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									                               Marketing 340 Team Assignment

This assignment involves putting together a marketing plan for a local restaurant by first
conducting an environmental analysis and a SWOT analysis and then putting together a plan to
help them grow their business. Your objective is to work with a local restaurant and after
observing and discussing their current marketing plan with them, to make strategic
recommendations for helping the restaurant grow its business through the marketing mix.

To complete the assignment, your team needs to choose a restaurant in Wilmington. It can not
be just a bar, it has to be a place where food is also served. Give me the signed letter of consent
from your selected restaurant by 5/21.

After you have decided on a restaurant, you are to spend time observing its customers and its use
of the 4 Ps. Observe their customers’ characteristics as well as their actual consumption
behaviors. Find out about the menu (products, prices, specials). Talk to them and observe who
they are trying to target. Find out what their current promotional strategy is and their pricing
strategy. You will need to make more than one trip at more than one time of the day/evening in
order to carefully observe the market segments and the restaurants use of the four Ps. I want a
log of when you visited and who visited and for how long as an appendix to your final paper.

Make detailed notes of what you observe. Remember you are conducting a SWOT analysis and
an environmental analysis for the first part of the paper. What do you notice about the clientele?
What are they doing? How many are there and so on…. What do you notice about the business?
What type of restaurant is it? When is it busy? When is it not so busy? How do they try to
attract customers and promote themselves? What strategies do they use? What are their
strengths and weaknesses? Who is their competition and what opportunities and threats are in
the environment? What types of customers do you think they are targeting? Who makes up their
primary market, their secondary market? Do they use different strategies to target different
consumer segments?

Based on your observations and discussions and research you should be able to write up a
detailed marketing plan. Refer to your book for an outline of the components of a marketing

Finally, you will prepare an oral, powerpoint presentation of your marketing plan to be presented
at the end of the course. You will present for approximately 30 minutes and answer questions
for 5 minutes. Professional dress is required for the presentation.

As far as a timetable – you need to get with a restaurant ASAP. You then need to set specific
dates and times when team members will go and observe and gather information. You do not all
have to go together each time. Spread out the workload evenly. Collecting some data via a
small survey is a good idea.

You will fill in team evaluation forms at the end so that if someone is not pulling their weight
you can let me know on the evaluation form, which will be used in helping to determine final

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