Residential Shared Rental Agreement

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                                Submission Form to Add a New Rental Listing
                     Phone: (818) 846-6500 / FAX (818) 841-8032 / Email:

Complete all boxes that have an * in front of the field.

  YOUR INFORMATION (This Will Not Be Shared With Others)                                    RESIDENTIAL
 * SUBMITTER'S NAME:                                                               * # OF BEDROOMS:
 * OWNER / MANAGER:                                                              * # OF BATHROOMS:
   * MAILING ADDRESS:                                                                      * SQ. FEET:
    * MAIL CITY, ST ZIP:                                                         * PARKING SPACES:
               * PHONE:                                                        * GARAGE OR OTHER:
                * EMAIL:

                YOUR RENTAL INFORMATION                                                   COMMERCIAL
     * PROPERTY TYPE:                                                                    * SQ. FEET:
* BRIEF DESCRIPTION:                                                             * PARKING SPACES:
 * SUBJECT ADDRESS:                                                            * GARAGE OR OTHER:
     * DATE AVAILABLE:                                                                 OTHER INFO:
 * SECURITY DEPOSIT:                                                                       INDUSTRIAL
  *CLEANING DEPOSIT:                                                                     * SQ. FEET:
        *PETS?/PET FEE:                                                          * PARKING SPACES:
   *THOMAS MAP GRID:                                                           * GARAGE OR OTHER:
                                                                                       OTHER INFO:
    * CONTACT NAME:                                                                  SUBMITTER AGREEMENT
 * OWNER / MANAGER:                                                        Submitter agrees to allow this information to
            * PHONE:                                                       be distributed to others by Burbank-Rentals.
         * HOW TO SEE:                                                     Com.         Date:
  * ONLY CALL AFTER:                                                       X
   LIST OF ALL OPTIONS, PLEASE CHECK OFF CHOICE(S):               X            FEE        OPTION
              FREE Rental Posting: w/Contact Name & Phone #: X             $      -        BASIC
         Enhanced Rental Listing w/Direct Email Link or Map Link:          $     7.50    BASIC+ A
If chosing Email, Link to:
                            Enhanced Rental Listing w/Photo of Property:    $ 7.50       BASIC+ B
   Premium Rental Listing w/Photo, Direct Email Link and Map Link:          $ 12.00      PREMIUM
     ** To add email link, you must already have email.         TOTAL

If you are interested in adding a DIRECT EMAIL LINK, MAP LINK or a PHOTO to enhance your FREE listing on the
website to all prospective tenants, please check off, total and send in a check for the appropriate fee to:
                    Burbank-Rentals.Com, P.O. Box 3535, Burbank, CA 91508-3535

                                               For Office Use Only:>> Ad #:
 * Listings will be updated to the website once per week … Thursday night by 11:59PM.
 * To get your listing into the next update, it must be received no later than the deadline, Wednesday 5:00PM.
 * You can send in your new listing via either FAX at (818) 841-8032 or EMAIL through
   … or just CALL (818) 846-6500 ... if you get voicemail, leave your name and call back phone #.
 * If you choose to enhance your listing with a PHOTO, your check must be received 24 hours before the deadline.
 * Listings posted for the 1st time will run for 2 weeks and show as NEW on the listing spreadsheet.
 * Any subsequent postings of the same rental will be renewed for 1 week at a time.
 * Properties not renewed by the deadline, will drop off the next update and will assume to have been rented.
 * Properties that miss being renewed by the deadline, but get renewed for the following update, will be renewed
   for 1 week at a time. These listings will show as REISSUED on the listing spreadsheet.

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