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									PeopleSoft Enterprise - CS 8.9 Bundle 14 Release Notes
Campus Solutions Student Administration
These release notes reflect application updates for PeopleSoft Enterprise Campus Solutions Student Administration products in CS 8.9 Bundle 14.

Product      Category        Incident ID   Reported Problem                 Problem Description                               Resolution Description
Academic     Other             1713672002 Encountering problems with        Issues exist relating to how the audit            The following modifications were made: 1)
Advisement                                 Investigate All Combinations,    processes rules using the Investigate All         Modified the logic in SRCCADLS.cbl that tracks
                                           local limits, and course share   Combinations feature, local limits, and           how the targets are assigned when processing
                                           sets following bundles 19/10/3 course share sets.                                  Used by Requirements derived lists, 2) Modified
                                                                                                                              investigate all combinations logic in
                                                                            The process is not correctly identifying          SRPCARQM.cbl to correctly track limits, 3)
                                                                            courses that should have been excluded            Modified the logic in SRPCARQ1.cbl to correctly
                                                                            using Investigate All Combinations, so            interpret targets when processing Used by
                                                                            courses are showing up multiple times in the Requirements logic, 4) Modified logic in
                                                                            report when they should not be. Also,             SRPCARQL.cbl to correctly identify the targets of
                                                                            courses available to be used are not being        limits for a course, 5) Returned logic in
                                                                            sorted correctly.                                 SRPCARQM.cbl, SRPCAGRP.cbl, and
                                                                                                                              SRCCAG20.cbl that would cause a requirement
                                                                            Also, the audit is not picking up courses in a group or requirement to be completely reprocessed
                                                                            "used by..." derived list (DLST)scenario          a second time to correctly select courses and
                                                                            when the "used by..." DLST setup is in the        process limits when the requirement or requirement
                                                                            same requirement and extra courses are            group require more units/courses than the lower
                                                                            needed at the requirement/requirement             levels and limits are placed on those values, 6)
                                                                            group level because of min unit/crses values Modified SRCCARN2.cbl to track all values needed
                                                                            being larger than they are at the requirement in the sorting routines for ranking classes, and 7)
                                                                            line level.                                       modified SRPCARLV.cbl to track all values needed
                                                                                                                              between SRPCARQL.cbl and SRPCARQ1.cbl.
                                                                            Also, the audit isn't correctly tracking of the
                                                                            limit data when courses are in a limit with a
                                                                            used by DLST.

                                                             7e0eade7-aa6d-4ca4-8b96-c12075259f04.xls                                                                              Page 1
Product   Category      Incident ID   Reported Problem                Problem Description                          Resolution Description
          Requirement     1715182001 Investigate All Combinations     When setting up a requirement using          The following modifications were made: 1)
          Parameters                  does not always obey limits     Investigate All Combinations with limits     Modified the logic in SRCCADLS.cbl that tracks
                                      when limits are used in         within partitions that limit the number of   how the targets are assigned when processing
                                      partitions in a Used By         courses used in a previous requirement with Used by Requirements derived lists, 2) Modified
                                      derived list.                   a Used by Requirement derived list, the      investigate all combinations logic in
                                                                      limits are not obeyed.                       SRPCARQM.cbl to correctly track limits, 3)
                                                                                                                   Modified the logic in SRPCARQ1.cbl to correctly
                                                                                                                   interpret targets when processing Used by
                                                                                                                   Requirements logic, 4) Modified logic in
                                                                                                                   SRPCARQL.cbl to correctly identify the targets of
                                                                                                                   limits for a course, 5) Returned logic in
                                                                                                                   SRPCARQM.cbl, SRPCAGRP.cbl, and
                                                                                                                   SRCCAG20.cbl that would cause a requirement
                                                                                                                   group or requirement to be completely reprocessed
                                                                                                                   a second time to correctly select courses and
                                                                                                                   process limits when the requirement or requirement
                                                                                                                   group require more units/courses than the lower
                                                                                                                   levels and limits are placed on those values, 6)
                                                                                                                   Modified SRCCARN2.cbl to track all values needed
                                                                                                                   in the sorting routines for ranking classes, and 7)
                                                                                                                   modified SRPCARLV.cbl to track all values needed
                                                                                                                   between SRPCARQL.cbl and SRPCARQ1.cbl.

          Requirement     1741857001 AA 8.9: After Bundle #13,        Student exceptions based on the plan are     Modified the peoplecode in
          Parameters                  Exceptions are looking at the   searching for requirement groups based on    AA_OVERRIDE.EFFDT.RowInit to correct set the
                                      program requirement term        the program requirement term rather than     requirement term based on the academic structure
                                      when creating a plan level      the plan requirement term.                   of the student.

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Product       Category        Incident ID   Reported Problem                Problem Description                              Resolution Description
Contributor   Outreach          1729520001 Outreach WS Initialization       When correcting our glitch with Outreach we The app engine driving the outreach WS
Relations                                   process is slow                 had to run the Outreach WS Initialization        initialization process was using row-based
                                                                            process. This process takes a LONG time          processing to populate the AV_WSET_M_TAO,
                                                                            to run - between 2 and 5 hours. Is there a       PS_AV_WORKSET_MBR and PS_AV_WORKSET
                                                                            way to speed it up? It will probably have to     records. The app engine was modified to take
                                                                            be run about once a week to keep                 advantage of set processing to improve
                                                                            everything in synch. The process is used to performance.
                                                                            Initialize and update the My Prospects
                                                                            Worksets for all users.

              Prospect          1730371002 Action can be tied to a          When adding an action that is tied to a gift or Two new fields (GIFT_DAYS and PLEDGE_DAYS)
              Manager                       gift/pledge that is only 60 days pledge, that gift/pledge can not be over 60     have been added to the Institution Defaults 2 page
                                            old or less                     days old. (This is controlled by the prompt      (AV_INSTALL_INST), and are now referenced by
                                                                            views on this page: AV_GIFT_REC_VW and the AV_GIFT_REC_VW and AV_PLDG_REC_VW
                                                                            AV_PLDG_REC_VW.) The 60 days seems               views. This will allow a user to set default expiry
                                                                            so arbitrary and does not meet customer          day values for both gift and pledges.
                                                                            needs. Often, actions are not recorded until
                                                                            6 months down the line. This arbitrary limit
                                                                            should be either configurable, or not be
                                                                            included in the view at all but rather produce
                                                                            a warning message if the gift/pledge is over
                                                                            a configurable limit.

Financial Aid Auth/Disburse       64100004 Official EFC disbursement        We have an item type rule set for the Pell       Redesigned to check for status Not Equal to
                                            rule will authorize if the      Grant that it should not disburse if the EFC     Official.
                                            current EFC status is           is anything but official. However, we have a
                                            Rejected                        student that disbursed and the EFC is

                                                               7e0eade7-aa6d-4ca4-8b96-c12075259f04.xls                                                                            Page 3
Financial Aid

Product         Category        Incident ID   Reported Problem               Problem Description                               Resolution Description
                Auth/Disburse     1731781001 User Edit Message               If the same edit message code is posted           Redesigned to check for message action Not Equal
                                              authorization hold not working twice for the same semester, authorization        to 2 (resolved).
                                              with multiple edit messages    of awards with User Edit Message
                                                                             disbursement rules only considers the status
                                                                             of the first row. That is, if the first row was
                                                                             marked with an Action of Resolved and the
                                                                             second row was marked with an Action of
                                                                             Pending, we would expect authorization to
                                                                             fail based on the fact that there is at least
                                                                             one unresolved edit message. Instead, the
                                                                             award authorizes based on the fact that the
                                                                             first edit message that was posted was set
                                                                             to Resolved, even though the second edit
                                                                             message that was posted is still set to
                                                                             Pending. If the opposite is true (first edit
                                                                             message is Pending and second is
                                                                             Resolved), authorization holds.

                Auth/Disburse     1732149001 ACG Award not un-authorizing It appears that ACG Awards are not un-               Redesign with the following 3 new rules. 1. If
                                              when eligibility page is       authorizing when the ACG/SMART Grant              Authorized Amount > 0 and Accept Balance = 0
                                              Ineligible                     Eligibility page is becoming Ineligible and       then NO eligibility or academic level check with be
                                                                             the Disbursement message is 'ASG                  performed. 2. If disbursed balance > 0 and Accept
                                                                             Eligibility data was not found'.                  Balance = 0 then NO eligibility or academic level
                                                                                                                               check will be performed. 3. If Authorized balance
                                                                                                                               >0 and Accept Balance >0 then check eligibility
                                                                                                                               and academic level check. If it encounters an error
                                                                                                                               let the process continue.

                                                                7e0eade7-aa6d-4ca4-8b96-c12075259f04.xls                                                                             Page 4
Product   Category        Incident ID   Reported Problem             Problem Description                              Resolution Description
          Auth/Disburse     1732243001 Unable to unauthorize ACG     Unauthorization for a canceled ACG item          Redesign with the following 3 new rules. 1. If
                                        item after changing HERA     fails with "Student's HERA Academic Level        Authorized Amount > 0 and Accept Balance = 0
                                        level and awarding new ACG   on Item Type FA does not match ASG               then NO eligibility or academic level check with be
                                                                     eligibility table". This is preventing user from performed. 2. If disbursed balance > 0 and Accept
                                                                     UnDisbursing items that have been                Balance = 0 then NO eligibility or academic level
                                                                     canceled. This problem occurs when the           check will be performed. 3. If Authorized balance
                                                                     HERA Level has been changed on FA Term >0 and Accept Balance >0 then check eligibility
                                                                     and the Eligibility record, the old ACG item     and academic level check. If it encounters an error
                                                                     has been canceled and the new ACG2 item let the process continue.
                                                                     has been awarded.

          Budgets           1626472002 Make                          We would like to be able to use the new          Added field SFA_INTRSTD_IN_WSL to record
                                        SFA_INTRSSTD_IN_WSL          SFA_INTRSSTD_IN_WSL field for use in             STDNT_BDGT_ASGN and modified cobol program
                                        field available in Budgets   Budget formulas. We want to use the              FAPBUDGD.cbl and fapbudgd.gbs.
                                                                     'interested in sl' to assign loan fees to only
                                                                     those students who want loans to avoid any
                                                                     over award situations for those that don't
                                                                     want loans.
          Budgets           1635225001 User can insert new budget    In version 8.0, when you insert a new            Added PeopleCode (Record):
                                        items and delete existing    budget item row on the Student Budget            STDNT_BUDGET_IT.BGT_ITEM_CATEGORY.Ro
                                        without inserting a new      Maintenance page without inserting a new         wDelete to prevent the deletion of history records.
                                        effective dated row.         effective dated budget group row, you get an
                                                                     error message saying you can't change it
                                                                     unless you're in correction mode. In v8.9, it
                                                                     allows you to save it and there is no
                                                                     message. That's a problem because it
                                                                     makes it easily and accidentally possible to
                                                                     bypass the audit history for budget changes.
                                                                     Users are also able to delete existing budget

                                                          7e0eade7-aa6d-4ca4-8b96-c12075259f04.xls                                                                          Page 5
Product   Category      Incident ID   Reported Problem              Problem Description                             Resolution Description
          Budgets         1737297001 Budget formulas unable to      2008-09 ISIR record has been expanded to        1737297001 - Modified PeopleCode (Record):
                                      access housing codes in       display up to 10 institutions designated to     DERIVED_BDGT.INFORMATION_SOURCE.RowI
                                      positions 7 through 10        receive FAFSA information. If an institution nit to add additional housing code logic. Also
                                                                    is listed in positions 7 through 10, the        modified FAPBUDGD.cbl and fapbudgd.dms.
                                                                    housing code is not being passed to the
                                                                    budget formulas. Codes in these positions
                                                                    are being treated as blanks. This affects our
                                                                    ability to correctly build cost of attendance
                                                                    budgets based on a student's housing plans.

          COD DL          1739933001 DL PNOTE is not aligned on     In testing Regs 2, Bundle 13, the DL PLUS       Modified faldpnt2.sqr to align the printed form.
                                      printed form                  MPN with data labels in not aligned properly
                                                                    when printing. The social security number is
                                                                    printing on top of the data label and can not
                                                                    be read.
          COD General     1736002001 COD is rejecting dashes in zip DL records are rejecting at COD because         Added code to the outbound processes to remove
                                      codes for DL, Pell and        we are sending a dash in the zip code field.    any dashes found in the zip code.
                                      ACG/Smart grants              COD has informed us that dashes will no
                                                                    longer be accepted as a valid value in this
                                                                    field as they have added a new edit to their
                                                                    system. This will also impact Pell and
                                                                    ACG/Smart grants.

                                                       7e0eade7-aa6d-4ca4-8b96-c12075259f04.xls                                                                        Page 6
Product   Category     Incident ID   Reported Problem               Problem Description                             Resolution Description
          COD Grants     1749562002 Pell and ACG/SMART Year         Pell and ACG/SMART Year To Date                 1. Unchecked "Include in Navigation" property on
                                     To Date Origination Errors     Origination Errors and Disbursement Errors      components
                                     and Disbursement Errors        reports look for an Action Code of "E" as a     RUN_CNTL_ASG872,RUN_CNTL_ASG874,RUN_
                                     reports are no longer valid.   selection criteria for data to be displayed.    CNTL_PGDYTD_ER,RUN_CNTL_PGOYTD_ER.
                                                                    Valid COD action Codes are "A" for              2. Removed security for above components
                                                                    Accepted, "C" for Corrected, "D" for            (PROCESS_PELL_PMT for 8.9 and 9.0 for all four
                                                                    Duplicate and "R" for Rejected therefore        components and
                                                                    these error reports are no longer valid and     PROCESS_ACG_SMART_GRANTS for 8.0 SP1
                                                                    will be removed from navigation.                ACG/SMART components).
                                                                                                                    3. For 8.9 and 9.0 checked "Hide from Portal
                                                                                                                    navigation" on Content reference in Portal

          Commonline     1653784001 Serial Loan Code not getting    Bundle 9 for 8.9 delivered a fix for Report ID Changed the peoplecode on
                                     updated for Grad PLUS loans #1550956000 (Serial Loan Code getting              Loan_Orignatn.ln_dest_nbr.In people code Added
                                                                    blanked out for Grad PLUS loans). We have the condition for checking if the fed app form code
                                                                    applied Bundle 9 and I have confirmed the       is equal to GRAD PLUS MPN.Removed the hard
                                                                    CL_FED_APP_FRM_CD for Grad Plus loan coded value of serial loan code and deriving from
                                                                    was added to                                    the set up records.
                                                                    NBR. However, the Serial Loan Code is still
                                                                    not updating based off of default values from
                                                                    the Loan Destination Setup. The problem no
                                                                    longer exits in 8 SP1, just in 8.9.

          Commonline     1655937001 CRC File Schema 1.2.0           The PreferredBorrowerLender tag is missing Modified FAPCLOOR.cbl,app engine
                                     missing                        from our CRC file that we created with          SFA_CRC_OUT peoplecode and data in
                                     PreferredBorrowerLender tag schema 1.2.0.                                      SFA_CRC_LOOKUP to ensure that
                                     in File layout                                                                 PreferredBorrowerLender tag is sent out in the

                                                       7e0eade7-aa6d-4ca4-8b96-c12075259f04.xls                                                                        Page 7
Product   Category     Incident ID   Reported Problem                 Problem Description                               Resolution Description
          Commonline     1656869001 CRC File Schema 1.2.0             CitizenshipStatusCode tag is showing for          Modified FAPCLOOR.cbl to check for the
                                     CitizenshipStatusCode            Stafford Loans and this is not a required         conditions in order to outbound Citizenship Status
                                                                      field for Stafford Loans. We produced our         code tag as per the schema.
                                                                      first CRC XML File and sent it through the
                                                                      edits at SallieMae and this tag was part of
                                                                      the file layout that was produced, even
                                                                      though it is not needed. Contacted
                                                                      NCHELP and they confirm that this is a not
                                                                      a required field.
          Commonline     1657343001 CRC Response File load will       CRC Response file loaded with no errors on Fixed FAPCLIOR.cbl to pass the valid values to
                                     cause an error on Maintain       the inbound, but when looking at the              application record fields.
                                     Originated Loans                 students Origination, on the Loan
                                                                      Origination 3 page, there is an 'Invalid Value'
                                                                      error in both the EFT Authorization and
                                                                      Capitalize Interest fields. The CRC format is
                                                                      either True or False and the PS is either Yes
                                                                      or No.
          Commonline     1659776001 FAPCLOUT abends with a            When a student is awarded two loan item           Modified FAPCLOOR and FAPCLOCX cbl's to
                                     unique constraint if a student   types (two subsidized loans or two                eliminate the unique constraint error by
                                     has multiple subsidized or       unsubsidized loans) the Process CRC               incrementing the award seq number in the section
                                     unsubsidized loans               Outbound Records is results in an error.          GA100-GET-AWARD-SEQ .
                                                                      The message is ERR rtncd=805 msg=ORA-
                                                                      00001: unique constraint
                                                                      violated. The SFA_CR_LOAN_KEY is not a
                                                                      key on PS_SFA_CRC_AWARD
          Commonline     1662879001 CRC Change Response File          We sent out a change transaction file and         Modified the FAPCLIOR.cbl in section FA100-
                                     Error                            when we loaded the change response file, it PROCESS-CL-RESP of code such that it does not
                                                                      did not update the status of the loan to          give error of 'Process not Supported ' in error
                                                                      'accepted' because, according to the load         report.
                                                                      error report (SFA903), the process is not
          Commonline     1683855001 FAPLCOD4.cbl program is           The FAPLCOD4.cbl program is hanging for           FAPLCOA4.cbl parsing section was modified.
                                     hanging                          borrowers with a foreign address

                                                        7e0eade7-aa6d-4ca4-8b96-c12075259f04.xls                                                                             Page 8
Product   Category     Incident ID   Reported Problem                 Problem Description                             Resolution Description
          Commonline     1695146001 CRC File Schema 1.2.0             After receiving and loading a test Alternative People code added on
                                     Alternative Loan Certification   Loan certification file in CRC format, the      SFA_CR_AWARD_ID.Rowinit to fix the issue.
                                     File                             AlternativeLoanProgram code did not load
                                                                      into the CRC Certification request page.
                                                                      The tag is part of the file that was received
                                                                      from SallieMae.

          Commonline     1702507001 Error on Enter PLUS Prom          Customer is receiving an error on the 'Enter Modified LN_RELATION_SEQ.FieldDefault to
                                     Note page                        PLUS Prom Note' page and on the 'Enter          correctly increment Sequence numbers. Modified
                                                                      ALT Loan Prom Note' page. The happens           SFA_CRC_PNOTE.BORR_EMPLID.Rowinit to
                                                                      when parent borrower is changed. The error gray and ungray Borrower Emplid field depending
                                                                      indicates that Data being adding conflicts      on the Originated status.
                                                                      with existing data.
          Commonline     1706151001 FA Hold & Release process         The delivered Hold & Release process            SQL Change in LN_CL_HR_OVR_VW. In Where
                                     doesn't support CRC loans        doesn't support Common Record                   clause of the SQl,added condition to check
                                                                      Commonline. It appears to hardcode              LN_VERSION = ‘CRC-VER-01’ for CRC Loans
                                                                      Commonline 4 in the cobol stored sql            also.
                                                                      statement FAPLCLHR.
                                                                                                                      FAPLCLHR.DMS Changes
                                                                                                                      Store statements FAPLCLHR_S_HRDATE,
                                                                                                                      FAPLCLHR_S_HREMPID , added a condition to
                                                                                                                      check LN_VERSION = ‘CRC-VER-01’ for CRC

          Commonline     1741552001 FAPLCOA4 compile errors in        QAE HR89 build C339 reports compile             Extra spaces removed after Column 80 to resolve
                                     QAE platform DB2-OS390           errors or severe warnings for FAPLCOA4 in 0S390 compile errors.
                                                                      job AFCMPLC RC= 12
          Commonline     1744372001 SFA_CRC_OUT Application           SFA_CRC_OUT AE program should handle Modified SFA_CRC_OUT AE program to fix the
                                     engine runs to No-Success        Reference types but the process is              bad code, which abends the AE program when its
                                     when a Reference type exists abending.                                           type "Reference". Also the fix supports to export
                                     on Enter Plus Prom note                                                          only 2 "References" out from the staging tables.
                                     page.                                                                            Modified FAPCLOOR.cbl.

                                                       7e0eade7-aa6d-4ca4-8b96-c12075259f04.xls                                                                           Page 9
Product   Category     Incident ID   Reported Problem           Problem Description                             Resolution Description
          Commonline     1747271002 Loan agency default not     If customers use the Loan Default Agency        Modified the FAPLORGO.cbl to check for the new
                                     working for CL4            functionality the process uses the OPEID        OPEID values as per the Loan Default Agency Set
                                                                values, but when it gets to the section of      up.
                                                                code that searches for destinations the
                                                                commonline code is only looking for unique
                                                                ids. Therefore the destination that should be
                                                                found based on the Loan Default Agency
                                                                data is not found. The section of COBOL
                                                                then sets the OPEID values to the new
                                                                values. The unique ids are still the same
                                                                and therefore the wrong destination is used.

                                                       7e0eade7-aa6d-4ca4-8b96-c12075259f04.xls                                                                   Page 10
Product   Category   Incident ID   Reported Problem               Problem Description                            Resolution Description
          FA Term      1672982002 FA Term is using an incorrect After applying Bundle 19 and completing the Added new select in FAPTRMU1.CBL and
                                   EFFDT to retrieve level/load   Level/Load rule and HERA Academic Level        FAPTRMU1.DMS to select load level rule were
                                   rule for HERA academic level setup, user runs FA Term and NO rows             effdt is less than or equal to today.
                                                                  have a HERA Academic Level created.

                                                                  The problem is that the EFFDT that is used
                                                                  in the SQL statement
                                                                  FAPTRMU1_S_ACLVL is using the wrong
                                                                  EFFDT to retrieve the correct row from the
                                                                  ACAD_LEVEL_TBL for the Level/Load Rule
                                                                  (HERA) that was created for this purpose.

                                                                  In doing the setup user created a Level/Load
                                                                  Rule name HERA with an EFFDT of
                                                                  01/01/1901. The problem is that when FA
                                                                  Term runs it is using an EFFDT of
                                                                  09/15/2004 which is the EFFDT of the
                                                                  UGRD Level/Load rule that is associated
                                                                  with the student Academic Program.

                                                                  For UGRD there are two EFFDT rows
                                                                  01/01/1901 and 09/15/2004. The process is
                                                                  using an EFFDT from a different Level/Load
                                                                  rule than the HERA.

          FA Term      1678741002 HERA level not calculating      The Hera level calculation is double           Modified HERA Level logic in FAPTRMU1.CBL to
                                   correctly for student with     counting transfer credit with a                remove the double counting of transfer units.
                                   "internal" transfer credit     TRNSFR_SRC_TYPE = I (internal). The
                                                                  process handles external transfer credit
                                                                  correctly. Note: academic level and NSLDS
                                                                  levels are correct.

                                                      7e0eade7-aa6d-4ca4-8b96-c12075259f04.xls                                                                   Page 11
Product   Category   Incident ID   Reported Problem                 Problem Description                           Resolution Description
          FA Term      1682479002 HERA Academic Levels only         Customers are able to add additional          Modified FAPTRMU1.CBL to use NSLDS loan
                                   build with delivered Academic academic levels, translate values on             year, instead of Academic level field to evaluate
                                   Level values                     ACADEMIC_LEVEL field such as 05               whether HERA Level needs to be calculated.
                                                                    Freshman Never attended. The new levels
                                                                    are then added as rows on their standard
                                                                    and HERA Level/Load Rules. When FA
                                                                    Term is built, the Academic Levels on the
                                                                    Acad Level tab build correctly but the HERA
                                                                    Academic Levels remain blank.

          FA Term      1683454001 Overridden HERA Academic          When the Override box is selected for either Modified FAPTRMU1.CBL to carry HERA Level
                                   Levels do not remain intact if   of the HERA Academic Levels and FA Term overrides forward to rebuilt FA Term row.
                                   FA Term is rebuilt.              is rebuilt those overrides are not carried
                                                                    forward to the new row. They come through
                                                                    as blank. However, if the regular Academic
                                                                    Levels are overridden on the Acad Level
                                                                    page, those overridden values carry over to
                                                                    the new row.

          FA Term      1709487001 HERA Academic Level limited For HERA ACADEMIC LEVEL field in FA                 Modified FAPTRMU1.CBL to increase W-ASG-
                                   to 100 rows in FAPTRMU1          Term, user is missing the End of Term         ACAD-LVL from 100 to 500 occurrences.
                                                                    (EOT) value for almost all of the students.
                                                                    Only a few have that value calculated. The
                                                                    cause of the problem is that the delivered
                                                                    COBOL program FAPTRMU1 limits internal
                                                                    program table W-ASG-ACAD-LVL to 100
                                                                    occurrences while user has 266 occurrences
                                                                    in that table (HERA ACADEMIC LEVEL
                                                                    setup table).

                                                     7e0eade7-aa6d-4ca4-8b96-c12075259f04.xls                                                                         Page 12
Product   Category   Incident ID   Reported Problem             Problem Description                             Resolution Description
          FA Term      1724826002 HERA Level Calculation        The HERA level calculation is including         Modified FAPTRMU1.CBL to not consider this
                                   involving remedial credits   remedial credits that are posted "for           specific "remedial" unit condition when evaluating
                                                                progress" but not for GPA. These credits        HERA Levels.
                                                                should not be considered when calculating
                                                                the HERA level, but they are.
          INAS-FM      1686586002 2008-2009 Aid Year updates    Annual changes to INAS FM for 2008-2009         INAS 2008-2009 Federal Methodology (FM) Official
                                   for INAS Federal Methodology Aid Year processing.                            Release was received from College Board on
                                   (FM).                                                                        01/29/2008.
                                                                This fix also includes the ability to update
                                                                ISIR's as target for Federal Verification.

                                                                This resolution will also be included in SA 8
                                                                SP1 Bundle #23
                                                                This resolution will also be included in CS
                                                                8.9 Bundle #14
                                                                This resolution will also be included in CS
                                                                9.0 Bundle #7

          INAS-FM      1737572001 INAS_FM_ASMPTN data not       In Aid Years 2006-2007 and 2007-2008, FM Corrected FM Assumption data for codes DA, DB,
                                   updated for the 2007-2008 Aid Assumption codes DA, DB, & DC for              and DC delivered in DMS/DAT files
                                   Year                         example, referenced the identical 'Born         UPD746621_02, which were included in 8.9 Critical
                                                                before' dates (1/1/1983). The 2007-2008         Resolution 746621 - 2008-2009 Aid Year updates
                                                                Aid Year 'Born before' date should be           for INAS Federal Methodology (FM).
                                                                01/01/1984 and for 2008-2009 it should be

                                                     7e0eade7-aa6d-4ca4-8b96-c12075259f04.xls                                                                        Page 13
Product   Category   Incident ID   Reported Problem             Problem Description                               Resolution Description
          ISIR         1731932002 2008-2009 ISIR Request        The ISIR Inbound program determines if an         The dependency status field #572 has been set for
                                   Header - Dependency Status   incoming ISIR file contains a blank/request       the Aid Year 2008-09
                                   check                        header row by checking the dependency
                                                                status field. This field would never be
                                                                populated if the first line is a blank/request
                                                                header row and would always be populated
                                                                if the first line contains ISIR data. Based on
                                                                this determination, the program then knows
                                                                which row to look at to determine the correct
                                                                Message Class (8 = 2008, 9 = 2009, etc?)

                                                                The dependency status field is found in
                                                                character position #534 for 2007 ISIRs and
                                                                character position #544 for 2008 ISIRs. For
                                                                2009 it continues to check character position
                                                                #544, but in the 2009 ISIR file layout, this is
                                                                the signature indicator and it can be blank,
                                                                so it is possible that the code will
                                                                erroneously think this is a header row. This
                                                                is not an issue if the file contains more then
                                                                1 row of ISIR data because the program will
                                                                simply look at the next row to determine the
                                                                Message Class and will STILL inbound
                                                                beginning with the first row. There is only an
                                                                issue if the file has 1 row of ISIR data and
                                                                that 1 row has a blank signature indicator
                                                                field. In this case the Message Class will not
                                                                be found and file will not load.

                                                                For the 2009 ISIR, the correct character
                                                                position to check for dependency status is

                                                  7e0eade7-aa6d-4ca4-8b96-c12075259f04.xls                                                                            Page 14
Product   Category   Incident ID    Reported Problem               Problem Description                                Resolution Description
          ISIR         1743605001 Date of birth edit error on ISIR User has a student with a birth date of            The &Date_2 in FUNCLIB_ISIR peoplecode was
                                    Data Corrections.              11/25/84 who answered the born before              set to 1985 which solved the problem
                                                                   1/01/85 question on the 08/09 ISIR with a
                                                                   yes. When making an ISIR correction and
                                                                   calling INAS, there is a warning that states
                                                                   that the student's birthdate is in conflict with
                                                                   the value reported on born before 1/01/84.

          ISIR         1745338001 Update ISIR Comments 08-09 Deliver an update script which will update               The updated ISIR Commentcode 08-09 dat and
                                    with 2 new TEACH Grant         the ISIR Comment code table for 08-09 with dms has been updated and moved into the bundle
                                    comments 281 & 282             the 2 new TEACH Grant comments 281 &

                                                        7e0eade7-aa6d-4ca4-8b96-c12075259f04.xls                                                                   Page 15
Product   Category   Incident ID   Reported Problem              Problem Description                            Resolution Description
          ISIR         1748875001 2009 ISIR Correction abend     The following fields all have an               The zero field-length in PS_ISIR_SAR_XREF has
                                   due to zero field-length in   ISIR_FIELD_LENGTH='0' on                       been updated with the exact field lengths. Updated
                                   PS_ISIR_SAR_XREF              PS_ISIR_SAR_XREF which causes ISIR             upd701891_04.Dat and dms has been moved to
                                                                 Correction export to abend.                    the bundle.

                                                                 For versions 8.9 & 9.0 the following fields
                                                                 have 0 value:

                                                                 For version 8SP1 the following fields have 0

                                                     7e0eade7-aa6d-4ca4-8b96-c12075259f04.xls                                                                        Page 16
Product   Category        Incident ID   Reported Problem             Problem Description                          Resolution Description
          Pkg - Engine      1686581002 2008-2009 Aid Year updates    Regulatory Updates to the Pell Schedules     Cobol programs FAPPKENG, FAPPKPEL were
                                        for Pell Schedules.          for the 2008-2009 Financial Aid Year.        modified to increase minimum PELL grant amounts
                                                                                                                  to a range, from a low minimum of $ 523.00, to a
                                                                                                                  high minimum of $ 890.00. The maximum PELL
                                                                                                                  grant amount was increased to $ 4731.00. In
                                                                                                                  addition, Alternate PELL schedules are no longer
                                                                                                                  called in program FAPPKPEL for Aid Year 2008-
          Pkg - Grants      1746934003 ACG Awards cannot be made Packaging validation will not allow an award The packaging engine (Cobol program
                                        or reduced to amounts with   to be validated to an amount that contains   FAPPKENG) was modified in paragraphs 3120-
                                        cents                        cents. This is a problem because users are ACG-SMART-ELIGIBILITY and 3140-ACG-
                                                                     unable to reduce an ACG/Smart grant to an AWARD-BY-TERMS to allow/support ACG/SMART
                                                                     amount that contains cents when doing a      awarding of dollars and decimal cent amounts.
                                                                     Title IV refund.

          Pkg -             1735084002 Amount fields on              Amount fields on AGGR_AREA_VW need to The size of the amount fields on the record view
          Miscellaneous                 AGGR_AREA_VW shown on        be expanded from 12.2 to 15.3 as a result of AGGR_AREA_VW have been modified to
                                        Fiscal Aggregate Summary     the expansion of amount fields on            correspond to the size of the amount fields on the
                                        need to be expanded.         ITEM_TYPE_FISCL as delivered in Release record ITEM_TYPE_FISCL (from 9.2 to 15.3).
                                                                     2 2008/2009 (SA 8 SP1 Bundle #22, CS 8.9
                                                                     Bundle #13, and CS 9 Bundle #6).
                                                                     AGGR_AREA_VW sums up the different
                                                                     balances on ITEM_TYPE_FISCL for viewing
                                                                     on the Fiscal Aggregate Summary page

                                                          7e0eade7-aa6d-4ca4-8b96-c12075259f04.xls                                                                     Page 17
Product   Category        Incident ID   Reported Problem                Problem Description                             Resolution Description
          Pkg -             1737210002 DL rebate isn't being            In certain environments, the DL rebate isn't    Modified FAPPKCTL.dms - added ORDER BY
          Miscellaneous                 calculated (calculated to 0).   being calculated (calculated to 0) by the       A.LN_FEE_NAME to S_LOANFEE.
                                                                        packaging process. This problem is
                                                                        occurring because the fees are coming into
                                                                        the Packaging Engine in the wrong order. It
                                                                        is required that the Fee be sequenced
                                                                        before the Rebate. We do tell users to
                                                                        make sure Fee is first alphanumerically on
                                                                        tab 6 on the FA item type setup. But, we
                                                                        are finding, that on some environments
                                                                        (Oracle 10i for one) just making sure the
                                                                        Fee is sequenced first alphanumerically isn't
                                                                        enough. Users are having to add an Order
                                                                        by to the stored statement STORE
                                                                        FAPPKCTL_S_LOANFEE to force the
                                                                        database to order the results. We should
                                                                        probably add this Order By and deliver it to
                                                                        all customers.

          Pkg - Setup       1733874001 Add a new TEACH translate        In support of the impending TEACH               A new translate value of TCH (TEACH Grant) has
                                        value to Federal ID in FA Item program, a new translate value is required       been added to the field FEDERAL_ID.
                                        Types                           for Fed ID: TCH = TEACH.
          Pkg - Setup       1753400002 Correct formatting for Fiscal    ICE 1691923000 required that Fiscal Item        Updated record.field properties on
                                        Item Type limits                type fields be increased in size. Global        ITEM_TYPE_FISCAL and AGGR_AREA_VW for
                                                                        standards for fieldsize are numeric 15.3.       affected fields. Currency control field was set to
                                                                        Formatting needs to be updated to correctly CURRENCY_CD.
                                                                        format fields based on currency code.

                                                           7e0eade7-aa6d-4ca4-8b96-c12075259f04.xls                                                                          Page 18
Product      Category        Incident ID   Reported Problem              Problem Description                            Resolution Description
             Self Service:     1745401001 Students unable to accept      The student is unable to accept awards on      The packaging engine (Cobol program
             Accept Awards                 awards in self-service when   self-service if the student has been awarded FAPPKENG) was modified to no longer attempt the
                                           ACG grant is awarded via PJ   ACG/SMART using Professional Judgment. access of aggregate history table information in the
                                                                         An error is received and the student must      event a Self Service Professional Judgment (PJ)
                                                                         call the office in order for the award to be   entry is being processed. Previously in Self
                                                                         accepted.                                      Service, access during this aggregate processing
                                                                                                                        was attempted. This access generated an
                                                                                                                        aggregate limits exception message because,
                                                                                                                        generally, aggregate limit information is required for
                                                                                                                        Federal Item Types. However, once an award is
                                                                                                                        made and approved, and Self Service is invoked,
                                                                                                                        subsequent access to aggregate table information
                                                                                                                        is no longer required. As a result, now
                                                                                                                        ACG/SMART PJ awards can now be accepted in
                                                                                                                        Self Service.

Recruiting   Application       1704834001 Application Program Update     Application Program Update (admpgpgs.sqr) Procedure Select-Institution was modified and
and          Processing                    sqr doesn't insert a          doesn't insert a corresponding row to some     procedures Select-Funding-Cd-Nld as well as
Admissions                                 corresponding row to some     Application Regional records when inserting Insert-Prog-NLD were created to update the record
                                           Application Regional Records to ADM_APPL_PROG causing a "No                  PS_SAD_STD_APP_NLD.
                                           when inserting to             Matching Buffer Error" when trying to access
                                           ADM_APPL_PROG                 records in Application Maintenance.

                                                               7e0eade7-aa6d-4ca4-8b96-c12075259f04.xls                                                                          Page 19

Product      Category           Incident ID   Reported Problem              Problem Description                            Resolution Description
             NLD - Studielink     1620933001 STUDIELINK: Foreign            PeopleSoft cannot load foreign address         Inbounding Foreign Address: Modified the
                                              addresses of students don't   information to the address tables. This is     peoplecode of the application package
                                              appear on the address page    because Studielink does not define a           SAD_STUDIELINK.Inbound.SAD_SL_03,SAD_ST
                                                                            detailed format for foreign addresses which    UDIELINK.Inbound.SAD_SL_04,SAD_STUDIELIN
                                                                            will allow us to automatically load into the   K.Inbound.SAD_SL_06,SAD_STUDIELINK.Inboun
                                                                            address tables. In CBAP also isn't defined a d.SAD_SL_08,SAD_STUDIELINK.Inbound.SAD_S
                                                                            detailed format but there we have the          L_25,SAD_STUDIELINK.Inbound.SAD_SL_35,SAD
                                                                            possibility to select al the foreigs addresses _STUDIELINK.Inbound.SuspenseMethods,SAD_S
                                                                            and edit them in the correct format. See       TUDIELINK.xmlMessages.vchmsg03,SAD_STUDI
                                                                            attachment for CBAP 'foreign addresses'        ELINK.xmlMessages.vchmsg25 and also modified
                                                                            functionality In SL2 a common format was       the inbound suspense management page to
                                                                            proposed for foreign addresses, but was        inbound foreign addresses.
                                                                            cancelled.                                     Outbounding Foreign Address: Created a new
                                                                                                                           page for outbound foreign address mapping and
                                                                                                                           modified the peoplecode of the application package
                                                                                                                           bound.SuspenseMethods to outbound foreign

                                                               7e0eade7-aa6d-4ca4-8b96-c12075259f04.xls                                                                         Page 20
Product   Category           Incident ID   Reported Problem         Problem Description                            Resolution Description
          NLD - Studielink     1713855001 Prior education issues    Incident to solve remaining prior education    1. The following field labels have been made visible
                                           Studielink               registration issues concerning studielink as   on page: SAD_SL_31K_STAT,
                                                                    well as incorporating the necessary changes SAD_SL_31P_STAT,SAD_SL_31I_STAT,SAD_SL_
                                                                    for studielink 2.8 which is due to be released 31J_STAT,SAD_SL_31H_STAT and
                                                                    in March of this year.                         SAD_SL_31N_STAT.
                                                                                                                   2. Remove several fields from application regional
                                                                                                                   page SAD_SL_STD_APP_SBP:
                                                                                                                   3. Altered the following records due to the fact that
                                                                                                                   data is no longer stored in these tables:
                                                                                                                   4. The start occasion screen has been altered to
                                                                                                                   accommodate a flexible startoccassion selection
                                                                                                                   process. This page will be used by user to define
                                                                                                                   whether the startoccassion delivered to studielink is
                                                                                                                   derived from the Admit Type from admissions
                                                                                                                   record or the admit Term from admissions record.
                                                                                                                   The institution may chose to work with one of these
                                                                                                                   methods. Universities will often acknowledge
                                                                                                                   different Admit Types in one academic year e.g
                                                                                                                   one reguler admit type for students who are
                                                                                                                   admitted at a reguler start of the academic year for
                                                                                                                   example in september or october for an academic
                                                                                                                   year which starts in september and ends in august
                                                                                                                   of the following year. However universities may
                                                                                                                   also allow a second set of students to start their

                                                           7e0eade7-aa6d-4ca4-8b96-c12075259f04.xls                                                                        Page 21
Product   Category           Incident ID   Reported Problem              Problem Description                            Resolution Description
          NLD - Studielink     1714328001 Plan code from Studielink is   When a plan code (ACAD_PLAN) is sent           Added code in Application Package peoplecode
                                           not validated                 with an admission from Studielink the value    SAD_STUDIELINK.Inbound.SAD_SL_03,
                                                                         is not validated against the possible values   SAD_SL_08, SAD_SL_19, SAD_SL_35 and
                                                                         for the academic program. Any value is         SAD_SL_39,SAD_STUDIELINK.Inbound.Common
                                                                         accepted and stored in the admission table. methods,SAD_STUDIELINK.Inbound.Suspenseme

          NLD - Studielink     1731041001 When processing a re-          When processing a re-enrollment message        Oldmanner has been removed from the xml
                                           enrollment message (25) in    (25) in CS the start-month and the start-      message SAD_STUDIELINK.VCHMSG25. The
                                           Campus Solutions the new      period is not stored in record                 start month and start period is not stored in system
                                           data is not stored            SSR_STD_PRG_NLD. Instead the values            but delivered values from Studielink XML message
                                                                         of the prior enrollment are taken. This will   must correspond with Studielink startmonth and
                                                                         cause problems when confirming the re-         startocassion set-up.
                                                                         enrollment later on.
          NLD - Studielink     1731046001 The currency for the student   When a student bank account is added by        New code for validation of bank accounts has been
                                           bankaccounts is set to NLG    message 03 or 08 the bankaccount currency moved from specific application package classes to
                                                                         is set to NLG instead of EUR.                  SAD_STUDIELINK.inbound.CommonMethods.
                                                                                                                        New method has been created: method

                                                                7e0eade7-aa6d-4ca4-8b96-c12075259f04.xls                                                                       Page 22
Product   Category           Incident ID   Reported Problem              Problem Description                          Resolution Description
          NLD - Studielink     1731049001 Change in prior education in   When a student alters his prior education    There is a code error in message 07 which
                                           Studielink is not processed by the resulting message 07 is not processed   prevents processing of inbound message 07. The
                                           CS                            by CS. The message is put in suspense.       code which cheks for valid prior education rows is
                                                                                                                      not correctly placed thus suspending each inbound
                                                                                                                      message 07. The code is corrected and moved to
                                                                                                                      the inbound commonmethods section. The
                                                                                                                      following application package code has been
                                                                                                                      New methods were introduced: CheckPriorEdu and
                                                                                                                      CheckSubject. New code has been created to
                                                                                                                      suspense students with invalid subjects. The
                                                                                                                      following application package peopleocde has been
                                                                                                                      changed: SAD_STUDIELINK.inbound.SAD_SL_07
                                                                                                                      and SAD_STUDIELINK.inbound.SAD_SL_03. The
                                                                                                                      message error message text for suspense was
                                                                                                                      also changed (message catalog entry).

                                                            7e0eade7-aa6d-4ca4-8b96-c12075259f04.xls                                                                       Page 23
Product   Category           Incident ID   Reported Problem              Problem Description                           Resolution Description
          NLD - Studielink     1731369001 Multiple Issues with Studielink 1. When an admission from SL is              1. When manually setting the trigger for 31B
                                                                         matriculated, the equation process does not through Student Transmission Override , the entry
                                                                         trigger message 31B anymore. Maybe the        of a year is required.
                                                                         new academic year field has someting to do 2. The field label for SSR_SL_FIRSTYR_NLD has
                                                                         with this ?                                   been changed to Approval Higher Year. Application
                                                                                                                       Package peoplecode has been changed so that
                                                                         2. When an admission is created in SL, the ACADEMIC_LEVEL now determines contents for
                                                                         indication for non-first-year admission IN CS SAD_SL_FIRST_YR. Equation engine
                                                                         is set to 'True' even when the student        ADDSLMSG31H was changed to reflect the need
                                                                         entered false in SL.                          so send 31H message only when student has been
                                                                                                                       admitted for non-first year and approval has been
                                                                         3. The academic year with the trigger for     given.
                                                                         the confirm re-enrollment message (31C) is    3. Correction of the following peoplecode will
                                                                         made empty when the equation engine is        ensure that the ACADEMIC_YEAR is no longer
                                                                         run a second time.                            emptied on save:
                                                                         Also the academic year for this trigger is    4. Application Package peoplecode has been
                                                                         initialy emty after running the equation      changed to include the Alternative Education Code
                                                                         engine. It will be a lot of work filling this year upon send of message. Corrected by introducing
                                                                         for thousands of re-enrollments.              new method GetAcademicPlan in
                                                                         4. The alternative education code is not      5. Language preference is selected as lowercase
                                                                         included in message 31C, 31D, 31E and         value and initiated as "nl" value if value is empty.
                                                                         31G - When message message 31C, 31D,          6. The following peoplecode has been altered to
                                                                         31E or 31G is send, the alternate education address issues concerning Comments Link:
                                                                         code (plancode) is not send to SL. Sl will    DERIVED_ADM.SAD_SL_STD_COMMENT.ROWI
                                                                         reject the message. Please see                NIT and SAD_SL_03_ENQ_SEC.Activate
                                                                         screenprints in attached document.            7. Re-enrollment processing has been altered
                                                                                                                       through sql statement:
                                                                         5. When an admission is send to SL, the       ssr_sl_sel_acad_prog_data2_nld.
                                                                         preferred language is sent in capitals. The   8. Value for field Institution Name is initialized to
                                                                         message is rejected by SL. SL only accepts "onbekend" in case of unknown or invalid prior
                                                                         normal case characters for language codes. education organization.
                                                                                                                       9. Tuition administration fees as well as direct debit

                                                            7e0eade7-aa6d-4ca4-8b96-c12075259f04.xls                                                                            Page 24
Product   Category           Incident ID   Reported Problem              Problem Description                            Resolution Description
          NLD - Studielink     1731371001 Admission using default        When an admission is sent to Studielink        Default value for payment indicator (Betaling) is
                                           values is rejected (message   (message 34) using default values, payment ‘not paid’ Payment amount (Bedrag betaling) is
                                           34)                           data in particular, the message is rejected.   empty. ADM_APPL_PROG.ACAD_PROG.rowinit
                                                                         When the (default) value for payments is       Removed fielddefault for Tuition payment indicator
                                                                         'Not payed', an amount is mandatory. The
                                                                         amount is not filled by default though. The
                                                                         message is not put into suspense and CS
                                                                         thinks the message is processed. Studielink
                                                                         rejects the message though. The default
                                                                         value for the payment status should be

                                                           7e0eade7-aa6d-4ca4-8b96-c12075259f04.xls                                                                          Page 25
Product   Category           Incident ID   Reported Problem           Problem Description                          Resolution Description
          NLD - Studielink     1731751001 Issues related to message   1.While testing the conversion process for   1. Issue concerning GBA Names which are not
                                           34C Studielink             Studielink we have encountered the           taken when processing outbound messages.
                                                                      following problems:
                                                                                                                   New field SAD_SL_GBA_NAMES 1 length
                                                                      The conversion message 34C does not          Added to record SAD_SL_LOAD_PARMS required,
                                                                      select the first names as defined in the     yes/no table edit, default value N
                                                                      Student GBA Names NLD page (Campus           Added field to page SAD_SL_LOAD_PARM
                                                                      community>Personal information NLD).         Removed related display field for additional name
                                                                      Most Students in the Netherlands have        type field because it did not work
                                                                      multiple first names. These names should
                                                                      also be send to Studielink in the conversion Created new method for
                                                                      process. The process currently selects the   SAD_STUDIELINK.Outbound.Commonmethods:
                                                                      first name from the HCR_PER_NAME_I           One New method to select load parameters from
                                                                      view. They should be selected from the       set-up record
                                                                      SSR_NAMES_NLD record (Field                  One new method to fill GBA Reporting Names table
                                                                                                                   2. SAD_STUDIELINK.SAD_SL_34 and
                                                                      2. The conversion message 34C does not       SAD_STUDIELINK.SAD_SL_04
                                                                      include the prior education data (or         contains new code to ensure that GBA names data
                                                                      qualification data).                         is processed when required by set-up. Also change
                                                                      When sending an application to Studielink    in code to create full Name. Counter is not
                                                                      using the ?normal? message 34, the prior     required. If the name royal prefix is present then
                                                                      education is included. This should also be   name count will always be higher than five because
                                                                      done for the conversion message 34C. The     other fields are required.
                                                                      peoplecode in message 34C which handles 3. Corrected code in selection of outbound
                                                                      the prior education is disabled for some     conversion process application engine: code for
                                                                      unknown reason. The functionality in         application engine
                                                                      message 34C should be the same as used       SAD_SL_CONV.section:DoBatch step:SelBetch
                                                                      in message 34 (including the changes as a    action:do Select also corrected code for
                                                                      result of ICE 1624281000).                   SAD_SL_CONV.section:doovrd step:selovrd
                                                                                                                   action:do select
                                                                      3. Institution city is not populated in
                                                                      conversion message 34C.                      4. Prior education method import
                                                                      In message 34 The institution name is taken SAD_STUDIELINK:Common:PriorEducation is

                                                            7e0eade7-aa6d-4ca4-8b96-c12075259f04.xls                                                                    Page 26
Product   Category           Incident ID   Reported Problem              Problem Description                           Resolution Description
          NLD - Studielink     1732018001 Message 31A bevestiging        Message 31A bevestiging ontvangst is          SSR_SL_SEL_31A_ADM_DATA_NLD has been
                                           ontvangst is suspended.       suspended. Attachment issue 26: error         changed to prevent errors on sending of message
                                           Attachment issue 26: error    message 31A .                                 31A receipt of admission.
                                           message 31A outbound
          NLD - Studielink     1734445001 CS Bundle #13 Create SQL       When applying this bundle and attempting to Platform specific SQLs are created for all the views
                                           View Error for                build the view for the record                 which causes error.
                                           SAD_SL_25_VW                  SAD_SL_25_VW the following error is
                                                                         received: Msg 243, Level 16, State 1,
                                                                         Procedure PS_SAD_SL_25_VW, Line 16.
                                                                         Type DATE is not a defined system type.
                                                                         Customer is running CS V8.9 MP1, PT
                                                                         8.49.08, SQL 2005, Windows Server 2003.
                                                                         This also happens on PS_SAD_SL_25_PD

Student   Academic             1645671001 Academic Calendar Field        The Academic Calendar field on the Term       Increased the width of Academic Calendar field
Records   Structure                        Does Not Display Full Value   Setup Panel does not display the full value   (ACAD_CAL_TABLE.ACAD_CALENDAR_ID) on
                                                                         in most cases. Record.Field is                page ACAD_TERM_CAL1.

          Centrelink - AUS     1596241001 Centrelink Data Exchange       Centrelink Academic Reassessment              Added a process to load and match the request
                                           (CART) - change to regulatory Transformation (CART) - data exchange         file, a process to generate the XML response file.
                                           reporting - ANZ               process to replace the existing flat file     The request and response data is able to be
                                                                         reporting regime.                             reviewed in suspense tables for a period of time at
                                                                                                                       the discretion of the institution. A purge process is
                                                                                                                       provided to delete request files no longer required.

                                                             7e0eade7-aa6d-4ca4-8b96-c12075259f04.xls                                                                          Page 27
Product   Category       Incident ID   Reported Problem                Problem Description                              Resolution Description
          Class              49904004 Need to be able to set the       Customers would like to be able to set the       Changed the default constant value of record field
          Associations                 billing factor for a class to   billing factor for a class to zero on the Class CLASS_ASSOC.BILLING_FACTOR from 1 to
                                       zero on the class associations Associations panel. Currently when a user         blank. Modified page field
                                       panel.                          enters a zero on this field, it gets changed     CLASS_ASSOC.BILLING_FACTOR to display
                                                                       back to a 1 after tabbing out. Customers         zero.Modified peoplecode
                                                                       would like the ability to change the factor to   CLASS_TBL.INTITUTION.SavePreChange to add
                                                                       zero for courses for which the student           the default value to CLASS_ASSOC when creating
                                                                       should not be charged. One example is a          a class section.
                                                                       study abroad placeholder class. The class
                                                                       must carry academic units so that the
                                                                       student will be considered as enrolled for
                                                                       credit for financial aid and reporting
                                                                       purposes, but since the student is playing
                                                                       tuition elsewhere, the university does not
                                                                       want to charge tuition for this particular
                                                                       course. Being allowed to set the billing
                                                                       factor to zero would allow this.

                                                           7e0eade7-aa6d-4ca4-8b96-c12075259f04.xls                                                                          Page 28
Product   Category       Incident ID   Reported Problem              Problem Description                            Resolution Description
          Class Roster     1730206001 The label 'Withdrawn' is not   For 8.9                                        Modified peoplecodes SS_CLASS_ROSTER_P-
                                       being displayed for the       The label 'Withdrawn' is missing for the       Postbuild and
                                       withdrawn students in the     withdrawn students in the class roster         FUNCLIB_SR.STDNT_ENRL_STATUS-
                                       class roster.                 whose grade basis is 'Non Graded'. This        FieldFormula to use ENRL_STATUS_REASON
                                                                     occurs in the following pages                  value of "WDRW" when checking for withdrawn
                                                                     a. Admin login: The class roster page for      status.
                                                                     the corresponding lab component of the
                                                                     lecture class.
                                                                     b. Self Service login: The class roster page
                                                                     for the corresponding lab component.
                                                                     c. Self Service login: The Printer friendly
                                                                     version page of the corresponding lab

                                                                     For 9.0
                                                                     The label 'Withdrawn' is missing for the
                                                                     withdrawn students in the class roster page
                                                                     of the corresponding lab component. This
                                                                     happens only with the administrator login.

                                                        7e0eade7-aa6d-4ca4-8b96-c12075259f04.xls                                                                  Page 29
Product   Category       Incident ID   Reported Problem             Problem Description                            Resolution Description
          Class Roster     1731643001 Class Roster is displaying    Class Rosters (Curriculum Management >         Added CRSE_OFFER_NBR in CLASS_TBL_5_VW
                                       incorrect or no topic when   Class Roster > Class Roster) are sometimes so that Class Roster Page will be able to retrieve
                                       there are multiple course    displaying incorrect topics. This appears to   the correct course topic. Added
                                       offerings.                   be caused by the lack of a key                 DERIVED_SR.EFFDT in SS_CLASS_ROSTER
                                                                    CRSE_OFFER_NBR in view                         and SS_CLASS_ROSTER_P which is populated by
                                                                    CLASS_TBL_5_VW. In the case where              value from TERM_TBL.TERM_BEGIN_DT via
                                                                    there is more than one class with the same     peoplecode SS_CLASS_ROSTER-
                                                                    INSTITUTION, STRM, SUBJECT,                    DERIVED_SR.EFFDT-RowInit. The addtion of the
                                                                    CATALOG_NBR, SESSION_CODE,                     EFFDT field ensure that the right topic description
                                                                    CRSE_ID, and CLASS_SECTION                     is retrieved in self service class roster.
                                                                    (everything is the same except the
                                                                    CRSE_OFFER_NBR), the component
                                                                    processor is generating SQL to populate
                                                                    CLASS_TBL_5_VW.CRS_TOPIC_ID on
                                                                    page CLASS_ROSTER which returns
                                                                    multiple rows. The row it selects is
                                                                    sometimes not the correct one and therefore
                                                                    the wrong topic displays. Adding
                                                                    CRSE_OFFER_NBR to CLASS_TBL_5_VW
                                                                    resolves the issue (but may cause other
                                                                    issues). Adding CRSE_OFFER_NBR to
                                                                    CLASS_TBL_5_VW resolves this issue.

          Consolidated     1711571001 Ethnic_Group_SR not being     When the Consolidated Statistics report is     Removed the comment character from the call to
          Statistics                   populated on Consolidated    run the field ETHNIC_GROUP_SR is not           paragraph PERFORM 6215-GET-PERSON-VIEW-
                                       Statistics (SRPCCONS)        populated, except with the value of '7' for    INFO in SRPCCONS.cbl
                                                                    International Students. The code in Cobol
                                                                    SRPCCONS that performs the routine to
                                                                    populate this field is commented out (*
                                                                    PERFORM 6215-GET-PERSONAL-VIEW-
                                                                    INFO). Thus the ETHNIC_GROUP_SR
                                                                    value is not populated correctly

                                                        7e0eade7-aa6d-4ca4-8b96-c12075259f04.xls                                                                         Page 30
Product   Category         Incident ID   Reported Problem              Problem Description                           Resolution Description
          Course Catalog     1717220001 Language related problems      When courses are described in different       Added COURSE_TITLE_LONG field to related
                                         with Courses and self service languages, for example, Dutch & English.      language record CATLGSRCHRSTLNG.
                                         course catalog and class      The Course Title that is defined in the
                                         search pages                  English Language code is always displayed
                                                                       while searching the course catalog,
                                                                       irrespective of the data language being
                                                                       used. The problem is on both administrative
                                                                       and self service pages. The self service
                                                                       pages issues error when the data language
                                                                       is switched.

          Course Catalog     1738730001 Course Catalog Search          After applying bundle #13, the course         Modified
                                         results in an error upon      catalog search abends with the following      SSR_STUDENT_RECORDS.SR_ClassData.Cours
                                         coming into the component     error message: Field does not exist --        eCatalog to use the correct date value.
                                         after CS Bundle #13           CLASS_SRCH_WRK2.INSTITUTION.
                                                                       Name:TermBeginDt PCPC:1079

                                                           7e0eade7-aa6d-4ca4-8b96-c12075259f04.xls                                                             Page 31
Product   Category     Incident ID    Reported Problem              Problem Description                             Resolution Description
          DEST - AUS     1619233001 Include file srdestrc.sqc       In version 8.9 the srdestdu.sqr, srdestos.sqr Modified the include statements for srdestrc.sqc to
                                      mentioned in upper case in    and srdestss.sqr won't run to completion.       be in lower case in srdestdu.sqr, srdestos.sqr, and
                                      srdestdu.sqr, srdestos.sqr and This occurs because each program is            srdestss.sqr.
                                      srdestss.sqr                  directed to include the file SRDESTRC.sqc.
                                                                    (Note the Uppercase portion of the file
                                                                    name). The other include instructions found
                                                                    in these sqrs are directed to lower case file
                                                                    names. All UNIX-servers such as ours are
                                                                    case-sensitive - they distinguish between
                                                                    upper-case and lowercase letters in file
                                                                    names and folder names. Other DEST sqrs
                                                                    such as srdesten.sqr, srdestll.sqr and
                                                                    srdestco.sqr have include statements
                                                                    directed to the lower case file srdestrc.sqc.
                                                                    They run to completion.

          DEST - AUS     1623898002 DEEWR (DEST) Regulatory         DEEWR (DEST) Reporting changes for              Modified all on-line objects used for DEST reporting
                                      Changes 2008 - Reporting      2008 file and scope changes affecting           purposes to use DEEWR instead of DEST,
                                      Changes to Support First      Enrolment, Load/Liability, Unit of Study        modified all on-line objects and all DEST sqrs
                                      Collection of 2008 Data       Completions, Commonwealth Assisted              (srdest*.*) with all the regulatory changes required
                                                                    Students file, Revised Commonwealth             for the 2008 reporting year.
                                                                    Assisted Students File, Revisions file, Past
                                                                    course completions, Course of Study File.

                                                       7e0eade7-aa6d-4ca4-8b96-c12075259f04.xls                                                                            Page 32
Product   Category     Incident ID   Reported Problem                 Problem Description                               Resolution Description
          DEST - AUS     1647047001 DEST: The generated RF File In DEST Revisions the generated RF File                 Modified the fillers in all DEST sqrs (srdest*.*) so
                                     has detail lines that are        has detail lines that are shorter than the        the data files are written to the correct length based
                                     shorter than the DEST specs      DEST specification (by 24 characters).            on the DEST reporting standards.
                                                                      Header line is OK. Last filler in detail should
                                                                      be 50 characters for 2008 given deletion of
                                                                      element 300. Field size is specified in
                                                                      srdestrv.sqr Need to increase Filler in
                                                                      Procedure Write-To-File-RF for
                                                                      #FileHandle_RF from 25 to 50.

          DEST - AUS     1672632001 Commonwealth Scholarships         DEEWR (DEST) Reporting changes to                 Modified all on-line objects used for DEST reporting
                                     Program - changes to             Commowealth Learning Scholarship                  purposes to use DEEWR instead of DEST,
                                     reporting requirements           Administration for 2008                           modified all on-line objects and all DEST sqrs
                                                                                                                        (srdest*.*) with all the regulatory changes required
                                                                                                                        for the 2008 reporting year.
          DEST - AUS     1687161001 CS 8.9 ANZ: DEST                  The Effective Date logic in procedure 'Map-       Modified the SQL in srdesten.sqr to correctly pick
                                     srdesten.sqr procedure Map-      Home-Language' is problematic. If more            the correct home language for the student when
                                     Home-Language incorrectly        than one effective dated row exists for same more than one row of data exists in the table.
                                     returns multiple rows.           language the wrong effective dated row is
                                                                      being returned in the enrolment extract.

          DEST - AUS     1701222002 The program srdestll.sqr does SRDESTLL.sqr has a procedure 'Get-                    Modified the SQL in srdestll.sqr to correctly join the
                                     not fully join existing tables for Discipline-Group'. Effective Date logic is      table CRSE_OFFER to SSR_CRS_OFR_AUS.
                                     the Get Discipline Group         omitted on table SSR_CRS_OFR_AUS. The
                                     procedure.                       result is that multiple rows are often returned
                                                                      and the value extracted for the LL file is

          Enrollment     1692630001 Combined Sections                 If Student Records self service is set up to      Modified SRPCEPRD.cbl to properly trigger
                                     Enrollment Total is not when     use the Drop if Enroll option for swaps, self- adjustment of totals on swap transaction that is
                                     class is dropped using Drop if service swaps of combined sections courses using combined sections class.
                                     Enroll                           are not decrementing the combined section

                                                       7e0eade7-aa6d-4ca4-8b96-c12075259f04.xls                                                                                  Page 33
Product   Category          Incident ID   Reported Problem               Problem Description                            Resolution Description
          Enrollment          1728627001 Deadlocks occur during          During heavy enrollment periods, many          Modified SRPCEPRD.cbl to sort the transactions
                                          enrollment periods             deadlocks on PS_CLASS_TBL are                  internally by class# before issuing class table
                                                                         occurring. SQL statement is UPDATE             locks. The transactions will still be posted in the
                                                                         PS_CLASS_TBL SET LOCATION= WHERE order it was submitted, the class# order is only
                                                                         STRM=:1 AND CLASS_NBR=:2.                      used for locking.

          Enrollment          1745438003 Enrollment Engine gives a       For an Enrollment Request or self service      Modified SRPCEPRD.cbl to initialize some
                                          false Full Class error for     enrollment consisting of multiple sequence     switches used to determine if a class is closed.
                                          related class in some cases.   numbers, once certain errors are
                                                                         encountered, the rest of the sequence
                                                                         numbers will get a false Class Full error
                                                                         message (on the related class) for
                                                                         enrollments with related classes. This
                                                                         occurs when a course in an earlier
                                                                         sequence gets a reserve cap not met error
                                                                         or class full error on a multi component

          Faculty/Advisor     1704915001 Faculty who are not teaching    After installing CS89 Bundles 10 and 11,       Function FacultyNavArray
          Self Service                    classes get a search screen    advisors who are not teaching classes get a (FUNCLIB_SSTS_PL.NAV_FUNCTIONS.FieldFor
                                          when logging into Faculty Self search page that does nothing when they        mula) was incorrectly using
                                          Service                        click the Faculty Center links on the Self-    %Action_UpdateDisplay to link to the Faculty
                                                                         Serve Faculty Center page. However,            Center. The code has been corrected to use
                                                                         advisors who are also teaching classes have %Action_Add instead.
                                                                         no problems in the Faculty Center.

          Faculty/Advisor     1725644001 New Drop In Advisees loses      After searching and selecting a Student ID in Changed the logic in
          Self Service                    student ID after canceling out the New Drop In Advisees page and              SS_ADV_ANYONE.GBL.DERIVED_AA2.DERIVED
                                          of Degree Progress             selecting Degree Audit, the ID is lost after   _LINK11.FieldChg to use a domodalcomponent
                                                                         hitting the CANCEL button.                     when calling the component to run advisement
                                                                                                                        reports from the self-service component, change
                                                                                                                        logic in the return links in SS_AA_REPORT to end-
                                                                                                                        modals instead of transfers.

                                                             7e0eade7-aa6d-4ca4-8b96-c12075259f04.xls                                                                         Page 34
Product   Category           Incident ID   Reported Problem                Problem Description                           Resolution Description
          Grading              1728964002 Student Name is being            Select Use Blind Grading for a Class,         Modified the following peoplecodes: 1) Component
                                           displayed on self service       Generate Grade Roster for that class,         Pcode: SS_ENRL_REQ_CHGRD-Postbuild -
                                           Request Grade Change page Assign Grades (both Roster and Roster RD            Added sort by blind id when the roster is by blind
                                           when Blind Grading is being     Grades) to few students, Partially Post the   grading id. 2) Component Record Pcode:
                                           used                            Roster, Login as INSTRUCTOR, and click        SS_ENRL_REQ_CHGRD-SS_GRADE_CHG_VW-
                                                                           Request Grade Change button. The name         RowInit - Corrected to use
                                                                           column is getting displayed, but it should    HCR_PERSON_NM_I.NAME instead of
                                                                           not.                                          SCC_PRI_NAME_VW.NAME as the source for
                                                                                                                         name field. 3) Record code:
                                                                                                                         FieldFormula - fixed logic to hide name on blind
                                                                                                                         grading roster for printer friendly page.

          Grading              1731763001 Changes made to page             If a change is made to the Roster Grade       Modified pages SS_GRADE_RSTR and
                                           SS_GRADE_ROSTER results field on the page SS_GRADE_ROSTER in                  SS_GRADE_RSTR_P to use a work field as the
                                           in an invalid page              Application Designer such as unchecking       "Roster Grade" to be able to use XLAT instead of
                                                                           Allow Deferred Processing, an invalid page    view when prompting for valid grades. Modified
                                                                           message is received upon saving.              Component Rec Fld Pcode: SS_GRADE_RSTR-
                                                                           Changing the page back to as delivered        DERIVED_AA2.DERIVED_LINK11-FieldChange
                                                                           does not resolve the issue and the invalid    and Record Pcode:
                                                                           page message is still received no matter      FUNCLIB_SR.GRADE_ROSTER_CMPNT-
                                                                           what subsequent changes are made to the       FieldFormula to handle the new work field in self
                                                                           page. This results in an error in self service service grade roster.
                                                                           when faculty try to access the Grade Roster
                                                                           from the Faculty Center link.

          Graduation/Degre     1136699003 Graduation Reporting process The Graduation Reporting process is not           Modified SRGRDDRV.SQR to award all subplans.
          es                               is not correctly awarding all   awarding all subplans when the student has
                                           subplans.                       multiple plans with subplans.

                                                                7e0eade7-aa6d-4ca4-8b96-c12075259f04.xls                                                                      Page 35
Product   Category        Incident ID   Reported Problem                Problem Description                              Resolution Description
          NLD - General     1689518001 Action date on the Students      When a new row is added the Action Date          Added peoplecode in the event SAVEEDIT of field
          Admin                         Record Higher Education NLD on the Students Record Higher Education              ACTION_DT of the record SSR_STD_PRG_NLD
                                        page is being copied over       NLD page is being copied over from the
                                        from the previous row           previous row instead of defaulting to the
                                                                        system date. This is a problem in CS 9.0
                                                                        and CS 8.9 versions. For testing puposes,
                                                                        make sure the two rows are added on two
                                                                        different days.
          Schedule of       1742755001 Class Search is not giving       If a course has multiple course offerings (on Modified peoplecode
          Classes                       expected results based on       the course catalog) and if the catalog           SSR_STUDENT_RECORDS.SR_ClassData.Class
                                        multiple course offering set up number used for different offerings is           Search.LoadClassResults to display all classes
                                                                        different. The class search performed with       based on the search criteria.
                                                                        only subject as criteria only the first course
                                                                        offering is returned. This is only happening
                                                                        on the Class Search component and Self
                                                                        Service Class Search.

                                                          7e0eade7-aa6d-4ca4-8b96-c12075259f04.xls                                                                         Page 36
Product   Category           Incident ID   Reported Problem              Problem Description                           Resolution Description
          Student Advisors     1741504001 Changes made to                The two resolutions delivered for the         The following modifications were made: 1)
                                           STDNT_ADVISOR page in         STDNT_ADVISOR page in Bundle                  Changed the views in STDNT_ADVISOR and
                                           bundle 13 do not allow        13/Bundle 6 have caused users the inability STUDENT_MILESTONE1 to use a view that will
                                           assigning advisors for        to enter new data because page is now         show the current academic program but also show
                                           students who are on leave     verifying effdate/seq for ACAD_PROG and       the status instead of only showing active status
                                           and causes error on historical ACAD_PLAN on HISTORIC data. In               programs, 2) Added program status description to
                                           data                          addition, prior to bundle 13, assigning       the pages next to the program to show users the
                                                                         advisors for students that are On Leave or    program status as of the effective date on the
                                                                         LA PROG_STATUS was allowed, but it            pages, 3) Added logic in the edit checking routines
                                                                         appears now it will only let you select       to validate the academic program to not check if
                                                                         programs that are Active or AC. It also calls the row of data is an unchanged historical row of
                                                                         an error to advisors assigned during an LA    data, 4) Made the logic to display a warning
                                                                         status HISTORICALLY.                          message for inactive programs configurable so if a
                                                                                                                       customer does not want to allow additions/changes
                                                                                                                       to students who are not active in a program on the
                                                                                                                       effective date on the record, they can change the
                                                                                                                       message catalog entry 14600, 877 to Error from

          Student Self         1703377001 Resolve term selection issue   On View My Grades, student is able to go to The 9.0 version of View My Grades was back-
          Service                          on View My Grades and         final & mid-term grade tab without first      ported to address the usability issues that exist in
                                           provide general clean-up of   selecting a term.    Implement 9.0 View My    the 8.9 version.
                                           component                     Grades design to eliminate the term
                                                                         selection issue and provide a cleaner
                                                                         display of data. In 8.9 & 9.0 statistics
                                                                         transfer units row should only display when
                                                                         data exists. Wait listed classes should not
                                                                         display on View My Grades.

                                                            7e0eade7-aa6d-4ca4-8b96-c12075259f04.xls                                                                          Page 37
Product   Category       Incident ID   Reported Problem               Problem Description                                  Resolution Description
          Student Self     1728372001 Student Self Service Printer    After applying CS 8.9 Bundle 12, Student             The 9.0 version of View My Grades was back-
          Service                      Friendly Grade Report          Self Service Printer Friendly Grade Report           ported to address the usability issues that exist in
                                       accessed from View My          accessed from View My Grades is                      the 8.9 version.
                                       Grades is broken in bundle 12 displaying incorrectly. There are invalid
                                                                      characters in the header and the column
                                                                      header for the class description contains the
                                                                      description for the first class in the list. Also,
                                                                      the descriptions for the individual classes
                                                                      are missing.

          Student Self     1730821001 Student Center & Weekly         If a user has a time zone personalization            In function Process_Stdnt_Rows
          Service                      Schedule Problem with User     where local time is set earlier than the             (FUNCLIB_SR.WEEKLY_SCHEDULE.FieldFormul
                                       Time Zone                      server time zone, and the time zone                  a) and method Class_Meeting_Pat (app package
                                                                      conversion creates a situation where the             SSR_STUDENT_RECORDS:SR_ClassData:ClassI
                                                                      conversion needs to set a particular class           nfo), the code that calculates the day of the week
                                                                      into the previous week, peoplecode errors            for the local user's timezone in relation to the
                                                                      are returned when accessing the Student              server timezone was incorrectly using "<" instead
                                                                      Center (if academics - weekly schedule grid of "<=". This has been corrected in both pieces of
                                                                      is displayed) and the Weekly Schedule                code.
                                                                      components. The problem would occur with
                                                                      a student enrolled in a Monday class that
                                                                      meets a 2:00am to 300AM PDT, with a time
                                                                      zone personalization that was PDT minus 3
                                                                      hours, for example

                                                        7e0eade7-aa6d-4ca4-8b96-c12075259f04.xls                                                                                  Page 38
Product   Category          Incident ID   Reported Problem                Problem Description                              Resolution Description
          Student Self        1742217001 Self-Service validation          If validation appointment is assigned to         Modified to bypass the edit for first date to enroll,
          Service                         process returns "First Date to students that occur before the first date to      lasta date to enroll, and last waitlist date on
                                          enroll has not been reached"    enroll, Enrollment error comes up when           validation.
                                          error                           using Student Center Wish list Validation
                                                                          button. Student gets the "First Date to Enroll
                                                                          has not been reached" while validating
                                                                          classes. This defeats the purpose of wish
                                                                          list validation and validation appointments.

          Transfer Credit       46932004 Transfer Credit Model -          The PS default for Transcript Level on           The Transcript Level field was added to
                                          configurable Transcript Level   course, test and other transfer credit models ACAD_CAR_TBL, and the value set there is now
                                          default                         is set to Unofficial, so the courses do not      used as the default transcript level for new transfer
                                                                          print on the PS transcript. Customer posts a credit models.
                                                                          few thousand models every year and must
                                                                          change each one manually to Official.
                                                                          Customer requests PS delivers the default
                                                                          set to Official.

                                                                          The default will be delivered as configurable
                                                                          and will affect all facets of transfer credit
                                                                          modeling - course credit: manual, automated
                                                                          and batch; test credit: manual and
                                                                          automated; and other credit: manual.

                                                            7e0eade7-aa6d-4ca4-8b96-c12075259f04.xls                                                                               Page 39
Product   Category          Incident ID   Reported Problem                  Problem Description                            Resolution Description
          Transfer Credit     1662929001 Transfer Credit posting when       A request was made asking for transfer         A warning message will pop up when posting a
                                          multiple programs are active      credit posting to only obey the primary        transfer credit model whose program does not
                                          for multiple articulation terms   academic program. When a student is active match the Term Activation record's primary
                                                                            in multiple programs, transfer credit can be   academic program.
                                                                            posted in either program regardless of
                                                                            primary academic program determine in
                                                                            term activation. This is how the program was
                                                                            designed. However, to accommodate the
                                                                            request, a warning message will be
                                                                            provided, stating that the program to which
                                                                            the transfer credit was posted for a given
                                                                            was not the primary academic program for
                                                                            that term.

          Transfer Credit     1672431001 Unit/Grade calculation             The coding behind Transfer Credit              The way we derive the value of
                                          between Enrollment and            CALCULATE button                               UNITS_ATTEMPTED was corrected in the
                                          Transfer Credit is inconsistent (DERIVED_TRCR.CALC_TRF_PB) does not FieldDefault code of
                                                                            seem to be looking at the Exclude Progress TRNS_CRSE_DTL.UNITS_ATTEMPTED,
                                                                            Units flag in the Grade Base setup when        TRNS_TEST_DTL.UNITS_ATTEMPTED and
                                                                            calculating the units for Transfer Credit      TRNS_OTHR_DTL.UNITS_ATTEMPTED to match
                                                                            processing. Therefore it is not zeroing out    the logic used in enrollment.
                                                                            the units even though the Exclude Progress
                                                                            Units is checked. The unit calculation
                                                                            should be consistent between Enrollment
                                                                            and Transfer Credit.

                                                            7e0eade7-aa6d-4ca4-8b96-c12075259f04.xls                                                                      Page 40
Product   Category          Incident ID   Reported Problem               Problem Description                                 Resolution Description
          Transfer Credit     1679271002 Units Transferred on Course     When a course that exists within course             TRNS_CRSE_DTL.CRSE_ID.FieldChange will now
                                          Credits-Manual internal        catalogue is selected as an Equivalent              default the TRNS_CRSE_DTL.UNT_TRNSFR for
                                          equivalent course not          Course within Course Credits -Manual the            manual transfer credit models from the equivalent
                                          defaulting to course catalog   Units Transferred field is not defaulting to        course's minimum units as defined in the catalog.
                                          units                          course unit value as described within

                                                                         Units Transferred
                                                                         By default, the system displays the units of
                                                                         the course that you selected according to
                                                                         the definition of the course in your academic
                                                                         institutions course catalog. You can override
                                                                         this default value to transfer a different
                                                                         number of units

                                                                         Functionality is working correctly where
                                                                         similar functionality exists e.g. Other Credits -
                                                                         Manual. But on Course Credits the units for
                                                                         the internal equivalent default from the value
                                                                         of the external course's units.

          Transfer Credit     1738032002 Department of Education has Starting July 1, 2008 the way Financial Aid             Field SSR_FAWI_INCL was added to the transfer
                                          modified how Financial Aid     must monitor academic progression for               course/test/other credit detail records, while fields
                                          must monitor transfer credit   federal ACG and SMART grants requires               SSR_FAWI_GPA,
                                          for Federal grants             that transfer work accepted by an institution SSR_FAWI_GRADE_PTS,
                                                                         be converted to a weeks of instruction value. SSR_FAWI_PSD, SSR_FAWI_PSD_GPA,
                                                                         In order to perform this calculation, all           SSR_FAWI_PSD_NOGPA, SSR_FAWI_TKN,
                                                                         accepted AP, IB, remedial, and life                 SSR_FAWI_TKN_GPA, and
                                                                         experience credit must be subtracted from           SSR_FAWI_TKN_NOGPA were added to the term
                                                                         the accepted credits.                               level records to support the new requirement in
                                                                                                                             Financial Aid to convert transfer credit units to
                                                                                                                             weeks of instruction values.

                                                           7e0eade7-aa6d-4ca4-8b96-c12075259f04.xls                                                                                  Page 41
Product      Category          Incident ID   Reported Problem               Problem Description                             Resolution Description
Student      Application Fee     1714402001 Run Controls Do Not Maintain The following Run Control Records do NOT Changed the record definition for
Financials   Processing                      The Oprid Properly on Run      initialize or maintain the Oprid value on the   RUN_CNTL_APP, RUN_CNTL_DEP and
                                             Control Records                run control records: Run_cntl_App,              RUN_CNTL_DPST to cause Tools to use the oprid
                                                                            Run_cntl_Dpst, Run_cntl_Dep. The oprid          when selected the run control record.
                                                                            value is populated the first time the run
                                                                            control is created. If another oprid tries to
                                                                            create a run control with the same name the
                                                                            original run control is used.

             Credit History      1726131002 A new effective dated row is    When running credit history, for some           Modifying the code so that W-POST-AMT is
                                             created in credit history      students, rows were being incorrectly added initialized in CA160 once before the call to CA170
                                             incorrectly for some students. with each run of credit history. A row          instead of in CA170.
                                                                            should be added to credit history when one
                                                                            of three situations occur: 1. change in
                                                                            aging set; 2. change in past due amount; 3.
                                                                            change in aging category.

             HECS                1713141002 Difference In HECS DMS and There is a difference between the HECS               SFPCHECS.DMS was modified to add enrollment
                                             COBOL - Australian Specific    Cobol sfpchecs.cbl and                          status as an ORDER BY clause on the
                                             Functionality                  sfpchecs_s_carprog.dms                          S_CARPROG SQL statement.
                                                                            The dms statement selects 5 fields but the
                                                                            Cobol program only accommodates 3 fields.
                                                                            This is causing issues with HECS waivers
                                                                            reversing to zero.
             HECS                1719564002 HECS waiver percentage          HECS Discount waivers may not apply at          SFPCHECS.DMS was modified to correct a join for
                                             incorrect for HECS             the correct percentage if the student has       the S_CLASAMT SQL statement.
                                             reconciliation where classes   enrolments with different census dates and
                                             have different census dates.   the date range for processing does not
                                                                            cover all classes.
             HECS                1720594001 HECS Waiver not invoked         HECS waiver is not invoked correctly if a       SFPCHECS.CBL/DMS was modified to use
                                             correctly for student with     student has multiple career numbers for the effective date logic when selecting the Student Car
                                             multiple program/career        same program and both programs are active Nbr.
                                             Numbers                        or the higher career number is inactive.

                                                               7e0eade7-aa6d-4ca4-8b96-c12075259f04.xls                                                                       Page 42
Product     Category     Incident ID   Reported Problem              Problem Description                          Resolution Description
            IHC (OSHC)     1691733001 Incorrect Item Number          Third party contracts are often used to cover SFPQKONL.cbl was modified to use correct item
                                       Written to IHC Record When the International Health Coverage charges       number in section CA200-HANDLE-RESULTS.
                                       Student on TPC                for foreign students. When a student is
                                                                     linked to a third party contract prior to
                                                                     assessment of the IHC charge, the item
                                                                     number stored on the IHC record is
                                                                     incorrect. The item number recorded is the
                                                                     item number from the Third Party Contract
                                                                     organization posting. This affects the
                                                                     creation of the IHC Schedules.

Campus      3C Engine      1695996001 3C Engine Process not          The 3C Engine process is not populating the Modified 3CEngine_LIB.COMMINST GBL
Community                              populating the comment data   comment data in the communication when       Default.Step 05 App Engine People Code, to
                                       in communication.             the "Print Comment" option is selected in the update Communication Record with Comment data
                                                                     3C Trigger Table.                            from 3C Trigger Table

            3C Engine      1726037001 3C Engine assigns duplicates After implementation of CS 8.9 Bundle 10       Modified 3CEngine_LIB.COMMINST GBL
                                       when Mass Change is used      and CS 9.0 Bundle 3, duplicates are          Default.Step 05 App Engine People Code, to
                                       and duplicate criteria used   assigned when using Mass Change as a         change the Comment Print Flag condition for Mass
                                       should prevent                process option. Manage Duplicate             Change to check its value for Blank also.
                                                                     Assignment criteria do not prevent the
                                                                     duplicate assignment.

                                                         7e0eade7-aa6d-4ca4-8b96-c12075259f04.xls                                                                    Page 43
Product   Category             Incident ID   Reported Problem                Problem Description                            Resolution Description
          Checklists             1485232001 Event checklist summary data No data is displaying in the Event Checklist       The Search button on the
                                             not flowing through             Summary page (Campus Community >               EVENT_CHKLST_SUMM is coming from
                                                                             Checklists > Event Checklists > Checklist      DERIVED_CM .CM_FETCH ,instead it should
                                                                             Management Event) for event checklists that come from DERIVED_ADM.FETCH_EVE_CHK .
                                                                             are entered (Campus Community >                Modified the view EVE_CHKITEM_VW to pick data
                                                                             Checklists > Event Checklists > Checklist      from SCC_CHKLSTITM_TBL instead od
                                                                             Management Event)                              CS_CHKLST_TBL ,also modified the code to pick
                                                                                                                            up the correct DERIVED_CM_CHECKLIST_CD
                                                                             Customer suggests the field                    rowinit peoplecode to pick up the proper prompt
                                                                             DERIVED_CM.COMMON_ID is missing                view
                                                                             from the page EVENT_CHKLST_SUMM.
                                                                             This is needed for the checklist
                                                                             (CHECKLIST_CD) prompt to function as
                                                                             expected. The first field in prompt table
                                                                             CS_CHKLST_VW2 is COMMON_ID.

          Participation Data     1512177001 Saving Publication does not      When using the navigation Student              Added ComponentPeoplecode to
                                             Save to database                Admissions > Application Entry >               PUBLICATIONS_ADMA Postbuild,
                                                                             Participation - Publications the publication   PUBLICATIONS_ADMA SavePreChange,
                                                                             data is not saved.                             PUBLICATIONS_ADMP PostBuild,
                                                                                                                            PUBLICATIONS_ADMP SavePreChange, to
                                                                                                                            Invoke Person Publication Services to Read/Write
                                                                                                                            to the Database
          Personal Data          1718245001 Report id 1579556000 phone       After applying CS bundle 12, customers can Changed SCC_PERS_PHN_H.PHONE Record
                                             issue exists after bundle #12   still save phone type without a phone          Field Property to Required, to stop saving blank
                                                                             number. Only after you leave the page and PHONE field. Added Peoplecode Condition at
                                                                             come back in does the phone type without a SS_CC__PERS_PHONE(GBL).HR_LINK_WRK.SA
                                                                             phone number disappear. There should be        VE_PB FieldEdit, to throw error in Self service
                                                                             an error that a phone type cannot be saved     page if Phone field is Blank.
                                                                             without a phone number before having to
                                                                             leave the page.

                                                                7e0eade7-aa6d-4ca4-8b96-c12075259f04.xls                                                                       Page 44
Product   Category           Incident ID    Reported Problem               Problem Description                              Resolution Description
          Relationships        1720465001 Can still enter an incorrect     After applying fix for Incident 1376758000       Modified the peoplecode on
                                            relationship that can not be   users can still create incorrect relationships   RELATIONSHIPS.EMPLID_RELATED
                                            deleted.                       in correction mode.                              SavePrechange peoplecode.

          SEVIS                1708689001 S0031 Batch Job never            SEVIS file was exported but not posted.          Modified CCSEVDWN.SQR to reset the file
                                            submitted error for SEVIS.     The institution does not import an upload        processed flag to 'E' when the SEVIS file error
                                            File already Processed.        results file to verify successful upload.        value of 'S0030' or 'S0031' is encountered. This will
                                                                           Transaction log showed error S0031 - Batch allow the file to be reprocessed.
                                                                           Job Never Submitted but the result was
                                                                           imported anyway. File was reposted to
                                                                           SEVIS successfully. Resulting file was not
                                                                           able to be loaded to the PASS system as it
                                                                           says the file was already processed. This
                                                                           same result occurs with the error code
                                                                           S0030 - Batch Job Not Yet Processed.

          Student Services     1724135001 Error when trying to use the     Peoplecode error received after selecting        Modified Where Clause in SQLString in Function
          Center                            Set Search options link for the admin function and variable data (aid_year). SS_SI_SortFilter at
                                            To Do List                     Error indicates incorrect reference to           FUNCLIB_CS.SRVC_IND_NEG.FieldFormula
                                                                           PERSONAL_DATA.EMPLID in

                                                              7e0eade7-aa6d-4ca4-8b96-c12075259f04.xls                                                                              Page 45

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