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Resolution Authorizing Business


Resolution Authorizing Business document sample

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									                            SULLIVAN COUNTY
                                                                                          May 2011

Agenda Item                                                                                  Resolution

                                      REZONING ACTION
                                      13 Votes Required for Approval

  1    Amendments to the Sullivan County Zoning Resolution                                  2011-05-00

                                         OLD BUSINESS
                                      13 Votes Required for Approval

  2    Resolution To Purchase Delinquent Tax Property On Big Arm Branch In The 17th         2011-04-34
       Civil District

  3    Resolution To Purchase Delinquent Tax Property On Windsor Forest Drive In The        2011-04-35
       14th Civil District

  4    Resolution To Purchase Delinquent Tax Property At 1108 Harrison Avenue In The        2011-04-36
       12th Civil District

       Resolution Authorizing Pay Raise For All General, Highway, Solid Waste, Health &
       EMS Fund Employees In 2011-2012 Budget In The Same Percentage Amount Given
  5                                                                                         2011-04-37
       To Employees Of The State Of Tennessee In The State's 2011-2012 Budget, And
       Adopting Procedure For Future Raises

  6    Resolution To Authorize Tax Releases For The 2009 Tax Year From The Office Of        2011-04-38
       County Trustee

       Resolution To Amend The 2010-2011 Fiscal Year General Fund Budget
  7                                                                                         2011-04-39
       Appropriations For Court Ordered Mental Health Evaluations

                                         NEW BUSINESS
                                          First Reading

  8    Waiver Of Rules -- See Below

  9                                                                                         2011-05-42
       Resolution Authorizing Sullivan County Litter Grant Program For FY 2011-2012

  10   Resolution To Amend The Observation Knob Park Fund Budget For 2011 FY By             2011-05-43
11                                                                                       2011-05-44
     Waiver Of Rules -- See Below

     Resolution To Accept And Appropriate Grant Funds For The Sullivan County
12                                                                                       2011-05-45

     Resolution Authorizing Archives And Records Management Fee As Established In
13                                                                                       2011-05-46
     Accordance With Tennessee Code Annotated 10-7-408

                                       NEW BUSINESS
                                       Waiver of Rules
                                    16 Votes Required for Approval

     Resolution To Authorize A Continuing Budget For The Fiscal Year Beginning July 1,
8    2011; The Issuance Of Tax Anticipation Notes; And The Expenditure Of Funds By       2011-05-41
     Various County Offices And Departments

     Resolution Authorizing As Of July 1, 2011 Lease Agreement Between Sullivan
     County, Tennessee And Sullivan County-Bluff City-Kingsport Animal Control
11   Center, Inc. For Lease Of Current Sullivan County Animal Shelter Facility And       2011-05-44
     Authorizing Transfer Of Certain Personal Property And Motor Vehicles To Sullivan
     County-Bluff City-Kingsport Animal Control Center, Inc.

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