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									          Library Automation of Al-Barkaat Institute of Management
         Studies, Aligarh with help Alice for Window (AFW) Library
                                                      *Parvez Ahmad, **Jafar Iqbal
   *Librarian, Al-Barkaat Institute of Management Studies, Anoop Shahr, Road, Aligarh-202 002,
 E-mail:, ** Research Scholar, Deptt. of Library & Information Science, Aligarh
                  Muslim University, Aligarh-202002, E-mail:
   Introduction                                                                 to culti vate wisdom and learning, the Society
    In the present age of information, it has been                              established Al-Barkaat Institute of Management
increasingly felt that information needs and                                    Studies in 2004.
users must become the central focus of attention,                                 The Institute has all up-to-the-minute facilities,
to serve users better. Success of information                                   such as fully automated library, spacious
service is more likely to be achieved by adjusting                              classrooms, state-of-the-art computer labs, on-
the services to meet the specific needs of an                                   campus hostel accommodation, seminar rooms,
individual rather than trying to adapt the                                      conference hall, indoor & outdoor games
individual user to match with the output of the                                 facilities, canteen, gymnasium etc. The role of
information system.                                                             the Institute is to impart quality management
  Libraries play vital role in the educational,                                 education to equip young men and women of
industrial and technological progress of a                                      our country with knowledge, skills, and a
country. Progress of the nation depends upon                                    positive attitude to help them to make a
advance knowledge gained by educationists,                                      meaningful contribution to the economic well-
technologists, engineers and scientists of the                                  being of the country.
country. Hence the role of libraries in Universities                              ABIMS Library: an overview: The library is
and then educational institutions is to active a                                the heart of every educational institute which
free flow of information from the point of                                      breathes knowledge and information into the
generation to the point of utilization of                                       minds of the students. The Al-Barkaat Institute
information efficiently and effectively. The                                    of Management Studies has a well equipped
present educational policy emphasizes on self-                                  Library with an elaborate collection of books,
study, experiments, field study and research                                    journals, project reports, Audio-Video materials
rather than classroom study. Therefore, library                                 and other resources to serve its users.
has to play vital role in the higher education to                                 ABIMS Library is fully automated with using
meet user requirements. Optimum use of                                          barcode technology to issue and return books
resources is possible through networks only.                                    with the help of Alice for Window Library
  Al-Barkaat Institute of management Studies:                                   software. The library aims at providing timely,
a profile                                                                       reliable and comprehensive information on the
  Al-Barkaat Educational Society is dedicated                                   contemporary and topical sphere pertaining to
to the memory of renowned Persian and Hindi                                     multifarious aspects of management.
Sufi poet, Syed Shah Barkatullah of Mahrehra                                       ABIMS Library Collection summary:
in the District of Etah in Uttar Pradesh and it                                    Books                                10,000
derives inspiration from the being and wisdom                                      Journals                             75
of a galaxy of memorable Sufis of Khanqah-e-
                                                                                   Bound Volumes                        725
Barkaatiya, Mahrehra Sharif. With a clear aim
                                                                                   Inplant Training / Project Reports   500
Reprint request: Parvez Ahmad                                                      AV-Materials                         10
Librarian, Al-Barkaat Institute of Management                                      CD-Roms                               335
Studies, Anoop Shahr Road
                                                                                   Floppies                              25
Aligarh-202 002, U.P.
E-mail:                                                     Charts                                10

Parvez Ahmed et al. Indian Journal of Library and Information Science. May - August 2009; Vol.3 No.2                             81
  Library Staff: ABIMS Library has good team                 documents & the main thing is implication of
of qualified Professional, Semi-                             five Laws of library science.
  Professional, Non-Professional Staff.                        Al-Barkaat Institute of Management Studies
  Library Services: ABIMS Library is providing               is one of the best management institute in
                                                             Aligarh which have a computerized Library.
  the following services to its Users:                       Computerization started since 2007 and built a
  ·    Circulation                                           complete database of over 10,000 books, 1000
  ·     Reference Service                                    Current and Back Volumes of journals and
                                                             reports. Further we have Online Services
  ·     Current Awareness Service (CAS)                      provided to our users through our INTER
  ·     Reprographic Service                                 LIBRARY LAN SYSTEM consisting of 5
  ·     Audio-Visual service                                 terminals connected to the Main Library Server
                                                             storing our database. The ONLINE PUBLIC
  ·     OPAC                                                 ACCESS CATALOG (OPAC) is used to carry
  ·     E-mail and Internet                                  out online searches of library database by
  ·     CD-Rom Database                                      Author, Title, Keywords and Accession
                                                             Numbers which enables users to provide good
  ·     Inter Library Loan
                                                             reference service to staff and students.
  ·     Book Bank
                                                                     Need and Significance of Study
  ABIMS Library has rich collection of books of
                                                                To fulfill the demand of five laws of library
Indian and International publications & has
                                                             science automation has been essential for every
excellent collection of Encyclopedias, latest
                                                             library because automation satisfied the
Journals (The Economist, Harvard Business
                                                             requirement of these laws which are pillar of
Review, Vikalpa, Decision, IIMB Management
                                                             library science. By the following point we can
Review, etc.), Magazines, and Newspapers. It
                                                             understand the need of library automation:
has wide collection of Project Reports and Case
Studies. The library maintains e-resources and                   ·         Improve the quality, speed, &
has a digital library on GSDL, which can be                                effectiveness of services.
accessed by any terminal in ABIMS campus.                        ·         Improve access to other networks &
Along with this, library has subscribed some                               systems, including the web.
online journals also.                                            ·         Improve the management of physical
  Automation of ABIMS library                                              & financial resources.
  In one word we can say when we use                             ·         Facilitate wider access to information
computer & information technology in library                               & dissemination of information product
operations such as in Acquisition, cataloguing,                            & services to the users.
Circulation, Serial Control, etc. that is library                ·         Provide easy & fast access to the library
automation or an Automated library in which                                material.
all the function getting done by the help of
computer & information technology.                               ·         Lastly save the time of users, Library
                                                                           Staff & space of Library.
  The automation of libraries and information
centers in India started in middle 1950’s till                   Issues of Previous System
1980’s the concept of automation was centered                 There are many issues of previous system,
on the use of computers & information                        which can be listed as:
technologies for housekeeping operations and                     ·       The process of issue and return of books
information services by individual libraries.                            is manual and time consuming.
There are certain factors responsible for the
automation of the libraries. Information                         ·       The fine calculation is manual and hence
explosion, increased user’s demand, labor                                prone to mistakes.
intensive nature of work, changing concepts of                   ·       The interface for searching of books is not

82                                  Parvez Ahmed et al. Indian Journal of Library and Information Science. May - August 2009; Vol.3 No.2
           user friendly.                                                       are integrated packages covering many
   ·       The book search facility is slow and does                            functions while others concentrate on specific
           not always give correct results.                                     functions including cataloguing and
                                                                                management of information. There are many
   ·       There is no provision for the members to                             automation software in India such as: Alice for
           recommend any books.                                                 Windows, LibSys, SOUL, Granthalaya, CDS/
   ·       There is no provision for the members to                             ISIS, PALMS (Prashad Automated Library
           reserve books.                                                       Management System), WILISYS (WIpro Library
   Selection of library software                                                Information SYStem), Suchika, Troondon,
                                                                                Sanjay. But ABIMS have selected Alice for
   If a library wants to make a beginning; CDS/                                 windows.
ISIS is best suited as it involves minimum
investment on both hardware and software.                                         Why ABIMS choose Alice for windows
Once a database with bibliographic details is                                   (AFW)
developed, the same data can be used for                                           Alice for Windows is an international
circulation activities. Here the selection of                                   software package of Softlink International Co.
software becomes crucial because CDS/ISIS can                                   and is marketed worldwide through various
efficiently handle only the cataloguing system.                                 agencies based in USA, Australia, New Zealand,
Following criteria might help the librarians to                                 Britain, Iceland, Singapore, Malaysia, India and
select the right software for other housekeeping                                Sri Lanka.It is a complete, integrated library and
operations. Who are the developers, whether an                                  information management system, which brings
institution, or reputed company or few                                          powerful automatic document and resource
individuals. The preference is for institution and                              control within the reach of all organizations,
second preference is for the reputed company.                                   regardless their size. The package is available in
One has to be skeptical about the software                                      four versions, for school libraries, academic
developed by individuals as there will be no                                    libraries, special libraries and public libraries, so
continuity.                                                                     that libraries can select according to their
   1.      How many times the software has been                                 requirements. This package has some important
           revised since the time of its first launch.                          features such as a rapid retrospective cataloguing
                                                                                module, GUI technology, compatibility with
   2.  How many parameters are available for                                    multimedia, and support for barcode
       each module? More the parameters                                         technology. The most impressive beauty of AFW
better will be the flexibility and needs no or                                  is that, it is multimedia supportive.
minimum customization.
                                                                                   Alice For Windows: an overview
   3.      Whether the software has facility to
           import and export bibliographic data.                                   AFW efficiently and effectively assists in the
                                                                                management and control of library. It performs
   4.      Training and guidance after installation.                            all the functions require in a library system. Alice
   5.      Whether available on major operating                                 is reliable and proven product. Over the last
           systems.                                                             twenty five years it has grown and achieved the
   6.      Whether it is web interfacial.                                       status of leading library automation software of
                                                                                the world.
   7.      Whether it can be interfaced with the e-
           mail system of the campus network.                                      Silent Features:
  8. Whether it has taken care of Y2K                                              ·       Electronic Documents Cataloguing.
compliant.                                                                         ·       Boolean Multiple Fields Search.
  Library automation                       and       networking                    ·       Reminder Notice Via e-mail to member.
software in India                                                                  ·       Message popping for overdue of
  In India many software packages are available                                            Resource.
for these activities and many libraries have                                       ·       Bulletin Board Failed Search Records
automated their various functions. Some of these                                           Automatic Keyword Generation.

Parvez Ahmed et al. Indian Journal of Library and Information Science. May - August 2009; Vol.3 No.2                              83
  ·     See and See Also Reference Library Map.                       Modules Description:
  ·     Multimedia Live Demonstration Member                        Inquiry or OPAC: AFW provides a powerful,
        Card Generation With photograph.                          yet easy-to-use, search interface to locate items
  ·     Reservation and booking of Resources in                   in your library collection. The OPAC (On-line
        Intranet/Internet Environment.                            Public Access Catalogue) interface is often
                                                                  referred to as OPAC, Inquiry, or Search. We have
  ·    Barcode Labels and Spine Labels from                       customized the inquiry header, as you can see
software database Printing by using laser printer                 in below.
(no need to purchase barcode printer). Random
barcode generation is also possible.

                                                Figure.1: Inquiry Module
  Suppose user want to search book authored by Aswathapa, then he /she has to put these keywords in inquiry’s
search box and enter. After enter he/she can get the all collection of Aswathapa available in library. You just click
on your desired item & you will get the cover image of that particular item as in shown below. That is the beauty of

                                        Figure 2: Extension of Inquiry Module

  Management                                                      the no need to make a new entry for book only
   This module deals with the entry of new                        we enter the new accession no. for this book,
books, and accordingly updates in the concerned                   and the database is updated. If no other copy of
database. During the entry of books, this module                  the book exists, then the book is first assigned
first checks the existing book database to see if a               accession no. and then the other details of the
copy of the book is already exists. If yes, then                  book are entered and the database is updated.

84                                       Parvez Ahmed et al. Indian Journal of Library and Information Science. May - August 2009; Vol.3 No.2
During modification of existing books, the                                      the librarian to make the required modifications
module first searches for the books in the                                      and finally updates the database.
database and retrieves its details. It then allows

                                                        Figure 3: Catalouging Module
   AFW automatically generate the keywords                                      Circulation also maintains and follows your
from Title, Notes, Edition etc.for user search &                                library policies regarding who can loan out what
it also generate see & see also references for                                  resource type and for how many days. When
catalogue search to the user. Its also generate                                 selecting Loans, this is the window that appears.
various report for library uses. Maintenance of                                 The cursor is automatically positioned in the
Authority files, including subjects, GMD,                                       Enter barcode field and awaits a barcode or
authors, keywords, stop words, locations,                                       command.
etc.Cataloguing and accessioning all resources.                                   To loan out a resource, scan the borrower’s
Printing of reports, authority file lists and                                   barcode or find the borrower by name. Here you
catalogues.                                                                     can see the image of borrower. When the name
   Circulation                                                                  or barcode is entered, the Loan tab will turn
    The circulation component of AFW is the area                                green indicating resources may now be scanned.
                                                                                Scan the resource barcode on each resource the
  in which you record resource transactions.                                    borrower wishes to have and the transaction is
Circulation allows resources to be loaned out to                                complete.
borrowers and returned to the library.

                                                        Figure 4: Cerculation Module

Parvez Ahmed et al. Indian Journal of Library and Information Science. May - August 2009; Vol.3 No.2                          85
   In this module we decide the Maximum                       articles that can then be accessed by library users
number of loans per person for how many no.                   from Inquiry. Individual article information may
of days item can be borrowed to be set by count               be recorded. This includes journal, issue, article
or by total monetary value? We can print                      title, author, length and starting page. Multiple
reservation notices when a reserved item is ready             subjects can be added along with scanned
to collect? Default expiry date for reservations?             images and extensive notes. Words in the notes
How long, in general, will a reservation be ‘live’,           can be tagged as keywords.
i.e. how long will you wait for a resource                      The library user, when conducting a search
currently on loan to be returned before a                     in Inquiry, can access journal information en-
reservation is automatically cancelled?                       tered by the librarian. Any articles that are not
   Acquisitions                                               held by the library may be requested from the
   Maintenance of budget information, the Wish                OPAC, if this function has been authorized by
List, On Approvals, ordering, receipt of resources            the librarian. If the library uses the Periodicals
and non-book expenses. The Acquisitions                       module then the location and availability of an
module is designed to assist the librarian with:              article are also displayed.
Budgetary control of purchases (resource and                      Conclusion
general library expenses). Production of orders.
Processing of items received. Recording of                       “Library Automation” is a process of using
suggestions and requests onto a “wish list”,                  computer-based system to do house –keeping op-
Orders and requests to suppliers, lists of                    erations. Such as acquisition, circulation, classi-
resources purchased from a budget dissection,                 fication, cataloguing, stocktaking, etc.Library
claims for late orders, budget reports, and wish              automation which started in the late 1970’s in a
list reports and “on approval” reports are all                few special libraries has now reached most of
available.                                                    the university libraries. It is yet to take off in col-
  Periodical                                                  lege libraries in India owing to various problems.
   Details for each journal subscription are                     ABIMS Library is first fully automated library
entered, a list of expected issues is generated and           among all self financing Institutes available in
the expected arrival date of each issue is                    Aligarh, which has provided, Online Services to
calculated. As each issue is received, it is                  its users through Inter Library LAN System in
accessioned and may be circulated. Any missing                which users can access the library database from
or overdue issues are displayed and a claim may               the Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC) and
be printed automatically for the supplier. A                  also helps to library staff to provide good refer-
circulation list is maintained for each journal and           ence service to staff and students.
may be printed automatically for circulating                     References
newly arrived issues to users.                                    1. (August 10, 2008)

   Each journal or each issue becomes part of the                2. (August 12,
main catalogue, if required. Thus subject
headings, notes and keywords can be assigned                  (August 12, 2008)
to each journal, or to each issue of each journal,                4. (August 13, 2008)
thus increasing access through the Inquiry                      5. G.K. Manjunath, Library Automation:Why and How? http://
module. In the latter case the linking facility in  
normal cataloguing can then be used to associate                  6. Rajinder Singh Aswal, Library Automation for 21st Century, Ess
catalogue records for individual articles with the            Ess Publication, New Delhi. 2004

issue. Complete control of subscriptions, holdings                7. Bhojaraju G., Automation of ATEC Central Library: a Case Study.
                                                              In proceedings of workshop on Information Resource Management 13th-
and claims is provided. Minimal time is required              15th March, DRTC Bangalore. 2004.
to process each incoming issue.                                  8. K.R.Mulla & Shivakumar. A. S, and Chandrashekar. M,
                                                              Automation of HKBK College of engineering Library & information
  Journal Indexing                                            centre: A case study.
  The Journal Indexing module allows the                          9. In proceedings of National Seminar “Digital Resources and Services
operator to enter and index individual journal                in Libraries”. April 30, Dept of Library & Information Science Kuvempu
                                                              University- Shimoga. Karnataka, India. 2004.

 86                                  Parvez Ahmed et al. Indian Journal of Library and Information Science. May - August 2009; Vol.3 No.2

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