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Residential Tenancy Agreement Toronto document sample

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title                     creator
            titlealternative           contributor faculty       departmentproject       subject      description date
                           neighbourhoods: M.J. genericDorst, interventions can realizespace; livable; the an investigation into the
                                       De Bois, P.G.; Van spatial
Public space for livableVan Lievenoogen, HowArchitecture M.      Urbanism                             The report is development of public s
                                                                                         public conditions for postwar neighbourhoods; in
                           perspective: een verkenning van de randvoorwaarden en mogelijkheden bij privatisering van de openbar
                                       Van der Toorn Vrijthoff,  Real Soeter, J.P.                    Privatization of public space has som
Public space in private Remmerswaal, D.J.M. Architecture W.; Estate & HousingUrban space; Public space; Privatization; Value
                          Song, C. Harteveld, M.G.A.D.; Van Nes, A.; Sepulveda, D.
                                                    Architecture Urbanism
Implementing a supportive public space network in Shenzhen new CBD                                    Public space should be a node for so
                                                                                         pedestrian friendly; Transit Oriented Developmen
                                                     D.A.; Harteveld, M.;
Permeable Morphology ShenzhenSepúlveda,plan 2030+:UrbanismChiang, C. fragmentation bya multi-scalar approach to transfo
                          Cao, F.                                                                     It urban fragmentation
                                        mega city Architecturecounteracting urban public space;is public space     2010-06-29
                          Liang, X. Colombo, space for local people
                                                    Architecture Urbanism                public space              2011-06-24
Re-public City: A strategic planning of public F.F.; Calabrese, L.M. in the context of globalization in Shanghai Lujiazui Finance &
                          Vingerling, J.J.C.
                                       Hermans, W.J.A.; Fernandez-Maldonado, of Railway L.P.J. thesis 2011-04-12
                                                    Architecture Urbanism                Nijmegen This             aims at developing a new
Nijmegen Centraal! A new concept for the Dutch railway station environmentA.M.; Burg, stations; Activity in public space; public i
                          Khalili Araghi, S.
                                       Cuperus, Y.; Stouffs, R.
                                                     Apartments  Architecture            high density residential2009-11-06
                                                                                                      The Zone housing; population; 300
Generating High Density Residential Housing Architecture in the edge of City Den Haag Vliet/A4intervention is located on thecity
                          Van Cairo Bier,           Architecture
SoundSpaces: A Bridge for der Neut, J. H.; Hoekstra, F. Public Buildings                              Mapping spatio-acoustics in Cairo, Eg
                                                                                         sound; space; Border Conditions; bridge; archite
                          Daniel Swakman, L.Hermans, W.; Architecture T.;UrbanismZaag, E.; Read, in 2011-04-12in Brussels ha
                                       Lee, S.;     Architecture Avermaete, + Van der (dual graduation)
                                                                                         public space; brussels; european; urban strategy
                                                                                                      The european quarter
I solemnly pledge to public space - dualities in contemporary public space developments, applied S. Brussels' European Quarter
                          Distelbrink, Sohn, H.; Sepulveda, D.; Bruyns, G.; Robles Duran, Public Space about the processes and
                                       A.           Architecture Urbanism                Public M. A Network;2009-06-30
Socioeconomic and spatial integration strategies for La Victoria, Santiago de Chile - A Space project Network renewal strategyco
                          Dekker, M.C.
Informal Territory in Public Space: a private seat in the streets of New York
                                                    Architecture Architecture                         Problem Statement. 

                                                                                         informal; chairs          2009-01-27 Today in the den
                          Yang, T. Van Nes, A.; De Jong, Urbanism der Spek, S.public transport; natural movement; urban config
                                                    Architecture T.M.; Van                             upcoming public transportation syste
From nodes to centralities : Creating new pedestrian urban vitality under the background ofTwo new rapid public transportations
                          space: public transportation oriented
                                                     dr.(senior mentor); Vollebregt, A.G.,(mentor);This graduation project
                                                                                         public transportation W.J.A. ir.,(mentor); De Bo
Remodeling the urban Wang, W. Read, S.A.,Architecture development in Cape Town South Africa 2008-06-25 is not to give
The Urban Tomato                                    Architecture Public Building
                          Fantuz, M. Schoonderbeek, M.; Rommens, O.                                   Urban        2010-01-26
                                                                                         urban agriculture Tomato is a systemathic analy
                          Stienstra, W.M. H.; Schoonderbeek, M.; Hoekstra,
                                       Bier,        Architecture
Spatial transformation // from public to collective space // Public Building F.                       Graduation 2011-06-27
                                                                                                                    Project at studio Border C
                                                                                         Michel Stienstra; shopping center; Odessa Ukrai
                          Jonauskis, T.Read, S.A.;ArchitectureM.G.A.D.;
                                                     Harteveld, Urbanism                 city centre;              2010-06-22
Lost in the city: Searching for urban vitality in city centre of Kaunas Van der Hoeven, F.D. public space; infrastructures; Eastern
                          Kaul, E.     Schoonderbeek, M. (senior mentor); Rommens, O. (mentor); Hoekstra, F.York is onstage that
                                                    Architecture                         border architecturalof New based a experimen
                                                                                                      The City project (mentor)
                                                                                                                     York City;
Border conditions, folded skins, public parasites and the description of spatial voids: anconditions; New2008-12-08acting; traces;i
                          Van den Heuvel, S. giving qualityUrbanism
                                       Sohn, H. Architecture to the public space Bruyns, G. (mentor);public space element in order
                                                                                         typologies; nodes; restructuring network; method
                                                                                                        urban Robles-Duran, M. (mentor)
A Network of Typologies: Redefining of and(mentor); Sepulveda, D. (mentor);network as anThe development of a methodology f
                          Tobben, J.                Architecture                          Cities
                                                                 Interiors, Buildings andCentre       Exterior: building assimilates into loca
Performing Arts Factorydesign for a Centre for Performing Arts in Amsterdam-Noord for Performing Arts, Performing Arts, Ams
                          Van Etten, Franzen, A.J.; Van as base for a social sustainable neighbourhood 2010-06-21 a research is
Empower people to make the city:R.                  Architecture Real Estate & Housingpublic space; social sustainable; urban renewal
                                       Mental ownership Hal, J.D.M.                                   In this graduation report
                          Ungureanu, G.M.
                                       Sepulveda, between the
                                                     D.A.; Harteveld, M.G.A.D.; Van Kop van J.
                                                                 Urbanism                social-spatial integration; public space network
A revitalized Kop van Zuid: Bridging the gaps Architecture development of theder Vegt, Zuid and its transforming surrounding ne
                          Kok, W.J. Nottrot, R.J.; Van Timmeren, A.; Architecture,urban
                                                    Architecture Faculty of               SMART Architecture 2011-04-14 is space; urb
                                                                                                      The theme of my thesis
The Urban Interior Setting: Towards a Habitable Urban Landscape Van Esch, M.M.E. landscape; microclimate; publicthe develo
                                                     D.; Harteveld,
                          Huang, Y. Sepúlveda,Architecture M.    Urbanism                                           focuses on
                                                                                                      The project2011-06-24 how to combi
                                                                                         public space network; local Mega landscape
"Eroding on the edges": Integration Stategy for Western Fringe of Xi'An City as a supportive urban tissue in value; City Plan 2020
Kiev heterotopia          Ionescu, M.I.             O. (mentor); Public Buildings        border conditions; Kiev; (seniormentor)
                                                                                                      A direct result of the clash between tw
                                       Rommens, Architecture Groenewold, S. (mentor); Schoonderbeek, M.projection; deformation;
                          Van den dwelling
                                       Jurgenhake, B., mentor); Cuperus, Y.J., ir.(mentor) 2008-06-27 focused on t
City nomads: a new concept for Broek, Z. in Spangen Architecture                                      My graduation project is
                                                                                         nomad; body; mind; dwelling; network
                          Kohut, S.K.Bruyns, G. (mentor); Plomp, H. Victoria and San Joaquin, Santiago de Chile
                                                    Architecture DSD                     Santiago Chile social 2009-11-06 asymmetric
                                                                                                      The conditions of uneven
Urban thresholds: public space and housing for the borders of La (mentor); Sohn, H. (seniormentor) housing
                          Thorat, S. Vollers, K.; Van Weeren, for Technology
                                                     tech concrete
Infrastructure as art – trans urbanization, highArchitecture C. complex building structuresHow can modern public transit system
                                                                 Building                                          2009-06-29
                          Thorat, R.S. ollers, J.K. urbanization:Building Technology high tech How can modern publiccomplex building structur
Design research - infrastructure as art – transArchitecture technical research -mobility concrete for 2009-06-29 transit system
                          Pojariya, V.Marzot, N.; Architecture
                                                    Komossa, S.; Public Building
Creative Rotterdam: Creative and Design Resource Center Fokkinga, J.                                  Rotterdam city has an idea already c
                                                                                         creative class; gentrification; creative; lijnbaan; to
                          Hillen, J.W.Komossa, Architecture                              twist        Met als bijlage: A0 poster. Rotterdam
E&ZO: ontwerp van een publieke passage S., ir. (senior mentor); Engels, J., ir. (mentor); Havik, K., ir. (mentor)  2008-01-25
                          Hatzman, A.  Meyer, H., (mentor); Van Dorst, M. (mentor); De Josselin de Jong, F., ir. (mento
Binnensteden (her)waarderen: hoe mensen te verleiden..                                                             2006-01-31
                                                                                                      This study focuses on the revaluation
                                                                                                      The Vilnius Lithuania
City, catch the time! Rediscovering socialist neighbourhoods in a new capitalist society: Case ingraduation project is called ―City,
                                       Rocco, R.; Westrik, J.A.; Lei, Q.
                          Muliuolyte, J.            Architecture Urbanism                                          2010-06-22
                                                                                         Post war housing; regeneration; post socialist cit
                                                                                                      We all in Delft using centre; visualisa
                                        cities: Visualizing pedestrian flows to improve inner-city quality have walked on a street when
                          Van Langelaar, C.M. Van der Spek, S.C.; Van Dorst, M.J.
Measure, understand and improveRooij, R.M.;Architecture          Urbanism                                          2011-04-12
                                                                                         urban environment; historic; city GPS-tracking te
                          Reijnierse, Bijleveld, S.W.; Van Loon, P.P.J. & Housingdecision The TU Delft and Port of Rotterdam h
‗Ontwikkeling van de instrumentenB.     RMIS en RMOS‘: Computersimulatie model en organisatieconcept ter ondersteuning van het
                                                    Architecture Real Estate                                       2010-01-28
Brussels Mundaneum: López Andrade, J.E. (mentor); Geers, K. (mentor); Deboutte, N. (mentor); ReactionThe thesismentor) c
                           Public PoolsRiedijk, M. Architecture  Architecture                         Urban Riedijk,
                                                                                         Mundaneum; Public Pools M. (senior proposal
                          Hadi, H.                                                                    Old
                                        Preserving Hermans,Heritage through Spaceistorical inner Town Surabaya is deteriorating d
                                                    Architecture W.                      h                         2011-06-24
The new life in old town Surabaya:Van Nes, A.;the Urban Department of Urbanism Revitalizationcity; public space network; space
Disorder potentials                                 Architecture
                          Mezari, M. Bier, H.; Rommens, O.Public Building                deformation                cemetery in
                                                                                                      The Coptic 2010-10-27 Manshiyet Na
                          Lee, H.
Child Friendly Neighbourhood                        Architecture
                                       Nadin, V.; Westrik, J.A.  Urbanism                             To regenerate neighbourhoods of No
                                                                                         child friendly neighbourhood
                                                     Van der Spek, S.C.; hubs in the multimodal transport hub; multimodal transfer no
From transfer node to urban node:D.F.M.R.M.;Architecture transportLipsius, fabric The position ofurban sub centre; hum
                                        Integrating multimodal
                          Heimeriks, Rooij,                      Urbanism                                          2011-04-14
                           - a public Grafe, C. Architecture
Flemish cultural centreZahir, S. lounge with flemish roots...    Architecture                         The design reacts upon Flemish cu
                                                                                                                     public lounge;
                                                                                         foyer; arches; theatres;2011-01-29 the surround
Historical Museum Lublin                            (mentor); Biloria, N. (senior mentor); Bier, H.poland; steel2009-10-29 museum with
                          Puszcz, T. Sobota, M. Architecture     Architecture                         A project of ; public building; public sp
                                                                                         museum; (senior mentor)    a historical
                          Brouwer, S.E.M.
                                       Jurgenhake, B.;
                                                    Architecture Architecture
Dwelling_At home in the City_Berlin_Hidden WorldKaal, S.; Cuperus, Y.                                 Design of a2011-06-30
                                                                                                                     dwelling project in the ne
                                                                                         dwelling; berlin; families; spree; kreuzberg; germ
                          Van der Horst, H.; Architecture
Urban waste processing plant Cairo B. Rommens, O.; Hoekstra, F.  Public Building                      Visiting places one has never seen b
                                                                                         boolean; cairo; border conditions; memory; mnem
                          Hietbrink, L. eyer, V.J.; Nijhuis, S. urban public spaces riverfront development; room for the river leve
                                       M            Architecture
Urban Riverfront Zutphen: Link between the river and theUrbanism                                                   2011-06-28
                                                                                                      Due to climate change the water
                          Van Dijk, J.; Stinissen, Architecturestrategy to keep the city-regional accessible, vital and livable facing
                                       Rocco, R.; of a V.E.; Urbanism
                                                    R.                                                Contemporary city-regions are
Utrecht-region under pressure: Development Balz,mobileStead, D.; Smit, P. Utrecht region design 2010-01-29
BUENAVENTURA revival: Maritime TerminalA. Bier, H.H.; Sobota, M.M.
                          Penaloza Caicedo.N.N.; Passengers: INTERWEAVINGmarititime terminal
                                       Biloria, A, Architecture
                                                    for          Architecture             THE WAVES   Buenaventura is a port-city located in
                          Lo-A-Njoe, Vermeulen,Architecture
                                       P.S.          P., (Belgie)                        (un)urban architecture 2008-03-28
                                                                                                      The spontaneous agglomeration
(un)Urban Architecture: stadsuitbreiding Beveren ir. (senior mentor); Mihl, H. (mentor); Fernandez-Maldonado, M. (mentor) of th
                          Pedrabissi, Riedijk, M.; Architecture
A Cultural Project for Brussels Capital of Europe                Deboutte, N.
                                                    Plomp, H.; Public Building                         Arts Centre2011-01-28
                                                                                         Performing The E.U. mission is to provide pace a
                          Lam, H.M. Westrik, J.;Architecture
                                                      into a highly
                                                                 Urbanism                             Within Dutch cities the oriented desig
Transformation of the Nijmegen Railway Area:Van Nes, A. integrated domain railway area Nijmegen;2011-06-27 railway area h
                          Chow, Carving a Volume into the World of Darkness
                                                    Architecture Architecture            senses       The          2009-10-28
Body, Senses & Architecture: K. Engles, J. (mentor); Nijs, L. (mentor); Lee, S. (senior mentor) building is the combination of dw
                          Winten, A.C. Grafe, C.; Architecture
De Brakke Grond: Flemish Cultural Centre inLohmann, H.; Meijs, M.                                     A             a new building for de Bra
                                                                                         meeting pointdesign of2011-04-15
The Industry & The City ... Chapter II: Countering Segregation of Amsterdam‘s Industrial Cityscape industrial project generates a
                                       B            ArchitectureH.; Caramona Sepulveda, D.A. Thecity;
                          Gurecka, D. ruyns, G.J.B.; Plomp,DSD                                                     2011-06-27
                                                                                         architecture of architectural architecture
                           Hall                     Architecture                         interior; (eerste mentor); Klein, T., Decorated Dia
                                                                                                      Graduation 2006-07-07 Dipl. Ing. (twe
The Park District TownBoon, A. Garritzmann, U., ir. (hoofdmentor); Linnemann, M., ir. architecture; stadsdeelkantoor; Osdorp;
                           mixed use Brandes, E.Architecture
                                       center        (senior mentor); Hermans, E. (mentor); Van der Berg, R.between a Caso, O. (othe
                                                                                         urban peripheryborder 2009-01-29city periphery;
                                                                                                      The             (mentor);
Zuidrand: a new urban Schaasberg, J. in Antwerp as a connection between city and design; transferium; mixed use; and its sur
                          Lee, L.A. Rooij, R.M.;Architecture
                                                     De Hoog, C.M.; Hermans, W.J.A.metro station environments;their Neighbourhood
                                                                 Urbanism                             This Master and metro with metro s
                                                                                                                     thesis deals
EnvironMETROmix: Strategic Design Proposals for Amsterdam Zuid-Oost. Metro station environments2010-01-26 station redeve
                          Lühl, P.     Proposing alternative urbanities
                                                    Architecture Delft Gremmen, B.                    Ecatepec, Mexico City process
Urban Asymmetries: ECATEPEC. Sohn, H.; Robles-Duran, M.;School of Design urban; mexico; sustainable; social;presents the c
                          Bakker, theKoppels, Success                                                 The Legacy; Van Hardevelt, I. (seni
                                                                                                                    of Olympic
                                                                 Real Estate (mentor); Chen, Y. (seniorlegacy 2009-11-05 Games; Lega
                                                     (mentor); Limonard, E. & HousingOlympic Legacy;mentor); the Olympic Games pro
Olympic Legacy Development, I.O. Road to P.Architecture
                          Roorda-van Veen, A.G. Central station area based on therailway station; network city; station area redevel
                                       Hermans, W.J.A.; Rooij,   Urbanism                 theory of Planning and designing
Leading the city; the redevelopment of LeidenArchitecture R.M.; Wilms Floet, W.W.L.M. the urbanism of networksbased on net
                                                                                                       urban heat2010-06-29 most sever U
                                                                                                                     island; the
Old Beijing New Life: Climate AdaptiveEsch, M.M.E.; De Jong, Old Beijing Center Beijing;The site Dashilan ishousing ; climate
                          Zhang, X. Van UrbanArchitecture in T.M.; Westrik, J.A.         Old
                                                                                                      The title of the graduation
Reclaiming the industrial landscape through Hermans, W.J.A.; Dr. Thorsten , S.;Industrial Rene van der2010-06-25 project is R
                                                    Architecture Urbanism
                          WU, S.R. Ir. Willem sustainable transformation                                             Velde, J.R.T.
                                                                                          Van der Landscape; Industrial Heritage,; Susta


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                         Kramer, N.D.F.Biloria, N.; Bier, H.H.; Sobota, M.
Suburban 2.0: Differentiated houses for the masses  Architecture   Architecture                        Population growth and immigration in
                                                                                          urban; architecture; social; user-specific; mass-c
                         De Ruijter, P.
Mundaneum of sustainability                          Van den Dobbelsteen, A.; Deboutte, N.
                                       Riedijk, M.; Architecture   Architecture                        The Mundaneum
                                                                                          mundaneum; sustainability of Sustainability foc
                         Koeling, A.N.M.
                                       Calabrese, Architecture station area of Hollands Spoor The ongoing development of traffic co
                                                    L.M.; Colombo, F.F.
Improving the Connection: Transforming the MetropolitanUrbanism                                                    2011-01-28
                                                                                          metropolitan station area; mobility; The Hague; H
                         Brouwer, I. vital and attractive Meijers, W.L.E.C.; De central railway station and city city centre; public sp
                                                    Architecture   Urbanism               railway station environment; railway
                                                                                                       The R.M. 2010-01-22
Fixing the Link - Creating a strong,Van der Spek, S.C.;link between the Dutch Wilde, T.S.; Rooij, link between centre station and
                         Hekkenberg, J.; Langenberg, E.
                                       Hoek, A., de Randstad Nottrot, R., ir. (hoofdmentor);infrastructuur; periferie; stedelijke ver
Drive-by Shooting; verdichting en verdunning Architecture                                               Hermans, W.J.A. ir. (mentor); prolife
                                                                                          Randstad; We are seeing evidence that aVerbe
                         and reality | RotterdamArchitecture D. Estate & HousingUrban AreaThe development process between s
Relation between plan Boulghalegh, M.                 Central District, Kruisplein parking garage
                                       Wigmans, G.; Kooijman,      Real                                            2011-06-23
                                                                                                        Development; Gebiedsontwikkeling;
                         Hertzberger, H.M.D. Technology,U.;Concessions: A focus on Intensification procedure; H. of asgraduatio
                                       Ravesteijn, W.; Terminal Stikkelman, R.M.; concessions; tender in 2010-09-30 a Awardin
                                                                     Policy and Management Sustainablethesis is theof Space
                                                                                          and          This Development
                                                                                                                    Use result
An Explorative Research to Sustainable ContainerPesch,Technology Dynamics Overschie, M.G.F.; Siemonsma, intensification in
                          garage underneath historical city canalsand case (mentor); Van garage; pneumatic caisson; prefab imme
                                       P.           Civil Engineering - a Geosciences
                                                                   Hydraulic H.J. study                Typical Dutch historical city centres a
Constructing a parkingSchoutens,Molenaar, W.F. (mentor); Everts,Engineering parkingDaelen, J.L.C.M. (mentor); De Waardt, H
Rebirth of the Malacca Den Teuling, A typological research: Traditional Values inshophouse;Asian regions change from small tow
                                       Peresthu, A.; De Wit, L.L.M.
                         Shophouse: M.J.            Architecture   Explorelab                            basic; minimalism
                                                                                            a Contemporary World   2010-01-26
                         Bruin, neighbourhoodsArchitecture
                                                      - urban patterns for a socially sustainable Zevenkamp 2010-06-18 concerns the
                                                                   Urbanism               social       This graduation project
Future proofing late post-war A.V. Van Dorst, M.J.; Westrik, J.; Harteveld, M.G.A.D. sustainability; late post-war neighbourhood
                         Hendriks, Engels, J.; Schnater, F.
The Suspended Veil (icoonia) J.A.                   Architecture                          Suspended; Veil; Museum;Suspended-Veil proje
                                                                   Architectural Engineering                        the Weaving; Lampion F
                                                                                                       The goal of2011-04-13
Mediaport Rotterdam Njo, V.                           (mentor); Westrik, J. (mentor); Drewe, P. (mentor); Verboom, L. (mentor); Bijleveld
                                       Weeber, C.Architecture                                          In 1989 the 2002
                                                                                                                    European television Mas
                                                                                          Rotterdam CS; Trainport; Mediaport; Media;satel
                         Marozas, M.   Sohn, H.; Sepulveda, Valledor Housing Area Santiago DeDe Chile constrains and history of en
Socioeconomic And Spatial Integration Strategies for LoD.          Urbanism                            Historical 2009-06-30
                                                                                           In Santiago Chile; Relational Strategy; Lo Valled
                          Development: Affordable   Architecture   Delft School and Social Quality Project description:Living conditions a
                                                                                           (DSD)                   2011-06-27
An Alternative Mode ofHo, S.H. Bruyns, G.J. Housings with Livingof Design modes of development; Amsterdam North; afford
                         Park, S.J. international business center of Seoul
                                                    Architecture                          international business M., ir. (mentor) networks
                                                                                                       Harteveld, centers; airports;
How to regenerate Yeouido as an Rocco, R., dr. (senior mentor); Zandbelt, D., ir. (mentor); Seoul has developed very fast from 1
                                       Soeter, J.P.; Hobma, F.A.M.Estate & HousingInfrastructure; Real estate development; kansvo
                                                    Architectureeen                                    Delft University of Technology is, and
Integrale projecten in ―cost en baet‖. De ontwikkeling vanReal financieel-economisch rekenmodel en aanbevelingen voorFeasibi
                         Van Dijk, H.J.                                                                            2009-06-23
                         Rutten, neighbourhoods within the region: Developing a Hermans, W.J.A. node
                                                    Architecture   Urbanism                connectingVINEX neighbourhoods are often nod
                                                                                                        urban      2010-06-25
The role and position of VINEXN. Fernandez-Maldonado, A.M.; De Hoog, C.M.; VINEX; regional development; urban design; situ
                                                                                                       NEW CONTEXT.
 of    One
                         Wolsky, E. Meijers, W.L.E.C.; Asselbergs, M.F.; Van de Laar, J.P.J.M.; Van Dorst,maladjustedthe most im
                                                     program Architecture
Deisgn for maladjusted youth: using a reward Architecture                                                          2010-01-26
                                                                                          Youth; reward; program; M.J.
                         Van der Mispel, A.A.A.M., ir. (senior mentor); de openbare ruimte Het Jong, T., (mentor)
                                       Harteveld, Architecture                            ir. (mentor); de onderzoek is lost space; meaning
Van verloren ruimte naar gevonden plek!!: een ontwerpinstrument voorWit, S.,, public space; design criteria; gestart om grip te k
                         Van der Hoop, Ridder, Civil Networks J.W.; Broere, W.; Jutte, A.; Staverman, T.A.
                                       De G.W. H.A.J.; Bosch,      Design and Constructionasset management
A New Approach to Asset Management for Sewer Engineering and Geosciences Processes underground space in the Nethe  2010-12-10
                         Kenter, R.J.A.Walraven, J.C.; Blom, C.B.M.; Romeijn, A.; Pasterkamp, In some large cities, the infrastructure
                                                    Civil Engineering and Geosciences
The elevated metro structure in concrete, UHPC and composite and Construction                          S.          2010-11-09
                                                                                          elevated; metro; concrete; UHPC; composite; FR
                          behavior between individual pedestrians &Campanella,
                                                    Civil Engineering and Planning interaction; Due to M.H.; Wiggenraad, P.B.L.
                                                                   Transport                            pedestrian;2010-03-16
                                                                                                                     behavior; individual; expe
Microscopic interactionVersluis, D.Hoogendoorn, S.P.; Daamen, W.;Geosciences M.C.; Overmars,growing mobility in densely po
                         Van Oord, P.J.D. J.A.; Industrial Industrial Design
A strategy on how to implement public toilets Loth, M. Design Engineering                              On average, strategic; implementatio
                                                                                          public toilets; guidelines;each person visits the to
                         Vermeulen,Creusen, M.E.H.; Gielen, M.A. Innovation Management In game
Outdoor play in public space            H.P.                       Product
                                                    Industrial Design Engineering                                  2010-07-14
                                                                                          outdoor play; our society the health, education a
                         the Nuland, W.P.           Industrial Design Engineering
                                                                   Industrial Design      Vision in Product Design; contextmapping; youth
                                                                                                       IntroductionYou only have
Youth meeting point of Van future Van Rijn, H. (mentor); Jongert, M.W.A. (mentor); Hekkert, P.P.M. (senior mentor) to read the
                                                                                                       This vehicle; supermarket
                         Van der Wee, R.G.A. Industrial Design Engineering design; mobility; graduation project focuses on th
                                       Purposes                    Design
Stand-by Mobility Device for LocalFlipsen, S.F.J.; Jellema, A.H.Engineering                                        2010-07-28
Designing physical social media Keyson, D.V.; Visser,Design Engineering
                         Veen, S.                   Industrial T.  Industrial Design      awareness This graduation project explored the d
                                                                                                       systems; research through design; so
                                       Kuipers,       Vogtländer, J.; Engineering         Textile; Composite; non-profit clothing collecting
                         Verhulst, N.H.W. H.;of non-wearableJongerius , S.; Stroomer, E. KICI is aKICI
                                                                   Industrial Design
Design a high value application for textile out Industrial Designsecond hand clothing                              2010-05-21
                                                                                                         recreation;project for EMES+V; EM
Re-creatie in Rotterdam: sustainable recreationBakker, Design Engineering G.; Stroomer,Graduation 2010-06-17the service of S
                                       Brezet,      Industrial C.A.; Van der Linden, sustainable; E.
                         Van der Grinten, B.J.C.; for Feijenoord for Sustainability                                  Feijenoord;
                         Bach, B.E.A.; Pressman, N. for Humanizing Cities
Climate-sensitive urban space: Concepts andArchitecture            Urbanism                                        1992-04-11
                                                                                          public space; traffic; urban space
                                                                                                       In Netherlands
Flexibility in Planning and the Consequences OTB Research Institute in UK, Spain and the the 1960s, flexibility was often seen
                                                    for Public-value Capturing
                         Munoz Gielen, D.; Tasan-Kok, M.T.         OTB onderzoek                                   2010-07-01
                                                                                                       This work Network society; into Sha
                         Bracken, G. Interrogation of the Postsocialist Metropolis Shanghai; Global city;is an investigationPublic sp
Thinking Shanghai: A FoucauldianGraafland, A. (promotor)           Architecture Theory                             2009-06-04
                         Daamen, W.    Bovy, P.H.L., (promotor)
Modelling passenger flows in public transport Trail  facilities                                        This thesis 2004-09-09 developeme
                                                                                                                    describes the
                                                                                          pedestrian traffic; pedestrian flows; walking expe
                         Sepúlveda,van Duin, L., (promotor); Rosemann, H.J., prof.Dipl.-Ing. (promotor)
The role of public space in urban transformation: The Case of Santiago de Chile                                    2003-10-14
                         Curley, A.M.                 space: a missing link for                                    2010-12-31
Neighborhood institutions, facilities and publicOTB Research Institute HOPE VI residents? Development of social capital?
                         Steenkamp, A.C.
                                       Graafland, A.D., represented in the
                                                    Architecture                                       The relationship between
                                                                                                                    Native Township Model
Space, power and the body - the civil and uncivil asprof.dr. (promotor) Voortrekker Monument and the 2008-09-22 space and
                         Kooijman, D.; Sierksma,
Emotional driving: cocooning in the public realmR.  Architecture                                       ABSTRACTThe concept of postmode
                                                                                          Postmodernity; gated-communities; shopping-ma
The concept of red-for-green in the Netherlands M. Research Institute
                         De Wolff, H.W.; Spaans,    OTB            Urban and Urban Studies             Dutch spatial planning policy and pra
                         de Wilde, and Vambersky,infrastructure
                                                      J.N.J.A., prof.dipl.-ing. (promotor); Nozeman, E.F., prof.dr. (promotor)
                                                                                          r            The demand for new development sit
Rail estate, multiple use of spaceTh.S.railway Civil Engineering and Geosciencesailway; infrastructure; structural design; property
                         in Nederland:Naar Heijden, R.E.C.M.
                                       Van            beter beleidsvormingsproces
                                                                   Transport and Logisticsport         Sea         2010-08-23
Zeehavenontwikkeling Van Ham, J.C. dereenTechnology, Policy and Management planning Ports are of vital importance to th
                         Terzi, A.; Van Deelen, J.; Ockels, Aerodynamics & Wind Superbus The Superbus (Fig.1) is a new public
                                                    Aerospace Engineering
Interior design and accessibility aspects of the Superbus W.J.                            Energy                   2007-01-01
                         Costa Branco De Oliveira habitação Institute J.G. social:space standards; social housing; the space de Sã
                                                                                            Comparação paper compares Portugal; stand
Exigências de espaço aplicáveis à construção dePedro, J.A.;de interesse the Built Environmententre Portugal e o Município Munic
                                                                   OTB Onderzoek
                                                    OTB Research Boueri, for                                       2010-12-31
                         Trip, J.J. Priemus, H.,, (promotor); Kloosterman, R.C., prof.dr. (promotor)generally stations; h
                                                    OTB                                   station area redevelopment railway
                                                                                                       Urban quality is
What makes a city? Planning for "quality of place": the case of high-speed train urban quality; quality of2007-03-20 considered
                         Van exploration of the potential for (promotor); De Jonge, H., development is (p
                                       Cauberg, J.J.M.,
                                                    A.A.J.F.                              sustainability; factor 20; Kristinsson, J., the goal
                                                                                                        (promotor); accommodation
The Sustainable Office. An den Dobbelsteen, Architecture factor 20 environmental improvement of officeenvironmental assessme
Managing the university campus: Information Architecture estate decisions
                                       A.C.                        Real                                In the past decade managing the univ
                         Den Heijer,Priemus, support real Estate & Housinguniversity; campus; management; information; re
                         Wanyembi,Looijen, M.,Information Technology and Systems management; management paradigm; trans
                                       G.N.W. (promotor)
Improving ICT Management in Public Universities in Kenya                                  ICT                      2002-04-16
                                                                                                       With the rapid infusion of information
                                                                                                       Pedestrian 2008-07-01
                                                                                                                    mobility centre
Street-level desires, Discovering the cityF.D. ;Architecture mobility and M.G.J. urban renaissance; pedestrian and the regenera
                                       Tan, R.E. Van der Spek,     Urbanism
                         Van der Hoeven, on foot: Pedestrian S.C.; Smit, the regeneration of the European city mobility; public sp
                         Van Binsbergen, P.H.L., (promotor); Priemus, goods distribution; urban areas; organisational o
                                       Goods Distribution Systems
                                                    Trail                                              The distribution of goods
Innovation Steps towards EfficientBovy, A.J.; Visser, J.G.S.N. for Urban AreasH., (promotor)2001-05-15 for urban ar
                         Blokland, T.V.; Van Eijk, G.              Urban life?
                                                     in neighbourhoodRenewal and Housing               Urban policies integration; neighbour
                                                                                          cohesion; ethnic diversity; in various countries ai
Do people who like diversity practice diversityOTB Research InstituteNeighbourhood use and social networks of 'diversity seeke
                         Te PDZ Domain Binding RevealsBionanoscience
                                                    Applied SciencesFowler, Functional Overlap within the PDZ Interaction Network
Genome-Wide Analysis ofVeldhuis, A.J.W.; Sakalis, P.A.; Inherent D.A.; Bagowski, C.P.                              2011-01-24
                                                                                                       Binding selectivity and cross-reactivit
                         Hijazi, I.; Ehlers, M.; Zlatanova, S. OTBInstitute for the Built EnvironmentGIS; Open specification of sustain
                                                    OTB Research onderzoek                CAD; software and open Source;
                                                                                                       To           the challenges (OS)
BIM for geo-analysis (BIM4GEOA): set up of 3D information system with open source BIM; 3D address2010-12-31 Open Specific
                         Strydis, C. French, P. J.  Electrical Engineering, Project andbiomedical;HEALTHCARE
                                                                   Computer Science         Engineering implant; architecture; low century is
Universal Processor Architecture for Biomedical Implants: The SiMS Mathematics and Computer Science in the 21st power; ene
                         Remøy, H. De Jonge, Architecture Transformation as a Means to Cope and PreventOffice building vacancy is vacancy; a
Out of Office: A Study on the Cause of OfficeH.; Van der Real Estate & Housingtransformation; adaptability; structuralbecoming o
                                                    Vacancy and    Voordt, D.J.M.                                  2010-04-12
                                                       Haupt, P.A.
Space, Density and Urban Form Meyer,M.Y.;(promotor); Westrik, J.A. (copromotor)
                         Berghauser Pont, V.J.Architecture         Urbanism                            The concentration of humans Consu
                                                                                          Density; Urban Form; Morphology; Space– in som
                         Tunas, D. Informal Settlement dipl.-ing. (promotor) informal settlement; kampong; empowerment; inf
The Spatial Economy in the UrbanRosemann,Architecture H.J., prof.                                                  2008-11-24
                                                                                                       In the rapidly urbanizing world, the du
                         Vink, C.                                                         Continuing problems management in densely
                                                                                                       Lines ; application; heuristic environm
Continuing Lines: Application of heuristic optimisation techniques for spatial environmental Resource with multiple objectives po
                         Zhuge, X. Yarovyi, Multiple-InputTelecommunications imaging; sparse array; 2010-11-08 and high-reso
Short-Range Ultra-Wideband Imaging with O.G.                        Multiple-Output Arrays             Compact, cost-efficient
                                                    Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science        MIMO; UWB
                         Van Haver,Braat, Theory and Sciences Science & Technology Nijboer-Zernike; society, wetheory; abe
                                       S.           Applied its Applications
The Extended Nijboer-Zernike DiffractionJ.J.M.; Urbach, H.P.       Imaging                                         2010-02-05
                                                                                          extended In present-day diffraction encounter
                         Emergence     Brouwer, R., (promotor); Lintsen, H.W.,in the Netherlands East persistency of colonial
                                                    Civil Engineering and Geosciences (promotor) 2005-10-25
Prescribing perfection. Ertsen, M.W.of an engineering irrigation design approachirrigation; IndiesapparentIndies and its legacy, 18
                         Van Rompay, T.J.L. P.P.M., prof.dr. (promotor)
                                       Hekkert, Industrial
Expressions: Embodiment in the experience of design Design Engineering                    embodiment               2005-05-03
                                                                                                       EXPRESSIONS: EMBODIMENT IN T
                         Van for Improved ModelingEngineering and Geosciences
                                       Van Zuylen,  Civil Sanders, F.M.
                                                                   Transport                           This car-following modeling; travel tim
                                                                                                                    deals with the
Bayesian Data AssimilationHinsbergen, C.P.Y.H.J.;of Road Traffic & Planning traffic modeling; thesis 2010-11-16 optimal use


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