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					 Teacher…                                              Teacher Technology Growth Checklist                                        Name: ___________________

   Entry                          Adoption                            Adaptation                            Appropriation                       Innovation
     ..uses Email when            ..uses Email – including            ..uses Email - attachments,           ..have students using               ..have students initiating using
     answering and replying       attachments                         contacts, distribution lists, etc.    computers as tools when             technology appropriately for
     .. uses SASI for             .. increases proficiency in SASI    ..mentor others in using SASI and     needed                              learning and assessment
     attendance and IGPro for     and IGPro.                          IGPro.
     grades.                                                                                                ..have students making choices      ..have students selecting and using
     ..attempts to learn a        ..uses Word Processing to create    .. has student using a word           and decisions about which           technology to investigate topics,
     Word processing              documents for own use such as       processing application for specific   technology to best use              creating original products
     application.                 posters, signs, and letters to      class assignments.                                                        communicating knowledge, and
                                  parents for class.                                                        ..have students working             demonstrating mastery of
     ..attempts to learn a        .. creates a multimedia             ..assigns a multimedia presentation   independently                       complex skills and concepts
     multimedia application       presentation to use in a lesson     for a specific purpose.
                                  ..uses spreadsheet for own use      ..has students collect data in        ..have students collaborating       ..have students using technology
                                                                      spreadsheet                           to plan, implement, and             as a tool for authentic problem
                                  ..uses Internet to search for       ..has students search the internet    evaluate their work                 solving and issue resolution
                                  information.                        for specific information
                                  ..has students use computer         ..instructs students in particular    ..have students using a variety     ..have students using technology
                                  software when work is finished or   software and assigns tasks in         of technologies in developing       seamlessly through their own
                                  as a reward                         program                               products to show evidence of        initiative for information queries,
                                                                      …schedules time on classroom          understanding and mastery           problem solving, and product
                                                                      computers with curriculum                                                 development throughout a unit of
                                                                      objective.                            (This is the beginning of a         study
                                                                                                            systemic change)
                                                                      ..views disaggregated data (PIPE)     ..uses disaggregated data to        ..uses disaggregated data to
                                                                                                            impact instruction (PIPE)           impact instruction (PIPE)
     Aware of Community of        ..accesses curriculum through       ..uses the resources through          ..evaluates and makes notes         ..develops new lessons and units
     Learners                     “Community of Learners”             Community of Learners                 within specific lessons in          for Community of Learners
                                                                                                            Community of Learners
     ..can use printer attached   ..uses peripherals i.e. cameras,    ..incorporates peripherals into       ..have students use                 ..and students seamlessly use
     locally to computer          scanners, CD burners, document      instruction                           peripherals to enhance              peripherals within their
                                  cameras and data projectors.                                              projects.                           instruction.
                         focusing on own use of focusing on student use of       ..focuses on the curriculum         ..focuses on student centered
                                  technology                          technology                            using technology                    learning using technology
                                  .. is learning technology skills having students learn            ..teaches technology skills         ..has technology skills learned
                                                                      technology skills                     within curriculum activities        within curriculum projects and
                         starting to explore the controlling the technology       ..has technology integrated         .. seamlessly integrates
                                  technology                                                                into the curriculum                 technology within the curriculum
                         the instructor        the instructor and starting to a facilitator                  .. facilitates the learning while
                                                                      become a facilitator                                                      technology is transparently
                                  ..can fill in web page template     ..uses web authoring software to      ..has students actively utilizing   ..have students create own web
                                                                      share classroom information           instructional web pages and         quests and instructional pages.
                                                                                                            teachers use web pages as an
                                                                                                            instructional tool.

Instructional Technology Specialists                                                                                                                               August, 2003

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