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									                                               NONAPPROPRIATED FUND (NAF) POSITION GUIDE
1. POSITION NUMBER                          FLSA             NONEXEMPT                2. ORGANIZATION AND LOCATION


70102                                                X
3. POSITION TITLE                                            4. CLASSIFICATION                        5. CLASSIFIED BY                               6. DATE

ASSISTANT CLUB MANAGER                                        NF-1101-IV                              HQ AFSVA/SVXH                                  1 Nov 04

Assists Club Manager in the economic and efficient operation of club facilities and activities as outlined in the classification evaluation
statement. Implements higher level directives, formulates procedures and programs to ensure high standards of food and beverage,
recreational and entertainment/promotional programs. Establishes, reviews and evaluates menu planning, food service, purchase of
supplies, equipment and resale merchandise. Establishes financial goals commensurate with market analysis of area or region.
Prepares budget, analyzes financial results and maintains solid financial condition of the club or club complex. Responsible for work
force management, recruitment and staff training. Manages real property resources and provides expert advice on renovations,
improvements, minor and major construction. Ensures proper military and civilian protocol is practiced. Coordinates with senior
military and civilian leadership and local, state and federal officials.


GENERAL EXPERIENCE: Two (2) years of progressively responsible administrative, professional, technical or other work which has
provided a general knowledge of management principles and practices, or progressively responsible experience in one or more of the
functions managed by a club manager. SUBSTITUTIONS FOR GENERAL EXPERIENCE: A four-year degree from an accredited
college with a major in one or a combination of hospitality, culinary, restaurant or club management, or business management may be
substituted for two (2) years of general experience. OR a two-year technical degree in the same related fields may be substituted for
one (1) year of general experience. SPECIALIZED EXPERIENCE: In addition to the general experience, applicant must have one (1)
year of specialized experience gained in assisting management in the operation of a government or civilian club, restaurant, or
institutional feeding facility. The experience must include responsibility or supervision over at least one phase of club management
operations. Must be able to satisfactorily complete a National Agency Check.
Incumbent is required to be mobile and may be assigned to any other position of equal grade and pay for which the employee is
qualified, at any geographical location, for reasons determined to be in the best interests of the Air Force. The Air Force Mobility
Agreement is required to be signed by the incumbent of this position with the expectation of an approximate 3 to 5 years change of
Performance is measured on the basis of results achieved, i.e., success of total operations in terms of customer satisfaction,
participation and interest, and profitability of operations. Establishes an internal performance management system to ensure proper
assignments, review and evaluation of employee performance. Ensures that EEO concepts are applied, and that an appropriate work
environment is maintained. Ensures education in and compliance with security directives. Ensures good safety and health practices.
Actively participates in the recruitment and development of staff members. Achieves a satisfactory rating on all external evaluations
and inspections. Implements and maintains an effective internal control system to preclude or minimize the potential for fraud, waste
and abuse. Ensures that revenues and expenditures are properly recorded and accounted for to provide for reliable financial and
statistical reports, and to maintain accountability over assets. Develops budget plan estimates and justification that contain major
program objectives within prescribed timeframes. Resolves problems promptly with minimal adverse impact on functional operation.
Plans and assigns work to subordinates to effectively accomplish the objectives of the mission. Recommends improvements in
policies, procedures and practices that are consistent with legal and regulatory requirements and that meet the needs of the
organization. Programs and administrative functions are efficiently and effectively carried out.

Conferences, workshops, seminars in the hospitality industry, safety, funds and resource protection. Alcoholic beverage controls, fire
protection, marketing, customer service, personnel management, and other local, state, federal and installation required training.

I certify that this is an accurate statement of this position and that the position is necessary to carry out nonappropriated fund functions for which I am responsible. This
certification is made with the knowledge that this information is to be used for regulatory purposes relating to appointment and payment of nonappropriated funds and
that false or misleading statements may constitute violations of such regulations.
SIGNATURE AND TITLE OF IMMEDIATE SUPERVISOR                                                                                  DATE

 AF FORM 1702, MAY 92 (EF) (PerFORM PRO)
NOTE: The classification evaluation statement below is a sample report and not applicable to all
positions. When using AFNAF SPG #70102, the classifier must document the final classification of the
position in a similar evaluation report by applying the classification standard specified in the reference
below using the acquired facts from the position being evaluated.

AFNAF SPG #70102, Assistant Club Manager, NF-1101-IV

Air Force Nonappropriated Fund Classification Standard for Club Manager and Assistant Manager Positions,
1 November 2004

1. Background. This position is located in the Officers’ Club within the Services Squadron. The primary
function of the position is to assist the Club Manager, NF-1101-IV, in the economic and efficient operational
management of the club facilities and activities.

2. Title, Pay Plan, Series, and Pay Band Determination: Assistant Club Manager, NF-1101-IV

Title Determination. The basic title prescribed in the classification standard for this occupation is Assistant
Club Manager.

Pay Plan and Series Determination. Assistant Club Manager positions are evaluated in relation to Club
Manager positions. Assistants are considered second in command of the Club operation with full authority to
act on all matters for which the Club Manager is responsible. The paramount requirement of an Assistant Club
Manager position is similar in nature to a Club Manager position. The position requires knowledge of business
practices and methods of managing a club operation and a general knowledge of accounting and budgeting
techniques to meet operational goals. In addition, this position requires knowledge of club management
methods, practices, and operating techniques related to bar service, recreational programs and services, official
functions, and food services to include parties and/or special functions. Assistant Club Manager positions are
classified as pay band positions with the NF pay plan in the General Business and Industry Series, 1101. This
work is not classifiable to any specific series, but is determined to be appropriately included in the Business and
Industry Group 1100. Since the 1100 occupational group does not contain a specific series for this kind of
work, it is placed in the 1101 series.

Pay Band Determination. The position has full authority to act on all matters for which the club manager is
responsible. The position has direct day-to-day line authority over personnel and work operations under the
general supervision of the Club Manager who reviews results for conformance with established policies. The
Club Manager position is properly classified at the NF-IV level. The work is consistent with the NF-IV pay
band and properly classified at the NF-IV level.

3. Final Classification: Assistant Club Manager, NF-1101-IV


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