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Michael F. Easley                                 Ronald A. Gillespie                       Theodis Beck
  Governor                                     Director of Human Resources                    Secretary

                                                      May 21, 2008


TO:                 Division Directors, Assistant Directors, Section Chiefs, Regional Directors,
                    Wardens, Institution Heads, Superintendents, Administrative Services Managers,
                    Administrative Officers, Judicial Division Administrators, Assistant Judicial
                    Division Administrators, Judicial District Managers, Inmate Grievance Resolution
                    Board, Parole Commission, Correction Enterprise

FROM:               Ronald Gillespie

RE:                 Time Administration – Additional Guidelines

As we continue to use and therefore learn more about BEACON/SAP, additional issues come up
requiring further research. We are regularly forwarding questions to the experts with BEST and
as we receive responses, we will share that information with managers, BEACON users and
others as necessary. Below are several areas where we have received additional clarification.

Work Schedule Rules

First, we have been advised that an employee’s work schedule may only be changed at the
beginning of the employee’s overtime period (7 days, 14 days or 28 days). The overtime period
is captured in BEACON/SAP in the “work week” field. If the work schedule rule is changed in
the middle of the overtime period, it will result in errors to the employee’s pay if the proper
procedures are not followed.

If the work schedule must be changed in the middle of the overtime period, which is more likely
to occur with the 28 day overtime period, a substitution shall be done. The HR Master Data
Maintainer will do a substitution beginning on the day the work schedule changes to the end of
the current overtime period (transaction PA30, Infotype 2003). At this time, the permanent
change in the work schedule (transaction PA30, Infotype 0007) may also be made with an
effective date for the beginning of the next overtime period.

Please note that work week for permanent employees always starts on a Sunday and the work
week for temporary employees always starts on a Saturday.
Administrative Memorandum: 3.01.16-08
Re: Time Administration Guidelines
May 21, 2008
Page Two

Second, we have been advised to never use a rotating schedule alternating total work week hours
to more or less than 40 for employees subject to overtime (excludes 7k). Again, this will cause
compensatory time and therefore, overtime pay to be incorrect. However, rotating schedules
totaling 40 hours each week (i.e., Food Service) are acceptable as overtime will calculate

Third, employees exempt to overtime with work schedules that change every other week (i.e., 44
hours in week one, and 36 hours in week two) will need to have a 14 day work week as opposed
to 7 days so that those with schedules other than the standard 40 hour workweeks will not accrue
compensatory leave incorrectly. As a result, the employee’s work week must be changed to 14

Fourth, the personnel subarea field in BEACON/SAP manages the accrual of holidays based on
the appropriate holiday calendar. The NC calendar applies to all regular employees (non-shift)
and the alternate calendar applies to shift employees.

It is very important that the employee’s work schedule rule and work week (overtime period) are

Example:       Correctional Officer is AC06 (Alternate Calendar, 28 Day Norm)
               Correctional Officer work week is 28-DOC (OT period)

Although there are no further alternate holidays during 2008, it is still important that the holiday
calendar be corrected in BEACON/SAP as needed. There are alternate holidays in 2009.

Finally, employees transferring into the Department of Correction from other state agencies keep
the attributes or settings from their previous position/agency. As a result, these must be changed
to reflect the new position. The HR Master Data Maintainers should pay close attention to these
settings as well as the time management status of “positive” when setting up new employees
transferring from other state agencies.

On-Call Pay

The system will not accept time entries exceeding 24 hours for a day. As a result, employees
that are assigned to on-call on a holiday will need to enter all hours possible not to exceed 24
hours into BEACON/SAP and then record the remainder of the on-call hours on the Controller’s
Office form for requesting Holiday On-Call Pay not entered in BEACON/SAP (attached). This
is to be forwarded to the Department of Correction Payroll Office for processing.
Administrative Memorandum: 3.01.16-08
Re: Time Administration Guidelines
May 21, 2008
Page Three

For example, an employee is on call for 24 hours and takes 8 hours of holiday leave. The
employee must record 8 hours of holiday leave and 16 hours of on call in BEACON/SAP and the
remaining 8 hours of on call on the form to be submitted to Payroll.

We are still awaiting further clarification on how to record leave and on-call on the same day.

Callback and Remote Callback

Callback (attendance code 9516) is when the employee has left the work site and is requested to
physically return to the work site.

Remote Callback (attendance code 9511) is when the employee has left the work site and is
contacted by the work unit via telephone/computer for consultation.

If an employee is called back or performs remote callback duties more than once in the same
day, each occurrence must be recorded on a separate line for the system to evaluate properly.

Again, as we receive further clarification on issues related to BEACON/SAP, we will share this
information. Should you have any questions, please refer to the BEACON contact list. Thank
you for your continued patience.



Cc:    Secretary Theodis Beck
       Mr. Daniel Stieneke
       Ms. Tracy Little
       Mr. Bill Stovall

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