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					        Effective 13NOV09

                                         INSTRUCTOR TEACH LIST
TO: Juli Petruzzelli                                                       FROM (Team Leader):
 # of pages including this sheet:                        1                                    UNIT: Unit Name

                  Class number/session: ####                                        Class Date:     DD-DD MMM YYYY
TPO     Block/Objective                                                                             Instructor

 1.1    Orient Personal Leadership behavior with leadership competencies                            None

 2.1    Employ Motivational models to influence workplace performance                               None

 2.2    Employ Effective Communication Techniques                                                   None

 2.3    Employ Team Building models and techniques (Exercise)                                       None

 3.1A   Employ Decision Making and Problem Solving Techniques (Exercise)                            None

 3.1B   Employ worker-specific leadership techniques to improve workplace performance (StratLead)   None

 3.1C   Identify StratLead methods displayed.      Movie:      12 OClock High                       None

 3.2    Employ the Interact Model to improve workplace performance                                  None

 3.3    Employ decision-making techniques to promote problem solving                                None

 3.4    Employ resolution principles to resolve ethical dilemmas                                    None

 4.1    Employ USCG Human Resource Management policies                                              None

 4.2    Communicate leadership initiatives available in the workplace                               None


 CAP    Integrate leadership techniques to influence performance                                    None


Please fill in all of the light gray fields. Use “Drop-Down” lists when available.
      1. TPO CAP can have up to three (3) instructors. Select "none" if there is no third instructor.
      2. The movie in TPO 3.1C.

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