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					                                          Samir Ghosh


Topics of Interest:

    Social Policy & Planning
    Disability
    Rural Development
    Education,
    Livelihood

Areas of Expertise:

    Policy Formulation & Advocacy
    Inclusion
    Organizational Scanning & restructuring
    Participatory Project Planning & evaluation
    Village & District Planning
    Training and capacity building: in following topics
       1.   Human and Institutional Development
       2.   Result based Management
       3.   Organizational Development
       4.   Strategic Planning
       5.   Social Research & Evaluation Studies
       6.   Action research

     Shodhana Consultancy, D-103, Natasha Hill View, NIBM road, Kondhwa, Pune-411048   1
      Tel/ Fax-91-020-40055371 Email: samir@,
                                                 Samir Ghosh

WORK EXPERIENCE: (International)
    Consultant World Bank (April to June 2008)
           i.    Documentation of best practice on programs related to prevention and rehabilitation of
                 Persons with Disabilities in SAARC countries

    Appointed as team leader by Save the Children UK for a comprehensive evaluation
      of CBR project in Viet Nam (February –April 2004).
          i.    Lead team to agree finalized TOR
          ii.   Develop key question to ensure all aspects are covered.
          iii.  Facilitating all team members on how to collect information and interviewing.
          iv.   Divide works for all team members
          v.    Field work
          vi.   Develop outline of the report
          vii.  Assign task for team members on drafting parts of the report
          viii. drafting of report and responsibility for finalization, coherence etc

    Appointed as Evaluator by CARITAS, Netherlands for evaluation of two projects in
      the field of disability (January – March 1997).
     i.          Abdi Kasi – Medan, Northern Sumatra Indonesia
     ii.         Bhakti Luhur – Malang, Java Indonesia
                 a. Client appraisal
                 b. Program evaluation
                 c. Fund management
                 d. Preparation of a phase-out plan for both the organizations after withdrawal of CARITAS

    Appointed as member of working group for Asia Pacific Decade of disability,
      ESCAP Bangkok
           i.    Mid – term review of progress made by member countries on ESCAP decade for disability
          ii.    Preparing of agenda for action for Asia Pacific Decade of Disabled Persons
      iii.       Prepared the global guideline on “Prevention of handicapping environment to promote equal
                 opportunities, protection of rights and full participation of Persons with Disabilities – document
                 accepted at World Congress of Rehabilitation International – Rio D Janeiro

    Shodhana Consultancy, D-103, Natasha Hill View, NIBM road, Kondhwa, Pune-411048                              2
     Tel/ Fax-91-020-40055371 Email: samir@,
                                             Samir Ghosh


        Director, “Shodhana Consultancy Pvt. Ltd.”, Pune - Present Position

        Consultant World Bank (Aug 2007 – till date)
          Member of team for DPIP Orissa and Rajasthan on Inclusion of vulnerable and minorities
          Anchoring selected state Governments to initiate specific programs for Person’s with
             Disabilities thru World Bank assistance
          Facilitating Govt. of Bihar in preparing a State Disability Policy

        Consultant UNDP (Nov 2008 – till date)
          Organize and facilitate a workshop for hands-on training for RMoL team to learn practical skills
             for Persons with Disabilities and to support the team’s design AWP 2009 with deep
             understanding issues of Persons with Disabilities
          Increase awareness and develop capacities of RMoL team as well as partner institutions to
             design and implement interventions effectively benefit for Person with Disabilities
          Identify demand of Persons with Disabilities and identify appropriate skills development
             models suitable for persons with diverse types of physical/mental challenges and identifying
             resource organizations for capacity building and partnerships
          Develop plans for collaborative approaches between RMoL and other state departments to
             create synergies with existing schemes and programmes based on consultations with
             appropriate departments of GoR and other stakeholders
          Developing M&E system within the framework of overall programme strategies

        Consultant PRADAN India (Mar 2007 – Dec 2007)
          Documentation of goat rearing project as livelihood option in ravine areas of Rajasthan
          Documentation of dairy development through women’s SHGs as livelihood option in Rajasthan

        Consultant Yashwantrao Chavan Academy of Development Administration
         (YASHADA), Govt. of Maharashtra (April 2007 – Mar 2008)
          Preparation of two Integrated Decentralized Block Development Plans through Village Planning
            for Deoni (Latur district) and Mokhada (Thane district)

       Shodhana Consultancy, D-103, Natasha Hill View, NIBM road, Kondhwa, Pune-411048                      3
        Tel/ Fax-91-020-40055371 Email: samir@,
                                                 Samir Ghosh

     Consultant Aga Khan Rural Support Programme (AKRSP), Ahmedabad (Jan 2008 –
      Sept 2008)
       Preparation and anchoring of Result Based Management for all units of AKRSP

     Consultant, Govt. of Chhattisgarh, (Sept.2004 - till date)
       Formulation of comprehensive state policy for persons with disabilities
       Preparation of multi-sectoral action plan for persons with disabilities in Chhattisgarh state

     Consultant, UNICEF Mumbai, July 2002 – Dec 2006
              Study on social Exclusion in the context of selected social indicators,
              Creation of resource network on village planning,
              Support for district planning,
              Review of PRI training programme,
              Review of Program Plan of Operations (PPO) 2003-2007 & provide inputs to state
               representative for sectoral discussions & Facilitate Government consultations with sectoral
               chief (health, water sanitation & drought proofing, education, child environment and child
               protection )
              Visit to various Unicef focus districts in Maharashtra and interact with the district authorities and
               Unicef partner NGOs
              Formulate and develop Unicef State Plan of Operations (SPO)– 2003-2007 for the Unicef
               National Master Plan of Operation (MPO)
              Advice Unicef state representative on overall programming for coming cycle
              Preparation of District convergent Plan for 4 focus districts
              Preparing of Participatory Impact Analysis Framework – Action Research

     Consultant, (CARE India) 2002
       Capacity assessment of Kutch NGOs working in disability
       Capacity assessment of People with Disabilities (PwDs) in earthquake affected selected
               villages in Bhuj
       Feasibility study of livelihood activities in sustainable manner
          i.      Marketable activity and market assessment
       ii.        Partnership marketing of livelihood activities
       iii.       Assessment of resource agency for capacity building
       iv.        Analysis of existing practices in economic rehabilitation of PwDs under the Government of
                  Gujarat schemes.
       v.         Analysis of policy framework of Government of Gujarat, related to the rehabilitation of PwDs

    Shodhana Consultancy, D-103, Natasha Hill View, NIBM road, Kondhwa, Pune-411048                                4
     Tel/ Fax-91-020-40055371 Email: samir@,
                                          Samir Ghosh

     Consultant, Aga Khan Foundation (I) 2002
       Review of SSD activities of last two and a half years from September 1999 onwards
         i.  Quality and cost effectiveness of physical activities
        ii.  Participation analysis of target group
       iii.  Review of resource mobilization capacity
       iv.   Review of initiatives on sustainability, governance and project management skills
        v.   Review of documentation skills
       Future strategy development for SSD and proposal development for fund raising
       Documentation of SSD’s successful experiences.

     Consultant, (UNICEF), GNCT, Delhi, 2001-02
       Organizational diagnosis & restructuring of education dept. of Govt. of Delhi
       Stakeholder analysis
       School profiling - primary education enhancement program
       Formulating training programs for senior govt. Officials
       Design and implementation of restructuring plan
       Incorporating Convergent Community Action as a strategy in education program

     Consultant, CASP – PLAN International – 2000
       Preparation & formulation of community phase-out plan
       SWOT analysis
       Training and preparation of logical framework analysis matrix for phase-out

      Consultant, Community Aid and Sponsorship Program – 1999 - 2001
       Proposal on “Revenue Return for Self Sustenance”.
       Project planning on “Experiments in Distance Education in selected villages of Maval
       Planned and conducted workshop – “Convergence 2 K”, foundation workshop on
         Counseling, Communication & Community organization.
       Socio-economic study and phasing in strategy for 8 villages in Pen, Dist Raigad.
       Plan framework for “Communication and Restructuring of Donor Service Department”
       Planning of procedures and evolving of monitoring system for NORAD funded project
         in community focus child development initiatives.
       Prepared annual plan on log frame for “CASP –PEN” activities.
       Project planning on “Training & Development division” – an HRD plan for CASP.
       Formulation of performance indicators for organizations working in the field of AIDS
         control in Gujarat

    Shodhana Consultancy, D-103, Natasha Hill View, NIBM road, Kondhwa, Pune-411048              5
     Tel/ Fax-91-020-40055371 Email: samir@,
                                           Samir Ghosh

       Review of log frame of organizations working in the field of aids control in Gujarat
       Training in logical framework analysis for govt. Of Gujarat partners working in the field
         of aids control in Gujarat

     Consultant, Government of Maharashtra – Aug – Dec. 2001
       Preparation of multi-sectoral action plan for persons with disabilities
       Strategic planning workshop
       Workshop on logical framework analysis

     Consultant, Aga Khan Foundation (India) - 1999 - 2000
       Organizational scanning for assessing research capacities of AKF rural development partners
       Designing of training program for action research for AKF rural development partners
       Assisting AKF rural development partners in proposal formation
       Assisting AKF in designing policy advocacy strategy in watershed management
       Reviewing of action research proposal for community based natural resource management of
         AKF partners

     Deputy Divisional Manager, Occupational Health Services, Tata Iron and Steel Co.
      Ltd. Jamshedpur, 1992 - 1999
       Overall in charge of the department
       Budgeting, staff training & appraisal, cost control
       Statutory and non-statutory health checkup of employees
       Prevention of occupational hazards and ergonomic improvement program
       Project team member for implementation of ISO - 14000 (environmental protection)
       Designing and implementation of training for trainers program

 Manager, Management Research, Tata Iron and Steel Co. Ltd. Jamshedpur:
       Research in the field of human resource development
       Study and design of role definition of senior managers
       Time management studies
       Project plan for self employment for the wards of the employees of steel company
       Project on manpower planning in conjunction with future trend of steel business

    Shodhana Consultancy, D-103, Natasha Hill View, NIBM road, Kondhwa, Pune-411048                   6
     Tel/ Fax-91-020-40055371 Email: samir@,
                                           Samir Ghosh

    Asst. Administrative Officer, Tata Iron and Steel Co. Ltd. Tata Steel Rural
      Development Society, Jamshedpur: 1985-1988
        General administration of rural development programs
        Project planning and annual budget
        Monitoring and evaluation
        Liaison with international organization (Ford foundation)
        Staff development

    National Consultant, United Nations Development Programme, In Charge-IMPACT
      INDIA, Mumbai: 1984-85
        Coordination with Govt. of India and Govt. of Tamilnadu for Polio eradication
        Arranging statewide campaign for Polio free Madras by 1985 in collaboration with state and
          local Govt. of Madras
        In charge media campaign


   Working Committee Member, 9th and 10th five year Plan, Planning Commission- Govt. of India.
   Working Committee Member, ESCAP Decade of the Disabled -1993-2002
   Convener, Fund raising Disabled Peoples’ International, India Chapter
   National Coordinator, East Zone, CBR Network (South Asia)
   Organizing Secretary, 10th All India Leprosy Workers’ Conference-1996
   Chairman, First National Conference of Rehabilitation India -1997
   National Secretary for Rehabilitation International in India -1993-96
   Organized First International Training Programme on ‘Industrial Hygiene’ in collaboration with
     American Industrial Hygiene Association, U.S.A.-1994
   Designed and organized Training Programme for Medical Doctors on ‘Hands on Surgery on Leprosy
     Patients’ for North- East India with WHO support-1994
   Designed and organized workshop on ‘Networking & Manpower Development for Rehabilitation
   Designed and organized ‘Asia -Pacific Workshop & First National Assembly of People with Disability’
     in collaboration with DPI, RI & JICA -1993
   Designed and organized workshop on ‘Challenges for 90s-Reaching the Unreached’ in collaboration
     with R.I.-1993
   Designed and organized workshop on Self Sufficiency & Self Reliance through Water management
     by Villagers in collaboration with Ford Foundation-1987

    Shodhana Consultancy, D-103, Natasha Hill View, NIBM road, Kondhwa, Pune-411048                   7
     Tel/ Fax-91-020-40055371 Email: samir@,
                                            Samir Ghosh

   Rehabilitation India (RI): Founder - Chairman of the organization. Affiliated to Rehabilitation
     International. As chairman persuaded the process of affiliation with RI International, established links
     with Hong Kong India Foundation Fund, Established four zonal offices, Established the Web Site of
     RI, Represented as working committee m ember of 9th five year plan, represented in the panel of
     experts in National Handicapped finance Development Corporation, Executive Committee member of
     Rehabilitation Council of India, ALIMCO and IPH, Represented in the panel of experts in the drafting
     and review committee of Person’s with Disabilities Act.


   Leprosy & Social Rehabilitation, Asian Leprosy Congress, Agra, 2000
   Disability – Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow (Politics & Liberation), published in the book – Pilgrimage of
     light - 2000
   Training & employment of PwD's through Community Based Natural Resource Management,
     CAPART workshop, Hyderabad - 2001
   Benefiting the global economy by employing people with disability - 3rd Para Olympic Congress,
     Atlanta, U.S.A.-1996
   Community Based Rehabilitation- A comprehensive Approach & Analysis, Beijing, China -1990
   Equity Vs. Efficiency in Water Management, Jamshedpur, India -1987
   Development and Fertility Decline, London - 1984
   Traditional Social Welfare System in India, London –1984
   Women and political participation, London-1986
   Emancipation and empowerment of the Disabled – October 2000.



   P. G. Diploma in Social Planning in Developing Countries:
         London School of Economics & Political Science, London, 1984, First Class, First.
   M. A. Social Work (Social Welfare Administration):
         Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai, 1983, First Class.
   B. A. (Hon.) English:
         Ravi Shankar University, Raipur, (M.P.), 1981, First Class, First.
   Higher Secondary Certificate:
         C.B.S.E, New Delhi, 1978, Second Class.

    Shodhana Consultancy, D-103, Natasha Hill View, NIBM road, Kondhwa, Pune-411048                        8
     Tel/ Fax-91-020-40055371 Email: samir@,
                                             Samir Ghosh

Scholarships /awards:

    National Award for the welfare of the disabled, 1999
    London School of Economics Award, London - 1983-84
    J.N. Tata Scholar , 1983
    State Scholar Award, Govt. Of M.P. Bhopal 1981 - 83
    Gold Medal - On being First Class first in B. A., Bhopal -1981
    Open merit Scholarship, Bhopal -1976-78
    National Merit Scholarship, New Delhi -1976-78

Other relevant information:

    Office Address: D / 103, Natasha Hill View, NIBM Road, Kondhwa, Pune – 411048, India
   Phone: 91- (020) – 26854798 ( R ) 91-020-40055371( O )
        Email:,
    Permanent Address: A – 304, Sunflower Apartment, NIBM Road, Kondhwa, PUNE – 411048
   Phone: 91- (020) – 26854798 Mobile: 9850026695
    Date of Birth: September 19,1960,
    Nationality: Indian,
    Marital Status: Married
    Interests: Music, Painting, Traveling
    Languages Known: English, Hindi, Marathi, Bengali, Chhatisgarhi
    Computer knowledge: MS – Office, SPSS
    A person with disability: Bilateral amputation of arms

Reference can be provided on request

       Shodhana Consultancy, D-103, Natasha Hill View, NIBM road, Kondhwa, Pune-411048      9
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