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					This Excel workbook contains a recommended structure and templates for
recording (auditing) the resolution of a standard (9 row by 9 column)
Sudoku puzzle.

           The sheets that hold the templates etc are hidden. You will need a
           copy for ACBA-EWP ( the ACBA Electronic Working Paper
           software package) to make effective use of them.

           A trial copy of this software may be downloaded by clicking the link
           in the the cell to the right of this one.                              ACBA-EWP

           An on-line help system for ACBA-EWP can be viewed at from the
           link in the cell to the right, however the package also contains in
           built help.                                                            Help system

           The ACBA web page describing the individual templates and the
           analyses that they perform may also be useful.                         Auditing Sudoku

The project structure is very simple

           There are 5 standard modules
           but for the purposes of this analysis you can ignore these

           You will want to use

                       Sudoku Analysis

           and its associated Sub-Sections

                                   Summary of Findings & Conclusions
                                   Chronological Processes
We suggest that you post the first Working Paper - based on the
template 'The start of a SuDoku puzzle' into the 'Summary of
Findings & Conclusions' Sub-Section

The remainder can be posted in 'Chronological Processes'.

You may wish to copy the final resolution back into the 'Summary
of Findings & Conclusions' for completeness.

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