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					Service: Assurance, Management
          & Evangelism

                       Joe Kennedy
                       October 10th, 2007
• Service Importance
• Service Strategy
  – Availability Principles
  – Architecture Process / Service
    Management Components
• Packaging
• Communication
• Summary
                      IT: Provides Business Context
                                                                                   IT’s struggle: Maintain *
        • The majority of IT                                                       the status quo

          tasks lack                                                                                                Utility

          business                                                                                                   22%

          alignment.                                                                               Infrastructure             Enhance
                                                                                                   maintenance                 22%
        • SAME provides an                                                                         & support
          opportunity to
          directly relate IT                                                                                             Frontier
          tasks to business
          success                                                                                       Business needs: Drive the
*Ronnie Corville, Gartner Group: App Management, It’s not just a problem:
        Business: Opportunities
•   Profit
•   Business Optimization & tuning
•   Business Differentiation
•   Feedback Mechanism
•   Partnership building
                        Sales/Revenue Opportunities
            Profit                                                                     Business Differentiation
            • SLA Incentives &                                                         • Additional Features
              Penalties                                                                         –       High Touch Service
                     – Recent Survey*:                                                          –       Partnership Integration
                              • Penalties: 95%                                                  –       Outsource Foundation
                              • Incentives: 25%                                                 –       Virtual Call
            • Support Classes
                                                                                       • Higher Service Level
                     – Platinum
                     – Gold
                                                                                       • Supports Incentives
                     – Silver
*Gartner Research: Survey of Outsourcing Technology Service Providers, 3.2007;
             Examples: Differentiator,
            Optimization & Partnership
• Determined set of Business
  Metrics to measure
   –   Account opening
   –   Time to close ticket
   –   All transaction processing
   –   etc.
• Selected Operations tools
  providing raw data required
  for metric reporting
• Each Vendor product had
  to provide sample data in
  format for metrics
• Detailed interface
  specification for metrics         [..provide detailed analytics around the breakdown of Accounts and Assets, [list]… and
                                    Service Level Performance. The system is segmented in four main portals, accessible by
  created for each data point       both [internal] users and external clients. The Accounts and Assets view provides the
                                    user with a breakdown of accounts and assets across [list] both currently and
        Optimization / Feedback
 Feedback / SLA Defense
 • Late client file arrival
 • Slow client processing times
 • Reverse SLA assurance

                  Business Optimization
                  • Processing by operator
                  • Cost by operator / location
 end              • Cost by function
Service Management must be designed into all
activities at the planning phase…
                  Define Metrics

SLA/SLM Metric               Data Point Location
• Application Availability   • Monitoring Service
• Transaction Response       • Messaging Server
• Ticket Resolution          • Ticket System Logs
• Account Opening            • Workflow System Log
• Application Response       • Monitoring Service
                               Integration Inventory
             Availability Principles
“Service Levels start with Availability Planning and end in

“The best system in the world is worthless unless it’s available!”

“If you haven’t planned for and determined your level of availability,
    don’t guarantee you can provide it…”

21 Availability Principles – 8 of them specifically feed
  into the planning and SLM processes [nodes,
  visibility, encryption/throughput, address spacing,
  logging, thread tracing, monitoring, general]
• Planning Process: Architectural Process
• Business Application Code: size, complexity and maintainability
   – Determines SLA capabilities
   – Estimates maintainability / stability
• Distributed Environment Assurance: complexity, data gathering,
   – How complicated is an individual system
   – How are the individual components connected
• Code Control and Deployment
• Monitoring
   – Gathering data on individual component availability/throughput
   – Gathering data on end to end “Systems Availability” – User View
• Communication
   – Display of gathered Metrics
   – Feedback Mechanism
                                         Architectural Process
                                                             Tools & Setup
                                                             • Reporting / Dashboard
                                                             requirements driven
                                                             •Set at process beginning to
                                                             ensure data availability

                                                             Analysis & Review
                                                             • Shows success criteria at the
                                                             Service Management level
                                                             •Provides Dashboard
                                                                  •Response time

*KI: The Architectural Process:
                                                            Code Quality
   • Trends: identify areas of increasing complexity,
     specific high-risk modules, and prioritize them for
     testing and rework.

                                                          • The volatility (or churn) of a production system’s
                                                            code measures the change and potential risk
                                                            conferred by maintenance and new development

 • Volume: Illustrates size, cost of maintenance,
   represents the basis for defect density.
 • Growth signals growth in scope, and cost to test
   and maintain.
*Source IQ: Graphs shown derived from a live, open source community project . This project is similar in scope and size to a multi-year
effort by a global team to construct a robust, medium-scope, high-performance product.;
         Environment Visibility
                                  App Server Admin:

• Enterprise                      View suited to role

• View into
• Visible
  integration    Sys Architect:
                 Tracks assets
                 by location
       Configuration & Code
• Shows rate of
• Feedback
  mechanism for

Information Creation
Internal                      External
   –   Availability              – SLA Assurance
   –   Processing Times
   –   Improvement Oppy’s     • Conclusions
   –   Cost of Business          – Reprioritization of open
• Conclusions                      requests
   – New enhancements may        – Oppy’s for streamlining
     require redrafting SLA      – New Enhancement
     conditions                    Requests
   – Some business apps
     may be less profitable
   – Some features may/not
     be more valuable than
• Providing an end to end view of the
  services you are providing to your
• Allowing customers to interact with the
  information you are providing.
                                   What’s That…
  – Ticket Tracking                 I need Help…
  – IM / Call Center                  That’s Great !

  – Immediate Information
• Client Facing
• Online Ticket &
  Resolution Tracking
• Integrated Workflow
• Information Sharing
Creating Logical Views
Not Data - Information
         Continuous Improvement
• Collection
• Partitioning
    – Segmenting by application
    – Reporting by application
• Visibility
    – Allowing customers to see business
      application metrics
    – Allowing real/near real time reporting of
• Communication
    – Prioritization
    – Resolution
• Kaizen
• BSM Starts with Planning
• Requires extensive attention to how to
  create & maintain a service level
• Requires data from many disparate areas
• Provides significant business information
  that produces multiple opportunities for
• Creates stronger synergies/bonds
  between suppliers & consumers
• Cornerstone for continuous improvement
                 Contact / Questions
Joe Kennedy                     Questions?


• 617.309.9585
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