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									Utility Incentives for Solar
     Energy in Arizona
  Arizona Public Service - EPS Credit
          Purchase Program
    Incentive Type: Utility Rebate Program
    Eligible Renewable/Other Technologies:
     Solar Water Heat, Photovoltaics
    Applicable Sectors: Commercial, Residential
    Rebate:
        Grid-tied: $4/W up to 50% of eligible costs;
        Off-grid (<5 kW) $2/W;
        Solar Water Heating: $700
    Website:
APS information current as of November 18, 2005
          APS Program - summary
   Arizona Public Service (APS) offers customers who install
    photovoltaic and solar hot water systems the opportunity
    to sell the credits associated with the energy generated
    to APS.
       For grid-tied photovoltaic systems of any size, the credit amount
        is $4/Watt-DC up to 50% of installed cost.
       For off-grid photovoltaic systems, which must be less than 5 kW,
        the credit amount is $2/Watt-DC.
       For solar hot water systems, credit amounts are $700 per
   Funds are assigned through a reservation process.
   All necessary forms can be downloaded from the
    program website. my_community/Solar/solar_35.html
                APS - Summary
   APS is purchasing solar credits to help the company
    meet the state's Environmental Portfolio Standard, which
    encourages APS to generate 1.1 percent of its energy
    through renewable sources, 60 percent through solar.
   Participating customers receive a one-time EPS Energy
    Purchase Credit (based on the manufacturer’s rating) for
    purchasing and installing systems. APS will have access
    to the credits for the life of the EPS program.
   APS has recently committed additional EPS funds of
    $1,000,000 toward the residential credit purchase
    program, and $1,000.000 toward the commercial credit
    purchase program for 2005. This brings the overall total
    for 2005 to $4,250,000.
    APS Program – Qualifications PV
   Customers must purchase a new photovoltaic solar
   Installations must meet APS interconnection
    requirements and customers must sign an
    interconnection agreement with APS.
   The system must use UL-rated components and meet
    IEEE 929 specifications.
   A licensed contractor must install the system.
   The system generation must be metered separately and
    the kWh credits may, at APS' option, be recorded
   The meter (not provided by APS) must be placed
    adjacent to the existing meter and marked "solar meter".
                  APS Program
           Qualifications Solar Water
   The hot water system must replace an electric water heater.
   The system owner must sign an agreement assigning rights to the
    EPS credits associated with output.
   The system must have obtained certification under the Solar Rating
    and Certification Corporation’s OG-300 system rating test. Solar
    thermal collectors for commercial and large residential systems must
    have obtained the Solar Rating and Certification Corporation’s OG-
    100 rating.
   Commercial systems must be designed in accordance with ASHRAE
    design standards.
   The system design and installation must meet all applicable UPC
    requirements. The system must meet all state and local building
   The system must be successfully inspected by the building official
    having jurisdiction. Proof of inspection must be provided to APS.
   The solar panels must be substantially unshaded during peak sun
   The installer must be licensed, bonded and insured.
                   Salt River Project
                EarthWise Solar Energy
    Incentive Type: A rebate program designed to help reduce the cost
     of installing a new solar PV or solar water heating system for homes
     and businesses
    Photovoltaics
       Rebate of $3/watt, up to 3 kW for residential systems
       Rebate of $3/watt, up to 10 kW for commercial systems
         Must be UL listed and located in SRP service territory
    Solar water heating
       SRP offers a payment of $750
         Must of OG-300 rated and located in SRP service territory
    All new solar systems must be installed by a licensed contractor
    In exchange for payment, the customer allows SRP to retain the
     green energy credits for the system
    Payments are set to decrease to $2.70/watt, beginning 1/1/2007
     and will continue to decrease at $0.30/watt each year until 2010
    For more information or to download applications:
SRP information current as of November 18, 2005
               Tucson Electric Power
                SunShare Summary
   Incentive Type: Utility Rebate Program
   Eligible Renewable/Other Technologies:
    Photovoltaics from 1kW to 10kW in size
   Applicable Sectors: Commercial, Residential
   Rebate:
       $2,000 per AC kW ($2/watt)
       $2,700 per DC kW ($2.70/watt)
   Website:
TEP information current as of November 18, 2005
         TEP – SunShare Options
   Option 1 - TEP will provide a rebate of $2,000 per kW of
    verified AC output for photovoltaic systems purchased on your
   Option 2 - Customers receive a $2,000 discount on a 1-kW AC
    output photovoltaic kit purchased from TEP. The kit includes
    panels, inverter, supports, meter, and meter socket.
   Option 3 - Customers purchase their own photovoltaic
    equipment and the rebate amount is based on the installed
    solar generating capacity, or DC capacity. With this option
    TEP will provide a rebate of up to $2,700 per kW of rated DC
    solar generating capacity. To receive the higher rebate, the
    system must be operational within 180 days after receipt of the
    agreement (systems are reserved for 180 days until the 200 kW
    ceiling is reached in each year). The rebate amount will be
    $2,700 per kW of DC capacity in 2005 and up to $2,400 per
    kW of DC capacity in 2006.
                    TEP SunShare
   SunShare program cap is 200 kW calculated on an AC basis,
    which is about 300 kW on a DC basis (this is the APS or SRP
    equivalent measure).
   SunShare customers assign their environmental credits to TEP
    through 2012 for Option 1 and 2 or through 2016 for Option
    3. The customer is free to sell their credits on the REC market
    after those dates. (This factor in some measure accounts for
    the subsidy amount differences between the utilities.)
   TEP offers true net metering to all solar and wind systems of
    capacity up to 10 kW AC.
   There is a system-wide cap of 500 kW AC on this program,
    currently subscribed at about 120 kW AC.
         TEP – Outside SunShare
   Outside the SunShare program, PV systems larger than 10 kW
    AC capacity are eligible for a negotiated subsidy payment and
    we have 103 kW DC rated capacity of those in our system
    now, and have had discussions for at least 2 MW more
   Those larger systems are not included in the annual 200 kW
    AC program cap.
   The installations can be residential or commercial.
   TEP also offers a community based GreenWatts subsidized
    program for community based facilities that can pay the full
    cost of material and labor for qualifying installations. Schools,
    museums and other non profit organizations benefit from this
    program. These installations are also outside the SunShare
    program and its annual cap.

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