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									                                                                                              Corporate Resolution Authorization
                                                                                                                                       For assistance:
                                                                                                                                Clients (800) 225-1852
Prudential Mutual Fund Services LLC (PMFS)                                                                       Pruco representatives (800) 542-7117
a Prudential Financial company                                                                                  Financial professionals (888) 778-5471

    About            Use this form when a mutual fund account is being opened by a company or to update an existing
    Authorizing      authorization. This Authorizing Resolution details the actions that designees may take on behalf of the
    Resolution       company. If you are using the form to change an existing resolution, the information on this form replaces any
                     prior resolution.
                     To establish or make changes to an Authorizing Resolution:
                          • Complete sections 1 and 2 as appropriate. Please print using black ink.
                          • Read, sign, and date the authorizations in sections 3 and 4.
                          • Return the completed form to the address above.

    Mailing          Standard      Prudential Mutual Fund Services LLC                  Overnight Prudential Mutual Fund Services LLC
    Instructions     mail to:      PO Box 9658                                          mail to:  4400 Computer Drive
                                   Providence, RI 02940                                           Westborough, MA 01581
1   Account/         Please check one:              New authorization           Update existing authorization
    Company          Account registration
                     Account number (if existing)                or       Employer identification number

                     Daytime phone number                                 Extension              Home phone number

2   Authorizing      I,                                                                                           , Secretary/Managing Member
    Resolution                                       Secretary/Managing Member’s name
                     of                                                                                             , a company organized under
                                                               Company name
                     the laws of                                                                      , hereby certify that the following is a
                     copy of a resolution adopted by the Board of Directors/Members of the company at a meeting held on
                                                              at which a quorum was present. The resolution has not been modified or
                     month      day          year
                     rescinded and is still in full force and effect:
                     Resolved, that this company will open an account with PMFS. Together, they will perform various transactions,
                     including (but not limited to): orders to purchase, redeem, exchange, trade in, assign, transfer, and authorize the
                     registration of any of the mutual funds for which PMFS serves as transfer agent.
                     Further Resolved, that each of the designees of this company is authorized to execute on behalf of this company
                     any customer agreement required by PMFS, and to enter into any other agreements that may be required for the
                     opening and/or continuing of the account.
                     Further Resolved, that all orders and instructions, both written or oral, must be given by the designees listed
                     below. Each designee is authorized, individually or collectively, to conduct transactions with PMFS on the
                     account referenced in section 1.
                     Further Resolved, that in the event of any change in the office or power of the designees, the Secretary/
                     Managing Member shall immediately certify those changes to PMFS in writing. Upon receipt of the notification,
                     PMFS shall terminate the powers of the previously authorized designee and empower the new designee.
                                                                                                                                        (continued )

MF1015        Ed. 4/2011                                                 Page 1 of 2
2   Authorizing     Further Resolved, that any orders and instructions given to PMFS on behalf of this company by any designee are
    Resolution      ratified, confirmed and approved.
    (continued)     Further Resolved, that the resolutions and the certificates actually furnished to PMFS by any designee are
                    irrevocable, and shall be fully effective as to any transactions for the account of the company notwithstanding
                    that the account may have been temporarily closed or inactive, until written notice of the revocation thereof
                    shall have been received by PMFS.
                    Further Resolved, that the check signing ability and right will be extended to and upon said designees with the
                    same force and effect as though the same had been personally approved and/or executed by
                    the undersigned.

3   Corporate    Corporate officers and all company designees should sign below. Please include your full name and title.
    Officer and
    Designee      Name and title (Please print.)
                        Signature and date                                                        month     day       year

                        Name and title (Please print.)
                        Signature and date                                                        month     day       year

                        Name and title (Please print.)
                        Signature and date                                                        month     day       year

                        Name and title (Please print.)
                        Signature and date                                                        month     day       year

4   Secretary/      I certify that the company is duly organized and existing, and has the power to take the action called for by the
    Managing        above resolutions. I do further certify that the signatures and titles above are those of the persons authorized
    Member          and empowered to act on behalf of this company, pursuant to the foregoing; and this resolution is in accordance
    Signature       with and does not conflict with the existing articles of incorporation/organization and by-laws. In witness
                    whereof, I have hereunto affixed my hand and the seal of the company.

                        Secretary/Managing Member’s name (Please print.)
                        Signature and date                                                        month     day       year

                    Please imprint the corporate seal below or include a copy of the Articles of Incorporation with this form.

MF1015        Ed. 4/2011                                       Page 2 of 2

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