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                                                                                                                CE        Chief Executive
Park Area Committee                                                                                             ADP       Area Director (Park)
                                                                                                                AHBGO     Area Housing Board Governance Officer
                                                                                                                PAC       Park Area Committee
Update Summary on Resolutions Passed -April 2010                                                                AM        Area Manager

Minute Resolutions                               Officer    Actions taken and/or responses received Date                  Resolved/ Recommended By        Deletion
No.                                                                                                                       ongoing / action (review / date Agreed
                                                                                                                          pending add to fwd Plan/        on
                                                       Although a response concerning the quorum had
         Park Area Housing Board                       been received the matter of the change of Terms of
         12/10/2009 - The minutes be                   Reference without consultation with the Area
         deferred to the next meeting pending AMPE/AHB Committee had not. The matter has been referred
99 / 144 confirmation of quorum.              GO       back to the Head of Legal and democratic Services.       Oct 09

          David Lister School - That the
          renegotiated SLA be brought back to
          Park Area Committee prior to the final            SLA to be brought to a future meeting of the Park
109( c)   agreement of the lease                 NPS        Area Committee.                                     Oct 09    Pending
          Waiting Restrictions Southcoates
          Lane. - A short briefing paper be
          provided concerning the
171(a)    requirements for public consultation. AMSC        Briefing Note submitted to 24 March 2010 Meeting    Feb 10

          Council's Demolition Programme -
          That a report detailing the the
          Council's Assets of Land and
          Buildings in the Park Area come to a
185( c)   future meeting                       AMSC         Report requested                                    Mar 10
          Southcoates Lane TRO - Further
          report re Brindley Street TRO and
          access by large vehicles to be
186(e)    submitted to Committee                 AMSC       Report to be submitted to future meeting.           Mar 10.
          East Park - That a further report be
          received by Area Committee at its      AMPE/Park
187(b)    May or June 2010 meeting.              Manager   Added to Committee Forward Plan                      Mar 10
          Section 106 Funding -That
          information concerning Section 106
          funding on a ward by ward basis be
191(d)    provided to a future meeting.          AMSC       Planning Manager to attend May Meeting              Mar 10
          Section 106 Funding -That the
          Planning Manager be asked to
          update the Members on changes to
191 (e)   Section 106.                           AMSC       Planning Manager to attend May Meeting              Mar 10
202       Amendment to Minute 193                AHBGO       Minute amended at May Housing Board Meeting.       01/05/10

          That a list of Highway schemes
          undertaken in the Park Area be         Head of
205       provided                               Streetscene Briefing Note expected for June Meeting            28/04/10

          That the views of the Planning
          Department regarding removal of the
206       water feature to the Park Pavilion  AMSC                                                              28/04/10

          Information concerning activation of
206(d)    speed sign in Summergangs Road         Streetscene Information requested from Streetscene             28/04/10

          East Park - Any presentation re
          Tennis Court use be made to a future
210(b)    Area Committee.                      AMSC                                                             28/04/10
          Forward Plan - That Norfolk Property
          Services be reminded of the
          outstanding report concerning the
216 (b)   shop in Greatfield.                  AMSC          E-mail sent to NPS, to come to a future meeting.   28/04/10

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