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 REPORTER                    Official Publication of
                     Local 707 CAW, Oakville, Ont.
                 July – August 2009 Vol. 52, No. 4

        See President’s Report
                    pages 2–4
                                                   On The
                                                 Threshold Of
   Official publication of Local 707 CAW
         Published four times a year
             at Oakville, Ontario
     “Authorized as third class mail by
    the Post Office Department, Ottawa,

    and for payment of postage in cash.”
     Printed by Thistle Printing Limited
               Local 707 CAW
         475 North Service Rd. East
         Oakville, Ontario L6H 1A5
      (905) 844-9451, (905) 844-6431
             or 1-800-313-8707
      Web Page:                              President’s Report
    ExECutIvE OffICErs
          Gary Beck — President                                                    By Gary Beck
       Ron Balazs — Vice-President
    Dave Millar — Recording Secretary            July 06-07, 2009 the leadership of Local 707 in conjunction
 Nadia Anton-Collins — Financial Secretary       with other CAW/Ford leaderships met in Windsor to learn
        Chris Campbell — Trustee                 first hand of the company’s current situation in Canada.
         Dave Thomas — Trustee                   Representing the Ford Motor Company was Joe Hinrichs,
     Cindy Huggins-Deveau — Trustee              VP North American Manufacturing and Labour Affairs.
      Larry Pratt — Sergeant-at-Arms             Present for the CAW, along with President Ken Lewenza,
         Bert Tousignant — Guide
  Charlie Goode — Retirees’ Chairperson          Chief CAW Economist, Jim Stanford, and Ford Council
                                                 Chair, Mike Vince, were the presidents and bargaining rep-
    The 707 Reporter is a publication of         resentatives of the various CAW sites along with our entire
 the CAW Local 707, distributed free to
 members. It is published six times a year.      leadership. The meeting is one that has been long awaited by the CAW/Ford locals.
    Members are encouraged to express their      We always knew it was coming, but that didn’t make it any easier. It is important
 views on topics which have been addressed       to note that when the question was raised if anyone from the leadership was op-
 in the 707 Reporter, and to raise other         posed to enter bargaining, not a single member of our leadership spoke against
 issues for discussion. Any opinions or views    understanding that we would follow in the footsteps of what had been negotiated
 published in the 707 Reporter are those of      by both Chrysler and GM.
 the contributor and are not necessarily the
 opinions or views of Local 707; the CAW, or
                                                    The facts as presented
                                                 to us were later outlined
 the Editorial Board, and neither Local 707;
 the CAW; nor the Editorial Board accepts        at a special membership                     Not a single member
 responsibility for them.
    Copyright for articles published in the
                                                 meeting held July 19th at
                                                 the Union Hall. The turn-        of our leadership spoke against
 707 Reporter remains with the authors of
 the individual articles and, as such, written
                                                 out on such short notice            understanding that we would
                                                 was impressive and I am
 requests for permission to reproduce any
 articles, in whole or in part, should be        pleased that everyone is                   follow in the footsteps
 directed to the author.
    The Editorial Board reserves the right to
                                                 taking a serious interest in
                                                 what is happening and this
                                                                                     of what had been negotiated
 publish or not. Letters to the Editor must be
 signed. Publication of any advertisement
                                                 office and the leadership of           by both Chrysler and GM.
                                                 Local 707 will continue to
 should not be deemed an endorsement of          do its best to keep every-
 the products or services advertised.
                                                 one abreast of talks.
            Editor: ron Balazs                      Joe Hinrichs did not pull any punches in his announcements. Ford’s debt is $32
                  billion – deeper than the one of either GM or Chrysler. GM and Chrysler had been
         EdItOrIAl BOArd:                        coerced by the Canadian government to renegotiate their collective agreements in
   Mark sciberras  Ken robertson                 order to obtain financing to keep them afloat. Though, Ford had never made such a
   Kenny Hogarth  Bert tousignant                request due to its earlier restructuring, the result of the new contracts of the other two
 /em cope343
                                                 automakers have helped to put it at a serious financial disadvantage. It doesn’t take a
                                                 rocket scientist to figure out that both GM and Chrysler are now able to undercut Ford
        Features                                 Canada in the manufacturing of vehicles. This gives them a huge financial edge. Add
                                                 to this fact that our American counterpart can now do the job more cheaply by some
 President’s Report ... 2-4                      $14 per hour, the high Canadian dollar (giving the appearance of expensive Canadian
                                                 manufacturing), the soon to happen two-tier wage system in the US, and the lack of
 Financial Report ....... 10                     an auto pact to help secure our jobs, we are in big trouble!
                                                    Over the last few years, Ford has reduced more than 50 per cent of its Canadian
 Retirees ............... 20-26                  workforce. Joe Hinrichs announced that once September 2011 rolls around, the St.
 Crossword ................ 33                   Thomas plant will be gone. That leaves us with Oakville and Windsor – maybe...
                                                                                               President’s Report – Continued on Page 3
Page 2 – July – August 2009
 President’s Report
 ...continued from Page 2

In no uncertain terms, we were                                                                   vantage was secured. We could
informed that though the new
agreements negotiated with GM          The formula is straightforward.                           do far worse than bargaining
                                                                                                 along the same pattern.
and Chrysler in Canada held                 Negotiations = jobs.                                   the formula is straight-
those companies to account for                                                                   forward. Negotiations = jobs.
a Canadian footprint of between       No negotiations = unemployment.                            No negotiations = unemploy-
15 to 20 per cent; no such guar-                                                                 ment.
antee will be in place at the end
of our own current collective agreement. In fact, with all the     OLRB And Public Review
disadvantages of currently operating here, Ford has no incen-        We have been dealing with a human rights claim made by
tive to continue to keep its Canadian operations running beyond    one of our members against the Ford Motor Company. I am
the end of the existing contract. At such time, platforms would    pleased to announce that this situation has been resolved and
need to be revamped anyway for any new product, which has          the matter has now been put to rest.
not been made available to Ford Canada beyond that time.             During the first week of August, I will be attending a public
   Whether or not we enter into contract talks, makes no differ-   review hearing in Toronto where hopefully another dispute that
ence to Joe Hinrichs – he can continue to run with the collect-    has been ongoing for some time will be settled. The National
ive agreement the way it stands at the end of which, there will    Office has become embroiled in this situation and it is hoped
be no more contract talks, because Ford Canada will no longer      that this too will soon be resolved.
exist. After all, by 2012, Ford plans to only run nine plants in
North America and with the Obama administration pushing for        Updating Our Members
“Made in the U.S.” production, this would all be a moot point.       If you are interested in continued updates, please make
It may however make a world of difference to us.                   your submission via our webpage at or
   We don’t have to like the news to appreciate its impact. How-   send me your full name and email address to president@caw-
ever, we cannot bury our heads in the sand and “play ostrich.”
This will not make the problem disappear (though it could very
well make us disappear). We are left with one choice and one       Dates To Remember
only. We must enter into exploratory discussions with the Ford     August 10th – 23rd    –   Summer Shutdown
Motor Company of Canada. These discussions do not hold us          August 18th – 21st    –   CAW Constitutional Convention
accountable to any changes to our agreement – only our mem-        September 4th – 7th   –   Labour Day Long Weekend
bership can do that. These discussions will however guide us in    September 16th        –   Retirees’ Membership Meeting
the right direction to maintain our Canadian footprint because     September 20th        –   General Membership Meeting
this is conditional to any concessions that may be examined.
These talks are scheduled to begin on September 08, 2009 and       In Closing
it is speculated that they will eventually culminate in a new         I wish to thank everyone that supported me in my successful
collective agreement, the structure of which is similar to that    bid for delegate to the Constitutional Convention. I value your
of Chrysler and GM in Canada.                                      trust in me and will represent you well.
   Should this be the case, then let me remind                                       We will be closing for the summer shutdown.
everyone exactly how soundly those contracts                                       May you and yours stay safe and have a happy,
were negotiated. There were no cuts to base                                        fun-filled summer.
wages, no cuts to pensions, benefits were                                             In Solidarity,
maintained and a Canadian investment ad-                                               Gary Beck

                            visit our website!
                                                                                                    July – August 2009 – Page 3
 The President’s Correspondence

    June 10, 2009
     Mr. Darrell D te
                    ent Place
     One Governm
     7th Floor
                    e St
      1645 Granvill
      PO Box 726
                    a Scotia
      Halifax, Nov
       B3J 2T3
       Dear Sir:                                            cal, I wish to
                                              ees of this lo w Premier of Nova
                     the mem   bers and retir     ming the ne
       On behalf of                 ctory in beco
                     l deserved vi                                          see this com
       you on a wel                                         are pleased to noticed and
                                               P party and
                     d supporte  rs of the ND       verning ha  s not gone un as
       We are prou                     proach to go                  address you
                       personable ap                  le to happily
        to pass. Your e write you, we will be ab d to “designate.”
                        w                           pose
        the next time e Darrell Dexter” as op
                       rabl                                          otia.
         “The Honou                                  rty in Nova Sc
                                      d the NDP pa
                         ns to you an
                                                Yours truly,
          Yours truly,                           Charlie Goo
                                                               apter Chair
          Gary Beck                              Retirees’ Ch
          Presid ent                             CAW Local
           CAW    Local 707
            /em – cope 34

Page 4 – July – August 2009
Complete Family Dental Care
       n   We collect from Your Insurance Company Directly for covered benefits
       n   Current Fee Guide always accepted
       n   Financial Arrangements Available
       n   Free Consultations for Wisdom Teeth,
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           Dentures, Orthodontics, Implants,                               ny Gagliardi,
           and Cosmetic Dentistry                   Natalie Newton and To s of the
       n   Customized Sport Mouthguards                the CAW Picnic winner       s
           to meet your needs                             Elite Dental Group prize
       n   Conscious Sedation Available
       n   Discounts to CAW 707 members available on
           Implants and Cosmetic Dentistry
       n   Free Custom Bleaching Tray Whitening System with New Patient Exam
           and Completion of Dental Treatment
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       n   Extended hours available at most locations including: evenings, Saturday
           and Sunday hours

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   Hamilton, ON          St. Catharines, ON       Welland, ON           Brampton, ON          49 Hillcrest Ave, 102, Brampton, ON
 905-318-7703            905-688-8403          905-988-7595           905-453-2440               905-453-2440

                                                                                             July – August 2009 – Page 5
   Missed Opportunities
                                                 Vice-President’s Report
                                                                               By ron Balazs
Here we are in mid-August and we have not entered bargaining         protection of our Canadian manufac-
as yet, as we had all been anticipating for the past four months.    turing jobs ensuring that Ford will
This local’s leadership and those of all the other Ford locals       produce a percentage of its product
travelled to Windsor in mid-July to listen to Joe Hinrichs, group    within Canada. GM and Chrysler
Vice President of Global Manufacturing and Labour Affairs.           were able to secure a manufacturing
His responsibility is the operations of 105 assembly, stamping,      footprint, thereby saving many jobs
and power-train plants globally. We listened as he talked about      in Canada. Chrysler agreed to keep
the state of the Ford Motor Company, just as he had presented        19 to 20 per cent of its manufacturing
it to the Master Bargaining Committee. Ford owes more funds          here and GM has about 14 per cent.
than it has on hand [approximately $34 billion owing with $21           At the time of writing this article, no date has been set to ac-
billion set aside]. Ford holds no assets in the US as it had mort-   tually start negotiations. However, remember that if indeed the
gaged everything around 2½ years ago and continues to burn           Bargaining Committee does get called out they will need our
through funds at a rate of $1.7 million hourly.                      support, the support of our membership. They are autowork-
    The focus of 95 per cent of his presentation was on the Oak-     ers elected to represent autoworkers! That’s it! They are not
ville Assembly Complex.                                              lawyers, nor accountants. People like Jim Stanford at the Na-
    OAC leads as one of the top three worst performing North         tional Office and others there are entrusted to represent us with
American Ford plants, costing approxi-                                                       our best interests. This doesn’t mean that
mately $400 more to produce a vehicle                                                        you need to agree with everything pre-
than elsewhere, according to Joe Hinrichs.            At day’s end,                          sented. Ask questions if you are unsure
Ford Oakville is also the most expensive                                                     about anything. However, at the end of
place to assemble vehicles in the world.            the membership                           the day, you have to ask yourself if you
He asked us, “If this were your business,
would you place new product here?”
                                                is the highest authority                     can live with whatever changes are be-
                                                                                             ing put forth. Is there anything that will
    With the presence of our National                 in our union.                          put your family in harm’s way? Then cast
Union, we had an opportunity to ques-
tion the numbers presented to us and Jim           Never forget that!                        your vote by listening to your heart and
                                                                                             not to the person beside you.
Stanford admitted that his numbers were                                                        One change has been implemented to
indeed in keeping with what we were hearing. We would later          our voting procedure. The ballot boxes will no longer be opened
also be informed that the quality numbers given to us were in        at the start of the meetings. We want people to attend and listen
line, but they don’t pinpoint the root causes. Blaming the work-     to what is being said before casting their ballot. At day’s end,
ers is the easy way out, but there are many issues on workloads      the membership is the highest authority in our union. Never for-
and parts coming in from new vendors.                                get that!
    Presently, we are $7–$8 per hour more expensive than GM             In closing, I would like to thank everyone for giving me the
and Chrysler workers in Canada and $14 more costly than              opportunity to represent Local 707 at the CAW Constitutional
American Ford workers. It was explained that if we await the         Convention. Enjoy what’s left of summer.
end of our contract in 2011, we will have missed the oppor-             In Solidarity,
tunity for the acquisition of new product(s) as our existing            ron Balazs
platforms will be obsolete by 2012-13. Joe Hinrichs was quite
nonchalant in his indication that he would not force the CAW
to open our collective agreement, stating that we could wait for
the contract to expire in 2011. Of course, that being the case, he
added it would be like rolling the dice as to whether operations
would still continue in Oakville beyond 2012 as there may no                                  � We will bill Green Shield directly
longer be a product available at that time. Not a single member                               � We offer complete packages
of the CAW leadership spoke against following the pattern that                                  covered by Insurance Plan
was set by GM and Chrysler. Everyone understands we have to                                   � Special discounts for Ford
be competitive with our wages, and follow the pattern that was                                  employees on extras
bargained prior to us.                                                                        � Serving Ford community
    Since there is a lack of commitment by our current govern-                                  for over 25 years
ment to create a new auto pact, it is important that we then re-                              � Call us for details
ceive a commitment that Ford maintains a Canadian manufac-
turing footprint and also a commitment for future product(s)
and investments. What is a Canadian Footprint and how do we                            905-842-2821
get one? We negotiate an agreement that provides adequate
Page 6 – July – August 2009
July – August 2009 – Page 7
Darned If You Do,
  Darned If You Don’t!
                                   Recording Secretary’s Report
                                                                              By dave Millar
I am confused why members get angry when reps tell them the           the animals that steal our hearts every
way it is. Fear mongering? I don’t think so. Telling the mem-         time we attend the park, and enjoying
bership the way it is appears to be something that we have lost       all the rides. I understand that some
touch with. If all the membership wants to hear from the leader-      don’t like to attend because the ani-
ship is something comforting, then I’m in the wrong line of           mals are held captive. If that is your
work.                                                                 concern; don’t attend.
   The whole Facebook phenomenon is quite interesting. Some              I want to thank Rita Thompson,
folk, members and non-members alike, seek to challenge                Chris Campbell, Wayne Dort, Sue Teepell, Paul Taggart, Scott
people via forums on Facebook. What is happening here folks?          McColeman, Darrin Caerels, Paul Reid, Brian Haskett, Nadia
We used to be able to talk openly without bad mouthing one an-        Anton-Collins, and countless others who managed to make
other by way of blogs and Facebook pages. If I have something         the day a huge success. I apologize to all who contributed but
that needs to be said, I prefer to talk face to face. Perhaps it’s    weren’t mentioned. This is merely an oversight as it is not my
reflective of how I was raised, i.e. to show respect for others.      intent to snub anyone that helped.
I have even told people that if they have concerns with what I           I look forward to seeing everyone at the September member-
say, they should feel free to contact me in the office or on the      ship meeting.
shop floor. With all the issues facing us, spending time by writ-        In Solidarity,
ing crap back and forth is a waste of everyone’s time. Pick up a         dave Millar
phone. Come and see me. My door is always open to you.         
   I hope that everyone is enjoying their summer and by the
time you get this edition of the 707 Reporter, you should be
on summer shutdown. I hope that you are all taking the time to
spend with your family and loved ones.
   As of this date, we have not opened our contract. That doesn’t
seem to stop members from expressing whether they are or are
not voting on a deal. This boggles my mind. How can we know
what to vote for when we don’t have anything concrete to vote
on? Keep an open mind! When/if we enter into negotiations,
remember that Ford Council will hammer out the best deal it
possibly can for our membership.
   There seem to be many differing views and opinions already.
Let’s try to think about what is best for our members, their fam-
ilies, and the overall future of our plant before determining
how to vote. However, if we do turn down a contract and our
plant is closed in 2013, take a long and hard look in the mirror
before casting the blame at anyone else for the predicament you
find yourself in. If stating this fact is fear mongering, then call
it what you will. Just don’t shoot the messenger.

Annual Picnic
The picnic at MarineLand for CAW Local 707 was a tremen-
dous success under the terrible weather conditions that we
faced that day. It was great to see so many members enjoy the
day as a union. It was a privilege to be amongst my peers and
their families. My son and fiancé had a fantastic day visiting

Page 8 – July – August 2009
                    A-Z-X PLAN SPECIALISTS

Proud Ford Dealer In Oakville For Over 40 Years
 Dear Neighbours,
 The last few months have brought uncertainty to world economies. We all worry
 how these events will affect our lives and financial position, our jobs and families.
 We are all trying to save what we can and spend only what we need.
 We at Oak-Land Ford realize this but also understand your vehicle safety is not
 something to gamble with. Our dealership employees have come together to offer
 you meaningful savings on safety-related repairs.
 We have achieved this by giving up some of what we would profit from. The
 technicians will make less, the parts department will make less and the dealership
 will make less so we may offer you a legitimate better price of 15% off parts and all
 regular service repairs. We do this willingly because we are all in this together.
                                            David Sanci
                                            Dealer Principal


                                                                      July – August 2009 – Page 9
            CAW Local 707 Funds                                                   Financial
 For The Month Ending April 2009                                                Secretary’s
 General       Equity – Beginning
                                                           To Date
               Revenue for the period
               Expenses for the period
                                                         (938,442.40)                    By
               Equity (Deficit) – End      (2,366.03)   2,399,563.19     Nadia Anton-Collins
 Education     Equity – Beginning                          33,478.36
               Revenue for the period        295.00         1,186.50
               Expenses for the period         0.00             0.00

 Sports &
               Equity (Deficit) – End
               Equity – Beginning
                                             295.00        34,664.86
                                                                            The 707 Galaxy
 Recreation    Revenue for the period
               Expenses for the period
               Equity (Deficit) – End
                                                                          Banquet Hall & Bar
 Political     Equity – Beginning                          32,986.46              475 North Service Road East,
 Education     Revenue for the period        295.00         1,186.50                Oakville, Ontario L6H 1A5
               Expenses for the period         0.00             0.00
               Equity (Deficit) – End        295.00        34,172.96
                                                                         Tel: (905) 844-9451 Fax: (905) 844-0027
 Retirees      Equity – Beginning                         102,652.39
               Revenue for the period     12,779.30        28,223.20
               Expenses for the period    (6,064.61)      (20,023.04)
               Equity (Deficit) – End      6,714.69       110,852.55
 New           Equity – Beginning                          28,709.06
 Members       Revenue for the period           0.00            0.00
               Expenses for the period          0.00            0.00
               Equity (Deficit) – End           0.00       28,709.06
 Picnic        Equity – Beginning                         (10,123.65)
               Revenue for the period       2,507.50       10,085.25
               Expenses for the period          0.00       (1,500.02)
               Equity (Deficit) – End       2,507.50       (1,538.42)
 Building & Equity – Beginning                          (1,247,208.52)
 Building Corp Revenue for the period      17,391.88        53,593.65
               Expenses for the period    (61,164.47)     (184,437.39)
               Equity (Deficit) – End     (43,772.59)   (1,378,052.26)
 Watch         Equity – Beginning                         (84,168.26)
               Revenue for the period        737.50         2,966.25
               Expenses for the period         0.00        (6,956.77)
               Equity (Deficit) – End        737.50       (88,158.78)
 Strike        Equity – Beginning                          36,484.88
               Revenue for the period        295.00         1,186.50
               Expenses for the period         0.00             0.00
               Equity (Deficit) – End        295.00        37,671.38         Reservations are now being taken for:
                                                                         h Awards Dinners           h Dances
 Human         Equity – Beginning                           (3,984.74)
 Rights        Revenue for the period         59.00            237.30
                                                                         h Banquets                 h Family Reunions
               Expenses for the period         0.00              0.00    h Bar Mitzvahs             h Graduation Parties
               Equity (Deficit) – End         59.00         (3,747.44)   h Business Meetings        h Holiday Parties
                                                                         h Class Reunions           h Lectures
 Womens’       Equity – Beginning                              (0.16)
 Committee     Revenue for the period         59.00           237.30     h Company Dinners          h Trade Shows
               Expenses for the period         0.00             0.00     h Conferences              h Weddings
               Equity (Deficit) – End         59.00           237.14                                h Weekly Meetings such as
                                                                                                      church services and clubs.
 Total Funds                              (41,610.18)   1,189,319.79
                                                                                               For Further Information or
 Respectfully submitted                                                                        to tour our facilities call
 Nadia Anton-Collins
 Financial Secretary                                                                           (905) 844-9451
Page 10 – July – August 2009

                       Dan Lawrie Insurance Brokers Ltd.
              Home & Auto Insurance Providers for our Employees
                                                      Insurance Corner
                          Over-Insure Your House?
 Is It Possible ToBy Dan Lawrie Insurance Brokers Ltd.
         Article Provided
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cases, it could even be higher than the                 And if you like what you see, we’ll handle all
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same time using bulk-purchased materials and
efficient construction methods. If one of these
homes were destroyed, the cost to reconstruct
is often higher than the original build cost.
   Extra costs are incurred for the demolition
and removal of debris including dumping
fees. Site access problems, the loss of bulk-
purchasing power and the desire to rebuild
quickly, can all lead to higher labour and
material costs. In this situation, it’s easy to see
why the cost to rebuild one house can easily
be more than when it was first built.
   If you are unsure about the amount of
coverage needed to replace your home, please
contact us. We have the tools to assist you in
calculating your home’s replacement value.

Did you know...?
    Did you know that you must have a working
smoke detector on every level in your home
and outside of sleeping areas? As of March
1, 2006, it is mandatory under the Ontario
Fire Prevention Code to have a smoke
detector installed on every floor. Tenants and
homeowners who fail to have a working smoke
detector on every level in the house could face
fines up to $235.
    Since electric smoke detectors will not work
if there is a power outage, anyone with smoke
detectors that plug-in or are wired to the
home’s electrical system are reminded they
also need a battery back-up model.
    Check your smoke detectors regularly.
They can save lives only if they are working
    As always, to avoid unpleasant surprises, it
is important to work with a professional in this
area. Additional questions? Ask us, we’re here
to help! For additional information, advice or
for your free, no-obligation home and/or auto
insurance quote, call DONNA GRIFF at Dan
Lawrie Insurance Brokers at (905) 815-0045
or toll-free 1-800-661-1518.

EXCITING NEWS – reminder!
In our continuing commitment to provide Ford
                                                                                                                     July – August 2009 – Page 11
                                          Plant Chairperson’s Report
                                                                  By scotty McColeman

       State Of The Plant
At the time of writing, we have 2,923 members on the active           ditions of bargaining along with gov-
roll with 66 still on layoff.                                         ernment funding. Many others will be
                                                                      addressing this topic in their reports
State Of The Plant                                                    as well.
   The company informed the union in June that our site re-              Six years ago, the Ford Motor Company employed in excess
quires a significant improvement in quality, health and safety        of 14,000 hourly members. Since that time, it has eliminated
in order to stay competitive with the other Ford plants and           more than half its workforce and today is down to 6,750 hourly
automotive manufacturers. That being said, it was only a few          members and the impending closure of the St. Thomas Assem-
months ago when we were told that our quality and safety was          bly Plant in 2011 will see more jobs at risk. We will be demand-
improving and that in some cases, we were leading our sector.         ing a long term Ford manufacturing footprint before any agree-
As is the norm, it is always so easy to first blame the workers       ment can be made. As our own government has walked away
for all the problems. However, once you challenge the source of       from the auto pact, we will have to bargain this on behalf of our
the problem, things usually begin to change.                          members ourselves.
   So we asked, “What has changed?” What we learned is that
parts from some of our vendors were defective and substandard         August Shutdown
(issues with some of the designs). Nonetheless, the company              During the shutdown, the plant will be very busy with some
admitted that units were being built with loose or missing parts      ongoing construction. All our trades will be utilized during this
while going over the list. We argued that many workstations           period. As there will be some repairs the first week, during the
in the plant, particularly in Final are cramped and poorly de-        second week, Body will have a large production crew do some
signed, making it difficult for operators to be successful in the     building.
performance of their jobs at all times. When our members tried           On another note, after have experienced the lousy July weath-
to tell management of a problem, they were told to “just ship it.”    er, some might say that the company’s move of the shutdown to
This does not help Ford Oakville’s cause either.                                Plant Chairperson’s Report – Continued on Page 13
   I am sure that everyone has noticed more engineers from
Dearborn visiting the site. During the week of July 27th, they
will be at Trim Doorline looking over all the workstations in an
attempt to fix the mess within that area, which is far overdue.
   The bottom line is that we informed the company that we
cannot control substandard parts, design flaws, poorly designed
workstations; but if given the right tools to do the job and the
time to perform the tasks, we can do the job as we always have
in the past.

$1,700 Vacation Bonus
   By now, we all know that the company has moved the bonus
to PP33 via a vaguely written letter one day prior to its pay-
ment deadline (during our vacation period). This was an em-
barrassment. As far as I am concerned, Ford is attempting to
stall payment until it can get us back to the bargaining table so
that it can get rid of it altogether. Obviously, its refusal to pay
it when first agreed to (PP25) created anger and resentment on
the shop floor, where unfortunately our leadership felt the brunt.
The company should have done the responsible thing and faced
our members at a town hall with an explanation for the delay.
This action by the company definitely puts its credibility into
question where our members are concerned.

Bargaining Begins September 8th
   Our local, in conjunction with other Ford bargaining commit-
tees will be entering into exploratory talks with the Ford Motor
Company the week of September 8th in Toronto. As reported by
the media, the company is requesting similar patterns to those
recently bargained with General Motors and Chrysler. Both of
those companies attained guaranteed Canadian manufacturing
footprints and secured future product investments on the con-
Page 12 – July – August 2009
                                    A-Shift MP&L/Chassis Zone 6
                                      Committeeperson’s Report
                                                                               By rob Aquino

    Do You Feel Lucky?
There has been much debate recently over the upcoming contract         North American average. The jury is
negotiations. Many members talk about the lack of information.         still out on some of these figures and
An information meeting however did take place on Sunday, July          I find it difficult to believe that the same group of employees that
19th and I would like to thank those that took time out of their       turned out the Edge noted as Best in Class is reflecting such poor
personal schedules to come. This meeting resulted in part due to       numbers when it comes to the Flex. Nevertheless, he left us with
an assembly of the leadership on Monday, July 6th with Joe Hin-        the following analogy: If you were in his shoes and about to go
richs, Vice President of North American operations for the Ford        into a shareholders’ meeting to discuss future product allocation,
Motor Company to discuss the state of the company, our plant,          where would you put it? All he would say about Oakville was
and the outlook for Canadian operations in general. The meet-          that we were going to get a refresher for the Edge/MKX in 2010
ing took place in Windsor, which in itself appears oxymoronic          and a limo/livery version of the MKT in 2012. The future beyond
as Hinrichs wanted to discuss the possibility of entering into         2012 remains undetermined.
contract negations amid the backdrop of a depressed community             Also discussed was the fact that the Ford Motor Company has
with the highest unemployment rate and the allure of one-armed         not accepted any financial assistance from the government and
bandits, leading me to ask: “do I feel lucky?”                         is thereby not entitled to a Canadian footprint. The Obama ad-
   At this gathering, Hinrichs discussed Ford’s $32 billion debt of    ministration has in recent weeks given Ford in the U.S. $5.9 bil-
which $21 billion is cash. He noted that contracts recently ratified   lion for research and development for its American operations.
by GM and Chrysler in Canada, as well as the contract between          It should also be noted that several plants are on a one shift
Ford and the UAW have placed Ford Canada workers at a signifi-         operation in the U.S. while others remain mothballed. Many
cant cost disadvantage as our competitive edge is eroding and we       of the states are throwing money at companies just to have the
are $14 per hour more costly than UAW members. This figure in-         stay. Meanwhile, our own government sits on the bench like a
creases as the effect of the American two-tier wage system comes       third string quarterback daydreaming of the big game.
into effect. It is Ford’s goal to have nine plants in North America        With all the cards stacked against us – the fallout of the
by 2012; two truck plants and seven assembly plants equipped           economy’s global crisis, including the SARs (Stock Apprecia-
for the C/D global platform running three shift operations. Hin-       tion Right) forecast dropping below an unheard of nine million
richs flat out stated that after 2011, St. Thomas will be finished     units, two domestic competitors wiping out their debts for pen-
and that the Windsor Engine Plant will cease building the 5.4          nies on the dollar in exchange for huge cash influxes by the gov-
litre engine and is not necessarily going to see another to replace    ernment, it would seem that our head cheerleader, Alan Mulally
it. He indicated that our plant, the supposed star of the North        is totally out to lunch when talking a big game in the media.
American operations is faltering in numerous areas; specifically           What options remain open to us? Do you roll the dice and
reflected by our lack of quality in the Flex with 335 TGW/1000.        take your chances? Do you think about the possible implica-
Our issues with FTOVs are the worst in North America and he            tions of our collective decisions and the impact not only on us
noted that we are slightly more expensive by more than $300/           here in Oakville, but also St. Thomas and Windsor, and the rest
unit than the North American average. Our man hours to build           of the Canadian operations? Talks of concessions and opening
the units are also approximately four hours more than those of the     up the contract are never easy things to fathom. The alternative
                                                                       may be the company pulling out of Canada (as it has threatened
                                                                       to do). Should this be the case, can you look at your spouse
  Plant Chairperson’s Report                                           and kids and inform them that you just told the company to
                                                                       screw off and voted away your job. That is a real possibility and
  ...continued from Page 12
                                                                       that can happen and should not be forgotten when considering
  August is a blessing in disguise. So much for global warm-           our future, and debating these upcoming contract negotiations
  ing this past July! It’s been more like global cooling. Let’s        when you make your final decision whether to ratify.
  hope August’s weather is better for all.                                 The Bargaining Committee is there to do what is best for the
                                                                       entire membership and I trust it will work tirelessly to do that to
  In Closing                                                           acquire a guaranteed footprint in Canada. The membership, after
     I would like to thank the membership for re-electing me           discussion with families and colleagues must consider its best
  to the CAW Constitutional Convention where in the past I             course of action within the parameter of all the issues facing us.
  have represented the interest of our membership to the best          We are no longer just in competition with foreign and domestic
  of my ability. It is always an honour.                               plants, but also other plants within the Ford chain. So, ask your
     I wish everyone a safe and restful vacation. I can be con-        leadership questions. Discuss the issues. Have a good look at all
  tacted at (905) 845-9451 ext. 3196 or             the information and take a real interest in what is at stake.
     In Solidarity,                                                        So I ask, “Do you feel lucky?”
     scotty McColeman                                                      In Solidarity,
                                                                           rob Aquino
                                                                                                         July – August 2009 – Page 13
                                               Zone 5 A-Shift
                                     Committeeperson’s Report
                                                                   By Marc Brennan

          Windsor Meeting
  Early in July, your local leadership was called to a meet-       up by our members are definitely
  ing in Windsor with the National Union and the Ford Motor        taking longer than necessary to be
  Company, including Joe Hinrichs, group vice president of         addressed. I will continue to pursue the company to have all
  vehicle operations. The message given us was quite blunt         issues resolved in a timely manner.
  – the ford Motor Company is currently $32 billion in
  debt and truth be told, not in as a good a financial shape as    15.26(c)
  the public believes. We were also told of the cost disadvan-        Make sure that if you are going to be off work for five con-
  tage that the CAW workers pose when compared to those of         secutive days or more that you seek medical attention. If you
  the UAW – approximately $14/hour.                                do not, the company has in the past shown its willingness to
     We are definitely in unprecedented times and I understand     terminate our members under Article 15.26(c).
  the anger and frustration our membership feels when we              15.26 Seniority rights of an Oakville employee shall
  are being asked to make sacrifices in order to assure Ford’s     cease for any one of the following reasons:
  survival. Our concern as a leadership is obviously that Ford        ... (c) if the employee fails to report for duty for five (5)
  survives this economic recession, but also that it reinvest in   consecutive working days. For the purpose of this section
  future product in Canada and more                                                        15.26(c) “five (5) consecutive work-
  importantly for us, here in Oakville.                                                    ing days” shall not include Sat-
  As difficult as it may seem, the im-               As difficult                          urdays, Sundays and the holidays
  portance of supporting your union
  during this difficult time is im-               as it may seem,                          specified in section 25.01. (This
                                                                                           clause shall not apply if the employ-
  measurable. The decisions that are             the importance of                         ee furnishes satisfactory reasons to
  being made at the National Union’s                                                       the human resources department
  level and that of your local leader-         supporting your union                       for such failure);
  ship are being made so that we will
  be in the best possible position to
                                              during this difficult time                   $1,700 Bonus
  protect our future. It is no secret that       is immeasurable.                           The Ford Motor Company thought
  our bargaining committee will be en-                                                   it would be a wise decision to post-
  tering into contract negotiations once                                                 pone the payment of our $1,700
  again. We in the leadership do not like having to continually    negotiated bonus. This decision has been opposed by the
  renegotiate. That being said, we in the leadership will con-     Inplant Committee and reached the level of Ken Lewenza,
  tinue to do everything in our power to protect the future        CAW National President. The position is that said money is
  of our members.                                                  owed to the members and we expect the company to pay it.
                                                                   At the time of writing this article, our paystubs indicate it
  Reductions                                                       will be paid in pp33.
     The Chassis department underwent some job reductions
  in the past couple of months. All members that have been         Pay Issues
  reduced have now had the opportunity in line with their             Why do we come to work? We come to work to be paid.
  respective seniority to choose a job from the open job list.     If you have a pay issue, the first person you should inform is
  I would like to remind everyone once again that the Ford         your supervisor. You are expected to put parts on a vehicle
  Motor Company would like nothing more than to reduce as          and you rightly expect to be paid for this. If your pay is short
  many jobs as possible, so put all of your newspapers away        by 5 hours or more, in accordance with page 38, exhibit B,
  and follow your OIS sheet step by step. That is the best way     you are contractually entitled to an impress cheque.
  to protect your job from being reduced!
     Rick Biggley and I did however, through great persistence     Summer Vacation
  and multiple meetings have the company agree to add some            This summer has seemed more like spring with all the
  new jobs in the Rolls Test area of Chassis.                      rain, but I hope that all changes as the summer shutdown
                                                                   starts. I hope everyone has a safe and relaxing vacation.
  New Plant Manager                                                   In Solidarity,
     The Final area now has Ahmad El Masri as its new area            Marc Brennan
  manager. He replaces Jason Shackelton and we are hopeful            Committee Council Vice Chair
  that he will work with the union to address and find resolu-        Ext. 3678 & 3335
  tions to our ongoing issues. Many issues that are brought 

Page 14 – July – August 2009
  Only GTA Dealership to win the President’s Award
              Eight Years In a Row

            omer Mississauga & O
     n Cust *
#1 I                 Larges
                            t Voluakville’s
      isfa ction      Ford De     me
  Sat                         aler*
President’s Award
2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008
       In Recognition of outstanding customer satisfaction,
    through progressive management, dedicated employees,
          and high standards of operational excellence.

 WE WANT TO                  EARN                        YOUR BUSINESS
           OR CO-WORKER WHO HAS.
                * Based on Ford Motor Company’s 2007 commercial retail results.

                   (905) 270-8210

                                                                                  July – August 2009 – Page 15
                                                     Trim Report
                           Chris                                                           Marian
                           simpson                              and                     szydlowski

The company is still in its reduction          Always know why the work is missing           the company respond with a direct “No.”
mode, meaning let’s throw a whole              and for your protection, always inform        No one in the leadership had ever been
whack of leftover parts in the air and see     your supervisor. If he/she is too busy to     informed that it would not be paid and
where they end up. The company must            respond to your call light, be sure to keep   every paystub reflected payment would
give the employee shift to shift notice        a rotation number and teletype to let him/    be in pay period 25. The company should
of the changes as well as an up to date        her know. If you are new to a job, have       be ashamed for waiting until the last
OIS sheet. The OIS sheet should be re-         your supervisor go review the OIS sheet       minute and then handing out some crap
viewed with your supervisor so that he/        with you and be certain that you under-       via a letter on Friday, June 12, 2009. We
she can discuss all your issues with any       stand what is required on the job before      are now being told that the bonus will be
new work being allocated to you prior to       proceeding. If you have any concerns, let     issued in pay period 33. That remains to
proceeding with it. For those of you who       him/her know.                                 be seen. Keep your fingers crossed.
have been reduced due to this process,            Another lively issue in the plant is our      In Solidarity,
once the company has completed its re-         vacation bonus sitting on the backburner.        Chris simpson
duction procedure, you will be provided        This bonus has no set pay period in the
with an open job list to select from in        collective agreement, but in the past,           Ext. 3195
keeping with your seniority.                   we have normally had it paid in April.           Marian szydlowski
   Unbelievable! We never thought we           This was turned down by the company    
would say it, but the Trim Shop, which is      this year. Your leadership then requested        Ext. 4720
the heart of the factory and its largest de-   payment in pay period 25. At no time did
partment, has been so under-staffed with
supervision that it’s not funny. There
are not enough supervisors and some of
those that we do have, we don’t really
need anyway. At the time of writing, we
have two zones without supervisors and
your needs and those of the company are
not being sufficiently met. We have prob-
lems with tooling, workstations layouts,
defective parts, health and safety con-
cerns, and the failure of having our vaca-
tion requests returned in a timely man-
ner. If you’re encountering problems in
getting the answers you seek from your
supervisor, then don’t be afraid to call
his boss (superintendant or the MPS), as
these are the people who can make the
decisions for your supervisor because
he/she pretty well has no say in the day
to day operations in his/her zone.
   We have seen numerous write-ups in
regards to quality issues. Do not fall vic-
tim to a charge of carelessness because
you have missed work while on the job.

   visit our website!
Page 16 – July – August 2009
                                                       Trim Report
                           Mike                                                                                    scott
                           Nunes                                    and                                           lewis
                          As The Jobs Churn
Management continues to change work            happen or not. That way, all employees                                 causing more turmoil for us. Hey, here’s
elements on jobs throughout the Trim           affected by this phase of reductions can                               an idea: “start Practicing What You
Shop as it aims to achieve its job reduc-      select by seniority and nobody will be                                 Preach! You might like the outcome!”
tion task. We have written about the nego-     missed and put out of line. We appreci-
tiated work allocation process in several      ate your patience as we understand how                                 Summer Vacation
past issues of the Reporter but there still    bothersome it can be not knowing which                                    In closing, we would like to wish
seems to be a lot of confusion surround-       job you will be doing each day.                                        you and your families a safe and great
ing the issue. In order to alleviate some of      The company preaches “stability in                                  summer vacation. We hope the weather
this confusion, we have included a copy        manpower equals quality;” but practices                                cooperates. I (Mike Nunes) would like to
of the Work Allocation Change Process          the exact opposite. We continually discuss                             thank you for electing me a delegate to
Flow Chart as part of our article. That        stabilizing manpower first and getting the                             the CAW Constitutional Convention.
way, the entire membership has a copy          right people on the proper jobs; but it con-                              In Solidarity,
for reference.                                 tinues to change elements and reduce jobs                                 Mike Nunes and scott lewis
   When you are approached by manage-
ment regarding any type of job/element                                             OAKVILLE ASSEMBLY COMPLEX
changes, make sure the process is being                                   WORK ALLOCATION CHANGE PROCESS FLOW CHART
followed. If it’s not; don’t hesitate to                                                                            IE to produce Move sheet (includes input from
                                                                                                                    Zone Supv. MPS/Supt)
contact us to enforce that it is adhered to!
Familiarize yourselves with your O.I.S.                                       IE to modify move sheet
                                                                              if required based on
sheets and follow the process as it is writ-                                  ergonomic issues.                 IE issues move sheet to zone supervisor. Both shifts
                                                                                                                zone supervisors sign move sheet and return to IE.
ten on these sheets. That way any issues
that arise as a result, be they ergonomic,
safety or time standard in nature, can be                                                                     IE completes ergonomic checklist and provides a copy
addressed and resolved without delay.                                                      ERGO               of checklist and signed move sheet to CAW/Company
                                                                                                              Ergonomic Rep.
   In the past, the launch of a new vehicle
took precedent over any job elimination/                                                                                                                               PASSES
manpower reductions and they certainly
                                                                                                                OIS is updated in APT plan. Hard copy is provided
didn’t coincide time wise. This new way                                                                         along with move sheet and ergo sheet to zone
of doing both at the same time is a disas-                                                                      supervisors.

ter waiting to happen. Quality and Pro-
duction have both taken hits as a result.
                                                                                                                Zone Supervisor reviews move sheet and/or updated
Those responsible for making these (let’s                                                                       OIS with affected operators, explaining all changes
                                                                                                                (24 hour notice).
re-invent the wheel) decisions had better
understand that the hourly workforce can
only do the best with what we have to
work with and we will not be blamed for                                                                                        Quality Containment
                                                                                                             Setup/review all delta processes, ECB’s/TGW’s elements
things beyond our control.                                                                                   to department quality inspectors, and/or Control Points,
                                                                                                             and/or EQI operators based on allocation move sheet
Manpower                                                                                           Not
                                                 Allocation change disputed
   Manpower in Trim is pretty bad right          by base operator

now. This is the result of several factors –                                                                 Implement allocation changes on #2 shift (days). Zone
one being the lack of job postings, giving       Zone Supervisor and IE to review entire
                                                                                                             supervisor to review OIS with affected operators. OIS
                                                                                                             hard cop placed in workstation.
employees the opportunity to bid. Until          allocation/method/workstation with
                                                 base operator.
job reductions are complete, this process                                                                                                                                implemented
is limited to classifications only that are
not affected by reductions.                         No issue            Recognized
                                                                        issues                                    Zone supervisors to monitor inspection elements and error
   There are several employees who                                                                                proof (AIS box) on daily basis. Zone supervisor/MPS to
                                                                                                                  provide all affected operators with adequate training.
have already had their jobs reduced and          Start 10 Step
                                                 process                  Make necessary changes
are waiting for an open job list to select                                to settle dispute
from. We are currently waiting for the                                                                                      ALLOCATION CHANGE COMPLETED
last few potential job reductions to either
                                                                                                                                       July – August 2009 – Page 17
                                        Health And Safety Report
                             Cliff                                                                     Emil
                             sampson                                and                              Mesic
                             #3 Shift                                                               #2 Shift

                                Many Challenges
Welcome to the summer that never was.             since the last article. The first visit came     first aid. If you wish to discuss or get a
While we were worried about heat stress,          after a work refusal that went to second         copy of the results, contact our office and
we should have been thinking about fix-           stage and involved job allocation dis-           it will be arranged.
ing the roof. Instead of cold bottled water       agreements based on personal medical
to hand out for heat relief, we had to mop        conditions. This case has gone to the On-        H1N1 Flu Pandemic
the water off the floors and avoid it in our      tario Labour Relations Board. Another               The number of people afflicted by the
work areas. In the area of health and safe-       visit was instigated by an anonymous             H1N1 flu virus grows daily and experts
ty at OAC, there was much to consider.            complaint about a job reduction made             predict a much more virulent version
                                                  in the trim shop. No orders were issued.         coming this fall and winter. Please re-
Injuries, Accidents                               If you have contacted the Ministry of            frain from coming to work if you suspect
And Near Misses                                   labour about an issue, it is usually help-       or know you have the virus and please
   There were quite a number of injuries          ful and recommended that the JH&SC is            wash your hands as often as possible, as
at work, but luckily and thankfully, none         contacted and is involved in the issue.          well as using alcohol based hand sani-
were critical. Falling, tripping, and slipping                                                     tizer between washes, which thankfully
on working surfaces was a major source            Annual Water Testing –                           has now been returned to general stores.
of injury; as were muscle and joint strains       Bulletin 55
from job demanding stresses. There were              The company did not accept our formal         Confined Spaces
rashes, cuts and bruises, and even a con-         recommendation asking for water testing to          There have been a number of situa-
cussion. A worker in the paint facility was       be done this year. (Corporate Safety decid-      tions where certain remote areas are
knocked over and dragged under a vehicle          ed to “skip” the water testing program due       being questioned as to their designation
while crossing the line resulting in only         to cutbacks this year). Our past record of       as a “confined space.” The recent chan-
minor injuries! Near misses with PMHVs            results and the importance of the issue were     ges to the confined space legislation in
and pedestrians were recorded regularly.          not enough to make the company test the          Ontario have caused some confusion.
A contractor even rolled a forklift on its        water. The MOL cannot enforce a company          We at the OAC will still abide by our
side! Again, it was sheer luck that no one        standard and not one complaint came from         CAW-Ford Confined Space process. Gas
was seriously injured or worse. Concrete          anyone about any water fountain within the       fired equipment chambers, welding in
fell from an overhead guard outside of the        plant since the last 707 Reporter. Either the    enclosed areas and tunnels are still to be
courtyard entrance of first aid! We work          water quality is much improved or no one         treated as confined spaces. If you find
in a potentially dangerous environment.           drinks the water anymore.                        that confined space signs have fallen off
Please let us know when a near miss oc-                                                            or been removed, please let us know.
curs so that it does not repeat itself later in   Hygiene And Legionella Tests
a much more disastrous way.                         The annual VO hygiene tests as Le-             Workstation Changes
                                                  gionella tests were conducted in July. If           The launch of the MKT has resulted
Ministry Of Labour                                you were a part of the tests, the results                        Health & Safety Report
  The MOL paid OAC a couple of visits             will be in your personal medical file in                        – Continued on Page 19

   CHANGE Of AddrEss...                                     MOVING?
   Effective Date ____________________________________________________________

   Master No. _____________________Soc. Ins. No. _______________________________

   First Name ____________________________________________Last Name ________________________________________

   Apt. No. __________ Street _______________________________________________________________________________

   City __________________________Prov. __________________ Postal Code _______________________________________

   Tel. No. _______________________________________                      q Active Member q Retired Member q Surviving Spouse
       fill in and return to your steward, Committeeperson, or union Office: local 707 CAW, 475 North service rd. E., Oakville, ON l6H 1A5

Page 18 – July – August 2009
 Health & Safety Report
 ...continued from Page 18

in numerous workstation changes. You             for any reason and receive a restriction that    Safety Fresh Eyes Review. This is a safe-
should always have a good idea re-               disallows you to do your regular job the         ty review by the Master Health & Safety
garding your workstation and allocation          day after your injury, it is counted against     Committee and other safety experts from
changes before they are made. If you             the plant. For this reason, it is extremely      Dearborn. Unfortunately, Ford’s global
find your workstation in disarray, always        important that you report all your injuries      fatality and critical injury statistics are
ask if “safety bought this off” and ask for      immediately once they occur. The more            poor compared to GM and Toyota. The
documentation. There have been instan-           lag time between the injury and reporting        audit is one step in recognizing systemic
ces where the JH&SC was not involved             causes raised eyebrows and potential chal-       safety problems. The results of the audit
in major process and facility changes.           lenges to the restrictions. If you’re injured,   will be discussed in the next edition of
                                                 report it right away to your supervisor and      the 707 Reporter.
Days Away Restricted Time                        first aid. OAC ranks near the bottom of the
(DART)                                           pack in this rate. There are many ways to        New Eye Glass Safety Policy
   The company has now moved on to the           improve this measurable and you will be            As you are aware, the OAC policy
next level of measuring its plant safety         hearing more about this issue in the com-        on safety glasses has changed. We were
performance. The main measurement is no          ing weeks and months.                            never in favour of the mandatory glasses
longer lost time (Ford has always claimed                                                         policy and this one is much more reason-
to have work for almost any restriction) but     Fresh Eyes Review                                able to our members. If you have any
rather restricted time. If you go to first aid     On July 28th, OAC had what is called a         questions, please contact your union rep-
                                                                                                  resentative. Remember, you still must
                                                                                                  wear your safety glasses in designated
                                                                                                  areas in final, chassis, body, during any
                                                                                                  maintenance work, and driving a PMHV
                                                                                                  (with few exceptions). The easement of
                                                                                                  the rules comes while walking through
                                                                                                  walkways of the main plant and paint

                                                                                                  Supervision Accident Reaction
                                                                                                     We are dealing with a serious concern
                                                                                                  regarding supervisor competency. As
                                                                                                  mentioned previously, a worker suffered
                                                                                                  a concussion and the response to his
                                                                                                  injury from his supervisor was not cor-
                                                                                                  rect which resulted in delay of medical
                                                                                                  treatment. We have had several meetings
                                                                                                  with the company on this very serious
                                                                                                  incident and we have also had consulta-
                                                                                                  tions with the Ministry of Labour. At the
                                                                                                  time of writing this report, we believe
                                                                                                  the matter is close to a resolve.

                                                                                                  And Finally...
                                                                                                     The number of calls during the last few
                                                                                                  months has skyrocketed with many calls
                                                                                                  going directly to the health and safety rep-
                                                                                                  resentative without even discussing the
                                                                                                  issues with the supervisor, especially re-
                                                                                                  garding workstation improvements. Please
                                                                                                  let your supervisor know about your safety
                                                                                                  issue immediately and then ask him or
                                                                                                  her for documentation that it is being ad-
                                                                                                  dressed. We attempt to get to every call
                                                                                                  promptly, but the number of calls some-
                                                                                                  times makes it difficult to do so quickly.
                                                                                                     Stay safe and enjoy the rest of the
                                                                                                  summer and we’ll see you in the fall.
                                                                                                     In Solidarity,
                                                                                                     Emil Mesic, Cliff sampson,
                                                                                                     Mike Gibson and todd Caird
                                                                                                            July – August 2009 – Page 19
                                707 Retirees’ Chapter Report
                                           By Charlie Goode, Chairperson

          Protect Pensions
  I would like to wish everyone a safe and happy summer. See             The CAW retirees have made 19
  you in the fall. The retiree meetings will resume September         recommendations to the Ontario
  16, 2009.                                                           Minister of Finance for the annual
     At the time of writing this report, there is no bargaining in    valuation of pension funds, for the
  process, but I assume we will end up with something similar         first claim on assets of bankruptcy,
  to the GM agreement.                                                and to increase the guaranteed benefit to $2,500 and endorse
     We have several important conferences this summer. The           a national pharmaceutical strategy.
  United Senior Citizens of Ontario conference is in August. In          An informative article was published by The Chronicle
  September, the CAW Retiree Conference and that of the Can-          Herald on March 12, 2009. Please read on for its review.
  adian Union of Retirees and National Pensioners take place.

     Ottawa Must Protect Pensions                                     recently attacked the pension rights of auto workers in the
     By Ken Georgetti,                                                business press. He does so while sitting on a pension of
     President of the Canadian labour Congress:                       $1.8 million a year that EnCana estimated in 2007 would
        The global economy is in its deepest downturn since           cost $26.5 million to fund.
     the 1930s. We have lost hundreds of thousands of good               Canadian pensions are truly at a crossroads. Where
     family-supporting jobs in the past few months alone, and         we go next depends on the pension values that influence
     the retirement security of millions of Canadians has been        decision-makers.
     put at risk.                                                        It is now Ottawa’s turn to answer an age-old question
        The federal government has announced a review of              in pension policy: Do we move forward together or will
     the private pension plans under its jurisdiction and the         the government force everyone to fend for themselves?
     Finance Department is holding a public consultation in              For the last two decades at least, the second set of val-
     Halifax on March 17.                                             ues has won out on Parliament Hill.
        Workers plan to be there to voice their concerns and on          This hasn’t always been true. The Canada Pension
     behalf of the 3.2 million workers represented by the Can-        Plan, Old Age Security and adequate workplace pensions
     adian Labour Congress, I am calling on Ottawa to respond         are a reminder of what’s possible when Canadians move
     to our pension crisis quickly and in a determined way.           forward together.
        There is a long tradition in Canada of our governments           The Canadian Labour Congress is calling upon the fed-
     undertaking reviews of our patchwork system of pension           eral government to enhance coverage of public pensions
     regulations. This latest federal effort follows quickly on the   in order to reduce our reliance on speculative financial
     heels of expert panel reviews of pensions in Ontario, Nova       markets for economic security.
     Scotia, British Columbia and Alberta. No less than 20 such          We also want a national pension insurance fund to en-
     reviews have taken place in the past three decades.              sure that pension plans aren’t collateral damage when
        Typically, these reviews agree that our pension system        employers go bankrupt or when the financial industry
     needs work, that serious reforms are required and that too       sells defective investment products.
     many Canadians are ill-prepared for retirement. Studies             We believe that these proposals will ensure that Can-
     are done, submitted, filed, then promptly forgotten.             adians enjoy the secure pensions that they have worked
        The tiniest of reforms are celebrated as breakthroughs,       so hard to achieve, and which will allow them to retire
     while the heavy work that would really guarantee Can-            with dignity.
     adians dignity in their retirement years is left undone.            If we allow a select few to hoard the pension wealth,
        Today, this defective process cannot be justified. Can-       and allow more Canadians to fall through the cracks, the
     ada’s seniors and soon-to-be retirees have suffered major        consequences will be dire for many of our nation’s cit-
     losses and are terrified to open their pension statements.       izens.
        Too many seniors – particularly single women, First              Decision-makers in Ottawa must embrace the right
     Nations, recent immigrants, and seniors with disabilities        pension values. They can be sure that workers will be de-
     – continue to struggle on low incomes.                           manding they do so.
        Too many workers, particularly those in the low-wage
     service sector, can barely make ends meet now, let alone           Dates To Remember
     save for their retirement.                                         September 16, 2009 Retirees’ Membership Meeting
        Those at the top of the economic heap tell workers              October 21, 2009   Retirees’ Membership Meeting
     with decent pensions to expect less, while demanding for             In Solidarity,
     themselves nothing less than gold-plated plans.                      Charlie Goode
        For example, Gwyn Morgan, the former EnCana CEO,

Page 20 – July – August 2009
                RETIRED WORKERS’

                             Computer Basics
➢ Have you recently retired and would like to use some
    new-found spare time learning how to access infor-                          Dates For Computer Basics,
    mation from the website of Local 707 or the CAW?
➢ Are you new to computers and want to be comfortable                            Email & Internet Courses
    using your home computer?                                               Every tuesday and thursday for 4 weeks
➢ Do you want your own email address and want to be
    able to use it anywhere?                                          A     sept. 08 – Oct. 01, 2009     8:30 am – 11:30 am    mornings or
   If so, this course is for you! You will learn about the
internet and how to set up an email account and send in-               B    sept. 08 – Oct. 01, 2009     12:30 pm – 3:30 pm    afternoons
formation over the internet. You will also learn how to
find any information or news on different websites.                    C    Oct. 20 – Nov. 12, 2009      8:30 am – 11:30 am    mornings or
   The course is free of charge and retired members and
                                                                       d    Oct. 20 – Nov. 12, 2009      12:30 pm – 3:30 pm    afternoons
their spouses are eligible. For further information, con-
tact Dawn Walker at (905) 333-3499 ext. 231 or CAW                     E    Nov. 17 – dec. 10, 2009      8:30 am – 11:30 am    mornings or
National Coordinator, Dean Lindsay at 1 (800) 268-5763
ext. 791 or to register, please sign the form below and                f    Nov. 17 – dec. 10, 2009      12:30 pm – 3:30 pm    afternoons
submit it via fax or to the Union Hall.

                         CAW Retired Workers Computer Training
                                REGIsTRATION FORm
 Name: _______________________________________________________ Master #: ______________ Local #:___________

 Address:______________________________________________________ City: ____________________________________

 City: _______________________________________________ Province: _____________ Postal Code: ___________________

 Phone _____________________________________________ Email: _____________________________________________

      Please register me for:                 q    A      q   B         q   C          q   D            q   E        q   F        q   G
           Form to be faxed to (905) 634-2775 – Burlington Training Location or call Dawn at (905) 333-3499 ext. 231.

                  HALTON HEARING CENTRE
                  Sound Hearing Solutions
                                                                                                       Telephone: 905-849-7560

                                                       Offers CAW LOCAL 707 Union Members Hearing Services
   SERVICES WE PROVIDE:                                      Conveniently Located in Downtown Oakville
   c Complete Hearing Tests
   c Hearing Aids, Repairs, Batteries &                  c Complete Hearing Tests at no cost to you with a referral
     Accessories                                           from a Physician. Visit our website to print a referral form
   c Custom-molded Hearing Protection                      from home!
   277 Lakeshore Rd. East • Suite 306                    c Registered Greenshield Provider with Direct Billing
   Oakville, ON                                            Provided
   (at Trafalgar Rd. in the Royal Bank Building)

                                                                                                                July – August 2009 – Page 21
   A Message to CAW Members
         at Ford Canada
Dear Brothers and Sisters;

W     e have endured an incredible crisis this year
      in the North American auto industry. Due to
the global financial melt-down, and the freeze-up of
credit conditions, auto sales collapsed. North America
was hit harder than anywhere else. Sales dropped as
much as 40 per-cent – worse than any other time in
Parts-makers and dealers went bankrupt by the
dozens. GM and Chrysler would have collapsed, too,
without emergency financial assistance from the U.S.
and Canadian governments.
As you know, the CAW was required by governments
                                                        Active and retired workers, (including those from Ford) gathered
as a condition of that assistance to renegotiate our from across the province to rally at Queen’s Park on April 23,
existing contracts. The resulting changes were painful, demanding greater retirement security for all citizens.
but we fought back and achieved some important
successes too: no cuts to base wages, no cuts in our
pensions, and most of our core benefits were preserved. Given what we were dealing with, we held the line very well.
The agreements were strongly ratified by our members; by 87 percent at Chrysler and 86 percent at GM.
What about Ford? The company is clearly surviving better than GM and Chrysler – partly through smart decisions,
partly through sheer luck. Ford’s new leadership borrowed heavily in 2006 and 2007 to build up a war chest to finance
restructuring. Their timing couldn’t have been better: they accessed this credit just before the financial crisis hit and
new lending ground to a halt. Ford’s new models have been popular. And to some extent, Ford has benefited from the
problems at GM and Chrysler, capturing customers worried about the bankruptcy of the other companies.
We shouldn’t kid ourselves about Ford’s situation. It is not as desperate as GM or Chrysler but it is very fragile all the
same. Ford has lost money every year since 2005, losses totaling over $30 billion. It is bleeding cash heavily this year
because of the recession. Its sales and production volumes in North America have been cut almost in half. Its debt
is huge. It has massive excess capacity; in fact, Ford could produce its current output from half of its existing North
American plants.
For us in Canada, the challenge is even worse. The rise in the Canadian dollar makes us look more expensive than in
the past (when our dollar was lower). UAW contract changes at Ford (including a two-tier wage system, consolidation
of classifications, and the new VEBA fund for retiree health care) have reduced their hourly labour costs well below
ours. Ford has cut its Canadian operations more than in half in recent years. Now it is telling us, in essence, that it will
downsize even further (possibly even leaving Canada altogether) unless its costs here are reduced.
The pattern bargaining system has worked very well for Canadian autoworkers in the past. Setting a “level playing
field” in labour costs allows the companies to fight it out on other grounds (like design and quality), rather than pitting
worker against worker. We would put CAW members at Ford at a disadvantage compared to those at other companies
and compared to Ford workers in the U.S., if we did not recognize the changes that have occurred everywhere else in
the Big Three’s operations in North America.
After careful discussion with local CAW leaders in every Ford location, we have decided to open contract talks with Ford
this fall. We will discuss various cost savings with Ford, in line with the pattern agreement that has been established at
GM and Chrysler. We will not consider any changes in base wages or pensions. We will also discuss the new Health Care
Trust which has been implemented at GM and Chrysler, where we get up-front cash to support the future payment
Page 22 – July – August 2009
of retiree benefits (much like a pension fund) even if
the employer were to go bankrupt.
If we cannot reach an agreement with Ford, (including
on all local issues) then our existing contract will
remain in place (running until 2011). This may seem
like it “avoids” the problem, but that’s not really true.
We would immediately face an enormous risk of
Ford shifting its future investments (including future
vehicle plat-forms) from Canadian plants to the U.S.
and other countries. So we are intent on reaching
a satisfactory agreement with Ford, but not at any
price and of course, any changes must be ratified by
the members.
In return for new contracts, both GM and Chrysler The “Give Flaherty the Boot” campaign was started by Ford workers
made long-run commitments to a proportional at Local 200 in Windsor and gained momentum across the province
                                                           of Ontario, collecting thousands of old boots from laid-off workers.
Canadian manufacturing foot-print that will secure
their Canadian plants (and Canadian jobs) well past
the collective agreement. We have made it clear to Ford that they must make a similar footprint commitment to
Canada as a condition of our contract talks. The situation at St. Thomas is especially challenging, and we are working
furiously to try to identify alternative products (even in partnership with other companies) for that loca-tion. But future
investments must also be guaranteed at Oakville, Windsor, and Brampton if these contract talks are to be successful.
We were as angry as you over Ford’s actions concerning the $1700 vacation bonus. Ford was contractually obligated
under our collective agreement to make that payment. Ford tried to hold the $1700 “hostage” to force us into contract
talks. Your national and local union representatives fought back against that insulting action and the $1700 will be paid
as announced. We will not engage in any contract talks with Ford until the $1700 is paid.
These are worrisome times. We are frustrated and angry that workers are being blamed for an economic crisis that we
didn’t cause. It was speculators and bankers who caused this crisis, not workers but we still have a responsibility to
make the best of a bad situation. That means doing everything we can to protect our future job prospects, our wages,
and our pensions.
On July 6, 2009 top Ford officials including Joe Hinrichs, VP of Manufacturing gave a presentation to the CAW Ford
leadership from all locations. His presentation outlined details in key areas including; market share, projections on sales
in Canada and the U.S., product development and the financial status of the company. Following Ford’s presentation,
CAW President Ken Lewenza led the group in discussion, concerning the state of Ford. Each location then held internal
discussions concerning the decision whether or not to go into bargaining with Ford.
All locations were unanimous that we commence discussions with Ford after our members receive the $1700 vacation
bonus that was held back by Ford. The Master Bargaining Committee will commence discussions with Ford the week
of September 8, 2009. We will keep you informed and updated as we move through these difficult challenges.
We will keep you informed as bargaining progresses. Stay tuned for updates and please support your union, as we try
to get the best deal possible.
In solidarity,
                  Ken Lewenza                                 Jim O’Neil                              Mike Vince
                 National President                   National Secretary-Treasurer        Chair Master Bargaining Committee
                                                                                               President, CAW Local 200

                   Gary Beck                                Dennis McGee                             Scott Smith
            President, CAW Local 707                   President, CAW Local 1520             Chairperson, CAW Local 1520

               Scott McColeman                            Dave Champagne                              Kim Clout
           Chairperson, CAW Local 707                  President, CAW Local 584               Chairperson, CAW Local 584

          Jeff Vilag                        Chris Moynahan                      Tim Little               Darby McCloskey
  Chairperson, CAW Local 200           Chairperson, CAW Local 200       Chairperson CAW Local 200    Chairperson, CAW Local 200
                                                                                                    July – August 2009 – Page 23
   This photo was previously identified incorrectly. We apologize for the
error. Receiving his retirement watch is Gus Koutalos, who is accompanied              ● FOOT DISORDERS
    by Recording Secretary Dave Millar on his right, and on his left by
                Vice President Ron Balazs and Jenna Balazs.                            ● CUSTOM FOOTWEAR
                                                                                       ● CUSTOM ORTHOTICS
                                                   George Blair
                                                                                       ● SPORTS INJURIES
                                                   (L) receives his                  ● ARTHRITIC/DIABETIC
                                                   retirement watch
                                                   from Vice President,
                                                                                     ● PROBLEMS
                                                   Ron Balazs.
                                                   Congratulations and
                                                                                    ● HEEL & ARCH PAIN
                                                   best wishes, George.             ● CORNS, CALLUSES,
                                                                                    ● NAIL TREATMENT
                                                                            Services for custom-made Orthotics
                                                                            (arch supports) can be billed direct
                                                     Rudy Esteban (R)                 to Green Shield.
                                                    receives the golden     No physician’s referral is necessary.
                                                      handshake from          Green Shield Preferred Provider
                                                    Vice President, Ron
                                                      Balazs. We wish
                                                      you well in your
                                                     retirement Rudy.

                                                   Domenic Rizzuto
                                                   is accompanied
                                                   by President,
                                                   Gary Beck (L) and
                                                   Vice President,
                                                   Ron Balazs, who
                                                   wish him a happy

                                                   Leonardo Furiato (R)
                                                   gets his retirement
                                                   clock from Vice
                                                   President, Ron
                                                   Balazs. Many
                                                   happy and healthy
                                                   retirement years are
                                                   wished him.

Page 24 – July – August 2009
   Retirees’ Recreation
              By val Bodiroga
The Retirees’ Dinner/Dance held jointly with our Honour
Roll takes place on Saturday, November 07, 2009. Tick-
ets are already on sale at the Union Hall at a rate of $10
each for Local 707 retired members and $20 each for all
others. Please arrange to purchase them early as they go
quickly and will not be sold at the door.
   Remember also that the union offices will be experi-
encing the summer shutdown the weeks commencing
August 10th and ending Sunday, August 23rd and tickets
cannot be purchased at that time.
   In solidarity,
   val Bodiroga

         Stan Wojnarowicz displays his retirement clock as
   President, Gary Beck (L) and Recording Secretary, Dave Millar   ● on site specialists; including oral surgeon and periodontist
                congratulate him. Best wishes, Stan!               ● effective programs for the prevention of dental disease
                                                                   ● up to date restorative options, including dental implants
                                                                   ● removal of teeth under sedation
                                                                   ● the ability to improve the appearance of any smile 
                                                                   ● one hour tooth whitening

                                                                   Located on Lakeshore Road, just south of the QEW, our office
                                                                   is just minutes from anywhere in the Burlington-Oakville area
                                                                   and free parking is plentiful.
                                                                                                      To work with your busy
                                                                                                      schedule, we are happy to offer
                                                                                                      extended appointment hours,
                                                                                                      including Saturdays.
                                                                                                      We will assist you with
                                                                                                      processing your insurance claim.
                                                                                                        2441 Lakeshore Rd. W., Ste. 27
                                                                                                        Oakville, Ontario L6L 5V5
    Mike Cerulli shows off his retirement watch. Mike is wished
   a happy and healthy retirement by Vice President, Ron Balazs                 905-825-1102
          and Financial Secretary, Nadia Anton-Collins.
                                                                                                       July – August 2009 – Page 25
  We Shall Remember
  Name                         Master   status      date
  Diego Bruno                  16179    Retired     May 2009
  Bernard Ayres                09032    Retired     May 12, 2009
  Ludvig Brisevac              04970    Retired     May 15, 2009
  J. Tomaszewicz               03528    Retired     May 20, 2009
  George Wilson                01468    Retired     May 21, 2009
  Bud Daikens                  012997   Retired     May 22, 2009
  E. Reimanis                  01920    Retired     May 30, 2009
  R. Biglow                    13564    Retired     June 04, 2009
  Frank Lavicka                06370    Retired     June 05, 2009
  Ross Durham                  02510    Retired     June 10, 2009
  Bruce Woitak                 04191    Retired     June 14, 2009
  Giovanni Alba                09667    Retired     June 15, 2009
  Mario Masciangelo            06305    Retired     June 19, 2009
  Mate Bogoje                  09476    Retired     June 21, 2009
  Carl Romanica                03202    Retired     June 23, 2009
  Ruth Green                   12764    Retired     June 25, 2009
  Wyman Wagner                 15890    Retired     June 25, 2009
  Colin Rotar                  09923    Retired     June 28, 2009
  Evan Campbell                09543    Retired     July 05, 2009
  Jonas Vaina                  04905    Retired     July 05, 2009
  John Burris                  00323    Retired     July 12, 2009
  Daniel Cunningham            04486    Retired     July 13, 2009
  Eric Shaw                    14064    Retired     July 19, 2009
  Ansti Peterson               05303    Retired     July 24, 2009

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Page 26 – July – August 2009
       OF SHAME
 WALL Ken robertson
                                                                  Toll Free Numbers
                                                                   To Keep Handy
                                                                        local 707 Office
                 Shame on                                                Local Calling Area
                                   spending $3 m
                                                  illion                   905-844-9451
                  vernment for                                                  Fax
  the federal go                            listeriosis
                             report on the                                 905-844-0027
   of publ ic money for a                          dress
                                   that fails to ad
                   tailed report
  o utbreak – a de                          rs are needed
                           w many inspecto
who was   responsible, ho                           ld feel        CAW National Office
                                    anada, we shou
                     sparency. in c                               (from 905/519/613/705 calling
an d greater tran                           l government
                           y and the federa                                   areas)
safe with  the food we bu                          reak of               1-800-268-5763
                                    s that an outb
                     ty to canadian
 ha s a responsibili                          happen again.            Local Calling Area
                              people will not
listerios is that killed 22                                               416-497-4110

                          Shame on                                          W.s.I.B.
                                                                          Hamilton Office
           the   ontario lotteryand gaming associatio                     1-800-263-8488
            for publishing photos                                        Local Calling Area
                                    of a winner and his
            residence in local pap
                                   ers. this is a safety                   905-523-1800
              issue for winners and
                                      their families.
                                                                  Green shield Enquiries
                Shame on                                               CAW legal service
                        s for stopping the eh
 the provincial liberal                                                   1-800-465-9701
                                  liberals don’t need
probe. it appears mcguinty’s                                             Local Calling Area
the abuse of tax payers
                         ’ dollars being made public.                      905-842-3101
                                                                            Call Collect
                     Shame on                                                   Fax
 the federal conservatives and liberals for playing
politics with   ei   reform while thousands of   canadians
 are losing their jobs through no fault of their own.
                                                                         Credit union
                                                                        Oakville Office
 harper   and   ignatieff   should get layoff notices and        905-845-3441 / 1-877-894-6625
    then be told they were ineligible for benefits!                     Brampton Office
                                                                 905-790-0344 / 1-877-889-4662

                THE FORD/CAW
                for help or information (confidential)
             Contact:                                                           IT’S
             In the Plant: 845-2511 Ext. 3277 Union Office: 844-9451           YOuR
             Bob scott, CAW Representative                                    CHOICE
             Cell: 905-467-3008
                                                                         July – August 2009 – Page 27
            Income Security Fund
                            Benefit Representative’s Report
                                                                      By Mark sciberras
As part of this Local 707 leadership, it is my responsibility to        When the Detroit Three CAW
share my knowledge and express my thoughts on what I feel            leadership met in Toronto on Feb-
may be our most important set of negotiations ever. While this       ruary 17th, 2009, we were told by
should be old news to anyone who has kept informed through           National Benefit Representative
our 707 Reporter, CAW websites, general and special mem-             Sym Gill that the CAW-Ford Motor
bership meetings, it is worth repeating as these possible chan-      Company Income Security Fund was
ges represent a significant impact to our plan and how we will       estimated on January 31, 2009 to be
view our benefits in the future. While every negotiation with        at approximately $92 million. When
the Detroit Three is unique, if we are to strike a similar pattern   I heard this, my jaw dropped. This fund has to last the life of
to that of General Motors and Chrysler, key changes we could         the three year agreement and in five months, we had burned
see to our agreement would be as follows:                            through more than half and based on my own estimates on
c Monthly healthcare co-pay contributions                            what has been and will be paid out of the Income Security
c Higher co-pays to dental, drug plan, and long term care            Fund, I could see the maximum liability on the fund being met
   benefits                                                          as early as the spring of 2010. That would mean no more SUB
c A reduced dependent scholarship tuition allowance                  benefits, no short work week benefits when we go home ear-
c The elimination of semi-private                                                                 lier, no retirement allowances, STEP
   coverage and reimbursement                                                                     programs, etc...
   for Employment Insurance claw                  That would mean                                    This has happened before, in the
   backs                                                                                          early 1980s, and it can happen again.
c Development of a healthcare trust            no more SUB benefits,                              Ask some senior members who
   to provide retiree healthcare bene-
   fits in the future
                                            no short work week benefits                           went through the experience when
                                                                                                  they were indefinitely laid off with
c No pension COLA increases dur-             when we go home earlier,                             no Supplemental Unemployment
   ing the life of the agreement                                                                  Benefits. They have given me some
c Increases to the Income Security           no retirement allowances,                            vivid accounts. However, in the
   Fund to reflect the extension of
   the agreement to 2012
                                               STEP programs, etc...                              early 1980s, it may have been easier
                                                                                                  to find what was considered similar
   I would like to focus on the last                                                              wages and work than it is today.
bullet – the Income Security Fund, which is a dry fund that             Some good news in all this is that by going into 2009 nego-
in September 2008 had a maximum liability of approximately           tiations, the CAW National Union had been able to increase the
$198 million. It is a fund that provides all CAW hourly Ford         maximum liability to reflect the extension of the agreement to
Motor Company Canada employees with Supplement Un-                   2012 at General Motors and Chrysler which aided their mem-
employment Benefits (SUB), short work week benefits, re-             berships and eased the pressure on the Income Security Fund
imbursement for Employment Insurance claw backs, Income              in hopes that the economy would turn around at the tail end
Maintenance Benefits (IMP), retirement allowances (including         of the agreement and demands on the Income Security Fund
$35,000 car voucher), Special Termination of Employment              would ease. Going into negotiations at this time would afford
Plan (STEP) for the three year term of the agreement which           us the same opportunity and extend the maximum liability on
ends September 2011.                                                 this fund. This should be something further to consider when
   As of late, the Income Security Fund has played a critical        you cast a vote at any ratification.
part in all our lives as it provided when added to Employ-              This is only one of the many reasons all your local’s leader-
ment Insurance a top up to ensure we receive 65 per cent of          ship and the National Union feel that it is imperative that we go
our weekly 40-hour straight time pay during temporary lay-           into negotiations now and not wait until 2011 when the fate of
off from September 2008 to June 2009 and for the 64 mem-             our plant will already have been determined and future product
bers still on indefinite layoffs. The Income Security Fund was       will have been swallowed by hungry UAW Ford Motor Com-
depleted greatly in late 2008 and early 2009 due to the thou-        pany assembly plants that have already given concessions des-
sand plus members in Oakville and Windsor that took either           perate to fill half-idled plants. Remember we have no commit-
an early retirement through the $70,000 retirement allowance         ments to keep production in Canada similar to General Motors
plus the $35,000 car voucher program or the STEP $25,000 to          and Chrysler. Yes, these are desperate times. Yes, we are in a
$100,000. The fund is used to pay short work week benefits           race to the bottom and we should not believe that we can just
reimbursements for Employment Insurance claw backs which             come to work, do our jobs, and go home and that the global
have also contributed to the cash burn.                              economy and current recession would impact other people, but
   After reading the above, the question you should ask is,          not us.
“How much is left of the approximately $198 million that was            This set of pending negotiations will be sombre ones about
in the Income Security Fund that has to last throughout our          our survival, taking one step back to take two steps forward
current three year contract?”                                              Benefit Representative’s Report – Continued on Page 29
Page 28 – July – August 2009
Benefit Representative’s Report
...continued from Page 29

another day. Like many of you, I have a family and chil-          cine, but less access to it.
dren. These concessions will hurt, but this is the unfortunate       To fix the root cause of the problem, we must first reach
situation we are in. It’s not going to go away if we say no       out to other trade unions (teachers, public service employees,
to any concessions. Negotiations however will afford us the       construction, steel workers, etc.) and find common ground,
possibility of a future if we can establish a commitment to       e.g. free trade vs. fair trade. There are those in our nation
a production footprint in Canada similar to that of General       who seem to be forgotten by our governments; those who
Motors and Chrysler.                                              do not have a voice or union, who are struggling to provide
   When it comes time to ratify an                                                       their basic needs for their families on
agreement, don’t let others decide                                                       minimum wage and who have been
your future for you. When required,               This is where                          left feeling tired and beaten. We must
come out and vote, listen to your                                                        give them a voice and let them know
Bargaining Committee with open                   we must fight for                       that their struggle truly is our struggle.
minds and make a responsible deci-
sion. When you cast your vote, think
                                                what is right for all.                   Then we must support a government
                                                                                         that supports and listens to the needs
not only about yourself but the broth-                                                   of its people; not the needs of the very
ers and sisters you work with and their families. If we can       few ultra-rich or multinational corporations.
honestly do that, then we will have all taken a leadership           This is where we must fight for what is right for all. We
position.                                                         can’t sit back expecting our government officials and cor-
   As important as this set of negotiations will be, it is only   porate leaders to work it all out for us because it won’t hap-
a band-aid for a problem which goes far beyond our Local          pen; as they will have their best interests at heart, not ours.
and National Unions. The problems we face today are the           If we want them to listen, it requires action by each and
same that have been slowly creeping up on all workers in          every one of us. We can no longer be silent in matters of
Canada (unionized or otherwise) for the past 25 years. We         social and economic injustice, for if we do, one day there
have faced unfair trade, downsizing, more work. Less vaca-        may not be any band aid solutions left.
tion, more stress, less quality time with friends and family,        Fraternally,
more bills, but less wages and opportunities, more medi-             Mark sciberras

                                                                                                Since 1984, Dr.Vineet Bhandari
                                                                                                 has been providing top quality

                                                                                                 dental care in a friendly, caring
                                                                                                  environment with his team of
                                                                                              dental professionals. Dr. Bhandari
                                                                                              provides cosmetic and preventive
                                                                                                dental treatments and helps his
  Creating Award Winning Smiles                                                                    patients to achieve optimum
                                                                                                                   dental health.
            Since 1984.
  BEFORE	                         AFTER
                                                                                                Dr. Vineet Bhandari
                                                                                                             BSc, DIH, DDS
                                                                                                          Cosmetic Dentistry

  BEFORE	                         AFTER                                                                Monday-Friday, 9-5pm
                                                                                                              Tuesday, 9-8pm
                                                                                                   105 Main St. East, Ste. 1106
  BEFORE	                         AFTER
                                                                                                        We deal directly with
                                                                                                        the insurance company
                                                                                                        We have a periodontist on site,
                                                                                                        all cleanings 100% covered

                                                                                                    July – August 2009 – Page 29
                                                    Collective Bargaining
                                                                                By Bob scott
               Job Or No Job?
Yes brothers and sisters, it sounds like     acceptance even after being forced back     negotiations.
the saying from Howie Mandel’s famous        to the bargaining table by the govern-      We all under-
game show. The question is: Do we want       ment that told the CAW that we did not      stood that in
to play the game? Over the past couple of    do enough to keep the companies viable      order to save
years we have sat back and watched the       to remain operating in Canada at a com-     our jobs in Canada, we must at least es-
automotive industry in Canada plummet        petitive level.                             tablish the same footprint that GM and
to a devastating state. With no auto pact       On July 06, 2009 and July 07, 2009,      Chrysler have negotiated in this coun-
in place and the Canadian government         the entire CAW/Ford leadership and the      try.
doing little or nothing at all to stop un-   CAW/Ford National Representatives              At the special membership meeting
fair trade, allowing foreign automakers      along with our National President, Ken      held July 19, 2009, many of our mem-
to bring as many vehicles into our coun-     Lewenza met in Windsor to attend a          bers had an opportunity to express their
try as they choose, we, Canadians have       presentation by Joe Hinrichs, V.P. North    views and concerns about our future roll
been left at a huge disadvantage. Ford       American Manufacturing and Labour           in the auto sector. Although most of the
Canada alone has only roughly 6,000                                                           people who took the microphone to
employees remaining in this country                                                           voice their opinions were not happy
with the St. Thomas Assembly Plant
scheduled to close its doors in 2011.
                                                      He claimed                              that the government once again was
                                                                                              placing the blame for the economic
   Due to the global economic down-                 that he had no                            crisis and mismanagement of the
turn which has resulted in a major                                                            companies on the working class rath-
recession in most countries and crip-              carrot to dangle                           er than where the blame belonged,
pled the United States, many com-
panies have gone bankrupt. Every
                                                   and held no gun                            they all understood that the union’s
                                                                                              position was to save our jobs.
one of us in the auto industry has                   to our heads.                               Our membership has been kept
been affected by this crisis; some                                                            well informed about the current state
feeling the pinch more than others.                   The choice                              of the auto industry. For more than
GM and Chrysler received govern-
ment bailouts and due to this, the
                                                    is entirely that                          a year, Gary Beck has provided this
                                                                                              membership at its monthly meetings
Canadian Auto Workers’ Union was               of the CAW members.                            with whatever updated information
forced by the government to open                                                              he has been given on the situation
the collective agreements with these                                                          around the auto industry. Each and
companies and take major concessions.        Affairs. Hinrichs simply presented us       every member has the right and respon-
The CAW argued and fought every step         with facts and figures on the financial     sibility to attend these meetings to keep
of the way demanding that our members        state of the Ford Motor Company and         informed.
should not have to give concessions for      explained that the Ford Motor Company          Remember brothers and sisters that
something that we did not cause. We          was at a huge disadvantage in Canada        we elect a leadership to lead; not to pay
argued and rallied our members for no        due to the concessions given to GM and      lip service and we elected a bargaining
concessions but in the end, the govern-      Chrysler by the CAW and the financial       council to negotiate the best possible
ments of the United States and Canada        aid given by the government. He asked       agreement it can on our behalf. As I said
played hardball and left us with no al-      that we agree to pattern bargaining to      at the July 19, 2009 membership meet-
ternative but to negotiate with the com-     keep the company at a fair and competi-     ing, “As an elected leader of this union,
panies and the government.                   tive level in Canada. He claimed that he    I have a sworn duty to represent you,
   The CAW still stood firm in the fact      had no carrot to dangle and held no gun     the membership of this local union as a
that we would not bargain away our base      to our heads. The choice is entirely that   whole. My personal opinions come last.
rate, core benefits, or pensions. Again,     of the CAW members.                         I stand in support of entering into nego-
the government decided to play hard-            After Joe Hinrichs and company left,     tiations with the Ford Motor Company
ball and told us there was no pension        Ken Lewenza conducted an open forum         to preserve our jobs in Oakville because
money for autoworkers in Canada; but         for the leadership to have all our ques-    that is what I was elected to do. I encour-
the union remained strong by rallying        tions answered. He told the leadership      age you to let your bargaining team ne-
our members at Queen’s Park to send a        that this is what we are elected for. To-   gotiate what it has to say and base your
loud message to the government.              day is the day to stand up and state that   votes on facts not rumours. Ask yourself
   GM and Chrysler members under-            you are opposed to enter into bargaining    if this is really the best time to draw our
stood that they would not have jobs in       with the Ford Motor Company and             line in the sand?”
Canada if they did not make conces-          present your arguments and alternatives        In Solidarity,
sions. Both of these companies ratified      to this leadership. Not one member of          Bob scott
their collective agreements with a high      the leadership spoke against going into
Page 30 – July – August 2009
                   Union In Politics Committee Report
                                                                            By Iain fleming
             A Good Time,
            Not A Long Time
As emotions run high in our local union over the perceived like-    for auto companies to produce within
lihood of a patterned collective agreement reaching our Ford        Canada and it is assured that our present Harper government
National Bargaining Unit, many opinions have surfaced over          would be content to sit back with economic data pointing to an
whether this is an appropriate direction for the CAW to embark      “up” tick (GDP is being used as psycho-political propaganda
on. A counter resistance within our local’s rank and file mem-      engineered to gain confidence from Canadian voters while at
bers has reached our monthly meetings. To be clear, it is in my     the same time our manufacturing sector continues to be bat-
opinion important for our membership to be able to express its      tered and hundreds of thousands of full time jobs continue to
concerns freely and without fear of condemnation or retribu-        vanish) and shrug at this possible prospect while simultaneous-
tion. Our local membership is a reflection of our social divers-    ly allowing continued free access to our domestic auto markets.
ity, representative of individual values and expectations, a core   Though this is certainly a disgrace, it seems that via popular
foundation of strength within our union and thus the assurance      public consent at this point, it is the unionized autoworkers
of accountability of our elected leadership.                        who are brethren to society and our economic contributions do
   Having full voting privil-                                                                          not appear to deserve past due
eges at both the national and         It is important for us all to remember that                      recognition or recent financial
local levels of the CAW, this is                                                                       contributions from the pub-
the way I see it. There appears      we still maintain the best and highest paid lic purse. In other words, the
to be some debate amongst our              manufacturing jobs in North America                         stage is set for a mass exodus
members that the Ford Motor                                                                            of the U.S. auto industry from
Company is still viable at this             enabling us to continue our current                        Canada without possibility of a
juncture and that enough was                     individual standards of living                        major political backlash at the
given last year to ensure on-                                                                          polls.
going investments here in Oakville. Unfortunately, the events          Looking at the agreements reached with Chrysler and Gener-
that have transpired south of the border with demands first         al Motors, we note that some concessions were made. However,
made by the Bush administration and then echoed by that of          even with these changes, it is important for us all to remember
Obama’s with respect to labour costs being comparable to those      that we still maintain the best and highest paid manufacturing
of non-unionized foreign transplants in the U.S. has left a lop-    jobs in North America enabling us to continue our current indi-
sided labour market in terms of labour costs leaving Canadian       vidual standards of living. All in all, I was astounded that the
operations now at a competitive disadvantage. This co-relation      CAW, under the leadership of Brother Ken lewenza was
is true even when comparing the newly ratified labour costs of      able to uphold the core wages, benefits and pension pack-
the Ford UAW workforce to that of the Ford CAW. Realistically,      ages including retention of the “30 and out” provision under
we as a union must ensure that our Canadian operations main-        the auspices surrounding the last round of bargaining with
tain a competitive advantage both in monetary as well as pro-       GM, Chrysler, as well as our own government.
ductive terms to guarantee future viability; for without this, we      Last May, when the membership of Local 707 voted against
are sure to lose investment, not gain it. In our current globalized the proposed concessions, many in the leadership felt that our
economy, there are absolutely no guarantees or requirements         membership was lost in disillusion of entitlement. However, I
                                                                    was proud of our local membership for attempting to uphold
                                                                    our ancestors’ long-fought gains as the severity of the approach-
                                                                    ing crisis was not yet clear to most. However, at this point in
                                                                    time, I argue that most do understand the severity and necessity
                                                                    of implementing an appropriate response. With the unanimous
                                                                    support of the Union in Politics Committee, I feel it is in our
                                                                    best interest to vote on the side of responsibility and realization
                                                                    of political reality of today’s economic climate by supporting
                                                                    our National and Master Bargaining Committee’s upcoming
                                                                    recommendations. In so doing, we will have done our part to
                                                                    ensure that Ford does not have its silver bullet to pull out of
                                                                    Canada by blaming the stubborn unions instead of the morbid
                                                                    reality of the current corporate philosophy that puts profits be-
                                                                    fore people and social responsibility.
                                                                       Until next time,
                                                                       Iain fleming
                                                                       Feel free to email me at
                                                                                                       July – August 2009 – Page 31
                                                          WSIB Report
                             “A” Shift                                                           “B” Shift
                             Ian                                       and                          Chris
                             Parry                                                              Mcdougall

                              Stumbling Blocks
Sisters and Brothers:                               (family physician) has suggested or ad-       ardize your entitlement to any healthcare
   Since our last report, we have encoun-           vised the worker not to return to work        benefits. Your injury may not seem bad
tered a few stumbling blocks. With the              due to his/her work related injury. We        or it’s not having a significant impact on
growing pains of the new WSIB system,               will endeavour to advise workers of their     your life today. However, injuries often
we now have problems with issues that               rights as to who actually is responsible      get worse as time goes by. The bottom
were in place with the company and the              for their claims and their entitlements.      line is: if you have reported a work related
board in regards to early and safe return                                                         injury, it’s your claim. Don’t ignore it.
to work and what is deemed to be highly             Forms Must Be Completed
accommodated. We will work diligently                  As in past reports, we remain adamant      FAF
to overcome this issue with the company             that all forms be completed fully, signed        The Function Abilities Form (FAF)
and WSIB.                                           and remitted to the board whether you         is used by the company to determine if
   The company has taken the position               have a lost time claim or not. Failure to     you are capable to return to work or to
that it has work for any injured worker             report in a timely fashion may result in a    return to work with precautions (restric-
even though the primary caregiver                   claim being delayed or denied and jeop-       tions). This form should be filled out by
                                                                                                  you and the primary practitioner over-

          Workplace Trainer’s Report
                                                                                                  seeing your claim. If you are unsure of
                                                                                                  what, why or who should complete this
                                                                                                  form, contact our office for assistance.
                            By rita thompson                                                      Compliance
  We are just wrapping up our CAW Eco-                 1) Racism in the Workplace                    You must return all forms to WSIB
  nomics Issues class in the plant and it              2) Made in Canada                          and inform the company of your func-
  was a huge success! The feedback we                  3) The Media                               tions and capabilities in assisting the
  received via our evaluations indicated              The last two topics will tie in per-        company and the board to and early
  that this has been the best program yet.          fectly with the previous Economics            and safe return to work. If you have any
  The timing for this course was perfect.           course that was just delivered.               issues or questions in regards to your
  It helped to give people a better under-            A lot of work gets put into these           claim, please call your Inplant reps to as-
  standing as to why things were hap-               programs and the material and infor-          sist you wit your concerns.
  pening within the economy and how                 mation is always up to date thanks to
  we were affected as workers.                      Bruce Robert from the CAW National            Continuity
     On July 27th, the trainers and I were          Education Department.                         If you have an injury that appears and
  at the Union Hall preparing the next                 I hope that everyone enjoys these          then dissipates on its own, don’t ignore
  CAW Workplace Training course.                    new classes as much as we did!                it. It may or may not get worse over time.
  This program will be presented to the                In Solidarity,                             You still need to let the medical depart-
  leadership on August 31st and to the                 rita thompson                              ment as well as your family physician
  membership on September 1, 2009.                    Workplace Training Coordinator              know about the problem. This creates
  The module is in three parts:                        ext. 6121                                  what is deemed to be “medical continu-
                                                                                                  ity.” If your injury/problem worsens over
                                                                                                  time and you have not talked to your doc-
                                                                                                  tor or first aid about what has happened
                                                                                                  to you, your claim could be denied based
                                                                                                  on a lack of medical continuity.

                                                                                                   We would like to wish everyone a
                                                                                                  much deserved, enjoyable, and safe sum-
                                                                                                  mer vacation.
  These are your CAW Workplace Trainers. From L to R: Carl Slade, Waj Qureshi, Rita Thompson,      Yours in Solidarity,
  Mike Farkas, Julio Catani, Bruce Robert (CAW National Workplace Training Rep), Bill Judd,         Ian Parry/Paul seguro
  Jan Smith, Tom Cochois (CAW National Workplace Training Coordinator), and Mike Matwyko.           Chris Mcdougall/deb lefebre
                                                                                                   WSIB Reps/Alternates
Page 32 – July – August 2009
                                         Canada, Its Provinces and territories
 1   What is the capital of the
     Northwest Territories?
 3   New Brunswick’s capital city is
 8   Nova Scotia is a ______
     surrounded by the Bay of
     Fundy, the Atlantic Ocean, the
     Gulf of St Lawrence and the
     Northumberland Strait.
 9   All ______ south of the 60th
     parallel in Hudson Bay and
     James Bay belong to the
     Northwest Territories.
11   ______ Island rises steeply
     from a rocky coastline.
13   The Saskatchewan Plain has
     deep ______ soil.
15   The Long Range Mountain
     ______ the western coast.
16   Besides Regina, what other
     city in Saskatchewan serves
     as a distribution center for
     surrounding areas?
17   Vancouver is a growing ______
     center and seaport.
20   The Mackenzie River empties
     into which ocean?
23   Manitoba’s two major rivers
     are the Nelson and the ______,
     which flow into Hudson Bay.
24   What is the capital of
25   The central section of the
     Rocky Mountains is marked
     off by the Rocky Mountain
27   Joined Confederation in 1949.
29   What is Canada’s most
     easternly Prairie province?
32   The ______ side of Cape
     Breton Island is rocky and
     deeply indented.
34   Quebec has how many
     physiographic regions?
35   The geomagnetic north pole is
     located on which island?                        dOWN                          Sydney-Glace Bay are two               centers.                            shape?
39   The ______ Mountains extend                                                   large what?
                                        1 Whitehorse is the capital of                                                 28 Johns / Newfoundland’s capital   38 British Columbia lies in what
     southward.                           what?                               14   The ______ Mountains extends           city.                               region?
42   The ______ dominate the                                                       south of the St. Lawrence.
                                        2 The Trench contains the                                                      30 What is Canada’s largest         40 The Alberta ______ rise close
     extreme north.                       Kootenay, Columbia, Peace and       16   The capital of Quebec was              province?                           to the border with British
45   Cape Breton Island is separated      ______ Rivers.                           founded by whom?                                                           Columbia.
                                                                                                                       31 A maritime plain slopes
     by the Strait of Canso from the    4 This area has a difficult surface   18   The Saint John River flows             eastward from the highlands      41 Who made this crossword
     ______.                              for ground travel.                       ______.                                and extends along New               puzzle?
48   Ontario has a ______ shoreline                                                                                       Brunswick’s coast from the
                                        5 Canada’s smallest province.         19   What is the capital of BC.                                              43 What language do they speak in
     on the great lakes.                                                                                                  southern shore of ______ Bay.
                                        6 The highest point in Canada is      21   High mountain ranges lying                                                 Mexico?
49   The demarcation between the                                                                                       33 Prince Edward Island’s capital
                                          Mount ______ at 5951 m.                  north to south across are found                                         44 What is Canada’s largest city?
     lowlands and the Canadian                                                                                            city.
                                        7 Alberta lies in the _______              here.                                                                   46 It is bounded by the Northwest
     Shield crosses into _______.
                                          plains.                             22   This area is densely populated.     36 This province adjoins Quebec        Territories and ______.
50   A plateau lies between the                                                                                           and the United States.
                                       10 The Yukon is a ______ of            26   This city is one of North                                               47 The plateau-like highlands
     Coast Mountains and the
                                          plateaus and mountain ranges.            America’s greatest industrial,      37 On a map, the province of           of the Canadian Shield cover
     ______ Mountains.
                                       12 Halifax-Dartmouth and                    commercial and financial               Saskatchewan looks like what        ______ percent of Quebec.

  the winner of the May – June 2009 crossword was dino
Moretto. (Please see solution on page 42).                                                          NAME ___________________________________________
  Entries for the July – August 2009 crossword must be in by
september 21, 2009.                                                                                 AddrEss          ________________________________________
  Please mail or send to CAW union Hall marked:                                                      _______________________________________________
  Puzzle, c/o Editor, 475 North service road East, Oakville,
ON l6H 1A5.                                                                                         PHONE NuMBEr            ___________________________________

                                                                                                                                                    July – August 2009 – Page 33
                                Employment Equity Report
                        lina                                                          sue
                        rondeau                            and                    teepell
                        Employment                                              Alternate
                        Equity                                                Employment
                        Rep                                                    Equity Rep

                                 Pride Parade
Good day once again Brothers and                                                            It truly was a proud moment! I
   You’re probably all on vacation
                                                 How can we                                 believe the term “pride” merely
                                                                                            reflects that everyone should be
now and I really hope the weath-        make any informed decisions                         proud of him/herself regardless of
er is cooperating – enjoy and be
safe!                                   without knowing all the facts?                      one’s sexual orientation. It should
                                                                                            be that way at all times. I want to
   A lot has happened since my last       No matter what happens,                           thank the Pride Committee for its
report. Back in June, I attended                                                            invitation.
my very first Pride parade. OMG,            we all need to listen.                             Your leadership attended a
I had so much fun. The people                                                               meeting in Windsor early in July.
were amazing. We had our CAW                                                                There we met with Joe Hinrichs,
float and about 40-60 people attended. We also had DJ Steve     Vice President Global Manufacturing and Labour Affairs for
and DJ Kenny spinning the tunes while the rest of us danced.    the Ford Motor Company. It was pretty much a “doom and
The crowd loved it and its support was amazing. I saw quite a   gloom” meeting. He gave us the facts and figures reflecting
few raised arms when people recognized that it was the CAW.     where we stand in the larger scheme of things. I know that
                                                                some of you have already voiced your opinions regarding
                                                                any concessions, but we don’t even know what’s coming, so
              Healthy Gums                                      how can we make any informed decisions without knowing
                                                                all the facts? No matter what happens, we all need to listen.
            For A Healthy Smile                                 If and when we enter bargaining, a lot of people will count
                                                                on us – our families, the community, as well as other Ford
                                                                locals. Does anyone remember when this membership went

     dr. Kelvin fung
         D.D.S., Dip. Perio.
                                                                to bat for everyone and voted to work two weeks on and two
                                                                weeks off? Many brothers and sisters took pay losses when
                                                                they didn’t have to. solidarity forever! We also must realize
                                                                that we won’t just be giving up “stuff.” We need to negotiate
                                                                for future product to increase our much depleted Income se-
     Certified specialist in the treatment                      curity fund. This money pays for SUB, retirement packages,
                                                                short work weeks, etc. The funding for these ran out back in
      of periodontal (“gum”) diseases                           the 1980’s. Talk to our senior members and ask how that went
                                                                for them. Trust me, it was not good!
 Practicing Periodontist for over 10 years                         The last couple of months have been pretty interesting in
                in Oakville                                     my office. I can’t stress enough the necessity for people to
                                                                remain positive and as previously written. If you have noth-
                                                                ing nice to say; shut your mouth and don’t say anything at all.
                Suite #409                                      Why is it so hard for some to mind their own business while
            1235 Trafalgar Road                                 others do their jobs as happy as a clam day after day with no
                                                                problems? I can see we still have a long way to go.
               Oakville, ON                                        If you wish to experience peace, provide peace for an-
             (Trafalgar Road just north of QEW)                 other.
                                                                                                           Dalai Lama – 1935
                  905-844-6984                                     In Solidarity,
                                                                   lina rondeau,
               Call Bev for further information
                                                                   Employment Equity Rep
                                                                   sue teepell,
    direct Billing to Insurance Available                          Alternate Employment Equity Rep

Page 34 – July – August 2009
     Environmental Activities
                     CAW Local 707 Environment Report
Summer has arrived and hopefully the cool rainy weather will turn             By Jamie Norton
around and become more seasonal for our vacation that is fast ap-
proaching. Environmental activities at the plant have increased in the   as that will be its 10th anniversary.
recent past and the company is more frequently involving this office     We discussed possible topics and cost
with its assessments and implementation procedures. Additionally,        savings measures along with ways to
the company has also asked for my input in the aid of developing         improve the effectiveness of the pro-
waste management procedures – single point lessons. Hopefully,           gram. It was encouraging to hear that
this is a trend that will continue and not just an anomaly.              the Earthday Program is returning,
   The first issue I want to update you on is the distribution of        as it is the best community outreach
the Energy Savings Kits. These are the kits from Union Gas and           source we have as a union. I will keep you informed of the de-
Enbridge that were supposed to be distributed in May, then in            velopments as I get the information.
June, and are now slated to be given out sometime in the fall.              The company’s designated Environment Representative, Dave
Apparently, Enbridge has undergone some restructuring and                Anderson and I will attend the annual Joint CAW/Ford Environ-
has to get back up to speed with this program. Information will          ment Conference running July 29-31. This conference allows the
be attached to your pay cheques when the time for distribution           union and company to share ideas, information, successes, and
approaches. However, I will keep the membership apprised of              roadblocks in each facility. We will conduct a one hour presenta-
the potential dates of distribution.                                     tion of the environmental program here at Oakville, highlighting
   We have completed the Operator Instruction Sheet (OIS) re-            our new environmental training process, waste management pro-
view of the jobs in the final department and are currently await-        cesses, single point lessons, and waste diversion information.
ing an update for the OIS sheets and the supervisors trained                I would like to conclude by wishing you and your families
to deliver the required environmental training for each job. I           a happy and safe summer vacation. We work hard for our time
anticipate this will occur sometime after shutdown. We have              off and deserve to enjoy it. If you have any questions regarding
also reviewed the OIS sheets on the sealer deck in paint and             environmental issues, please do not hesitate to contact me in the
I am hopeful that the paint department will proceed with the             plant at extension 3586.
review of all the jobs in paint. From there, the plan is to move to         In Solidarity, Jamie Norton
all departments and assess all jobs plant wide.
   It has been brought to my attention that the security depart-
ment has been idling vehicles around the facility when they are
completing their duties. In some cases, this is necessary, but I have
spoken to the people in security and they will try to limit this prac-
tice. It was also brought to my attention that a number of people
are also idling their vehicles in the parking lot before work and
after lunch. It is not only our members doing this, but I do want
to make our members aware that Oakville does have a bylaw that
prohibits this act and it can be enforced. Be aware!
   I have received a number of calls about Premier mixing the gar-
bage and recycling in gondolas when picking these items up. I
have spoken to Premier’s management as well as having person-
ally observed its process. Premier does pick up both items in the
same gondola, but separates the items at the cardboard dock prior
to disposal. In addition, Premier has recently assigned someone to
pick up only recycling materials. Other waste management prac-
tices that have been implemented include the segregation of card-
board, which whenever possible goes into a compactor separate
from the garbage and collection of wooden skids for recycling.
   There have been a number of complaints about the smell of
the sewers emanating from Gate 12, the Chute, and the Squeak
and Rattle booth. Cleaning the catch basins and flushing the
sewer line with water has not gotten rid of the odour. I have
been monitoring the situation with the Safety reps and we have
convinced the company to input a camera in the sewer line to
determine if there is a break, blockage, or other reason for this
smell to be present. We anticipate this will be done in August. I
will keep you informed of the progress surrounding this issue.
   I attended a meeting of the Earthday Coordinators’ Program
on May 30th. At this meeting, we were informed that the Na-
tional Union intends to revive the Earthday Program in 2010
                                                                                                          July – August 2009 – Page 35
  Local 707 55th Annual Picnic
                                          Picnic Chairperson’s Report
                                                                         By rita thompson
And in spite of the weather ... A Good time Was Had By All!             would not have the wonderful gifts
  Well it finally happened. Our luck ran out with the nice              we do. They are:
weather. After so many years of sunshine, we had a very rainy           n local 707
picnic. However, in spite of all the rain, we still had 825 people      n local 707 retirees’ Chapter
come to our 55th picnic!                                                n CAW Canada
  The wet conditions made it impossible to hold any of the              n twin Oak Credit union
events that usually take place so we held draws instead. We             n dr. Newell – foot Clinic &
were however able to complete the Egg Toss contest and al-                 Orthotic Centre
though we were usually “frying” in the sunshine, our members            n Green shield Canada
got “cracking” in the drizzling rain                                                               n Natural steps
and completed the toss in record                                                                   n Elite dental Office
numbers... and I’m not “yoking.” It                                                                n J.H. french & Company ltd.
was the biggest egg toss yet and the                                                               n space Optical
winners were:                                                                                      n thistle Printing
Egg toss:                                                                                          n Oakland lincoln Mercury
1. Renzo and Raz Tonietto                                                                             ford
2. Mike and Amy Lupton                                                                             n discovery ford
   The winner of the Jim MacDon-                                                                   n Odyssey time Inc.
ald 40-and-over race will have his                                                                 n Bronte village dental Office
name engraved on a special plaque                                                                  n Mr. safety shoes
the Picnic Committee had created to remember Jimmy. This                  So, as we say goodbye to another picnic, we are already plan-
plaque will hang at the Union Hall. Each year, the winner of            ning our next one.
this event will have his/her name engraved on the plaque. This            I am issuing a special thank you to a very special family that
year the winner is Gaetano Girardi.                                              Picnic Chairperson’s Report – Continued on Page 37
Jim Macdonald 40-And-Over Memorial race
1. Gaetano Girardi.    2. Paula Davies        3. Owen Rodney
  The remaining prize winners are:
Baby stroller race
1. Chris Cunningham 2. Jason Luscombe         3. Sonia Ellsworth
Girls’ 8-9 races
1. Amanda Reilly       2. Sienna Anatangell 3. Tianna Stiffl
Boys 8-9 races
1. Dylan Shea          2. Surkyb Jagpal       3. Spencer Lupton
Girls’ 10-11 races
1. Jordan Mostboeck 2. Pearce Lindsey         3. Kell Cascagnette
Boys’ 10-11 races
1. Matthew McNeil      2. Nicholas Galan      3. Mark Cascagnette
Girls’ 12-13 races
1. Courtney White      2. Rebecca Robinson 3. Jasleen Jagpal
Boys’ 14-16 races
1. Tyler Shea          2. Chris Burnside      3. Matthew Kampa
tug of War – 1st Place
Coach: Roger Elley – Team: Picnic Committee
Jan Smith, Lil Heil, Sue Teepell, Kerry Hinzman, Billy O’Neill, Larry
Pratt, Rick Daoust, Rita Thompson, Renzo Barbiero, Doug Myke
tug of War – 2nd Place
Coach: Joe Beres – Team: Me and 9
Ranko Vladetic, Phil Said, Jim Marek, Wayne Dort, Steven Gar-
diner, D. Armstrong, Terry Kanas, Mike Matwyko, Brian Walsh,
Paul Matwyko
retirees’ draw Winners
1. Frank Lupton        2. Bob Welton          3. B. Arcard
  Congratulations to all the winners and hopefully, the weather
will be better next year!
  I would also like to thank all the sponsors that generously
donated to our picnic draw prizes this year. Without them, we
Page 36 – July – August 2009
     Picnic Chairperson’s Report
     ...continued from Page 36
   has been working on the picnic a lot longer than I have –             I will end my report by thanking the many volunteers who
   Roger and Judy Elley and family, with the addition of a new        came with their raincoats and umbrellas and braved the hor-
   family member. The new member will make this the 4th gen-          rible weather to help out whether it was with registration or
   eration “picnic volunteer” and his name is Ethan. I asked          cooking hot dogs or working the ticket draws. You are all
   Ethan’s grandmother, Judy to writ a little family history          the best and I thank you so much on behalf of my very hard
   of her time with the picnic committee and am including a           working committee members, Chris Campbell, Wane Dort,
   family portrait of the four generations. Ethan was at the pic-     Bert Tousignant, Paul Taggart, and myself.
   nic and probably the driest in his plastic covered pram, never        I wish everyone a safe and wonderful summer holiday.
   once complaining. To Roger and Judy – thank you so much               In Solidarity,
   for all your time and dedication for our picnics. I couldn’t do       rita thompson
   this without you!                                                     Picnic Chair

                           Local 707 CAW Memories
We are a family with four generations having attended the pre-
viously UAW, now CAW, Picnic
   The first picnic I attended was in 1954 or 1955 at Port Dal-
housie. My father, George Sturgess would take the family to
The Lady Hamilton where my mother bought a one-way ticket
to Port Dalhousie for herself and the children. My dad would
drive down to the picnic so that we could return home in his
   I recall winning a baby doll in a race at the age of about seven
and I still have that doll today. I remember that it was like going
to a carnival where everyone wore the same thing: Sailor hats
and picnic shirts (which were received by all).
   In 1968, my father worked on picnic registrations as he had
done for many years before. It was always hard to get people to
volunteer, so he asked Roger to help with the registrations for a
couple of hours at Crystal Beach. Roger began working at Ford
Oakville in 1969. From that day forth, we have not missed a
single CAW picnic.
   I remember my father telling Roger in 1974 that if we were         Thanks go to all the past and present picnic chairs for our family’s many
to get married in June, we would need to pick a date that didn’t      memories – (back row) Roger, Judy, Sean Elley, (front row) Veronica, Mike,
interfere with the picnic. Our two children, Veronica and Sean        and Ethan Berg.
have been to every picnic since birth and now our grandson at-
tended his first one at the age of four weeks. Sean and Veronica      Wild (Prudhomme’s Landing), Martin’s Fantasy Island (also
have also volunteered to work on the picnic since the 1990s.          known as Two Flags), and MarineLand.
   In 2004, my father, George Sturgess attended the 50th picnic          The picnic chairs have contributed a lot of time and effort
at Confederation Park. This was to be his last one. He passed         to make each picnic special. We have seen many changes in
away that August.                                                     the preparation of the picnic, like the old registration boards,
   In the past, our family has attended CAW picnics at Port Dal-      whereon each mast number was stamped onto Bristol boards
housie, Crystal Beach, Ride the Wave and Save (Toronto, Wet’n         and then stamped with a dot once the members registered at the
                                                                      picnic. Now, with the aid of computers, it is easier and faster,
                                                                      but we still laugh at the old registration boards as we look back
                                                                      and think of the number of people and hours it took to prepare
                                                                      those boards.
                                                                         We remember times when it was cold, wet, hot, but most of
                                                                      all, it was fun rain or shine. The family enjoys every CAW pic-
                                                                      nic and hope to attend many more. If you’re a CAW member
                                                                      and have not been to the picnics before, we encourage you and
    Commercial -Residential--FREE ESTIMATES                           your family to attend the next one. It is never too late to savour
                                                                      the memories. It is a time to reconnect with past and present
            Snowplowing-LawnCare-Design                               co-workers outside of work. One is never too young or old to
  Les Papp 905.464.1830 . Paul Howe 905.599.1189                         Yours,
                                                                         Judy and roger Elley
                                                                                                             July – August 2009 – Page 37
universal Declaration Of Human Rights
   And The Freedom Of Association
Article 20
Section 1 – Everyone has the right to
freedom of peaceful assembly and as-
                                                         Human Rights Report
sociation.                                                               By William O’Neill
   Freedom of association is the indi-
vidual right to come together with other        actions by greedy corporations and gov-        one is an injury
individuals and collectively express, pro-      ernment officials. The government has          to all.
mote, pursue and defend common inter-           brought about weak trade laws that allow
ests. This provides protection for workers      corporations the ability to close their fac-   Update
to have the right to organize and collect-      tories and import their products without          The Aborig-
ively bargain a fair and equitable contract     regard to the working class.                   inal Awareness
with the employer.                                 The corporations manipulate workers         Day event was
   Over the years, we have seen unions          with the fear of poverty and plant clos-       successful and
and more specifically the CAW make              ures while offering a new found dream          the Human Rights Committee looks for-
some incredible strides in changing the         to workers in other provinces, states or       ward to expanding educational events
face of labour activism in Canada, the          countries who will work with less safety       that help build inclusiveness and break
constant pursuit to protect good full time      protections, fewer wages and less control      down oppressive barriers. We send a big
jobs, that provide a fair wage, pension         over their own fate.                           Thank You to all members who helped
protections and respect for human rights           We must unite with all workers in the       bring awareness through education and
in the workplace.                               world to demand safe respectful working        fun.
   We have made a real impact on our            conditions to stand up against corporate          In Solidarity,
communities, our workplace and within           bullying because as we know, an injury to         Billy O’Neill
our government because as individuals
we united in a trade union and used the
collective strength of each other to de-
mand safer working conditions, respect
                                                                 Women’s Committee Report
and dignity for working class people.                                              By Jan smith,
   We are a proud union that challenges
racism, discrimination, homophobia, sex-                          Chairperson, Women’s Committee
                                                       Worthy Cause
ism and abilism to make our workplaces
safe places for all employees.
   We stand united with our brothers and
sisters who have retired or are about to re-      McMaster’s Children’s Hospital
tire in fighting to protect pensions, or with        On June 12, 2009, Local 707 held a plant gate collec-
our members who have faced layoff, not            tion for the oncology department of McMaster Children’s
only because this is right and proper but         Hospital. We are proud to state that we raised $4,000. A
because we demand the same protections            big Thank You goes to all the brothers and sisters who
and standards of living that all working          gave up their time to be at the gates and to all those who
class people have fought for and earned.          donated to this worthy cause.
   It is important to talk to the unorgan-
ized workers we meet in our day to day            Women Activists
activities and help them to understand            And Women’s Leadership
what unions have done for working class             Congratulations to the following sisters chosen to attend the above courses in Port
people in Canada and abroad.                      Elgin: Debra Vanasse, Linda Asselin, Sandra Cosgrove, Nichole Brennan, Steph-
   There are some who feel unions have            anie Sheppard.
outlived their usefulness, they have this il-
lusion government regulation will protect         Sister Peggy Nash, Assistant To The President/CAW Canada
them from corporate greed. It is our duty to        Sister Peggy has decided to run for the position of president of NDP party of
dispel this misinformation and point to the       Canada. We wish Peggy good luck.
struggles and the attack of workers rights.
   While the right to belong to a union is        Picnic At MarineLand
protected, we have seen this protection re-          A great day was had by our members and their families. The rain didn’t
versed and used against unionized work-           dampen the spirits. Rita Thompson and her committee are to be commended
places in the United States with the current      on another successful picnic.
“Right to Work” legislation in 22 states             In closing, the Women’s Committee wishes the membership and their fam-
that prohibits trade unions and employers         ilies a safe and happy holiday shutdown.
on making it a condition of employment               In solidarity,
for future workers to join the union.                Jan smith
   Unions are still facing union busting
Page 38 – July – August 2009
                              707 Pride Committee Report
  Equality – That’s Our Goal
The CAW Pride participation in Halton      amazing work in making our work-               We need a government that will add
and Toronto was another great success.     places and communities safer with           the words, “gender identity” or “gender
It has been asked many times, “Why         our educational commitment to ending        expression” to the list of prohibitive
do they need a special day? We don’t       homophobia and transphobia. These           grounds of discrimination under The
have heterosexual day. We don’t have a     actions are small and large yet all have    Charter of Canadian Rights and Free-
straight Pride Parade.”                    made a real positive change in people’s     doms and as protective categories in the
   Gay Pride is mostly about having the    lives. It is important to remember that     Canadian Criminal Code under the Hate
rights and freedoms to be ourselves.       those who speak out against hurtful         Crime provision.
We are a proud diverse group of indi-      jokes, taunting or bashing are helping to      We need a government that will re-
viduals who are claiming the right to      bring about major changes in bringing       move unfair barriers to women who are
safe space in our workplaces, com-         about respectful workplaces and com-        currently not allowed access to repro-
munities, and families. We are claim-      munities. We are aware progress is still    ductive fertility services because they
ing the right for human dignity for all    required to achieve full equality, but      have no male partner.
lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender     we honour the work that so many have           We need a government that will base
individuals. The queer community has       done to create change.                      restrictions on risk factors not sexuality
faced oppression for many years and           Each year, we gain some protections      with respect to the donation of blood,
the negative effects are deep. We have     in workplaces and Canadian courts but       organs and bone marrow
missed job promotions or been fired.       we have a long way to go for full so-          We need a government that will deal
We have been bashed or killed and we       cial and legal equality. But it can be      with homophobia in schools, commun-
have lost loved ones due to inaction or    reached!                                    ities and workplaces; not a Harper gov-
rejection. These negative consequences        Equality – that’s Our Goal; but          ernment that is homophobic.
to hate have ignited a passion to resist   How Can we get Closer?                         In Solidarity,
hurtful actions and unite to say “never       We need a government that governs           the Pride Committee
again.”                                    for all people in Canada in a fair and
   Oakville employees have done some       equitable manner.

                                                                                                 July – August 2009 – Page 39
                                         WE GET LETTERS!
   Thank You For Your Generosity                                                            Thank You
  dear CAW 707 Members                                                  dear members of CAW local 707
     On behalf of all of us from the London Crisis Preg-                   Today I received the most surprising and wonderful
  nancy Centre, we want to thank you for your generosity                gift from you – a beautiful Holy Bible in memory of my
  and thoughtfulness in giving to the Baby Bottle campaign.             husband, Jan Tomaszewicz. It is still very hard for me to
  We could not offer the many needed programs and servi-                accept that Jan is gone. I suppose that after sixty years of
  ces to our clients, (our girls) without people like you who           marriage, I’ll feel him around me for a long time yet.
  choose to partner with us. So again, know that your dona-                Once again, I thank you with all my heart for remem-
  tions are making a difference and lives are changing and              bering us.
  being saved. We are grateful!                                            Krystyna tomaszewicz
     All of us from the LCPC
     loni, linda, Kim

                                                                               Thank You For All You Do
   Thank You For Generous Gifts                                         Canadian Auto Workers union:
                                                                           Dear Local 707
  to: CAW 707 Members                                                      Many thanks for your condolences and the beautiful
     Dear Gary,                                                         bible. I shall cherish it in memory of my dear late hus-
     It was a pleasure to have you; Ron and Nadia visit us on           band, George.
  May 21st for the express purpose of presenting us with two               Let me thank the Canadian Auto Workers Union for their
  cheques totalling $7,500. This money along with the food              hard work, dedication, and personal sacrifice from Walter
  collected during the Easter food drive are just continuing ex-        Reuther to our present President, Ken Lewenza. You have
  amples of the exemplary support we have received from Local           allowed us to live in dignity in our working years and also
  707 which has significantly contributed to the helping hand           in our retirement.
  we have provided to thousands of Oakville’s needy families.              Sincerely,
    You came on a day that we were serving our clients and                 Betty M. towle
  saw for yourself the large number of people in the waiting
  room. While this has been the case for the twenty years we
  have been caring for less fortunate families, the numbers we
  are currently experiencing have increased dramatically due
  to the current recession. Last year we averaged 342 client
                                                                                   Our Heartfelt Thanks
  visits per month, but during the past six months, this has in-        to CAW local 707
  creased to 384. It is our hope that the numbers have peaked.            The Janisch family would like to thank the CAW for the
     On behalf of all our 48 volunteers, I thank you for your           lovely bible we received after the recent passing of our be-
  generous gifts and wish all the members of Local 707 a                loved husband, father, grandfather, Istvan (Steve) Janisch.
  happy summer season.                                                  Our family was so touched by your expression of sympa-
     Sincerely,                                                         thy and will cherish it forever.
     dudley Clarke                                                        Thank you all so very much.
     Fareshare Foodbank                                                   Gabriella, Annette, Janet, and rita Janisch and family

                                           NOTICE – LOCAL 707 CAW
                                                                         START: TBD (Sept 13 or 20, 2009)
                                                               TIME: EVERY SUNDAY n START TIMES: 11 AM – 1 PM
                                                          PLACE: THE WAVE SPORTS CENTRE (5065 Benson Drive, Burlington)
                                                            ENTRY FEE: $350.00 to $375.00 dependent upon expenditures
                                                              Registration forms may be picked up fromRoy De Matos,
                                                                     the Plant Chair or at Local 707 Union Hall.
                                                            Please return completed registration forms to Roy De Matos
                                                (chassis “A” Shift L07) along with a deposit of $150.00 no later than the deadline.
                                                                    DEADLINE: THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 03, 2009
                                                                        6 goalies and 84 players are needed
                                                               Open to everyone with preference granted to CAW members

Page 40 – July – August 2009
                    Thank You                                      Thank You From MarineLand
to the Executive Board and                                     dear 707 Members
the Membership of CAW local 707                                   Thank you for being a
  I would like to thank everyone for the lovely Holy Bible     faithful client of Marine-
presented to me in memory of my husband, George Robert         Land. We truly appreciate
Wilson who passed away May 21st, 2009.                         your yearly visit. This year
  Once again, thank you from the bottom of my heart,           the weather did not cooper-
  Kathryne Wilson                                              ate, yet your team and your
                                                               guests were very gracious.
                                                                  We hope to be able to host your event again in 2010.
                                                               Once you have a feel for your date, please let me know.
    Thank You For Your Support                                    Have a wonderful year!
                                                                  Best Regards,
In August 2008, I lost my dad to cancer. So in June of 2009,      suzanne Boutin-Irwin
my family and I decided to honour his memory by partici-
pating in the Relay for Life. Our team, the ER-WINNERS
(my dad’s name was Erwin) raised over $1,700 in pledges
with $400 of it from my co-workers alone. I wanted to take
this opportunity to thank everyone who made a donation to
                                                                                    Thank You
a great cause. Thank you all for your support and generos-     dear CAW local 707,
ity and helping me honour a great man... my dad!                 Thank you for the Remembrance Edition Holy Bible.
   Heidi James                                                 My family and I were touched by your expression of sym-
                                                                 Clare Charanduk and family
                    Thank You
to: the Executive Board and membership of local                             FORMER FORD EMPLOYEE:
  Thank you for the gift of the bible in memory of my late
husband, Walter Licznerski.
                                                                Dr. Stan Dubickas
                                                                Family and Cosmetic Dentistry
  Norma licznerski and family

    Thank You For Your Support                                                                                Great
I would like to thank both active workers and retirees alike                                                Knowledge
for their support during the election for the Constitutional
Convention running in August. Though I was not success-                                                      Of Your
ful in my bid, I appreciate your backing.
   With thanks,                                                                                              Dental
   Ken robertson

                    Thank You                                    Direct Billing For Ford/CAW 707 Members
to the Executive Board & and                                   c Providing Reliable and Comfortable
the Membership of local 707 CAW                                  Dentistry For Over 27 Years
   Re: the late Joseph DiLorenzo                               c New Patients And Emergencies
  Thank you so much for the lovely Bible and most com-           Always Welcome
forting words. It will serve as a wonderful reminder of my     c Extended Hours –
dad’s association with Local 707. Your thoughtfulness is         Open Saturdays
very much appreciated.                                         c Free Private Parking
   Sincerely,                                                                                              398 Guelph Line
   Nina dilorenzo – on behalf of dilorenzo & family            (905)
                                                                    333-5553                          just south of New Street,
                                                                                                         North of Lakeshore

                                                                                               July – August 2009 – Page 41
                                       CAW-McMaster Labour Studies
                          The Global Financial Crisis
                         And How Long ’Til We Recover
                      By Michelle dubiel                              economy tumbled at 5.5 per cent pace in the first quarter but
                                                                      appears to be doing better now. The negativity in these articles
The global financial meltdown resulting from greed and un-            keeps the fear alive with words like “The economy tumbled”
regulated U.S. banking practices is unprecedented and extreme-        and “investors flee.” Since the beginning of the global financial
ly fragile; although the government would like us think every-        crisis last fall, fear has confused and perhaps been enhanced
thing is just fine. It’s said, “Believe and it is so...” However,     since headlines have kept jumping around saying we’re fine to
truth be told, believe it and you’re a fool! This current financial   we’re not fine.
crisis unlike others in the past has far reaching and long lasting       In December 2008, Stephen Harper claimed we were going
impacts.                                                              to be fine here in Canada. However, in January 2009, Statistics
   The mess was created by Wall Street where a paper money            Canada showed 129,000 unemployed. Employment decreased
economy became very lucrative for some and devastating for            by 42,000 in May, led by further manufacturing losses in On-
others. The problem began in the unregulated U.S. banking             tario. The unemployment rate rose by 0.4 percentage points to
industry where unsecured mortgages were sold to people who            8.4 per cent – the highest rate in 11 years. Since the employ-
hadn’t qualified for mortgages. The loans were then resold            ment peak of last October, employment has fallen by 363,000
worldwide along many differing financial avenues including ac-        or 2.1 per cent These stats are real and some believe the worst
counts specifically for toxic loans that inevitably stopped being     is yet to come.
repaid and the global financial market fell. Consequently, the           So, as we brace ourselves for the worst, what hope can we
real economy was severely damaged in 2008. The real economy           have in an economic recovery? The capitalistic framework of
hasn’t seen layoffs and job losses in the U.S. this large since       doing business is not in good shape. How many more people like
World War II.                                                         Bernie Madoff need to be jailed and held accountable for their
   A scramble to fix the mess in the U.S. started with $1.2 tril-     acts of evil? On June 20, 2009, Bernie Madoff was sentenced to
lion of taxpayers’ money to bail out the banks and what’s fright-     150 years or a lifetime for his $50 billion Ponzi scheme, which
ening is the lack of transparency for what was given to whom.         destroyed the lives of many people. What’s highly disconcert-
U.S. Federal Vice Chair, Donald Kohn was grilled by Con-              ing is that he did this for 20 years before being caught.
gressman Alan Grayson when testifying before the Financial               No one seems to have the answer for how to fix this mess.
Services Committee and tried to defend the idea that the recipi-      I believe in order for the global financial crisis to move to a
ent of this bailout should remain secret. He did not answer one       recovery stage, we need to begin by restoring confidence in the
question in the six-minute tape and instead danced around the         economy. A good start would be legislating strict regulations
questions with words leaving one feeling quite angry.                 on the banking industry and perhaps even nationalizing it for
   Following is a short excerpt: Donald Kohn: “The money was          accountability and simple fairness. Also, we need an account-
lent to banks, investment banks spent on lending through the          able watch dog to keep an eye on governments, businesses, and
commercial paper market, foreign central banks that lent dollars      banks. That’s all a tall order and therefore, I understand why the
to their banks to take pressure off the U.S. dollar market.” He       World Bank recently claimed this will be a slow recovery.
was then asked, “Which institutions received it and how much             Michelle dubeil
for each institution? Donald Kohn: “I don’t know which institu-
tions received it but by category of institutions. That’s captured        solution to the July-August 2009 Crossword
in our balance sheet.” He also stated he would hesitate to give
the names of the institutions receiving the money because this                                 football
would undermine the utility of the facilities that were the re-
cipients. It is hoped that you have a chance to view the full six
minutes by going to U-tube and simply typing “Donald Kohn.”
   Statistics Canada reports the fall in gross domestic product at
a negative decline from that of the previous year (2007), which
was at 3.0 per cent and down to 3.5 per cent in 2008. With these
types of facts, it’s clear we are not doing well and the stock
market proves this since it continues to go up and down like a
see-saw indicating a lack of confidence in the market.
   Headlines like “Green shoots trampled as investors flee” help
keep fear in the forefront of our minds. The Toronto Star on June
23, 2009 printed, “a gloomy global economic outlook from the
World Bank spooked investors yesterday and pushed Canada’s
resource-laden S&P composite index below the 10,000 mark
for the first time since May 11.” On June 25, 2009, the Star’s
headline read, “U.S. economy dips at a slightly lower pace. The
Page 42 – July – August 2009
July – August 2009 – Page 43
                                                      Canada Post Corporation
                                                  Agreement Number 40065086

  SEPTEMBER 28, 2009

       MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 7th, 2009
        (Assembles west of Strathcona, facing east)

                Lineup:             10:00 a.m.
                Departure:          10:30 a.m.
            Picnic after parade at Dundurn Park

                 FOOD, REFREsHmENTs PROVIDED

    SuNDAY, SEPTEMBER 20, 2009 – 10:00 A.M.
     SuNDAY, OCTOBER 18, 2009 – 10:00 A.M.

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