Free Reduced Meal Applications by MikeJenny


   To participate in the NSLP or SBP local
    agencies must provide free and reduced price
    benefits to eligible children according to
    federal regulations and requirements

   Names of school officials
   Eligibility guidelines to be used
   Procedures to accept and approve
   Method of payment collection
   Rights to appeal, hearing and non-
   Copy of form and letter to parents

   Notice of approval or denial
   Notice of verification selection
   Adverse action-denial
   Direct certification notice
   Media release

   Provide to local news media, the employment
    office, and any major employers in area

   Eligibility guidelines – both free and reduced

   Categorical eligibility – Food Stamps, TANF,
    Foster, etc. – no application required

   Must contain all the elements in the
   Clear and easily understood, simple design,
    uniform format
   Reasonable effort for ESL needs
   Must have paper apps available
   Letter to parents – online access AND paper
   Changes must be approved by Alaska CNP

   One application per household
    ◦ Includes categorically eligible and income eligible

   Complete required information
    ◦   Income or not
    ◦   PFD
    ◦   Only LAST 4 digits of SS
    ◦   Parent / guardian signature

   Income frequency
    ◦ Must annualize if different frequencies - Monthly plus

   Notification to ALL households
    ◦ Good for entire year – may increase benefit due to changes but
      decrease is not required

   Denied benefits
    ◦   must be given written
    ◦   the reason for the denial of benefits;
    ◦   the right to appeal and how
    ◦   family may at any time

   Approved benefits - In writing or verbally
    ◦ Document on application

LEA officials must do the following:

   Approved applications:
    ◦ approval date
    ◦ level of benefit for each child
    ◦ sign or initial the application

   Denied applications:
    ◦   denial date
    ◦   reason for the denial
    ◦   date the denial notice was sent
    ◦   sign or initial the application

Entire household
 Food Stamps/SNAP
 Public Assistance – TANF, FDPIR

Only the child
 Homeless, Runaway
 Migrant
 Foster Children - NEW

   LEA must disregard paper applications if all
    household members are directly certified.
    ◦ This reduces the number of applications to be
      verified later.

   Household applications with some
    categorically eligible and income eligible
    members must be processed.
    ◦ Foster children, migrant, homeless in household

    ◦   DC lists - monthly
    ◦   Food Stamp/Public Assistance letter
    ◦   Foster child documents NEW
    ◦   List of migrant or homeless from district

    ◦ Record status on the Benefit Issuance Document
         Note reason –DC, FC, M, H

   Must be available to school to ensure proper
    delivery of benefits and to prove number of
    children eligible


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