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									                                The University of Texas at Tyler
                    Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Senior Design
                                 4115 Project Proposal Outline

Title Page (use form provided)

Executive Summary (written last)

       Give a brief overview of the proposal project. This is one of the most important sections
       of the proposal because it presents a clearly defined problem, the proposed solution
       procedure(s), and a description of the expected project benefits and deliverables. The
       Executive Summary is often the only section of your proposal that some readers will
       read. It must present all relevant information as clearly and effectively as possible in
       less than one page.

Table of Contents


       In your own words state what the design project entails (problem statement) and give a
       preliminary indication of the solution(s) your team is considering. This is your chance to
       "take ownership" of the project.

       Clearly indicate if your team intends the design to be a new product development


       Give a survey of other design solutions you have discovered from your background

Project Plan

       How will the design be accomplished? What tasks are to be performed? What are the
       deliverables? Can the project be completed on time? Do you have a contingency plan?


       Identify the resources (internal and external) that your team may require to complete the
       project. What physical resources are required? Are they available? What information will
       have to be obtained? What costs will be incurred? Where will they come from? What
       barriers may exist to completing the project?

     Recap the key points of the proposal. Summarize the problem, and the steps that will be
     taken to solve the problem.


       Team member resumes.
       Other items not appropriate for the body of the proposal (for example, copies of research
       materials you may have already obtained from books or the internet).

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Note: Be sure that the project as proposed will address the following required ABET topics:
      engineering codes and standards, and realistic constraints that include most of the
      following considerations:

        economic
        environmental
        social
        political
        ethical
        health and safety
        manufacturability
        sustainability

Not all considerations may apply to any particular project, but all considerations must be mentioned in the

                                         PROPOSAL FORMAT
General Format Issues
        The proposal must be of professional quality, and entirely computer generated.
        The proposal is to be submitted in a 3 ring binder.
        5 pages maximum length, excluding Appendices and front matter ahead of the
         “Background” section.
Margins:        Set your margins as indicated below for the entire manuscript.
                Top:    1 inch           Right: 1 inch
                Bottom: 1 inch           Left: 1¼ (one and one-quarter) inch
                Margins should be justified left only to give a professional appearance
Fonts:          Use 10-12 point 1.5 spaced or double-spaced Times New Roman or Arial fonts.
                You must be consistent in using the font you choose throughout the entire
                proposal, including graphs and figures.
Font Style:     Use italics in place of underlining throughout the manuscript.
                Do not use bold fonts except for headings and when required as part of a
Corrections: Only a clear print copy is acceptable. Corrections made by hand or using
             correction fluid or correction tape are unacceptable.
Headings:       Left justify section titles in bold font.
Pagination:     Center page numbers at the bottom of the page.
         Preliminary Pages:
                Number the Table of Contents as Roman numeral i. Do not place a page number
                on the Title Page or Executive Summary.
         Text: Beginning with the first page of the text (Background section), number pages
               consecutively with Arabic numerals (starting with the number “1”) through the last
               page of the last section, including full-page tables, figures, and all other
               illustrations lying therein. Number each appendix separately, with the page
               number preceded by the appendix letter (e.g., A1, A2, …, B1, B2, …)

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