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									     EWB-UK Placement Proposal 2008-09

                           Neri Ratoli Cold Storage
                                 RUCHI, India

Section A – Contact Details
Please fill out tables below

EWB-UK Project Manager

Name                   Siobhan McGrath

Phone Number           -

Email Address

Partner Organisation

Organisation           RUCHI (Rural Centre for Human Interest)

Contact Name           Mr. Dharamvir Singh

Contact Position       Executive Director

Phone Number           (+91-1792) 282454, 282516, 320057

Email Address

Postal Address         Bandh, Bhaguri - 173233
                       Distt. Solan, Himachal Pradesh,


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       Section B – Placement Plan
       Please replace this example table by replacing the text in the white squares.

                     Narrative                      Indicators                 Assumptions

Overall Goal         (1) To allow local farmers
                     more time to be
What overall
                     economically productive
development aim
                     and reduce the amount of
/ goal does the
                     income they spend on
project contribute
                     (2) To provide RUCHI with a
                     means of income so they
                     are not totally dependent
                     on funds from donors and
                     can reinvest this money
                     back into the communities
                     they serve, for example
                     through continued
                     investment in training of
                     local farmers in alternative
                     cash crop cultivation and
                     optimising crop growth.

Purpose              The building of a cold store   Cold store is built and    The cost of using the
                     which local farmers can use    being used by local        cold store is favourable
What is the
                     instead of travelling over     farmers.                   when compared to the
project trying to
                     100 km away to the nearest                                current cost of facilities
                     store. This would also                                    and travel.
                     encourage more local
                     farmers to diversify into
                     floriculture and potatoes as
                     well as take advantage of
                     any new agriculture
                     investments which require
                     cold storage.
                                                                               RUCHI continue to
                     To provide a facility for      A sustainable income is    operate in the area
                     RUCHI who can charge           produced by RUCHI          investing in the health
                     farmers for the use of this    which is reinvested into   and economic
                     facility thus generating an    their community based      progression of the
                     income which is reinvested     programmes.                community.
                     into the community.

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Outputs               Farmers no longer have to        More time spent by
                      travel to Chandigar to store     farmers on being
What are the
                      bulbs.                           economically
specific objectives
of the project?
                                                       Increased growing of         Farmers continue to use
                      Increased uptake of
                                                       flowers and other bulbs      bulbs for floriculture and
                      floriculture and potatoes
                                                       requiring cold storage.      vegetables which require
                      growing by farmers.
                                                                                    cold storage.

                                                       RUCHI has a stable
                      RUCHI generates income.
                                                       inflow of cash from the
                                                       store and money is
                                                       invested into their
                                                       community based

Specific              Design a low cost cold           A cold store is
Activities            store.                           designed and built in
What needs to be      Build the cold store in the
carried out by the    village of Neriratoli.
volunteer to
                      Establish the economics of       A pricing structure for
complete the
                      the system and the prices        Neriratoli cold store.
                      which RUCHI can charge.
                      Start the roll out the
                                                       1 other cold store built
                      building of cold stores to all
                                                       in the relevant village if
                      6 villages utilizing
                                                       time permits.
                                                       A document which
                      Establish a design and
                                                       RUCHI technicians can
                      pricing template which
                                                       use to build further
                      RUCHI can use to roll out
                                                       cold stores.
                      cold stores to the 30+
                      villages farming potatoes.

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Section C – Supporting Details
More about the Placement

Volunteer Numbers   2

Duration            3 months

Supervision         Volunteers will be supervised by the RUCHI technician and
                    regularly meet with the executive director.

Interaction with    Volunteers will work closely with local staff.

Interaction with    Volunteers will work mainly in the village agreeing a design
                    with beneficiaries and supervising construction. RUCHI staff
                    will help with translation of languages.

Volunteer           Required characteristics:
Specification           1. Practically minded person
                        2. It is essential that volunteers have a desire to
                           interact with those around them and will persevere
                           where communication is difficult.
                        3. University undergraduate or graduate
                    Desired characteristics:
                        1. Hindi language
                        2. Knowledge of concrete construction and/or water

Immediacy of need   With the help of RUCHI farmers are increasingly diversifying
                    the crops they grow to include flowers and potatoes. The
for Placement
                    bulbs for these crops need 6 months in a cold store, the
                    nearest being 100km away in Chandigar.
                    RUCHI rely heavily on donors to fund their activities and
                    hope that the setting up of a cold store owned by them and
                    charging farmers for its use will provide a stable income to
                    supplement donor funds and be invested back into the
                    community it serves.
                    RUCHI currently has 3 technical staff but no engineer or
                    equivalent. RUCHI and the project would benefit greatly
                    from full time volunteers with technical know how and fresh

More about the Partner Organisation

Organisation Type   A non-political, non-profit making organisation committed to
                    development of rural India.

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Aims              RUCHI was created in order to give a platform to initiate the
                  process of development at the grass roots level.

                  The major thrust areas of work as identified by RUCHI are:
                  Natural Resource Management; Technology Promotion &
                  Transfer; Education and Empowerments; Community Health
                  Services; Media and Documentation; and Other Activities.
                  RUCHI transfer their knowledge to the people through
                  education, awareness raising and empowerment.
                  RUCHI strongly believe that participatory collective action is
                  required for sustainable and balanced community
                  Living in rugged mountainous terrain presents village
                  communities and the RUCHI organisation with many
                  problems and trying working conditions. These problems
                  serve as hurdles that can only be overcome by working in
                  partnership with target communities to develop practical
                  solutions to challenges faced by rural people.
                  RUCHI foster a desire in the underprivileged to improve their
                  own living conditions, helping people to live a life of dignity
                  and self-respect.

Beneficiaries     Villagers in Sirmour and Solan districts.

History           RUCHI began in October 1980 in a remote village in Chopal
                  in Shimla District, Himachal Pradesh.
                  It was formally registered under The Societies Registration
                  Act (1860) on 16th February 1983.
                  RUCHI’s head office is currently located in the small village
                  of Bandh in Solan district.
                  RUCHI is working in about 100 villages in the steep
                  mountainous terrain of Sirmour and Solan districts.

Human Resources   Provide approximate numbers for Location where EWB-UK
                  volunteers will be placed
                  Number of paid staff: 22
                  Number of volunteers: 0
                  Number of staff with eng. degree or equivalent: 0
                  Number of other technical staff: 3

Financial         Approx. annual turnover for organisation: Rs 7,800,000
                  Main sources of funding for organisation: Oxfam NZ,
                  MISEREOR Germany, Help Age International UK, Rotary
                  Clubs NZ, Ministry of Science and Technology, India.

Experience with   RUCHI have vast experience with volunteers RUCHI has
                  substantial experience of employing foreign volunteers and

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                           is aware of their needs.
                           An EWB-UK Placement volunteer was there from Sep – Nov

External / Internal        Audited annual financial statements, donor evaluations,
                           Ministry of Foreign Affairs (India) annual financial audit.

Placement Volunteer Welfare and logistics

Accommodation              Volunteers would stay with the technician, Naginder, in his
                           home and be cooked local food.
                           RUCHI has previously hosted volunteers for a few days in
                           Naginders home and has also hosted volunteers for work
                           camps in this village.

Internal Transport         RUCHI has a mini van and a full time driver.

Visa Requirements          Indian tourist visa.

Cultural Opportunities RUCHI is in a very rural area where most villagers have
                           little (if any) English. It is a great opportunity to live in a
                           rural hill side community. RUCHI staff are locals and speak
                           English well.

Is the partner organisation happy with EWB-UK       Yes
handling    applications  and   selecting  the
                                                    Ruchi asks that the potential
volunteers?                                         volunteer provide them with:
                                                      a brief summary of previous work
                                                       experience and attach a CV as
                                                       separate page(s) to help RUCHI
                                                       plan for the volunteer's stay.
                                                      a summary of the volunteer’s
                                                       previous travel experience.
                                                      a summary of the volunteer’s
                                                       expectations for their experience
                                                       at RUCHI.

Has the partner organisation been informed of       No – have seen 2007/2008 version.
their liability in the event of negligence, and
have they been shown the draft agreement
needed if the project is approved?

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Please attach any further supporting information to the proposal, either
as a separate document, or pasted into section F

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Section D – Health and Safety
  Country Security   Are there any security issues in the country or region that
                     EWB-UK should be aware of?
                     Not in the region (Himachal Pradesh) or any region needed
                     to be travelled through (eg. Delhi) – volunteers should take
                     normal precautions as they would when travelling to any
                     overseas country.
                     Note that EWB-UK strictly follows the advice of the UK
                     Government's Foreign and Commonwealth Office at
                     Date Information Last Accessed: 17/11/2008

  Emergency          In an emergency RUCHI will immediately do everything
                     possible to get the volunteers out of danger. The nearest
                     international airport is in Delhi (450 km away) and the
                     nearest national airports is at Shimla (86 km away).

  Medical Care       Local facilities are not comparable to those in the UK,
                     especially in the immediate area surrounding RUCHI.
                     However, in major cities private medical care is available.
                     Medical insurance is essential, as for a visit to any non-EU
                     country. The nearest hospital is at Rajgar (6 km away)

  Hazards            As with many developing counties, probably the greatest
                     hazard is road traffic accidents.
                     Very low malaria risk
                     ( accessed 17/10/09 )

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Section E – Placement Budget
                                 Estimated      Possible
                                                            Source of
  Costs per Volunteer            cost           variation
                                 (GBP)          (GBP)

  Flights from UK                325            +200

  Accommodation                  380            -           RUCHI Rs 28,000

  Food                           380            -           RUCHI Rs 28,000

  Essential in-country travel    15             +10         Personal experience

                                                            Indian Embassy
  Visa                           30             -

  Vaccinations                   150            -           Personal experience

  Travel insurance               59             +20

  Total Placement Cost           1,339          +230

  Based on how many months?      3 months

  Partner Organisation
  Contribution (if applicable)

  Accommodation                  0              0

  Total Partner contribution     0              0

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Section F – Attachments
Please attach any additional / supporting information here:

   1. References for RUCHI See below
       Dan Boswell – Project Manager 2008
       Dan works for the Environment Agency and paid a visit to RUCHI in 2007 after
       his wife spent 9 months volunteering for them. This visit identified a project
       which EWB-UK could support and a placement was set up.
       Siobhan McGrath – Project Volunteer 2008
       Siobhan was a EWB-UK placement volunteer for 10 weeks in 2008 and the
       Project Manager for this proposal.

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