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                       LETTER OF VERIFICATION
Guidance for Applicants:

1.           The certificate issued by Leeds Metropolitan University as proof of the conferment of an award is a unique and
             valuable document which should be carefully preserved by its recipient. Under no circumstances will the
             University issue additional copies or duplicates to any applicant holding an original certificate.

2.           Duplicates have precisely the same standing as the original which they replace, are produced in the format
             currently in use and may not be a facsimile copy of the original.

             Requests for duplicate certificates or letters of verification will only be considered on full and correct
             completion of this form

3.           The loss or destruction of a certificate is a serious matter and a duplicate will only be issued at the discretion
             of the University, which reserves the right to refuse a duplicate application without specifying a reason for its

4.           Duplicate Certificates – Applicants requesting a duplicate certificate MUST provide:

                          i.           EITHER the damaged or defaced certificate OR a completed Declaration – SECTION B -
                                       setting out fully the circumstances in which the certificate was lost or destroyed, with an
                                       undertaking that, should a duplicate be issued, it will be returned to the University if the
                                       original is subsequently found.

                          ii.          This form, fully completed and signed.

                          iii.         A cheque for £50 made payable to LEEDS METROPOLITAN UNIVERSITY or pay over the
                                       phone by calling 0113 812 3832. Please insert receipt number below (Fees are subject to
                                       change without prior notification).

5.           Letter of Verification – Applicants requesting a Letter of verification MUST provide:

                          i.           This form with Section A fully completed and postal address in Section B.

                          ii.          A cheque for £10 made payable to LEEDS METROPOLITAN UNIVERSITY or pay over the
                                       phone by calling 0113 812 3832. Please insert receipt number below. (Fees are subject to
                                       change without prior notification).

Please send me a:

             Duplicate Certificate                                -   £50

             Letter of Verification                               -   £10

SECTION A (to be completed by ALL applicants in BLOCK CAPITALS

Full Name of Applicant:                                                                        ___     Date of Birth:      _______

Student ID if Known: _________________

Year of Award: _________

Award and Title of Course:

Contact Telephone No: _____________________

Receipt No (if paid over the phone):

Signature:                                                                                     Date:
SECTION B – Declaration to be completed by applicants if original has been lost and a duplicate is required,
explaining reasons for and circumstances of loss.



do solemnly and sincerely declare that

and I make this declaration conscientiously believing the same to be true and by virtue of the provisions of the
‘Statutory Declaration Act, 1835’. I undertake that should my original certificate be found, I will return the duplicate to
Leeds Metropolitan University.

Applicant’s Signature:

Declared at:

on the                                  day of                           20

Before me …………………………………………………………………………………………….
Magistrate, Commissioner for Oaths or Practicing Solicitor *

Affix or impress official seal or stamp here
with address and telephone number for

* Applicants residing overseas should normally complete this declaration through a British Embassy or consulate, or
other representative of the Crown.

FOR UNIVERSITY USE ONLY                             Student ID:                Mode of Study:

Amount of Fee:                                      Date Received:             Authorised By:

Original Cert No:                                   Duplicate Cert No:         Date Sent:

Please return to:

Awards, Examinations and Graduations
Registrar and Secretary’s Office,
Room 213, Leighton Hall,
Leeds Metropolitan University,
Headingley Campus,
Leeds, LS6 3QS

Tel: 0113 812 5463



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