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					Personal Care
With decades of experience and specialized know how, they manufacture a
complete range of world-class toiletries and cosmetics using the purest
ingredients, state-of-the-art technology and ISO Certified processes. With the
foundation of the strengths they have developed over the last several decades,
their Personal Care Business is now growing at a phenomenal pace and is poised
to introduce several products and services that will challenge current benchmarks
in the industry.
Each product that they manufacture is tuned to greatly enhance both the outer
beauty and inner well-being of their consumers and bring about a harmonious
connection between mind, body & spirit. In essence, their effort is forever tuned
towards connecting intimately with consumer needs and then creating products
and services that give the customer a complete and unforgettable experience.
Brands include Doy, Doy Care AloeVera, Doy Care Crème and Jo.
Market Opportunity
•Presently, there is only one soap that caters to the requirement
for Glycerine that is mild & gentle.
•Being the only player in the market there lies an opportunity
for a new product that has similar product offering Plus Special
Natural Ingredient that caters to specialized skin requirements.
•To develop the Category as a complete Body & Skin Care range
that consists of Soaps, Face Wash, Acne Mask, Black head Scrub
& Body Wash
Product Details & Range
•Product offering: Similar to “Pears” Plus Additional Benefit with Special Ingredient.
•Soap Variants:
Original+ Honey (Amber),
Aloe Vera (Green for Moisturizing skin)
Retinol + Mint ( Acne solution with Bacter Shield )
•Total 6 SKU’s Doy Care Original, Aloe Vera & Mint variant in 2 sizes of 125gms &
75gms only.
•Promise–to-deliver: Product quality that not only delivers what it promises but
also surpasses the competition. Unique key ingredients to deliver to cater to special
skin requirements. All products to be on NATURAL platform in the Glycerine Category.
•Attractive packaging to stand out on shelf highlighting the Special Ingredients

          125 Gms- 72 Pieces/Carton
          75 Gms–72 Pieces/ Carton
          125 Gms–1350 Cases –20’ FCL
          75 Gms–2000 Cases –20’ FCL
Product Shot