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									                                       City of Puyallup
                                Planning Commission Meeting
                                   Puyallup Public Library
                                  324 S. Meridian, Puyallup
                                 Wednesday, August 13, 2008
                                          7:00 p.m.

COMMISSIONERS PRESENT:              Chair Matt Hanbey, Vice Chair Russell Telling,
Commissioners Curt Gimmestad, Robin Ordonez, John Palmer, Art Seeley, Daniel Smith

STAFF MEMBERS PRESENT: Planning Director Tom Utterback, Senior Planner Nancy
Eklund, Senior Assistant City Attorney Kevin Yamamoto, Administrative Clerk Melanie
Robinson, Assistant Planner Tim Parham


Mr. Hanbey moved that the agenda be approved without changes, barring any objection of the
commission. There were no objections, and the meeting agenda was approved by consensus.


A motion was made by Mr. Smith, second by Mr. Palmer, to approve the minutes of July 9,
2008, as submitted. The motion passed 7-0.

A motion was made by Mr. Ordonez, second by Mr. Palmer, to approve the minutes of July 23,
2008m with the edit of two scrivener’s error on page three: changing the word “bound” to
“buildout” in paragraph two, and adding the word “open” to second bullet of paragraph four.
The motion passed 7-0.


Before departing, Ms. Eklund emphasized that commissioners should refrain from discussion of
business while traveling between sites.

Mr. Smith disclosed that he had ownership interest in separate properties, both personally and as
part of his law firm partnership, within close proximity of the Heath Comprehensive Plan
Amendment site and within several blocks of the 9th-Meridian Amendment site. He wished for
all present to be aware of this situation in case anyone felt it could affect his impartiality in
reviewing these items. In response to questions from staff, he stated that his properties do not
abut any parcels under discussion. No one in attendance expressed any concern about Mr.
Smith continuing to take part in review of the amendment requests.
Planning Commission Minutes                                                August 13, 2008

323, 327, and 331 3rd Street SE

The first site visited by the Planning Commission, staff, and members of the public was the three
adjacent parcels located on the east side of 3rd Street SE between Pioneer and 4th Avenue S.
These parcels are currently designated as High Density Residnetial (HDR) and zoned High
Density Multi-family Residential (RM-20) and the applicant wishes for the designation to be
Pedestrian Oriented Commercial (POC) and the zoning Central Business District (CBD).
Applicant Greg Health discussed his plans to demolish the vacant home currently located on his
parcel (323 3rd Street SE) and construct a professional office for his own use that he stated would
be in keeping with the design of neighboring structures. He described the restrictions and
setbacks that made this plan difficult under the current RM-20 zoning.

In response to a question from Mr. Hanbey, Mr. Heath stated that the trees on his parcel would
have to be taken down to accommodate his site plan. Responding to questions from Mr.
Ordonez, Mr. Health indicated that his vision for the office included a peaked roof, dormers, and
a setback from the sidewalk similar to the buildings to either side of his lot. He briefly described
the other two properties included in the application for Comprehensive Plan Amendment. The
group then moved to the alley to the east to view the parcels from that direction.

901 S. Meridian Street

The tour group was met by applicants Carl Pirscher and Ross Vontner at the site of a second
proposed Comprehensive Plan Amendment. It was noted that the convalescent home currently
on the site was moving to a newly constructed location at 23rd Avenue-7th Street SE.

Mr. Utterback described surrounding zoning and current uses and recalled the Planning
Commission’s prior goal to have pedestrian-oriented development linking downtown Puyallup
with the Western Washington Fairgrounds. The applicants displayed and described their site
plan for the parcel, characterizing their planned building as a two-story, pedestrian-oriented
design with architectural details similar to other downtown Puyallup buildings. There was
discussion on the setbacks under the current and proposed zoning and allowances for pedestrian
traffic during the Western Washington Fair.

Northeast Puyallup Annexation Area
(Stop Location: 134th Avenue East, north of Pioneer Way East)

Ms. Eklund provided the commission with a letter received by staff from Mr. Gil Hulsmann of
Abbey Road Group.

Mr. Utterback showed a map of the area and described surrounding uses, including the location
of the railroad and proposed trail improvements. He described the properties owned by local
landowners and clarified which portions of the area were served by Valley Water. The location
of the floodway, floodplain, and associated wetlands were indicated. After review of this
vicinity, all present travelled north several blocks on 134th Avenue East to view the northern
portion of this Urban Growth Area, including agricultural fields. Multiple members of the

Planning Commission Minutes                                                 August 13, 2008

commission commented on the spectacular view of Mount Rainier and how it could complement
residential development.

There was discussion about the parcels split by the Urban Growth Boundary and related
City/County mapping issues.

Mr. Utterback remarked that further information on the issue of equity and the agricultural set-
aside would be presented at an upcoming Planning Commission meeting.

In response to questions from Mr. Telling, staff noted that the Planning Commission’s purview
included decisions relative to Northeast Puyallup as it pertains to the future land use identified in
the City’s comprehensive plan, and associated zoning for that area in anticipation of annexation.
Ms. Eklund clarified that decisions are subject to review under SEPA, and require a public
process. The land use is finalized when the Puyallup City Council adopts it by ordinance.
Responding to further questions from Mr. Telling, Ms. Eklund added that, in the case of
Northeast Puyallup, the future land use was also influenced by the agreement between the city
and county outlined in Resolution No. 1903. Mr. Yamamoto noted the Planning Commission
was still tasked with reviewing the issues, answering the remaining questions, and making a
recommendation to the city council. General discussion followed regarding the definition of
open space as defined by the city and under by the county in their agricultural resource lands
(ARL) designation.

Other Business

The meeting re-convened at the new City Hall building. Mr. Hanbey requested RCWs on the
Planning Commission’s role in annexation.

It was noted that Mr. Gimmestad, Palmer, and Telling would be absent at the August 27, 2008
meeting. Staff noted that they would try to arrange to have a long work session on the Northeast
Puyallup Annexation Area land use designations when more commissioners could be in
attendance. September 3rd and possibly the 4th were discussed as potential dates for that session;
all Commissioners present indicated their availability on those dates.

Following further discussion, the commission agreed that the next meeting on the
Comprehensive Plan Amendments would be a public hearing, with further deliberation on the
amendments to follow.

Mr. Seeley requested comparison information on the setbacks under current and proposed zoning
for both of the privately-initiated Comprehensive Plan amendments.

ADJOURNMENT – 9:11 p.m.


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