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Vertice Investments was founded in June 2002, under the outstanding drive,
determination and vision of its founders. Back then, the main focus of the business
venture was to buy, hold and sell residential real estate. It was not long until the
founders’ ability to predict upcoming trends, made them practically compromise the
company’s limited capital of $300,000 on what later turned out to be the greatest real
estate boom in North America, with spill over effects to most parts of the world still felt
until today.

Much has been accomplished and learned along the way, for the company is no longer
completely dependant on its founders’ knowledge or capital, nor are its funds entirely
tied out to real estate operations.     Vertice Investments has grown to become a
$6,000,000 company in assets, whose portfolio is comprised of commercial and
residential real estate, private equity investments, holding positions in publicly held
companies, performing loan origination activities and providing financial consulting
consultancy. We presently have controlling vested interests in investments in Miami,
New York city, Caracas, Oranjestadt, Lima, Panama City, Escazu and Toronto,
diversifying away on types of investment vehicles, industries, currencies and
geographic locations.

We at Vertice Investments decided to turn around the way the investment / money
management industry usually works. Our management team has to have “skin” in the
game. Shareholders must provide personal capital in every deal accepted by the board.
We also promote an open book practice, in order to foment calmness via transparency to
our investors. Finally, but certainly not least, investors and shareholders are grouped
together into investment committees, whereby accountability is assigned to a specific
committee in an area of the business, in order to make sure our managerial and financial
decisions and performance are aligned with our investors’ needs and expectations.

The Management team is comprised of high caliber individuals, all with MS and MBA
degrees, with an average working experience of 10 years, having been exposed to
diverse areas such as intellectual property management, security management,
relationship   management,     pricing,   portfolio   management,   economic    analysis,
econometrics and corporate finance.

The company’s financial results have demonstrated management’s expertise in the art of
making money. Since June 2002, assets have grown at a spectacular 45% composed
rate per year. Operating Margins have stood stable at approximately 15%. Composite
ROI has experienced an amazing upward trend, achieving 25% as of year end 2009.
The company has produced free cash flow since 2004, in itself, the ultimate sign of
financial soundness and independence, with an EBITDA of $400,000 as of year end
2008 and $120,000 as of fiscal year end 2009.

The Vertice Investment Management team sincerely hopes to assist you and to be part
of your journey onto financial freedom, footstep by footstep, in a brotherhood manner.
We sincerely strive to provide peace of mind to our investors. This has turned out to be
our greatest source of differentiation.


Carlos Blanco
Vertice Investments
Operating Manager

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