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									                                               FEE SCHEDULE

•       The Account Fee will be calculated by BBSL based on the portfolio value as determined by BBSL of the
        Account as of the last business day of the month and based on an annual rate of ______%. This rate
        is subject to adjustment by BBSL upon notification to the Client. The actual fees paid may vary:

        a) based on changes in the value of, or the mix of assets held in the Account; or
        b) by way of surcharges provided in paragraph 5(b) of the Agreement
        c) by way of expenses included under BBSL’s annual fee schedule (see annual fee schedule)

•   Standard fee structure:
                                 Less than $1,000,000           2.50%
                             $1,000,000 to $5,000,000           2.00%
                                      Over $5,000,000           Negotiable

        If the fee is reduced, the rationale for the request is: __________________________________________




•       For a Related Group of Accounts, the total Account Fee will be based on the combined portfolio value of
        all Accounts. Unless otherwise directed by the Client, the total Account Fee will be charged to each
        account based on that Account’s value as a percentage of the combined value of all Accounts.

•       At the discretion of BBSL, the Account Fee will be payable monthly, quarterly or annually.

•       The Account Fee is based on the following Transaction Allotment Guidelines:

               Assets in Account ($)                           Number of Transactions per year*
              100,000 to       499,999                               10 per year
              500,000 to       999,999                               20 per year
            1,000,000 to     1,999,999                               30 per year
            2,000,000 to     4,999,999                               40 per year
            5,000,000 and       Over                                 50 per year

•       Transactions are allotted on a calendar year basis. If there are any unused transactions at the end of the
        year, they will not be carried over into the next calendar year. Transactions can be moved across
        Accounts forming a Related Group of Accounts. As an alternative to a Transaction Allotment approach as
        described above; clients elect to (choose one only)
               □ - Every trade may be charged a commission of $40.00.
               □ - Other agreed upon amount of commission such as the Independent Investment Counsel Option
               below. Specify: __________________________________________________________________


    •     To allow reorganization of a new Account, the number of transactions under the Transaction Allotment
          Guidelines is increased by 50% on a one-time basis for the first calendar year only.

    •     The minimum Account value for the purposes of paragraph 5(a) of the Agreement is $100,000 and the
          minimum annual fee is $2,500.00, regardless of account size. Additional related accounts that are
          below the minimum requirement may be added on an exception basis. Such BBSL approved accounts
          will be charged an additional fee.

    •     The early termination fee referred to in paragraph 7 is the difference between 1) the total Account Fees
          paid by the Client up to the date the Account is terminated and 2) the aggregate Account Fees that
          would have been paid by the Client, as calculated by BBSL for one (1) year from the date the Account is
          opened; the portfolio value of the Account for this calculation by BBSL will be the greater of the initial
          value of the Account and Related Accounts at the initial set up, or the value of the Account and Related
          account at the time the Account(s) were terminated.

    •     In addition to the Account Fee, the Client will be responsible for other charges, costs and expenses (but
          not trading commissions) in respect of the Account in accordance with BBSL’s normal fee schedule.
          These include but are not limited to charges such as exchange fees, electronic fund fees and wire
          transfer fees. Any deferred charges or commissions payable on the sale or redemption of mutual funds
          acquired prior to opening the Account will continue to be the Client’s responsibility. All applicable taxes
          in respect of the Account, including GST, HST and PST will be payable by the Client.

                                                                             Burgeonvest Bick Securities Limited ~ August 10, 2009
Independent Investment Counsel Option

BBSL’s standard Fee Based Agreement is designed as an advisory agreement whereby clients trade in consultation
with their investment advisor. At a client’s option, clients may use the services of one or more BBSL approved
independent investment counsel firms (IIC). The IIC will act with discretionary authority for all transactions within
the account. In such cases, the client may choose to have or not have trading costs included in their fee based
account.     In the event that the client chooses to have trade costs included in the fee charged, the annual rate
that appears at the beginning of this schedule will apply and BBSL will pay the IIC from the proceeds of such
annual management fee.

In the event that the client chooses to use an independent, outside Investment Counsel Firm, the client may
choose to waive the right to the Transaction Allotment approach to their fee based account. In return the account
will trade at a 50% discount rate on commissions and the annual management fee of the fee based agreement will
be reduced to ____%. BBSL will pay the Independent Investment Counsel (IIC) firm from the proceeds of the
reduced annual management fee. The responsibility for enforcing the 50% discount rate on commission trades
rests with the Independent Investment Counsel.


Please initial one of the options below.
                    choose the above described standard fee based option
                    I choose the IIC option with trades included *
                    I choose the IIC option without trades included *

           * Investment Counsel firm                                                     (agreement attached)
                                                                                         (agreement attached)

 Dated at                                              this                day of                             20

                     Investment Advisor Name                               Account Name (Please Print)

                     Investment Advisor Signature                          Client Signature

                     Account Number(s)                                     Joint Client Signature

                                                                             Burgeonvest Bick Securities Limited ~ August 10, 2009

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