Slam_ By Walter Dean Myers

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					Slam! By Walter
Dean Myers
Picture Of The Author
       Walter Dean Myers
Author Biography
  Walter Dean Myers is a black African American
   male. He was born in West, Virginia on August
   12th 1937. His life centered around his
   neighborhood and a church. He was a very
   smart kid but he did not do well in school, he
   was a high-school dropout. After, dropping out
   of school he joined the army at the age of 17.
   He wrote this book because basketball was his
   passion and sometimes he dreamed of playing
   in the NBA or college basketball. His high-
   school teacher knew that he was gonna be a
   dropout so she advised him to keep writing

          Slam knows everything about basketball. From offense to defense
    he can do it all. However, Slam's grades aren’t that good. The teachers
    always tell him about it, but he's always catching attitudes. Slam went to a
    school called Carver, but his family thought that Latimer was a better
    school. Slam didn't think so. Slam saw Carver's basketball team way
    better then Latimers. Slam was in the art club and the basketball team,
    but his grades were slipping so he has to choose between the two. Hands
    down, he chose basketball. Latimer's coach believes in teamwork and
    passing the ball, but Slam is the type of player who wants to show off.
    Slam's attitude starts kicking in with his coach when the coach thinks he
    is not good at all. Slam challenged the coach in basketball and Slam won.
    The coach still did not start Slam which made him angry with the coach.
    Slam’s anger problem with his teachers starts when they recommend a
    tutor for him. Slam thinks he does not need a tutor. Slam’s mother thought
    he needed a teacher, so Slam started getting angry with his mother and
    told her that the house did not need any more men in it. Everyone knew
    that Slam hand and anger problem and needed to fix it.

  Slam’s idol is Michael Jordan.

  Who is Slams idol?

 Michael Jordan

  What kind of problem does Slam have?

 An attitude problem!

  Slam Was on the basketball
   team, but what other activities
   did he participate in?

 The art club.

  What school did Slam go to
   before he attended Latimer?

 Carver

  Does Slam have a problem with
   his grades or bullying kids?

 His grades.

 • Why is Slam mad during some of
   his games?

 Because, his coach would not let
  him start in the games.