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									                                                                           Prices & Dates
    Huge Ghost Hunts                                             C i t y C e n t re
                                                                 Thurs 4th June
                                                                                             Tues 2nd June
  We now offer weekend events,‘Huge Ghost Hunts’
    These nights involve a chance to look around a
                                                                 Weds 10th June
                                                                 Mon 15th June
                                                                                            Thurs 11th June
                                                                                            Weds 17th June
                                                                                                                             A Guide to
           haunted location, tickets are £15.                    Tues 23rd June             Mon 22nd June
                Includes the following:
           * Access to a large Psychic fair *
* Talks by & meet Richard Felix from Most Haunted *
                                                                 Mon 29th June
                                                                  Weds 8th July
                                                                 Thurs 16th July
                                                                                            Tues 30th June
                                                                                             Tues 7th July
                                                                                            Weds 15th July
                                                                                                                         The Derby
           * Ghostwalk around the venue *                        Tues 21st July              Thu 23rd July
       * Licensed Bar / Food & Drink for sale *
  *Chance to take part in paranormal investigations *

 We currently offer a choice of 3 venues throughout
                                                                 Mon 27th July
                                                                  Tues 4th Aug
                                                                   Wed 12 Aug
                                                                  Thu 20th Aug
                                                                                             Mon 27th Jul
                                                                                              Thu 6th Aug
                                                                                             Tue 11th Aug
                                                                                             Wed 19th Aug
            the country: Dudley Castle,
         Annesley Hall & Berkeley Castle
                                                                  Tue 25th Aug
                                                                   Tue 1st Sep
                                                                                            Mon 24th Aug
                                                                                             Wed 2nd Sep
                                                                  Wed 9th Sep                Thu 10th Sep
   These events start at 7 & run through till at least
      Midnight, advanced booking is essential.
    The next dates for these events are as follows:
                                                                  Mon 14th Sep
                                                                  Thu 17th Sep
                                                                  Tue 22nd Sep
                                                                                             Tue 15th Sep
                                                                                             Wed 16th Sep
                                                                                             Mon 21st Sep
                                                                                                                          Night Vigils
           Dudley Castle: Fri 24th July                           Wed 23rd Sep               Thu 24th Sep
           Berkeley Castle: Sat 17th Oct                          Tue 29th Sep               Mon 28th Sep
           Annesley Hall: Sat 20th June                                                      Wed 30th Sep

                                                         FOR MORE DATES VISIT WWW.DERBYGAOL.COM

                                                            City Centre & Friargate walks - £21 per person
      For further details or to book, telephone          OAP’s, students & Children 12 or under - £18 per person
     08000 277928 or visit              (£11 per person deposit is required to be paid within 7
                                                                             days of booking)
        SPECIAL GHOST WALKS                                 Private walks are available for a minimum group
     Most Haunted Style, Dolphin Ghostwalk,                      size of 15 - no extra charge per person.
        Golden Fleece Ghostwalk, York,                          Derby Gaol Night Vigils - £45 per person                 To book please telephone
                                                         (£25 per person deposit is required to be paid within 14
        2 walks conducted by Richard Felix                                   days of booking)                       The Derby Gaol, 50/51 Friargate
    £25 per person, including main course meal                           Minimum age 16 please.
  For further details or to book, Tel: 08000 277928
  DOLPHIN                                YORK
                                                          Payments can be made in person, over the telephone,
                                                           by cheque, or we now can take online bookings at
                                                                                                                     08000 277928
 Mon 6th July                       Thurs 25th June Please note all personal cheques
 Mon 10th Aug
 Mon 7th Sept
                                                           need to have customers cheque guarantee number
                                                             written on the back, otherwise any booking is
                                                               cancelled & any cheques will be returned
                                                                                                                    Or book online at:
    City Centre Walk                                             Friargate Walk                                       Derby Gaol Night
  The now legendary City Centre Walk takes you
  around Derby City Centre and is recommended
          for all would be ghosthunters.
                                                          This walk begins & ends at The Derby Gaol, which
                                                            has resided at the basement of 50/51 Friargate
                                                        Since 1756. On your way round you will hear stories of
                                                                                                                    An evening of entertainment for those wishing to
                                                             murders, executions and ghostly occurances.                   take a spooky night a bit further.
    Starting at our meeting point, The Old Bell
      on Sadlergate. We start the walk with an           We start with a brief tour of the Gaol before heading         Starting at 21:00 hrs, our night vigils give you
   introduction to the night as we head off to the      down Agard st, whilst hearing of the harrowing murder           the chance to investigate Derby Gaol, one of
    Cornmarket,& Fishmarket areas of the city,            of Eliza Morrow in 1862. The walk proceeds down             the most haunted buildings in Derby, as visited
  where you will learn the infamous ghost story of        Friargate where we have our first haunted pub stop,             by the Living TV’s Most Haunted team.
  PC Moss, the only police officer in Derbyshire        Seymours, where you will see a picture of the Victorian
         to be murdered in the line of duty.                     Lady who haunts the pub to this day.                  Included in the price is a main course meal,
                                                                                                                      served in the day room of the Gaol, where we
                                                             We then proceed past St Werburgh’s Church                   have a bar to settle any nerves you have!
                                                               up Friargate & into the cellars beneath
                                                              The Friary hotel, which is haunted by the               Free roam of the Gaol is allowed, & you are
                                                                     figure of a ghostly Monk.                       welcome to bring any of your own equipment in
                                                                                                                        the hope of picking up the many strange
                                                                                                                      & paranormal occurrences that happen here.
               The Guildhall Tunnels                                                                                   A medium can be hired for a one off cost of
                                                                                                                                    £45 for 3 hours.
Following that is our 1st haunted pub stop, the Tiger
 Bar before descending into the Guildhall Tunnels.
 The walk continues, back at ground level, carrying
    on through the market place & into Jorrocks,                               Friargate
 our second haunted pub stop & Derbyshire’s most
    haunted pub, home of an actual human skull,
              found in the early 90’s.                      We continue the walk & to Derby’s 3rd & last                                Derby Gaol
                                                            County Gaol on Vernon Gate before returning
 The trip continues down St Mary’s Gate & back              to our Gaol for a Condemned Man’s Supper.                   The vigil ends at 04:00 where we send you
 to the Bell, where we round off the walk with a           Then unlike so many that have been in the Gaol             on your way with a breakfast of croissants, tea
        ghosthunters supper, served in the                    before, you will be permitted to go home,                 and coffee, if you manage to last the night!
              Tudor Room at the Bell                                                                              A minimum of 15 people is required to secure your
                                                          Walks last approximately 3 hours, starting at 19:00       own private group, alternatively we hold public
Walks last approximately 3 hours, starting at 19:00                   And finishing around 22:00                  nights which are suitable for individuals to book on.
            and finishing around 22:00                                                                                            PUBLIC DATES ARE:
    PLEASE ARRIVE FOR 6.50 PM AT                            PLEASE ARRIVE FOR 6.50 PM AT THE                             Fri 24th Apr, Fri 29th May, Fri 26th June,
        THE BELL ON SADLERGATE                               DERBY GAOL ON AGARD STREET                                  Fri 31st July, Fri 28th Aug, Fri 25th Sept,
                                                                                                                         Fri 23rd Oct, Fri 27th Nov, Fri 18th Dec,

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