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The Magazine that Rocks
     the Knitting World
The Essence of knit.1
 Urban…Edgy… Smart…Knitting.

 WELCOME TO knit.1

 knit.1 is like no other knitting magazine in the world. Created for an
 eclectic audience of knitting and crochet fans who insist on crafting their own look with
 their own talents, knit.1 gives this creative group access to the hottest fashions and
 accessories that are both fun to knit and fun to wear.

                                      Already a sellout success, knit.1 delivers designs,
                                      products, book reviews and articles for and about peo-
                                      ple who are players in the world of fashion and design.
                                      knit.1 is a new kind of knitting and crochet maga-
                                      zine, one that shows readers how to combine ready-to-
                                      wear fashions with custom-made items of their own.

                                      Grow your customer base today by advertising in
                                      knit.1. Now published four times a year to satisfy
                                      the growing demands of its young, fashionable audi-
                                      ence, knit.1 already reaches thousands of trendset-
                                      ting knitters eager for new ideas—and your products!

Our Readers Rock!
                                            Take a look...
The industry has seen a 150% jump in young knitters (18-34)*
   • 18-34: 50% + • 45+: 25% • 54+: 20%

They get their yarn and craft
information EVERYWHERE:
   • Online— Over 75% use it regularly
     to research, buy or blog
   • Magazines— Over 30% get ideas
     from magazines
   • In-Store— Over 65% visit yarn stores:
     on average, 3x per project
   • Books— Over 50% have 10 or more books
     on the subject

They’re constantly making something:
  • Over 15 projects a year
  • Crochet & knit projects are most popular

Knitters and crocheters like one another:
  • They inspire: 25% get their ideas from friends
  • They blog: Over 700 knitting-related blogs now exist in the U.S.
  • They hold on: They keep their magazines for reference and
     share them with friends

   • On average: $7.00 a skein
   • They like “fun” projects: Ponchos, Blankets &
     Fashion Yarn Scarves

   • 85% say they will make as many, or more, projects next year
   • 52% of knitters and crocheters under 35 plan more projects
     than any other group

*Within the past 3 years. Source: CYCA 2004 Tracking Study
The Knit.1 A-list!
   Things to remember...
When making an Ad:

SIMPLE IS BEAUTIFUL! Your products are, too.
Keep the reader’s eye focused by keeping the copy and visual clear.

IDENTIFY YOURSELF! Make sure your logo is large and give
contact information boldly.

SPACE IS A GOOD THING! Don’t try and put everything in one
ad. Showcase your main product. Better yet, buy more than one ad (or
size) and show your range of products.
                                                                       When deciding where to Advertise:
QUALITY COUNTS! Use good photography and high-resolution
images to ensure great reproduction.                                   WE TARGET YOUR AUDIENCE EFFICIENTLY.
                                                                       knit.1’s large audience of young knitters will do a minimum of 15 projects
                                                                       a year. That translates into big purchase power.

                                                                       WE EXTEND YOUR REACH.
                                                                       For every one person who gets knit.1, at least 3 more will see it because
                                                                       knitters are big sharers of information and patterns.

                                                                       WE INFLUENCE!
                                                                       Knitters and crocheters are incredibly creative. The fashion focus in knit.1
                                                                       inspires new ideas, projects and purchases.

                                                                       WE’RE CONNECTED!
                                                                       Columns like “Here’s How” and articles by knitting celebrities such as
                                                                       Vickie Howell (DIY’s “Knitty Gritty” girl) keep our readers involved with
                                                                       their projects and your products.

Contact: Doreen Connors: 212.937.2554
or Rose Ann Pollani: 212.937.2557                                                                                  3
Advertising Rates
                       General Information
Bleed Ads: no charge
Supplement & Advertorial rates available upon request
Rate Policies: A 15% agency discount applies for                                Four Color                      1X            4X            8X         12X
electronic materials supplied and paid for within 30 days of invoice date.
                                                                                Back Cover                     8995          8543         8098         7646
All payments are net 30 days; first-time advertisers must pay cash to
                                                                                Full Page                      8386          7739         7547         7131
establish credit (recognized agencies excepted). Finance charge of              2/3 Page                       6263          5945         5631         5319
1%/month after 30 days.                                                         1/2 Page                       5412          5140         4868         4596
Online/Web Site Listings &                                                      1/3 Page                       4133          3925         3722         3513
Advertiser Directory                                                            1/4 Page                       3462          3254         3004         2737
All advertisers are entitled to a free listing in our advertiser directory as   1/6 Page                       2663          2513         2328         2119
well as a listing of their online/URL address                                   Black & White
Special Program Offers! Soho Publishing leads the                               Full Page                      6263          5945         5631         5319
way in developing special programs and features that bring your brands          2/3 Page                       4561          4329         4103         3872
and products to life and make them stand out above the crowd. Some of
                                                                                1/2 Page                       3768          3579         3393         3200
                                                                                1/3 Page                       2495          2367         2241         2119
the offerings that are currently available are:
  • Gatefolds • Special Supplements or Inserts • Advertorials                   Mail Order
                                                                                Full Page                      5598          5372         5088         4805
We’re always creating new programs. Come talk with us about developing
                                                                                2/3 Page                       4133          3925         3722         3513
a plan that will showcase your product. We’ll help you develop a strategy
                                                                                1/2 Page                       3288          3177         3010         2842
that's yours — and yours alone.
                                                                                1/3 Page                       2251          2136         2027         1911
Rates: Subject to change                                                        1/6 Page                       1124          1071         1013          954
For further information contact:                                                1/12 Page                       637           608          573          545
  Doreen Connors: 212.937.2554—                        15% Agency Discount applies to above gross rates.
  Rose Ann Pollani: 212.937.2557—                   For Color ads in the Mail Order section, add $250 to the net amount of the ad.

           2008 Closing/On-Sale Dates                                           Fax: 646.486.4170

  Issue             Space Close        Materials Close             On Sale

  Spr/Sum          Jan. 5, 2008          Jan. 9, 2008       Apr. 16, 2008
  Fall           May 10, 2008           May 27, 2008       Aug. 27, 2008
  Winter           Aug. 5, 2008          Aug. 9, 2008       Jan. 12, 2008
Ad Specs
Both Full Page and Partial Page Ads are only accepted
as High Resolution PDF Files with Embedded Fonts.
Please note that all images in the file need to be 300 dpi CMYK. We
cannot accept ads sent in RGB format. If received in this format, there
will be a charge for converting it to CMYK format, which can cause the
color to change. The ad can be sent one of the following ways:
  • Saved to CD and mailed with a printout of the ad.
  • Emailed to
  • Placed on Soho’s FTP site.
Please be sure to reference the Email with the advertiser name, magazine
name and issue.
                                                                                For any questions regarding ad material, please contact:
                                                                                  Rose Ann Pollani at 212-937-2557,

Ad Dimensions                                                         Bleed                                                           Non-bleed

                                      Spread                                                                    1/3 Page vertical
                                      Live: 153/4" W x 10" H                                                      21/4" W x 10" H
                                      Bleed: 161/2" W x 103/4" H
                                      Trim: 161/4" W x 10 1/2" H
                                      1/ " gutter on both pages for grind off

                        Full Page                                                                               1/4 Page Vertical
                        Live: 75/8" W x 10" H                                                                     3 3/4" W x 47/8" H
                        Bleed: 83/8" W x 103/4" H
                        Trim: 81/8” W x 101/2" H

                         1/2 Page Horizontal                                                                    1/6 Page Vertical
                         Live: 8" W x 5" H                                                                        21/4" W x 47/8" H
                         Bleed: 81/8" W x 53/8" H
                         Trim: 81/4” W x 51/4" H

                        1/2 Page Vertical                                                                       1/12 Page Square
                        Live: 31/2" W x 10" H                                                                   21/4" W x 21/4" H
                        Bleed: 4" W x 11" H
                        Trim: 33/4” W x 103/4" H
7 Simple Steps
to a Great
Consumer Ad
 1. Define your market
 What are you selling and to whom are you selling it?

 2. Grab attention
 Use one great image or headline to get your point across.

 3. Keep it simple
 Don’t clutter the ad with too many images, words or typestyles.

 4. Identify yourself
 Develop a logo and establish an identifiable “look.”

 5. Highlight benefits, not features
 Don’t tell them what the product is; tell them what it will do for them.

 6. Make it easy to buy
 Ask for the order. Give clear contact information: phone number, address, Web site.

 7. Keep at it!
 Repetition breeds recognition! The more you advertise, the more successful you will be and the more
 people will recognize and remember your company and your products.
ADINA KLEIN is Editor in Chief of knit.1 and Vogue Knitting.
Formerly the Design Editor for Lion Brand Yarn and an Assistant Editor at
Interweave Knits, she is the author of two books, “Just Hats” and “Just
Scarves.” In addition to her work in the design area of the industry, her
experience in the retail end of the business, as a manager and teacher,
has given her a unique understanding of the various aspects of the
yarn business.

TRISHA MALCOLM, Editorial Director, launched her publishing
career as crafts editor at Family Circle Australia, then took on key
positions at McCall’s Needlework and the Butterick Company in New
York. She is currently the VP/Editorial Director for SoHo Publishing
Company, where she oversees the editorial content of Vogue Knitting,
Cutting Edge, knit.1 and YMN, as well as book development for the
company’s extensive titles.
                                                                            SOHO PUBLISHING COMPANY                          is a leading full-service
                                                                            publishing company specializing in “how-to” magazines and books. SoHo
                                                                            Publishing has expertise in the following subjects: knitting and crochet,
                                                                            crafting, decorating, sewing, entertaining, floral, gardening, cooking and
                                                                              SoHo Publishing produces magazines under the Vogue license, as well
                                                                            as custom publications for clients such as Hancock Fabrics. The firm
                                                                            also publishes its own crafts title, Adorn: The Crafty Girl’s Guide to
                                                                            Embellishing Life.


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