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                      B.B.A. DEGREE EXAMINATION – 2010
                               (SECOND YEAR)
                                  (PART – III)
                                 (PAPER – VII)
                                     250. COMPANY LAW
                                   (Including Lateral Entry)
December)                                                                              (Time: 3 Hours
                                       Maximum: 100 Marks
                                         SECTION - A
                                       Answer ALL questions.                  (10 × 2 = 20)

   1. Define the following:
      a. Advisory committee.
      b. Contributory.
      c. Official Liquidator
      d. Government company
      e. Statement in lieu of Prospectus.
      f. Debentures.
      g. Statutory meeting
      h. Promoter.
      i. Constructive notice.
      j. Doctrine of ultra virus
                                             SECTION - B
                                      Answer any FOUR questions.                 (4 × 10 = 40)
   2.   What is the procedure for member’s voluntary winding up?
   3.   What is Memorandum of association? What are its contents? How can it be altered?.
   4.   Explain in detail the features of different types of registered companies.
   5.   What is Prospectus? What are its contents? State the legal provisions briefly in connection with
        preparation of prospectus.
   6.   What are the qualifications and disqualifications of a director? What are his powers?
   7.   What is a resolution’? What are the different types of resolution. which may be passed in a meeting
        of shareholders?
                                             SECTION - C
                                     Answer any TWO questions.                  (2 × 20 = 40)
   8.   Critically examine the effective functioning of Sick Industrial Companies (Special Provisions) act,
        1985 in order to revive and rehabilitate sick industrial companies.
   9.   Briefly state the provisions of the companies Act, 1956 regarding the mode of appointment of the
        directors of a company.
  10.   Describe briefly the procedure for effecting the conversion of a private company into a public
        company. How does a private company differ from a public company?
  11.   Who are liable for mis-statements in a prospectus? Explain the extent of civil and criminal liability
        for such mis-statements.

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