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									       City of North Bay
Business Retention & Expansion
       2005 and beyond
            June 17, 2009

  AMO Economic Development Meeting
              North Bay Economic Profile
• 54,000 people
• Catchment Area 105,000
• 3 ½ hours from Toronto and Ottawa
• Diverse Economy             (more than Mining, Forestry and Tourism)
  –   Advanced Manufacturing
  –   Aerospace
  –   Information Communication Technology
  –   Alternative Energy
  –   Public Sector (education, health, government agencies)
  –   Mining Supply Sector
  –   12 multinationals with Canadian Headquarters
                 Development Climate
• 2004 new council
• New approach to business
• New Climate Economic and Community
• Mayor’s Office of Economic Development
• 3 Main Pillars
  – Investment Attraction
  – Sectoral Development
  – Business Retention & Expansion
            2005 Business Retention &
                   Expansion Initiative

• Growth and Retention of Existing
  Businesses - Not new

• Smaller Community – Build on existing
  relationships and contacts.

• Recognized up to 90% of job growth from
  existing local businesses
                              BR&E Objectives
• To gain a better understanding of what makes local
  businesses successful and what could help improve their
  business environment

• To help facilitate problem resolution for existing
  businesses and create awareness of the support
  available for businesses to remain and expand in North

• To increase communication with the business
  community and help acknowledge their importance to
  the North Bay Economy
                                 BR&E Process
• Partnership with North Bay and District Chamber of
  Commerce and Province of Ontario
• Coordinated by City’s Economic Development Officer
• Community Volunteers
   – Training
   – Conducted surveys
   – Defined “Red Flag” Issues
• 230 Participating Businesses
• Confidentiality
• Quick responses to “Red Flag” Issues
                               BR&E Process

                                      Issue Flow
                                      Communication Flow

Visitation                                     Response
  Team                                           Team
             Economic Development
             & North Bay Chamber of

• Combined Provincial and International Models to
  customize local program
• Coordinated internally versus consultant
• Selected Volunteers
• Trained Volunteers
• Modified Survey (focus on challenges/opportunities)
• No imposed artificial deadlines
• Engaged community and local officials
• Ensured wide cross section of participation by
  sector and company size
•   Improve communication with and among business community
•   Sustaining population through immigration and youth retention/attraction
•   Enhancing workforce of trades, professionals and basic skills
•   Build on strengths of education sector and improve linkages with industry
•   Address commercial tax rates
•   Keep momentum of major community inititiatives (waterfront and downtown
•   Improve City Hall accessibility and elimination of red-tape around
    development process
•   Encourage community support of local firms
•   Examine infrastructure priorities as they relate to business retention and
•   Address the need for a cohesive, coordinated community
•   Encourage businesses to embrace a vision for the city’s future development
•   Work to attract business investment while supporting and respecting
    existing firms

1.   Improve internal and external communications
2.   Address workforce shortages
3.   Review commercial tax rate to ensure it is competitive
4.   Review infrastructure upgrades required to support
     community development
5.   Promote the Airport as a community development tool
6.   Foster an expansion friendly business environment.
7.   Engage the local business community in the
     development process
8.   Develop a North Bay population growth strategy

• Development climate changed

• Improved relations with business community

• Business expansions

• 3 years of record development in North Bay

• Focused economic/community Development

• Ongoing process (internal system)
                       Contact Information

   Jerry Knox
   Managing Director Community Services
   City of North Bay
   Toll free: 1.800.465.1882

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