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					                                        FESPA 2007 AWARDS COMPETITION - THE WINNERS

Category 1    Point of Purchase Products - Printing on paper & board, including paper banners & backlit papers
Category 1A   Process Colours                                   Category 1 B          Single/Multi Colours
              Gold         ---------                                                  Gold           RIG PERSONA
              Silver       CIB Communications                                         Silver         Studio Reya
              Silver       Augustus Martin                                            Bronze         Studio Reya
              Bronze       ---------

Category 2    Point of Purchase Products – Printed on all types of plastics, including plastic banners and backlit plastic + lenticular
Category 2A   Process Colours                                     Category 2B              Single/Multi Colours
              Gold         Augustus Martin                                                 Gold           Serimaster AS
              Silver       Ateliers Seri 3 – M Guerinean                                   Silver         PASJA
              Bronze       Augutus Martin                                                  Bronze         --------

Category 3    Point of Purchase Products – Plastic printing in sheets, flexible or rigid including signage
Category 3A   Process Colours                                      Category 3B                Single/Multi Colours
              Gold         Krona                                                              Gold           FM Siebdruck Werbung GmbH
              Silver       PASJA                                                              Silver         ------------
              Bronze       Midi-Print                                                         Bronze         Stema Specialtryck AB

Category 4    Calendars
Category 4A   Process Colours                                    Category 4B              Single/Multi Colours
              Gold        Midi Print                                                      Gold           PASJA
              Silver      Zurab Tsereteli Art Gallery Studio Screen                       Silver         Zurab Tsereteli Art Gallery
              Silver      Lezard Graphique                                                Silver         Augustus Martin
              Bronze      Midi Print                                                      Bronze         --------------

Category 5    Postcards, Greetings & Christmas Cards
Category 5A   Process Colours                                    Category 5B              Single/Multi Colours
              Gold        Atelier fuer Siebdruck – Lorenz Boegli                          Gold           Atelier fuer Siebdruck – Lorenz Boegli
              Silver     Sitopapir d.o.o                                                  Silver         Studio Reya
              Silver      Atelier fuer Siebdruck – Lorenz Boegli                          Bronze         EFEX Colour Screens
              Bronze      Midi Print

Category 6    Posters, single sheets
Category 6A   Process Colours                                     Category 6B             Single/Multi Colours
              Gold          FM Siebdruck Werbung GmbH                                     Gold           Domberger GmbH
              Silver        --------------                                                Gold           Domberger GmbH
              Bronze        CIB Communications                                            Silver         EFEX Colour Screens
              Bronze        Lycee Mistral                                                 Bronze         EFEX Colour Screens
Category 7     Posters, multi-sheets        NOT JUDGED
Category 7A    Process Colours                                        Category 7 B   Single/Multi Colours
               Gold                                                                  Gold
               Silver                                                                Silver
               Bronze                                                                Bronze

Category 8B    Original Serigraphies and Paintings
Category 8 B   Single/Multi Colours
               Gold          Atelier fuer Siebdruck – Lorenz Boegli
               Silver        Zurab Tsereteli Art Gallery
               Silver        Zurab Tsereteli Art Gallery
               Bronze        CIB Communications

Category 9     Fine Art Reproductions, Books, Brochures
Category 9A    Process Colours                                     Category 9B       Single/Multi Colours
               Gold         CIB Communications                                       Gold           CIB Communication
               Silver       Kumazawa Screen Printing Inc.                            Silver         AMM Screens
               Bronze       Atelier fuer Siebdruck – Lorenz Boegli                   Bronze         Atelier fuer Siebdruck – Lorenz Boegli
               Bronze       CIB Communications

Category 10    Decals, Printed Labels, Fleet Marking, Window Decals etc.
Category 10A   Process Colours                                  Category 10B         Single/Multi Colours
               Gold          -------------                                           Gold           Schreiner Group GmbH & Co KG
               Silver       Propack Schreiner (p) Ltd                                Silver         Neat Services
               Bronze       Classic Stripes                                          Bronze         Monochem Graphics Pvt. Ltd

Category 11    T-shirts and other Garments, Caps, direct printing on transfers
Category 11A   Process Colours                                     Category 11B      Single/Multi Colours
               Gold          ETF Tekstil AS                                          Gold           ETF Tekstil AS
               Silver        Tarun Printing                                          Gold           KOKOLO
               Bronze        Midi-Print                                              Silver         ETF Tekstil AS
                                                                                     Silver         KOKOLO
                                                                                     Bronze         Midi-Print

Category 12    Pennants, Banners, Tapestries, Draperies
Category 12A   Process Colours                                        Category 12B   Single/Multi Colours
               Gold                                                                  Gold            IMABA
               Silver                                                                Silver          Tarun Printing
               Bronze                                                                Bronze          Mithunram Tex
Category 13    Other Textile Products e.g. Bags, Scarves, Ties and Canvas
Category 13A   Process Colours                                    Category 13B         Single/Multi Colours
               Gold                                                                    Gold           Estastampa Srl.
               Silver                                                                  Silver         Mithunram Tex
               Bronze                                                                  Bronze         ETF Tekstil AS

Category 14    Glass & Ceramic, e.g. Tableware, Tiles, Glasses, Mirrors –
               Curved and Flat. Direct Printing, Decals and Backlit
Category 14A   Process Colours                                    Category 14B         Single/Multi Colours
               Gold        Woodpeck Deco Products                                      Gold           Esanastri Srl
               Silver      Woodpeck Deco Products                                      Silver         --------------
               Bronze      ------------                                                Bronze         ELGA
                                                                                       Bronze         ELGA

Category 15    Metal & Wood Products, Signs and Objects
Category 15A   Process Colours                                  Category 15B           Single/Multi Colours
               Gold        Divine International                                        Gold           Studio Reya
               Silver      Kroma                                                       Silver         Studio Reya
               Bronze      -------                                                     Bronze         Atelier fuer Siebdruck – Lorenz Boegli

Category 16    Direct Printing on Three-Dimensional Products, Bottles, Mugs, Skis, Packaging etc
Category 16A   Process Colours                                    Category 16B          Single/Multi Colours
               Gold          Matoshri Graphics                                          Gold           Matoshri Graphics
               Silver        -------------                                              Silver         Matoshri Graphics
               Bronze        Matoshri Graphics                                          Bronze         -----------
Category 17    Miscellaneous: Compact Disks, Credit and Phone Cards, Automobiles, IMD, Fascias, Dials, Nameplates, Signs, Gauges etc.
               Printed Circuits & Membrane Switches, Hybrid Circuits, etc. (A & B)

Category 17A   Process Colours                                  Category 17B           Single/Multi Colours
               Gold        ------------                                                Gold           FM Siebdruck Werbung GmbH
               Silver      ------------                                                Silver         FM Siebdruck Werbung GmbH
               Bronze      D-TOP Associates                                            Bronze         M-Tech Innovations Ltd

Category 18    Digital Printing Rigid material
Category 18A   Process Colours
               Gold      Graphique Media Solutions
               Silver    Graphicworld
               Silver    Graphicworld
Category 19    Digital Printing on Flexible material
Category 19A   Process Colours
               Gold           Stema Speicaltryck AB
               Silver         Augustus Martin Ltd
               Bronze         Augustus Martin Ltd

Category 20    Digital Printing - Speciality
Category 20A   Process Colours
               Gold        Domberger GmbH
               Silver         -------------
               Bronze       Domberger GmbH


Gold                Y008         DMI Mistry Institute – India
Silver              Y005         Institute Politecnico de Tomar - ESTT
Bronze              Y004         Ipportalegre ESTG - Portugal
Bronze              Y006         Kroschke Sign Int - Germany