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Pennsylvania Elite Cheerleading Handbook by zhangyun


									                        Pennsylvania Elite Cheerleading Handbook

I.    Appearance

      A. Jewelry
               1.      No jewelry at practices or competitions (earrings, watches, rings, tongue rings,
                       necklaces, etc…) No Exceptions!!
                  2.   Belly button rings must be covered for practices and removed prior to warm-ups at
                  3.   Coaches will not be responsible for any jewelry at practices, competitions, or other
      B. Gum/Food
               1. No gum/candy at practice. Gum/candy must be disposed before entering the gym.
               2. Gum/candy must be disposed prior to warm-ups at cheerleading competitions/events.
               3. Food should be eaten in the parent room or cheerleader lounge only and disposed of
               4. Water and drinks should be kept in cheerleader lounge/locker room.
      C. Hair
               1. For practice, hair should be pulled out of face so it’s not a distraction.
               2. For competitions, girls must wear hair as directed by the coaching staff.
               3. Girls are expected to wear the bows given to them by the coaches to each
                               a. In the event that the bow is lost, the cheerleader is responsible for
                                   purchasing a replacement.
      D. Uniforms
               1. Skirts must be buttoned at all times during the competitions/events. No exceptions!
                   Girls should not walk around in sports bras.
               2. Uniforms and shoes should be clean and neat for all events. It would be wise to cover
                   uniforms when eating.
               3. Girls/boys must wear uniform, shoes, briefs, etc… chosen by the coaches.
               4. Cheerleaders should be discreet when changing out of uniforms at competitions/events.
      E. Make-up/Fingernails
               1. Girls are expected to wear the same make-up as the rest of the team. This will be
                   directed by the coaching staff.
               2. Fingernails should be at an appropriate length (not much above the skin of the finger)
                   for competitive cheerleading.
               3. No fingernail polish should be worn to competitions/events.
      F. PA Elite Cheerleading Paraphernalia/Warm-Ups
               1. When entering competitions, the girls/boys are expected to wear PA Elite
               2. Cheerleaders are not permitted to enter a competition site in pajamas, slipper, street
                   clothes, etc…
               3. We realize and respect that everyone has their own personal style, but at competitions
                   and events where cheerleaders are representing PA Elite, they must look the part of a
                   competitive team.

II.   Practices

      A. Attendance
               1. Attendance at all practices is mandatory. Cheerleaders should arrive early to stretch
                   prior to the practice start time. We will begin practice promptly at the start time. Do
                   not be late!
          2.  Cheerleaders are expected to notify the coaches, personally, in advance of absences.
              The cheerleader should provide a note verifying the practice date(s) missed and the
              reasons for missing. This should be done 2 weeks in advance of the missed practice.
          3. Cheerleaders are only permitted to leave a message at the gym if they cannot attend
              due to illness that day.
          4. We realize that emergencies may arise that are more important: wedding, funeral,
              sudden death/family emergency, and illness. Again, we must be notified in advance
              through a written note if possible, so that we can make arrangements for those
          5. School events: cheerleaders are making a large commitment to members on this team.
              Each cheerleader holds a purpose and cannot easily be replaced at practice. If
              cheerleaders are never able to miss a school event/practice, then this will greatly
              interfere with their position/role on the team. Cheerleaders that are consistently at
              practice will get main roles in the routines.
          6. Work, concerts, appointments, other social events, etc… are not excusable absences.
              These events should be scheduled around practice times.
          7. If cheerleaders are sick from school, then we don’t expect their attendance at practice,
              but we need a phone call to the gym before practice and a written excuse. If
              cheerleaders are feeling only a “little under the weather,” then they are encouraged to
              come and participate as much as possible.
          8. Injuries are not excusable absences. Cheerleaders should attend practice to at least
              watch, and we need a doctor’s note stating limitations and time frame. If we don’t
              have a note, then the cheerleader will be expected to participate in the entire practice.
          9. Coaches will be keeping accurate records of attendance, including tardiness. Excessive
              absences will result in dismissal from the team at the coaches’ discretion.
          10. Cheerleaders who cannot attend practice for whatever reason are responsible for any
              information missed at the practice. Please check the website for news and forms. The
              staff at PA Elite cannot contact personally everyone that doesn’t attend practice to give
              missed information.
          11. Cheerleaders must be dressed and ready to practice at the start time. They will not be
              permitted to wear sweat clothing, etc… Cheerleaders should have athletic shorts,
              shirts, tied shoes, and hair back. Cheerleaders’ attires should be respectful and not
              interfere with their performance at practice.
                           a. Cheerleaders not wearing shoes to practice must sit until they have

B. Personal Belongings
         1. Pennsylvania Elite will not be responsible for lost or stolen items at practice.
         2. Cheerleaders should not have cell phones on during practice. Cell phones should
             remain in team/locker rooms and only be used in extreme cases.
         3. Cheerleaders clothing, personal belongings, and drinks should be left in the team room.
                         a. Water will be provided for $1 at the gym. Cheerleaders without money
                              or drinks can deduct money from their cheer accounts for water.
                              Cheerleaders without money in their accounts will not be able to
                              purchase the water.
                         b. Cheerleaders will not be able to leave the practice area/team rooms
                              once practice has begun.
         4. First Aid and Ice will be supplied as needed. PA Elite will not supply tape, wraps,
             braces, or medications.
         5. PA Elite will keep items left at practice in a lost and found box. Items will be
             discarded after one month’s time.
C. Behavior
         1. Cheerleaders should be respectful of team members. They must leave any differences
             at the door. Members need to act as a team, cooperate, and tolerate every member for
             the best interest of the team. There is no “I” in TEAM, and we strongly follow this
                        philosophy. We will NOT tolerate “catty” arguments, loud disputes, name calling, or
                        other disruptive activities involving members of the team.
                   2.   Cheerleaders need to demonstrate good sportsmanship to all teams in this program and
                        teams that we compete against.
                   3.   Cheerleaders should be respectful of the practice facility. You will pick up trash from
                        team rooms before leaving. You will not use the stereo, phone, or equipment without
                        prior permission from the staff. Bathrooms should be kept sanitary.
                   4.   Cheerleaders should be respectful of their coaches and staff of PA Elite Cheerleading.
                        They should realize the superiority of the coaches/staff and respect their professional
                        decisions. Not everyone has to agree, nor will they, but disrespect will not be tolerated.
                                   a. As coaches, we will be glad to talk on a personal level about any
                                        problems, but our decisions will be final. They are from the best
                                        interest of the entire team and program.
                                   b. Any cheerleader leaving the facility out of anger/rage will be assumed
                                        to have forfeited his/her spot on the team and are not welcomed back
                                        that competitive season!
                                   c. Any cheerleader quitting the team will not be permitted back during the
                                        same competition season.
                                   d. The coaches reserve the right to make any changes to members on
                                        teams at any time during the competition season!!
                   5.   Cheerleaders need to devote their complete attention to practice during each practice.
                        Any outside distractions from viewing guests will not be tolerated. Communication
                        with viewing guests is not necessary during the course of practice!!
                   6.   Cheerleaders need to demonstrate appropriate behavior that represents themselves, the
                        team, and Pennsylvania Elite Cheerleading. They should not be: smoking, drinking
                        alcohol, abusing drugs, using inappropriate language, dressing explicitly or
                        inappropriately, or displaying inappropriate behavior. Use and abuse of these
                        unacceptable behaviors may result in immediate dismissal from the team.
                   7.   Cheerleaders are expected to give 100% for the entire length of practice. They will be
                        expected to perform what is asked of them unless we are given a medical excuse.
       D. Safety
                   1.   For the safety of all participants, no member is permitted in the tumbling side unless
                        supervised by a staff member.
                   2.   No one should be practicing any skills unless supervised or given permission by a staff

III.   Competitions

       A. Attendance at all competitions is mandatory!! Failure to attend a competition may result in
          removal from position in routine or removal from the team altogether. Cheerleaders must remain
          at the competition from the beginning until the conclusion of awards, unless otherwise directed by
          the PA Elite staff.
                  1. Cheerleaders must attend the practice prior to a competition or they will be removed
                     from the routine for that event. Exceptions may be made at the coaches’ discretion.
                  2. Cheerleaders must be dressed, hair and make-up done, prior to entering the
                     competition, unless otherwise noted by staff.
       B. Competition warm-up:
                  1. All cheerleaders should report to the warm-up area at the competition site at the time
                     designated by the coaching staff.
                  2. Cheerleaders should be dressed and ready to compete with no extra belongings
                     (including jewelry).
                  3. Cheerleaders missing any portion of their warm-up time will not be permitted to
                     compete that day!
       C. Awards
                 1.   All cheerleaders must stay until their award’s ceremony is complete! Cheerleaders
                      failing to abide by this rule will not receive any individual awards given at the event!
                                  a. Cheerleaders must sit together as a team for awards whether on the
                                       floor on in the stands.
                                  b. Cheerleaders must be in full uniform for awards! Those choosing
                                       otherwise will not be welcomed to sit with the team, and my forfeit
                                       their right to any individual awards.
                                  c. Coaches will choose the cheerleaders to receive trophies. Please don’t

      D. Injuries
                1.  If you are injured and unable to compete, then you will not be eligible for the
                    individual awards presented at the event. These awards are reserved solely for the
                    individuals on the mat. Some exceptions may apply.
      E. Transportation
               1. Parents or chaperones must provide transportation to and from competitions/events.
               2. Regardless of the method of transportation, cheerleaders are expected to be at the event
                    site at the time given by the coaches!
               3. Directions will be provided if the competition organization sends them. Otherwise
                    parents are responsible for using the location site to find their own directions using
                    Map quest, etc…
      F. Hotel Arrangements
               1. The parents/chaperones will be responsible for hotel arrangements for overnight trips.
               2. An adult must accompany all cheerleaders.
               3. The coaches will not be the primary chaperones for any cheerleader on overnight trips.
                    We will conduct team meetings occasionally during the course of a trip. These are
                    usually conducted at the competition site.
      G. Overnight trips
               1. Cheerleaders will not be permitted to leave the competition site unless given
                    permission by the coaching staff. All cheerleaders in the program are expected to
                    support every team from Pennsylvania Elite Cheerleading.
               2. Cheerleaders should be on time and prepared (mentally/physically) for the competition.
               3. Hotel rooms should be kept clean!
               4. Cheerleaders are expected to follow appropriate behavior guidelines as outlined in
                    section IIC of this handbook.
               5. Cheerleaders and families are expected to follow any additional rules of the
                    competition and/or hotel! You are representing PA Elite Cheerleading at all times.

IV.   Expenses/payments

      A. Monthly tuition
              1. The monthly fee for the year is as follows: $60 per month for each child on Youth
                   through Senior level teams, ½ price for each additional family member (for families
                   with more than one member), $45 per month for Dainty Devils and Tiny Terrors.
              2. The monthly fees are due by the first practice of every month. NO Exceptions!
                   Cheerleaders that have not paid within three days will not be able to participate until
                   payment is received. Payment may be turned into the gym office at any time.
                   Payments may also be mailed to: PA Elite Cheerleading, P.O. Box 106, Mifflinburg,
                   PA 17844.
              3. There will be a $25 fee for all returned checks.
              4. There is no prorating of monthly fees. Tuition is for the year.
              5. Cheerleaders are encouraged to pay months ahead to eliminate the possibility of
                   forgetting to pay on time.
              6. If paying by check, please write cheerleader’s name and team on the check. Make
                   checks payable to PA Elite Cheerleading.
           7.    Payment by cash or check should be put in an envelope with cheerleader’s name, team,
                 and purpose of payment. No money will be accepted that is not in an envelope.
            8. If we don’t receive payment, then we will automatically deduct monthly fees from the
                 cheerleader’s account.
B.   Tumbling classes will be offered Monday evenings throughout the season (check website under
     classes for times). Member fees are already included in monthly tuition. Nonmembers will pay $7
     per session attending. Nonmembers are required to complete a registration form at the first
C.   Open gyms may be offered at times throughout the year for an additional low cost fee per session
D.   Uniforms
            1. The cheerleaders are responsible for purchasing their full uniform, sneakers, briefs,
                 bows, make-up, and any other PA Elite apparel.
                             a. The coaches have complete control over the style and type of
                                  uniform/apparel being purchased. Payments are required in full the day
                                  of the uniform fitting. We will not order uniforms until they are paid
                                  for in full.
            2. Pennsylvania Elite reserves all rights and copyrights to the business name and logo.
                             a. No cheerleader, parent, etc… under any circumstances is permitted to
                                  design and purchase any apparel (clothing, bags, etc…) outside the
                                  apparel sold through Pennsylvania Elite Cheerleading, Inc.
                             b. PA Elite paraphernalia will be available for purchase, but all will not be
E.   All competitions, transportation, and hotel accommodation fees are the responsibility of the
            1. Cheerleaders will be given deadlines for competition fees. If money is not collected on
                 or before the deadline, then the cheerleader will not be listed as a participant in the
                 event. The cheerleader may be added late to the team roster, but will most likely have
                 to pay a late registration fee.
                             a. Families with emergencies should contact Brett and/or Tracy
                                  immediately to create a payment plan.
                             b. It is possible to cover all fees through fundraising!
            2. If cheerleaders wish to deduct money from their accounts to pay for their portion of a
                 hotel expense, then we must be notified in writing well before the competition date in
                 order to provide you will a check in a timely manner.
            3. Coaches’ fees, choreography fees, music fees, make-up fees, other assessment fees will
                 be added to competition expense totals!
F.   Fundraising
            1. Fundraising is a vital part of this program. All profit from fundraising will be recorded
                 in each cheerleader’s individual account. This money may be used for purchasing
                 uniforms/apparel, competition fees, monthly tuition fees, water, and/or hotel
                 accommodations. Monthly account balances will be available upon request and will be
                 sent home periodically.
            2. While fundraising for personal accounts can be beneficial, it is not mandatory.
                 Cheerleaders wishing to cover expenses personally are free to do so. Money can be
                 deposited at any time in the cheerleaders’ accounts.
                             a. There may be mandatory fundraisers held throughout the year to
                                  benefit the equipment, expansion, and gym projects. Some of this
                                  money may also go to charity organizations.
            3. Brett and Tracy Derr will make the decisions regarding the types of fundraisers held
                 through PA Elite. Parents, guardians, family members wishing to give suggestions or
                 help with fundraisers can express their intent in writing or via email.
            4. All fundraising money must be handed in with the orders or orders will not be placed!
                             a. Due to returned fundraising checks, we will not accept checks from
                                  individuals who are not members of the gym. We will only accept
                                     checks from gyms members and cash (no change please) for all
                                 b. When fundraising, please have people pay cash or write a check to you
                                     personally which you can in turn write to PA Elite.
                                 c. Writing one check by the member for each fundraiser will be the best
                5.   All fundraising forms and money should be submitted on or before the deadline given.
                     We will not accept late orders. Please make arrangements to pick up fundraisers when
                     they arrive. We do not have the space to hold fundraisers for missing people,
                     especially those that require refrigeration.
                6.   If a cheerleader quits during the season or chooses not to return to the program the
                     following year, the money in his/her cheer account will not be returned! This money
                     may not be transferred to another cheer account unless the person is a member of
                     his/her immediate family (brother or sister). This money will be added to the general
                     fund and used for the benefit of the gym.

V.   Parent/Guardian Support

     A. Brett and Tracy Derr have complete control over Pennsylvania Elite Cheerleading, Inc. The
        Derr’s will make any and all decisions (in conjunction with their staff members).
     B. Parents are welcome to watch and wait in the parents’ lounge. They are not permitted to linger in
        the lobby area. They are not to have any involvement in the practice. Furthermore, parents/guests
        are to keep doors to the gym closed at all times.
               1. Distractions may result in removal of windows from viewing area.
               2. Disturbances may result in removal from the gym.
               3. Children attending practices must be under close supervision. Children not respecting
                    the facility will be asked to leave.
                                 a. If at all possible, please keep younger children at home to avoid
                                 b. Cheerleaders’ friends must also wait in viewing lounge until practice is
     C. Parents need to be respectful of other cheerleaders, teams, parents, and the staff of PA Elite
               1. Any inappropriate gossip about members on the teams will not be tolerated in the
                    facility or in association with PA Elite. After three occurrences, parents disregarding
                    this rule will no longer be permitted in the facility during practice hours.
               2. Parents need to respect the professional decisions of the PA Elite staff. While they
                    may not agree, the owners and staff of PA Elite are highly qualified and knowledgeable
                    in this field. Our decisions are final!
               3. Parents may not ask questions pertaining to other members of Pennsylvania Elite
               4. Parents are not to approach other parents, staff, and judges at any/all competitions,
                    events, and practices!
               5. Parents/guests are not permitted to enter the gym for any reason during, before, or after
                    practice!! Questions and/or concerns will be addressed after practice only in the lobby
                    or office, and on a need be basis.
                                 a. Brett and Tracy will allow 15 minutes after the final practice each day
                                      to meet with parents.
               6. Other immediate concerns should be addressed via email or by calling PA Elite. Calls
                    will not be answered at any staff members’ homes!!
     D. Parents and guests need to be respectful of the facility.
               1. Please keep the parents’ lounge clean! Dispose of trash in waste can. Be sure to take
                    along any personal belongings.
               2. Keep close supervision of children. Do not allow children to use PA Elite handouts,
                    envelopes, etc… for entertainment purposes.
                      3. Parents and guests will not be permitted to walk through the gym to use the restrooms.
                         You must access the restrooms from the rear of the building.
                    4. Parking is available in the back of the facility. Please take advantage of this. You are
                         only permitted to park in lined spaces in the front lot. You are not permitted to park in
                         handicap spaces without proper identification.
                    5. Pennsylvania Elite Cheerleading is a training facility for athletes. Smoking is a
                         personal choice by family members/guests; however, it should be avoided on the
                         grounds of PA Elite. If you choose to smoke, please do it elsewhere!
           E. Parental help
                    1. Parents will be asked to help at PA Elite hosted competitions/events.
                                    a. These events are fundraisers for the gym. All profits will benefit the
                                         general gym fund.
                    2. Parents are asked to provide PA Elite with any outstanding photos from events this
                    3. Parents willing to assist in sorting fundraisers should contact Brett or Tracy Derr.

  VI.      Web page

           A. Cancellations
                     1. Practice and event cancellations due to weather or other unforeseen emergencies will
                         be posted on the website under the News section.
           B. News, gym information, calendars, and awards will be posted on the website.
           C. We hope to post waiver forms on the website for your convenience. Waivers will be handed out
              one time at practice.
           D. The guest book is used for motivating comments. Brett, Tracy, and Courtney monitor this aspect
              of the web page and will only post appropriate entries.
                                    a. Questions for the coaches should be addressed by email not on the
                                         guest book.


Gym phone:                                570-524-5005

Gym email:                      

Gym mailing address:                      P.O. Box 106
                                          Mifflinburg, PA 17844

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