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									                                                             Bureau of Engineering
                                                           Project Delivery Manual

Chapter:               25 – PROJECT CLOSEOUT
Procedure:             25.1 – CLOSEOUT FLOWCHARTS & CHECKLISTS

Revised:               April 2, 2009


       Contract Closeout is the completion of the contract and related inspection,
correction and acceptance of the work. When a particular portion of the work has
been completed, a series of activities, similar to those for Construction Completion
(See Chapter 22), occurs to formally establish partial completion. Contract Closeout
may involve a number of partial completions and eventually a final completion when
all work is considered to have been performed in accordance with the contract
documents and is accepted. The purpose of this procedure is to provide the Project
Manager with a list of the steps and actions necessary for a Project Closeout, once
construction is complete.




      Project Manager (PM): The PM is responsible for ensuring that the Project
Closeout process is performed in a timely manner.

      Construction Manager (CM): The CM is responsible for working with the
Contractor, Bureau of Contract Administration (BCA), Project Manager (PM) and
Project Engineer (PE) to ensure that Project Closeout is completed and that all
items on the checklists are finished.

       Contractor: It is the responsibility of the Contractor to complete all contract
work and to provide all final documentation, in a timely manner, following completion
of construction. Failure to provide required information will delay acceptance of the
contract by the Board of Public Works (BPW) and may delay release of all or part of
the retention funds being withheld.

       Bureau of Contract Administration (BCA): BCA is responsible for working
with the CM and the Contractor to ensure that the Project Closeout is done.

Procedure 25.1 – Closeout Flowcharts & Checklists                               Page 1
                                                                     Bureau of Engineering
                                                                   Project Delivery Manual


         25.1-1   Closeout Checklist
         25.1-2   Partial Completion Flowchart
         25.1-3   Partial Completion Checklist
         25.1-4   Statement of Completion Flowchart
         25.1-5   Statement of Completion Checklist
         25.1-6   Retention Release, As-Builts and Acceptance Flowchart
         25.1-7   Retention Release, As-Builts and Acceptance Checklist
         25.1-8   Statement of Partial Completion
         25.1-9   Statement of Completion Form
         25.1-10 Statement of Completion Sample
                  California Public Contracting Code, Section 7107


       Project Closeout procedures are designed to enable the Contractor to receive
any retention funds withheld during the construction phase within sixty (60) days of
final Field Acceptance (FA) of the project, per Board of Public Works Policy and
California Public Contracting Code Section 7107.

        The Closeout Flowcharts and Checklists (See Attachments 25.1-1 thru 25.1-
7) should aid in planning the closeout activities. The items listed may be used to
prepare a contract-specific checklist. The final list should be reviewed to ensure that
it is consistent with the contract requirements.

        Statement of Partial Completion (SPC): A SPC is prepared when the
project is partially completed and the ownership of the completed areas or
equipment is being transferred to the City. BCA’s Final Inspector (FI), after visiting
the site, will generate a punch list. The Contractor, Lead Inspector (LI), and the CM
will agree to a date at which the Contractor shall complete the items identified in the
punch list. This statement prepared by the CM identifies every equipment or area
that is completed.

      Statement of Completion (SC): A SC is prepared when the entire project is
completed and the City is accepting the entire facility. This statement prepared by
the CM is verified by the LI and the FI. The FI, after visiting the facility, will generate
a punch list that the CM, LI and the Contractor will agree to, and a completion date.
Issuance of this statement triggers the start of the retention release process.

Page 2                                           Procedure 25.1 Closeout Flowcharts & Checklists
                                                            Bureau of Engineering
                                                          Project Delivery Manual

        Retention Release, As-Builts & Acceptance: After verifying that the SC is
issued, the CM will issue the Final Change Order (FCO) and the LI will prepare the
final progress payment. The CM will verify that the BCA and its General Services
Division (GS) have prepared estimated withholding and that the retention is released
to Accounting. The Office of Accounting (OOA) releases the retention to the
Contractor. BCA prepares the Acceptance Board Report and incorporates any
Liquidated Damages and/or penalties. The CM and BCA will also complete
Contractor Performance Evaluation Reports. The CM will verify that As-Builts are
completed and processed. The Acceptance Board Report is reviewed and signed by
the Bureau of Engineering and BCA. It is then forwarded to the BPW for approval.


       Procedure 25.2 – Record Drawings & As-Built Plans

       Procedure 25.3 – Final Retention Release

       Procedure 25.4 – Monumentation Survey

       Procedure 25.5 – Project Performance Report

       Procedure 25.6 – Contractor Performance Evaluation Report

       Procedure 25.7 – Acceptance Board Report

       Procedure 25.8 – Closing the Work Order

       Chapter 22 – Construction Completion

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