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                                   Issue 6

 Member dentists honored                                                                                  WINter SeSSIoN: regISter!
                                                                                                          Fees increase after January 9; See page 47
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 Dr. David Struble, Ozark, 2007 MDA Dentist of the Year for his                                           We invite you and your staff to join us
 instrumental role in establishing the Children’s Smile Center                                            for the MDA Winter Session on January
                                                                                                          18-19, 2008 at the Holiday Inn Select
 Dr. John Hume – Distinguished Service; Dr. Matt Niewald – Outstanding New Dental Leader
                                                                                                          executive Center in Columbia. thanks to
                                                                                                          our sponsors: [goLD] Missouri Dental
 Congratulations to MDA members and others rec-                                                           Insurance Services; [SILVer] Delta Dental
 ognized at the awards banquet during the annual                                                          of Missouri and PerioSeal Dental Implants;
 House of Delegates, which convened November 2-3 in                                                       [BroNZe] Bank of America and edmonds
 Jefferson City.                                                                                          Dental Prosthetics. Several companies
                                                                                                          will exhibit their products and services,
 Dr. David Struble, Ozark, was named Dentist of the                                                       including: Arch enterprises, Banc of America
 Year for his instrumental role in the establishment of                                                   Practice Solutions, Delta Dental of Missouri,
 the Children’s Smile Center (CSC) and for his tireless                                                   edmonds Dental Prosthetics, goetze Dental,
 efforts to provide dental care to Medicaid eligible                                                      Midwest Dental repair, Millennium Dental
 children.                                                                                                technologies, MDIS, PerioSeal, Patterson
                                                                                                          Dental, Pinnacle Practices, Procter & gamble
 He has been the driving force in the formation of the                                                    (Crest/oral B), Q-optics and Sunstar
 CSC, which is a not-for-profit dental clinic for under-                                                  Americas.
 privileged children in Missouri’s Christian and Stone
 counties. These counties currently have no dentists                                                      FeBruAry IS CDHM
 accepting Medicaid.                                                                                      Gear up to celebrate Children’s Dental Health
                                                               Dr. Struble says he was inspired to make
                                                                                                          Month in your office and community.
                                                                 the Children’s Smile Center a reality
 Dr. Struble has spent countless hours over the last five         because of his son who has special      Check out lots of great activities and
 years in the planning and development of the CSC,              needs—to help children whose families
                                                                  may not have resources otherwise.       downloadables at and ADA.
 including organizing committees and monthly meet-
                                                                                                          org. See center of this issue for pullout
 ings, writing and receiving grants, donating private
                                                                                                          poster to hang in your office.
 funds, finding a site, developing building plans, ordering equipment and more. He’s dedicated an
 enormous amount of time to the development of this project while still running a full-time private
 practice and raising a family.
                                                                                                          ASSoCIAtIoN DueS MAILeD
                                                                                                          Remit by January 1; Grace period to March 1.

 Dr. Struble received his bachelor’s degree in biology from the University of Texas, Austin, in 1980      If you have questions about your dues
 and his DDS degree from Baylor College of Dentistry, Dallas in 1983. He then completed an 8-             statement or would like to inquire about the
 month associateship in Dallas and has been in private practice in Ozark since March 1985. He has         prepaid dues program, give us a call.
 completed over 160 hours of CE from The Dawson Center for Advanced Dental Study.
 Awards continued page 10
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December                                                           presents “Dealing with Esthetically Chal-
                                                                   lenging Patients” and “Young Patients
                                                                   and Esthetic Implant Outcomes.” 8 a.m.
                                                                                                                                      7    MDA leADership DevelOp-
                                                                                                                                           Ment cOntinuuM. MDA
                                                                                                                                      Executive Office. For info contact Margie

                         MDA Office
                         clOseD. Christmas.
                                                                   to 4:30 p.m. Arrowhead Club, Chiefs Sta-
                                                                   dium. For info 816-737-5353 or gkcds.
                                                                                                                                      Kunze at the MDA.

                                                                   org. registration form @
                                                                                                                                      7     centrAl DentAl sOciety ce.
                                                                                                                                            Annual OSHA Update & Business

                                                                   8-9        MDA leADership Devel-
                                                                              OpMent cOntinuuM.
                                                                                                                                      Meeting. 9 to 11 a.m., OSHA course;
                                                                                                                                      11:30 a.m. to Noon, Business meeting.

1      MDA Office clOseD. New Year’s
                                                                   MDA Executive Office. For info contact
                                                                   Margie Kunze at the MDA.
                                                                                                                                      Capitol Plaza Hotel, Jefferson City. For
                                                                                                                                      info contact Stacey Butler at the MDA.
                                                                                                                                      registration form @

11 members
        GreAter KAnsAs city Den-
        tAl sOciety ce. Pam Smith,                                 11       fOOD fOr thOuGht. UMKC
RD presents “Forever young? Target-
ing immune boosting power for peak
                                                                            School of Dentistry. Noon to
                                                                   1 p.m. in Room 202. For info contact
                                                                   Mandy Stokes at the MDA.
                                                                                                                                      10        fOOD fOr thOuGht. UMKC
                                                                                                                                                School of Dentistry. Noon to
                                                                                                                                      1 p.m. in Room 202. For info contact
performance and lifelong wellness” and                                                                                                Mandy Stokes at the MDA.

“Energy for life!” 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.                                         MDA Office clOseD.

Arrowhead Club, Chiefs Stadium. For info                                       President’s Day.                                                MDA leGislAtive DAy. First of
816-737-5353 or                                                                                                                     four. Southwest and Northeast

12 & briefs
         GreAter st. lOuis DentAl
         sOciety instAllAtiOn BAn-
                                                                   21       GreAter st. lOuis DentAl
                                                                            sOciety ce. Larry Emmott,
                                                                                                                                      Dental Society’s will host. All members
                                                                                                                                      encouraged to attend. Meet at MDA Of-
quet. Marriott West Hotel, St. Louis. For
                                                                   DDS presents: High Tech - High Touch.”                             fice 9 a.m.; to Capitol at 10 a.m. For info
                                                                   9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Missouri Athletic Club                            contact Aaron Washburn at the MDA.
info 314-569-0444 or                                    West, Town & Country. For info 314-569-

17         MDA BOArD Of trustees
           MeetinG. MDA Executive Of-
                                                                   0444. register @
                                                                                                                                       14       GreAter KAnsAs city
                                                                                                                                                DentAl sOciety ce. Ray

fice. 10 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.                                         22       GreAter sprinGfielD Den-
                                                                            tAl sOciety ce. Dean Perkins,
                                                                   DDS presents “Annual OSHA Training.”
                                                                                                                                      Bertolotti, DDS presents “Contemporary
                                                                                                                                      Bondodontics.” 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. at the
                                                                                                                                      Arrowhead Club, Chiefs Stadium. For info

 the marketplace         MDA Winter ses-
                         siOn. Holiday Inn
Select, Columbia. registration form @
                                                                   Location TBD. For info 417-882-4117.
                                                                   register @
                                                                                                                                      816-737-5353 or registration
                                                                                                                                      form @

                                                                    23                                                                MDA trAvel & leArn Be-
                                                                             Gins. Through March 1. Crown

24        GreAter sprinGfielD Den-
          tAl sOciety ce. Larry Chase,
MD presents “Complications of Radiation
                                                                   Princess Southern Caribbean Explorer
                                                                                                                                        Make Your Voice Heard
                                                                                                                                           Save these dates for
Therapy: The Role of Hyperbaric Oxygen                                                                                                   MDA Legislative Days 2008
Therapy in Dental Patients.” 6 to 8 p.m.
   in this issue                                                   March                                                                         March 11  April 8
Riverside Inn, Ozark. For info 417-882-
                                                                                                                                                  April 23  May 6
4117. register @                                              efDA OrthODOntics cOurse
                                                                         8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. MDA Execu-

26        Merit MeetinG (Missouri
          Emergency Response Identi-
fication Team). MDA Executive Office.
                                                                   tive Office, Jefferson City. Registration
                                                                   deadline February 4, 2008 (form for
                                                                   enrollment received by this date). For
registration form @                                  info contact Mandy Stokes at the MDA.
                                                                   registration form @

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                                                                   6    GreAter st. lOuis DentAl                                                                        See ad on page
                                                                                                                                                                         14 in this issue
                                                                        sOciety tOWn hAll MeetinG.

                                                                                                                                                                             or contact
       GreAter KAnsAs city DentAl                                  Beginning at 7 p.m. For info contact                                                                Aaron Washburn
       sOciety ce. George Priest, DMD                              Aaron Washburn at the MDA.
                                                                                                                                                                           at the MDA.
                                                                                                                                                                                                FOcuS | ISSue 6 | 2007

Colored rings denote MDA events. Send Calendar of Events information to Registration forms or links can be found on the Calendar of Events at

                               from the editor                            rOBert BrunKer, DDs

                               the state of the state organization
      My back update              v i at W i l B e r s , of A
xecutive office was against the wall c K ithe midpoint M Dits                                                    executive DirectOr
      length at the annual MDA Awards Banquet (at the
      House of Delegates) on November 2. I could pan
      left and right and get a good view of all tables in
      the room. I thought back at how the feeling in the
      room differed from
      legislative news like functions a tdecade ago.O l
                                  frOM he cApit

                               I panned to my left and saw at one table the      The awards included two MDA
                               president of the Missouri Dental Board, the       staff members receiving 10
                               hygienist member on the Board, the Board’s        year recognitions. Their boss
                               retired executive director, some past Board       picked up her 15 year recogni-
                               members and other members of the MDA.             tion as she just finished her
                               They were happy, laughing, visiting, and, in      first fantastic year at the helm.
                               legislative news                                  A n W A s h staff mem-
                               fact, simply having a good time. They were A A r O couple of more B u r n , M D A l e G i s l A t i v e D i r e c t O r
                               comfortable being at the MDA banquet. That        bers will claim their decade
                               scene would not be observed a decade ago. The     award in just a couple of years.
                               people at that table also had a significant part  A decade ago I did not see to                   expressed by Jake and Anna, themselves. The
                               in helping make that transition.                  that degree staff longevity, camaraderie, and,  MDA corporate modus operandi had actu-
                                                                                 frankly, competency.                            ally effected into its functional environment
                               Laterally across the room was a table seating                                                     a sense of genuine dental community! Yes,
                               two state legislators along with prominent        The various service awards were earned by       something even a little more than Jaworski’s

                           business solutions
                               MDA members. The legislators were there to
                               receive awards for legislative excellence as
                                                                                 members who displayed great works for the
                                                                              GreG russell, MDis executive vice presiDent
                                                                                 people we serve and for our professional or-
                                                                                                                                 “synchronicity” and, most likely, even more
                               a thank you for helping the MDA in passing        ganization—but in a different sense than years
                               some of our legislative agenda. None of those     past. The difference was in the humble nature   All of the above observed transitions did not
                               phrases in that previous sentence could be        of their acceptance and the fact that they were come about directly by Jake Lippert’s hand. But
                               placed in the same sentence a decade prior.       receiving the honor more as the representative  what did occur was that his WYSIWYG honest,
                                                                                 head of a greater, more universal endeavor that respectful demeanor, synergistically with his
                               At my table was the retired CEO of Delta          included other participants.                    hard work, set up an environment that served
                               Dental, MDA Board members, MDA members                                                            like an incubator for this grand transition
                               and wives. Great conversation was exchanged       The contentment that I was feeling was more     to occur. A sickened, weak organization of a
                               by all around the table the whole evening.        than just the good meal I had just finished. It decade ago has been nurtured into one that
                               There was a complete lack of tension. All were    was more than just the good company I had at    is healthy, currently has a great sense of orga-
                               comfortable with each other in their current      my table. I knew that over the last decade, and nizational self-esteem, at times can sustain a
                               social setting and in their professional setting  I had attended this celebration for more than   feeling of community and, if further nurtured,
                               they represented. That scene would not have       the last decade, something was evolving that    is poised to become a truly rare and remark-
                               had that degree of warmth among the group a       I had not completely discerned. Maybe it was    able organization—that is the state of the State
                               decade ago.                                       just my getting older and more comfortable      organization. And thank you Jake and Anna for
                                                                                 with the setting. After all, I did glean a few  the model!
                               I panned to my right and saw a table with sev-    compliments on my writing during the evening.
                               eral MDA staff members, MDA members, past         No, that was not it. It was something else.     Send your comments to Dr. Brunker at editor@mo-
                                                                                                                        or fax 816-364-1186. Include your name,
                               MDA Board members and wives. Several times
                                                                                                                                 years in practice and location.
                               during the evening I noticed rounds of laugh-     It came to me the next day when I witnessed
                               ter and saw smiling, happy faces the whole        delegates giving their thanks for the service
                               evening. That scene was completely absent a       rendered by both Jake and Anna Lippert.
  FOcuS | ISSue 6 | 2007

                               decade prior.                                     The MDA had become more like the example

     in this issue

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President Perspective. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 44                                                                    GreAter sprinGfielD –
Transitions & New Members. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 45                    cOMMunicAtiOns DirectOr                                   Jean Harmison, eD, 417-882-4117
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                                                                                                                                                                                                       FOcuS | ISSue 6 | 2007

  or classified ad in the Focus, please contact Melissa Albertson
  at the MDA at 573-634-3436 or

                               bites & briefs

                             MISSOurI FOuNDatION FOr HeaLtH                      offers, announcements, other special offers and    the doctor’s other accounts. “He was very
                             SeekS DeNtaL SeaLaNt appLIcatIONS                   surveys that link to a manufacturer. A typical     smooth,” the doctor said. “I can’t believe I fell
                                                                                 survey would ask dentists 10 to 20 questions       for his pitch, but by calling me at the office, he
                               the marketplace
                             The Missouri Foundation for Health (MFH) has
                                                                                 about product usage and purchasing habits.         caught me while my mind was on my patient,
                             issued a Request for Applications in an effort
                                                                                 Dentists who completed the survey might be         not banking security.” According the doctor’s
                             to increase the access of underserved Mis-
                                                                                 eligible to win free products or gift cards. To    credit card company, they are aware of this
                             souri children to dental sealants. Many states
                                                                                 sign up for the ADA Vendor Product Showcase,       particular con man, and he seems to be target-
                             have recognized the importance of dental
                                                                                 even if you’ve already provided the ADA with       ing dentists in the Midwest. They know of at
                             sealant programs as a cost-effective method to
                                                                                 your email address, contact the Association at     least two members who fell for his pitch. This is
                             control tooth decay in children. This funding
                                                                        Also, each        a reminder that you should never give out per-
                             opportunity is part of MFHs Smiles Across
                                                                                 month, members who have supplied the ADA           sonal or account information to anyone calling
                             Greater MO, one of four Priority Area Grant
                                                                                 with their e-mail addresses will receive an up-    you. If in doubt, contact your bank or credit
                               in this issue
                             programs offered. The program is designed
                             to provide dental sealants and prevention
                                                                                 date on ADA activities, including forthcoming      card’s customer service number to confirm the
                                                                                 features in JADA. This information, provided       identity of the caller.
                             education to vulnerable populations less likely
                                                                                 through the ADA’s Monthly Update, will in-
                             to receive preventive dental care from private
                                                                                 clude a link to information on the ADA Vendor      2008 MerIt MeetINg IN JaNuary
                             resources. Since the program was developed
                                                                                 Showcase and, in turn, links to the Web pages
                             in 2006, 10 organizations targeting more                                                               The 2008 Annual Meeting of MERIT (Missouri
                                                                                 of participating manufacturers and suppliers.
                             than 11,000 children have received $4 million                                                          Emergency Response Identification Team)
                             through four-year grants. These organiza-                                                              will be Saturday, January 26 at the MDA
                             tions range from community health centers to        MeDIcaID preScrIptION paDS upDate                  Executive Office in Jefferson City. Registra-
                             county health departments and serve children        A September 29, 2007 law forestalls (for six       tion begins at 7:30 a.m. and the CE (9.5 hours)
                             through both school-based and school-linked         months) implementation of a regulation             is from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. The annual meeting
                             programs. Programs funded under this priority       requiring use of tamper-resistant pads by          and social hour will follow. The fee is $75
                             area will support the development of dental         health care providers writing Medicaid             (continental breakfast and lunch provided).
                             sealant application and preventive dental edu-      prescriptions. The ADA and other groups suc-       Kenneth Hermsen, DDS, MS, FACD will present
                             cation within the MFH service region. Funded        cessfully argued that the original implementa-     the course “The Identification Triad WinID3,
                             programs will be based on best practice models      tion date of October 1 gave providers too little   Dexis, Nomad”. Download course information
                             with proven outcomes, solid demonstration of        time to prepare. The new deadline is March 31,     and registration under the Calendar of Events
                             program evaluation and a comprehensive plan         2008. The MDA asked the ADA where doctors          on For questions contact Stacey
                             for follow-up care. The deadline to submit an       might be able to purchase these pads. The ADA      Butler at the MDA.
                             application is February 14, 2008. Please visit      Department of Salable Materials is not selling
                             the MFH website to learn more and down-             these, but did reference the following vendors:    St. LOuIS HOStS twO eFDa cOurSeS
                             load the Request for Applications www.mffh.         National Rx Security 800-510-1050; Chicago
                             org/pag1.html.                                                                                         The MDA, in conjunction with the Greater
                                                                                 WaterMark Company, 888-292-8376 and www.
                                                                                                                                    St. Louis Dental Society, held two EFDA
                                                                                                                                    training courses at the office of Dr. Joseph
                             aDa VeNDOr SHOwcaSe tO LauNcH
                                                                                                                                    Shea, St. Louis: Placement of Restorative
                             In January 2008, the ADA will launch the            IDeNtIty tHeFt, creDIt carD ScaM                   Materials on September 21, 2007, and Fixed
                             ADA Vendor Showcase, a new service for              This notice was brought to our attention by the    and Removable Prosthodontics on October
                             members and subscribers, allowing them              executive director of the Indiana Dental As-       12-13. These courses were the first in a long
                             to receive special dental product offerings,        sociation IDA). We are alerting you because this   time to be conducted in a dental office in the
                             discounts, rewards and survey requests via          particular con artist appears to be targeting      St. Louis area. The courses were sold out and
                             email. Those who opt into the ADA Vendor            dentists. The IDA was contacted by a member        enthusiastically attended. Most of the trainees
                             Showcase will receive three messages each           who was the victim of identity theft. His          were from the St. Louis area, although one
                             month—36 in all in 2008, never more than one        office received a call from an individual          assistant from the Kansas City area traveled
                             per week—with various offers in products and        identifying himself as a security officer with     into St. Louis to attend. Special thanks to those
                             services. Many of the offerings are exclusive       the doctor’s credit card company. He told          dentists who volunteered their time to instruct
                             to ADA Vendor Showcase participants. The ADA        staff that he needed to talk with the dentist      the courses: Drs. Earl Larson and Mark Zust for
                             assures participants that email addresses will be   regarding an urgent matter. When the doctor        the Restorative course; and, Drs. Mark Tobben,
                             kept in strictest confidence and never shared       came to the phone, the caller claimed that         Earl Larson, Tim Denny, Norm Freiberger, Gor-
                             with a third party, in keeping with the Asso-       the doctor had been a victim of identity theft     don Hart and Karl Hussey for the Prosthetics
                             ciation’s privacy policy. Each email in the ADA     and that he needed personal identification         courses. Special thanks also to Dr. Dan Narup
                             Vendor Showcase will include special product        and account information in order to protect        for allowing use of his office for both seminars.
FOcuS | ISSue 6 | 2007

Planning is underway to upgrade and improve            aLLIaNce OF tHe aDa tO HOSt aprIL
the manikins, printed manuals, materials and           LeaDerSHIp cONFereNce IN St. LOuIS ;
techniques for future courses. Also, dates are         graNtS aVaILabLe tO atteND
being evaluated for 2008 to put these courses
                                                       The 2008 AADA Conference will be held
on again, as there is already a waiting list for
                                                       April 16-19, 2008 at the Westin Hotel in
the Fixed and Removable Prosthetics course. If
                                                       St. Louis. This three day conference provides
you have questions about the EFDA program or
                                                       insight, motivation, friendships and opportuni-
if you are interested coordinating a course in
                                                       ties for the new and seasoned Alliance member
your area, contact Mandy Stokes at the MDA.
                                                       as he or she considers making a commitment
                                                       to the goals and aims of the organization. All
                                                       dental spouses are invited and encouraged
                                                       to attend. The AADA has available a Confer-
                                                       ence Grant for first-time conference attend-
                                                       ees. The deadline for the grant application is
                                                       January 15, 2008. The grant was established
                                                       to encourage AADA members to attend the
                                                       Conference. Grant recipients learn skills and
                                                       gain insight into AADA, preparing them for
                                                       further involvement in dental health educa-
                                                       tion, legislative advocacy, and well being initia-
                                                       tives as well as leadership positions. The grant
                                                       awards complimentary, non-transferable tickets
                                                       to Leadership Conference events and pro-
                                                       vides reimbursement for up to $600 in travel
                                                       expenses. Grant recipients are selected by the
                                                       Membership Committee, and are awarded to
                                                       applicants based on first-time attendee status,
                                                       potential contributions to AADA based on the
                                                       information provided on the application form,
                                                       and, if necessary, on a first-come, first-served
                                                       basis. Learn more by calling the AADA Central
                                                       Office at 800-621-8099 ext. 2865 or visit www.
St. Louis EFDA course trainees. Top picture, Restor-
ative Course; Bottom picture, Prosthetics Course

                                                                                                                – MDA Members –
                                                                                                               for every aDa ce online course
                                                                                                                you take the MDa will receive
                                                                                                              back from the aDa approximately
                                                                                                              $1 per ceu...non-dues revenue to
                                                                                                                fund various MDa programs.

GO MIZZOU! The view from above Faurot Field at the 2007 Day at the Game where the MU Tigers defeated the
Nebraska Cornhuskers, 41-6, in front of a sold-out crowd. The MDA sold all 80 tickets purchased and had 100
members and their guests attend the tailgate party. Attendance for the game was 70,049, the largest crowd
to view a Mizzou football game in Columbia since 1984 in a game versus Notre Dame.
                                                                                                                                                     FOcuS | ISSue 6 | 2007

                             executive office update                                  vicKi WilBers, MDA executive DirectOr

                             reflections on a year of transitions
                                      in leadership always bring f r O M challenges,i t O l
                             Changeslegislative news             about t h e c A p
                             but also new opportunities for growth.
                             As I reflect on my first year as your Executive     brought the MDA to thoroughly review our
                             Director, I could sum it up in one word—tran-       strategic plan and implement “mega issues”
                             sition. In any new leadership there is a new        discussions prior to Board meetings. The mega
                             way of thinking, a new way of doing things, a       issues format focuses on one “tough” topic,
                                          legislative news
                             transition. Whether it’s the executive director            gives O Board the opportunity to
                                                                                 whichA A rthe n W A s h B u r n , M D A l e G i s l A t i v e               DirectOr
                             or the Board President changing, changes in         discuss and deliberate beyond the confines of
                             leadership always bring about challenges, but       the normal Board meeting agenda. This year we
                             also new opportunities for growth.                  had two mega issues sessions—one in which we
                                                                                 spent an enormous amount of time reviewing
                             So what have we accomplished over this year         and ratifying items in the strategic plan, and
                             of transition? A lot!                               the other in which Board members exten-
                                                                                 sively discussed the future changes needed in
                             Part of our transition has been in building a       workforce and developed the MDA workforce
                                      business solutions
                             strong, capable staff to serve members. Jake,              G papers.
                                                                                 position r e G r u s s e l l , M D i s e x e c u t i v e v i c e            presiDent
                             in his service as executive director emeritus,
                             has been a part of the transition period; his       We created a protocol for the development of
                             dedication and perseverance is a model for          MDA ad hoc committees, in order to give clear,
                             all. We’ve brought on board Emily Rackers as        specific direction to those created, enabling
                             administrative secretary and Aaron Washburn,        them to craft more meaningful outcomes. This
                             in the new position of legislative director.        year ad hocs were formed to discuss the dental
                             They join Stacey, Melissa, Mandy, Lisa and          team, control of the profession, workforce and
                             Margie—who between the five of them have a          allied health, just to name a few.
                             combined 35 years of serving the MDA.
                                                                                 In addition to ad hocs, we continue to have an   calls help bring to our attention an issue we
                             Not only are we fortunate to have our team,         education committee which assists staff with     need to take the lead on and provide informa-
                             but as well, the components of Kansas City, St.     our various continuing education programs.       tion on to the entire membership through the
                             Louis and Springfield who have excellent per-       The Winter Session will again be in January      Focus magazine, email newsletter and website.
                             sonnel staffing their component offices. We’re      2008 along with the Heart of America meet-       As always we will continue with component
                             also fortunate to have Missouri Dental Insur-       ing in June 2008. We instituted an additional    relations, membership outreach, consistent
                             ance Services and its staff, led by Greg Russell,   meeting to provide networking and educa-         communication and working to be an invalu-
                             executive vice president, and Donated Dental        tional opportunities in the years the Heart of   able resource for you.
                             Services, coordinated by Teena Paris, housed in     America is not held. In June 2009, the Lake of
                             the MDA executive office. All of these entities     the Ozarks will be host to the first MDA Sum-    Just as we hope to be the leader for you, we
                             and their collective personnel work together        mer Funfest.                                     want to empower you to be a leader for your
                             to advocate for and provide MDA members                                                              professional and personal life. In 2008, we will
                             with the best possible benefits, services and       Over this past year, we transitioned from our    provide members the opportunity to take part
                             experiences.                                        regular “MDA” logo to include a slogan to        in the Leadership Development Continuum,
                                                                                 emphasize what the MDA is about and to show      but only if we have enough participants enroll
                             The Board of Trustees is in continual transi-       what our commitment is to the membership.        (we need an additional four persons willing
                             tion as it studies and fine tunes the way it does   Our new tag line “Advocacy. Education. Leader-   to take the plunge). Considering my theme of
                             business to be the most efficient and effec-        ship.” encompasses an intangible benefit, in     transition, this program is all about that—help-
                             tive. This spring, we hosted a Board retreat        that we try to “lead” by being a resource for    ing members transition into more dynamic,
                             where Bud Crouch (of Tecker Consultants,            your practice issues, questions and concerns.    successful leaders! We have graduated two
                             who’s worked extensively with the ADA Board)        On a daily basis we talk to many members,        classes of members whose testimonies tell us
                             led the Board through various exercises that        assisting on a variety of topics. Often, these   they are better because of the program; we
FOcuS | ISSue 6 | 2007

                                                                                                                                  hope to have another.

Membership outreach continues to be                    we moved through the 2007 legislative session
conducted through programs such as Food For            we took our hits; however, we accomplished
Thought, Membership Meet & Greet, Day at               a large victory in the reinstatement of Adult
the Game, Travel & Learn and more. This fall           Dental Medicaid program. In the words recom-
we sent out a mailer to non-MDA dentists.              mended by the “Control of Profession” ad hoc,
This campaign, with the theme “Membership              MDA did serve as the “oral health care author-
Matters,” highlights the many services and pro-        ity in the state.” With both a strong grassroots
grams available as MDA member benefits. We             membership effort and legislative presence
hope to transition non-members back into the           at the Capitol, we accomplished this victory.
fold of organized dentistry or welcome dentists        Our efforts were even recognized with an ADA
as members for the first time.                         Golden Apple award.

A very important part of MDA members is                Increased funding and reimbursement rates will
UMKC School of Dentistry students. Related             continue to be a push in the coming session.
to this, an area that has become a major               If increased funding and rates are successfully
concern and was addressed at the MDA House             achieved, also necessary will be the dentists
of Delegates focuses on UMKC graduates—is              to provide services. We have begun to address
an adequate number of students graduating              this through collaborating with the Missouri
to serve the oral healthcare population and of         Primary Care Association to make contracting
those graduating, are they staying in Missouri         for private dentists and FQHCs a worthwhile
to practice? I, too, am concerned about an             reality. For the doctors who have contacted me,
adequate oral healthcare workforce, both den-          it seems to be working.
tists and auxiliaries, to serve the state’s needs. I
believe part of helping to ensure Missouri stu-        We will continue to work towards being the
dents become interested and engaged in dental          state’s “oral healthcare authority” and with the
careers will need to come from the MDA—such            hiring of a full time in-house lobbyist, Aaron
as a more effective mentoring program that             Washburn, I believe we can achieve that goal
assures students are knowledgeable about the           and more. Aaron and I have been traveling
various dental profession options and in turn,         around the state, providing information about
are groomed to enter into that career.                 MODentPAC, component PACS and the need
                                                       for grassroots initiatives. You will likely see us
Another transition set to happen before                in your area soon, probably more than once.
the end of the year is the rollout of a newly
designed The website, with a             As we gear up to transition into the 2008 leg-
fresh, new look, also will include many en-            islative session, we have an aggressive legisla-
hanced areas, such as Find a Dentist, Classifieds      tive agenda, with priorities of bringing funding
and Calendar, and new tools, such as a discus-         to various dental related programs, including
sion forum, site search and an online member-          the Donated Dental Services program. We will
ship database (where you can update your               begin an initiative this summer throughout the
profile). The members only login will be easier        components to request your input on how we
and pages for special membership segments,             can aggressively affect access to dental care
such as New Dentists, Students and Dental              through changes in the dental workforce. We
Team, will be more robust in information.              cannot stress the importance of your participa-       Space is available in the 2008
                                                       tion in this dialogue and strongly encourage
On another communications front, the dental            every member to attend the meetings and               Missouri Dental Association

profession has received some negative press            provide us (and the MDA Board) with the input
this year. The MDA will have to transition into        necessary to make informed decisions.
more of a public relations leader and step up                                                                Development Continuum
to the plate with prevention education and             As I end my first year as your Executive Direc-
continued support and promotion for access             tor, I’ll reiterate a statement I made last year at     Just announced, missouri Dental insurance
initiatives such as Give Kids a Smile. A lot of        this time. For me, the MDA means a great sense          Services (mDiS) is giving a $500 scholarship
members do a lot of great things for their             of community, service to the dental profession          to all lDC participants (up to $7,500 total).
communities and for the profession. We need            and its membership, and family and friends all
                                                       coming together as an organized group. Thank            Contact Margie Kunze to learn more or
to tell that story.
                                                                                                               go online to
                                                       you for allowing me to be a vital part of this.
As for legislative work, well, there is transi-                                                                       FEBRUARY 8-9 / MARCH 7 / APRIL 18 / MAY 9
                                                       Your comments and questions are encouraged. Send
tion week-to-week, sometimes, day-to-day. As
                                                                                                                                                                      FOcuS | ISSue 6 | 2007

                              members recognized                                    the Council on Membership Services (of which        Upon graduation in 2001, Dr. Niewald became
                              continued from cover                                  Dr. Hume was chair from 1989-91) to study           very active in the Northwest Dental Society.
                                                                                    the Wisconsin Dental Association brokerage          He served as editor of its newsletter in only his
                                                                                    arrangement and other for-profit subsidiar-         first year out of school, and in 2004, became
                              Dentistry isn’t Dr. Struble’s only passion. In
                                                                                    ies owned by state dental associations. This        the youngest president ever of the NWDS. That
                              addition to his activities in the dental profes-
                                                                                    included travel to 12 state dental associations     same year, Dr. Niewald was elected the New
                              sion, Dr. Struble also is known in his area as
                                                                                    to study their for-profit programs. In 1990,        Dentist Committee member to the MDA Board
                              the “Singing Dentist.” From 1984 to 1992 he
                                                                                    the MDA House set aside $20,000 to have a           of Trustees, on which he has now served as the
                              performed with the Ozarks Country Jubilee and
                                                                                    consultant to study the brokerage concept; in       Legislative and Regulatory Committee chair
                              The Presley’s Jubilee in Branson and was the
                                                                                    1991, the MDA House voted for the formation         since 2005.
                              three-time winner of The Ozarks Music Awards
                                                                                    of a for-profit insurance agency, which would
                              for Male Vocalist of the Year in Branson.
                                                                                    become MDIS. Dr. Hume served as MDIS’ first         Dr. Niewald also is chair of the New Dentist
                                                                                    president, from 1991-95. In 1992, Dr. Hume          Committee and serves on the Missouri Depart-
                              Dr. Struble and his wife, Deborah, have two
                                                                                    received the MDA Dentist of the Year (sharing       ment of Health and Senior Services Dental Ad-
                              children, Amanda, age 9, and Adam, age 6. His
                                                                                    the distinction with Dr. Mark Zust), because of     visory Group. Along with his statewide efforts,
                              family joined him at the awards dinner, includ-
                                                                                    his work to form MDIS.                              Dr. Niewald is on Greater Kansas City Dental
                              ing his mother, Ruth, who came in from Dallas
                                                                                                                                        Society Political Action Committee.
                              for the event. Dr. Struble lovingly thanked her
                                                                                    Dr. Hume was a trustee on the UMKC Den-
                              in his acceptance speech for helping to put
                                                                                    tal Alumni Association Board from 2001-06,          In addition to Dr. Niewald’s various leadership
                              not only him—but his sister and brother, who
                                                                                    serving as treasurer in 2004-05. He has been        roles, he donates time to numerous UMKC
                              practice in Texas—through dental school.
                                                                                    inducted to both the American College of            School of Dentistry and other philanthropic
                                                                                    Dentists (1993) and the International College       activities, including: speaking at the MDA Food
                              Distinguished Service                                 of Dentists (1996). He served as chair of the       for Thought program; raising dental student
                              Dr. JOhn huMe                                         Missouri Section for the ACD from 1999-04.          scholarship funds by helping organize the
                                                                                                                                        UMKC Annual Scholarship Golf Tournament;
                              Dr. John Hume, Springfield, received the Dis-         Outstanding New Dental Leader                       and, helping disadvantaged children through
                              tinguished Service Award for his many years of                                                            Lee’s Summit Public Schools and Give Kids a
                                                                                    Dr. MAtt nieWAlD
                              service and dedication to the dental profession.                                                          Smile.
                                                                                    Dr. Matt Niewald, Lee’s Summit, was recognized
                              Dr. John Hume has been a member of the                                                                    Dr. Niewald comes from a long line of dentists
                                                                                    as Outstanding New Dental Leader for his ac-
                              Tripartite since 1975, the same year he received                                                          who have served in leadership roles, includ-
                                                                                    tive involvement in organized dentistry, both
                              his DDS degree from the UMKC School of Den-                                                               ing his great grandfather, the late Dr. Howard
                                                                                    for his service on the New Dentist Committee
                              tistry. He has actively served his local society as                                                       McCoy, Albany, (Midwestern Dental College 23;
                                                                                    and for his outstanding efforts to protect and
                              well as the MDA and ADA in various capacities,                                                            Missouri Dental Board past president); grandfa-
                                                                                    advance the dental profession through legisla-
                              including MDA delegate, trustee and president                                                             ther, Dr. Chad McCoy, Chillicothe (Washington
                                                                                    tive action.
                              in 1995-96. He has been an ADA delegate                                                                   Univ 54; MDA past president 92-93), and Dr.
                              twice, having served first from 1994-96 and in                                                            Rolfe McCoy, Chillicothe (Washington Univ 85;
                                                                                    As a new dentist, Dr. Niewald has given much
                              his current term, from 2004 to the present.                                                               twice Missouri Dental Board past president).
                                                                                    time and energy to activities around organized
                                                                                    dentistry. He has assumed numerous leadership
                              One of Dr. Hume’s most significant contribu-                                                              Dr. Niewald received his bachelor’s degree in
                                                                                    roles and, as noted in his letter of recommen-
                              tions to the MDA was his integral role in the                                                             biology from the University of Missouri-Kan-
                                                                                    dation, “what he has done for our profession
                              formation of Missouri Dental Insurance Ser-                                                               sas City in 2001 and his DDS degree from the
                                                                                    is characteristic of a dentist who has practiced
                              vices, Inc., the for-profit subsidiary of the MDA.                                                        UMKC School of Dentistry that same year. Dr.
                                                                                    for over 30 years, yet Dr. Niewald graduated
                              In 1988, the MDA House of Delegates directed                                                              Niewald owns a private practice, Lakewood
                                                                                    from school only six years ago.”
FOcuS | ISSue 6 | 2007

                                     Dr. John Hume, Springfield            Dr. Matt Niewald, Lee’s Summit         Dr. Craig Rechkemmer, Ozark            Dr. Doug Ross, Farmington

                                                                                                                           50-year MDA M
                                      t their plaques.     Dr. Struble’s family joined him at the awards dinner,                           embers enjoyed
                       rs checking ou                                                                                     From left, Drs.
25-yea r MDA Membe                seph Sokolows
                                                  ki,    including, from left, Jack and Ruth Cooper (Dr. Struble’s                        Wendell Weath the evening.
                  Earl Larson, Jo               lson,                                                                         Richard Haffner          ers, Paul
  From left, Drs.              Seaton, Jack Ne             mother, came in for the evening from Dallas, Texas),                               and George Hu Meyer,
                   si, William                                                                                                                               ghes.
  Joseph Cangelo ce and Brett Russell.                      Dr. Struble, daughter, Amanda and wife, Deborah.
          Elwood Ri

Dental Center, in Lee’s Summit. He and his wife,          the UMKC School of Dentistry that same year.               lent dental health,” according to a practice
Dr. Kristen Niewald (UMKC 01) have two sons,              He has worked with the Tooth Truck since. Dr.              brochure. There are “no invasive procedures like
Aidan, 3 years, and Ethan, 5 months.                      Rechkemmer also is a nationally certified emer-            X-rays or cleanings; it’s just a child’s chance to
                                                          gency medical technician, Missouri certified               meet the staff, see what’s in the office, hear
In addition to these awards which are given               fire fighter and certified private pilot.                  the equipment sounds and experience the
annually, two special awards were presented to                                                                       customary smells found in a dental office.”
MDA member dentists.                                      Among other accolades, Dr. Rechkemmer was                  Dr. Ross personally meets with every toddler,
                                                          the UMKC Dental Student of the Year (2000)                 taking pictures that will later be made into a
Presidential Citation                                     and was one of Springfield Magazine’s “40                  collage to hang in the waiting room. Of the
Dr. crAiG rechKeMMer                                      under 40” in 2005. He and his wife, Fawn, are              kids featured on the wall for their participation
                                                          expecting their second child in March.                     in the program, 70 percent return six months
Dr. Craig Rechkemmer, Ozark, was presented                                                                           later to begin a normal schedule of examina-
with the 2007 Presidential Citation in recogni-           MoAPD Dr. Roger L. Parrott                                 tions, cleanings, fluoride applications, sealants,
tion of his instrumental role in the success of           Award for Child Advocacy                                   and X-rays, for which regular charges apply.
the Ronald McDonald House Charities “Tooth                Dr. DOuG rOss
Truck” dental outreach program and of his                                                                            The award is named after Dr. Roger Parrott, an
tireless efforts to improve the oral health of            Dr. Doug Ross, Farmington, and his “First Dental           individual who upon graduation from dental
underprivileged children in the Springfield area.         Visit Program,” were acknowledged with the                 school (Washington Univ 53), dedicated his
                                                          first Dr. Roger L. Parrott Award for Child Ad-             dental practice solely to pediatric dentistry,
The Tooth Truck is a national model program in            vocacy, presented by the Missouri Academy of               even though there was no specialty training
the delivery of dental care to needy children.            Pediatric Dentistry (MoAPD).                               at that time. He was “grandfathered” into the
Since its debut in summer 2002, nearly 6,000                                                                         profession and was a pediatric dental pillar
children have been treated through over                   This award was created by the MoAPD to rec-                in the St. Louis community and held several
17,000 dental appointments valued at $3.7                 ognize individuals who are in fields other than            leadership positions on the state level. His son,
million. The Tooth Truck visits area schools              pediatric dentistry who have devoted their                 Dr. Dennis Parrott (Washington Univ 78), a
where school nurses identify Medicaid-eligible            time and efforts to promote children’s oral                pediatric dentist in St. Louis, was at the awards
children and/or kids in the free or reduced               health advocacy.                                           banquet to honor his father’s memory.
school lunch program with the biggest needs.
The Tooth Truck provides a full range of dental           Dr. Ross’ First Dental Visit Program integrates            Dr. Ross received his DDS in 1963 from Wash-
services, including X-rays, cleanings, sealants,          his zeal for children’s dental health into his             ington University School of Dentistry and has
root canals and fillings.                                 daily practice. The program acts on recommen-              been in private practice since 1965; prior to
                                                          dations by the American Academy of Pediatric               this he was in the US Army Dental Corps, Paris,
In addition to his vital part in the success of           Dentistry that children should start visits to             France, from 1963-65. He has been a clinical
the Tooth Truck, Dr. Rechkemmer has spent                 the dentist between 12 and 24 months of age                instructor at Washington University, in both
time and energy developing a program through              to prevent the decay that can begin as soon as             periodontics and pediatric dentistry.
the Springfield Public Schools for kids in need           teeth erupt.
of dental care.                                                                                                      Dr. Ross was awarded his Fellowship in the
                                                          The First Dental Visit Program invites parents to          Academy of General Dentistry in 1973 and his
Dr. Rechkemmer received his bachelor’s degree             introduce their children under the age of three            Mastership in 1990. He served as president of
in biology from the University of Missouri-               to the dentist’s office for a free first visit that        the Missouri AGD from 1983-85.
Kansas City in 2002 and his DDS degree from               aims to “set the stage for a lifetime of excel-            continued next page
                                                                                                                                                                               FOcuS | ISSue 6 | 2007

                              members recognized                                             and as the new MDA president-elect. Dr.             Legislative Excellence Awards were presented
                              continued from previous page                                   Robert Brunker, St. Joseph, is the new              for Representatives Rob Schaaf (R-28) and Jay
                                                                                             NWDS trustee.                                       Wasson (R-141), and Senator Charlie Shields
                              Among various volunteer leadership roles, Dr.              •   Dr. Tom Lemons, Palmyra, for his service            (R-34), in recognition of their outstanding
                              Ross is a past president of the Southeast Mis-                 as Northeast Dental Society trustee. Dr.            support for oral health in the state of Missouri.
                              souri Dental Society and has been treasurer                    Lynne Barbour, Kahoka, is the new NEDS              These legislators have been friends of dentistry
                              of the Mineral Area Dental Study Club since                    trustee.                                            and were integral in the reinstatement of adult
                              its inception in 1970. He has also served as a                                                                     dental Medicaid in the MO HealthNet legisla-
                                                                                         •   Dr. Terry Spence, Cape Girardeau, for ser-          tion that passed in the 2007 session.
                              delegate to the MDA House. Currently, Dr. Ross
                                                                                             vice as Southeast Dental Society trustee.
                              serves on the Missouri Department of Health
                                                                                             Dr. Jay Sheets, Cape Girardeau, is the              Honorary Membership was bestowed on, for
                              and Senior Services Dental Advisory Group.
                                                                                             new SEDS trustee.                                   their service to the dental profession, Pam
                              Dr. Ross and his wife, Pamela, have five children                                                                  Ratliff, retired executive director of the Greater
                                                                                      MDA members of 10, 25 and 50-years (see                    Kansas City Dental Society for 22 years; Shar-
                              and three grandchildren.
                                                                                      next page for complete list). Special thanks               lene Rimiller, executive director of the Missouri
                                                                                      to those members who attended the awards                   Dental Board from 1998-2007; Maxine Thomp-
                              ADDitiOnAl recOGnitiOns                                 banquet to receive their plaques, including:               son, public member of the Missouri Dental
                                                                                         •   25 years: Drs. Joseph Cangelosi, Pilot              Board from 1998-2007; and, Jorgen Schlemeier,
                              Other recognitions at the awards banquet
                                                                                             Knob; Gilbert Hart, Ellisville; Rodger              MDA lobbyist, for his legislative prowess and
                              included the following:
                                                                                             Janes, Belle; Earl Larson, Chesterfield;            tireless efforts on behalf of organized dentistry.
                                                                                             John Love, Sedalia; Jack Nelson, Indepen-
                              Officers and Trustees:
                                                                                             dence; Elwood Rice, Mexico; Brett Rus-              MDA Staff for years of service, including:
                                •    Dr. JC Standlee, Jefferson City, for his                sell, Columbia; William Seaton, St. Louis;          Vicki Wilbers, executive director, 15 years; Jake
                                     service as MDA president. Dr. Shanon                    Joseph Sokolowski, Florissant; Dewain               Lippert, executive director emeritus, 10 years;
                                     Kirchhoff, Cape Girardeau, is the new                   Whitmore, Kansas City.                              Stacey Butler, meeting director, 10 years; and,
                                     MDA president and retiring president-                                                                       Lisa Patten, financial director, 10 years.
                                                                                         •   50 years: Drs. Richard Haffner, St. Louis;
                                     elect (see page 44 for details).
                                                                                             George Hughes, St. Louis; Paul Meyer, St.
                                •    Dr. Doug Wyckoff, Cameron for his ser-                                                                      The MDA sincerely congratulates all those
                                                                                             Louis; Wendell Weathers, Sikeston.
                                     vice as Northwest Dental Society trustee                                                                    honored this year.

                                    The MDA has kicked off a new membership recruitment program to tell nonmembers the many reasons
                                                                                                                                                      FIND OUT THE MANY REASONS
                                    why MDA “Membership Matters.” This tri-fold brochure was sent to all non-members to educate them on
                                                                                                                                                      WHY MEMBERSHIP MATTERS
                                    the programs and services the MDA offers. If you would like to recruit a fellow colleague to join the MDA,
FOcuS | ISSue 6 | 2007

                                    simply give us a call. We’ll be glad to provide information and materials to help.                                Call Mandy at 573.634.3436

                                                          We thank you for your service to the
                                                           public and to organized dentistry.

             50 years                                           James Schmidt, St. Louis (Northwestern Univ 82)
                                                                       William Seaton, St. Louis (UMKC 82)
                                                                        Joseph Shea, St. Louis (UMKC 82)
                                                                                                                                        10 years
                                                                     Stewart Sheinbein, St. Louis (UMKC 82)
  greater st. louis Dental society                                                                                          greater st. louis Dental society
                                                                   Joseph Sokolowski, Florissant (UMKC 82)
    Thomas Byrne, Wildwood (St. Louis Univ 55)                          John Tabash, St. Louis (UMKC 81)                        Linzi Cavanaugh, Chesterfield (UMKC 94)
  Lawrence Dobransky, St. Louis (St. Louis Univ 57)              William Uthoff, St. Louis (Washington Univ 81)              Padmini Muddasani, O’Fallon (Baylor College 94)
     Richard Haffner, St. Louis (St. Louis Univ 57)                                                                               Douglas Rediger, St. Louis (UMKC 92)
     George Hughes, St. Louis (St Louis Univ 56)             greater Kansas city Dental society                                   Connie Rieser, Washington (UMKC 97)
     Robert Marklin, St. Louis (St Louis Univ 56)                                                                                 Matthew Rieser, St. Charles (UMKC 97)
                                                                  Robert Abernathy, Lee’s Summit (UMKC 82)
     Paul Meyer, St. Louis (Washington Univ 55)                                                                             Daniel Rothermich, St. Louis (Washington Univ 85)
                                                                         Harry Berger, Belton (UMKC 79)
   William Tierney, Sullivan (Washington Univ 56)                                                                                   Karl Shanker, St. Louis (UMKC 78)
                                                                   Kevin Cummings, Lee’s Summit (UMKC 82)
  Arthur Von Rump, St. Louis (Washington Univ 57)                                                                                  John Silberberg, O’Fallon (UMKC 83)
                                                                      Dawn Druen, Blue Springs (UMKC 82)
                                                                                                                            Bradford Tiner, St. Peters (Southern Illinois Univ 97)
                                                                       Robert Engle, Concordia (UMKC 82)
greater Kansas city Dental society                              Gerard Feldhaus, Kansas City (Creighton Univ 81)
                                                                                                                              Deborah Ziwot, St. Louis (Washington Univ 81)

      Richard Carpenter, Hudson, Fla. (UMKC 57)                      Gary Freeland, Kansas City (UMKC 82)
                                                                                                                          greater Kansas city Dental society
 Austin Stiles, Jr., Leavenworth, Kan. (Temple Univ 56)             Gerald Korsten, Lee’s Summit (UMKC 74)
                                                                     Mark Maddox, Kansas City (UMKC 82)                        Stephanie Altenburg, Kansas City (UMKC 95)
greater springfield Dental society                                 Francis Matthews, Harrisonville (UMKC 82)                    Michael Cottrell, Independence (UMKC 79)
                                                                       Mark Melson, Raytown (UMKC 82)                               Erica Fisher, Kansas City (UMKC 95)
           Jack Hacker, Bolivar (UMKC 49)                                                                                           John Gatti, Lees Summit (UMKC 94)
                                                                     Gary Morgan , Kansas City (UMKC 79)
        Bruce Ratcliff, Jr., Bois D’Arc (UMKC 57)                                                                                Gregory Johnson, Kansas City (UMKC 76)
                                                                   John Nelson, Jr., Independence (UMKC 82)
                                                                   Dewain Whitmore, Kansas City (UMKC 81)                           Conrad Journee, Liberty (UMKC 97)
       southeast Dental society                                     Steven Williams, Kansas City (UMKC 82)                          John Rapley, Kansas City (UMKC 73)
  Wendell Weathers, Sikeston (Univ of Tennessee 57)               Peggy Young, Kansas City (Howard Univ 75)                       Jose Rodriguez, Kansas City (UMKC 88)
                                                                                                                                   Christopher Shultz, Liberty (UMKC 97)
      southwest Dental society                               greater springfield Dental society
                                                                                                                          greater springfield Dental society
         Leroy Engle, Olathe, Kan. (UMKC 57)                           Wayne Allai, Springfield (UMKC 80)
          Jerry Sanders, Nevada (UMKC 57)                    William Bartow, Marshfield (Univ of Illinois, Chicago 82)               Aaron Grier, Ozark (UMKC 97)
                                                                        W Rogers, Greenfield (UMKC 82)                      Richard Martens, Springfield (Southern Ill Univ 97)

             25 years
                                                                      Gregory Wait, Springfield (UMKC 82)                          Allison Potter, Lebanon (UMKC 97)
                                                                                                                                  Wade Wheeler, Springfield (UMKC 97)
                                                                      central Dental society
                                                                                                                                   central Dental society
                                                                     Rodger Janes, Belle (Indiana Univ 80)
  greater st. louis Dental society
                                                                   John Love, Sedalia (Washington Univ 57)                           David Elledge, Fulton (UMKC 78)
            Mark Berg, St. Louis (UMKC 81)                              Elwood Rice, Mexico (UMKC 82)                             Thomas Elliott, Columbia (UMKC 77)
  Richard Blustein, St. Louis (Univ of Pittsburgh 63)                 Tim Rieke, Jefferson City (UMKC 82)                      Spencer Kemmer, Jefferson City (UMKC 93)
         Michael Cherre, Ellisville (UMKC 80)                          Brett Russell, Columbia (UMKC 78)                           Lan-Tu Myers, Columbia (UMKC 88)
         George Duello, St. Louis (UMKC 79)                        Kevin Ryan, Columbia (Creighton Univ 82)                    Kristopher Nolph, Jefferson City (UMKC 97)
     James Faber, St. Charles (Baylor College 76)                                                                                    Susan Sherrick, Rolla (UMKC 95)
          Steven Franz, St. Louis (UMKC 82)                         northeast Dental society                                    Ramsey Shouman, Columbia (UMKC 96)
    David Groenke, Gerald (Washington Univ 81)                                                                                    Edward Stephens, Mexico (UMKC 97)
     Gilbert Hart, Ellisville (Washington Univ 82)                      Alan Barber, Leawood (UMKC 74)
                                                                                                                              Michael Todd, Columbia (Southern Ill Univ 94)
          Francis Kubik, St. Louis (UMKC 81)                           Arnold Barber, Kirksville (UMKC 65)
                                                                                                                                   Brad Twaddle, Columbia (UMKC 95)
          Ronald Lang, St. Louis (UMKC 82)
         Earl Larson, Chesterfield (UMKC 82)                       northwest Dental society                              certified Dental Technicians (25 years)
        Alan Levi, St. Louis (Washington Univ)                         John Hague, St. Joseph (UMKC 82)
   Robert Lowe, St. Charles (Washington Univ 82)                                                                                        Gerard Jacobi, Creve Coeur
             J Majers, St. Louis (UMKC 82)                                                                                               Carolyn King, St. Charles
                                                                    southeast Dental society                                              Daniel Kling, Florissant
  Mark McCarthy, Kirkwood (Washington Univ 79)
         William Pavlisin, St. Louis (UMKC 82)                    James Bollinger, Cape Girardeau (UMKC 82)
        Gregory Pucel, Chesterfield (UMKC 82)                   Joseph Cangelosi, Pilot Knob (Creighton Univ 82)
                                                                     James Shaner, Farmington (UMKC 82)

                                                                    southwest Dental society
                                                                                                                                                                                          FOcuS | ISSue 6 | 2007

                                                                  Jeffery Moyer, Lamar (Oral Roberts Univ 82)

                              legislative news                             AArOn WAshBurn, MDA leGislAtive DirectOr

                              the dental profession and public relations
                         business solutions ADA, therMDArwillslaunch aDPR campaignv e 2008; thisemuste bet matched
                           With the help of the       G eG   u s e l l , M i s e x e c u t i in v i c e p r s i D n
                           with an effort to improve one-on-one relationships with legislators

                              Over the last several months various news         Medicaid payments, and provided these ser-               Each of these stories should remind us that
                              reports have attacked the dental profession.      vices in a way that put profit over patient care.        we are not exempt from criticism. Despite the
                                                                                                                                         work so many of you do to help your patients
                              The backlash began with an article by The New     Before you ignore these examples as a trend              and communities, there are those who will
                              York Times. In that article the Times blamed      among east coast journalists, think again.               attack your success and your profession. Some
                              most of the problems in oral health care on the                                                            bad press should be expected; bad news sells,
                              profession dedicated to fixing it. It chastised   During November sweeps week, a Kansas City               after all. However, bad press, if ignored, can
                              the dentists as being under-worked and por-       TV station interviewed the Missouri Dental               damage images, hurt reputations and destroy
                              trays them as over-paid and uncaring to the       Board executive director. The journalist rebuked         relationships with legislators.
                              needs of the poor, elderly and disabled.          the Board for not doing enough to ensure
                                                                                patient safety in Missouri, and the story insinu-        In response, with the help of the ADA, the MDA
                              Two weeks later, a television network affiliate   ates that dentists disciplined by the Board are          will be launching a public relations campaign
                              in Washington, D.C. filed an expose on Small      simply given ‘slaps on the wrists’ and jeopardize        in 2008. Our PR consultant will help us remind
                              Smiles Pediatric Centers. This story implied      the public by being allowed to continue prac-            people of the importance of oral healthcare
                              dentists subjected their young patients to un-    ticing where they may injure other patients.             and be proactive to both minimize the effects
                              necessary procedures in an effort to increase                                                              of negative press and maximize the good the
                                                                                                                                         dental community is doing.

                                                                                                                                         While this “public” campaign is important, this
                                                                                                                                         must be matched with an effort to improve the
                                                                                                                                         one-on-one relationships with legislators. This
                                                                                                                                         is where we need your help.

                                              Legislative Days 2008                                                                      During the next legislative session, we will
                                                                                                                                         have four Legislative Days at the State Capitol.
                                               March 11 � April 8                                                                        Each of these provides an opportunity for you
                                               April 23 � May 6                                                                          to visit face-to-face with your legislators and
                                                                                                                                         remind them of the important role dentists
                                                                                                                                         play in the oral and overall health of our state’s
                                                                                                                                         citizens; it’s your chance to tell them about
                                                                          Join us in Je erson City!                                      your dedication to provide important services
                                                                                                                                         to your patients—and their constituents.

                                                                                                                                         All members are invited to participate in any of
                                                                                                                                         the four days; however, each component also
                                                                                                                                         will be assigned a day (see box, left) and com-
                                   You know best the issues                      Legislative Day Schedule
                                                                                    • Meet at MDA Office at 9 a.m.
                                                                                                                                         ponent grassroots leaders will be responsible
                                   that affect your profession                                                                           for getting members to the Capitol. By enroll-
                                                                                    • Head to the Capitol at 10 a.m.
                                   and your practice...make                                                                              ing components in the event coordinating, we
                                   sure legislators do.                          HOSTING DENTAL SOCIETIES
                                                                                                                                         hope there is greater ownership of the process
                                                                                   • March 11 – Southwest & Northeast
                                     • Become a grassroots contact                 • April 8 – Greater Springfield & Greater St. Louis   and the outcome. This is a new approach to our
                                     • Attend Legislative Day                      • April 23 – Northwest & Central                      legislative advocacy, and one I hope everyone
                                     • Support MODentPAC                           • May 6 – Greater Kansas City & Southeast
                                                                                                                                         involved will find rewarding. I look forward to
                                                                                                                                         seeing everyone in the coming months.
FOcuS | ISSue 6 | 2007

                               Contact Aaron at the MDA to learn more                                                                    Your comments and questions are always welcomed.
                               and to get involved |                                                                  Send to

         MODentPAC                                                    ink of it as preventive care for your practice.
                   T H A N K YO U 2 0 0 7 M O D   PA C C O N T R I B U TO R S

GOVERNORS CLUB                      Harry J Richter, Jefferson City        Beckon Brown-Benedict, Kansas City   Ronald D Gross, Ballwin             Sarah B Mahaffey, Springfield         Mark F Saladin, Carthage
                                    Kristine K Schrock, St. Joseph        Andrea J Bruck, Clinton              Steve Grossman, St. Louis           Richard G Mark, Independence        H J Scanlon, St. Charles
$900 & More                         John K Silberberg, O’ Fallon          Steve W Brumit, Lees Summit          Norman E Grover, St. James          Scott C Mason, Ava                  Edward A Schanda, Forsyth
                                    Terry M Spence, Cape Girardeau        David K Budd, Republic               Karl H Gruendl, Fenton              Carol A Mc Call, Springfield         Brian A Schlueter, St. Louis
Lawrence J Anthony, St. Peters
                                                                          Thomas R Bunton, Nevada              Kurt F Hanneman, Grain Valley       Rolfe C Mc Coy, Chillicothe         William C Schluter, St. Louis
Guy P Bates, Jr, Springfield
                                                                          William D Burch, Neosho              E P Harder, II, Hannibal            Vernon D Mc Elwee, Camdenton        Robert A Schrameyer, Ballwin
Randal L Begley, Cape Girardeau
Guy S Deyton, Kansas City
                                    CENTURY CLUB                          Mary H Burke, St. Louis              Sarina M Harman-Tinnel, Overland    Paul Mc Graw, Independence          R L Schutte, Kansas City

Robert G Fox, Cape Girardeau        $100 to $299                          Holli D Careswell, Lees Summit       Park, Kan.                          Ray C Mc Kowen, Springfield          Homer Sedighi, Chesterfield
                                                                          Stephen M Carron, Perryville         Karen J Harris, St. Louis           Ray F Mc Kowen, Springfield          Gary H Shanker, St. Louis
Michael P Frith, Ballwin
                                    Ronald W Antoine, Chesterfield         Gregory G Casalone, Elsberry         Mark E Hartter, Lees Summit         Deborah L Meegan, Florissant        Jonathan A Shanker, St. Louis
Matthew A Gassen, Jefferson City
                                    Michael T Basnett, Fulton             Jerry F Cash, Springfield             Charles C Hatley Jr, Columbia       Zachary A Meiners, Independence     R N Sharp, Joplin
Cheryl D Haley, Ozark
                                    Daniel V Cherry, Dittmer              Thomas G Cates, III, Independence    Lori M Henderson, Columbia          Daniel R Menze, Moberly             Gamil Shaw, Ellisville
Daniel W Haney, Joplin
                                    Robert D Collinge, Edina              Patrick J Cavanaugh, Florissant      David C Hermann, St. Louis          Thomas J Meyer, Springfield          John D Simmons, Dexter
Michael J Hoffmann, St. Louis
                                    Thomas E Coyle, Columbia              Robert L Cayse, Festus               Jason M Herrick, St. Louis          Mark D Meyers, St. Louis            Kimberly D Simonds, Ballwin
John D Hume, Springfield
                                    Timothy T Coyle, Columbia             Robert L Claassen, Kansas City       Paul S Herrin, Florissant           R W Mitchell, Springfield            Norman A Smith, Jr, Parkville
Shanon T Kirchhoff, Cape Girardeau
                                    William J Duensing, Jr, Kansas City   Charles W Clarke, St. Louis          Mark F Hesker, St. Louis            Sherman T Mitchell, Springfield      John C Snow, Independence
Jacob J Lippert, Camdenton
                                    James W Elliott, Columbia             Marvin Cohen, St. Louis              James M Hobbs II, Plattsburg        James R Mobley, Kansas City         Joseph E Sokolowski, Florissant
Edward L Mc Allister, Joplin
                                    John M Freeze, Cape Girardeau         Patrick H Collins, Blue Springs      Jay M Hodge, Kansas City            Robert C Molinaro, Kansas City      Gerald W Spencer, Sedalia
Charles C McGinty, Joplin
                                    Jeffry P Gardner, Maryville            Robert H Conner, St. Louis           Ronald Hohenadel, Perryville        Gary P Morgan, Kansas City          Harry W Stadnyk, Ballwin
Merle A Nunemaker, Kansas City
                                    A. Joshua Montgomery, Springfield      Ricky Cornish, West Plains           Craig S Hollander, St. Louis        Timothy P Morrow, Kansas City       David E Stamos, Independence
James W Osborne, Raytown
                                    Jane A Otto, St. Louis                Danna P Cotner, Cape Girardeau       Joseph F Honich, Florissant         Jeffery O Moyer, Lamar               James H Stanford, Ballwin
Charles F Poeschel, Bridgeton
                                    Vincent Rapini, Jr, Webster Groves    Thomas K Courtney, Stewartsville     Michael A Horan, Springfield         Keith V Myers, Springfield           Edward G Stephens, Mexico
Joel W Pratt, Unionville
                                    Louis H Rohlfs, Jackson               Paul C Cox, Trenton                  Betty J Horstmann, Kansas City      Nancy L Newhouse, Independence      Gregory A Stiver, Kansas City
John L Sheets, Cape Girardeau
                                    George R Ruwwe, Jr, St. Joseph        Robert D Coyle, Columbia             Edward C Hotz, St. Louis            Thomas R Nichols, Montgomery Cy     Ralph M Stonner, Tipton
J C Standlee, Jefferson City
                                    James L Samples, Carrollton           Bruce C Cummings, Weatherby Lake     Heather T Hudkins, Springfield       Richard J Nissen, St. Louis         Thomas A Switzer, St. Louis
Homer R Tourkakis, Arnold
                                    David M Small, Springfield             Timothy J Curry, St. Joseph          John R Hugo, Kansas City            Michael W Noble, St. Louis          Robert Tait, Grandview
Kenneth J Weinand, Independence
                                    James B Stewart, Springfield           Mark L Dake, West Plains             Stanley E Humphrey, Gallatin        S E Noffel, Cape Girardeau           John P Tanner, Kansas City
Douglas A Wyckoff, Cameron
                                    B. Ray Storm, St. Peters              Gregory W Dale, Kansas City          Robert E Hurst, Kansas City         Scott F Nolen, Florissant           Ronald W Taylor, St. Joseph
Mark R Zust, St. Peters
                                    David L Suchman, Independence         Jeffrey B Dalin, St. Louis            Joseph D Hutchison, Perryville      Edward M Norman, Lancaster          Steven E Taylor, Columbia
                                    Diana Tabakh, Kansas City             David J Dear, Versailles             James B Indiveri, Blue Springs      Cynthia L Nouri, St. Louis          Bernard R Tellez, Ozark
                                                                          Harlo L Donelson, Memphis            Steven R Irwin, Lees Summit         Michael J O’Connell, Creve Coeur    Dean F Telthorst, St. Louis
CAPITOL CLUB                        Gregory C Tellatin, Springfield
                                                                          Darrell N Drissell, Ballwin          David M Ivey, St. Peters            Kirk J Opdahl, Independence         Daniel G Teubner, Jefferson City
                                    Kevin D Wallace, Springfield
$600 to $899                        June K Wolff, Clayton                  James A Dryden, Joplin               David M Jackson, Hannibal           Mark M Ortinau, Ellisville          Gerda M Thalheimer, St. Louis
                                    Lum Young, Camdenton                  David E Dykhouse, Blue Springs       Rodger W Janes, Belle               Dennis A Parrott, St. Charles       Larry W Thomas, St. Louis
Kelly B Barnett, Ozark                                                    Vance J Dykhouse, Blue Springs       Anne L Johnson, Kansas City         James L Parrott, Kansas City        Patrick A Thompson, Joplin
Robert L Brunker, St. Joseph                                              John J Ebeling, II, St. Charles      David S Johnson, Cape Girardeau     Jeffrey D Patton, Cape Girardeau     Robert Thomure, St. Louis
Robert E Butler, Webster Groves
                                    CONTRIBUTOR                           Mark N Eidelman, St. Peters          Dwight H Johnson, Jackson           Edward J Perkins, Kansas City       Mark M Tobben, Washington
Jacqueline A Demko, Chesterfield                                           James D Elias, Independence          Jeff J Johnson, St. Louis            Glen H Petteway, Springfield         Leo A Tokarczyk, Springfield
                                    $99 & Less
Lonnie T Feagan, Raytown                                                  William J Esicar Jr, Hannibal        John A Johnson, Columbia            David S Platt, Liberty              David L Tongate, Sikeston
Jodie L Gordon, Kirksville                                                Rob Etherton, Jackson                William H Jolly, Mexico             Jay R Pontious, Hermann             Mark L Travis, Florissant
                                    Wayne W Allai, Springfield
Stan Hite, Independence                                                   Carla J Evans, Belton                Rick D Jones, Kennett               Kevin F Postol, Ballwin             James M Trout, St. Joseph
                                    Daniel J Altnether, Independence
Dan B Livingston, St. Louis                                               Vincent A Fallert, St. Louis         John H Joseph II, Joplin            Don L Powell, Springfield            William D Turner, Malden
                                    Dennis M Amschler, Perryville
David M Neal, Chillicothe                                                 Jerry R Fankhauser, Springfield       Donald R Jump, Bolivar              Gregory J Powell, Bridgeton         Brad A Twaddle, Columbia
                                    Mark Anderson, Belton
Jane T Neal, Chillicothe                                                  James A Feigenbaum, St. Louis        Sam K Kallsnick, Lees Summit        Phillip M Poynter, Maryville        Bruce E Twaddle, Maryville
                                    John O Andreas, St. Louis
John W Nelson, Jr, Independence                                           Gerard R Feldhaus, Kansas City       Nicholas P Kamakas, St. Louis       Michael B Price, Poplar Bluff        David C Ukena, Springfield
                                    Stanley K Andrews, Stanberry
Matthew A Niewald, Lees Summit                                            Mark A Fernandez, St. Louis          William T Kane, Dexter              William T Prosser, Jr, Troy         Daniel B Van Buskirk, Clinton
                                    Dennis M Anglim, Maryland Heights
Richard L O’Brien, St. Louis                                              Debra F Fink, St. Louis              William J Kapp, Kansas City         Steven J Prstojevich, Lees Summit   Eric W Vesper, Chesterfield
                                    Bobby W Austin, Camdenton
Douglas K Ross, Farmington                                                Elizabeth A Finnane, Warrensburg     Bruce W Kaufman, Springfield         Joseph M Pruitt, Springfield         John P Vogl, Ballwin
                                    Ali A Badihi, Florissant
Jayne F Scherrman, Cape Girardeau                                         John R Firth, St. Louis              Spencer J Kemmer, Jefferson City     Mark A Quattrocchi, Pleasant Hill   William A Wagasy, Springfield
                                    Lynne E Barbour, Kahoka
James V Shaner, Farmington                                                Wayne E Fischer, St. Louis           Houston C Ker, Springfield           Edmond Rainey, Chesterfield          Stuart D Waite, St. Louis
                                    Richard D Barlet, Carthage
Thomas E Stone, Springfield                                                Ollie C Fisher, Florissant           Saba S Khalil, St. Louis            Donald Raphael, Springfield          John A Waldron Jr, Kansas City
                                    Marcus C Barnett, Ozark
David A Struble, Ozark                                                    Michael E Fitterling, Joplin         Tisha R Kice-Briggs, Kirksville     Robert W Rechtien Jr, Gladstone     Kevin M Walsh, St. Louis
                                    William B Bartow, Marshfield
Ross W Stryker, Lebanon                                                   Thomas C Flavin, St. Louis           Kevin M Killian, St. Peters         Theodore A Rechtin III, Bridgeton   Elizabeth A Ward, Grain Valley
                                    Patrick M Bauer, Springfield
Linda K Westmoreland, Rolla                                               John C Flucke, Lees Summit           Bruce E King, Eldon                 Richard J Reed, Joplin              Ronald J Wehner, Springfield
                                    William J Bauer Jr, Springfield
Eric S Wilson, Cole Camp                                                  John N Fox, Poplar Bluff              Gregory B Kivett Jr, Joplin         Jeffrey D Rempala, St. Louis         Gary Weinstein, Chesterfield
                                    Michael L Beasley, Springfield
                                    Julie B Becker, Springfield            Michael J Fox, Seymour               Michael R La Ferla, Joplin          Robert W Renger, Joplin             Kurt A Weisenfels, St. Louis
                                    Natalie L Beltgens, Blue Springs      Robert C French, St. Louis           James E Lamont, Clayton             Karen H Rethmeyer, Kansas City      Mark A Westhoff, Carthage
JEFFERSON CLUB                      Wayne E Bertz, Salem                  Greg C Frimel, St. Louis             John R Landgraf, Jr, Florissant     M Elwood Rice, Mexico               Ben Westman, Kansas City
$300 to $599                        Steven P Billings, Parkville          Charles D Fuszner, Kirkwood          Earl R Larson, Chesterfield          Donald G Richardson, Manchester     Wade E Wheeler, Springfield
                                    Mitchell Blacker, Kansas City         John A Gambill, Eldon                Dan L Lavitt, Columbia              Joe E Richardson, III, Houston      Kevan F Whitsitt, Columbia
Michael W Bennett, Cape Girardeau   Joseph L Boain, Florissant            Matthew T Garrison, Smithville       Joseph H Laws, Arnold               John K Richter, Lebanon             Susan A Widick, Independence
Charles W Boyce, Sikeston           Paul H Boehme, St. Louis              Lawrence G Gaston, Hazelwood         Paulus E Lawson, Jr, Centralia      Jack G Robbins, Carthage            Christian R Willard, Branson
Keith D Cooper, Perryville          Marc R Boivin, St. Louis              William C Gerst, Florissant          David M Lebsack, St. Joseph         Scott A Roberson, Independence      F S Williams, Jackson
Bryan G Foote, Columbia             Robert K Boland, Gladstone            William A Gillam, Pacific             Harvey A Lehrer, Chesterfield        Edward C Robison, Warrensburg       Carolynn F Wolff, Chesterfield
Jean M Hagan, Crystal City          James H Bollinger, Cape Girardeau     Timothy L Goodheart, Raytown         Truman W Lewis, Jackson             Randall S Rohmiller, Joplin         Chad C Wollard, Kansas City
William T Lemons, Palmyra           Terrence W Bond, Kirkwood             Donald L Gossett, St. Joseph         Kenneth J Linck, Florissant         B R Rommel, Kansas City             Ronald R Wollard, Kansas City
Colin A Malaker, Columbia           Robert W Boyle, Chesterfield           George G Graham Jr, Springfield       Craig A Long, Vandalia              Lori W Roseman, St. Peters          Mark S Woodin, Joplin
Bruce W Mc Call, Bethany            Stephen P Bozoian, Bridgeton          Richard F Graham, Jefferson City      Michael W Lowe, Kansas City         Benjamin D Rosenberg, Joplin        Michael L Yang, St. Charles
John R Monterubio, St. Louis        Barry D Brace, St. Louis              Michael F Grasso, Chesterfield        William E Luther, Jr, Lees Summit   Dennis D Rowe, Fenton               Jeremy J Youngblood, Kansas City
William K Powell, Exclsor Sprgs     Dennis J Brady Jr, Warrenton          Charles E Grelle, Florissant         James M Maguire, St. Louis          Ralph K Ruckman, Independence       Alan G Zinke, Springfield
Marcia L Preston, Republic          L D Brady, Lebanon                    David A Groenke, Gerald              Charles L Mahaffey, Springfield       Steve A Rueb, Kansas City
                                                                          Gary Groff, Clinton                   Darren Mahaffey, Springfield          Thomas C Ruzicka, St. Louis
                              business solutions                                 GREG RUSSELL, MDIS EXECUTIVE VICE PRESIDENT

                              Long-term care: Asset or liability?
                              The answer depends on how you will plan for your future long-term care needs.

                              Most people say that they don’t think they will                                                        asset eligibility requirements of Medicaid. They
                              need a nursing home. That statement reveals                                                            are able to retain one dollar for every dollar
                              a lot of the problem and misunderstanding.                                                             of benefits paid by a Partnership Long-term
                              Long-term care (LTC) is not confined to just a                                                         Care policy. Policies must meet the Partnership
                              nursing home. The fact is that most of us, at                                                          guidelines established by the Federal Gov-
                              some point, will need LTC, whether it is in a                                                          ernment and each state. If you have already
                              nursing home, our own home or with children                                                            purchased a LTC policy, it will not be grandfa-
                              or relatives.                                                                                          thered in.

                              The American Society on Aging says that 70%                                                            The Department of Insurance and companies
                              of Americans currently 65 and older will need                                                          are working to finalize the definitions and
                              some type of long-term care. In addition, more                                                         guidelines for the Partnership program. It is
                              than half of all men and women turning 65                                                              anticipated that these policies will be ready to
                              will use a nursing home before they die, and                                                           purchase by June 1, 2008.
                              about 20% will spend five or more years there.
                                                                                                                                     In the meantime, do your homework, research
                              Denial, apathy and being unrealistic are                                                               the Partnership program online and contact
                              the biggest hurdles to overcome. Hopefully,                                                            MDIS to help you determine if a long-term
                              through the statistics above, we can acknowl-                                                          care policy will be an asset or a liability.
                              edge that we may need some type of long-
                              term care. When we take a look at the math, it                                                         For additional information contact Greg Russell,
                                                                                                                                     MDIS executive vice president at 800-944-7550 or
                              becomes even more sobering.
                                                                                                                            Learn more about their
                                                                                                                                     products and services at MDIS
                              Nationally, the average annual cost of nursing      some inheritance for your children, you should     is a subsidiary of the MDA.
                              home care is approximately $70,000. The aver-       give serious consideration to a long-term care
                              age duration of care is approximately six years.    policy.
                              The average annual cost of in-home care is                                                                   Online Resources
                              $155,000. At those levels, it won’t take long to    Recognizing the potential of the billions it             Missouri Long-term Care
                              wipe out one’s assets.                              could be responsible for in LTC costs as baby            Partnership Program
                                                                                  boomers begin to retire, the government has
                              A person with significant net worth needs           made purchasing LTC insurance more attractive
                                                                                                                                           The resource materials on this web site give
                              long-term care to protect their assets. Without     by providing some tax relief. Policies paid by
                                                                                                                                           you information to start planning and pre-
                              it, they may have to spend their savings,           an employer are deductible and not included              paring for long-term living.
                              retirement accounts and possibly liquidate real     in the employee’s compensation, depending on
                              estate holdings to pay for LTC. They basically      the entity type of the business and any benefits         MDIS Website
                              have elected to self-insure, given the absence      received are not taxable to the recipient.     
                              of a properly designed long-term care insur-
                                                                                                                                           You can find reprints of Focus articles and
                              ance policy. After their assets have been used      On a state level, the Missouri General Assembly          links to other helpful information, as well as
                              for their care, most people can qualify for         passed SB577 (MO HealthNet) this year which              contacts for MDIS staff.
                              Medicaid if they have under $1,000 to their         provides for 100% deductibility from state
                              name, and are subject to qualifying guidelines      taxes and also establishes the Missouri Long-
                              that allow a spouse to retain a home and car        Term Care Partnership Program in conjunction
                              under certain conditions.                           with the Federal Deficit Reduction Act of 2005.

                              If you are concerned about enjoying the             This is of great significance because it allows
                              retirement that you’ve worked hard for, not         policyholders who purchase long-term care
                              being a burden to your family or preserving         under the Partnership program to disregard the
FOcuS | ISSue 6 | 2007

MDIS: An important member benefit
by Doug Wyckoff, DDS, president                    working professionals who represent our best
Missouri Dental Insurance Services                 interest is extremely hard to find. Fortunately,
                                                   the MDIS staff is at your disposal and they are
It is my pleasure to share with you some           not “just another insurance agent” only inter-
information about one of the most important        ested in your premium dollar.
benefits of being a member of the MDA—Mis-
souri Dental Insurance Services, Inc. MDIS—as      MDIS is committed to be your advocate for
it commonly known—was formed in 1991 as an         managing the risk exposures that you face in
independent insurance agency for the purpose       your practice and on a personal level. When
of providing access to the myriad of insurance     you provide them with information about
products that we, as dentists, need on both a      your situation, they will offer options and a
professional and personal level.                   recommendation as to what is the best value
                                                   in terms of coverage and cost. They function as
MDIS is a wholly owned subsidiary of the MDA.      an important part of the team of profession-
Besides providing value to us as individual        als that you rely on, such as accountants and
members, MDIS supports our component               attorneys.
societies and the Association, and since its
inception has contributed $1,131,073 to the        MDIS only serves dentists, their families and
MDA. These funds are an important part of          staff. By doing so, it enables them to specialize
                                                                                                           You’re encouraged to take time to look at the MDIS
the MDA operating budget and enable us to          and focus on the issues that you are confront-
                                                                                                           information included in your MDA dues mailing.
provide programs that otherwise may not be         ed with as dental professionals. Gaps in your
possible, such as:                                 coverage are less likely to occur if you allow
                                                   MDIS to structure and plan all of your coverage            •   Professional Liability—Individual and
  •   Stop the Pop Brochure (reprinting)
                                                   needs. They offer products and consultation in                 Corporate
  •   MDA Update (email newsletter)                the following areas:                                    continued next page
  •   Board Retreat
  •   Leadership Development Continuum
      Legislative Days
      Travel and Learn
                                                        Better rates.                                                                     Endorsed by the

      Food for Thought
      Heart of America Dental Symposium                 Better returns.
      Winter Session
      Day at the Game
                                                        Only for MDA members.                                                        Take advantage of the
                                                                                                                                  current gold market and get
                                                                                                                                 better rates and better returns.

  •   House of Delegates                                                                                                         Track gold prices on our website
  •   Scholarships
  •   Missouri Dental Foundation
  •   Library (at the executive office)

These programs, to name a few through the
                                                          Honest, E cient, Reliable
years, have all been supported by MDIS. Of                re ning service for dental gold.
equal importance, the revenue and support                    | Payment in 30 days, available in gold coins
of MDIS enables the Association to maintain                  | On-site assessment, pickup and deposit available
your annual dues at a reasonable level. I think              | Endorsed by the Missouri Dental Association
you can see it is very clear that MDIS plays an
important role in supporting our Association.
                                                          Call us at (800) 835-0478.

On an individual basis, the value provided to us
as practitioners is greatly understated. Having
reputable, knowledgeable, honest and hard-
                                                                                                                                                                         FOcuS | ISSue 6 | 2007

                                                                                                                                                 financial focus
                              MDIS member benefit
                              continued from previous page

                                •   Building, Contents, General Liability
                                •   Workers Compensation                    Handling investments, practicing
                                                                                                  clinical connection
                                                                            dentistry can be a difficult juggle
                                •   Employer Practices Liability
                                •   Health—Group and Individual in-
                                    cluding Health Savings Accounts
                                •   Medicare Supplements                    Build wealth earlier by working with a financial advisor
                                •   Disability Income—Group, Individu-
                                    al, Long Term, Short Term
                                                                                                                                                      allied health
                                                                            by William Albair, DDS                               they have not been saving or investing during
                                •   Business Overhead Expense               Independent Investment advisor & broker              their careers. Even if you are over 50, it is not
                                                                                                                                 too late to start a plan—the key is to set up a
                                •   Life Insurance
                                                                            It has been two and one-half years since I offi-     financial plan and then stick to it.
                                •   Annuities                               cially began my “second career” as a registered
                                •   Long Term Care                          investment advisor, working with an invest-
                                                                            ment and financial planning group. I thought I
                                                                                                                                              the dental team
                                                                                                                                 fActs tO pOnDer

                                •   Home, Auto, Umbrella                                                                           •    Just two states (California and Florida)
                                                                            would share some observations and conclusions               accounted for 32% of all home fore-
                                •   Cafeteria Plans                         that might be helpful to my colleagues in the               closure filings in the nation during the
                                                                            dental profession, as I reflect on having been
                                                                                                                                        month of July 2007.
                              Nearly 78% of Association members (or         on both sides.
                                                                                                                                   •    Monday, October 19, 2007, was the 20th
                              1,746 dentists) use MDIS for at least one
                              or more type of insurance coverage. If you    It is difficult or nearly impossible to manage                        practice pearls
                                                                                                                                        anniversary of the largest single day per-
                              are not a part of this group, then you are    your financial and investment affairs on your               centage drop in the history of the Dow
                              missing out on one of the most important      own if you are practicing dentistry full time. As           and the S&P 500 index. The Dow fell
                              member benefits of our Association.           a full time periodontist, I did not begin to build          22.6% for the 30 stock index. The previ-
                                                                            any significant net worth until after I started             ous worst percentage drop was 12.8%
                              I urge you to contact MDIS to provide         working with a financial advisor/planner.                   loss on October 28, 1929—the start of
                              personalized service, choices, and the best                                                              rules & regulations
                                                                                                                                        the Great Depression.
                              values with insurance. In doing so, you not   Dentists and physicians are easy targets for           •    The S&P 500 index fell 20.5% on October
                              only help yourself, but also the MDA.         smooth talking salesman with “can’t miss”                   19, 1987. Despite the S&P index fall that
                                                                            speculative investments. Having a trusted                   day, it was still +5.3% (total return) for
                              Your input is needed. If you have an idea     financial advisor who can act as a sounding                 the entire 1987 calendar year.
                              on how MDIS may provide even more             board before committing to these types of
                                                                                                                                   •    Some other comparisons between Octo-
                              value or service, please contact the office   investments can be invaluable. An investor
                                                                                                                                        ber 1987 and October 2007:
                              or any board member (see www.MDIS-            needs to eliminate the emotional factor out of
                                                                                                                                            • P/E ratio of S&P 500 in 1987: 23;
                     for board members and staff).        investing, and an advisor can help you see the
                                                                                                                                              in 2007: 18
                                                                            value of patience and a long-term perspective.
                                                                                                                                            • Price of a barrel of oil in 1987:
                              And, as members, why not refer colleagues
                                                                                                                                              $19.80; in 2007: $80.24
                              and staff to the company that you own?        The financial and investment world is complex.
                                                                                                                                            • S&P 500 index in 1987: 225; 2007:
                                                                            As a full time financial advisor, I have access to
                                                                            seminars, written materials, experienced finan-
                                                                            cial advisors/representative consultants, money      Contact Dr. Albair at 314-721-5522 or email
                                                                            managers and financial industry experts that
                                                                            I never had access to (or the time for) when I
                                                                            was a practicing periodontist. I also have access    This article is for general information only and
                                                                                                                                 should not be construed as financial advice or
                                                                            to certain types of investments for qualified        opinion on any specific facts or circumstances, or an
                                                                            clients that the individual investor does not.       endorsement by the MDA.

                                                                            It is never too early to begin saving and invest-    The Dow is made up of 30 blue chip stocks
                                                                                                                                 The S&P 500 is an unmanaged index of 500 widely
                                                                            ing, and it is never too late. I have been pleased   held stocks generally representative of the US stock
                                                                            to work with a number of young dentists who          market.
                                                                            are setting up financial and retirement plans.
                                                                            I have found that some dentists (or clients
                                                                            in general) feel embarrassed to admit that
FOcuS | ISSue 6 | 2007

                                                                       rules & regulations                           infOrMAtiOn frOM the
                                                                                                                     MissOuri DentAl BOArD

recap of rule changes; what’s ahead in ’08
Advertising, patient abandonment, shade verification, notice of death/injury; sedation, EFDA

by Eric Aubert, DDS, board president                 patient), who will then complete the treatment       The Board is in the process of changing its rules
& Rolfe McCoy, DDS, board Member                     for no additional fee, or refund an appropriate      to require all licensees to hold a current certifi-
                                                     portion of the fee received for any unfinished       cation in basic life support or advanced cardiac
This fall brought leadership changes to the          treatment. It is the responsibility of the dentist   life support, or certification equivalent to BLS
Missouri Dental Board, with the retirement of        who retires or makes such a move to notify           or ACLS, as a requirement for license renewal.
Sharlene Rimiller, eight-year veteran execu-         any active patients (those seen in the past 12       The rule is expected to become effective at
tive director. Brian Barnett officially took the     months) within 30 days, in writing, of their         the end of the year, or in early 2008, but for
helm on October 5. Brian has been with the           rights under this Rule.                              certain before the renewal cycle in 2008. This is
Dental Board for the past seven years. He was                                                             already a requirement for initial licensure.
first hired as one of the Board’s field investiga-   The Board has two new Rules—Shade Verifica-
tors and has been chief investigator for the         tion and Notice of Injury or Death—that went         Just starting the rulemaking process is an
past few years. Before coming to the Board, he       into effect November 30, 2007.                       amendment to the rule for dental hygienists.
worked in law enforcement in central Missouri.                                                            The Board is proposing to amend the rule and
He and his wife, Krista, reside in Jefferson City.   Shade Verification (20 CSR 2110-2.190) allows        allow dental hygienists the ability to apply
                                                     the dental laboratory and or technologist, by        fluoride treatments without a dentist being
Following is a brief synopsis of the major Rule      prescriptive authority, to conduct shade verifi-     present. It is estimated that the amendment to
changes the Dental Board handled in 2007. The        cations when it has been shown to be difficult       this rule will not be implemented until some-
Rules can be found on the Division’s web site        or unsuccessful in the past. The change is to        time early next year.
(see online resources box).                          require non-dentists (labs) to maintain copies
                                                     of their laboratory work orders for shade veri-      The Dental Board Policy Review Committee is
Addressing the Public, i.e. Advertising (20          fication for seven years from the date on the        currently working on the sedation and EFDA
CSR 2110-2.110) was revised, effective February      order. (Remember, all dentists must maintain         Rules. The ADA has just changed their sedation
28, 2007. In summary, the Board removed the          copies of patient records for seven years, and       guidelines and the Board will be studying those
disclaimer requirement when general dentists         this includes laboratory work orders.)               changes to see how they impact our Rules. The
advertise specialty services, but only because                                                            Board also will be considering changes to its
the disclaimer is required by statute. The Board     Notice of Injury or Death (20 CSR 2110-2.210)        Rules on expanded functions dental assistants.
also removed “bleaching” from non-specialty          deals with the notification of the Board of          The manpower issue will continue to be area of
areas, which require a disclaimer. A disclaimer      any death or injury requiring patient hospi-         concern and we will strive to do what we can
still is required when advertising cosmetic den-     talization which occurs during or as a result        to improve access to care for Missouri’s citi-
tistry, implantology, implant dentistry and TMJ      of administration of local anesthetics, nitrous      zens. We’ll provide any updates on these topics
therapy. A dentist may no longer advertise such      oxide, deep sedation, general anesthesia, enter-     in upcoming Focus issues.
terms as “sleep dentistry,” “snooze dentistry,”      al conscious sedation or parenteral conscious
and “twilight sleep” without holding a deep          sedation. The death or injury must occur within      Contact the Missouri Dental Board at 573-751-0040
sedation/general anesthesia permit.                  24 hours of the administration of the sedations
                                                     and the dentist must be aware of the death or
Patient Abandonment (20 CSR 2110-2.114)              injury that has occurred to invoke the report-
was revised, effective February 28, 2007.            ing requirement. This notification report should
Patient Abandonment deals with a dentist             include the “who, what, when and where” of                 Online Resources
who either moves the practice to a location          the incident. That is: the patient’s name, the             Missouri Dental Board Website
inconvenient to the patients or closes the           procedure, drugs and administration route. It
practice. An example of a location move might        should also include a description of the adverse
                                                                                                                Click on “Rules & Statutes” from the homep-
be from an original location to a new one            reaction and any treatments used to coun-
                                                                                                                age; then “Rules” to open PDFs. All of the 2007
where some patients might find it difficult to       teract this reaction, along with the condition             Rule changes mentioned can be found in
travel. The dentist is responsible for patients      at discharge. The condition of the patient’s               “Chapter 2: General Rules.”
with unfinished treatment plans; therefore, the      present condition should also accompany the
dentist should either refer any said patients        report.
                                                                                                                                                                       FOcuS | ISSue 6 | 2007

to another dentist (who is acceptable to the

                              2007 MDA House of Delegates in review
                              The House provides a forum for the discussion, resolution of issues and for dissemination of
                              information to members. UMKC School of Dentistry and workforce issues hot topics this year.
                              by Mark Zust, DDS                                    • Submits a reference committee report to        Each reference committee gives a report at the
                              Speaker of the House of Delegates                      the House, reporting its recommendations       second meeting of the House. At this time each
                                                                                     on all resolutions referred to it.             resolution comes before the House one at a
                              As I was driving home from the MDA House                                                              time in the form that is recommended by the
                              of Delegates, and reflecting on the meeting,       General Reference, which:                          reference committee. Each resolution is con-
                              it occurred to me that most of our members           • Serves as the credentials committee,           sidered by the full House and can be amended,
                              might not know a lot about what goes on at a           recording and reporting the House roll call    adopted, defeated or referred.
                              House meeting.                                         at each meeting.
                                                                                   • Conducts contested elections of the elec-      A tremendous amount of work by the MDA
                              The House consists of 51 voting members,               tive officers of the House.                    staff goes into the organization of the House
                              including delegates from each of the eight           • Submits a reference committee report to        and many MDA members serve in the House
                              component societies and one student delegate.          the House, reporting its recommendations       and give generously of their time and talents
                              Also present at the House meetings are: the            on all resolutions referred to it.             to be present and take part in the deliberations.
                              alternate delegates, the student alternate                                                            I am always impressed by accomplishments of
                              delegate, the MDA officers, Board trustees, past   The House provides a forum for the discussion      the MDA House of Delegates.
                              presidents, editor, staff, component executives,   and resolution of issues and for the dissemina-
                              and other parties invited to attend. Some of       tion of information to its members. Typical        The following are the resolutions that this
                              the powers and duties of the House are to:         reports presented at the House are those from:     year’s House has adopted:
                                 • Enact, amend and repeal the Articles of          • ADA Sixth District Trustee
                                   Agreement and Bylaws of the MDA.                 • Current and Incoming MDA President            Tax Credits for Medicaid: Consistent with
                                 • Review and/or rescind policy decisions of        • MDA Executive Director and Board              the ADA implementation plan which will be
                                   the Board.                                       • Legislative and Regulatory Committee          reported to the 2008 ADA House of Delegates,
                                 • Create committees of the House.                  • Alliance of the MDA                           the MDA will pursue legislation, on the state
                                 • Establish rules and regulations to govern        • Missouri Dental Insurance Services            and federal level, that allows for federal
                                   the House procedures.                            • Missouri Dental Foundation                    matching funds to the state of Missouri for
                                 • Recognize and honor those who have               • Missouri Dental Board                         tax credits given to Missouri dentists providing
                                   made outstanding contributions to the            • UMKC School of Dentistry                      dental Medicaid care.
                                   advancement of dentistry.
                                 • Determine (it may) the policies which shall   Issues come before the House by way of             Junior Achievement Facility Funding: The
                                   govern the MDA in all its activities.         resolution. Each delegate, component society       MDA will budget $5,000 for the 2009 year
                                 • Elect the MDA officers.                       and the Board of Trustees have the right to        for development and inclusion in the Junior
                                 • Elect the delegates and alternate del-        draft resolutions for the House to consider and    Achievement Program in St. Louis. This budget
                                   egates to the ADA.                            ultimately act upon. Each resolution is referred   item is contingent on matching commitments
                                 • Receive and act upon the reports of com-      to a committee for action. The two refer-          from the Greater St. Louis Dental Society and
                                   mittees of the House.                         ence committees conduct hearings to discuss        from corporate sponsors. If matching commit-
                                 • Elect the Missouri ADA Trustee nominee        the resolutions. Every member of the MDA is        ments are obtained, the total commitment will
                                 • Set dues of the MDA and levy any assess-      invited to be present at the reference commit-     be $50,000 over 10 years.
                                   ments that it deems necessary.                tee hearings and to give testimony on any issue
                                                                                 they wish to discuss. During testimony persons     Access to Care Workforce Models: In an
                              The House has two main committees, each            generally speak either for or against a resolu-    effort to increase access to dental care for the
                              consisting of eight members, one selected from     tion and are welcome to give opinion on what       citizens of Missouri, the MDA and the House of
                              each component. They are the:                      action they believe the House should take.         Delegates support the following goals concern-
                                                                                                                                    ing Missouri’s Dental Workforce:
                              Articles of Agreement and Bylaws, which:           After each resolution is discussed and everyone      •   ADA Workforce Model for the Oral Pre-
                                • Drafts/approves proposed text of amend-        has had the opportunity to speak, the hearing            ventive Assistant (OPA) and the Commu-
                                   ments to the House Manual, the Articles       is closed. Each reference committee then meets           nity Dental Health Coordinator (CDHC).
                                   of Agreement and the Bylaws prior to          in private and drafts a report to the House
                                   submission to the House for action.           that includes which action it recommends for         •   Legislation or regulation to give
                                • Serves as the committee on rules and           each resolution. These reports are made avail-           Expanded Function Dental Assistants (EF-
                                   order, reporting on matters relating to the   able to each delegate and alternate and all              DAs) the ability to perform all or most of
FOcuS | ISSue 6 | 2007

                                   conduct of the business of the House.         are discussed at component caucus meetings.              the reversible procedures for restorative
                                                                                                                                          dentistry as recommended by the MDA

                                                        From left: Al Martinez, Delta Dental with Drs.                                                                    Left, from left: Vicki Wilbers, MDA executive
                                           e and        Lynne Barbour (new NEDS trustee) and Joe Boain,                                                                   director and Ellen Kessler, Greater St. Louis
                                   ary Burk er,
                          s, Drs. M          m          Greater St. Louis alternate delegate.
            : MDA delegate r. Gerda Thalhei                                                                                                                               executive director enjoy a laugh. Below,
  From left n with trustee, D                                                                                                                                             from left: Dr. Matt Niewald, MDA LRC chair,
  Jean Hag ater St. Louis.                                                                                                                                                visits with Representative Rob Schaaf.
   all from

                                                                                                                                 Dr. Eric Dental
                                                                                                                                 Misso  uri
                                                                                                                                  Board p the
                                                                                                                                  addre  ssed
                                                                                                                                   MDA Ho

                           From left: Dr. Stuart Samples,
                           Chillicothe, with dad, Dr. Jim Samples,
                           Carrollton, both MDA delegates.
                                                                                                                          ,                    Clockwise                                            Greater St. Louis
                                                                                                                 m Faimon                                 from left: M
                                                                                                    sas City, Sa        ,                     area. Stacey             DA
                                                                                                                                                            Butler, Mel staff at the registrati     delegation during
                                                                                 : From G reater Kan Weinand, trustee                        Margie Ku
                                                                        From left rector and Dr. Ken                                                     nze, Emily issa Albertson, Lisa Pa on      the House.
                                                                                                                                                                    Rackers an
Greater Ka
           nsas City de
                                                                        executive e, Alice.                                                                                    d Mandy St tten,
                                                                                    if                                                                                                   okes.
during the
                        legation                                         with his w                                            Dr. Kipp Kl
                                                                                                                                           ein, New D
                                                                                                                              Committee               entist
                                                                                                                              on the Boar presentative
                                                                                                                                            d of Truste

                   Workforce Position statement.                            to also examine the impact Missouri’s dental                                  •    developing educational standards
                                                                            workforce changes would have on the oral and                                       for any new category of dental
              •    Distance learning for dental hygiene
                                                                            overall health of Missourians, particularly the                                    healthcare worker recommended
                   degree programs.
                                                                            low income and those in rural areas.                                               by the workforce task force or by
              •    Position that only dentists are able to                                                                                                     the Missouri Dental Board;
                   perform dental diagnoses, provide treat-                 UMKC School of Dentistry Expansion Condi-                                     •    developing curriculum for any new
                   ment planning, and perform all dental                    tional: The MDA supports the proposed facili-                                      dental healthcare worker that may
                   surgical procedures.                                     ties expansion on the east side of the school of                                   be established by statute or rule;
                                                                            dentistry provided that UMKC SOD:
           UMKC School of Dentistry Enrollment: The                                                                                                       •    developing articulating agree-
                                                                               1. Submits a written agreement acceptable
           MDA will seek to ensure the enrollment of                                                                                                           ments with certificate programs
                                                                                  to the MDA Board, to form a Dental
           UMKC School of Dentistry (SOD) is at least                                                                                                          throughout the state that wish to
                                                                                  Healthcare Work Force Task Force of edu-
           70% Missouri high school graduates and that                                                                                                         train the new workers; and,
                                                                                  cators and people from the professional
           admissions criteria include consideration of the
                                                                                  community to determine the appro-                                       •    a commitment to deliver that
           applicant’s background (including applicant’s
                                                                                  priateness, size and timing of class size                                    curriculum to those programs by
           integrity, moral character, Missouri connections
                                                                                  adjustments for both the dental school                                       distance learning modalities.
           and dental legacy) along with the applicant’s
                                                                                  and the dental hygiene department.                              3. Makes an effort to influence Chancellor
           DAT score and GPA average.
                                                                               2. Submits a written agreement acceptable                             Bailey or other succeeding Chancellors to
           New Dental Workforce Projects: The MDA                                 to the MDA Board, detailing UMKC SOD                               honor the recommendations expressed
           will pursue legislation that requires a study to                       commitment to assist in the education of                           by the Task Force.
           determine what impact changes to class size,                           dental workforce auxiliaries including:
           PRIMO scholarship funding and admission                                                                                             continued page 23
                                                                                       •    developing and updating curricu-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                     FOcuS | ISSue 6 | 2007

           policies at UMKC SOD would have on Missou-                                       lum for dental assistant expanded
           rians and their ability to access oral care; and                                 function training;

                              2007 ADA House of Delegates in review
                              by Vicki Wilbers, executive Director               Affairs; Dr. Weinand, Membership; and, Dr.          care kits” (which contain dental care items and
                              Missouri Dental Association                        Louise First (SL), Dental Education. Members        other essentials) to new legislators and “dental
                                                                                 who ended their Committee service this year         kits” to current legislators each year during
                              The ADA House of Delegates convened this past      were Dr. Butler, House Reference Committee          their “Alliance Day” in February at the Capitol
                              September during the Annual Session in San         on Budget, Business and Administrative Mat-         in Jefferson City.
                              Francisco. I wish to thank the MDA delega-         ters; Dr. Zust, Standing Reference Committee
                              tion to the ADA House for their dedication to      on Credential Rules and Order; and, Dr. Baker,      Following is an overview of adopted resolu-
                              the dental profession. These dentists give up a    Members Insurance and Retirement Programs.          tions of the 2007 ADA House of Delegates.
                              significant amount of time and money attend-
                                                                                                                                       • Dues increased by $9 to $498.
                              ing two sixth district meetings and five days of   I’m happy to report that Dr. Andy O. Elliott,
                              deliberation during the ADA meeting. They are      member of the ADA Sixth District (to which            • Dental Team Membership Category
                              always well prepared and we are fortunate to       Missouri belongs) successfully won his bid for          (addition of hygienists, assistants, lab
                              have such involved members. The delegation         ADA Second Vice President. Dr. Elliott is in pri-       techs, other) was defeated.
                              included Drs. Gary Baker (SL), Prabu Raman         vate practice in Martin, Ky. and has had many         •   Various Membership Bylaws changes
                              (KC), Robert Butler (SL), Bryan Foote (C), John    positions at the ADA level. The MDA and many              were accepted including a category for
                              Hume (SP), Shanon Kirchhoff (SE), Deborah          members were supportive of his campaign. We               non-practicing dentists and a waiver for
                              Meegan (SL), Dan Menze (NE), John Nelson           are glad to see Andy become a part of the ADA             those providing charitable care.
                              (KC), Scott Roberson (KC), Lori Roseman (SL),      Board.
                              Joseph Sokolowski (SL), Ken Weinand (KC) and                                                             •   Approval for a Medicaid provider
                              Mark Zust (SL), as well as MDA staff, Stacey                                                                 symposium and Access to Dental Care
                                                                                 The Alliance of the Missouri Dental Associa-              Summit to examine challenges for de-
                              Butler, Jake Lippert and Vicki Wilbers.
                                                                                 tion was recognized during the Alliance of the            livering dental care to Medicaid patients
                                                                                 American Dental Association’s annual meeting              and to bring in a broad spectrum of
                              In addition to the Delegates, there are several    winning the Alliance of the ADA award for                 stakeholders to coordinate and consoli-
                              Missouri members who serve on ADA Councils.        “Most Creative Legislative Activity.” The award           date efforts for improving access to care.
                              Currently serving are: Dr. Butler, Governmental    acknowledged their presentation of “personal
FOcuS | ISSue 6 | 2007

    Approved a study of state’s Medicaid                 brochure on effectiveness and                           day of treatment” was added to the end
    and SCHIP programs to include trends in              safety of dental restoratives, includ-                  of the last sentence of the definition.
    funding levels, utilization levels, dentist          ing amalgam, and their dental “best
    participation levels and other facets of             management practices” will include               This is a short overview. Full overview of all resolu-
                                                                                                          tions can be found online at
    the delivery of dental and dental hygiene            the voluntary use of amalgam separa-
    services. Similar reports have been con-             tors.
    ducted in past, with the last in 2004.
                                                     •   Money appropriated to continue with
•   ADA Council on Governmental Affairs                  workforce initiatives for Community
    will report back to the 2008 House of                Dental Health Coordinator (CDHC)
    Delegates on an implementation plan to               program to finalize curriculum (phase
    seek federal legislation that will allow for         1), and to work on phase 2 to have
    federal matching funds to compensate                 initial three sites with at least six
    states for tax credits given to dentists             students per year, per site over a
    who provide Medicaid dental care.                    three-year period.
    Note: MDA passed a similar resolution
                                                     •   Approved changes to ADA Guidelines
    at its 2007 House of Delegates and will
                                                         for the Use of Sedation and General
    await the 2008 ADA House report prior
                                                         Anesthesia of Dentists. One under
    to proceeding with possible legislation in
                                                         the Clinical Guidelines for Moder-
                                                         ate Sedation stating: “When active
•   ADA agencies will develop activities to              treatment concludes and the patient
    assist, educate and recruit members in               recovers to a minimally sedated level a
    becoming candidates for elective pub-                qualified auxiliary may be directed by
    lic office at all levels of government and           the dentist to remain with the patient
    educate on importance of this and how                and continue to monitor them as
    to support candidates with campaigns,                explained in the guidelines until they               Riding the trolley are
    financially and otherwise.                           are discharged from the facility.” And               Dr. Lori Roseman, ADA
                                                         changed the definition of supplemen-                 delegate, with her husband,
•   ADA will produce a dental restorative                                                                     Chris and son, Cortland.
                                                         tal dosing, where the phrase “on the

                                                                                                            MDA House of Delegates
                                                                                                            continued from page 21

                                                                                                            Approval of 2008 Dues: The 2008 dues
                                                                                                            are Active Members $375; Active Members
                                                                                                            1 to 4 years after graduation: 0% full dues
                                                                                                            for the first full year, 25% full dues for the
                                                                                                            second full year, 50% full dues for the third
                                                                                                            full year, 75% full dues for the fourth full
                                                                                                            year. Active Life Members 50% of full dues.
                                                                                                            Retired Members $50. Student Members $10.
                                                                                                            Affiliate Members $100.

                                                                                                            For House reports, resolutions with background
                                                                                                            information and more go to
                                                                                                            MembersOnly/HouseofDelegates.aspx. The 2008
                                                                                                            House meeting is November 7-8.

           Call us now to implement a       Site assessment                  An endorsed company of the

    complete life saving AED program.       CPR/AED training
                                                                                                                                                                        Focus | Issue 6 | 2007

                                            Online equipment tracking
       913-428-2282 x308                    Periodic maintenance

                              your Missouri Dental Foundation in action
                              Scholarships, dental health education, plans for Heart of America Foundation Golf Tourney
                              by Rob Tait, DDS, president                                         contacting school this year and as a result, had    the Foundation by signing up to participate
                              Missouri Dental Foundation                                          89 entries for the contest—a great increase         when registration opens. Remember, too, we
                                                                                                  from the 29 entries in 2006. Congratulations        currently are seeking hole sponsors and door
                              I hope everyone had a great summer! Fall is fi-                     go to first place winner Madison Wright from        prizes. Please think about helping or consider
                              nally here. As I write this, the Chiefs are in first                Christian Chapel Academy in Columbia.               asking a company you do business with to sup-
                              place and how about the Mizzou Tigers? And                                                                              port the Foundation with a sponsorship or prize
                              yes, your Missouri Dental Foundation is having                      In September I had the honor of recognizing         donation. Remember, all gifts to the Founda-
                              another great year thanks to you. Our MDA                           four UMKC Dental students with $3,000 Foun-         tion are tax deductible.
                              members gave more than $25,000 in donations                         dation scholarships. Congratulations to Ryan P.
                              this past year. Here’s a look at some of the                        Grady, J. Tanner Rust, Adam T. Wehrmeister, and     When I took the reigns of this foundation in
                              projects your donations have helped fund.                           Danielle R. Zust. Not only were these individu-     January I envisioned several goals. 1.) Increase
                                                                                                  als humbled by these awards but they also           communications with the Board, MDA mem-
                              In 2007 and 2008 our Foundation has pro-                            appear to be strong advocates for organized         bers and our hygiene colleagues; 2.) Strategize
                              cured $100,000 and $125,000 respectively, for                       dentistry. The Foundation also awarded four         with a consultant to formulate priorities within
                              UMKC’s Partnership for Smiles program (learn                        $750 scholarships to dental hygiene students in     our organization; 3.) Establish a stand-alone
                              more at                       Missouri. Recipients were: Rebecca L. Marshall,     Foundation with a director who can take us
                              htm.) The KC Health Foundation awarded these                        UMKC School of Dentistry; Ashley E. Beas-           to the next level; and, 4.) Build a perpetual
                              grants to help offset the salaries and treatment                    ley, State Fair Community College; Nicole A.        endowment that could help UMKC fulfill the
                              costs for faculty supervision of students work-                     Hackmann, St. Louis Community College-For-          “Our Legacy Our Future” initiative.
                              ing in these local safety net clinics.                              est Park; and, Laura J. Bailey, Ozarks Technical
                                                                                                  Community College.                                  The dedicated board members and MDA staff
                              This year, Missouri State Southern University                                                                           I am working with know I have some very big
                              was given a total of $9,000 from the Founda-                        Kudos to Dr. Jean Hagan for her hard work           expectations! Vicki Wilbers, Lisa Patten and
                              tion to jump start the Dental Hygiene Program                       and dedication for making both of our 2007          Margie Kunze, I owe you my heartfelt thanks
                              in Rolla. Dr. Charley McGinty, Joplin, Founda-                      fundraisers (MDA Winter Session Raffle and          for your understanding and dedication in mak-
                              tion member, has been a strong advocate for                         Mid-Continent Wine Tasting) a success!              ing this a successful year!
                              this program and we were glad the Foundation
                              could assist in their efforts.                                      In the coming months, we’ll be giving our           You are encouraged to give to the Foundation when
                                                                                                                                                      you pay your dues; you may also complete the form
                                                                                                  attention to the planning of Heart of America
                                                                                                                                                      below and return it by mail or fax. For questions
                              In February, during Children’s Dental Health                        Foundation Golf Challenge next June 27, 2008        about the Foundation or contributing, contact
                              month, we sponsored a coloring contest for                          in Branson. Both the Kansas and Missouri            Margie Kunze at the MDA (
                              second graders with the theme “Fight tooth                          Dental Foundations are sponsoring, and ben-
                              decay 24/7.” We changed our method of                               efiting from, the event. Make plans to support

                                                   Missouri dental foundation                           Please complete the following information for your Foundation contribution.
                                                     3340 American Ave | Jefferson City MO 65109
                                                       You may fax your form to 573-635-0764            name

                               I want to contribute to the Missouri Dental                              ADA number
                               Foundation at the following level.                                       Address
                                  platinum ($1,250 & Above)
                                                                                                        City                                                State               Zip
                                  Gold ($1,000)
                                  Silver ($500)                                                        phone                                               Fax
                                  Bronze ($250)
                                  other $ ____________                                                 name on Credit Card (masterCard/viSA)
                                                                                                        Account #                                                               exp Date
                               I want my contributions to be applied as follows:
                                                                                                        Signature                                                               Check #
                                i want my entire contribution amount to go to the
                                 Missouri Dental Foundation.
                                                                                                         I would like to make this contribution in memory of:
                                i want my entire contribution amount to go to
                                 Dental education: our legacy – our Future.                              Please send an acknowledgement note of my gift to:
                                i want my contribution amount split between the                        name
                                 Foundation and our legacy – our Future.
FOcuS | ISSue 6 | 2007

                                    Foundation portion $ ____________
                                    our legacy – our Future portion $ ____________                      City                                                State               Zip

       for helping the Missouri Dental Foundation grow.

           2007 Foundation & “Our Legacy, Our Future” Contributors

Wayne W Allai, Springfield         William J Esicar Jr, Hannibal       Robert E Hurst, Kansas City          Gary P Morgan, Kansas City            R N Sharp, Joplin
Daniel J Altnether, Independence   Carla J Evans, Belton               Joseph D Hutchison, Perryville       John W Nelson, Jr, Independence       John L Sheets, Cape Girardeau
Mark Anderson, Belton              Vincent A Fallert, St. Louis        James B Indiveri, Blue Springs       Nancy L Newhouse, Independence        John K Silberberg, O’ Fallon
Stanley K Andrews, Stanberry       Jerry R Fankhauser, Springfield     David M Ivey, St. Peters             Thomas R Nichols, Montgomery City     Kimberly D Simonds, Ballwin
Bobby W Austin, , Camdenton        James A Feigenbaum, St. Louis       Carl J James Jr, Rolla �             Richard J Nissen, St. Louis           Norman A Smith, Jr, Parkville
Lynne E Barbour, Kahoka            Gerard R Feldhaus, Kansas City      Rodger W Janes, Belle                Michael W Noble, St. Louis            Gerald W Spencer, Sedalia
Richard D Barlet, Carthage         Mark A Fernandez, St. Louis         David S Johnson, Cape Girardeau      Scott F Nolen, Florissant             Harry W Stadnyk, Ballwin
Kelly B Barnett, Ozark             Debra F Fink, St. Louis             Dwight H Johnson, Jackson            Cynthia L Nouri, St. Louis            Daniel G Stamos, Kansas City
Marcus C Barnett, Ozark            John R Firth, St. Louis             Jeff J Johnson, St. Louis            Merle A Nunemaker, Kansas City        J C Standlee, Jefferson City
William B Bartow, Marshfield       Wayne E Fischer, St. Louis          John A Johnson, Columbia             Michael J O’Connell, Creve Coeur      James H Stanford, Ballwin
Patrick M Bauer, , Springfield     Ollie C Fisher, Florissant          Rick D Jones, Kennett                Kirk J Opdahl, Independence           James B Stewart, Springfield
William J Bauer Jr, Springfield    Michael E Fitterling, Joplin        John H Joseph II, Joplin             Mark M Ortinau, Ellisville            Gregory A Stiver, Kansas City
Michael L Beasley, Springfield     Thomas C Flavin, St. Louis          Sam K Kallsnick, Lees Summit         Jane A Otto, St. Louis                David A Struble, Ozark
Julie B Becker, Springfield        John C Flucke, Lees Summit          William T Kane, Dexter               James L Parrott, Kansas City          Thomas A Switzer, St. Louis
Randal L Begley, Cape Girardeau    Bryan G Foote, Columbia             Bruce W Kaufman, Springfield         Edward J Perkins, Kansas City         Diana Tabakh, Kansas City
Natalie L Beltgens, Blue Springs   John N Fox, Poplar Bluff            Spencer J Kemmer, Jefferson City     Glen H Petteway, Springfield          Robert Tait, Grandview
Wayne E Bertz, Salem               Michael J Fox, Seymour              Saba S Khalil, St. Louis             Virgil A Pinkley, Glen Carbon, Ill.   Gregory C Tellatin, Springfield
Steven P Billings, Parkville       Robert G Fox, Cape Girardeau       Tisha R Kice-Briggs, Kirksville      Charles F Poeschel, Bridgeton         Bernard R Tellez, Ozark
Joseph L Boain, Florissant         John M Freeze, Cape Girardeau       Kevin M Killian, St. Peters          Bryan M Pope, Jefferson City         Dean F Telthorst, St. Louis
Marc R Boivin, St. Louis           Norman W Freiberger, St. Charles    Bruce E King, Eldon                  Micah A Pope, Riverside               Gerda M Thalheimer, St. Louis
Robert K Boland, Gladstone         Robert C French, St. Louis         Shanon T Kirchhoff, Cape Girardeau   Kevin F Postol, Ballwin               Larry W Thomas, St. Louis
Terrence W Bond, Kirkwood          Michael P Frith, Ballwin            Gregory B Kivett Jr, Joplin          Gregory J Powell, Bridgeton           Gregory A Thompson, Independence
Robert W Boyle, Chesterfield       Charles D Fuszner, Kirkwood         Richard D Korns, Joplin              Phillip M Poynter, Maryville          Patrick A Thompson, Joplin
Stephen P Bozoian, Bridgeton       Jeffry P Gardner, Maryville         Michael R La Ferla, Joplin           Joel W Pratt, Unionville             Robert Thomure, St. Louis
Barry D Brace, St. Louis           John D Gardner, Caruthersville      John R Landgraf, Jr, Florissant      William T Prosser, Jr, Troy           Leo A Tokarczyk, Springfield
Steve W Brumit, Lees Summit        Matthew T Garrison, Smithville      Earl R Larson, Chesterfield          Joseph M Pruitt, Springfield          Homer R Tourkakis, Arnold
Robert L Brunker, St. Joseph       Lawrence G Gaston, Hazelwood        Dan L Lavitt, Columbia               Mark A Quattrocchi, Pleasant Hill     Mark L Travis, Florissant
David K Budd, Republic             William C Gerst, Florissant         Joseph H Laws, Arnold                Edmond Rainey, Chesterfield           William D Turner, Malden
Thomas R Bunton, Nevada            William A Gillam, Pacific           Paulus E Lawson, Jr, Centralia       Gail D Redman, East Prairie           Brad A Twaddle, Columbia
William D Burch, Neosho            Timothy L Goodheart, Raytown        Harvey A Lehrer, Chesterfield        Richard J Reed, Joplin                David C Ukena, Springfield
William C Burckhardt, St. Louis    George G Graham Jr, Springfield     William T Lemons, Palmyra            John V Reilly, Ballwin                Daniel B Van Buskirk, Clinton
Mary H Burke, St. Louis            Richard F Graham, Jefferson City    James E Lenahan, St. Louis           Jeffrey D Rempala, St. Louis          John P Vogl, Ballwin
Lisa A Bush, St. Louis             Michael F Grasso, Chesterfield      Truman W Lewis, Jackson              Robert W Renger, Joplin               William A Wagasy, Springfield
Robert E Butler, Webster Groves    Charles E Grelle, Florissant        Faye E Licata, Chesterfield          Karen H Rethmeyer, Kansas City        Stuart D Waite, St. Louis
Holli D Careswell, Lees Summit     Gary Groff, Clinton                 Kenneth J Linck, Florissant          M Elwood Rice, Mexico                 John A Waldron Jr, Kansas City
Stephen M Carron, Perryville       Steve Grossman, St. Louis           Jacob J Lippert, Camdenton           Donald G Richardson, Manchester       Ronald J Wehner, Springfield
Gregory G Casalone, Elsberry       Richard W Grubbs, Mansfield         Michael J Lorenz, Chesterfield       Joe E Richardson, III, Houston        Kenneth J Weinand, Independence 
Jerry F Cash, Springfield          Karl H Gruendl, Fenton              Michael W Lowe, Kansas City          Harry J Richter, Jefferson City       Kurt A Weisenfels, St. Louis
Patrick J Cavanaugh, Florissant    Richard J Haffner, St. Louis        William E Luther, Jr, Lees Summit    John K Richter, Lebanon               Mark A Westhoff, Carthage
Robert L Cayse, Festus             Jean M Hagan, Crystal City         Charles L Mahaffey, Springfield      Jack G Robbins, Carthage              Ben Westman, Kansas City
Robert L Claassen, Kansas City     Cheryl D Haley, Ozark               Marshall S Manne, St. Louis          Edward C Robison, Warrensburg         Linda K Westmoreland, Rolla
Marvin Cohen, St. Louis            Daniel W Haney, Joplin              Richard G Mark, Independence         Randall S Rohmiller, Joplin           Wade E Wheeler, Springfield
Patrick H Collins, Blue Springs    Jonathan G Hanson, Jefferson City   Scott C Mason, Ava                   B R Rommel, Kansas City               Susan A Widick, Independence
Robert H Conner, St. Louis         Karen J Harris, St. Louis           Yamuna Mathew, St. Louis             Lori W Roseman, St. Peters            Christian R Willard, Branson
H Groves Cooke III, Washington     Mark E Hartter, Lees Summit         Edward L Mc Allister, Joplin         Benjamin D Rosenberg, Joplin          Carolynn F Wolff, Chesterfield
Forrest C Cox, II, Trenton         Richard L Herman, St. Peters        Bruce W Mc Call, Bethany             Dennis D Rowe, Fenton                 Chad C Wollard, Kansas City
Bruce C Cummings, Weatherby Lake   David C Hermann, St. Louis          Carol A Mc Call, Springfield         Ralph K Ruckman, Independence         Ronald R Wollard, Kansas City
Timothy J Curry, St. Joseph        Jason M Herrick, St. Louis          Julie F Mc Cray, St. Louis           Steve A Rueb, Kansas City             Mark S Woodin, Joplin
Gilbert J Cyr, St. Louis           Mark F Hesker, St. Louis            Vernon D Mc Elwee, Camdenton         George R Ruwwe, Jr, St. Joseph        Douglas A Wyckoff, Cameron
Jeffrey B Dalin, St. Louis         Mark F Hilton, Florissant          Charles C McGinty, Joplin           Thomas C Ruzicka, St. Louis           Michael L Yang, St. Charles
Gary R Dawson, Eldon               Stan Hite, Independence             Paul Mc Graw, Independence           Mark F Saladin, Carthage              Lum Young, Camdenton
David J Dear, Versailles           James M Hobbs II, Plattsburg        Ray C Mc Kowen, Springfield          H J Scanlon, St. Charles              Jeremy J Youngblood, Kansas City
Darrell N Drissell, Ballwin        Jay M Hodge, Kansas City            Ray F Mc Kowen, Springfield          Edward A Schanda, Forsyth             Alan G Zinke, Springfield
James A Dryden, Joplin             Craig S Hollander, St. Louis        Deborah L Meegan, Florissant         Jayne F Scherrman, Cape Girardeau     Mark R Zust, St. Peters
John G Durham, Chesterfield        Jarrell D Holt, Poplar Bluff �      Daniel R Menze, Moberly              Brian A Schlueter, St. Louis
David E Dykhouse, Blue Springs     Michael A Horan, Springfield        Thomas J Meyer, Springfield          Robert A Schrameyer, Ballwin
Vance J Dykhouse, Blue Springs     Heather T Hudkins, Springfield      Mark D Meyers, St. Louis             R L Schutte, Kansas City
John J Ebeling, II, St. Charles    John R Hugo, Kansas City            James R Mobley, Kansas City          James W Scott, St. Charles
James D Elias, Independence        John D Hume, Springfield            Robert C Molinaro, Kansas City       Gary H Shanker, St. Louis
Richard L Emanuel, St. Louis       Stanley E Humphrey, Gallatin        William B Moorkamp, III, Rolla      Jonathan A Shanker, St. Louis

                                                                                                              Denotes members who’ve given to the “Our Legacy, Our Future” campaign.
                                                                                                                    the dental team                          AnsWers tO yOur
                                                                                                                                                             stAff questiOns

                              Being the boss should be practice pearls
                              Methods to help you create a balanced workplace
                              and restore the fun of being the manager

                              by Glenn Pace, SPHR
                                                                                                             rules & regulations
                                                                                    month, lose their motivational aspect when
                              Instructor & Management consultant                    the award is simply passed around. There-
                              Missouri State university                             fore, decide what issues constitute “above
                                                                                    and beyond,” and praise those aspects only.
                              When groups of office managers or practitio-          Consider spot rewards as an additional factor.
                              ners gather, the conversations soon move to           Giving someone a $20 family pizza coupon, or
                              people problems. It seems everyone has a hor-         a single rose when they stayed to assist with an
                              ror story to relate, and eventually the phrase        emergency, may be far more meaningful than
                              “managing would be fun if it wasn’t for the           the dollar amount would seem. Remember to
                              people” is part of the discussion.                    correct and counsel in private and as part of
                                                                                    the learning process. Use examples to change
                              This narrow view of supervisor-subordinate re-        behavior without concentrating on the nega-
                              lationships reflects a problem workplace, which       tive issues.
                              can easily be transformed. Let’s discuss several
                              methods to create a balanced workplace, and           Reassess and update your personal skills
                              restore the fun to being the manager (boss).          related to management. Dentists are usually
                                                                                    highly-skilled professionals in dentistry, with
                              Communicate, communicate, communi-                    one or two management classes along the way.
                              cate. Assign someone the role of preparing            That is OK, but a little study can help. I only    Classroom; even Habitat for Humanity is an
                              written postings every week of the year. Use          recommend two books for non-management             idea. Ask the employees what they want to do
                              these “Open Wide” postings for such things as         majors who find they have become people            to assist others.
                              celebrating successes, creating expectations,         managers. Both are several years old, but their
                              providing medical/dental information to staff,        lessons have not diminished over time. Who         Finally, enjoy your job! Employees feed off of
                              family matters, biographies, and the like. It is      Moved My Cheese, by Spencer Johnson, MD,           your attitude, so look like you enjoy life and
                              important that staff see you as a professional,       makes you think differently. It can be read        they will enjoy life, also.
                              but also as a person.                                 in 90 minutes, but makes you reflect much
                                                                                    longer. Seven Habits of Highly Effective People,   Glenn Pace, SPHR, has over 30 years experience in
                                                                                                                                       HR management. He instructs academic classes for
                              Create a learning environment in the of-              by Steven Covey, opens a door to his follow-       the College of Business Administration at Missouri
                              fice. Because the dentist/practice owner(s) is        up books and causes one to look inward and         State University and is a consultant for its Manage-
                              constantly undergoing skills training, create a       review the way we are seen by others. Most         ment Development Institute.
                              similar environment for staff. Any investment         dental practices are relatively small operations
                              in people nets a positive return (if you don’t        with limited staff. Most of the “trade” books
                              believe this, consider the alternative is a lack of   for business today are aimed at large, complex            Online Resources
                              skills). There is always something new to share       organizations, and the advice given by those
                                                                                                                                              Management Development
                              and learn, and it is not necessary that it always     authors may be unrealistic. Simple, straightfor-
                                                                                                                                              Institute Website
                              apply only to dentistry. Consider training            ward, specific is better.
                              related to sexual harassment and diversity as
                              alternative types of learning. A link to our web-     Have fun as a group. There are activities                 Various resources can be downloaded by
                                                                                                                                              clicking on the yellow “MDA Focus” on the left
                              site at Missouri State University will indicate       in your community where you can donate
                                                                                                                                              side of the homepage.
                              numerous training topics and opportunities.           time or effort (or both) from the office, and
                                                                                    energize the group. Be selective, and remem-
                              Praise in public, correct in private. Recogniz-       ber to choose an activity almost everyone can
                              ing employees is easy and cheap, but should           participate in, such as United Way functions,
                              occur when there is a reason to recognize.            Breast Cancer Awareness, Senior Citizen Home
                              Many reward programs, like employee-of-the-           (or yard) Cleanup Events and Paint a School
FOcuS | ISSue 6 | 2007

Missouri will join at least 10 other states at Big Sky Resort in Big Sky, Montana in March

The MDA will join at least 10 other states in
hosting a Ski ‘n Learn Seminar at Big Sky Re-
sort in Big Sky, Montana, March 8-15, 2008.

Other state dental associations co-sponsoring
the trip include Alabama, Indiana, Kentucky,
Maryland, Montana, Oklahoma, South Dakota,
Tennessee, Virginia and West Virginia. This will
be the fourth consecutive trip to Big Sky. Over
50 dentists from 11 states participated in the
2007 trip.

Montana is known for its vast, beautiful
landscapes and at Big Sky, there’s no exception.
Big Sky Resort is Montana’s largest destination
resort, featuring un-crowded skiing on 3,600
acres with a vertical rise of 4,350 feet. World-
class skiing and riding is spread across three
interconnected mountains with 150 trails and
400 inches of annual snowfall. With two ter-
rain parks, a half-pipe, and the Lone Peak Tram
whisking skiers and riders to 11,150 feet, Big
Sky is the choice of many winter enthusiasts
from around the globe.
                                                      •   The Summit: This 10-story luxury                 volleyball courts, a massage studio and retail
cOntinuinG eDucAtiOn | The Ski ‘n Learn                   complex combines the convenience of              shops all in the same area. Next door is the
Seminar offers 16 hours of continuing educa-              a hotel with the amenities of a con-             Mountain Mall, providing additional restau-
tion held Monday, March 10 through Thursday,              dominium. Flexible lock-offs allow for           rants/bars, shops and services.
March 13. A morning session will be held from             many sleeping configurations. The Sum-
7:30 to 9:30 a.m. with an afternoon session               mit melds European sophistication with           sKiinG & recreAtiOn | The skiing at Big
from 4:30 to 6:30 p.m. A full breakfast will be           Western style with three high-capacity           Sky is truly legendary. The experience is based
served to seminar attendees at the morning                lifts within 100 yards of the entry.             on huge vertical, tremendous elbow room
sessions and snacks and beverages are offered         •   Big Horn: Condominiums that are truly a          and breathtaking scenery. The facts tell the
during the afternoon sessions.                            home away from home. These units are             story—two mountains, 3,600 acres, 17 lifts, 400
                                                          spacious, well-planned and especially            inches of light, dry snow annually, no lift lines
lODGinG | Various accommodations include:                 comfortable for groups. Enjoy views of           and the nation’s second largest vertical drop
  •   Huntley Lodge: This three-story hotel               Lake Levinsky and Lone Mountain.                 of 4,350 feet. Group ski rates will be available
      was part of the late NBC news broad-                                                                 for registered attendees. And when you’re not
      caster Chet Huntley’s original vision.        trAnspOrtAtiOn | Located just 45 miles                 skiing, the Big Sky area offers plenty of winter
      With recent remodeling, it is as tasteful     south of Bozeman, Mont., and only 18 miles             activities like snowmobiling and wildlife view-
      as it is convenient. The Huntley complex      north of the Yellowstone National Park border,         ing in Yellowstone National Park, snowshoeing,
      includes a fine dining room, lounge,          the resort is easily accessible via jet service into   sleigh ride dinners, ice skating, free children’s
      coffee cart, concierge, shops, ski storage,   Bozeman on Northwest, Delta, United, Horizon,          après ski activities or relaxing with a spa treat-
      meeting rooms and Solace Spa.                 and Skywest Airlines. Ground Transportation is         ment from the Solace Spa.
                                                    available by way of rental car or shuttle.
  •   Shoshone: Combines the service of a
                                                                                                           hOW tO reGister | For registration informa-
      hotel with the comforts of a condomini-
                                                                                                           tion visit or contact the
      um. This recently remodeled seven-story       resOrt AMenities | Located at the base of
                                                                                                           Alabama Dental Association at 800-489-2532,
      landmark is attached to the Yellowstone       Lone Mountain, the complex includes meeting
                                                                                                           or email
      Conference Center and Huntley Lodge.          rooms, an amphitheater, a scenic main dining
      Solace Spa, shops, espresso cart, and Kids    room, Chet’s Bar, two outdoor heated pools,
                                                                                                                                                                     FOcuS | ISSue 6 | 2007

      Club are located in the lobby.                Jacuzzis, saunas, a health facility, tennis and

                              Dr. Jake Lippert retires from the MDA
                              At the end of December 2007, we’ll be missing a familiar face at the executive office.
                              Anyone who’s worked with Jake would agree that in the 10 years he’s been with the
                              MDA, he has made a great impact in many various ways.

                                                             What was your volunteer involvement in            being held. The MDA “legislative influence” was
                                    prIOr tO tHIS year’S
                                                             the MDA before becoming ED?                       not respected at the Capitol and our contract
                                                                                                               lobbyists were not being used to our benefit.
                                   HOuSe OF DeLegateS,       I served twice as first vice president which
                                                             meant I was also the program chair under two      Relationships with state agencies, including the
                                                                                                               Dental Board, were very strained.
                                     tHe MDa HOSteD a        previous presidents (Brandhorst and Bisch) and
                                                             then through the chairs to become president
                                                                                                               Since being here, how has the MDA staff
                                retIreMeNt OpeN HOuSe        (88-89). I also served on the Peer Review Com-
                                                             mittee and the Council on Dental Benefits. I      makeup, responsibilities, etc., changed?
                                  FOr Dr. LIppert, wHIcH     was an ADA delegate and alternate (81-94)         Three of the four staffers I “inherited” are still
                                                             and served four years on the ADA Council on       MDA employees (Vicki, Stacey and Lisa). Staff
                                     waS wONDerFuLLy         Dental Benefits (89-93) and Parameters of Care    size has since doubled, but so has the work-
                                                             Committee (93-96).                                load and services performed. Staff is happy,
                                  atteNDeD by FrIeNDS,                                                         congenial, work very well together, and above
                                                             What led up to your becoming ED of the            all, they are all very professional in what they
                                cOLLeagueS aND FaMILy        MDA? How did you become involved in such          do. I feel the current staff is top-notch, and the
                                                             a way to be considered for it?                    members are getting a bargain in return for the
                                wHO, tHrOugHOut tHe          I was attending the MDA Annual Session at         dues they are paying.
                                                             Tan-Tar-A in June 1997 when I was approached
                                   eVeNINg, reMINISceD       by Drs. Livingston and Hartenbach. They           How has the MDA membership makeup
                                                             knew I had just retired from practice (I sold     and involvement changed?
                                   wItH Jake abOut HIS       my practice in December 1996), so they were       There was a time when our members worked at
                                                             wondering if I would have the time to come to     the office and the spouse worked in the home;
                                    teNure at tHe MDa.       Jefferson City a couple days a week to oversee    they had the luxury to devote more time to or-
                                                             staff activities because they were intending to   ganizations such as the MDA. In today’s world,
                                  we, tOO, aSkeD HIM tO      give the current ED a couple of months off to     both spouses have careers and family time is
                                                             seek medical attention. After some discussion,    more scarce and sacred; there are big student
                                   reFLect aND aNSwer        it was determined that I would be hired full      loans (for both) to repay so they cannot afford
                                                             time at the office on an interim basis during     to dedicate as much time to activities outside
                                SOMe OF Our queStIONS        his absence to see if we could improve staff      the home and practice—they don’t feel they
                                                             morale and provide some leadership.               can make long-term commitments to serve on
                                 abOut HIS tIMe aS MDa                                                         committees or in leadership.
                                                             When did you officially become ED?
                                    executIVe DIrectOr.                                                        That is one of the prime reasons we have gone
                                                             February 1998 after having served twice as
                                                                                                               to ad hoc, short-term, committee work and
                                       tHaNk yOu, Jake,      interim ED and two months as Assistant ED
                                                                                                               have shortened the commitment to attain
                                                             during the previous seven months.
                                                                                                               leadership roles; it is why staff has assumed
                                      aND beSt wISHeS.                                                         more of the work load for the operation of the
                                                             What was one of the first things you saw
                                                             that needed changing/improving when               Association.
                                                             your term as ED began?
                                                                                                               Our membership demographics are constantly
                                                             Communications had not been a priority and        changing as dental school class demographics
                                                             staff did not feel appreciated, nor were they     continue to equalize, which also will alter the
                                                             necessarily assigned to jobs that fit their       involvement in and the purpose for organiza-
                                                             abilities. As well, there were no written job     tions, such as our association on the local, state
                                                             descriptions or SOPs, the staff manual was        and national levels. We will continue to have
FOcuS | ISSue 6 | 2007

                                                             obsolete and no regular staff meetings were       to discover new methods for our members to

participate actively at various levels without              action was slow and cumbersome. Ideas were
interfering with their family structure. New                sent to a council/committee to develop strat-
methods of communication will offer differing               egy; the problem was, they only met twice a
opportunities to get together without leaving               year, at best, and many times only two or three
home or the office, and we as an organization               members would attend. The final action of the
and staff must be ready and willing to accom-               council/committee then had to be approved by
modate.                                                     the Board or House.

How have MDA programs and activities                        One day I got a brochure inviting us to attend
changed?                                                    a seminar on a new form of governance called
                                                            “The Carver Method of Policy Governance.”
I believe we are much more proactive in our
                                                            Vicki and I registered to explore what sounded
approach and respond quicker and more ef-
                                                            like a way we could remedy our concerns.
fectively to the needs of our members and the
                                                            We both left the meeting convinced this was
public they serve. We are concerned about
                                                            something worth pursuing. We continued to
what is best for our member dentists, but we
                                                            educate ourselves and then presented the idea
are also doing everything we can to prompt the
                                                            to the Board. This new method utilized ad hoc
government and others to provide for those we
                                                            committees to ferret out the ramifications of
treat who are in most need.
                                                            an idea or problem; it offered a way for mem-
                                                            bers to become involved on a short-term basis,
For instance, we didn’t fight hard in the legis-
                                                            using their expertise to help us reach solutions
lature last session to bring back adult Medicaid
coverage because our members needed more
patients to treat; we did so because those
                                                            The principle of policy governance allows for
affected needed help getting access to oral
                                                            quick reaction time to solving problems or
healthcare, and we will continue to fight for
                                                            instituting new ideas, because decisions can
better reimbursement levels so our members
                                                            be made efficiently based on policy estab-
can afford to treat them. Charity is wonderful
                                                            lished in advance by the governing authority
and commendable, but it is not the answer to
                                                            (board/house). In our case, the Board
the public’s need.
                                                            or House establishes ENDS (general
                                                            policies) based on the strategic plan;
How have MDA legislative efforts changed?
                                                            management can then develop the
We now utilize our contract lobbyists (Gamble               MEANS (methods) to attain those
& Schlemeier) to the fullest extent, relying                ends. If a problem or idea comes forth,
on their expertise to direct our efforts. As an             staff has the authority to proceed
association, we have become more involved in                with a solution as long as it does not
the political process, with individual members              go against the established ends. To
personally contacting legislators by phone,                 further guarantee that staff does not
email and organizing and attending fundrais-                overstep their bounds, Executive Limi-
ers. Our PAC involvement has more than tripled              tations, which are strict guidelines for
as we become more involved in campaigns                     the executive director, are set by the
for candidates sympathetic to our needs. The                ruling authority (Board). I feel this has allowed
environment at the Capitol has changed to our               us to move forward and bring the Association
advantage because of our members’ involve-                  to where it is today—a more rapid response
ment.                                                       team, if you will.

The MDA Board structure and governance                      Another big task brought on by policy gover-
has changed in your time here. Tell us about                nance was the need to change the bylaws. We
the move to policy governance. Where did                    got rid of the council/committee structure;
the idea for this begin?                                    gave staff (and the House and Board) the capa-
I had a real concern for the time it took for               bility to form ad hoc committees as needed;
new ideas to develop into Association policy in             continued next page
order to be implemented. Council/committee

From top: Dr. Jake Lippert. > Dr. Frank Miller, a classmate of Dr. Lippert’s, enjoys his
visit with Jake at the retirement party. Jake recieved his DDS degree in 1959 from
St. Louis University. > Dr. Pete and Dixie Hummel, Fenton, at the retirement party. >
                                                                                                                     FOcuS | ISSue 6 | 2007

Anna, Jake and Vicki WIlbers enjoy a laugh while looking through a memory album
the MDA staff created for him. > With Dr. Ed Noffle, Cape Girardeau. > Dr. Lippert
with past Missouri Dental Board members, Dr. Larry Jackson, Sharlene Rimiller, Dr.
Guy Deyton and Maxine Thompson.
                              Dr. Lippert retires                                      to continue in recovery for the rest of their
                              continued from previous page                             lives. We know we have saved lives, marriages
                                                                                       and families, and dental careers, since this
                              gave the Board more authority to respond                 program’s inception.
                              quickly and develop the policies needed; and
                              we restructured the method for electing the              Secondly, we now have statute that allows a
                              president-elect getting rid of the outdated              surviving spouse to own a dental practice for
                              (and unfair) rotation method and eliminated              two years following the death or incapacitation
                              the vice-president positions. The president elect        of the dentist. During that time the spouse can
                              position is now an at large election and that            hire dentists and hygienists to keep the prac-
                              individual does not have to go up the VP chairs          tice viable until it can be sold or transferred.
                              to become president which has shortened the              Mrs. Marilyn Woerner experienced this tragedy
                              commitment period which allows the associa-              while we were in the process of getting the bill
                              tion to elect the best available person for the          passed. Even though she was not eligible at
                              job.                                                     the time to take advantage of the effort, she
                                                                                       has made it a personal project to promote the
                              Tell about some of the programs you had a                idea throughout the country, working through
                              role in creating or helped bring to the table?           the Alliance of the American Dental Associa-
                                                                                       tion as the Surviving Spouse Committee Chair.
                              There are three statutes now in existence that I         She has been a driving force throughout the
                              feel responsible for. All three of these successes       nation encouraging other states to follow suit;
                              will not affect you and may seem insignificant           two-thirds of states now have passed similar
                              unless you, your family or beneficiaries are             legislation.
                              faced with the situation, but they are signifi-
                              cant to me and I know that many are benefit-             Lastly, legislation exists that requires insur-
                              ing from these efforts.                                  ance companies selling health care plans in
                                                                                       Missouri to pay the charges for hospitalization
                              The first is the Missouri Dental Well-Being              and anesthesia administration associated with
                              Program, which is second to none in the nation           dental treatment for children five and under, as
                              thanks to several dedicated individuals. Dr. Bill        well as for anyone with a disability or condi-
                              Kane came to me soon after my hiring and                 tion which requires dental treatment under
                              brought the plight of the program to my atten-           general anesthesia whether it is performed in a
                              tion. Before the Committee’s existence, anyone           hospital, a surgical center or an office setting.
                              brought before the Dental Board accused of               It does not require payment for the dental
                              substance abuse was automatically in jeop-               services.
                              ardy of losing their license; therefore, many
                              feared seeking help. We got legislation passed           You’ve worked with a lot of MDA presidents
                              establishing a Well-Being Program which al-              and officers; what do those currently
                              lowed the Dental Board to put those afflicted            serving and those of the future need to do
                              with the disease into treatment centers rather           to be the best leaders for the MDA?
                              than the court system. The Program allows for
                                      dentists and hygienists to come forward          They need to find satisfaction in knowing that
                                      and seek help anonymously, without fear          they must do something to give back to the
                                     of losing their license or being otherwise        profession that has given them multiple oppor-
                                     disciplined by the Board, as long as they         tunities. They must be willing to assume active
                                    comply with the terms of a contract they           leadership duties and dedicate themselves to
                                    sign with the Well-Being Committee ad-             devote the time necessary to do the job well. If
                                    ministrator. Their progress is reported, but       they are in it to add a paragraph to their CV or
                                   confidentially, as they are identified by a         to receive accolades for being in the position,
                                   code number known only to the adminis-              they will fail. My observation has been that the
                                  trator. The Program has a full-time licensed         best leaders are also the best at what they do
                                  counselor who works with them. The idea              for a living, they have a balanced family life,
                                 is to have the individuals identify/acknowl-          treat others fairly and are dedicated to their
                                 edge their disease, complete treatment and            faith and/or their community.

                              From top: Dr. Lippert with former and current MDA staff members at a retreat. > With long-time friends and
                              neighbors, Dr. Lum and Mary Lou Young. > Ribbon cutting at the new executive office, which opened in Decem-
FOcuS | ISSue 6 | 2007

                              ber 2002. > With the Missouri delegation at an ADA Annual Session. > On a trip to the ADA Washington Leader-
                              ship Conference, Jake, Anna, Congressman Todd Akin, Dr. Robert Butler, St. Louis and Dr. Charley McGinty, Joplin.
                              > Enjoying a Travel and Learn trip with frequent attendees Dr. Mark and Phyllis Zust, St. Peters and Sharon Dear,
                              wife of Dr. David Dear, Versailles.
Is there any one thing you would change, if             one and one half acres of land which is near        firm conviction that I gave it my best, and I’m
you could in your tenure at the MDA?                    the Departments of Health and Senior Services       confident the Association will continue to raise
Legislative advocacy has been the most chal-            and Social Services, and the Dental Board (enti-    the bar as long as the members continue their
lenging part of the job and the part I disliked         ties which we work with closely). We now have       financial and physical support.
the most, but it was also the most rewarding. I         three full-time tenants plus two meeting spac-
believe the Association’s hiring of Aaron Wash-         es that can be rented by the day. The income        Any thoughts on retirement? We know you
burn as legislative director is a positive step.        generated more than covers the mortgage;            planned to stay involved in dentistry. Will
He knows his way around the Capitol, having             we hold most board meetings in our facility         you still be a CRDTS examiner? What other
served as a legislative assistant for Sena-             with catered meals which greatly reduce that        things have you got planned?
tor Koster. He will be able to concentrate on           expense; and the building equity has already        I will stay active in dentistry in some manner,
legislative activities. If I had it to do over again,   surpassed 50% of the cost of the construction       in any way I can help. I intend to remain a
I probably would have hired someone of his              and the land purchase. When the mortgage is         CRDTS examiner for as long as they’ll have me.
caliber years ago instead of trying to manage           retired, it will continue to generate income. It    I strongly feel the practical exam process is a
the Association and do the advocacy portion.            is large enough to accommodate the expanded         good measure of how well the schools are edu-
                                                        staff as well as the Donated Dental Services        cating the dental students. When the student
What would you say is one of the greatest               Program staff; the space occupied (rented) by       passes the board, he or she can feel confident
accomplishments of your tenure at the                   MDIS is large enough to allow them to expand        that they got proper training.
MDA; One (or a few) of the things you are               as the future dictates—something the previous
most proud of?                                          building would not have allowed.                    I live at the Lake of the Ozarks on the Big Nian-
I honestly believe that my biggest accomplish-                                                              gua; I intend to take full advantage of the op-
                                                        What would you say to new dental school
ment was improving the MDA position with the                                                                portunities that affords me. My neighbors are
                                                        graduates? About becoming a dentist and
General Assembly and the state agencies and                                                                 both retired and avid fishermen—they promise
                                                        an MDA member?
bureaus that affect the practice of dentistry.                                                              to help me become one, too. I’m leaving all op-
Dr. Larry Jackson was appointed to the Dental           I want them to understand that organized den-       tions open to an offer I can’t refuse; we’ll see
Board shortly after I became ED. He and I made          tistry, on all three levels, is primarily respon-   where that may lead us.
a pact to improve the relationship between              sible for allowing them to practice the greatest
the MDA and the Dental Board. At the time,              profession available in this country today.         I do want to thank my wife Anna for all her
the relationship was very strained; I believe           Dentistry has maintained its independency at        efforts to make this a great ride. She has been
that has changed and there is a good work-              a far greater level than our medical colleagues,    right there at my side the entire time, many
ing relationship between the two groups and             for example. Our practices are not influenced       times giving up her free time to assist. She has
I want to thank Larry for his efforts to make           by outside forces such as insurance companies,      worked hard with what remains of the Alliance
that happen.                                            hospital boards, government and corporate           to bring our legislative message to the Capitol
                                                        controls to a level anywhere near they have         and promote oral health as part of overall
A second accomplishment would be the                    and it is because organized dentistry stood up      health. I want to thank those hard working
construction of the new MDA Executive Office            and said, “No!” Today, dental incomes exceed        ladies (of the Alliance) for their help over the
Building. The Association had just built a new          medical incomes.                                    years.
building two years prior to my coming on
board that was serving us well; it was just a           I want them to appreciate that fact, and in         I also want to thank my children and grand-
block away from the Capitol other state facili-         return, pledge to maintain that status by           children for their understanding when grandpa
ties. However, it was short on two important            becoming a member of the tripartite system          and grandma couldn’t make it to one of their
things—parking and meeting space. We were               and continuing the fight for those who follow       functions because they were going to have to
utilizing a near-by hotel for Board meetings.           them, as we did for them. It hasn’t been easy       be at a dental activity. Maybe now we can at-
The charge for the room and meals at these              and it may get tougher, but the fight must          tend a few more little league games, some high
off-site locations was a considerable expense           continue to be fought if they want the profes-      school sports or plays, be there for birthdays
each year.                                              sion to continue to thrive. Pay the dues and        and confirmations; but most of all we can sleep
                                                        become active; be the voice of the future.          well at the end of every day.
In 2000, I approached the board with the idea
of moving to the west end of Jefferson City             What things to do you hope the MDA                  Thank you all for this most wonderful opportu-
where we could buy a larger piece of land and           continues to work on in the future; what            nity to have been of service. God bless you all!
build a facility with a board room with catering        goals would you like to see met?
                                                                                                            Dr. Lippert will be at the MDA office through De-
facilities and other meeting space and offices,         I believe the MDA is poised to continue to          cember. You may contact him at jake@modental.
which could be rented. I was instructed to              be healthy; the Association has good, strong,       org. After this time, he can be reached at his home
investigate the prospective and return with a           young leadership at the helm. They are the          address: 450 Normac Dr., PO Box 3694, Camdenton,
                                                                                                            MO 65020. Email; phone 573-
business plan.                                          ones who need to set the goals for the future,
                                                        not me. I know the staff is good, strong and
The rest is history; we undertook the building          young, with a very capable leader minding the
of a two level, 16,000 square foot building on          store. I leave with a clear conscience and a
                                                                                                                                                                       FOcuS | ISSue 6 | 2007

                              February kicks off give Kids a Smile and
                              National Children’s Dental Health Month
                              The next Give Kids A Smile is Friday, Febru-          solutions and other reforms that will encour-
                              ary 1, 2008. You can go online to ADA.                age more dentists to participate in public
                              org to sign up to participate. February also          health insurance programs.
                              officially kicks off National Children’s Dental
                              Health Month.                                         Please update your program’s statistics. We will
                                                                                    share our national grand total with legislators
                              Why pArticipAte in GKAs DAy?                          and other policymakers.

                              A one-day event like Give Kids A Smile isn’t a        Give KiDs A sMile letter tO the eDitOr
                              cure-all; it’s a wake-up call. People shouldn’t
                              have to depend on charity for basic dental            An excellent example of taking the opportunity
                              care. It’s time for politicians, parents and others   to tell the “Give Kids A Smile” story is Dr. Rich-
                              who care to work together toward a solution.          ard Wiberg, president of the Minnesota Dental
                              Give Kids A Smile is meant to accomplish two          Association, opinion piece to the editors of the
                              things, help children get the dental care they        St. Paul (Minn.) Pioneer Press. It was printed
                              so desperately need AND raise awareness that          by the daily newspaper on January 23 and
                              our children deserve a better health care sys-        titled, “Two days of free dental care for needy
                              tem that addresses their dental health needs.         kids helps, but won’t solve the problem.” (Ac-
                                                                                    cess it at
                              We need to educate policymakers and parents           gkas/2007_content_index_gkasletter.pdf).
                              that good oral health is integral to overall
                              health. We need commonsense, market-based             WhAt’s the Difference BetWeen Give
                                                                                    KiDs A sMile AnD nAtiOnAl chilDren’s
                                                                                    DentAl heAlth MOnth?

                                                                                    Give Kids A Smile is an annual centerpiece to
                                                                                    National Children’s Dental Health Month and is
                                                                                    observed every year on the first Friday in Feb-
                                                                                    ruary, while NCDHM is celebrated during the
                                                                                    entire month of February. National Children’s
                                                                                    Dental Health Month focuses on providing oral
                                                                                    health education to all children despite their
                                                                                    economic status. Give Kids A Smile was de-
                                                                                    signed to provide education, preventative and
                                                                                    restorative care to low-income children who do
                                                                                    not have access to care.

                                                                                    In February the Missouri Dental Foundation
                                                                                    will sponsor a coloring contest for Missouri
                                                                                    2nd graders. All Missouri schools will be invited
                                                                                    to participate and we encourage you to refer
                                                                                    teachers in your community to MODENTAL.
                                                                                    org for contest rules and entry forms. Here
                                                                                    they can find other education resources, such
                                                                                    as lesson plans, activity sheets, school projects
                                                                                    and more.

                                                                                    If you want to visit a school/health fair to promote
                                                                                    CDHM contact the MDA. We can provide a display
                                                                                    and materials to help you. Contact Margie Kunze at
                                                                                    the MDA for information (
FOcuS | ISSue 6 | 2007

                                                                                                         IN My oPINIoN:
                                                                                                         the cost of free
                                                                                                         we are a prOFeSSION tHat SeekS tO HeaL eVery-
                                                                                                         ONe IN NeeD, but tHe eND reSuLt OF tHe patH
                                                                                                         we are NOw traVeLINg DOwN IS NOt SuStaIN-
                                                                                                         abLe FOr aNy OF tHe StakeHOLDerS INVOLVeD.

                                                                                                         by George Bailey, DDS, MPH central Dental Society

                              Dentistry is a profession, and I do not see that   personal levels. Or in other words, how does       drill; we preach prevention and maintenance as
                              changing anytime soon. It is as ingrained in us    one make a living and still follow the altruisms   we should. But darn those folks, anyway; they
                              from dental school as is G.V. Black’s proximal     of best practices care?                            have a different agenda and set of priorities.
                              box. Thus, in our every day world of appoint-
                              ments and patient interaction, we must figure      Now the problem: It seems that somewhere           Remember we are a profession. Repeat that
                              out how to meld the sometime incompat-             between 30% and 50% of our population              several times lest we forget. It is important
                              ibility of business success with the assurance     does not seek our services, at least not like we   here to my point, but I digress.
                              of health integrity at both the societal and       believe they are ‘supposed to.’ You know the
FOcuS | ISSue 6 | 2007

Somewhere along the way, some of our leader-          tion, so designated, and provide care for the     that health will benefit us all both socially
ship got the idea we could assuage our guilt          poor—or someone’s definition of poor. Now all     and economically. How else was Public Health
for trying to make a profit at the expense of         is well—or is it?                                 formed but when the economics of a social
our poorer clientele by offering them an oc-                                                            infrastructure demanded it? As Cuba Gooding,
casional snippet of care at no cost. Wow... free      Can anyone say “second tier standard of care?”    Jr., once said, “Show me the money.” Altruism
dentistry; who could turn that down? Never                                                              is good; altruism and efficacy combined are
mind some of the drawbacks to this genre of           When I finished my matriculation from Saint       even better. Whether it is individual or environ-
dental care: like who gets it, how much they          Louis University School of Public Health with     mental makes no difference. The point is, I now
get, and what happens when they decide this           a concentration in Community Public Health, I     look at care for a population, as well as for an
is all they want or need. There is the possibility    began to look at things differently. Community    individual, and sustainability is now a mandate.
that some will wait until they can get the free       Public Health is not putting fluoride in water
stuff, even if their children’s health is at stake.   or making sure that there is someone every        At this time, the profession entrusted with the
Finally, what happens when this model of care         February to stick a tongue blade in a third       oral health of society is at a crossroads. We
is relied on by a total population—both the           grader’s mouth and fill out a form; it is cen-    have a camel running wild in the tent and we
profession and that population?                       tered on the assurance of care and heath for a    have no clue, or at least this author doesn’t see
                                                      population. Public Health is the globalization    one, on how to shove the beast back outside.
But, never mind...we are doing our collective         of what we and physicians, et al., do or should   We have Community Health Clinics calling on
jobs guilt free. Right?                               do on an individual basis every day. Now I have   us to volunteer, and school nurses wanting to
                                                      two professions tugging at my point of view,      put us on the list to treat a poor kid for free
By this reasoning, it is now fine to go to the        and sometimes from different directions. Let      when they show up at school in pain. We can
office every day, promoting what each of us           me enlighten you.                                 work someplace pro bono as many days a week
considers oral health to people who choose to                                                           as we desire. The premise is that as a profession
invest in our services. And hopefully, depending      Public Health looks at health on both a popula-   we are expected to do this, but is this growing
on where we have chosen to practice, provide          tion and individual basis simultaneously. We      trend a positive or a negative for the health
reasonably handsomely for our families in the         are supposed to change behaviors like obesity     of our populace? I worry that it is harming
process. But there is a codicil: one day a year       and smoking. Next postulate: oral health is       dentistry irreparably as well; but for the sake of
or a month or whenever our individual moral           part of the system of wellness we seek as a       altruism, let us just look at what Public Health
compass decides is reasonable, we go to a loca-       society, and the efficacious endeavors to gain    continued next page

                                                                                                                                                                  FOcuS | ISSue 6 | 2007

                              the cost of free dentistry                        always sustainable or universally accessible.         highest IQ, to find a way to symbiotically
                              continued from previous page                      Finally, when they often give no follow-up or         align the public and private sectors of us ‘wet
                                                                                repetitive therapy after emergency procedures,        fingers.’ We need to lessen the disease burden
                              knows about population assurance.                 they are meeting that prime mandate of free           on our most needy while simultaneously pro-
                                                                                care.                                                 claiming that we are in some ways no different
                              We know that how people successfully access                                                             than plumbers or firemen or politicians. We are
                              care determines how they will habitually access   There are many others of these potentially            individuals with an economic stake in what we
                              it in the future. We know that how an indi-       similar venues; you already know them—for             do. I no longer think it is wrong to feel that
                              vidual does this determines how it will be ac-    most require either grants or volunteerism to         way, for by my new reasoning, this is actu-
                              cessed environmentally by a population. What      exist. What most have in common is the teach-         ally the more altruistic mind set. Yes, we are a
                              we are doing is teaching an entire population     ing of needs populations to seek care outside         profession that seeks to heal everyone in need,
                              to gets its oral care in a way that encourages    the normal venues of treatment, and never             but the end result of the path we are now
                              emergency and not preventive behaviors. Also,     from a preventive aspect.                             traveling down is not sustainable for any of the
                              we may be training them to seek care in a                                                               stakeholders involved.
                              pattern that is not sustainable and may not be    There you have it. This is something that gnaws
                                                                                at this health care professional, for we were all     Dr. Bailey received his DDS degree from UMKC in
                              there the next time they need that care.                                                                1974 and has since been in private practice in
                                                                                taught to be altruistic, and I am no excep-
                                                                                                                                      Waynesville. In 2007, he completed his Masters in
                              Let me give just one example: mobile venues of    tion. We took an oath to be such. Yet when I          Public Health from St. Louis University as well as an
                              treatment. Once the darlings of those that ad-    volunteer to do something akin to what I do           internship at the Missouri Department of Health and
                                                                                for a living, I am troubled. I now have this little   Senior Services Oral Health Program in the Office
                              vocated care for needs populations, they have                                                           of Primary Care and Rural Health. Among various
                              many flaws from a Public Health standpoint.       birdie inside my head telling me that I may,
                                                                                                                                      activities, Dr. Bailey is an Action Team Leader at
                              First, they provide care at a far higher cost     over the course of helping an individual, be do-      the annual ADA Washington Leadership Conference
                              per delivery unit than other forms of needs       ing grave harm to my profession—perpetuating          and was dental director of La Clinica, a community
                                                                                some modality that actually hurts the needs           health clinic in St. Louis from 2004-06. Contact him
                              dentistry. Also, while they have shown efficacy                                                         at or 573-336-5563.
                              for screenings and preventives across several     populations I am trying to help.
                              segments of health care (example: mammo-
                              grams or inoculations), they do not work for      There has to be a way for the profession (that
                              definitive treatment. Once again, they are not    word again!), which has purportedly the second
FOcuS | ISSue 6 | 2007

FOcuS | ISSue 6 | 2007

                              Donated Dental Services continues to grow
                              Program provided nearly an 8-to-1 return on investment, will soon reach $1 million in care

                              by Teena Paris, Missouri DDS coordinator           resources needed for treatment. Part of my job      work.
                                                                                 is also to recognize applicants who are trying
                              In 1999 the DDS program began with only            to get free care they could afford to pay for,      Donations Reported from September 1,
                              seven volunteer MDA members participating.         or who are unwilling to cooperate in their own      2006 through August 31, 2007: Dental
                              In September 2005 the Missouri Department          care. Dentists and their staff members serve as     treatment: 165 patients received $458,611
                              of Health and Senior Services contracted to        the final filter in the approval process, telling   worth of care. Lab work: 103 patients received
                              support a statewide program, which now has         me about any problems or suspicions they have       $39,092 in lab work.
                              over 270 volunteer dentists, one-third of whom     after seeing the applicant for an initial dental
                              are specialists. Also contributing are nearly 70   evaluation. Dentists can always refuse to treat     In this fiscal year, the DDS program provided
                              dental labs in Missouri and around the country     a patient.                                          nearly $500,000 in donated services in ex-
                              that donate dental prosthetics to their custom-                                                        change for a $60,000 contract with DHSS, or
                              ers who treat DDS patients. I appreciate the       The results of the last fiscal year clearly         an 8-to-1 return on investment. By the end of
                              willingness of these professionals who allow us    demonstrate the growth in the DDS program.          the current fiscal year, Missouri DDS volunteers
                              to provide complete treatment plans for DDS        Following is a comparison of donated services       will have passed an amazing milestone—a
                              patients.                                          for the first several years of the DDS program’s    cumulative total of $1 million in care, with an
                                                                                 existence and the fiscal year just completed.       additional $100,000 in lab work given to the
                              General dentists examine patients, determine                                                           neediest Missourians.
                              treatment plans, and provide the bulk of the       Donations Reported from Inception through
                              work, chair time, and staff commitment to DDS      August 31, 2006: Dental treatment: 158              Thank you for allowing me to be a part of the
                              patients. My job as coordinator is to screen       patients received $316,901 worth of care. Lab       great work you are doing. DDS patients would
                              applicants, make referrals, and arrange extra      work: 100 patients received $31,015 in lab          like to thank you also. Here’s what some of
                                                                                                                                     them have to say.
                                                                                                                                       •     “I can’t praise Dr. Hume enough. They
                                                                                                                                             gave me back my smile and so much
                                                                                                                                             more. They were so kind and caring to
                                                                                                                                       •     “Dr. Rempala was fantastic, everyone
                                                                                                                                             involved was fantastic. You don’t know
                                                                                                                                             how much this means to me. I feel so
                                                                                                                                             much better. This program is a godsend.”
                                                                                                                                       •     “Dr. Morgan and her staff treated me
                                                                                                                                             with respect and professionalism during
                                                                                                                                             my treatment. It was a great experience
                                                                                                                                             and I am so happy and satisfied with
                                                                                                                                             what they did for me. I would bring my
                                                                                                                                             grandchildren to them.”
                                                                                                                                       •     “This has given me a whole new lease on
                                                                                                                                             life. I was down and out, but now I feel
                                                                                                                                             like I can start over. From the bottom of
                                                                                                                                             my heart, I thank Dr. Duensing.”

                                                                                                                                     To learn more about the Missouri program or to sign
                                                                                                                                     up to participate, contact Teena Paris at 573-635-
                                                                                                                                     9988 or 866-792-9988.
FOcuS | ISSue 6 | 2007

FOcuS | ISSue 6 | 2007

                                the marketplace

                              TempORaRy cOveRage                                 our dentist recruiter and/ or visit our website    to two-year associateship position leading to
                                                                                 for more information. Christina Ray, Recruiter,    buy-in opportunity for the right person. You
                              prOFeSSIONaL teMpOrary cOVerage OF                 800-222-8215 ext. 9541,,          can become an owner in this practice and not
                              yOur DeNtaL practIce (LOcuM teNeNS)                                          just a worker. Practice is in a growing suburb
                                in this issue
                              by a colleague during maternity and disability                                                        of St. Louis County. Please fax resume to 314-
                              leaves, vacation or just some short-term relief.   FuLL-tIMe DeNtISt pOSItION IN St. LOuIS.           838-9414 or email For
                              Full-time associates available also. Since 1996,   Family Care Health Centers, a Federally Quali-     further information call 314-838-9454.
                              the nation’s largest team of distinguished         fied Health Center, located in South St. Louis
                              dentists. Call 800-600-0963 or register online     city is seeking a full-time dentist. Benefits      great OppOrtuNIty FOr aSSOcIateSHIp
                              at                         include medical/dental insurance, 401(k), paid     LeaDINg tO purcHaSe OF practIce IN
                                                                                 vacation/holiday/sick leave and professional       cOLuMbIa, MO. 30-year-old general practice
                                                                                 liability insurance. Come and enjoy a reward-      looking for a new graduate, or dentist that just
                              pRacTice OppORTuniTies                             ing career helping those who are underserved.      wants something new. Come see our practice
                              cOrrectIONaL MeDIcaL SerVIceS. CMS                 Please send CV to: Family Care Health Centers-     and see if it’s right for you. Contact Dr. Tom or
                              dentists enjoy no weekends! No office or third     Dental Dept., Attn: Angela Spoljaric, 401 Holly    Lee Ann at 573-446-1775.
                              party insurance issues and no overheads! At        Hills Ave., St. Louis, MO 63111 or email CV to
                              CMS we pride ourselves on distinction. As                            aSSOcIate DeNtIStS. OppOrtuNItIeS
                              an industry pioneer for over 25 years, we’ve                                                          aVaILabLe IN SeVeraL areaS OF NOrtH
                              earned a reputation for providing quality,         grOwINg aND expaNDINg DeNtaL OFFIce                carOLINa in state-of-the-art general prac-
                              responsible correctional healthcare services       wItH OVer 25-year HIStOry IS SeekINg a             tices treating underserved children and young
                              nationwide. We currently have opportunities        quaLIty prOVIDer to help build this practice       adults. A desire to work in a positive, team-ori-
                              available in the following Missouri locations:     and take it to the next level. We offer a proven   ented environment a must. Full-time posi-
                              Fordland, Jefferson City, Farmington, Fulton,      business model that has continued to thrive        tions in a number of our seven NC locations.
                              Moberly Licking, Charleston. Please contact        over time. Initial opportunity includes a one-     Excellent guaranteed salary from $132K to
FOcuS | ISSue 6 | 2007

$200K depending on position and experience,        Computerized ops; Digital X-rays; CEREC®; Air       holiday/vacation/sick leave and professional
and comprehensive benefits package. Contact        abrasion. Seek associate/future partner inter-      liability insurance. Immediate opportunities in
Roger Walters, SmileStarters, 704-395-6000         ested in all aspects of dentistry particularly      this clinic located in the heart of the beauti-
or email New grads          endodontics, pediatrics, oral surgery, orthodon-    ful Ozarks, with numerous outdoor activities
encouraged; a great place to start your career!    tics. Visit or call Mercer        nearby. Call Jennifer Heinlein at 417-683-4831,
                                                   Transitions at 800-588-0098.                        Ext. 111 or email
exceLLeNt OppOrtuNIty FOr DeNtaL
aSSOcIateS tO OwN tHeIr OwN prac-                  experIeNceD geNeraL DeNtISt waNteD                  great OppOrtuNIty FOr aSSOcIateSHIp
tIce. Send resume to Human Resources, 10128        FOr grOwINg MuLtI-SpecIaLty, MuLtI-                 LeaDINg tO purcHaSe OF practIce. Come
Shapfield Lane, St. Louis MO 63123.                OFFIce grOup practIce IN cOLuMbIa,                  see our practice and if it is right for you. Above
                                                   MO. (Listed by Money Magazine as one the of         average compensation in a new dental office
cOLuMbIa, MO: earN 120k pLuS aS aN aS-             “Best Places to Live” in America). Compensa-        building. Present dentist wants to slow down.
SOcIate with an opportunity to buy into the        tion range from $90,000 to $200,000 per year.       Contact Dr. Gene or DeAnna Grover at 573-
practice. Fast growing, well-established dental    Practice ownership possible with no buy-in          265-8402.
practice. 120 new patients/month. Modern/          cost. Must have residency, private practice or
latest in technology with eight operatories,       group experience for at least one year. New,        aSSOcIate DeNtISt NeeDeD IN tHe St.
paperless, digital everything and latest in cone   totally digital facility in medical complex. Fax    LOuIS area. Above average compensation,
beam CT. Collections over $2 million over          resume to 636-925-2829.                             great patient flow, awesome support and staff.
last two years. Call 573-446-0880 for more                                                             Full benefit package available with retirement
information. Great place to live and raise a       DeNtISt OppOrtuNIty IN tHe MISSOurI                 plan. For more info contact Matt Cassidy at the
family, Columbia ranks ‘Top Places to Live in      OzarkS. Near Springfield/Branson. Ozarks            MTC Group, or
US’ by Money Magazine (http://money.cnn.           Community Health in Ava, Mo., is seeking a          866-460-0353.
com/magazines/moneymag/bplive/2006/snap-           board certified dentist. This federally qualified
shots/PL2915670.html).                             health center provides a dental setting free        HIgH quaLIty OppOrtuNItIeS aVaILabLe
                                                   from the financial constraints of private prac-     arOuND tHe St LOuIS area. Go into a
aSSOcIate/partNer waNteD IN INDepeN-               tice. Benefits include sign-on bonus, student       state-of-the-art practice with existing patients
DeNce. Quality family practice in contempo-        loan repayment, medical/dental/vision insur-        and team members. For more information
rary professional building. 5 ops/1,800 sq. ft.    ance, 401(k) with matching contributions, paid      please contact Nancy Pals at 888-999-3661.

                                                                                                                                                                 FOcuS | ISSue 6 | 2007

                                the marketplace

                              DeNtIStS NeeDeD, exceLLeNt OppOrtu-                status, cafeteria/benefit package (negotiable).
                              NIty FOr HIgHLy MOtIVateD geNeraL                  Practice will pay lab fees. See our website at
                              practItIONerS. Patients and a dedicated,  Contact Practice Ad-
                              well-trained team are waiting for you. Practice    ministrator, Vicki Luebrecht at hdgmgr@yahoo.
                                in this issue
                              locations in the KC area, Mt. Vernon. Mo. and      com; email or fax resume to 573-221-5564.
                              Wichita, Ks. Competitive commission plus
                              excellent benefit package. Contact Diane Bal-      FuLL-tIMe aSSOcIate OppOrtuNItIeS ex-
                              lentine at 785-456-7083; fax 785-456-6520;         ISt IN MISSOurI, arkaNSaS, OkLaHOMa &
                              email                          texaS. Guaranteed starting salary of $125,000
                                                                                 per year plus production-based bonus. Benefits
                              FaNtaStIc grOup practIce LOcateD IN                include 401(k), health, life, and malpractice in-
                              HaNNIbaL, MISSOurI. 1½ hours north of              surance, direct deposit, paid vacations/holidays,
                              St. Louis. Group of 5 dentists, each with their    and more all with no late nights or weekends.
                              own suite of three operatories and shared front    Please contact Dr. Tom Kennedy in confidence
                              office. One dentist nearing retirement. Looking    at 800-658-2177 for details or fax your CV
                              for an associate to stay long term and eventu-     to 800-393-5188 so you can earn what you
                              ally become a partner. Wanting clinically excel-   deserve now.
                              lent associate who is fun-loving, but willing
                              to work hard. Full time, includes some ½-day       we NeeD a DeNtISt; yOu DON’t NeeD aNy
                              Saturdays. Associate will build his/her own        MONey. What we offer: Plenty of patients,
                              practice base with assistance from the other       trained associates, we could build a new office,
                              dentists. Partners want a win-win situation for    school system/top in ACT, 3 lakes with water
                              all. Compensation package: Salary based on         sports, new hospital, active boy scouts/4-H
                              experience or 35% of production. Employee          groups, plenty hunting/fishing, 6 churches,
FOcuS | ISSue 6 | 2007

modern airport. What we don’t have: Shopping        are equipped with counters and cabinets. Loca-       practIceS FOr SaLe: tHe DeNtaL Market-
malls, traffic jams, long commutes, crime, dis-     tion just north of Highway 70, North Service         pLace. ST. CHARLES: Grossing $875,000, five
sension. WHAT HAVE YOU GOT TO LOSE? Give            Road between Highway K and Bryan Road at             operatories, all fee-for-service, staff includes
us a call: Muschamp & King, Corning Iowa, call      769 West Terra Lane, Call 636-240-7644 and           hygienist. ARNOLD: Grossing $275,000, three
Glen: 641-322-4055:         ask for Jerry.                                       operatories. Ideal merge. FERGUSON/FLORIS-
Stewart Realty, Stew Stewart, Broker, 641-782-                                                           SANT: Grossing $750,000. Staff includes full
7197. Creston, Iowa.                                practIce FOr SaLe: eMa DeNtaL practIce               time hygienist. Real estate available. HAN-
                                                    SaLeS. SE KC METRO: Four operatory general           NIBAL: Grossing $450,000, three treatment
SeekINg a DeNtISt FOr tHe “perFect”                 practice. Refer to MO333. EAST KC METRO:             rooms, all fee for service. FARMINGTON:
practIce. We are looking for a fun, quality         Eight operatory general practice, high volume.       Grossing $600,000, staff includes full time
minded dentist who enjoys his/her work, pa-         Great location. Refer to code KC285. METRO           hygienist, dentist retiring. Real estate available.
tients and staff. We feature the latest technol-    KC NORTH: Four operatory general practice.           SOUTH ST. LOUIS COUNTY: SOLD JEFFERSON
ogy and a state-of-the-art facility. This is your   Refer to KC281; SOLD. We have buyers for             CITY: Grossing $570,000, five operatories.
opportunity to make exceptional income and          quality practices in good locations and we need      Contact The Dental Marketplace now if you
work with experienced associates and special-       listings. Salaried associate positions and perma-    are considering an appraisal, purchase, or sale
ists in a family oriented community. Contact        nent and temporary dentist placement. Our            of a practice in Missouri, Illinois, or Iowa. Call
Zach at or 573-368-            fees are paid by sellers and employers. Contact      Guy Jaffe at 314-997-0535 or 800-221-6927
1423 for more information.                          Dr. Steve Wolff at EMA Dental Practice Sales         or email The
                                                    (formerly Evan Myers and Associates) 816-358-        Dental Marketplace is a member of American
DeNtISt NeeDeD St. cHarLeS/St. LOuIS                6782 or 800-311-2039, or see www.dentalsales.        Dental Sales (ADS).
area. Fast-paced, progressive, modern facility.     com or
Full staff and business support. Salary, bonus,
pension 401(k). Associateship, acquaintance         practIceS FOr SaLe Or aSSOcIateSHIpS.
period, ownership potential. Full time, No eve-     KANSAS LISTINGS: Southern Johnson County,
nings or weekends. For information call Rhonda      Mound City, Overland Park and Central Kansas.
at 636-928-4888 or email         MISSOURI LISTINGS: Independence and Jeffer-
                                                    son City. Well established profitable practices.
                                                    Immediate ownership. Financing available. Also
FOR sale/lease – pRacTices                          looking for persons wanting to sell or find an
buILDINg FOr LeaSe Or purcHaSe.                     associate. To obtain more information contact
Outstanding location for dental, legal or           Tom Smeed, Healthcare Practice Management,
chiropractic or other business practice in Jef-     913-642-1988,
ferson County. State highway and county road
frontage with high traffic count. Completely        practIceS FOr SaLe: wILLIaM OtteN
renovated Victorian building with custom            & aSSOcIateS. SOUTH ST. LOUIS COUNTY:
woodwork and beautiful appointments. Large          General dental practice, 5 ops, 2 more plumbed,
rooms for patients, offices and waiting area        2500 sq ft office grossing $600,000+. HAZEL-
and record storage. Excellent eye appeal            WOOD, MO: General dental practice gross-
and fantastic customer impression in one of         ing $600,000+ and specially designed dental
Missouri’s fastest growing counties. Building is    building, 6 ops, Dentrix. NEAR EDWARDSVILLE,
approximately 3,400 sq. feet on 1.25 acres with     IL: General dental practice grossing $600,000+,
opportunities for expansion. Located just 1.5       large office, 6 ops, prime area for growth and
miles from Interstate 55. Call Gary at 636-209-     development, owner retiring. BETWEEN FESTUS
1807.                                               AND FARMINGTON: General dental practice
                                                    grossing $400,000 in a professional building,
practIce FOr SaLe. St. LOuIS area. Grossing         growing rapidly, trained staff, 4 ops, good
over $700,000. Stand alone building 2000 sq ft      condition, very attractively priced. WEST ST.
and lot 43,000 sq ft. Modern equipment. Reply       LOUIS COUNTY: High quality perio practice,
to PO Box 190245, St. Louis MO 63119.               nice office, great location, trained staff, gross-
                                                    ing $600,000+ dentist retiring. SOUTHWEST
FOr LeaSe: O’FaLLON, MO. Available De-              ST. LOUIS COUNTY. High quality ortho practice,
cember 2007. 2,600 sq. ft. free standing brick      modern facility, nice size practice in a unique
building. Currently occupied by oral surgeon.       location. JUST LISTED! General dental practice,
Three (3) exam rooms, three (3) surgical rooms,     BALLWIN, MO grossing $700,000+, large office,
recovery room, sterilization room, staff kitchen    computerized, available immediately and small
and lounge, three (3) bathrooms, large waiting      general dental practice in BELLEVILLE, IL perfect
room and staff work area. In addition, the          candidate for merger with nearby office. Call
                                                                                                                                                                    FOcuS | ISSue 6 | 2007

sterilization room, recovery room and kitchen       Bill for more information at 636-391-4844.

                              president perspective                                    shAnOn KirchhOff, DDs

                              Putting the AWe in the MDA                                                                                  PreSIDeNtIAL ProFILe

                                         from the editor                               rOBert BrunKer, DDs                                My core values include persistence and
                              The MDA House of Delegates finished business          professional, family and spiritual. Remember,         determination.
                              Saturday, and the Board had its final meeting         “What the mind cannot conceive of, it cannot
                                                                                                                                          this came from a Calvin Coolidge quote
                              of the year. It was an exciting time for this         succeed at.”
                                                                                                                                          soon after he left office. they are words
                              member dentist. I had been feeling that way
                              for quite sometime, almost 25 years!                  Our vision statement is “The MDA is a unified     that inspire, motivate and empower
                                                                                    organization of individual members who are        me. He said, “Nothing in the world can
                              My freshman year in dental school was 1981            committed to the highest quality care for the     take the place of persistence. Talent
                              and my ASDA membership started me on the              public. It is a model resource for Advocacy,      will not: nothing is more common than
                          executive office update
                              road to participation in organized dentistry. To         v i c K Communication, Information e
                                                                                    Education, i W i l B e r s , M D A andx e c u t i v e D i r e c t O r
                                                                                                                                      unsuccessful men with talent. Genius
                              have the opportunity to join…was an awesome           Fellowship.”
                                                                                                                                          will not; unrewarded genius is almost
                              feeling. Do you still feel in AWE of your mem-
                              bership in the MDA? As the incoming president,        My belief is when the AWE is in your heart,           a proverb. Education will not; the world
                              it one of my goals to put the AWE back into           everything else should fall into place. The MDA       is full of educated derelicts. Persistence
                              this organization.                                    vision statement can be accomplished when             and determination alone are omnipo-
                                                                                    you feel excitement and eagerness. We must            tent.”
                              Presidents of state dental associations, alone,       persist and stay determined in taking pride
                              certainly cannot make that happen; they can,          in our profession, maintaining control of our         Honesty and integrity are two more
                                        legislative news
                              however, with the collaborative support of the           f r O M leaving c A p i legacy
                                                                                    profession andt h e a strong t O l for the            values I place at the top of my list.
                              membership—a team of dental professionals             future of our profession. All of us should put
                              who care about our profession, our patients           the AWE in the MDA.                                   I was married for the first time at the
                              and our legacy—can put the AWE into the                                                                     age of 50. It really took me that long to
                              MDA. We are a special group of people who             Your comments and questions are encouraged. Send
                                                                                                                                          find such a special person as my wife,
                              want the very best from every aspect of life—                                                               Jennifer. We love to travel, especially to
                                                                                                                                          the warm tropical island destinations.
                                        legislative news                               AArOn WAshBurn, MDA leGislAtive DirectOr
                                                                                                                                          My interests tend to gravitate to things
                                                                                                                                          with engines; powerboats, Harley
                                                                                                                                          Davidson motorcycles, sports cars and
                                                                                                                                          my mower (I actually like mowing and
                                                                                                                                          have a big lawn to care for).

                                                                                                                                          Scuba diving has rewarded me with
                                   business solutions                                                                                ve vice presiDent
                                                                                       G r e G r u s s e l l , M D i s e x e c u t isome really memorable experiences
                                                                                                                                          and spectacular sights.

                                                                                                                                          Forensic odontology is another interest,
                                                                                                                                          which took me to the Katrina disaster
                                                                                                                                          on the first team to respond. of course,
                                                                                                                                          my orthodontic practice does take up
                                                                                                                                          the majority of my day. you can always
                                                                                                                                          get me talking about any of these

                              Clockwise: President Kirchhoff and President-Elect
                              Doug Wyckoff both enjoy Harley’s (at the 2005
                              Heart of America Dental Symposium Fun Run); At
                              the MDA Day at the Game with wife, Jennifer and
                              friend, Dr. Dan Kessler, Greater Springfield; Working
FOcuS | ISSue 6 | 2007

                              hard at ADA Sixth District caucus meeting; Visiting with southeast Missouri legislator and Speaker of the
                              House, Rod Jetton; 2005 MDA Leadership graduation class; Enjoying one of many MDA Travel and Learn trips.


                     the MDa wel-           Dr. Denny thousand has been ap-
                     comes Dr. Lynne        pointed to the MO HealthNet Over-
                     barbour as the         sight committee. On October 31, 2007
                     new Northeast          governor Matt blunt appointed
  new members Society
         Dental                             Missourians with knowledge and
                     trustee. She will      expertise in the area of health care to
                     serve a 4-year         serve on the MO HealthNet Oversight
term. Dr. barbour has a general prac-       committee. among those appointed is
tice in kahoka. She received her Dental     MDa member Dr. william D. “Denny”
Hygiene degree in 1983 and her DDS          thousand, Springfield, dental director
degree in 1988, both from the uMkc          at Jordan Valley community Dental              new members
  bites & briefs
School of Dentistry. among other            clinic. His appointment is subject to
                                                                                           the MDa is pleased to welcome as
activities, Dr. barbour is a lecturer for   Senate confirmation for a term ending
                                                                                           its new members since September 14,
the basic Skills review course.             on October 30, 2008. the 18 member Mo
                                            HealthNet Oversight committee will

                     the MDa wel-           evaluate the Mo HealthNet program              GreAter KAnsAs city | Nicole Boxberger,

                     comes Dr. Jay          and its implementation.                        Mission, Kan. (UMKC 07); Trena Leiter,

                     Sheets as the new                                                     Warrensburg (UMKC 06); Melynda
  the marketplaceDental
           Southeast                        congratulations to Dr. Lori adell,             Meredith, Independence (UMKC 07)

                     Society trustee. He    Sikeston, who welcomed daughter                GreAter st. lOuis | Kirk Quigless, St. Louis
                     will serve a 4-year    kadison paige on September 6. Dr. adell        (Univ of Tennessee 95); Thomas Touhey, St.
                     term. Dr. Sheets       serves on the MDa New Dentist com-             Louis (Ohio State Univ 07)
has an oral and maxillofacial surgery       mittee and is a 2005 graduate of the
                                                                                           GreAter sprinGfielD | Louis Drackert,
practice in cape girardeau. He received     uMkc School of Dentistry.
                                                                                           Springfield (UMKC 07); Daniel Goodman,
his DDS from the uMkc School of
                                                                                           Bolivar (UMKC 05); Sara Young, Turners
Dentistry in 1976 and in 1979 completed                             congratulations
  in this issue
a three-year OMS residency at carle                                 to Dr. John Flucke,
                                                                                           (UMKC 07)

Foundation Hospital in champaign, Ill.                                                     nOrtheAst | Del Gregory, Macon (UMKC
                                                                    Lee’s Summit, who
Dr. Sheets is completing his term as a                                                     96); William Marshall, Macon (UMKC 96)
                                                                    welcomed daugh-
Missouri Dental board member.                                       ter Jacqueline
                                                                    grace on Novem-        the following is a necrology of MDa
                     the MDa wel-                                   ber 20. Dr. Flucke     members since September 14, 2007:
                     comes Dr. robert                               is the current
                                                                                           GreAter st. lOuis | Roy B. Carroll, Valley
                     brunker as the                                 MDa peer review
  letters            new Northwest                                  committee chair
                                                                                           Park (St. Louis Univ 55) passed on October 31,
                                                                                           2007; Thomas H. Hogan, St. Louis (St. Louis
                     Dental Society                                 and formerly
                                                                                           Univ 52) passed on Spetember 20, 2007;
                     trustee, who                                   wrote tech talk
                                                                                           Thomas M. Holdaen, St. Louis (St. Louis Univ
                     also currently                                 articles for the
                                                                                           58) passed on October 21, 2007; Kenneth C.
serves as the Focus editor. Dr. brunker     Focus. He is a 1987 graduate of the
                                                                                           Marshall, Dittmer (Washington Univ 40)
has a general practice in St. Joseph.       uMkc School of Dentistry.
                                                                                           passed on October 2, 2007.
He received his DDS degree from the
                                            Please send your “transition” announcements    GreAter sprinGfielD | Elzie I. Miller, Jr.,
uMkc School of Dentistry in 1979. Dr.
                                            and photos, such as achievements, honors,
                                                                                           Springfield (CA-VA Medical Center, Loma
brunker’s trustee term will end in          births, weddings, etc., to melissa@modental.
                                            org.                                           Linda 56) passed on October 19, 2007.
2009. He is completing the term of Dr.
Doug wyckoff, who is president-elect.
                                                                                                                                              FOcuS | ISSue 6 | 2007

Join us for Winter Session 2008
 Friday JANUARY 18, 2008                                             Registration Notes
 7:30 a.m.           Exhibits & Registration Open
 8 a.m. – 4 p.m.     EFDA Restorative Course
                     by Dr. Ed Kendrick [6.5 CEU]
                                                                     The MDA is an ADA CERP recognized provider and is an
 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.     Basic Skills Review Course [7.5 CEU]            accepted program provider for FAGD and MAGD.
                     Sponsored by MO Dental Assistants Association
 8:30 a.m. – Noon    Desperately Seeking Balance                     REMEMBER WHEN YOU REGISTER �
                     by Dr. Tom Tursich [3.25 CEU]
                     Sponsored by Delta Dental Lecture Series        Make sure to include all course registration codes and
                                                                     corresponding fees on your registration form. All registration
 8:30 a.m. – Noon    Mastering Dental Implant Success
                                                                     fees increase by $25, per registrant, after January 9, 2008.
                     by Dr. Don Callan [3.25 CEU]
                     Sponsored by PerioSeal Dental Implants
 10 a.m.             Refreshment Break                               CANCELLATION & REFUND POLICY �
                     Sponsored by Edmonds Dental Prosthetics         Any cancellations prior to January 14, 2008 will incur a $25
 Noon – 1 p.m.       Lunch                                           processing fee per registrant. No refunds will be made after
                     Sponsored by MO Dental Insurance Services       January 14, 2008. Registration packets and tickets can be
 1 – 4:30 p.m.       Gaining Compliance: How to Get Others           picked up at the registration desk beginning at 7:30 a.m.,
                     to Do What You Want Them to Do                  Friday, January 18, 2008.
                     by Marsha Freeman [3.25 CEU]
                     Sponsored by MO Dental Insurance Services       HOTEL RESERVATIONS �
 1 – 4:30 p.m.       How to Maintain Implant Success                 Holiday Inn Select reservations must be made by December
                     by Dr. Don Callan [3.25 CEU]                    19, 2007. Call 800-HOLIDAY or 573-445-8531. Nightly rate is
                     Sponsored by PerioSeal Dental Implants
                                                                     $82.95 plus tax (for rate, state you are with the MDA Winter
 2:30 p.m.           Refreshment Break                               Session). Holiday Inn Select is located at 2200 I-70 Drive SW.
                     Sponsored by Banc of America Practice
                                                                     EFDA REGISTRATION DEADLINE �
 4:30 – 6:30 p.m.    Hospitality Gathering
                     Sponsored by MDA New Dentist Committee          Registration deadline for the EFDA Course is Friday, December
                                                                     14, 2007. If registering for the EFDA Course you must include a
 7 – 10 p.m.         American College Reception/Dinner
                                                                     copy of your CDA, COA or Basic Skills Certificate. For questions,
                                                                     contact Mandy Stokes at the MDA.

 Saturday JANUARY 19, 2008                                           HOSPITALITY GATHERING �
                                                                     All attendees are invited to the Hospitality Gathering on Friday,
 7:30 a.m.           Exhibits & Registration Open
                                                                     January 18, from 4:30 to 6:30 p.m. The event will be in the
 8:30 – 11:30 a.m.   Screening and Varnish for Everyone [S.A.V.E.]   Parlor Room at the Holiday Inn Select. Relax while enjoying hors
                     by Dr. Craig Hollander [2.5 CEU]
                                                                     d’oeuvres, beverages and the camaraderie of your peers.
                     Sponsored by MoAPD
                                                                     Sponsored by the MDA New Dentist Committee.
 8:30 a.m. – Noon    The Drill Team Needs a Leader
                     by Dr. Tom Tursich [3.25 CEU]
                     Sponsored by Delta Dental Lecture Series
                                                                     MoAPD MEETING �
 8:30 a.m. – Noon    “Psychology” in the Dental Office               The Missouri Academy of Pediatric Dentistry will hold a business
                     by Marsha Freeman [3.25 CEU]                    meeting on Saturday and lunch will be served. All Missouri
                     Sponsored by MO Dental Insurance Services       pediatric dentists are invited and encouraged to attend. To
                                                                     RSVP for meeting and lunch contact Dr. Rob Coyle, MoAPD
 10 a.m.             Refreshment Break
                     Sponsored by MO Dental Insurance Services       President at or 573-874-1990.

 Noon – 2 p.m.       MDA Legislative & Regulatory
                     Committee Business Meeting                      RETURN REGISTRATION �
 Noon – 3 p.m.       Missouri Academy of Pediatric Dentistry         Mail registration to MDA, 3340 American Ave, Jefferson City,
                     (MoAPD) Business Meeting                        MO 65109 or send by fax to: 573-635-0764. For questions call
 12:30 – 3 p.m.      Basic Skills Exam                               573-634-3436. Go to for speaker/course
                     Sponsored by MO Dental Assistants Association   info and to download a registration form.
                                          2008 Winter Session Registration Form
CONTACT INFORMATION                                                                                                                REGISTRATION CATEGORY CODES & FEES
PLEASE SUBMIT ONLY ONE FORM PER OFFICE                                                                                             REG      REGISTRANT                         FEE             FEE
                                                                                                                                   CODE     DESCRIPTION                        UNTIL JAN 14    AFTER JAN 14
                                                                                                                                   A        MDA Member                         Free            $25
� DR. � MR. � MRS. � MS.
                                                                                                                                   B        MDA Retired Member                 Free            $25
Last Name                                                    First Name
                                                                                                                                   C        Recent Dental Grad (1-4 YEARS)     Free            $25
ADA Number
                                                                                                                                   D        ADA Member                         $50             $75
Address � OFFICE � HOME
                                                                                                                                   E        Non Member                         $150            $175
                                                                                                                                   F        Dental Hygienist                   Free            $25
City                                                     State                  Zip
                                                                                                                                   G        Dental Assistant                   Free            $25
Office Phone
                                                                                                                                   H        Office Manager/Assistant           Free            $25
Home Phone
                                                                                                                                   I        Dental Spouse                      Free            $25
                                                                                                                                   J        Dental Lab Technician              Free            $25
                                                                                                                                   K        Dental Student                     Free            Free
                                                                                                                                   L        Sponsor/Exhibitor                  Free            Free

COURSES & EVENTS                                                                                                                   REGISTRATION REMINDERS
COURSE         DATE                     DESCRIPTION                            FEE            FEE                                  LUNCH & HOSPITALITY GATHERING Although there is no fee
CODE           & TIME                   & SPEAKER                              DOCTOR         OTHERS*                              to attend Friday’s Lunch or Hospitality Gathering, we ask that you
100            FRI 8:30AM -12PM         Seeking Balance/Tursich                $75            $50            *FEE OTHERS           please indicate on your form (with the correct code) if you plan to
                                                                                                             category              attend these events. Having correct counts helps the MDA!
110            FRI 8:30AM-12PM          Mastering Implants/Callan              $75            $50
                                                                                                             applies to:
120            FRI 1-4:30PM             Maintaining Implants/Callan            $75            $50            •   Retired Doctors   CANCELLATIONS prior to January 14, 2008 will incur a $25
                                                                                                             •   Recent Grads
130            FRI 1-4:30PM             Compliance/Freeman                     $75            $50            •   Hygienists
                                                                                                                                   processing fee per registrant. No refunds will be made after January
                                                                                                             •   Assistants        14, 2008. Registration packets and tickets can be picked up at the
140            FRI 8AM-4PM              EFDA/Kendrick                          NA             $335           •   Office Staff
                                                                                                                                   registration desk beginning at 7:30 a.m., Friday, January 18, 2008.
                                                                                                             •   Lab Techs
150            FRI 8AM-5PM              Basic Skills Review                    NA             $105           •   Spouses

200            SAT 8:30AM-12PM          Drill Team/Tursich                     $75            $50
                                                                                                                                   EFDA COURSE REGISTRATION DEADLINE is Friday,
                                                                                                             All courses           December 14, 2007. This allows study materials to be sent to
210            SAT 8:30AM-12PM          Psychology/Freeman                     $75            $50            are free
                                                                                                                                   students in advance of the course. If registering for the EFDA Course
                                                                                                             to dental
220            SAT 8:30-11:30AM         S.A.V.E./Hollander [LIMITED TO 50]     $40            $25                                  you must include a copy of your CDA, COA or Basic Skills Certificate.
                                                                                                                                   For questions, contact Mandy Stokes at the MDA.
230            SAT 12:30-3PM            Basic Skills Exam                      NA             $55
300            FRI 12-1PM               Lunch                                  $0             $0                                   SEND REGISTRATION to Missouri Dental Association, 3340
310            FRI 7-10PM               ACD Reception/Dinner                   $50            $50                                  American Ave, Jefferson City, MO 65109 or FAX TO: 573-635-0764.
                                                                                                                                   For questions call 573-634-3436.
320            FRI 4:30-6:30PM          Hospitality Gathering                  $0             $0

NAME FOR BADGE                                             REG CODE                   REG FEE       CODE    FEE         CODE       FEE    CODE      FEE      CODE      FEE     CODE      FEE      TOTAL
John Smith, DDS (sample)                                   A - MDA Member             $0            103     $75         105        $75    200       $75      300       $0      310       $50      $275

                                                                                                   GRAND TOTAL FROM ALL REGISTRANTS [AMOUNT TO BE PAID WITH CHECK OR CREDIT CARD]                 $

GRAND TOTAL $                                                PAYMENT METHOD                � MASTERCARD       � VISA        � CHECK [PAYABLE TO MISSOURI DENTAL ASSOCIATION]

CREDIT CARD NUMBER                                                                                                                                                               EXP DATE
NAME ON CARD                                                                                                SIGNATURE
OFFICE USE ONLY                                         DATE RCVD                                           CHECK #                                             CC APPROVAL
Missouri Dental association
3340 American Ave
Jefferson City Mo 65109

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