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					Neuqua Valley

Our Mission
   To promote school spirit and loyalty while
    encouraging and inspiring our teams through
    representing Neuqua Valley High School in a
    highly respectable manner
   To encourage good sportsmanship, fellowship,
    unity and mutual relationships/respect among
   To encourage high moral standards among
   To perform and compete to the best of our
   To build pride and self-esteem in our members
20-24 (including alternates for competition)

JV: Freshmen/Sophomores/Juniors
20-24 (including alternates for competition)

Freshmen: Freshmen
15-23 (possible alternates for competition)
    What to expect – Huge Time
 Practices
 Over the summer: MANDATORY-see attached sheet
 School year: 4 – 5 days a week, 2 hour min
 Tumbling class - Extra Expense
 Cardio and weight training
 Football and Basketball Games (home and away)
 Pride Night/Pep Assemblies (during the evenings)
 Team Bonding Activities
 Competitions-weekends
         Approximate Cost for
           Football Season
 Athletic fee to Neuqua - $160 (each season)
 Camp – between $275 - $300 (mandatory)
 Team Apparel- between $140 - $200
      ~ Camp clothes- 3 t-shirts, 3 shorts, camp bow,
      ~ Sweatshirt
      ~ Team bag
 Required Uniform (briefs, shoes, hair bow,) – $150
 Tumbling class – TBD
 Personal set of weights - $15
 NV vs WV t-shirt – $10
 Team Bonding Activities

     We will be fundraising to help offset these costs!
Approximate Cost for Basketball Season
•Athletic fee to Neuqua - $160 (each season)
   •Due NOV 1st 2011
•Required uniform
   •shoes, bows, socks, special sports bra
•Team Bonding
•Holiday parties
•State Apparel-$75-$100
•Bulls Game ???
•Goodie bags
•Extra food/competition apparel
•Hotel Stay for Parents- Feb 3rd- 4th
•Senior Gifts
   Whether at home or away games, NVHS cheerleaders
    must display proper conduct before, during and after
    all games. Each cheerleader is expected to maintain
    good moral behavior, show cordial courtesy to visiting
    teams, spectators and each other. Squads must be
    respectful of visiting cheerleaders and of the game
    officials. NVHS Cheerleaders are important
    representatives of our school and are very visible to
   Disrespect to any member of the cheerleading staff will
    result in immediate dismissal from the squad, practice,
    season or game at the discretion of the cheerleading
    staff. Inappropriate behavior and defiance will NOT
    be tolerated.
Rules Cont.
   Public displays of affection are not allowed in school
    or at school activities. This includes but is not limited
    to hugging, kissing, hanging, tackling, sitting on laps,
    hanging on backs, massaging, back rub and
   This is not limited to games and practices-whenever
    you are wearing Neuqua Valley attire or at a Neuqua
    Valley HS sponsored event. Any of these
    inappropriate actions will result in a one game/event
Academic Responsibilities
 Each cheerleader is required to maintain good
  grades. The coaches will monitor the
  cheerleaders grades each week. Should their
  be a failing overall grade in any subject at any
  time, parents will be notified by the coach and
  the cheerleader will be benched from practices
  and games until that grade is brought above
 Each cheerleader must also be in school for at
  least 4 periods of his/her daily academic
  classes to participate in any cheerleading
  activities that day.
   Dates of Clinics:
       Monday, May 2nd:
          Learn tryout material
       Tuesday, May 3rd:
          Stunting and Tumbling Day 1
       Wednesday, May 4th:
          Stunting and Tumbling Try-out
             8pm-Squad Pre-placements posted
   Times:
        Monday and Tuesday
              - 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm
              - 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm
 Where:
    NVHS freshmen building
    Enter at the main doors for registration
 Time:
    Each cheerleader will be assigned a
     specific time to try-out

   Try-outs are closed, only athletes and
    coaches are allowed
   Teams will be posted on the NVHS
    Cheer Website
        Friday,   May 6th after 3:30
   Results will be posted by try-out number

   Coaches will not be discussing try-out
    results until Monday, May 9th after 2:45
Judging Categories
 Character Assessment –
     one previous coach +
               teacher or two teachers
 Cheer (motion technique, voice, and crowd interaction)
 Dance (rhythm and facials)
 Jumps (form and height)
 Tumbling (skill and execution)
 Stunting (flexibility in air, proper basing techniques
   Character Evaluations (behavior at tryouts will count)
Private Lessons
 This is not mandatory-only offered if this
  is something you are looking for
 See list of locations and phone numbers
 Many locations offer privates for
  tumbling and stunting
 We will be doing team training during
  the seasons which is mandatory.
•The coaching staff will hold four workshops prior to
try-outs where the girls will get the opportunity to
work on stunting, jumps, motions, and tumbling.
 The dates for these clinics are:
April 18th 3-5pm
April 21st 4-6pm
April 25th 3-5pm
April 28th 3-5pm
• This is not mandatory at all
• The workshops are $10 per day. Checks can be made
out to Wildcat Cheer.
Registering for try-outs:
 Registration is open April 19th – April 30th
 Go to:
 Click on the cheerleading link
 Complete the on-line registration
 After you click submit, a confirmation
  window will pop up, print this page for
  your records
What to bring to try-outs

 Physical
 2 envelopes sealed and signed
  character assessment
     Ifyou have previously cheered for Neuqua,
      your coach will fill out one assessment for
After teams are picked:
 A check for $160 will be collected to
  cover the NVHS athletic fee
 Any physicals that will expire during the
  season will need to be renewed
  previous to the date they will expire to
  ensure the athlete will not miss any
What to wear to try-outs (checklist)
   Plain blue or gold shorts
   Plain white t-shirt
   Proper gym shoes
   Bow for hair
                                All hair needs to be
                                worn in a ponytail.
                                No jewelry or gum!

No extra skin, please 
Squad Preference Selection
 Go under the try-out information tab on
  our Neuqua Cheer website and
  complete the Squad Preference
  Selection Survey
 Please complete the survey no later
  then tomorrow, April 15th
 Please contact Coach Troczynski at

 If you know of some one who wants to
    try out but was not at the meeting
    tonight, please have them e-mail
    Coach Troczynski as meeting with a
    coach prior to tryouts is a