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					                                                 MEDITERRANEAN RESTAURANT & BAR
                                                 53 CLEVELAND STREET LONDON W1
                                                  tel. 020 7580 7608 fax 020 7436 0964

               PreOrder Form
                                                      NAME            STARTER         MAIN COURSE          DESSERT
   To make your reservation simply telephone
   or pop in to see us… and we’ll do the rest!

   In order to complete your booking we will
         require your Credit Card details
         as a security for the booking only
    Amount of £5 p/p will be charged only if
    the cancelation of the party has not been
    forwarded to us , minimum 24 h earlier.
           Please note that only one bill
             will be issued per party.

               Booking Details

Contact name
Company name
Contact number
Fax number
Date of the party
Time of the party
No. of guests


            Our prices all include VAT.

             Service is not included,

          except for parties of 6 or more,

   when an optional 10% charge will be added

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