choices   everything we can to
includes Chastity,                                           in life are made simpler       reduce our greenhouse
                               from affluence. “Have
Obedience, Poverty, and        those who have the largest and it is easier to focus on      gas emissions, and we are
Community. With chastity       share of content that have    God.                           going to “pay down” the
and poverty, we are to         the largest possessions? Is                                  rest in alternative energy
consume modestly so that       not the very reverse true… The final point is living in      investments. I have
we have more to give.          the more [these desires]      the now. McDaniel and          already felt a strange
Obedience is all about         are indulged, they            Farthing write,                “warming of the heart” as I
hierarchy. In other words,     increase the more”.           “Reinforcing Wesley‟s          walk to work in the
government and church          Wesley was convinced that critique of „being-by-             freezing cold.
organizations need to take     having more stuff would       possessiveness‟ is a
a more aggressive stance       not make a person happy,      realized eschatology that      Good luck with your
on consumerism, and their      but paradoxically want        views the Kingdom of God       resolutions,
constituents need to           more stuff.                   not as a distant reality but
follow. Community can be                                     as a contemporaneous           Wil Ranney
described as a “liberation     Freedom for the poor is       experience…If the              DTaC
from egocentricity”. In        the fourth aspect. Wesley,    spiritual life is focused on
other words, instead of        like many of his              authenticity in the present
occupying our egos with        contemporary liberation       rather than on security in
new stuff, we need to          theologians, believed in      the future, then a major
occupy our consumption         the “preferential option for source of the impulse
with sharing.                  the poor”. Another way of     toward acquisition and
                               saying this is that God has   accumulation melts away”.
   Volume 27, Issue 1                       Communicator                                Page 5

        Welcome New Members!
                                         Clint Miller                                    e r
        and So                                                                      Geld
                 ok Jarv
                        is                                                B ria

   Dana Dinnes                                                            Melissa Burke

                      Thank You                  God’s blessings to you    Mike Jensen
                      A special Thank You to                               Grandmother of Brian
                      those who made our         Maralee Shadle            and Jonathan Brand
                      50th Wedding
                      Anniversary a
                                                 Prayer Concerns
                      wonderful celebration      Eryn Shriver's college    Lost and Found
                      by your attendance at      roommate was one of
                                                                           I have an orange
                      our open house and by      the victims from the
                                                                           tupperware container
                      your cards.                shooting in Omaha
                                                                           that someone brought
                      John and Elaine                                      peppermint cupcakes
                      Johnson                    Births                    in from the play.
                                                                           Please call me
                      ***                        Lillian Patricia Scott    (Amanda) at 515-451-
                      I want to thank my         great granddaughter       8330 to get it back.
                      church for sending me      of Rosemary & Lester
                      the five young people      Moore 12/9/07
                      to sing carols. They       Andres Moeller, son       Hospitalization
                      brought laughter and       of Jackson and Lorena
                      sung my favorite                                     Steven Wilson at

                      carols, plus a plate of                              Mercy Hospital in Des
                      goodies made by the        Deaths                    Moines
                      youth of the church.       Ann Woodrow,
                      This happened on the       Former Member
                      day or our first big                                 Correction
                      snow storm. You            Lynn Dreezen, Dee
                                                                           It was Jackie Manatt‟s
                      brought me so much         Dreezen‟s brother
                                                                           father and not her
                      happiness that will live   Kay Reddick, Bev          mother that passed
                      in my memory as it has     Reddick‟s step-           away last month
                      today.                     mother
                                                 Ben Buttrey
          Page 6                           Communicator                            Volume 27, Issue 1

CUMC/WF Calendar                                                                                     January 6 —
DATE/EVENT                              TIME        LOCATION                       DATE/EVENT
Sunday, January 6                                                                  Monday, January 14
Worship Service                          8:30 AM    Sanctuary                      Office Volunteers
Nursery                                  8:30 AM                                   Caroliers Bell Reh.
New Members Joining                                                                Tuesday, January 15
Sunday School Classes for all ages       9:45 AM                                   WF Lunch at the Union (M-shop)
Worship Service                         11:00 AM    Sanctuary                      WF Phoenix Affirmations
Kids Korner                             11:15 AM                                   WF Living Peace & Justice
Chapel Bells Reh.                        6:30 PM    Music Room                     Sending To Serve
Monday, January 7                                                                  Wednesday, January 16
Office Volunteers                        9:00 AM    123                            Endowment Board
Tuesday, January 8                                                                 WF Mid-Week Chapel
UMW Contemporary Books                   9:15 AM    Pat Girton‟s (4028 Fletcher)   WF Phoenix Affirmations @ Mem. Union
Vision Scribes Meeting                   5:30 PM    Fowser‟s (1026 Vermont Ct)     Crusaders Bell Reh.
Wednesday, January 9                                                               Prayer Chain
Linda @ Israel Hospice Meetings          8:00 AM                                   Soup Supper
Construction Meeting in Trailer         10:00 AM    123                            Chancel Choir Rehearsal
Noon Book Group                         12:00 PM    ANX-202                        WF Jazzin' for Jesus band rehearsal
Holy Club                               12:00 PM    123                            Middle School Youth
Crusaders Bell Reh.                      5:30 PM    Music Room                     High School Youth
Soup Supper                              6:15 PM    Wesley Hall                    WF Living the Questions
Middle School Youth                      7:00 PM    Middle School Youth Room       Chancel Bells Reh.
High School Youth                        7:00 PM    ANX 301 HS Yth Rm              Thursday, January 17
Chancel Bells Reh.                       8:30 PM    Music Room                     Staff Meeting
Thursday, January 10                                                               Holy Tearers
Staff Meeting                             8:30 AM   123                            Linda @ BOM Exec Brd. Joint Task Force
UMW Hope Fellowship Group                 9:00 AM   @Northcrest Social Room        Book Club
Roundtable                               12:00 PM   Wesley Hall                    WF Lunch at the Union
UMW Faith Fellowship Group                1:30 PM   Laura Cook‟s (2636 Kellogg)    Scott/Jim GB Higher Ed Ministry
UMW Grace Fellowship Group                7:00 PM   Wesley Hall                    WF Living the Questions
Friday, January 11                                                                 WF Lectionary Bible Study
Staff Epiphany Party                      7:00 PM   OFF SITE                       WF faithspring planning
Saturday, January 12                                                               WF faithspring band rehearsal
Stephen Ministry Training                8:30 AM    ANX 301 HS Yth Rm              Wesley Singers
Premarital Workshop                      9:00 AM    Fireside Room                  Nurturing in the Faith
Sunday, January 13                                                                 Saturday, January 19
Worship Service                          8:30 AM    Sanctuary                      Linda @ Jurisdiction Delegate Meeting
Nursery                                  8:30 AM                                   Sunday, January 20
Sunday School Classes for all ages       9:45 AM                                   Worship Service
Worship Service                         11:00 AM    Sanctuary                      Nursery
Kids Korner                             11:15 AM                                   Sunday School Classes for all ages
WF faithspring band reh.                 4:30 PM    ANX-AUD                        Chancel Choir Rehearsal
faithspring                              5:30 PM    ANX-AUD                        Worship Service
Sunday Supper/ faithspring Postscript    6:30 PM    ANX-AUD                        Kids Korner
Chapel Bells Reh.                        6:30 PM    Music Room                     WF faithspring band reh.
                                                                                   Sunday Supper/ faithspring Postscript
                                                                                   Chapel Bells Reh.
                                                                                   Collegiate Bells Reh.
              Volume 27, Issue 1                          Communicator                                 Page 7

— January 27, 2008
     TIME      LOCATION                   DATE/EVENT                                TIME     LOCATION
                                          Monday, January 21
    9:00 AM    123                        Office Volunteers                       9:00 AM    123
    4:30 PM    Music Room                 Caroliers Bell Reh.                     4:30 PM    Music Room
                                          Tuesday, January 22
   12:15 PM                               WF Lunch at the Union (M-shop)          12:15 PM
    1:00 PM    @ Memorial Union           WF Phoenix Affirmations @ Mem. Union     1:00 PM
    7:00 PM    Fireside Room              WF Living Peace & Justice                7:00 PM   Fireside Room
    7:00 PM    123                        Wednesday, January 23
                                          Linda @ GBHEM - MPRT in Florida
   12:00 PM    123                        Noon Book Group                         12:00 PM   ANX-202
   12:15 PM    OFF SITE                   Holy Club                               12:00 PM   123
    1:00 PM                               WF Mid-Week Chapel                      12:15 PM
    5:30 PM    Music Room                 WF Phoenix Affirmations @ Mem. Union     1:00 PM
    5:45 PM    Nichols Chapel             Crusaders Bell Reh.                      5:30 PM   Music Room
    6:15 PM    Wesley Hall                Evening Prayer                           5:45 PM   Nichols Chapel
    7:00 PM    Music Room                 Soup Supper                              6:15 PM   Wesley Hall
    7:00 PM    ANX-AUD                    Chancel Choir Rehearsal                  7:00 PM   Music Room
    7:00 PM    Middle School Youth Room   WF Jazzin' for Jesus band rehearsal      7:00 PM   ANX-AUD
    7:00 PM    ANX 301 HS Yth Rm          Middle School Youth                      7:00 PM   Middle School Youth Room
    7:00 PM    Fireside Room              High School Youth                        7:00 PM   ANX 301 HS Yth Rm
    8:30 PM    Music Room                 WF Living the Questions                  7:00 PM   Fireside Room
                                          Chancel Bells Reh.                       8:30 PM   Music Room
    8:30 AM    123                        Thursday, January 24
    9:00 AM    Nursery                    Staff Meeting                            8:30 AM   123
   10:00 AM                                Staff Lunch                            12:00 PM
   12:00 PM    123                        WF Lunch at the Union                   12:15 PM   OFF SITE
   12:15 PM                               WF Living the Questions                  2:00 PM   @ Gerdin Bldg
    1:00 PM                               WF Lectionary Bible Study                5:00 PM   Fireside Room
    2:00 PM    @ Gerdin Bldg              WF faithspring planning                  6:00 PM   Fireside Room
    5:00 PM    Fireside Room              WF faithspring band rehearsal            6:30 PM   ANX-AUD
    6:00 PM    Fireside Room              Wesley Singers                           7:00 PM   Wesley Hall
    6:30 PM    ANX-AUD                    Speaking of Faith                        7:00 PM   123
    7:00 PM    Wesley Hall                Sunday, January 27
    7:00 PM    123                        Worship Service                          8:30 AM   Sanctuary
                                          Nursery                                  8:30 AM
   10:00 AM                               Sunday School Classes for all ages       9:45 AM
                                          Chancel Choir Rehearsal                 10:00 AM   Music Room
    8:30 AM    Sanctuary                  Worship Service                         11:00 AM   Sanctuary
    8:30 AM                               Kids Korner                             11:15 AM
    9:45 AM                               WF faithspring band reh.                 4:30 PM   ANX-AUD
   10:00 AM    Music Room                 faithspring                              5:30 PM   ANX-AUD
   11:00 AM    Sanctuary                  Sunday Supper/ faithspring Postscript    6:30 PM   ANX-AUD
   11:15 AM                               Chapel Bells Reh.                        6:30 PM   Music Room
    4:30 PM    ANX-AUD                    Collegiate Bells Reh.                    7:30 PM   Music Room
    5:30 PM    ANX-AUD
    6:30 PM    ANX-AUD
    6:30 PM    Music Room
    7:30 PM    Music Room
        Page 8                           Communicator                               Volume 27, Issue 1


                             Marian Solomon as co-
                             hostess. Donna Butler and     A Reminder:                    concept of God, especially
                                                                                          the one given here. They

                             Elaine Johnson will present
                             the program- Pledge
                                                           Great Global                   wonder how limitless love,
                                                                                          goodness and power will

                             Service.                      Issues                         not, or cannot, prevent
                                                                                          disasters; cure only some
                             Faith: 1:30 p.m. Laura                                       sufferers of dreadful
                             Cook (2636 Kellogg Ave)       Frank Rizzo
All women are invited and                                                                 diseases; and how infinite
                             will serve as hostess with    Our noontime program, on       justice can select just some
encouraged to participate    Loretta Maloy as co-
in activities of United                                    the Great Global Issues,       persons to survive a
                             hostess and Bill Boon will    starts on Jan. 17, 2008. The   serious accident. Does a
Methodist Women (UMW).       be resenting the program.
The local unit at                                          Sunday-morning version         good and powerful God
Collegiate/Wesley has                                      starts Feb. 3rd. Location      have to see how many, and
                             Grace: 7:00 p.m. in
several ongoing groups,                                    will be the Memorial           how hard, prayers will
                             Wesley Hall, Paula
occasional short term task                                 Union, in a room to be         pray, before answering (or
                             Anderson will serve as
forces, a prayer chain,                                    announced.                     not answering) a
                             hostess with Fran Berger
mission and spiritual life                                                                prayer? Surely not.
                             as co-hostess and the         We'll begin with some
studies, mission projects,   program will be the           questions: Do you think of     Indeed, is it possible to
and provides service for     Pledge Service.               your life more as an           reconcile evil and
wedding or anniversary                                     accident or a gift - or as     apparently blameless
receptions and at the time   Holy Tearers: Thursday,                                      suffering with a good,
                                                           something else? Does it
of bereavement.              January 17                                                   loving and all-powerful
                                                           have meaning apart from
                                                           what we ourselves give         God? Philosopher John
Note: Some United            Will be meeting at 9 a.m.
                                                           it? Does it have meaning       Hick
Methodist women are not      in the New Nursery.
                                                           beyond this life? For          k makes some uncommon
members of a group, and
                                                           parents: are your              and credible attempts.
group members do not
                                                           children's lives gifts to      Come and join the
need to be United
                                                           you? - from you? - from        discussion on what these
Methodist. ALL women
are welcome at meetings.     Christmas                     God?                           are.
For additional information
about UMW, please            Giving                        Who or what is
                                                           God? There can be lots of
contact President Elaine
Johnson (296-5093).          Thanks                        answers to this question
                                                           from different people all
                             A huge thank you to all       over the world. Here in
Contemporary Books:          who participated in the       the west, God is seen
Tuesday, January 8           Christmas Giving Project      primarily as an infinite,
at 9:15 a.m.                 for the Emergency             active, personal, all-
                             Residence                     powerful force, motivated
Pat Girton hostess (4028     Project. Because of you,
Fletcher Blvd.), Dolores                                   by limitless love,
                             Christmas was an easier       tempered by justice, with
Brown co-hostess, Shirley    time for many
Snell presenter                                            wisdom and knowledge
                             families. More than 100       infinitely surpassing our
Book: In An Instant by Lee   gift cards of all types and   own. But if we should ask
and Bob Woodruff             $500 were given from the      (though we seldom do)
                             hearts of generous CUMC       does God have any
Fellowship Groups –          members. Thank you!           important interests
January 10                                                 besides us, we usually
                                                           draw a blank!
Hope: 9:00 a.m. in the       Marti
Social Room at Northcrest.                                 Many people find
Marilyn Green will serve                                   incoherence and
as hostess with                                            inconsistencies in any
        Volume 27, Issue 1                              Communicator                                    Page 9

Kudos to                       “For the Bible Book 3 for                                      commentaries by the
                                                                                              editors and Bart Ehrman
Cookie                         Tells Me So” Pages Class                                       are both critical and
Bakers                         Coming soon, a movie Starts                                    If you‟ve been curious
                               night at the Annex.
                               Rainbow Team will    January 6th                               about what this book has to
                                                                                              say to today‟s world (or
A big thank you to all who     sponsor the showing of the                                     had your appetite whetted
have contributed cookies,      award winning film "For                                        by Ted Solomon‟s
etc. for Sunday Supper         the Bible Tells Me So."        Fred Wohn                       excellent Thursday Theme
desserts at faithspring        Does God really condemn                                        discussion of it last
                                                              Pages class is a Sunday
through the fall semester!     loving homosexual                                              spring), Book 3 should
                                                              school book discussion
Cookies have ranged from       relationships? Is the chasm                                    satisfy your curiosity. I
                                                              class. Book 3 dates are Jan
the ever-popular               separating Christianity                                        regard it as a “side road”
                                                              6 – Feb 3. Here is a brief
chocolate chip (with           from gays and lesbians too                                     on my spiritual journey.
                                                              summary of Book 3, The
oatmeal, M&Ms, peanut          wide to cross? Is the Bible                                    But I recommend it so one
                                                              Gospel of Judas, edited by
butter or butterscotch         an excuse to hate? These                                       can learn what “all the
                                                              Rodolphe Kasser, Marvin
chips, with and without        questions and more are                                         Judas fuss” has been about
                                                              Meyer, and Gregor Wurst,
nuts) to scotcheroos and       answered in this award-                                        or to learn a bit of what the
                                                              who are experts in the
rice krispie bars (again       winning documentary,                                           main ideas behind
                                                              study of Gnostic texts or
with variations) and           which brilliantly                                              Gnosticism are about.
                                                              ecclesiastical history or
brownies. One person           reconciles homosexuality                                       There is a $5 suggested
                                                              early Christianity: The
even sent along extra          and Biblical scripture - and                                   donation for the book, and
                                                              Gospel of Judas has been
snacks to replace the usual    reveals that religious anti-                                   everyone is welcome!
                                                              much in the news since
popcorn. Here are the          gay bias is based almost       2006. This book‟s
great and valued cookie        solely upon a                  translation makes its
bakers: Avis Andre, Glenn      misinterpretation of the       missing parts quite
Beavers, Pat Behm, Lee         Bible.                         obvious. As one might
Bergren, Beth Boal, Betty
                                                              expect, the Gospel of
Bowman, Dolores Brown,
                                                              Judas is told from the
Pat Burns, Donna Butler,
                                                              perspective of Judas
Linda Carver, Janell Eby,
                                                              Iscariot, long regarded as
Helen Farr, Pat Girton, and
                                                              history‟s worst villain. But,
Anna Olson. Next time
                                                              far from being a traitor, the
you see any of these
                                                              picture of Judas here is of a
bakers, thank them for
                                                              hero – the one apostle who
their part in CUMC‟s
                                                              truly understands Jesus
ministry to Wesley
                                                              and is thus Jesus‟ confidant
Foundation students! And
                                                              of secrets only hinted at in
if you‟ve been left off this
                                                              the Gospel (which is
list and would like to help
                                                              typical of much Gnostic
out in the future, please
                                                              writing). The
call Barbara Munson (232-
5077) or send an email to
        Page 10                            Communicator                           Volume 27, Issue 1

From Behind the Razor Wire
Pastor Arnett Pint             equalled opportunity for
                               you in January. The na-
December - and our wor-        tional board of Prison Con-
ship service at the Well is    gregations of America is
one year old. At this time     meeting here in Des
last year, we held our first   Moines. They are willing,
worship service in the first   on Sunday, January 27, to
week of Advent. Advent,        make themselves avail-
of course, means               able to our churches.
"coming," and the women        They can preach, join
have not stopped coming        Adult Education classes, or
since!                         lead an open forum be-
In that year, we have          fore, after, or between
grown in worship, grown        worship services. If you
in the number of volun-        would like someone to
teers that work with me        come to your church, con-
here, grown in Bible Stud-     tact me by any means be-
ies, and grown together        low.
with the churches of Iowa
as they learn about and        Contact information:
respond to this ministry.
We have started to grow
an aftercare component for     515-994-3379(home)
this congregation, too,
                               515-967-4236, ext 265
with many of you signing
up to be part of an after-
care team, to walk with the
women when they leave
this place. Many have also
donated items for the
women's use when they
are discharged with so
God is growing an amaz-
ing thing here. We are
blessed to be part of it.
Every person involved in
all this growth is praising
the Advent of Christ, not
only within the walls of the
prison, but within their                                     Communicator Deadline
own hearts and their con-
                                                             January 24, 2008
gregations. We hope all of
you will consider how to                                     Send your photos, announcements, articles, and
be involved in this out-                                     other submissions to, or
pouring of God's grace in                                    drop them by the church office.
the coming year.
If your congregation                                         Bulletin Announcements Deadline
would like to learn more                                     9:00 a.m. Wednesdays
about prison congrega-                                       Send Bulletin submissions to
tions, we have an un-
       Volume 27, Issue 1                              Communicator                              Page 11

Learn More about Heartland Senior Services
The mission of Heartland      Outreach                      independence for as long    needed transportation
Senior Services is to                                       as possible.                throughout Story County
promote successful aging      Heartland Outreach                                        by providing door-to-door
by supporting older adults    Specialists provide one–on    Transportation              service. Heartland also
in achieving and              -one contact with senior                                  oversees the same transit
                              citizens, linking them to     A fleet of 13 HIRTA buses
maintaining their desired                                   and 2 vans provide          services to the residents of
quality of life. HSS          necessary community                                       Jasper County.
                              resources. This enables       seniors, people with
provides services to                                        disabilities and the
residents throughout Story    the seniors to retain their
                                                            general public with
County in the following
five service areas:
Activity and Resources
This program provides
daily opportunities for
older adults to enjoy a
variety of activities that
meet their need for
continued growth and
independence. In
addition, caregivers,
seniors, students, and the
general public find the
center an informative
resource concerning older
adult issues.
Heartland Adult Day
As a home away from
home, this day program
assists families in
maintaining family
members at home or in the
community by providing
individualized programs of
prevention, maintenance,
and care.
Nutrition (congregate
and home delivered
This program assists
seniors in 15 Story County
communities maintain
their health,
independence and dignity
by providing them with a
hot nutritious meal, either
in the congregate meals
setting or delivered to
their home. Nutrition
education is also provided.
Collegiate United Methodist Church welcomes and affirms all persons without regard to gender, ethnic
background, sexual orientation, national origin, age, physical or mental ability, marital status, economic
condition, or anything else which threatens to divide God’s family. In our quest to follow the example of
Christ, we will employ no circles of exclusion and we commit ourselves to loving acts of invitation, hospital-
ity, and reconciliation, providing ministry to, for, and with all persons without exception.

                                      Collegiate United Methodist                              Non-profit Org.
CONTACT                               Church and Wesley Foundation                              U.S. Postage
                                      2622 W Lincoln Way
INFORMATION                                                                                   Ames, Iowa 50010
                                      Ames IA 50014                                              Permit #95

Phone: 515-292-6936
Fax: 515-292-5493

For more photos,
up-to-date calendar and
events, check out our
                                                                                             ATTACH LABEL HERE

                                                                                     in Focus
                                                                                     These were taken at a craft
                                                                                     night that the middle
                                                                                     school youth group
                                                                                     sponsored for younger
                                                                                     children on Dec. 12. The
                                                                                     children and youth had
                                                                                     free range with costumes
                                                                                     in the drama room as one
                                                                                     of the activities.
                                                                                     Top Right: Nathan Wilson,
                                                                                     Taylor Farnham, Justin
                                                                                     Wilson, Jordan Farnham;
                                                                                     Top Left: Justine, Lauren,
                                                                                     and Reese Rosburg;
                                                                                     Bottom Right: Sarah and
                                                                                     John Howell; Bottom Left:
                                                                                     Lauren Banwart, Andrea

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