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    May, 2009
                                         Maximo Presbyterian Church

                                         From The Pastor’s Desk
                                         In the month of April, the Session at Maximo covered a lot of ground. The following
                                         are their decisions, voted upon at the April 19th Session meeting.

                                         1. We welcome David and Wendy LaChapelle into active membership of Maximo
                                            Presbyterian Church. David and Wendy come to us by confession of faith in the
                                            Lord Jesus Christ. They will profess their faith publicly in worship on Sunday, May
                                            17, 2009. Their three children, Jackson, Helen, and baby Margaret Faith, will be
                                            baptized in the church. We are excited about the LaChapelles’ presence in the
                                            church and urge all of you to welcome them warmly in your hearts and homes.

                                         2. Approved a request from the Communications Team to have Mike Mader host
                                            “Singing For Your Health” workshops at the church on Monday nights at 7 PM.
                                            These fun sessions are open to Maximo members and to the community.

                                         3. Approved Communications Team's purchase of the PhoneTree Communication
    Inside this issue:                      System for $1,779 with a $100 rebate. This will allow the church to deliver im-
                                            portant messages to church members by telephone.
    How Session Works                2
                                         4. Approved Worship Team's motion to continue serving communion weekly at the
    Evan Wildhack Recital            3      9:00 a.m. service. This addition has been very well received by the members.

    Summer Stuff For Kids            4   5. The March financial report shows income of $20,768.28 and disbursement of
                                            $23,995.32, excluding $2,000 income from the school, which is redirected to the
    What Are You Reading?            5      Vondermuhl Fund to replenish it for School renovations.

    Maximo History                   7   6. The Growth and Development Team reports a successful leadership retreat which
                                            was held all day on Saturday, April 18, 2009.
    Maximo Calendar                  8
                                         7. Received a report from Personnel that our new Church Business Administrator,
                                            Jackie Taylor, has been well received and is doing very well.
         Patricia Brown Co-Editor
                                         8. Phil Landes will represent us in Brazil 12/2009 as our partner churches celebrate
         Mike Schlensker Co-Editor
                                            150 years of ministering the gospel of Jesus Christ our Lord.
         Shari Watson Features
                                         9. Approved space use of the former church library, to be leased to the Alegria
         Jackie Taylor Administrator
                                            Montessori School, for an additional $500 a month.
         727-867-2311
                                         10. We intend to continue placing the monthly minutes of Session on the bulletin
                                             board in the Narthex for your perusal. Such transparency is good for the church
                                             and fosters increased participation by well-informed members and friends.

                                         Grace and Peace,

                                         Pastor Bobby
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                                  The Maximo Session                                           By Ron Scoggins
                                  The origins of our mod-     important duties and
                                  ern day Session go all      functions including, but     sion in at least two
                                  the way back to Old         not limited to, compos-      ways. Firstly, we elect
                                  Testament times and         ing and approving the        the members of Ses-
                                  the forty years the Isra-   annual church budget,        sion. No one becomes
                                  elites spent in the wil-    monitoring that budget,      an active Elder serving
                                  derness after being         setting the places and       on Session unless
                                  freed from slavery in       times of worship             elected to that position
                                  Egypt. Moses had to         (including when we           by the congregation.
                                  judge all disputes and      conduct communion),          Secondly, the congre-
                                  generally make all deci-    hiring and directing the     gation sets the annual
                                  sions regarding their       church paid staff, ap-       compensation for the
     2009 Session Members         daily lives. He com-        proving the church cal-      Pastor. Although Ses-
                                  plained to God that he      endar including all          sion writes and ap-
         Finance * Mark Berset
                                  could not bear such a       church events, directing     proves the church
         Personnel * Patti Ewin   great burden and asked      all the various commit-      budget, including the
                                  to be relieved of it – he   tees, and most impor-        salaries of all church lay
                Alicia Garner     more or less asked to       tantly setting our           staff, the congregation
     Missions * Selena Jordan     be fired. Instead God       church’s spiritual           has sole authority to
                                  commanded him to            course. Even the Pas-        set the pastor’s salary
                  Ian Lindsey     gather seventy good         tor, who moderates           package. The congrega-
                                  men, elders is the spe-     (chairs) Session, is sub-    tion also has one other
Christian Ed * Paula Mathews                                  ject to the direction of     duty: they, not Session,
                                  cific word used, and
    Worship * Arthur Skinner      God anointed them with      this body.                   have the sole authority
                                  the Holy Spirit and they                                 to hire and fire a pas-
                Glenn Stamm       shared the authority to     One might ask if Ses-        tor.
 Growth & Dev. * Patsy Ware       rule the Israelites         sion directs so much of
                                  (Numbers 11:4-30).          the church’s life, what      In the coming months I
                Shari Watson                                  is left for the congrega-    will be giving you up-
                                                              tion to do in the official   dates on what Session
            Kent Whittemore In our Presbyterian tra-          life of the church? In       is doing, important is-
                                  dition and polity the
                                  Session is the govern-      fact, the Elders who are     sues it is addressing,
                                  ing body of the local       the members of Session       and programs it is
                                  church. It has several      are members of               starting. We will also
                                                              Maximo like anyone           have financial updates
                                                              else. They are nomi-         so that you know the
                                                              nated to the position of     financial state of the
                                                              Elder by our Nominat-        church and how Session
                                                              ing Committee (part of       is spending the re-
                                                              which is composed of         sources you each so
                                                              persons elected by the       lovingly entrust to the
                                                              congregation) and            Maximo family.
                                                              elected by the whole of
                                                              the congregation at our      See you next month!
                                                              annual congregational
                                                              meeting in February.         Elder Ron Scoggins,

                                                              At the annual meeting,       Clerk of Session
                                                              the congregation actu-
                                                              ally gets to direct Ses-
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Evan Wildhack Senior Recital                            By Margaret Harwell
We give him A+. That is Evan Wildhack, who was a star
March 26, 2009, at the Center For The Arts at Gibbs High
School’s Senior Recital.

There were four students performing on this night, two
voice, one percussionist, and a flute – our Evan. Each had
four solo numbers and one ensemble. There were about 20
of Evan’s fans from Maximo, and we were very proud of

We found out that the students were being graded for this event. They were
assigned their pieces by their instructors. They had to learn their numbers as
well as research the life and work of the artists. Evan also prepared an 8-
page program bulletin for the evening.

In past years, the recital was attended primarily by family
members. Evan organized an advertising effort to publicize this
year’s event with invitations, posters, and announcements.

The students’ performances were beautiful. We didn’t detect a
single missed note in Evan’s. Well, it was Paul Hindemith! Evan
gets an A+ from us.

Ronald McDonald House                                        By Ann Thibault
The Ronald McDonald           each month. The team       The motto at Ronald
House is a comfortable,       leader decides on the     McDonald House is “The
comforting place for          menu and there are        house that love built,”
stressed parents to stay      usually four or five      and that feeling is evi-
while their child is at All   other people who help     dent in everything that
Children’s Hospital. In       prepare the meal.         happens with each fam-
St. Petersburg there are                                ily.
currently two houses,         When your child is sick
with another house un-        and in the hospital,      If you like to cook,
der construction across       they are your whole       please join us in helping
from the new All Chil-        concentration. The        with this important mis-
dren’s.                       Ronald McDonald House     sion. Call Ann Thibault
                              provides a comfortable    at 867-4022 to find a
As part of the Maximo         room, and Maximo and      place on one of our six
mission, a team from          other community or-       teams. Each team pro-
our church provides           ganizations provide a     vides dinner just twice
dinner for approxi-           nutritious dinner when    a year, so no one is
mately 50 people on           they come “home.”         overburdened.
the second Sunday of
Page 4                                                                                            FOCUS NEWSLETTER

                         Vacation Bible School                                    By Veronique Musengwa
                         Crocodile Dock is com-         hearts, minds, and              the date and sign up
                         ing to Maximo! From            emotions. They will en-         your children by calling
                         August 3rd to the 7th,         joy music they'll keep          the church office at
                         starting at 6:30 p.m.,         singing long after VBS          867-2311.
                         we will take a romp            is over, and discover
                                                                                        Volunteers are always
                         through the swamp              how to see God at work
                                                                                        needed and should con-
                         during another exciting        in their world.
                                                                                        tact Veronique
                         Vacation Bible School
                                                        The children will also          Musengwa at frenchin-
                                                        have a chance to enjoy
                         At Crocodile Dock, your        some delectable                 We hope
                         children will become           snacks, make amazing            to see you
                         part of the Bible story -      crafts, and play exciting       there!
                         diving in with their           games. Be sure to save

                         Cedarkirk Summer Camp                                   By Veronique Musengwa
                         With the summer fast ap-      forging new friendships.        the camp experience. Camp
         “What Are You   proaching, camp is just       Not to be overlooked are        brochures are available in
                         around the corner! Plans      the Christian education and     the Narthex or online at
            Doing This   are well underway for an-     worship activities where Online
                         other great summer at         young people are encour-        registration is fast, easy,
             Summer?”    Cedarkirk, and we want        aged to grow in their faith.    and gives you instant con-
                         you to be a part of the       There is still time to regis-   firmation that your child is
                         fun. Camp programs offer      ter for a summer that your      registered for the session of
                         a variety of activities and   child will always remember      camp you selected. We look
                         adventures: swimming,         - so many lives have been       forward to seeing you this
                         archery, canoeing, kayak-     enriched and changed by         summer!
                         ing, large-group games,
                         high ropes, climbing the
                         rock wall, camping, and

                         May Birthdays
                         05-01 Cathy Lerch              05-15 Nancy Bennett             If we have missed your
                                                                                        birthday, or if any of
                         05-07 Imani Musengwa           05-21 Connie Mason              this information is not
                                                                                        correct, please inform
                         05-10 Ann Beaman               05-27 Liz Schlensker            the church office.

                         05-11 Ed Sweezey               05-29 Rolf Burer

                         05-15 Tracy Ewin               05-30 Robert Lischer
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What Are You Reading?                                                   By Connie Mason
The Shack, Wm. Paul Young -- Though fiction, this novel about relationships causes one to
REALLY think about your relationship with God.

The Prayer of Jabez, Dr. Bruce Wilkinson --A look at faith as directed by one small verse in
the bible.

Three Cups of Tea, Greg Mortensen --One man's mission to promote peace, one school at a
time. Timely look at what we know about Pakistan and the surrounding mountain regions.

Eat, Pray, Love, Elizabeth Gilbert --A year's sabbatical seeking love, religion, and food in Italy,
India, and Indonesia.

Other books recommended by those who have read them:

The House Where the Hardest Things Happen, Young.

Book Thief, Markas Zusak -- Story of a German Family during WWII when they hide Jews in
their basement.

The Memory Keeper’s Daughter -- Story of a doctor who gives away his Down Syndrome twin
girl and keeps the normal boy. How one decision affects a whole life.

Bill Tucker Memorial
William H. Tucker Jr. 84, of St. Petersburg, died Monday, April 20, at Bay Pines
VA Medical Center. Born Nov. 15, 1924, in Griffin, GA, he obtained a BS from
the University of MD, an MS from GWU and two years of graduate work in nu-
clear physics at UVA. His service included Army of Occupation in Japan and
82nd Airborne Division, Ft. Bragg, NC from 1948-50 where he met and married
his wife of 59+ years, Joyce Highsmith. Other assignments included the Korean
War, Army War College, three tours in the Pentagon and the Vietnam War. He
retired in 1976, and began his second career at Merrill Lynch in St. Petersburg.

Dorothy Shiphorst Memorial
Dorothy Baker "Dottie" Shiphorst, 85, died Tuesday, April 14, 2009 in St.
Petersburg. She was a St. Petersburg native, a 1941 graduate of SPHS, and a
graduate of Bixby Business College. She retired as a communications supervisor
in the orthodontic practice of Gerald Francati, DDS. She was a member of
Maximo Presbyterian Church, taught Sunday School for 7 years and conducted a
prayer group for the Pinellas Point Nursing and Rehab Center. She was a former
president of La Sertoma Club of St. Petersburg. She volunteered at the Speech
and Hearing Clinic of Greater St. Petersburg. She was a member of the St.
Petersburg Yacht Club and the Point Brittany Yacht Club.
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         Floral, Celebration Fund Contributions
         Recent contributions to the Maximo Celebration Fund include:

         Warren and Priscilla Smith, in memory of Bill Bradley, a true gentleman who
         will never be forgotten; Ginny, Dick, and Tammy Stewart, in honor of Robert

         Maximo’s Celebration Fund is an appropriate place to memorialize loved ones
         and to celebrate events and achievements in the lives of our members and
         friends. Thanks to those who have contributed.

         Maximo members and friends are also invited to celebrate or memorialize
         loved ones with gifts of floral arrangements, which are subsequently deliv-
         ered to home-bound and other special friends and Maximo family members.

         Altar flowers (4/19) were donated in memory of Jean DeJong by her family.

         Easter lilies, were donated as follows:

         Ann Beaman, in memory of Robert Beaman
         Patricia Brown, in memory of Stan Brown
         Evan DeJong, in memory of loved ones
         Don and Phyllis Eubanks, in memory of loved ones
         Ruth Hallin, in memory of Rev. Ray K. Hallin and Jennifer Headley
         Virginia Halsey, in memory of Norman Halsey
         Margaret Harwell and family, in memory of Lacy Harwell
         Jennifer, Neal, Kenner, Shelby, Sarah Hylton, in memory of A. K. Tracewell
         Marcus and Selena Jordan, in memory of Selena and Fred Roe
         Esther Keyes and family, in memory of Bill Keyes
         Dick and Marie Moore, in memory of Mr. and Mrs. W.F. Moore and Mr. and
         Mrs. H.E. Bromer
         Louise Mark, in memory of Mrs. Y.S. Keh
         Harold May, in memory of Mary Lucille “Lucy” May
         Robert L. Shirer, in memory of Bruce Robert Shirer
         Robert L. Shirer, in memory of Lloyd and Margaret Shirer
         Thomas and Carolyn Smiley, in memory of Suzanne E. Smiley
         Ann Thibault, in memory of Nathan Thibault
         Joyce Tucker, in honor of Bill Tucker
         Barbara Whiteside, in memory of William & Janet Whiteside & Harvey Neil.

         Next Month...
         “Sophie Goes To The Prom” As a young girl’s year as an exchange stu-
         dent at Gibbs High draws to a close, she describes her odyssey and makes
         plans for a U.S. college in 2011.
         “Bob and Will’s Great Adventure” A story about skill, courage, and the
         exhilaration of victory for two Maximo sailors competing in the big race.
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Maximo 1964 Groundbreaking                                By Shari Watson
It was February 24,         tery to formally organ-   present 6-1/2 acre
1962 when 44 people         ize Maximo Presbyte-      -parcel, on 58th
met in the Anchorage        rian Church, an action    Avenue and 31st
Club in Maximo Moor-        completed on Decem-       Street South, was
ings for their first ser-   ber 16, 1962.
                                                      purchased. At the
vice as the Maximo
                                                      same time, the
Community Church. Dr.       On April 1, 1963 the
Lester Evans conducted                                “We Will Build…”
                            meeting place for the
the services until April,                             financial campaign
                            congregation was
when Mr. Robert Lloyd                                 was completed
                            transferred to the
Shirer arrived as the                                 under the chair-
                            Dendy-McNair (now
first pastor.                                         manship of Mr.
                            Miller) Auditorium of
                                                      Edmund D. Read.
The congregation was        Florida Presbyterian
                                                      The Building Com-
under the leadership of     (now Eckerd) College. A
                                                      mittee, appointed in
the Temporary Organiz-      Parish House on 37th
                                                      April 1963, worked dili-
ing Committee. Mr.          Way South was pur-
                                                      gently and retained Mr.
Frank Garner, chair-        chased to house the                                   “Thanks to Jack
                                                      Alfred Browning Parker
man, worked under the       church office and sup-                               and Jean Pohl For
guidance of the Na-                                   in November as the
                            ply parish space. In
tional Missions Commit-                               church architect.               Artwork and
                            March of 1964, after
tee of the Presbytery of                              Ground was broken for          History. Next
                            earlier having pur-
West Florida. Eighty-
four communicants and       chased a tract of land    Phase One on June 28,          Month—The
four associate members      on the north side of      1964.                             Architect.”
requested the Presby-       58th Avenue South, the

Charis                                                     By Penny Tyrrell
Sunday, March 8th, was a beautiful day—perfect for Charis’ day of showing
off the various activities of its members: OA Patsy Ware, Free Clinic Bertha
Jones, Sewing Circle Norma De Mayo, Church Women United Florence Wood-
ward, Art Club Hannah Frank, Phyllis Cowan, and Jack Pohl, and the Easter
Bag Project Barbara Whiteside.
The reception, led by Liz Coerver, featured a beautiful cake along with many
delicious finger foods supplied by church members.
This was also Charis’ annual meeting time. Elected were Vice Chair Barbara
Whiteside and Secretary Sharon Russ, who replaces Pauline Lamar, our ca-
pable secretary for ten years. Thank you, Pauline.
On Monday and Tuesday, April 6th and 7th, we assembled and delivered 82
Easter bags for the YWCA and Bethel Mission children. Thanks go to Charlie
Blume and Evan DeJong for delivering the bags to these two places. Thanks
to the Sewing Circle for brightening the bags with the colorful bows they
made, and to Bettye Phillips, Esther Keyes, Liz Schlensker, Ann Thibault,
and Florence Woodward, for assembling them.
                    Maximo Presbyterian Church May Calendar
  Tuesday           May 05 07:00 PM Womens’ Bible Study At Panera’s (Weekly)
  Wednesday May 06 01:00 PM Art Class At The Church (Weekly)
  Thursday          May 07 03:00 PM Westminster Shores Bible Study (Weekly)
  Sunday            May 10 09:00 AM Contemporary Service With Communion (Weekly)
  Wednesday May 13 11:00 AM Sewing Circle
  Saturday          May 16 10:00 AM Positive Parenting Classes (Also May 23)
  Thursday          May 21 07:00 PM Choir Rehearsal (Weekly) Join The Choir
  Saturday          May 23 04:00 PM Contemporary Worship Rehearsal —Check It Out
  Sunday            May 31 10:00 AM Traditional Service Led By Youth Group
  Sunday            May 31 05:00 PM Sunday School Picnic and Talent Show
ST PETERSBURG, FL                                      727-867-2311
                                                       St Petersburg, FL 33712
                                                       3200 58th Avenue South
                                                       Maximo Presbyterian Church