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					City of Berkeley                  05-10051-C           Page 1 of 127
Public Safety Technology System                Release Date 07/18/05

City of Berkeley                       05-10051-C                             Page 2 of 127
Public Safety Technology System                                       Release Date 07/18/05

                                          Appendix 1
                                  MAARS/VESTA Installation Information

The MAARS/VESTA system provides a computerized, PC-based front-end to the phone system and delivers
E9-1-1 services to our PSAP.

The system is housed within two locations in the Public Safety building. The MAARS components, which
include seven TIU's, four PSU's, one DBU, one CIU, one CRU, and one RMU, are located in room 2114
(Computer Room). The VESTA server and all MAARS/VESTA documentation are also located in this room.
The seven VESTA workstations are located in Communications Center.

Below are photos of the MAARS/VESTA system taken in the computer room.

This is the first rack as you enter the Computer Room. The small cabinet on the right hand side of the photo
houses the documentation and logs.
City of Berkeley                      05-10051-C                            Page 3 of 127
Public Safety Technology System                                     Release Date 07/18/05
The photo below show the VESTA server and its' monitor and keyboard. The silver cards in the top right of the
photo are the MAARS cards. The VESTA server is a Compaq Proliant 2500.
City of Berkeley                        05-10051-C                             Page 4 of 127
Public Safety Technology System                                        Release Date 07/18/05
The layout of the Communications Center is shown below.

The workstation 1 position is commonly referred to as the 'RB1' position. As can be seen, there are a total of 8
positions available. Position 3 is the only one that has a standalone answering position unit, and does not have a
VESTA PC associated with it. All other positions have a VESTA PC and monitor.
City of Berkeley                        05-10051-C                             Page 5 of 127
Public Safety Technology System                                        Release Date 07/18/05
The layout of a typical workstation is shown below. The only workstation that this does not represent is
position 3.

The VESTA PC is located underneath the right wing of the desk, and may be behind a locked grate. The keys
to the grate are kept by the City of Berkeley Radio Shop, although some Supervising Public Safety Dispatchers
(SPSD's) may also have a set for emergencies.

Other than adding user accounts, Police staff does not have any maintenance or administrative tasks regarding
the MAARS/VESTA system. When problems occur with the system, the Communication Center staff will call
SBC Priority Repair and if necessary SBC will dispatch a technician to fix the problem.


Labels on VESTA monitors per position:

1. VPB0305              5. VPB0309
2. VPB0306              6. <none>
3. <none>               7. VPB0311
4. VPB0308              8. VPB0307
Server Monitor: VSPB0040
On the workstations, these labels apparently correspond to server user accounts that the workstation will
automatically login under at boot-up.

VESTA workstations run version 2.00, build 48, sp2 of the VESTA software on Windows NT4, sp6.
Workstations are Compaq Deskpro's with 128 MB RAM.
City of Berkeley                        05-10051-C                          Page 6 of 127
Public Safety Technology System                                     Release Date 07/18/05

                                               Appendix 2
Enhanced 9-1-1
In a VESTA Standard environment, ANI/ALI information is sent to the CAD Server via a serial port on the
MAARS CIU (CAD Interface Unit) module. The CIU simply passes the ANI/ALI information in the format it
was received (making no changes to it) and adds the position number of the call taker who answered the call.
This is in full compliance with NENA standards

Functional Specification Response Codes:
RESPONSE CODE                                                           DEFINITION
           A              The requirement will be met by proposed existing software that is installed and
                          operational at other sites and can be demonstrated to the City of Berkeley. An
                          “A” response to any requirement signifies that the proposed system provides the
                          actual capability to meet the requirement as a core feature, and without extensive
                          user intervention. Indirect or implied solutions to meet the requirement should
                          not be coded “A”
           B              Requirement will be met by software that is currently under development, in Beta
                          test, or not yet released. (Please provide target release date).
           C        Requirement will be met with minor modifications to existing software. All work
                    shall be performed by the vendor and pricing has been included in the Pricing
 Minor Modification
                    Forms. Such work will be noted in the project plan and schedule.
        D           Requirement could be met by the use of proposed software tools, such as a report
                    writer, query language or spreadsheet. When responding with a D, vendors must
   Report Writer
                    describe how the functionality could be achieved and whether the setup work will
                    be done by the vendor or City staff.
        E           Requirement will be met by major modifications to existing software or by new
                    custom software programming. All work shall be performed by the vendor and
                    any additional costs must be noted.
        F           Requirement can be provided through a third party solution partner. When
                    responding with an F, the vendor must describe how the functionality could be
    Third Party
                    achieved and whether the setup work will be done by the vendor or the City.
        N           Requirement cannot be provided
    Not Available

Additional Instructions:
  1. An omitted response will be scored as an “N” response. Extensive omitted responses will be cause
       for classifying a proposal “non-responsive”, resulting in elimination of the vendor response from
       further consideration
  2. Any deviation from the response codes will be interpreted at the discretion of the City.
  3. Assign a Reference Number to further explain responses (other than “A” or “N”). All
       customization costs must be detailed and must add up to the total costs in the Pricing forms
       (appendix 8)
      City of Berkeley                                     05-10051-C                                   Page 7 of 127
      Public Safety Technology System                                                           Release Date 07/18/05

                                                   Appendix 3

          Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) Requirements
                                                                                                                                 Vendor       Ref
                                                                                                                                Response      No.
                                                                                                                              (Refer to the
                                                                                                                              on page 47 of
2.        A CAD system allows emergency operations and communications to be augmented, assisted, or partially controlled
          by an automated system. It includes, among other capabilities, computer controlled emergency vehicle dispatching,
          vehicle status, incident reporting, and management information.

          The System shall have the Ability to:
5.        Issue a single command to assign Fire and Police units.
6.        Recall last commands performed by scrolling, with command selection capability.
7.        Define short-cut keys and commands throughout the system
8.        Create table driven alerts which display caution on the display window.
9.        Allow users to input free form alerts and caution information for a chosen premise.
10.       Interface to RMS any alerts (Hazmat, Emergency contact, Alarms, etc.)
11.       Customize data entry forms by user id.
12.       Customize;
              Commands (and allow authorized individuals to lookup and select from a pool of commands),
              Terms,
              Codes.
13.       Assign agency;
14.                Specific unit codes,
15.                Specific unit identifiers.
16.       Configure Workstations for dispatching, call-entry or both
17.       Support several customizable active task groups
18.       Create an audit-trail for all work performed in CAD
19.       Print an audit log by user definable selection criteria
20.       Record the following information for each incident:
21.                Date and time (other than the system date and time stamp),
      City of Berkeley                                       05-10051-C                                Page 8 of 127
      Public Safety Technology System                                                          Release Date 07/18/05
22.                 User ID,
23.                 Terminal ID,
24.                 Assignee ID,
25.                 Status of Assignee
26.                 Name
27.                 Badge
28.                 Designation
29.                 Action performed,
30.                 Notes associated with the action.
31.      Query RMS from command line w/optional user definable masking of RMS data
32.      Query CLETS from command line and perform applicable CLETS status changes
33.      Validate Code entry by enabling table-driven look up selection capability. Codes not authorized may not be allowed entry without an override
         feature and a follow-up request to add it to the table.
34.       Provide authorized users access to CAD from non comm. Center locations (which could be used in an emergency when the comm. Center is not
35.      Tailor default fill of appropriate fields on each call-takers entry screen
36.      Activate specific macro’s with cursor sensitive replay capability of Pre-programmed key strokes
37.      Choose dates from monthly calendar with selection showing Date and day.
38.      Provide full word processing capabilities in all CAD comment fields. Any allowable changes to comments must be time stamped without overwrite

         The system shall provide the ability to:
41.      Query detailed incident history by:
42.                 Incident number (sequence or case number)
43.                 Date/time (start/end and time parameters),
44.                 Incident Type,
45.                 Final Disposition,
46.                 Location or partial location,
47.                 License plate,
48.                 Any unit ID assigned to the incident,
49.                 Any Call-Taker/Dispatcher ID associated with the incident,
50.                 Beat, sub-beat,
51.                 Reporter’s name,
52.                 Reporter’s phone number.
53.      Query detailed unit information by:
54.                   Unit ID, officer ID, employee number,
      City of Berkeley                                       05-10051-C                                     Page 9 of 127
      Public Safety Technology System                                                               Release Date 07/18/05
55.                    Date/time ranges,
56.                    Unit call sign,
57.                    Unit agency,
58.                    Current status
59.                    Time of last status change,
60.                    Personnel name and badge#,
61.                    Last assigned incident number,
62.                    Incident/activity type,
63.                    Current incident/unit location,
64.                    Assigned case number,
65.                    Vehicle number,
66.                    Last entered comments,
67.                    Assigned beat, sector, area.
68.      Query specific unit status
69.      Query unit status by:
70.                    Geographic area (beat, sub-beat),
71.                    Dispatch group,
72.                    Unit types (e.g., patrol units, bike teams),
73.                    Unit ID, officer ID, employee number,
74.                    Date/time range.
75.      Query response area activity by:
76.                    Unit ID, officer ID, employee number,
77.                    Date/time range,
78.                    Location,
79.                    Disposition,
80.                    Beat, sub-beat.
81.      Perform an apartment number/letter inquiry by wildcard
82.      Inquire by complainant Last name regardless of first name availability
83.      Inquire business name by partial address & have results display in alpha order
84.      Search and sort history by unit number, date, time, location, etc.
85.      Run inquiries by officer badge number (ID number)
86.      Provide information (i.e., types of incidents, activity, reporting party, etc.) in an address range (e.g., the area of an intersection)
87.      Access/recreate the unit status screen information at any point in time
88.      Query the following systems with a minimum of 2 second response time:
89.                  RMS,
90.                  Fire’s RedAlert,
      City of Berkeley                                    05-10051-C                                       Page 10 of 127
      Public Safety Technology System                                                               Release Date 07/18/05
91.                 County CRIMS,
92.                 CLETS/NCIC,
93.                 County mugshot system (AFIS),
94.                 CAL-Photo/DMV,
95.                 Warrants,
96.                 Cal-Gangs,
97.                 Parole-LEADS.
         The system shall provide the ability to:
100.     Receive calls with a single key stroke from the following sources:
101.                  Alarm company,
102.                  Emergency lines,
103.                  Field or Officer/Firefighter initiated.
104.     Enter incidents from:
105.                  CAD workstation (designated in or out of Communications Center),
106.                  Mobile Data Computer,
107.                  Map display by selecting a location on the map (E9-1-1 phase 2 compliant),
108.                  Browser-based incident reporting into the CAD application (with oversight approvals).
109.     Enter CAD incidents using a standard call entry screen or from a CAD command
110.     Create an incident with just location & incident type code
111.     Enter multiple commands in any order on the command line
112.     Use short commands (2 characters) when entering information
113.     Have multiple command lines that are linked to different incidents
114.     Enter vehicle stops with license plate in any order on the command line and run the license plate at the same time
115.     Review summary (Pending) calls that have been entered for dispatch
116.     Have dispatcher and Police/Fire MDTs receive supplemental call information at The same time
117.     Save partially completed incident in order to enter a higher priority incident, keeping all entered data intact
118.     Apply time and radius parameters based on incident type to identify potential duplicate calls
119.     Provide a visual or audible warning when a partially complete incident has been held for too long (subject to a user definable period of time).
120.     View summary of all partially completed, held incidents that are awaiting completion--this includes, who placed the call on hold and for how long
         it was held
121.     Notify user of pending call if it exceeds user defined criteria for holding calls
122.     Allow authorized users to select a partially completed incident and complete it
123.     Include standard vehicle/suspect info. as part of incident record
124.     Override incident priority settings
125.     Enter, modify or cancel incidents scheduled for dispatching at a later time while maintaining the original time of entry
   City of Berkeley                                     05-10051-C                                    Page 11 of 127
   Public Safety Technology System                                                             Release Date 07/18/05
126.   Notify users of prior incident activity for a specific location
127.   Allow users to query prior incident activity for a specific location based on a customizable set of parameters.
128.   Set a time/date range for premise history inquiries and notification flags
129.   Show all previous contact with person(s) associated with an incident
130.   Record in the incident history that premise history was viewed by the user
131.   Track and review multiple calls from same location (calls in proximity)
132.   Place "at the scene" units that were not originally dispatched to the call
133.   Close all units, except one at an incident with a simple command
134.   Close more than one selected unit while leaving more than one selected units on the incident with a simple command.
135.   Audibly and/or visually alert officer/firefighter, dispatcher that supplemental information was added to a call since last viewed by control
136.   Quickly enter field initiated incidents such as traffic stops
137.   Verify addresses of field initiated incidents
138.   Provide a warning (visual/audible) to the operator that a predefined time has elapsed since the incident entry process was initiated
139.   Display caution notes/alerts using highlighted text on the screen
140.   Allow one or more operators to simultaneously add/change incident information to an active (open) incident. Information change by user must
       be time stamped.
141.   Allow one or more operators to simultaneously add supplemental information to a closed incident
142.   Highlight updated notes to an incident (since last call)
143.   Cross-reference two or more open or closed related incidents
144.   Generate unique case numbers for a multi-jurisdictional incident
145.   Provide call-taker with a quick lookup capability for incident type codes
146.   Create & maintain standard procedures or instructions that pertain to specific incident types. Display the procedures or instructions when the
       incident type is declared.
147.   Record alarm, false alarm information based on City-defined parameters
148.   Capture all units that responded to a false alarm call for future billing purposes
149.   Issue, or assign false alarm numbers from CAD
150.   Generate false alarm billing file based on City-defined parameters
151.   Automatically generate false alarm notification letters based on user-defined parameters
152.   Automatically reset the false alarm billing period between false alarm responses ( 90 days after the previous false alarm response)
153.   Alert dispatcher of the number of false alarm responses at a specific address
154.   Automatically time stamp all call history
155.   Generate incident reports directly from entered but not dispatched CAD data
156.   Routing capability for non-dispatched incident reports
157.   Manage fire mutual aid units from surrounding agencies
158.   Recognize all county unit identifiers, in addition to the City of Berkeley
159.   Print non-dispatched incident report
   City of Berkeley                                     05-10051-C                               Page 12 of 127
   Public Safety Technology System                                                        Release Date 07/18/05
       The system shall provide the ability to:
162.   Update incident information at any time including comments
163.   Automatically record all incident updates in chronological order
164.   Maintain all incident information changes for historical reporting and inquiries
165.   Automatically notify users with access to an incident record when info changes
166.   Dynamically display changes to an incident as they occur
167.   Cancel one or more incidents with a single transaction
168.   Close an incident at any time
169.   Add one or more incident dispositions
170.   Work multiple calls simultaneously
171.   Associate each disposition with the unit giving the disposition
172.   Copy data to create a new incident
173.   Cancel an incident as a duplicate of another incident with a single command
174.   Recall an active incident by Unit ID
175.   Add supplemental information to closed incidents
176.   Reopen closed incidents and assign units
177.   Document time change on "active" unit/incident history & track change reason
178.   Switch to short cut commands during high speed chase
179.   Route query functions and responses to specified workstations and MDC’s
180.   Pre-populate incident screen with results of database query (e.g., RMS, CLETS)
181.   Incorporate pre-defined mutual aid response matrix
182.   Add units for mutual aid with unique, preset identifiers (City/County codes)
183.   Manage mutual aid units using all CAD capabilities that support City units
184.   Apply all system reporting/statistical capabilities for mutual aid units
       The system shall provide the ability to:
187.   Log one or more units on/off duty with a single command
188.   Dispatch more than one unit at a time to the same call
189.   Generate multiple dispatch functions based on a single type code
190.   Duplicate call information for multiple agency dispatch (I.e., Police and Fire)
191.   Add and receive comments to a single call from multiple agencies (Police & Fire)
192.   Cross-reference dispatch transactions for a single incident across agencies
193.   Attach Unit ID onto CLETS/NCIC requests and responses.
194.   Acknowledge unit info. at system log-on (personnel, unit ID, vehicle, skills)
   City of Berkeley                                      05-10051-C                                      Page 13 of 127
   Public Safety Technology System                                                                Release Date 07/18/05
195.   Pre-define unit information prior to log-on
196.   Create incident routing rules based on incident type and location
197.   Display caution notes for vehicle license numbers. From CLETS, RMS, or both.
198.   Manually route incidents to specific dispatch positions within the same class of service
199.   Automatically record the time that a user views an incident for the first time
200.   Create police/fire unit recommendations based on:
201.               Incident location (e.g., unique response for specific location),
202.               Incident area (e.g., unique response for specific response area),
203.               Jurisdiction (e.g., unique response for specific jurisdiction),
204.               Incident type,
205.               Type and number of units required,
206.               Type and number of special skills required,
207.               Unit status,
208.               Specific unit ID,
209.               Pre-defined response plans (response area order),
210.               Special conditions (e.g., heightened response),
211.               Unit identifiers including shift and zone,
212.               Swap back-up units,
213.               Primary back-up unit,
214.              Closest unit, taking into account natural boundaries, obstacles, traffic, street speed limits of road segments between unit &
215.   Dynamically change unit the recommendation if relevant incident information changes (type, location, alarm level, etc.)
216.   Notify users that the unit recommendation has changed
217.   Accept or override the unit recommendation
218.   Capture all Incident Status Changes and the time of change.
219.   Dispatch via multiple media simultaneously (MDC, pager, cell phone)
220.   Record all unit assignments and status changes
221.   Cancel a unit from an assignment. If the cancelled unit is the only unit assigned, the incident will be returned to the pending incident queue until
222.   Allow any dispatcher to view, modify or update any unit or incident status
223.   Change the status of one or more units with a single command
224.   Assign a single unit to more than one incident
225.   Assign a call to a unit that was not originally assigned the call
226.   Hold an incident for a specific unit
227.   Automatically notify dispatcher of held incident when unit becomes available
228.   Define unit status conditions that support current dispatch center operations (e.g., transporting, in-custody, available on radio)
229.   Support unit status conditions not associated with an incident (meal, court, special duty, etc.)
   City of Berkeley                                      05-10051-C                                      Page 14 of 127
   Public Safety Technology System                                                                Release Date 07/18/05
230.   Associate a default availability with each status (e.g., is unit available when in that status?)
231.   Modify unit availability regardless of status (e.g., on-scene, but available)
232.   Prohibit closing an incident prior to a final disposition is entered
233.   Switch officers/firefighters and roles during an incident
234.   End an assignment for the primary unit while leaving a backup unit on call
       Reporting and Output
       The system shall provide the ability to:
237.   Create reports based on any available CAD data
238.   Provide menu driven report options with add-on customizable menu features to accommodate one selection location for custom reports.
239.   Enable CAD logging data to display or be redirected to a logging printer
240.   View, query and archive CAD logging data
241.   Generate but not be limited to the following standard reports:
242.            Activity by day of month,
243.            Activity analysis by day of week,
244.            Activity analysis by hour of day,
245.            Activity analysis by geographic area,
246.            Incidents – by geographic area by hour of day,
247.            Activity analysis by shift,
248.            Police/Fire Response time by method of receipt,
249.            Police/Fire Response times by geographic area,
250.            Police/Fire Response times by type of call/priority,
251.            Ambulance Response Times,
252.            Total and average time on call – by day of week,
253.            Total and average time on call - by hour of day,
254.            Total and average time on call - by geographic area,
255.            Total calls for service by date by nature or disposition,
256.            Total incidents by date by nature or disposition,
257.            Total reports by date by disposition.
258.   Record and create reports using the following information:
259.            Alarm type and alarm company code,
260.            All associated geofile information,
261.            ANI/ALI data including address and phone number,
262.            Available in the field versus available at station,
263.            Available in the field versus unavailable,
264.            Business or premise name,
265.            Call-Taker/Dispatcher ID,
   City of Berkeley                                     05-10051-C                                  Page 15 of 127
   Public Safety Technology System                                                           Release Date 07/18/05
266.           Comments/narrative (unlimited),
267.           Commonplace name (e.g., parks, streets, schools),
268.           Date and time call disconnect,
269.           Date and time call entered,
270.           Date and time call received by 911,
271.           Date and time calls answered,
272.           Date and time incident entered,
273.           Date and time location verified,
274.           Date range,
275.           Final disposition,
276.           Geographical areas defined by the user,
277.           Incident number,
278.           Incident type,
279.           Incident type/priority,
280.           Location address, description, supplemental location,
281.           On-scene to close of call by officer(s)/firefighter who arrive at scene,
282.           On-scene to transporting,
283.           Premise and prior information flag,
284.           Premise type (e.g., building, location, person),
285.           Priority,
286.           Reporting areas,
287.           Reporting party information, including name, address and phone,
288.           Reporting zone,
289.           Responding/in-route to on-scene,
290.           Source (e.g., 911 or 10-digit, radio, other codes as defined by the City),
291.           Time range (any time-stamped event to any other time-stamped event),
292.           Unit/officer ID/firefighter,
293.           User name and ID of all users associated with the incident,
294.           Workstation ID associated with all CAD functions performed on incident.
295.   Print chronological incident
296.   List outstanding/due reports including:
297.           Case number,
298.           Date,
299.           Incident type,
300.           Officer/Firefighter,
301.           Time.
   City of Berkeley                                     05-10051-C                        Page 16 of 127
   Public Safety Technology System                                                 Release Date 07/18/05
302.   Query and print incident details, including (but not limited to):
303.            Incident number,
304.            Date/time received,
305.            Reporting zone,
306.            Activity code/incident type,
307.            Location or partial location,
308.            All incidents in a geographical region defined by the user,
309.            Priority,
310.            Reporting party/complainant/caller name,
311.            Phone number,
312.            Narrative,
313.            Vehicle description,
314.            License plate,
315.            Cancelled call,
316.            Disposition,
317.            Officers/Firefighter units assigned,
318.            Time dispatched,
319.            En-route time,
320.            On-scene time,
321.            Available time,
322.            Officer/Firefighter reporting,
323.            All Call-Taker/Dispatchers handling incident,
324.            Any time-stamped event.
325.   Query using partial names and wild cards in any field within the incident
326.   Generate daily listing of incidents and assigned officers/firefighters:
327.            Incident number,
328.            Unit ID,
329.            Officer/Firefighter name (if available),
330.            Officer/Firefighter ID number,
331.            Disposition,
332.            Location,
333.            Date/time received.
334.   Print audit report of changes to incident records:
335.         Date/time of change,
336.         Workstation/terminal ID,
337.         Call-Taker/Dispatcher ID,
   City of Berkeley                                      05-10051-C                                     Page 17 of 127
   Public Safety Technology System                                                               Release Date 07/18/05
338.         Transaction type (deletion, edit, etc.),
339.         Field modified (saving previous information),
340.         Incident location,
341.         Actual dispatch location.
342.   Direct printable inquiry to any CAD authorized printer
343.   View requested reports prior to printing
344.   Create Briefing Logs with incident summary
345.   Schedule certain reports to automatically generate based on date and time of
       Day and automatically distribute via e-mail groupings.
       The system shall provide the ability to:
348.   Dynamically display incident and/or unit status data in a summary window
349.   Create pre-defined incident and/or unit status monitors to accommodate logical groupings (e.g., by status, area, jurisdiction)
350.   Require that one or more pre-defined status monitors always be displayed at an active dispatch position
351.   Not display pending incidents
352.   Create ad hoc status monitors to accommodate logical groupings (e.g., created by a single user for a specific purpose by status, location,
353.   Modify the sorting within a status monitor (e.g., by time, by status, by location)
354.   Allow the user to configure the column of the status monitor in ascending/descending order
355.   Maintain an unlimited number of incidents or units within a single monitor
356.   Limit (include or exclude) the units or incidents to be displayed in a single status monitor (e.g., by response area, type, status)
357.   Have a status monitor that automatically applies a scroll-bar at any time the number of units exceed the size of the window
358.   Display elapsed time in status monitors
359.   Create pre-defined elapsed timers between incident &/or unit status changes (from entry to dispatch, from dispatch to on-scene)
360.   Create a custom, one-time incident or unit specific elapsed timer (e.g., unit contact timer)
361.   Display a City-defined warning if elapsed timer expires (visual and/or audible alert)
362.   Display one or more status monitors at the same time
363.   Display status monitors on one or more physical monitors
364.   Display unit status information, including:
365.         Unit ID,
366.         Current status,
367.         Current location,
368.         Current availability,
369.         Current incident number,
370.         Elapsed time in status,
371.         Original location,
   City of Berkeley                                      05-10051-C                                 Page 18 of 127
   Public Safety Technology System                                                           Release Date 07/18/05
372.         Special note or comments.
373.   Display incident status information, including:
374.              Location,
375.              Type,
376.              Priority,
377.              Status,
378.              Elapsed time in status,
379.              Units assigned,
380.              Unit location, if different from event location,
381.              Incident priority.
382.   View incident details of one or more incidents at a time
383.   Visually differentiate incidents and or units in varying states or conditions
384.   Track activity of a field unit (patrol, fire) by unit no. & officer/firefighter no.
       The system shall provide the ability to:
387.   Update geo-file with CAD data
388.   Update any Fire database with CAD geo-file
389.   Test new geo-file updates for accuracy prior to updating the "live" CAD geographic file
390.   Update the "live" CAD system with the new geographic file without system downtime or degradation
391.   Validate all location entries against a master geo-file
392.   Support the following location entries:
393.              Exact address,
394.              Apartment number,
395.              Apartment building name or number,
396.              Block range,
397.              Street name,
398.              Common place name,
399.              Jurisdiction,
400.              City,
401.              Intersections,
402.              Zones,
403.              Partially spelled or misspelled street names,
404.              Street alias,
405.              Street abbreviation,
406.              Limited access roadways and highways,
407.              Train mile post locations/train track owners,
   City of Berkeley                                     05-10051-C                                     Page 19 of 127
   Public Safety Technology System                                                              Release Date 07/18/05
408.              Reporting area,
409.              District,
410.              Census tract.
411.   Validate site locations in an accurate, user friendly method.
412.   Enter a valid street name and be presented with a list of cross streets and associated address ranges
413.   Enter a partial street name and be presented with a list of possible matches
414.   Enter a misspelled street name and be presented with a list of possible matches
415.   Enter an incorrect address for a correct street name and be presented with a list of valid ranges
416.   Enter a unique building & unit number to clearly identify the location (e.g., 100 Marshal ST, Bldg. 5, Unit 13)
417.   Enter common street alias and abbreviations instead of the actual street name (i.e. MLK for Martin Luther King way Blvd.)
418.   Override geo-file by entering valid response area data
419.   Override geo-file for addresses outside the City limits
420.   Enter a reason for overridden location
421.   Generate an exception report that provides a list of addresses that remain unmatched with geo-file.
422.   Generate a report of geo-file overrides including all data, operator ID, date, time, operator position
423.   Enter correct E9-1-1 information, if the information provided by the phone company is incorrect
424.   Display geo-file data when location is validated, including:
425.              High and low cross streets,
426.              City and County,
427.              Neighborhood,
428.              Common place or business name,
429.              Response area,
430.              Map page,
431.              Premise warnings or hazards by exact address,
432.              Premise warnings or hazards within a configurable radius,
433.              Prior incidents at exact address within a configurable period of time.
434.   Automatically check for possible duplicate incidents by adjacent location
435.   Immediately display potential duplicate incident information during the incident entry process
436.   Display the incident details of a potential duplicate without interrupting the incident entry process
437.   Prompt operator to verify creation of another incident or to add supplemental info to an existing incident
438.   Display the incident location in relation to other active incidents on the map during the incident entry process
439.   Clearly display the presence of premise warning or hazard information
440.   Summarize geo-file entries for printing
441.   Automatically record in the incident when a user views the premise warning or hazard information
       The system shall provide the ability to:
   City of Berkeley                                      05-10051-C                                 Page 20 of 127
   Public Safety Technology System                                                           Release Date 07/18/05
444.   Maintain a log of all messages processed by the CAD system
445.   Identify all messages by sender, date, time, workstation ID, and receiver, date, time, and workstation ID
446.   Note time opened/read by receiver
447.   Assign and change a priority to a message (e.g., routine, urgent, emergency)
448.   Queue and display message waiting by priority
449.   View messages pending in queue (supervisor function)
450.   Send information displayed on screen to another workstation or to a MDT
451.   Create messages that are retained in the system and sent at pre-specified times
452.   Add to a message before forwarding to another user
453.   Send a message using:
454.                Workstation ID or name,
455.                User ID,
456.                User name,
457.                Group of workstations names,
458.                Group of user IDs (e.g., groups of users),
459.                Position IDs (e.g., Dispatcher),
460.                Unit ID,
461.                Incident number,
462.                Mobile Data Device ID/Name,
463.                Officer/Firefighter ID.
464.   Notify sender of delivery and non-delivery of messages
465.   Send a message to all units handling a specific incident
466.   Provide an acknowledgement summary confirming individual receipt of memos
467.   Forward messages
468.   Include attachments to messages
469.   Forward query response message to MDT without interrupting incident data
470.   Generate reports of logged messages by:
471.              Workstation ID or name,
472.              User ID,
473.              User name,
474.              Group of workstations names,
475.              Group of user IDs (e.g., groups of users),
476.              Position IDs (e.g., dispatcher),
477.              Unit ID,
478.              Mobile Data Device ID/Name,
479.              Send date and time,
   City of Berkeley                                       05-10051-C                                    Page 21 of 127
   Public Safety Technology System                                                               Release Date 07/18/05
480.              Receive date and time,
481.              Selected words or phrases,
482.              Officer/Firefighter ID number.
483.   Set message priority of specific system generated messages (e.g., high priority of warrant file returns)
       The system shall provide the ability to:
486.   Automatically transfer incident data into RMS and Fire Application at the completion of each incident or at a City-defined action on a real-time
487.   Create shift schedules including the following data:
488.              Unit ID (alphanumeric),
489.              Officer/Firefighter ID (one or more officers/firefighter per unit),
490.              Response area,
491.              Vehicle ID,
492.              Radio ID,
493.              Date and time scheduled for on-duty (Police and Fire),
494.              Date and time scheduled for off-duty (Police and Fire),
495.              Shift designator (Police and Fire),
496.              Special equipment or response capabilities (including but not limited to shotgun, MAV, sponge gun, bean bag, etc.).
497.   Schedule shift/roster information up to 12 months in advance
498.   Upload shift/roster information to CAD based on scheduled shift start time
499.   Modify shift/roster information up to scheduled shift start time
500.   Automatically notify dispatcher of a new shift ready to be logged-on
501.   Pre-program and override shift change information (e.g., hours of shift)
502.   Create and maintain all data necessary to support dispatch operations
503.   Maintain a geographic database which includes:
504.                Street records (high, low, cross-streets),
505.                Common place names,
506.                Aliases,
507.                Intersections,
508.                Latitude/longitude or state plane,
509.                X/Y Coordinates,
510.                Map references (zone, grid),
511.                Jurisdiction,
512.                Community code,
513.                Geographic service area boundaries (e.g., patrol beat, sub beat),
514.                Freeways,
   City of Berkeley                                      05-10051-C                                   Page 22 of 127
   Public Safety Technology System                                                             Release Date 07/18/05
515.              Zip code,
516.              Comment field,
517.              Sub-division names,
518.              Park names,
519.              School names.
520.   Create and maintain support data files used in dispatch center operations, including:
521.              Street closures,
522.              Special equipment file,
523.              Telephone number lists,
524.              Notification lists,
525.              Personnel file,
526.              Special skills (e.g., foreign language, K-9),
527.              Public agency referral lists,
528.              Special resource files,
529.              Files necessary for unit recommendation,
530.              Agency-defined data lists.
531.   Create and maintain indexed resource telephone lists:
532.              Emergency contacts,
533.              Agency directory,
534.              Personnel rosters,
535.              Alarm permit holders,
536.              Equipment and supply resources,
537.              Emergency call outs.
538.   Create, maintain or interface to premise information
539.   Capture, maintain or interface to specific premise information types:
540.              Hazardous materials,
541.              Hazardous conditions,
542.              Emergency contact information,
543.              Unit safety,
544.              Protective orders, sexual offenders.
545.   Automatically create premise history based on City-determined criteria
546.   Define criteria for automatic premise information purges and activate or deactivate this feature
547.   Verify that premise warning or hazard information has not been affected by changes to the geofile
548.   Create sign-on messages for subsequent shifts or individuals
549.   Create and maintain automatic reminders of scheduled activities (radio tests, etc.):
550.              Daily,
   City of Berkeley                                     05-10051-C                                    Page 23 of 127
   Public Safety Technology System                                                             Release Date 07/18/05
551.              Weekly,
552.              Monthly,
553.              Annually,
554.              User-defined (e.g., 30 minutes, 15 minutes, first day of the month),
555.              Multiple activities or reminder per time slot.
556.   Create individual user "scratch pad" files
557.   Create and maintain rotating and non-rotating service provider information (e.g., tow companies)
558.   Create, maintain tow rotations/tow log for dispatching tow company
559.   Suspend, flag tow company (I.e., remove specified company from rotation) for a specified time frame
560.   Capture tow company response data including, but not limited to:
561.              Time of response,
562.              Response type (e.g., refusal, unable, inappropriate behavior, no City ID card) City-defined code,
563.              Narrative/free text.
       The system shall provide the ability to:
566.   Allow trainer to monitor activity from workstations & override trainee actions
567.   Monitor overall system performance
568.   Create & maintain dispatch center staff schedule (12 hrs, 4 shifts & alternate scheduling such as 24 on, 72 off, & 10-hr schedules)
569.   Monitor system configuration and current staffing (e.g., who is signed-on, at what position, and with what responsibilities)
570.   Operate a "Training" system.
571.   Operate a "Test" system.
572.   Provide simulated incidents training that do not affect live operations
573.   Flag police or fire incidents to include as future training scenarios
574.   Allow System Administrator to configure any workstation as a training Workstation
575.   Generate statistical information on all call-taker and dispatcher activity including All incident management time parameters (time on hold,
       response time, etc.)
       The system shall provide the ability to:
578.   Provide ArcInfo GIS data as the source for Real Time Mapping.
579.   Display City map, including the following features (map layers):
580.              Streets, intersections and freeways,
581.              Street names,
582.              Block ranges (address),
583.              Major buildings or facilities,
584.              Beat, grid,
585.              Common places (i.e., schools, churches, businesses),
   City of Berkeley                                        05-10051-C                                  Page 24 of 127
   Public Safety Technology System                                                              Release Date 07/18/05
586.              Topographical features,
587.              Utility information (water/sewer lines),
588.              Alias street names (as user-defined),
589.              Aerial photo overlay.
590.   Zoom in on area for enhanced detail
591.   Pan from given area to adjacent area
592.   Display the following map types:
593.              Street level,
594.              House level of City Properties,
595.              School floor plans,
596.              Other selected sites.
597.   Display map with active and pending calls for service and current location of police/fire units using AVL or last known locations
598.   Call for service originating from cellular phones
599.   Display on-scene unit ID with call for service
600.   Center map display on:
601.              Vehicle activating emergency button,
602.              Vehicle requesting assistance
603.              Last known location of vehicle (AVL or officer/firefighter status),
604.              Call for service location,
605.              Specified vehicle/unit,
606.              Specified Geographic Area,
607.              Location of cursor when mouse button is clicked.
608.   Define or "customize" graphic representations ("icons") for:
609.              Mobile units,
610.              Other vehicles,
611.              Reference points,
612.              Other landmarks,
613.              Call for service types,
614.              Police/Fire stations,
615.              Hazards.
616.   Utilize color to distinguish incident type and status
617.   Substitute symbols or reverse video/flash for agency-specified system transaction (I.e., for ADA compliance)
618.   Control each map position and Dispatcher/Call-Taker displays from a single keyboard at each position
619.   Use a mouse to "click on" map locations or icons for premise queries, unit statuses, incident history, etc.
620.   Display floor plans of buildings
621.   Allow user to customize map displays (e.g., preset default zoom levels & views)
   City of Berkeley                                     05-10051-C                                   Page 25 of 127
   Public Safety Technology System                                                            Release Date 07/18/05
622.   Obtain detailed incident information by double-clicking on map location
623.   Allow Dispatcher to "zoom" map display to predefined views:
624.              Overall Coverage Area,
625.              Beat, grid.
626.   Display shortest route from point-A to point-B, & highlight quickest route, including directions based upon roadway/access availability.
627.   Select vehicles to display by:
628.              Unit ID,
629.              Type,
630.              Status,
631.              Call for service,
632.              Agency.
633.   Display street information:
634.              Street name (including alias),
635.              Block numbering or address range,
636.              Directional (N, E, S, W, NE, NW, SE, SW),
637.              Suffix (N, E, S, W, NE, NW, SE, SW),
638.              State plane coordinates,
639.              X/Y coordinates,
640.              Beat, grid.
641.   Track call history at a specific address or location
     City of Berkeley                                  05-10051-C                                  Page 26 of 127
     Public Safety Technology System                                                        Release Date 07/18/05

                                                   Appendix 4

          Records Management System (RMS)
1.                                                                                                                     Vendor       Ref.
                                                                                                                      Response      No.
                                                                                                                    (Refer to the
          Requirements                                                                                                Response
                                                                                                                    on page 47 of
3.        The system shall provide the ability to:
4.        Import information to RMS from the following areas:

5.                          Calls For Service from CAD,

6.                          Offense reporting from field reporting system,

7.                          Consolidate Arrest Reports – Both Adult and Juvenile,

8.                          Case reports,

9.                          Field contact and/or interview information,

10.                         Citations,

11.                         Collision reports,

12.                         Trespass warnings,

13.                         Property report,

14.                         Intelligence/narcotics reports,

15.                         Pawn shop,

16.                         Registrant.

17.       Update transactions in real-time

18.       Perform code edit validation from a pre-approved code table (which has restricted access)

19.       Set City-defined validation rules for system data fields

20.       geo-verify all entered addresses

21.       Set user defined fields where geo-validation can be activated

22.       Generate reports of all forced addresses for geofile update at a later time.

23.       Search code tables by code or by code description
  City of Berkeley                                05-10051-C                                      Page 27 of 127
  Public Safety Technology System                                                          Release Date 07/18/05
24.     Mouse-over codes to show descriptions when only codes are displayed on the screen.

25.      Capture relevant data elements and perform required edit validation for:

26.                         Uniform Crime Reports (UCR),

27.                         National Incident Based Reporting System (NIBRS),

28.                         Master name file,

29.                         Master vehicle file,

30.                         Traffic,

31.                         Property and Evidence,

32.                         Investigations,

33.                         Crime Analysis,

34.                         Geographic Analysis,

35.                         Crime Prevention,

36.                         Personnel,

37.                         Inventory and equipment,

38.                         Integrated reporting,

39.                         Document imaging,

40.                         Field Interview,

41.                         E-mail and messaging.

42.      While entering a crimes report, the system shall allow property information to be entered into the property or evidence module.

43.      Confirm electronically transmitted transactions with an acknowledgement, print evidence entry sheet to physically book property into
         evidence, or safekeeping.
44.      Flag any officer generated report which is active and still has an incomplete status

45.      Cancel and exit a search query while it’s active.

46.      Create custom reports and attach them to a custom menu with authorization controls.

47.      Generate special reports or on-screen inquiries with age-based (persona age or incident date) selection capability

48.      ―Look-ahead‖ and warn the requestor when the query/report will take too long or generate too many pages by:

49.                         Warning of number of pages in the report,

50.                         Using prompts to continue/refine/alter the query,

51.                         Displaying a single page of data at a time.

52.      Add information to any RMS report (Pictures, another supplemental report, digital image, etc.)

53.      Data Purge Capabilities
54.      The system shall provide the ability to:
  City of Berkeley                                     05-10051-C                                     Page 28 of 127
  Public Safety Technology System                                                              Release Date 07/18/05
55.     Customize a global purge criterion.

56.      Purge information selectively to be performed by specially authorized individuals:

57.                        Purge single record,

58.                        Purge groups or all records associated with a group,

59.                        Purge all except specific records.

60.      Selectively edit and purge case information to comply with mandated record sealing requests:

61.                        Purge single record,

62.                        Purge group records,

63.                        Purge all except specific records,

64.                        Purge specific information from a single record.

65.      Review search results prior to printing.

66.      Print confirmation listing prior to purging records.

67.      Generate/print a listing of purged data.

68.      Establish summary and purge criteria to be displayed on-line as well as off-line storage.

69.      View purge audit trail showing the purge date, time and reason.

70.      Query and Search
71.      The system shall provide the ability to:
72.      Search and query RMS records by CAD Case number.

73.      Search and query RMS records by report number.

74.      Simultaneously search and query RMS and CAD systems with a single inquiry.

75.      Search RMS records based on an expansive user-defined search.

76.      Search all records containing ages by age range.

77.      Search all prior contacts by address.

78.      Run searches by first name, last name and/or moniker.

79.      Run searches by partial spelling, wildcard, contains and begins or ends with and present the result in soundex format.

80.      Search by full or partial license plate (ex: ??ME??2).

81.      Search by property serial number or description

82.      Search names by known associates’ names

83.      Reports
         Ensure that report formats are customizable enough to avoid empty space and non-used fields.

84.      The system shall provide the ability to:
  City of Berkeley                                 05-10051-C                                       Page 29 of 127
  Public Safety Technology System                                                            Release Date 07/18/05
85.     Generate custom reports with user selected fields

86.     Schedule specific report generation and electronic distribution to a distribution group

87.     Select redaction fields (based on requested needs) while saving the original contents

88.     Identify redacted fields on the printed report

89.     Print system-generated reports on any network printer within the Police domain

90.     Easily output data to any 3rd party report writer

91.     Generate reports by user or by the name of the person who entered the data

92.     Utilize a built-in report writer for standard and/or ad-hoc report creation

94.     Master Name – Overview
95.     The Master Name Index incorporates subject records from various sources. Individuals identified in incident or crime reports (suspect,
        victim, witness, complainant, department names, etc.) should be stored. Field interview records, missing person reports, and other name
        based data entry should be indexed to this file. The software should provide a means for name search (including aliases) both by exact
        spelling, diminutives and phonetic search capability. It should perform edit validation to prevent duplicate names/persons from being
96.     Major Functions and Features
97.     The system shall provide ability to:
98.     Create and maintain basic Master Name Index records, including but not limited to:

99.                       Name (transposed middle and/or first name),

100.                      Address (multiple),

101.                      Aliases (multiple),

102.                                i.   Alias Date of Birth,
                                                                                                                                                  ii.   iii.
103.                                i.   Alias social security numbers,
                                                                                                                                                  ii.   iii.
104.                      Body piercing,

105.                      Build,

106.                      Business Name,

107.                      Cell phone number,

108.                      CII Number (DOJ-assigned),

109.                      Crime type(s),

110.                      Date of birth,

111.                      Date of change.

112.                      Description including, but not limited to:
   City of Berkeley                            05-10051-C                                         Page 30 of 127
   Public Safety Technology System                                                         Release Date 07/18/05
113.                         i. Clothing type,
                                                                                                                                               ii.   iii.
114.                          i.   Clothing description,
                                                                                                                                               ii.   iii.
115.                          i.   Distinguishing characteristics (City-defined),
                                                                                                                                               ii.   iii.
116.                   Driver License number and state (multiple),

117.                   Employer (multiple),

118.                          i.   Occupation,
                                                                                                                                               ii.   iii.
119.                          i.   Name,
                                                                                                                                               ii.   iii.
120.                          i.   Address,
                                                                                                                                               ii.   iii.
121.                          i.   Telephone number (multiple),
                                                                                                                                               ii.   iii.
122.                   Ethnicity,

123.                   Eye color,

124.                   FBI #,

125.                   Felon flag (sex or drug registrant; DOM violent flag),

126.                   Fingerprints on file,

127.                   Full name (First, Middle, Last, Hyphenated Last, Suffix - Jr., Sr., etc.),

128.                   Hair color,

129.                   Hair length,

130.                   Height,

131.                   ID coding (e.g., Fingerprint, DNA, FBI#),

132.                   Investigative file number (alphanumeric),

133.                   Involvement (e.g., suspect, witness, victim, pawner, etc.),

134.                   Known associates (multiple),

135.                   Local booking number as assigned by the County (RMS generated agency specific, 9-digit minimum, sequential numbering
                        beginning with year),
136.                   Monikers,

137.                   Occupation,

138.                   Online screen name,

139.                   Pager number,

140.                   Phone number,

141.                   Photo on file,

142.                   Physical description,

143.                   Place of birth,
  City of Berkeley                                     05-10051-C                                      Page 31 of 127
  Public Safety Technology System                                                               Release Date 07/18/05
144.                  City specific numbers,

145.                       Related report number(s),

146.                       Relatives (Multiple),

147.                               i.   Name,
                                                                                                                        ii.   iii.
148.                               i.   Address,
                                                                                                                        ii.   iii.
149.                               i.   Telephone Number (Multiple),
                                                                                                                        ii.   iii.
150.                       Sex,

151.                       Social security number,

152.                       Special characteristics - scars, marks, tattoos, etc. (multiple),

153.                       Subject's "street names" (multiple),

154.                       Teeth: gold, missing, decayed, dentures, etc.,

155.                       Telephone number (Multiple) Cell, Pagers,

156.                       Weight,

157.                       Passport,

158.                       Alien Registration Number,

159.                       E-mail address

160.                       City-defined data.

161.    Track individual changes (for an individual) such as:

162.                       Physical description changes,

163.                       Address changes,

164.                       Phone number changes,

165.                       Driver License changes,

166.                       Name changes,

167.                       Social security number changes,

168.                       Date of birth changes.

169.    Import information to RMS from the following areas:

170.                       CAD/Calls For Service (restricted to time, location, date, call type and comments),

171.                       Offense report,

172.                       Arrest - Adult and Juvenile,

173.                       Case reports,

174.                       Field contact/interview,
  City of Berkeley                                  05-10051-C                                   Page 32 of 127
  Public Safety Technology System                                                         Release Date 07/18/05
175.                  Citations,

176.                     Collision reports,

177.                     Trespass warnings,

178.                     Property report,

179.                     Intelligence/narcotics reports,

180.                     Pawn shop,

181.                     Registrant.

182.   Identify duplicate records by drivers' license number, SSN, other user defined criteria

183.   Consolidate designated duplicate records

184.   Indicate the following information associated with a subject record:

185.                     Alcohol addiction,

186.                     Arson registrant,

187.                     Communicable diseases,

188.                     Drug addiction,

189.                     Escape risk,

190.                     HIV risk,

191.                     Juvenile,

192.                     Mental risk,

193.                     Narcotics registrant,

194.                     Physical handicap,

195.                     Sex registrant,

196.                     Suicidal,

197.                     Violent offender.

198.   Verify and edit names based on:

199.                     Address,

200.                     Date of birth,

201.                     Driver License number,

202.                     Local arrest number,

203.                     Name,

204.                     Sex,

205.                     Social Security Number.
  City of Berkeley                                  05-10051-C                                        Page 33 of 127
  Public Safety Technology System                                                              Release Date 07/18/05
206.    Perform name search in wildcard and partial spelling format on:

207.                        Full or partial name (first name or last name),

208.                        Alias,

209.                        Monikers.

210.     Display exact matches and close or near matches

211.     Limit search by additional criteria including date of birth, sex, etc.

212.     Cross-reference names and phone numbers within system components

213.     Create and maintain registrant conviction and location information by:

214.                        Conviction, jurisdiction, and case number,

215.                        Prior addresses,

216.                        Current address,

217.                        Type of registrant (sex, narcotics, arson, etc.),

218.                        Last registration date.

219.     Assign City-specified descriptions of an individual and create a Master Name record without having a specific name (e.g., person known for a
         specific moniker, attribute)
220.     Cross reference master name file to all other records associated with an individual:

221.                        Active/inactive status,

222.                        Archived records,

223.                        Arrest/booking (fingerprints/mug shots on file),

224.                        Businesses,

225.                        Field interviews,

226.                        Images (CABS, CalPhoto),

227.                        Incident and crime reports,

228.                        Intelligence/narcotics (only display on user screen with proper security),

229.                        Investigations,

230.                        Investigative file number - felons (alphanumeric): with multiple associated case numbers,

231.                        Juvenile,

232.                        Known offender and registrants,

233.                        Pawn shop,

234.                        Property and evidence,

235.                        Runaway and missing persons,

236.                        Traffic citations,
  City of Berkeley                                         05-10051-C                                 Page 34 of 127
  Public Safety Technology System                                                              Release Date 07/18/05
237.                  Traffic reports,

238.                      Trespass warnings,

239.                      Vehicle master file,

240.                      Warrants.

241.    Combine records of an individual if they have been entered under different names and to automatically track those names as aliases of the
242.    Attach additional/multiple identifiers (DOB, SSN, DL, user defined, etc.) to the same name/aliases

243.    The system shall provide additional DOB field that is not tied to an AKA

244.    Master Vehicle - Overview
245.    The Master vehicle Index incorporates vehicle records from various sources. Vehicles identified in any RMS record should be stored or
        linked to a master vehicle record. The software should provide a means for vehicle search by all vehicle master data. It should perform edit
        validation by preventing duplicate vehicles from being entered. Additionally, vehicle attributes should be stored whenever CLETS inquiries
        are accessed for vehicles. The software should provide a menu for searching for vehicles by selected attributes including partial license
        plates and support CLETS/SVS entry (from the application).
246.    Major Functions and Features
247.    The system shall provide the ability to:
248.    Create and maintain basic Master Vehicle Index record, including but not limited to:

249.                      Associates,

250.                                i.   Address.
                                                                                                                                                       ii.   iii.
251.                                i.   Alias.
                                                                                                                                                       ii.   iii.
252.                                i.   Date of birth.
                                                                                                                                                       ii.   iii.
253.                                i.   Name.
                                                                                                                                                       ii.   iii.
254.                                i.   Phone number.
                                                                                                                                                       ii.   iii.
255.                                i.   Race.
                                                                                                                                                       ii.   iii.
256.                                i.   Sex.
                                                                                                                                                       ii.   iii.
257.                      Color,

258.                      Contact information,

259.                                i.   Date.
                                                                                                                                                       ii.   iii.
260.                                i.   Location.
                                                                                                                                                       ii.   iii.
261.                                i.   Officer ID.
                                                                                                                                                       ii.   iii.
262.                                i.   Reason for contact/comments.
                                                                                                                                                       ii.   iii.
263.                                i.   Reporting area.
                                                                                                                                                       ii.   iii.
264.                                i.   Time.
                                                                                                                                                       ii.   iii.
  City of Berkeley                                      05-10051-C          Page 35 of 127
  Public Safety Technology System                                    Release Date 07/18/05
265.                  Make,

266.                     Model,

267.                     Number of axles,

268.                     Number of doors,

269.                     Narrative - Recovery location,,

270.                     Owner,

271.                              i.   Address.
                                                                                             ii.   iii.
272.                              i.   Alias.
                                                                                             ii.   iii.
273.                              i.   Date of birth.
                                                                                             ii.   iii.
274.                              i.   Driver license information.
                                                                                             ii.   iii.
275.                              i.   Name.
                                                                                             ii.   iii.
276.                              i.   Phone number.
                                                                                             ii.   iii.
277.                              i.   Race.
                                                                                             ii.   iii.
278.                              i.   Sex.
                                                                                             ii.   iii.
279.                     Type,

280.                     Tag number,

281.                     VIN number,

282.                     Year.

283.   Capture and maintain towing information for a vehicle:

284.                     Date available for release,

285.                     Date towed,

286.                     Location stored,

287.                     Number of days/hours stored,

288.                     Reason towed,

289.                     Registration tag decal number,

290.                     Related crimes/incidents to the tow,

291.                     Release date,

292.                     Released by,

293.                     Released to,

294.                     Time towed,

295.                     Towed by,
  City of Berkeley                                     05-10051-C                                  Page 36 of 127
  Public Safety Technology System                                                           Release Date 07/18/05
296.                  Towed to.

297.   Track:

298.                     Impound vehicles,

299.                     Stored/impound vehicle release fees.

300.   Associate individuals with vehicle information, including

301.                     Owner,

302.                     Driver,

303.                     Passenger.

304.   Link information related to individuals associated with a vehicle with the Master Name Index

305.   On-line Inquiries
306.   The system shall provide the ability to:
307.   Search for and retrieve master file name information based on user definable criteria.

308.   Search all master indices by any field in the incident record.

309.   Inquire records by using partial information.

310.   Consolidate name files when duplicate entries are found.

311.   Search master name index and display the following fields to select the appropriate record:

312.                     Name,

313.                     Sex,

314.                     Date of birth,

315.                     Drivers' license number,

316.                     Address,

317.                     Local arrest number,

318.                     Social security number.

319.   Search fingerprints and auto-populate RMS files or Livescan registrant/applicant screens.

320.   Auto-populate RMS screen with thumbnail mugshot of individual.

321.   Make CLETS/NCIC inquiries from Name or Vehicle file index.

322.   Generate statistical reports on all vehicle data collected during the fleet maintenance process.

323.   Search by gang affiliation, moniker, and other specified attributes.

324.   Management feedback Logs
325.   Overview
326.   Management feedback Logs capture summary information that should is typically created as a result of routine activity by Officers and
  City of Berkeley                                   05-10051-C                                     Page 37 of 127
  Public Safety Technology System                                                            Release Date 07/18/05
       other Police personnel. Statistics from calls for service, incident responses, reports, inspections completed, field interviews, and officer-
       initiated activities should provide summary information for management to review and analyze.
327.   Major Functions and Features
328.   The system shall provide the ability to:
329.   Capture and maintain information on the following officer activity:

330.                     Officer name,

331.                     Officer ID number,

332.                     Unit ID number,

333.                     Vehicle number,

334.                     MDC number,

335.                     Daily Beat assignment,

336.                     Equipment information (multiple),

337.                     Reports filed and type,

338.                     Arrest types:

                                i.   Felony.

                                i.   Misdemeanor.

                                i.   Citation.

339.                     Citation written,

340.                     Traffic Warning Cards,

341.                     Field interviews completed,

342.                     Court time,

343.                     CAD Calls For Service, assigned,

344.                     CAD Calls For Service, assisted

345.                     CAD Calls For Service, self initiated,

346.                     Overtime by category,

347.                     Vehicle stops,

348.                     Vehicles impounds/storage,

349.                     Parking citations,

350.                     Marked vehicles,

351.                     Pedestrian checks,

352.                     False alarms,

353.                     User defined (multiple),
  City of Berkeley                                       05-10051-C                                Page 38 of 127
  Public Safety Technology System                                                           Release Date 07/18/05
354.                  City-defined activities.

355.    Track actual participation time (by person) for the following activities:

356.                       Desk time,

357.                       Training days/Time,

358.                       SWAT time,

359.                       Foot patrol,

360.                       Service request,

361.                       POP/COP time,

362.                       Special event time,

363.                       Community meeting,

364.                       Other down time,

365.                       Other (multiple).

366.    Reports and Output
367.    The system shall provide the ability to:
368.    Summarize Officer activity by:

369.                       Individual.

370.                       Team, etc.

371.                       Timeframe (e.g., hour range),

372.                       Shift,,

373.                       By Officer activity and date range,

374.                       Number of:

                   i.                     Days worked

                  ii.                     Citations written

                 iii.                     Field Interview (FI) cards issued

                 iv.                      Assigned calls (primary separate from cover)

                  v.                      On-view events (primary separate from cover)

                 vi.                      Police report numbers drawn

                vii.                      Custody arrests

                viii.                     Non-custody arrest (cite-release)

                 ix.                      Livescan bookings

                  x.                      Average amount of time spent on each CAD event
  City of Berkeley                            05-10051-C                                       Page 39 of 127
  Public Safety Technology System                                                       Release Date 07/18/05
               xi.              Total time worked vs. total time in "status available"

375.   Track the use of force incidents and produce a statistical run per division or department-wide.

376.   Generate Daily Activity Log (DAL) outlining Officer safety information (high profile crimes, extra patrol requests) to include:

377.                      Nature of entry,

378.                      Location,

379.                      Associated case report numbers,

380.                      Authorizing agent/Officer name,

381.                      Vehicle descriptive information,

382.                      Suspect descriptive information,

383.                      Time of entry,

384.                      Narrative text field.

385.   Print predetermined internal/external reports.

386.   Generate statistical reports on any captured data.

387.   Itemize patrol activity by:

388.                      Type of crime,

389.                      Date range.

390.   Generate a calls-for-service report by date range with output showing day of week & hour of day.

391.   Generate statistical report on roster activity (beats, crime load, etc.).

392.   Generate a report containing percentage of calls with total time as compared to all calls.

393.   Generate a report of average response time (call received to on-scene) for each type with a grand total of all activity for every Officer with
       daily averages.
394.   On-line Inquiries
395.   The system shall provide the ability to:
396.   Retrieve individual Officer activity by:

397.                      Officer name

398.                      Officer ID

399.                      Date/Time range

400.                      Specific group (e.g., Team)

401.   ARREST
402.   Overview
403.   The capabilities of the arrest module shall include all the data capture necessary to manage the arrest and booking process. The software
       shall also provide database access to all persons arrested as well as provide all criminal and contact data on persons previously processed.
  City of Berkeley                                    05-10051-C                                     Page 40 of 127
  Public Safety Technology System                                                             Release Date 07/18/05
       Arrest reports shall be linked to the associated incident report and CAD incident information. The City currently enters arrest data into
       the County booking system (CABS which is a part of CORPUS) along with associated mugshots and fingerprints. Mugshot and fingerprint
       capture are supported via County-provided hardware and software. It is anticipated that the arrest information captured in the City system
       would be provided to the County CRIMS or CORPUS system via a proposed interface and avoid the need for redundant data entry into both
       systems (RMS to CRIMS Interface Requirements are in appendix 10).
404.   Major Functions and Features
405.   The system shall provide ability to:
406.   Capture and maintain all data elements contained in the Berkeley Arrest Report, County AFIS and all data elements required for UCR and
       NIBRS reporting
407.   Capture all data associated with City's Juvenile Diversion programs

408.   Maintain and generate statistics for gang affiliations

409.   Update/query Master Name Index

410.   Automatically flag a person as juvenile based on date of birth

411.   Automatically identify a person as a juvenile based on date of incident corresponding to date of birth

412.   Capture and maintain information related to juveniles in secured custody

413.   Enter mass arrest information (multiple arrests, same type - e.g., riot)

414.   Access and auto-populate arrest module from Mobile Data Computers

415.   Track and electronically submit photograph and fingerprint card completion (arrestees, applicants and registrants):

416.                      Photos/fingerprints taken

417.                      Cards submitted/returned/transmitted to:

418.                      DOJ

419.                      FBI

420.   Retrieve and display a person's prior arrest record and use as a default for adding another (new) arrest record for the same person

421.   Print a person's prior arrest records

422.   Associate an arrestee's address with all prior contacts, arrests etc.

423.   Applicants/Registrants
424.   The system shall provide the ability to:
425.   Capture all data associated with Berkeley’s Applicant/Registrant reports (sex, narcotics, arson, as well as other types of registrants)

426.   Distinguish applicant/registrant by City-defined type (taxi driver, solicitor, etc.)

427.   Capture and associate mug photos with applicants/registrants

428.   Link all applicant/registrant data with master name files

429.   Capture the date of registration, full subject information (name, DOB, etc.), conviction, jurisdiction and case number

430.   Prior addresses (full street address, city, state, zip)
  City of Berkeley                                    05-10051-C                                       Page 41 of 127
  Public Safety Technology System                                                               Release Date 07/18/05
431.    Current address (full street address, city, state, zip)

432.     Comment field for contact information

433.     Ability to purge file based on a user defined criteria with purge controls and purge audit trail

434.     Flag individuals with applicant/registrant data

435.     Mandated Court Restrictions
436.     The system shall provide the ability to:
437.     Enter, maintain and search court ordered restriction information:

438.                       Temporary Restraining Orders (TRO)

439.                       Permanent Restraining Orders (PRO)

440.                       Emergency Protective Orders (EPO)

441.                       Other defined court orders administered to subjects

442.     Reports and Output
443.     The system shall provide the ability to:
444.     List all arrests for a user-specified duration (time/date) to quickly assist personal in identifying an arrested person with an incident as
         described in the system.
445.     Print mandated statistical, custody and arrest reports for:

446.                       Arrest

447.                       Citation

448.                       Arrest and citation register

449.     Generate statistical reports on all applicant/registrant data

450.     On-line Inquiries
451.     The system shall provide the ability to:
452.     Select any field in the arrest record and perform a wild card search
453.     Query all applicant/registrant data

454.     Interfaces
455.     The system shall provide the ability to:
456.     Cross reference master name file to all other records associated with an individual:

457.                       Arrest/booking,

458.                       Incident and crime reports,

459.                       Traffic citations (moving and parking),

460.                       Field Interviews,
  City of Berkeley                             05-10051-C                                          Page 42 of 127
  Public Safety Technology System                                                           Release Date 07/18/05
461.                  Known offender and registrants,

462.                      Warrants,

463.                      Property and evidence,

464.                      Runaway and missing persons,

465.                      Court ordered/protected/restricted persons,

466.                      Traffic collision Involvement (Victim, Witness, Passenger).

467.    Perform Inquiry and update functions on multiple external systems from workstations:

468.                      CLETS/CJIS/NCIC,

469.                      County (CORPUS/AWS/CRIMS).

470.    Flag some information as sensitive for an investigation and therefore not allowed to be released without consultation with supervisor or
        detective (names of suspects, victims address, etc.)
471.    Community Oriented Policing (COP)
472.    Overview
473.    The Community Oriented Policing module is intended to support the definition of community problems and assign related cases, track
        activities related to problem resolution and final disposition.
474.    Major Functions and Features
475.    The system shall provide the ability to:
476.    Define a community problem via:

477.                      Assigned officer,

478.                      Beat/district,

479.                      Case comments (narrative),

480.                      Case status,

481.                      Date closed,

482.                      Date opened ,

483.                      Problem number.

484.    Reporting party data including, but not limited to:

485.                      Address,

486.                      Contact desires (Y/N),

487.                      Name,

488.                      Email Address,

489.                      Phone number (home, office, mobile).

490.    Track complaint data including, but not limited to:
  City of Berkeley                                       05-10051-C          Page 43 of 127
  Public Safety Technology System                                     Release Date 07/18/05
491.                  Activities,

492.                      Activity log,

493.                      Analysis outcome (narrative),

494.                      Assignment (narrative),

495.                      Assignment for follow-up,

496.                      Date,

497.                      Day(s),

498.                      Definition of complaint,

499.                      Location,

500.                      Reports and Output,

501.                      Response type,

502.                      Time,

503.                      Time(s),

504.                      Type.

505.   Print regularly scheduled Activity Summary including:

506.                      Average resolution time,

507.                      Problem summary,

508.                      Problems assigned, by officer,

509.                      Problems assigned, by problem type,

510.                      Problems outstanding,

511.                      Problems reported,

512.                      Problems resolved, by officer,

513.                      Resolution time.

514.   On-line Inquiries
515.   The system shall provide the ability to:
516.   Inquire into the problem file and activity log.

517.   Inquire by the following information:

518.                      Location,

519.                      Officer assigned,

520.                      District,

521.                      Problem type,
  City of Berkeley                                     05-10051-C                                       Page 44 of 127
  Public Safety Technology System                                                                Release Date 07/18/05
522.                  Problem open,

523.                       Problem resolved,

524.                       Date range.

525.    Associate active community cases with records in CAD, RMS.

526.    Output community oriented policing data to proposed crime analysis/map tools.

527.    Document Imaging
528.    Overview
529.    While Berkeley Police have an existing imaging system (Disc Imaging System developed and distributed by Ikon) which is used to capture
        police reports, the system is not integrated with RMS or CAD and the scanned information is only available for inquiry from a specific
        computer. Berkeley desires to integrate (either the existing imaging system or another) with the suite of Police and fire applications.
        Integration should improve inquiry capability, expand utilization of imaged reports and enhance communication. Ikon has mentioned that they
        have API’s available to provide vendor interface to stored images. Please note that there is also a work-in-progress to acquire and implement
        an enterprise wide Content Management System for City departments. Berkeley anticipates a seamless integration between the Document
        Imaging System and RMS, CAD and mobile data application. The Document Imaging system would act as a "front end" for attaching digital
        files to RMS records. The RMS should provide meta data information automatically to the Document imaging system as part of the proposed
        interface. Imaged documents or data should be easily retrievable and electronically associated to an existing RMS record so that each
        record contains all necessary supplemental information that has been entered into the system. All associated digital files should be
        retrievable directly from the RMS. Attached digital files should be identified and listed in the online RMS record via hot-link and
        preferably with a thumbnail of the digital image.
530.    Major Functions and Features
531.    The system shall provide the ability to:
532.    Electronically capture supplemental information without manually reentering data or retyping text regarding an existing report. Supplemental
        information could be a hand-written statement, graphical diagrams, photos, etc.
533.    Associate electronically captured supplemental data to the appropriate report and case number

534.    Electronically archive reports and all associated supplemental information

535.    Manage, track and print all archived reports and supplemental data by case number

536.    Limit access to select fields (such as Juvenile, name, address, etc.). In general, access to the archived data must be secure and controlled.

537.    Automatically flag all related documents to an expunge request with an option to delete and possibly provide special archive features.

538.    Automatically seal all related data on documents pertaining to a sealed record

539.    Search and retrieve electronic or image documents from CAD/ RMS

540.    View related electronic or image documents, mug-shots, photographs from CAD/RMS

541.    Attach mug shots/photographs to CAD/RMS reports for viewing and printing

542.    Special security for the ability to highlight text for viewing, printing or redacting.

543.    Allow any user to merge documents that have been scanned at different times together under one report number and allow the arrangement
        of which documents will display
544.    Give the System Administrator an approval process for accepting/rejecting scanned images.
  City of Berkeley                                  05-10051-C                                   Page 45 of 127
  Public Safety Technology System                                                       Release Date 07/18/05
545.    Give the System Administrator an option to route the accepted/rejected document with a place for typing or selecting a reason code or
546.     Pre-populate relevant meta data between RMS and the imaging system

547.     Index the image in a variety of ways, including, but not limited to the following:

548.                       Image number (automatic indexing),

549.                       Report number,

550.                       Batch number,

551.                       Document type,

552.                       Document number,

553.                       Date of document,

554.                       Submitted by,

555.                       Officer ID,

556.                       Name,

557.                       Location of document (if photo, diagram, etc.),

558.                       Type of relevant number,

559.                       Case, report, permit or other relevant number,

560.                       Key words.

561.     Activate the imaging system from RMS.

562.     View images from both RMS and the imaging system.

563.     Indicate all imaged files that are associated with an RMS record from the RMS record.

564.     View thumbnail of image from the associated RMS record.

565.     Set City-defined naming conventions for images that display in the RMS record.

566.     Accommodate one-time entry of common index information for a batch.

567.     Replace images (change index pointers) with ease if appropriately authorized.

568.     Incident and Crime Reporting
569.     Overview
         Incident and Crime Reports include documenting criminal activity as well as investigation of non-criminal incidents. Incident reports may be
         completed for any incident that requires documentation. Normally, incidents would originate from a variety of sources including, dispatched
         calls for service, front counter contacts, and self-initiated reports from the field and telephone reports. The disposition of the incident
         from CAD would determine whether a report would accompany the Officer's response. The dispatch generated incident information should
         be transferred to the RMS for supplemental data entry and summary analysis. Additional incident report data entry would supplement the
         basic transferred CAD incident record. This information would be collected from either direct entry into the RMS or through reports
         entered via the Automated Field Reporting system. The software should produce the required monthly UCR for the City. The reports should
         meet all Federal UCR requirements and should contain all required data and provide an analysis of UCR Group B (Section I) and Group A
         (Section II) Crime. Statistics should be reported for the specified month, year-to-date and the previous month; for the month specified
  City of Berkeley                                  05-10051-C                                     Page 46 of 127
  Public Safety Technology System                                                           Release Date 07/18/05
       during the previous year and the previous year-to-date, as well as the percentage change. Changes made to records in the past (beyond one
       month) should automatically result in supplemental records that are incorporated in the current month’s tally. Any UCR report should have
       the capability of being rerun as many times as desired. There should also be a place for the author’s signature on all reports. The reports
       should be menu selectable and access the offense, arrest juvenile, property and vehicle files in order to generate specific reports. The
       system should also be flexible enough to support future changes to the Federally mandated Incident Based Reporting NIBRS.
570.   Major Functions and Features
571.   The system shall provide the ability to:
572.   Meet all California UCR and NIBRS reporting guidelines

573.   Assign local crime classification or statute number to the official UCR and NIBRS classification

574.   Assign, classify, sort and manage all incidents by type (User-defined)

575.   Assign and change incident priorities

576.   Easily differentiate between criminal and non-criminal incidents

577.   Track associated case numbers with a crime report

578.   Display to the user a listing of real crime titles with the appropriate UCR and NIBRS title

579.   Select or modify UCR and NIBRS title based upon an entered local crime title

580.   Alert Officer, using pop-up window if the subject has been arrested within a 24-hour period for the same crime

581.   Capture, track and manage required UCR and NIBRS data from the offense/crime report reducing the need for additional UCR and NIBRS
       data entry
582.   Cross-reference case numbers to all subsequent reports filed for an incident:

583.                     Supplemental reports

584.                     Arrest

585.                     Property and evidence

586.                     Accident report

587.   Perform on-line validation and correction of data entry:

588.                     Case/incident number

589.                     Report type

590.                     Crime classification

591.                     UCR and NIBRS classification

592.                     Reporting area

593.                     Disposition

594.                     Logical date sequence

595.   Utilize word processing software (MS Word) to create integrated narrative for original and supplemental reports. The same security
       features must apply to word processing documents as they do throughout the entire system.
596.   Identify user mandatory fields based on crime and/or incidents
  City of Berkeley                                 05-10051-C                                       Page 47 of 127
  Public Safety Technology System                                                            Release Date 07/18/05
597.    Prompt user to complete any mandatory fields not completed

598.     Flag a report with questionable information and describe the issue to be reviewed (with supervisor authorization)

599.     Review and/or approve reports on-line (with supervisor authorization)

600.     Identify assigned reports not completed or missing

601.     Automatically notify individuals of outstanding reports based on user-defined time parameters (hours, future dates, number of days, etc.)
         and based on report type
602.     Easily navigate between screens associated with a reports review/approval process

603.     Track case classification changes:

604.                       Original/dispatched as

605.                       Officer

606.                       Investigative re-classification

607.                       Date of change and reason

608.     Retrieve screen(s) that contain errors for UCR, NIBRS required fields with suggested remedy that can updated/modified the record
609.     Track non-emergency citizen complaints

610.     Assign User-defined non-emergency complaint types

611.     Assign geo-verified locations to each complaint

612.     Notify user of potential duplicate complaints based on location or type

613.     Add free text to complaint narrative

614.     Create incidents with associate report numbers if complaint escalates

615.     Track citizen complaints

616.     Apply secured access to follow-up investigation on citizen complaint reports

617.     Reports and Output
618.     The system shall provide the ability to:
619.     Access and print individual as well as multiple incident reports by:

620.                       Address

621.                       Date

622.                       Date range

623.                       District

624.                       Incident type

625.                       Incident number

626.                       Officer
  City of Berkeley                                     05-10051-C                                    Page 48 of 127
  Public Safety Technology System                                                             Release Date 07/18/05
627.                  Supervisor

628.                      Unit

629.   Electronically route selected incident reports to any designated individual or group

630.   Print individual incident reports prior to final approval

631.   Print all supplemental or associated reports and images to an incident report with ease

632.   Print listing of related case and other types of reports

633.   Track or print a list of open or unapproved case reports (tickler for follow-up) by:

634.                      Date or date range

635.                      District

636.                      Type

637.                      Officer

638.                      Supervisor

639.                      Unit

640.   Selectively print incident report information

641.   Track citizen complaints by all associated master data (e.g., name, gender, race, date)

642.   Track citizen complaints by type (City-defined)

643.   Set flag on City-specified number of Officer complaints by Officer, geographic region/address/beat, date, date range, incident type

644.   On-line Inquiries
645.   The system shall provide the ability to:
646.   View individual incident and crime reports (including narrative) on-line

647.   Retrieve records by single or combined criteria:

648.                      Any field in record

649.                      Case/incident number

650.                      Crime classification

651.                      Date or date range

652.                      Day of week

653.                      Involved party description

654.                      Involved party name

655.                      Location/reporting district

656.                      Prior arrests

657.                      Reporting officer
  City of Berkeley                                    05-10051-C                                    Page 49 of 127
  Public Safety Technology System                                                            Release Date 07/18/05
658.                  Time of day

659.                      Vehicle description

660.   View reports from all participating agencies (view-only)

661.   Selectively restrict cases from viewing by Division (i.e., only appears in master name index)

662.   Log alarm events:

663.                      Collect false activation

664.                      Report all false alarms by account number

665.                      Report single alarm information

666.                      Generate a no call list for multi false alarm offenders where the multi false alarm threshold can be set by the system
667.                      Bill resident for false alarm activity based on a specific threshold for false alarm count.

669.   Overview
670.   Inventory, equipment and vehicle maintenance applications should provide administration and maintenance of property issued to persons and
       vehicles owned by the City. Issued equipment includes protective clothing, weapons, tools, keys, lockers, etc. Vehicle maintenance is not
       needed. Preventative (regularly scheduled as well as repair for the Police and fire fleet is managed by HTE’s Fleet Management system which
       interfaces with GasBoy at the pump.
       Where appropriate, repair activities should be linked to any associated collision or incident report involving a City vehicle.
671.   Major Functions and Features
672.   The system shall provide the ability to:
673.   Capture and maintain all City issued equipment data including, but not limited to:

674.                      Item number

675.                      Description

676.                      Model

677.                      Type

678.                      Cost

679.                      Manufacturer

680.                      Warranty period

681.                      Warranty start/end dates

682.                      Size/caliber of weapon issued

683.                      Serial number

684.                      Asset/property tag number

685.                      Radio ID number
  City of Berkeley                                   05-10051-C                                     Page 50 of 127
  Public Safety Technology System                                                            Release Date 07/18/05
686.                  Issued to:

                                 - Individual

                                 - Vehicle

                                 - Location

                                 - Building

                                 - Division

                                 - Unit

                                 - Storage area

687.                     Date purchased

688.                     Date issued

689.                     Condition issued

690.                     Issued by

691.                     Date returned

692.                     Condition returned

693.                     Received by

694.                     Maintenance

695.                     Equipment type (weapons, etc.)

696.                     Repair dates and comments

697.                     Status code (lost, missing, etc.)

698.                     Replacement dates

699.                     Keys and lockers

700.                     Other

701.   Reports and Output
702.   The system shall provide the ability to:
703.   Print summary of equipment by Officer

704.   List all equipment due for inspection and/or maintenance for any given time period by individual, unit or district

705.   Print equipment issued and in-stock inventory listings

706.   List equipment scheduled for inspection by:

707.                     Type of equipment

708.                     District

709.                     Date range
  City of Berkeley                                 05-10051-C                                     Page 51 of 127
  Public Safety Technology System                                                          Release Date 07/18/05
710.    List equipment maintenance and repair expenses, listing actual versus budgeted amounts

711.     Print equipment lists by:

712.                       Item number

713.                       Serial number

714.                       Radio ID number

715.                       Location

716.                       Vehicle

717.                       Individual issued to

718.                       Equipment type

719.     Print inventory summaries by:

720.                       Building

721.                       Vehicle

722.                       Unit

723.                       District

724.                       Storage area

725.                       Asset/property tag number

726.                       Location

727.                       Manufacturer

728.                       Alphabetically

729.                       Item category

730.     Generate, print re-order lists based on City-defined supply requirements

731.     On-line Inquiries
732.     The system shall have the ability to:
733.     Retrieve/view equipment records by:

734.                       Serial number

735.                       Equipment type

736.                       Location

737.                       Individual issued to

738.     View current issued inventory by:

739.                       Individual

740.                       Vehicle
  City of Berkeley                                   05-10051-C                                  Page 52 of 127
  Public Safety Technology System                                                         Release Date 07/18/05
741.                  Location

742.                      District

743.                      Unit

744.                      Storage area

745.                      Building

746.   Review quantities consumed by:

747.                      Date range

748.                      Individual

749.                      District

750.                      Unit

751.   Print positive/negative variance amounts by individual, district, unit

753.   Investigative Case Management should allow the assignment and tracking of cases for investigative and patrol purposes. It should support
       case management activities of individual investigators and patrol officers, allowing the broadest access to available information resources,
       either on local systems or through message switching to remote databases. All case management capabilities should have a high degree of
       security and limited access via system authorization. The case management system should be seamlessly integrated with the City’s Document
       Imaging system to allow for the attachment of all required supplemental forms, reports, photographs and case notes. It is anticipated that
       the automated workflow provided by the RMS will provide data distribution and automated case assignment capabilities online. The City
       prefers that automated workflow capabilities include sending cases to the City Prosecutor and District Attorney based on City-defined
754.   Major Functions and Features
755.   The system shall provide the ability to:
756.   Capture and maintain the following case management information:

757.                      Item number (incident number) - generated by CAD

758.                      Case number (case number) - generated by CAD

759.                      Crime code section(s)

760.                      Case status

761.                      Assigned to (officer name and ID number)

762.                      Date assigned

763.                      Re-assigned to (officer name and ID number)

764.                      Date re-assigned

765.                      Status due date

766.                      Summary narrative
  City of Berkeley                                    05-10051-C                                    Page 53 of 127
  Public Safety Technology System                                                            Release Date 07/18/05
767.                  Date cleared

768.                      Officer clearing (officer name and ID)

769.                      Clearance type

770.                      Solvability factors

771.                      Comments

772.                      Number of supplemental reports including the officer/investigator's name

773.    Reference cases by suspect, victim, reporting officer or detective

774.    Define purge criteria for case management data elements

775.    Track all cases from initial incident to completion of the investigation

776.    Automatically assign cases to persons and details based on agency-defined offense codes and solvability factors, and notify the supervisors
        and individuals when cases are assigned
777.    Track solvability rating

778.    Automate case assignment using solvability factors to assign cases (based on specialty, zones)

779.    Track next steps

780.    Automatically notify the investigator or provide supervisor alert when a case is due, prior to the actual due date (user definable)

781.    Retain history of changes in status for each case being investigated.

782.    Re-open cases of previously suspended cases and continue to track actual time worked

783.    Electronically notify assigned investigator and/or alert supervisor whenever there is activity associated with a case (property impounded,
        field interviews, fingerprints, etc.)
784.    Capture and maintain the following identification tracking management information:

785.                      Case number

786.                      Date

787.                      ID Tech

788.                      UCR and NIBRS Code

789.                      UCR and NIBRS Remarks

790.                      Location

791.                      ID Report Date

792.                      Persons/Businesses

793.                      Number of items

794.                      Latent of value

795.                      Latent of AFIS quality

796.                      Date of AFIS search completion

797.                      Photos
  City of Berkeley                                   05-10051-C                                      Page 54 of 127
  Public Safety Technology System                                                             Release Date 07/18/05
798.    Set a flag to denote that a person, property, or vehicle is being investigated

799.     Automatically notify investigator when flagged person, property or vehicle is contacted

800.     Track asset forfeitures (cash value)

801.     Track narcotic evidence

802.     Flag cases and notify investigators when case commonalties occur

803.     Automatically generate a supplemental report in the RMS when a case is closed

804.     Automatically attach supplemental reports to original incident report

805.     Track Court disposition of case review

806.     Correlate and track supplemental reports/attachments to original case number

807.     Write case information (i.e. case notes) in a hand held device & upload data to the RMS (please note any constraints or assumptions)

808.     Define case access by individual as read only, edit, print, delete

809.     Lock down digital photos and identify them as originals

810.     Support a working copy (draft) of reports and allow access to investigator prior to closing report

811.     Automatically track and link all incidents to names, officer, location, etc.

812.     Search all records for phone numbers including use of wild cards

813.     Generate alert/notification when officer overrides a disposition code

814.     Cancel disposition report based on supervisor approval

815.     Reports and Output
816.     The system shall provide the ability to:
817.     Print the following Case Management Reports:

818.                        Cases assigned by case number

819.                        Cases assigned by detective or officer, by name and ID number

820.                        Cases forwarded to District Attorney

821.                        Disposition of District Attorney of case review

822.                        Closed and suspended cases

823.                        Juvenile vs. adult

824.                        Juvenile petitions

825.     Generate case-load statistics by date and date range:

826.                        Total number of cases reviewed

827.                        Total number of arrests by specific Divisions

828.                        Total number of warrant requests
  City of Berkeley                              05-10051-C                                     Page 55 of 127
  Public Safety Technology System                                                       Release Date 07/18/05
829.                  Total number of cases closed and reason for closure by disposition

830.                      Total number of cases suspended

831.                      Total number of cases still open and classification

832.                      Case tracking and status

833.    Print case summary statistics utilized by investigators:

834.                      Case activity

835.                      Cases assigned

836.                        By crime type

837.                      Cases cleared

838.                        Percent cleared by crime type

839.                        Percent cleared by clearance type

840.    Print the following case reports:

841.    Unassigned Cases - provide a chronological list of all unassigned cases in ranked solvability factor order for assigning case priority

842.    Case Status Summary (Case Closing Analysis) - provide a summary of the status of all assigned cases including actual number of case closures
        and closure rate
843.    Case Aging - provide the timeframe between the assigned date, follow-up date and if necessary time overdue to allow reassessment of
        scheduled follow-up timeframes and/or reallocate resources to assist in a faster case closure
844.    Assigned Case (Investigator workload) - list solvability factors of all cases assigned by investigator

845.    Case Counts - summary of all cases assigned, broken down by investigator with individual totals and bureau totals

846.    Case Activity Summary - list of cases and corresponding status whether assigned or not assigned

847.    Follow-up Due Report - summary of all assigned cases based upon a user-specified due date

848.    Print an offense report from any PC/workstation

849.    Generate ad hoc user defined reports, including but not limited to:

850.                      Person By Name - list of all persons contacted by user-specified date range

851.                      Vehicle By Area/Beat - list of all vehicles for a user-specified date range

852.                      Vehicle By License - list of all vehicles by license contacted for a user-defined date range

853.                      Vehicle By Color - list all vehicles by color contacted for a user-specified date range

854.    Mail merge case data and produce form letters using standard word processing software.

855.    Track case status and case notes and download to other formats (Word)

856.    On-Line Inquiries
857.    The system shall provide the ability to:
858.    Search and retrieve possible suspects based on Master Name Index data
  City of Berkeley                                   05-10051-C                                      Page 56 of 127
  Public Safety Technology System                                                           Release Date 07/18/05
859.    Display specific records by searching for a specific case number. If the case number is not known, then a general file search using any other
         data field that can be initiated.
860.     Display a warning flash (or similar indicator) indicating that the queried item has been "tagged" for investigative purposes.

861.     Request access to and retrieval (of information) from multiple systems:

862.                       RMS Pawn module

863.                       RMS Property and Evidence module

864.                       CLETS/NCIC

865.                       Pawn shop data

867.     Overview
868.     Crime Analysis capabilities of the system should provide the ability to correlate information from known incidents to assist in the
         identification of general crime trends and specific crime patterns, and to predict probable characteristics of future offenses. The software
         should provide a database that can be accessed to determine crime problems, develop crime prevention strategies, etc. In addition, the
         capability to generate and print pin maps, statistical graphs, and various graphical outputs is desired. The City anticipates both standard and
         comprehensive ad hoc crime analysis/reporting capabilities that provide non-technical users with the ability to easily generate statistical
         maps and reports based on system data available to authorized users.
869.     Major Functions and Features
870.     The system shall provide the ability to:
871.     Run queries on any incident-related data elements

872.     Convert search results to pin map or any City-defined output

873.     Conduct crime distribution analysis:

874.                       By area/beat, by reporting district

875.                       By time, date, and day of week

876.                       Frequency of occurrence

877.                       Type (residential, auto, business, UCR and NIBRS type, local statute, etc.)

878.                       Current period vs. previous period

879.                       Current period vs. historical average

880.                       Percentage of total crimes for period

881.                       Reporting districts

882.                       Areas/Beats

883.                       Units

884.                       Percentage change from prior periods (trend)

885.                       By shift
  City of Berkeley                                   05-10051-C              Page 57 of 127
  Public Safety Technology System                                     Release Date 07/18/05
886.    Capture and track crime data including, but not limited to:

887.                       Disposition code

888.                       MO, including City-defined codes for:

                                  - Approach to victim

                                  - Deception used

                                  - Disguise used

                                  - Actions taken by suspect

                                  - Physical violence

                                  - Miscellaneous

889.                       Premise type

890.                       Method of entry

891.                       Point of entry

892.                       Suspects

                                 i.   Hair

                                 i.   Eyes

                                 i.   Build height

                                 i.   Frame

                                 i.   Hair length

                                 i.   Hair type

                                 i.   Facial hair

                                 i.   Hair style

                                 i.   Face shape

                                 i.   Complexion

                                 i.   Skin tone

                                 i.   Glasses

                                 i.   Speech

                                 i.   Handed

                                 i.   Teeth

                                 i.   Manner

                                 i.   Appearance

                                 i.   Odor
  City of Berkeley                            05-10051-C                                             Page 58 of 127
  Public Safety Technology System                                                             Release Date 07/18/05
                           i. Gang status (Y/N)

                                i.   Gang affiliation

                                i.   Description (narrative/free text)

893.   Group specific incidents and description by City-defined parameters (e.g., pattern recognition, series)

894.   Relate records within the system for analysis (i.e., person-to-person, person-to-vehicle, etc.)

895.   Track gang affiliations and relationships associated with individuals, locations, vehicles and incidents

896.   Indicate specific data elements for statistical analysis and reporting

897.   Download data from external interfaced systems i.e. State - parole, probation, sex registrants into the crime analysis module

898.   Use external geodata (e.g., other City departments) in generating map/report output

899.   Track all gang-related activity by location, type, date, etc.

900.   Import data from external sources into the crime analysis function to be included in required output (e.g., phone records, financial data)

901.   Link external data to master files

902.   Reports and Output
903.   The system shall provide the ability to:
904.   Present crime distribution statistics in graphical format:

905.                      Pin maps

906.                      Bar graphs

907.                      Pie charts

908.                      Line graphs

909.                      Link reports/charts (by master data)

910.                      Timeline reports/charts (including master data elements)

911.                      ESRI based, state-plane coordinate mapping displays

912.                      Telephone toll analysis (calls linked by master data)

913.   Download crime analysis data into external formats (e.g., Excel, Access, ASCII))

914.   Conduct trend/regression analysis

915.   Perform all graphical output based on specified patterns, series, etc.

916.   Perform searches across all master name files for given set of MO or input criteria

917.   Click on a map icon to access detailed incident history, premise history, etc.

918.   Develop crime reports and statistics based on search results (e.g., type of crime, location, officer, beat, vehicle/unit number, type of
       business, day of week, hour of day)
919.   Conduct crime analysis/reports from range of addresses, beats, report districts, square miles etc.

920.   Create reports based on location
  City of Berkeley                                  05-10051-C                                         Page 59 of 127
  Public Safety Technology System                                                               Release Date 07/18/05
921.    Report case disposition/case status based on user defined time periods

922.     Note overlapping density of activity with City-configurable icons (e.g., one incident versus 10 incidents)

923.     Create regularly scheduled statistical reports

924.     Send ad hoc or scheduled reports via e-mail (with appropriate ―send‖ authority and to an authorized, pre-approved list of recipients).

925.     Save queries

926.     Set City-defined pin map icons (size, color, symbols, etc.)

927.     Upload crime analysis data into a shared repository to support regionalized crime analysis (note any standard format recommendations,
         approaches, etc.)
928.     Generate an Offense Activity Report - functions as overall criminal activity analysis, showing offenses reported and their dispositions for
         any City-specified time period
929.     Generate a report of Offenses Activity By time/date range - analyzes the incidence of criminal activity by City-specified time/date range
         showing counts for each offense category. The offense classification used should be generated from the offense record for a defined range
930.     Generate a report of Offense Activity By geographical boundary - analyzes the incidence of criminal activity by City-specified geographical
         area (beat, reporting area, street segment, specific address, ad hoc geo-based area), showing counts and totals for each offense category
931.     On-Line Inquiries
932.     Produce ad hoc reports selected on multiple fields across multiple files (note maximum if applicable)

933.     Query crime activity between a user-defined time period by:

934.                       Business name

935.                       Date range

936.                       Day of week

937.                       Location/address range

938.                       Method of entry

939.                       MO

940.                       Officer

941.                       Point of entry

942.                       Premise type

943.                       Property type involved

944.                       Reporting district

945.                       Shift

946.                       Stolen vehicle recovery location

947.                       Suspects and descriptors

948.                       Time of day range

949.                       Type of crime

950.                       Victim/suspect relationship
  City of Berkeley                                  05-10051-C                                     Page 60 of 127
  Public Safety Technology System                                                           Release Date 07/18/05
951.                  Weapon used

952.                     Any combination

953.   Create temporary data files for inquiries and manipulation

954.   Search for a case number using the date the offense was reported

955.   List possible offenses showing the time received, activity code, area/beat and incident number for all offenses that occurred during the
       date specified
956.   Track/follow trends based on user-defined criteria

957.   Search for a missing case report

958.   Search by case numbers

959.   Search by address without using apartment numbers

960.   Search for an address by city block

961.   Search for an address by user defined parameters (e.g., between city streets, grid, zones, beat plans, report districts,)

962.   PAWN
963.   Major Functions and Features
964.   The system shall provide the ability to:
965.   Capture and maintain all data associated with City property and pawn reports (DOJ form JUS123)

966.   Automatically compare/cross reference pawn information to stolen property information in RMS

967.   Flag specific pawners based on criminal history, frequency and other user defined criteria

968.   Integrate the pawn address with address of agency of record.

969.   Track and report on frequent pawners

970.   List property by pawn location

971.   Compare Pawning Person against Master Name Index

972.   Pick/choose Pawning Person from Master Name Index

973.   Enter Pawning Person into Master Name Index if new occurrence

974.   Interface and search external agency (CLETS/NCIC) pawn databases

975.   Automatically transfer confirmed Stolen items from the pawn database into CLETS/NCIC database (via interface)

976.   Automatically compare pawned property description against reported stolen property descriptions in CLETS/NCIC for potential matches.

977.   Print a list of pawned property grouped by property type.

978.   Generate list of frequent pawners.

979.   List property by

980.                     Pawn location

981.                     Pawn ticket number
  City of Berkeley                              05-10051-C                                         Page 61 of 127
  Public Safety Technology System                                                           Release Date 07/18/05
982.                  Any desired field from the Pawn report

983.    Schedule user defined automatic queries:

984.                      For a given time period

985.                      For given frequencies

986.                      Item(s)

987.                      Name (s)

988.                      based on a user defined wildcard search method

989.    The system shall provide ability to upload pawn information from digital media (I.e., CD-ROM)

990.    Allow pawn shops or second hand stores located in the City of Berkeley to enter directly (via internet) into the Police Pawn tracking system
        with officer validation approval features.
992.    Personnel administration functions (in the system) should include entry of detailed personnel information, including certification, scheduling
        and roster, promotion, assignment, and education history. Injury tracking, discipline history, promotion history and hazardous material
        exposure should also be provided. The system should support the entry and tracking of training history, scheduling, and course information.
993.    Personnel
994.    The system shall provide the ability to:
995.    Maintain the following personnel information:

996.                      Name

997.                      City Officer number

998.                      Social Security number

999.                      Badge number

1000.                     ID number

1001.                     Type (e.g., Cadet, Sworn, Non-sworn)

1002.                     Driver's license number

1003.                     Position number (seniority)

1004.                     Date of birth

1005.                     Place of birth

1006.                     Address (minimum 2 addresses)

1007.                     Home phone number (minimum of 3)

1008.                     Previous employment

1009.                     Hire date

1010.                     Appointment date
  City of Berkeley                                   05-10051-C                   Page 62 of 127
  Public Safety Technology System                                          Release Date 07/18/05
1011.                 Rank

1012.                 Division

1013.                 Unit

1014.                 Section

1015.                 Education history/school (multiple)

1016.                 Degree (multiple)

1017.                 Number of units completed

1018.                 Marital status

1019.                 Spouse information

1020.                 Height

1021.                 Weight

1022.                 Ethnicity

1023.                 Digital photographs

1024.                 Certifications/licenses (City-defined) including:

                               - Application date

                               - Award date

                               - Category

                               - Certificate name

                               - Certificate number

                               - Expiration date

                               - Hours

                               - Narrative/free text

1025.                 Special skills (languages, licenses, etc.)

1026.                 Commendations

1027.                 Post status

1028.                 Promotion/demotion history (date, rank, reasons)

1029.                 Current assignment

1030.                 Previous assignment including:

                               - Beginning date

                               - Ending date

1031.                 Emergency information including:
  City of Berkeley                             05-10051-C                                         Page 63 of 127
  Public Safety Technology System                                                          Release Date 07/18/05
                            - Medical history

                                  - Allergies

                                  - Insurance carrier

                                  - Physician

1032.                      Blood type

1033.                      Date of last physical

1034.                      Due date of next physical

1035.                      Emergency contacts information (minimum 2)

1036.                      Next of kin

1037.                      Next of kin notifier (designated person)

1038.                      Next appraisal/review date

1039.                      Military history

1040.                      City-defined status codes (e.g., active, suspended, retired)

1041.                      Resigned

1042.                      Date

1043.                      Reason (narrative)

1044.                      Terminated

1045.                      Date

1046.                      Reason (narrative)

1047.   Automatically assign sequential Officer or service numbers to new personnel

1048.   Assign City personnel numbers in addition to Department ID numbers to all personnel

1049.   Alert users, supervisors of individual training expirations

1050.   List training courses available

1051.   List training organizations/presenters

1052.   List URL to training organizations/presenters

1053.   Maintain officer schedules to assign/track training

1054.   Manage academy training process

1055.   Track academy training

1056.   Seal/limit access to academy training data

1057.   Training
1058.   The system shall provide ability to:
  City of Berkeley                                     05-10051-C                    Page 64 of 127
  Public Safety Technology System                                             Release Date 07/18/05
1059. Track/manage Officer attendance by:
1060.                     Agency

1061.                     Agency ID number

1062.                     City ID number

1063.                     Name

1064.                     Beat assignment

1065.                     Date/time range

1066.                     Type of exception (e.g., sick, court, comp time)

1067.                     Person replacing

1068.                     Unit

1069.                     Task assignment

1070.   Process/track shift trades

1071.   Maintain the following training information:

1072.                     Name

1073.                     Agency ID number

1074.                     Social Security number

1075.                     Certificates of training completed

1076.                     Courses and seminars attended

1077.                     Dates

1078.                     Course name/title

1079.                     Course type/category (City-defined)

1080.                     Hours complete

1081.                     School/Presenter

1082.                     Instructor

1083.                     City-defined course tracking by individual for:

                                  - Qualification status

                                  - History

                                  - Renewal flags

                                  - Type

                                  - Score

                                  - Pass/fail
  City of Berkeley                            05-10051-C                                              Page 65 of 127
  Public Safety Technology System                                                              Release Date 07/18/05
                            - Comments (narrative)

                                  - Location

                                  - Phone number

                                  - Cost

                                  - Cost categories - City-defined (e.g., course costs, airfare, per diem)

                                  - Transportation code - City-defined (e.g., driver, passenger)

1084.   List School/Presenter training catalog including, but not limited to:

1085.                     Address

1086.                     Website

1087.                     Phone number

1088.                     Contact person

1089.                     Class location/site

1090.   Generate training schedules

1091.   Track training hours and mandatory training by individuals, position or rank

1092.   Track the following course information:

1093.                     Name/course title

1094.                     Course number

1095.                     Instructor

1096.                     Date

1097.                     Location

1098.                     Hours

1099.                     Voluntary/mandatory

1100.                     Post plans (1-5); re reimbursement

1101.                     Reimbursable/non-reimbursable

1102.                     Grade

1103.                     Follow-up training required

1104.                     Subsequent course(s) required

1105.   Maintain training budget data by:

1106.                     Unit

1107.                     Individual

1108.   Create and maintain schedules for different types of training activities
   City of Berkeley                                  05-10051-C                                     Page 66 of 127
   Public Safety Technology System                                                           Release Date 07/18/05
1109. Designate City facility for specific training (e.g., room, building)
1110.    Track room, building, facility availability by scheduled training

1111.    Attach digital image of external training brochures or course information to training course record

1112.    Obtain tickler information on personnel in need of training by:

1113.                       Name

1114.                       ID

1115.                       Training type

1116.                       Date

1117.    Create training requirements/training plan by role

1118.    Scheduling
1119.    The system shall provide the ability to:
1120.    Enter and maintain various shift types (5 x 8, 4 x 10, varied, etc.)

1121.    Capture start time, end time, day of week, month, year

1122.    Maintain daily roster function to include, but not limited to:

1123.                       Officer ID

1124.                       Name

1125.                       Shift

1126.                       Roster

1127.                       Assignment

1128.                       Station ID

1129.                       Schedule code (City-defined)

1130.                       Date range

1131.                       Beginning hours

1132.                       Ending hours

1133.                       Date

1134.                       Off-duty

1135.                       Vacation

1136.                       Floating holiday

1137.                       Comp time

1138.                       Workers' compensation

1139.                       Sick time
   City of Berkeley                                   05-10051-C                                     Page 67 of 127
   Public Safety Technology System                                                            Release Date 07/18/05
1140.                  Leave without pay

1141.                     Military leave

1142.                     Administrative leave

1143.                     Leave of absence

1144.                     School/training

1145.                     City-defined time code

1146.                     City-defined pay code

1147.                     Union code

1148.   Maintain schedule/roster by, but not limited to:

1149.                     Division

1150.                     Shift

1151.                     Team

1152.                     Beat

1153.                     Unit

1154.                     City-defined distinction

1155.   Maintain online schedules up to 2 years in advance

1156.   Identify back up units, personnel and automatically insert into schedule based on availability

1157.   Maintain staffing short-falls in roster (based on specified staffing level requirements for specific day, time, day of week, shift, etc.) for
        overtime assignment
1158.   Maintain maximum number of positions allowed time off

1159.   Maintain special assignments

1160.   Upload roster information into CAD automatically at specified time/shift

1161.   Download CAD activity data to reconcile actual time worked

1162.   Reports and Output
1163.   The system shall provide the ability to:
1164.   Generate, print, e-mail schedules by officer, group specifying assigned training

1165.   List individuals that have not completed specific training

1166.   Print summary of training completed by individuals/training type

1167.   Print summary training planned/required by individuals/training type

1168.   Print summary training information for individuals and groups by defined date range including, but not limited to:

1169.                     Date

1170.                     Subject
   City of Berkeley                                        05-10051-C                               Page 68 of 127
   Public Safety Technology System                                                           Release Date 07/18/05
1171.                  Sessions

1172.                          Trainees (number)

1173.                          Hours

1174.                          Total hours

1175.                          Compliance status (City-defined)

1176.                          Planned training

1177.                          Future required training

1178.   Generate, print training schedules in calendar format

1179.   Run training history by date range, individual, unit/division, assignment

1180.   Generate cost summary reports by:

1181.                          Individual

1182.                          Group/unit

1183.                          Date range

1184.   Print shortfall lists

1185.   Generate summary reports for individuals that are certified, uncertified, due for certification, overdue for certification

1186.   Generate list of assignments for an individual (career history)

1187.   Generate ad hoc reports for any personnel or training maintained data

1188.   Track attrition rates and reasons for fluctuations

1189.   Develop statistical data/reports on all personnel and training data

1190.   Generate Post Training Reimbursement Request form

1191.   Generate Post Certificate Application form

1192.   On-line Inquiries
1193.   The system shall provide the ability to:
1194.   Query training schedules based on a specified date range for a group or individual

1195.   Query on all available training, personnel and schedule data

1196.   Retrieve personnel records by:

1197.                          Name

1198.                          Special skills

1199.                          ID number

1200.                          Team

1201.                          Unit/Division
  City of Berkeley                                    05-10051-C                                    Page 69 of 127
  Public Safety Technology System                                                            Release Date 07/18/05
1202.                 Station assignment

1203.                     Training class or school

1204.   Display training history in reverse chronological order

1205.   Display past, current or future daily shift logs

1206.   Designate specific personnel/training data for upload into external databases/systems (e.g., Finance, City payroll)

1208.   Overview
1209.   The property and evidence application involves the receipt, tracking, storing and disposition of all property received and secured by the City.
        All property entering the system is associated with an incident report describing how the property was obtained. Movement of the property
        should be tracked as the items are checked in, checked out, moved, disposed of, released to owner, destroyed, or auctioned. The City
        anticipates that proposals will include all required hardware and software to support the use of mobile bar code reading/tracking system to
        manage the entry, movement and disposition of all property and evidence. The bar code system should allow for remote data capture and
        subsequent upload of data into the RMS property module. The City anticipates the ability to manage all inventory contained in property
        storage facilities or other possible locations.
1210.   Major Functions and Features

1211.   The system shall provide the ability to:
1212.   Capture and maintain property (stolen and/or recovered, lost, or damaged) information contained in the Berkeley Crime Report and all UCR
        and NIBRS required fields
1213.   Enter multiple items associated with the same case without having to re-enter associated data (eliminate redundant data entry)

1214.   Maintain a chain-of-custody for each item of associated property for each case.

1215.   Auto-generate owner notification letters based on property disposition status

1216.   Capture and maintain the property and evidence information contained in the Berkeley Property Report

1217.   Assign property type (found, safekeeping, evidence, etc.)

1218.   Automatically indicate upon entry if property is required to be reported to CLETS/NCIC and electronically transmit required data to
1219.   Associate property report with designated incident/case report number upon closure of incident in CAD (I.e., no delayed data entry required)

1220.   Enter an unlimited description (free text) information for each item

1221.   Track current location of evidence (chain of custody or audit trail of evidence):

1222.                     Checked out by (Property Clerk Name):

1223.                     Checked out to (Officer Name or ID Number)

1224.                     Checked in by (Property Clerk Name)
  City of Berkeley                             05-10051-C                                          Page 70 of 127
  Public Safety Technology System                                                           Release Date 07/18/05
1225.                 Checked out by (Officer Name or ID Number)

1226.                     Date/time checked out/in

1227.                     Check out reason

1228.                     Destination/location

1229.                     Actual return date

1230.                     Comments field

1231.                     Viewed-only date

1232.   Access and search property index with or without a specific serial number

1233.   To enter currency by denomination and keep a running history of all transactions associated with currency

1234.   Track currency received from individual and destination/location of storage, select items to be deposited, and automatically generate a
        unique property report
1235.   Generate cash ledger

1236.   Print and utilize bar code labels and portable reader(s) for property management including the entry, reading, tracking/ movement and
        disposition of all property and evidence:
1237.                       Entry

1238.                     Status change

1239.                     Date of movement

1240.                     Inventory

1241.                     Location

1242.                     Location history (movement of items)

1243.                     General

1244.   Generate bar code label in various sizes and formats

1245.   Track disposition of property and evidence

1246.   Provide automatic reminders for disposition of property at indicated timeframes

1247.   Perform all movement/assignment/inventory tasks remotely by using proposed handheld device

1248.   Upload all data assignment/movement/inventory to RMS from proposed handheld device

1249.   Generate audit trail of all assignments/movements/inventory transactions

1250.   Provide automatic generation of letters to inform the public of returns of property and evidence

1251.   Allow for user-defined disposition and follow-up dates based on:

1252.                     Days property/evidence held

1253.                     Property/evidence type and category

1254.                     Type of crime

1255.                     City-defined dates with reason
  City of Berkeley                                 05-10051-C                                       Page 71 of 127
  Public Safety Technology System                                                          Release Date 07/18/05
1256. Automatically notify property clerk and assigned officer/investigator if the case disposition has been changed (to allow release/disposal of
1257.    Automatically notify property clerk and assigned officer/investigator when an item has been removed from the property room for a user-
         defined length of time
1258.    Automatically notify and assign officer/investigator or property clerk when an item should be disposed or returned to owner based on time

1259.    Dispose all property items attached to a case at the same time

1260.    Relocate, transfer, move all property items attached to a case at the same time

1261.    Allow for investigator to dispose of property at indicated time

1262.    Enter bar code information automatically into system

1263.    Customize bar code format

1264.    Read bar code label using handheld device

1265.    Automatically update (e.g., download) property/ inventory information

1266.    Notify property and evidence clerk/staff to dispose of property/evidence per expiration of statute of limitations

1267.    Electronically notify assigned investigator of any change in status of evidence automatically

1268.    Record and track evidence that has been disposed

1269.    Validate at time of data entry:

1270.                       Case number

1271.                       Property type

1272.                       Category

1273.                       Number of items

1274.    Change case number and update chain of custody on groups of property/evidence items with single entry or command with appropriate
1275.    Update next review date for all items associated with a case using one transaction

1276.    Define review date based on pre-determined criteria (e.g., number of days held)

1277.    Transfer evidence to another agency and record in chain of custody

1278.    Have separate screens for Records, UCR and NIBRS Property and Property and Evidence

1279.    Distinguish by user defined text colors between items that are still in Property and Evidence with items that have been disposed or if color
         becomes problematic for a user, allow disposition codes to be used.
1280.    Associate multiple cases on one item

1281.    Flag an impounded item to notify assigned investigator when suspect makes inquiries on their property

1282.    Allow for all impounded, stolen and recovered property to be checked against external databases (CLETS) for potential matches

1283.    Perform an audit of all bar-coded property

1284.    Print bar code labels in the field

1285.    Accept and process an electronic signature
  City of Berkeley                                05-10051-C                                         Page 72 of 127
  Public Safety Technology System                                                             Release Date 07/18/05
1286. Maintain property table codes (provide brands, article types)
1287.    Delete a single item of property when entering property information or running a report

1288.    Allow for property codes for guns including descriptions (type, brand, caliber)

1289.    Allow for individuals to set property description detail and receive system alert when possible hit

1290.    Assign capacity/threshold for location storage by shelf, bin, room, City-defined container

1291.    Notify user or supervisor when maximum capacity of any storage area is reached

1292.    Track finger print process on all items entered into the system

1293.    Assign status to items based on fingerprint process, latent found/not found, etc. (City-defined parameters)

1294.    Reports and Output
1295.    Create a property inventory listing by:

1296.                      Property type (found, safekeeping, evidence)

1297.                      Category (photo, jewelry, narcotics, etc.)

1298.                      Serial number

1299.                      Description

1300.                      Quantity

1301.                      Size/caliber/make/model

1302.                      Owner name

1303.                      Disposition code

1304.                      Days held

1305.                      Disposition date

1306.                      Currency value

1307.                      Storage location

1308.                      Assigned investigator

1309.                      Property Control Number

1310.                      Case number

1311.                      Date booked

1312.                      Booking officer

1313.                      Date owner notified

1314.                      Date released/sent to detective/investigator (1st notice, 2nd notice, etc.)

1315.                      Taken by search warrant (Y/N)

1316.    Generate a summary inventory report based on incoming inventory versus purged inventory
  City of Berkeley                                   05-10051-C                                     Page 73 of 127
  Public Safety Technology System                                                            Release Date 07/18/05
1317. Generate inventory listing by:
1318.                     Available property room space

1319.                     Incoming inventory

1320.                     Item type

1321.                     Property room location

1322.                     Purged inventory

1323.   Generate summary statistics on submitted property reports by:

1324.                     Date

1325.                     Date range

1326.                     Incident type

1327.                     Item type

1328.                     Location

1329.                     Officer

1330.                     Property clerk

1331.                     Unit

1332.   List property due for disposition review by date, category & property type (evidence, found, etc.)

1333.   Utilize bar coding system to report on all property that is missing, correct storage area, property located in the wrong storage area, and/or
        the property that is coded as "checked out" in the system
1334.   Generate a random selection and number of random items based on any combination of fields (property type, category, location, etc.)

1335.   On-Line Inquiries
1336.   The system shall provide the ability to:
1337.   Sort and select property reports by:

1338.                     Property type (found, safekeeping, evidence)

1339.                     Category (photo, jewelry, narcotics, etc.)

1340.                     Serial number

1341.                     Description

1342.                     Quantity

1343.                     Size/caliber/make/model

1344.                     Owner name

1345.                     Disposition code (City-defined)

1346.                     Days held

1347.                     Disposition date
  City of Berkeley                                    05-10051-C                                     Page 74 of 127
  Public Safety Technology System                                                             Release Date 07/18/05
1348.                 Currency value

1349.                      Storage location

1350.                      Assigned investigator

1351.                      Property Control Number

1352.                      Case number

1353.                      Date booked

1354.                      Booking officer

1355.                      Date owner notified

1356.                      Date released/sent to detective/investigator (1st notice, 2nd notice, etc.)

1357.                      Taken by search warrant (Y/N)

1358.   Query by evidence/property type what evidence/ property has not been disposed, but has been approved to be destroyed

1359.   Attach thumbnail photographs of property owner if available in system

1360.   View all property items attached to a single case in the same screen

1361.   TRAFFIC
1362.   Overview
1363.   The new system shall provide the capability to enter and manage all traffic-related reports and traffic citation information. Requirements
        for traffic analysis include the recording and correlation of accident reports and enforcement activity. Data collected through the City may
        affect road upgrades and thoroughfare modifications. The system must also capture calls for service to non-injury collisions, from CAD, to
        include overall traffic enforcement analysis reports with moving citations, traffic arrests for location
1364.   Major Functions and Features
1365.   The system shall provide ability to:
1366.   Enter and maintain traffic citation/collision information for all vehicles involved

1367.   Extract citation information for use by Finance in cash collections for reporting of unpaid citations to DMV

1368.   Query by license plate or VIN and get all vehicle history in RMS

1369.   Allow for all stolen and recovered vehicles to be checked against external databases (CLETS)

1370.   Enter and maintain data from all vehicle-related City reports:

1371.                      Maintain City-defined traffic data elements

1372.                      Correlate traffic accidents with specific geographical locations (e.g. street intersections, mid-block)

1373.                      Track traffic accident type using UCR codes

1374.                      Flag suspect vehicles when involved in an accident

1375.                      Use online tool to draw incident diagrams

1376.                      Print diagrams as part of traffic report
  City of Berkeley                             05-10051-C                                     Page 75 of 127
  Public Safety Technology System                                                      Release Date 07/18/05
1377.                 Use City-defined templates, symbols to assist with drawing diagrams

1378.   Replicate common data to avoid retyping

1379.   Support peripheral devices such as card swipes, mobile printers, handheld devices

1380.   Pre-populate citation form with data via card swipe

1381.   Set City-defined name validation rules upon data entry

1382.   Validate assigned court dates

1383.   Require verification of address prior to completion of citation

1384.   Include citations in report approval process

1385.   Update citation with court disposition information or corrections

1386.   Record information concerning the race and ethnicity of persons involved with routine traffic stops and any other law enforcement activities

1387.   Include free form notes on citation input form - not printed on citation

1388.   Update CLETS with City-defined data

1389.   Track vehicles towed for billing/reimbursement purposes

1390.   Track abandoned vehicles that have been marked for towing

1391.   Print follow-up reports and supplemental

1392.   Set automatic reminders after City-defined time periods of a vehicle being marked as abandoned

1393.   Track number of vehicles that are marked for towing

1394.   Track vehicle information (make, model, plate) for marked or towed vehicles

1395.   Track number of vehicles that were actually towed

1396.   Query all vehicles that have been marked as abandoned

1397.   Track vehicles reported to be towed by towing companies due to private property impound

1398.   Track number of vehicles actually towed by towing companies on a monthly basis for compensation to the City

1399.   Track complaints against tow company

1400.   Track vehicles actually towed and transfer information to CLETS including: year, make, model, license, date of tow, time of tow, VIN number,
1401.   Reports and Output
1402.   The system shall provide the ability to:
1403.   Compare citation locations and types with accident locations and types

1404.   Automatically create a Racial Profiling record for each traffic stop.

1405.   Traffic Citation Written Report:

1406.                     By day

1407.                     By officer
  City of Berkeley                                    05-10051-C                    Page 76 of 127
  Public Safety Technology System                                            Release Date 07/18/05
1408.                 By type of violations

1409.                     By time of day

1410.                     By Groups (e.g., Traffic, Teams, Units)

1411.                     By location

                                i.   Intersection

                                i.   Street

1412.   Traffic Collision Written Report:

1413.                     By day

1414.                     By time of day

1415.                     By location

                                i.   Intersection

                                i.   Street

1416.   Generate monthly report of operations:

1417.                     Calls for service (excluding Traffic Accidents)

1418.                     Traffic accidents

                                i.   Total traffic accidents

                                i.   Traffic accidents by category
                                                                                                     ii.       iii.
                                                Fatality accidents
1419.                                       
                                                Number of persons killed
1420.                                       
                                                Injury accidents
1421.                                       
                                                Number of persons injured
1422.                                       
                                                Non-injury accidents
1423.                                       
                                                Accidents w/ DUI
1424.                                       
                                                Accidents w/ bicycle
1425.                                       
1426.                            i.   Fatal
                                                                                                     ii.       iii.
1427.                            i.   Injury
                                                                                                     ii.       iii.
1428.                            i.   Non-injury
                                                                                                     ii.       iii.
1429.                     Accidents w/ pedestrian

                                i.   Fatal
                                                                                                     ii.       iii.
                                i.   Injury
                                                                                                     ii.       iii.
                                i.   Non-injury
                                                                                                     ii.       iii.
  City of Berkeley                                   05-10051-C                                         Page 77 of 127
  Public Safety Technology System                                                                Release Date 07/18/05
1430.             Total calls for service including traffic accidents

1431.                 Citations

                           o      Total citations issued

                           o      Citations by City-defined category or code (e.g., DUI, speed, bicycle)

1432.    Collect multiple violations on the same citation

1433.    Establish citation/violation priority for multiple violations on the same citation

1434.    Generate a report of basic (City-defined) traffic data as soon as entered into the system to provide for individuals, insurance companies,
1435.    Print a report listing the number of citations written by:

1436.                       Officer(s)

1437.                       Date or date range

1438.    Move from case module to citation module without exiting (note that at this point, the City does not enter citation data into a City system.
         The citation is forwarded to the County for processing. The City would like to have the option of entering minimal citation information but
         may choose not to utilize it in the initial phase of this project).
1439.    Generate traffic Accidents Report:

1440.                       By time and day of week

1441.                       By date range

1442.                       By location

1443.                       By officer

1444.                       Summary statistics

1445.    Generate a High Accident Locations Report, including but not limited to:

1446.                       Mid block

1447.                       Intersections

1448.                       Distance from intersection

1449.                       Vehicle code

1450.    Search for any Traffic report by all data associated with the report form

1451.    Inquiries
1452.    The system shall provide the ability to:
1453.    Query traffic-related data and produce reports by:

1454.                       Location/intersection

1455.                       Private property (Yes/No)

1456.                       Date and time

1457.                       Violation type(s)
  City of Berkeley                                     05-10051-C                                Page 78 of 127
  Public Safety Technology System                                                         Release Date 07/18/05
1458.                 Citation number

1459.                     Item number (Incident number)

1460.                     Officer name

1461.                     Officer ID number

1462.                     License number

1463.                     License state

1464.                     Involved parties names

1465.                     Zones

1466.                     Speed

1467.                     Laser

1468.                     Radar

1469.                     Day of week

1470.                     Any field

1471.   Query on any and all data associated with Traffic Reports

1472.   Check against external databases (CLETS) all stolen and recovered vehicles

1473.   Inquire on vehicle information by user definable criteria

1474.   Search for intersection information regardless of which street was entered first in the system (Shattuck/University or
1475.   Obtain real-time vehicle status based on reports or disposition changes

1476.   Keep an audit trail of individuals who change vehicle disposition

1477.   WARRANTS
1478. Major Functions and Features
1479. The system shall provide the ability to:
1480.   Track due diligence/service attempt history:

1481.                     Date of Attempt

1482.                     Time of Attempt

1483.                     Location of Attempt

1484.                     Person(s) Contacted

1485.                     Attempt Successful

1486.                     Officer Attempting Service

1487.                     Number of attempts

1488.                     Located outside of jurisdiction
  City of Berkeley                              05-10051-C                                        Page 79 of 127
  Public Safety Technology System                                                          Release Date 07/18/05
1489.                 Extradition refused by D.A.

1490.                     Comments

1491.   Collate RMS data to generate affidavit to support search warrants

1492.   Update master record with search warrant data and process

1493.   Track completion of search warrant process (I.e., return to Court)

1494.   Automatically associate City warrant number with City case number

1495.   Cause an alert flag to be displayed with Defendant Name in master name index and anywhere name appears in the system when a warrant is
1496.   Check complete or partial warrant numbers against the arrestee

1497.   Track subpoenas (defendant, officer, date of appearance, calendar, notes, case status)

     City of Berkeley                                    05-10051-C                                    Page 80 of 127
     Public Safety Technology System                                                            Release Date 07/18/05

                                   Appendix 5

        Automated Field Reporting (AFR) System
                                                                                                                                                           Response    Ref
                                                                                                                                                         (Refer to the
                                                                                                                                                        Response codes
        Requirements                                                                                                                                     specification
                                                                                                                                                         on page 47 of
1.      The Automated Field Reporting system facilitates the capture of State/Federal reporting requirements while in the field. It also allows the
        electronic transfer of information to a Records Management System for supervisory review and approval. Each Mobile Data Computer (MDC)
        should be equipped with a Global Positioning System (GPS) device to assist with Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) which can be used to enhance
        dispatch and officer safety options. Each MDC should have the ability to send/receive messages from all CAD computers as well as all other
        Police/Fire MDC’s. Also, it would be helpful if the system provided access to basic API’s or an API kit that could be used for interface and
        data retrieval activities.
2.      General Requirements
3.      The system shall provide ability to:
4.      Receive electronic dispatch messages from the CAD system

5.      Provide audible and visual notification of receipt of dispatch message

6.      Display upon dispatch of unit(s) to an incident, the following information:

7.                        Incident location with cross streets

8.                        Incident type

9.                        Incident priority (e.g., user defined or defined by incident code)

10.                       Recommended route

11.                       Medical history

12.                       Hazardous material status

13.                       Building plans

14.                       Date and time of incident

15.                       Reporting party name, phone number, address

16.                       System generated incident number

17.                       Phone number at incident location

18.                       Weapons involved

19.                       Assisting unit (s)

20.                       Premise and prior information flag

21.                       Premise history information
   City of Berkeley                                   05-10051-C                                        Page 81 of 127
   Public Safety Technology System                                                              Release Date 07/18/05
22.                     Comments

23.                     New or developing information in free form

24.   Update unit status using single function keys for:

25.                     Responding

26.                     On-scene

27.                     Clear

28.                     Out-of-service

29.                     Busy

30.                     On-air

31.                     Delayed Response

32. Request change to an incident’s priority assignment from the Mobile Data Computer (MDC)
33. Display incident status based on incident priority
34. Transmit dispatch information in real time, from CAD to the target MDC and status information from MDC to the CAD system.
35. Display an incident using different colors for different priorities
36. Receive supplemental dispatch information such as:
37.                     Pertinent updates to incident

38.                     Suspect information

39.                     Vehicle information

40. Be notified visually and audibly of dispatcher-initiated changes, such as:
41.                     Preempting of the dispatch

42.                     Incident cancellation

43.                     Unit reassignments

44.                     Unit exchange

45. Associate an existing case number to an incident
46. Perform pertinent CAD update functions that are limited only by security access privileges (adding comments or disposition code to a call, etc.)
47. Prevent an officer from incorrectly issuing or canceling case numbers (with edit validation).
48. Update CAD with officer shift activity information:
49.                     Activity/Type of incident (defaulted from CAD call entry info but may be overridden by officer.)

50.                     Start time

51.                     End time

52.                     Disposition

53.                     Response area, beat

54.                     Officer name (s)

55.                     Officer ID/Unit ID

56.                     Location

57.   Activate/inactivate (via system setup parameters) an officer’s ability to initiate an incident from the field
   City of Berkeley                                   05-10051-C                                     Page 82 of 127
   Public Safety Technology System                                                          Release Date 07/18/05
58. Confirm entry of an incident by displaying:
59.                     Incident description and type code

60.                     Priority

61.                     Incident number

62.   Retrieve and update previous events, including:

63.                     Location

64.                     Date of prior call

65.                     Call type

66.                     Dispatcher comments

67.   Receive information about premise/location or prior activity information

68. Capture relevant incident and unit data from CAD to the MDC and populate appropriate incident report fields
69. Retrieve detailed premise and officer safety information including:
70.                     Location

71.                     Warning text

72.                     Valid date range

73. Automatically create premise and CAD call history upon closing of an incident
74. Auto-archive premise and call history based on user-definable criteria
75. Retrieve incident records using one or more of the following criteria:
76.                     Date

77.                     Address

78.                     Cross streets

79.                     Reporting District

80.                     Unit ID

81.                     Incident number

82.                     Officer ID

83.                     Officer name

84.                     Incident type

85.                     Incident priority

86. List all matching incidents (to the officer) if more than one incident matches the selection criteria.
87. Query police unit history detail by:
88.                     Unit ID

89.                     Officer ID

90.                     Date range, and time range

91. Override incident priority based on security-level access (supervisor)
92. Create an audit trail to show that the officer has reviewed the premise and prior activity information
93. Transmit (to CAD) information in an officer emergency situation, such as:
  City of Berkeley                                   05-10051-C                                    Page 83 of 127
  Public Safety Technology System                                                           Release Date 07/18/05
94.                   Officer name

95.                   Officer ID

96.                   Location

97.                   Reference to incident

98.  Generate directions to an incident or to a specific location


100. General Requirements
101. The system shall provide the ability to:
102.   Inquire into:

103.                      Police and/or Fire RMS

104.                      CLETS/NCIC

105.                      County mugshot system (AFIS)

106.                      Cal-Photo/DMV

107.                      Cal-Gangs

108.                      Parole-LEADS

109.   Run inquiries on license plate information

110.   Use standard screen formats for all inquiries

111.   Customize function keys, menus, or command line capability to gain access to custom forms.

112.   Generate and manage forms.

113.   Perform wildcard search of all appropriate databases with a single request

114.   Define query defaults as well as the ability to target which databases to search

115.   Utilize predefined data entry forms (masks) to minimize transmitted data

116.   Pre-define query forms to include:

117.                      Log-on/log-off

118.                      Driver license query

119.                      License plate query

120.                      Name

121.                      Premise information query

122.                      Tow request

123.                      Missing person information

124.                      Field interview

125.                      Other pertinent forms as defined by the City

126.   Query detailed incident history by:

127.                      Incident number

128.                      Case number
  City of Berkeley                                    05-10051-C                                     Page 84 of 127
  Public Safety Technology System                                                            Release Date 07/18/05
129.                   Location or partial location

130.                   Victim/Reporting Person’s name

131.                   License plate

132.                   Date and time range

133.                   Officer ID

134.                   Incident type

135.                   Any unit ID assigned to the incident

136.                   Any operator ID associated with the incident

137.                   Disposition code

138.                   Area/boundary/beat

139. Query detailed unit history by:
140.                   Unit ID

141.                   Date and time range (start and end data and time parameters)

142.                   Officer ID

143. Restrict queries that result in large volumes of data by:

144.                   Warning of the numbers of records found

145.                   Prompting the user to continue the query

146.                   Viewing a specified number of records as set by the system administrator

147. Sort query results chronologically or by priority with an option for descending or ascending order
148. Query unit status information by:
149.                   Unit ID

150.                   Location

151.                   Incident type

152.                   Actual Unit status

153.                   Comment string

154.                   Elapsed time in current status


156. General Requirements
157. The system shall provide the ability to:
158.   Prioritize messages (urgent, routine, emergency)

159.   Hear and see notifications of incoming messages, dispatching and incident information

160.   Mute audible tones/warnings/alerts with a single key stroke

161.   Include an audio wave file as a City-defined alert to specified messages

162.   Acknowledge automatic audible and visual notifications of incoming messages, dispatching and incident information by target unit with MDC

163.   Perform the following messaging functions between MDC and Communications Center:
  City of Berkeley                                    05-10051-C                                   Page 85 of 127
  Public Safety Technology System                                                           Release Date 07/18/05
164.                   Mail

165.                   Urgent messages

166.                   Routine messages

167. Identify all messages by sender ID, name, date, time, workstation ID, and receiver ID, name, date, time, and workstation ID
168. Create messages that are retained in the system and sent at pre-specified times
169. Send information displayed on screen to another MDC or workstation or printer
170. Notify the message sender when the intended recipient is not signed on to MDC
171. Add to a message before forwarding to another user
172. Send a message using:
173.                   Terminal name

174.                   User ID

175.                   User name

176.                   Group of terminal names

177.                   Group of user IDs

178. Generate and save user-defined groups

179. Send a message to all units handling a specific incident
180. Store critical messages for non-logged on users for later delivery when they next log on
181. Store and forward any undeliverable critical messages until delivered
182. Create easily accessible City-defined message forms for specific message types

184.   General Requirements
185.   The system shall provide the ability to:
186.   Generate pre-authorized reports from the MDC while in the field

187.   Request incident number from CAD/RMS, and populate appropriate report field(s)

188.   Pre-populate report forms with CAD call for service data

189.   Populate report forms with query response data

190.   Pre-populate reports/forms with initial data entry results rather than allow redundant data entry between associated reports

191.   Pre-populate forms, masks with data from other devices (card swipe, mobile livescan, etc.)

192.   Submit reports for approval from the field

193.   Access and update submitted AFR reports from the field prior to report approval

194.   Access approved reports from the field (read only)

195.   Write Field reports while other functions are active (electronic dispatch, messaging, inquiries, etc.)

196.   Interface RMS with MDC to enable seamless AFR capabilities and integration

197.   Automatically log AFR transactions, including:

198.                     User name
  City of Berkeley                                   05-10051-C                                   Page 86 of 127
  Public Safety Technology System                                                         Release Date 07/18/05
199.                     User ID

200.                     Terminal ID

201.                     Date and time of transmission

202.                     Report ID

203. Approve reports online by designated personnel

204. Add comments to AFR submitted reports
205. Define locked/unlocked reports based on report approval status
206. Include comments on denied or incomplete reports
207. Initiate inquiries to one or more databases from within an AFR report
208. Inquire databases without leaving the report review screen
209. Automatically provide AFR formats and forms based on incident type (sexual assault, domestic violence, juvenile cases, etc.) and populate
       redundant information on multiple forms
210.   Populate RMS with information submitted through AFR

211.   Automatically backup report via flashcards, disks, etc.

212.   Attach electronic maps, photos, or other files to AFR reports

213.   Allow other users query access to the information in an incomplete or unapproved report

214.   Set data validation fields based on CAD, RMS validation rules

215.   Support wireless upload of AFR data

216.   Support alternate media upload of AFR data (docking station, USB flash disk, etc.)

217.   Determine the required fields and forms based on type of incident (type of crime, if in custody, etc.)

218.   Utilize geo verification of all locations in a report (with override capability)

219.   Utilize standard word processor tools (spell check, cut and paste, etc.) within the report writing process

220.   Easily navigate between screens associated with report editing and approval

221.   Identify assigned reports that are not complete

222.   Assign reports that have not been approved by a specific supervisors

223.   Alert next shift supervisor of reports needing approval

224.   Send notification to report author that the report was approved and incorporated into RMS

225.   Access field interviews from the field

226.   Stamp/watermark unapproved field reports

227.   Provide identical AFR and RMS input screens (to reduce training requirements)

228.   Apply automatic UCR code validation to all submitted reports

229.   Have an officer report and/or update the following items from their MDC:

230.                      Crime Report

231.                      Supplement

232.                      Domestic Violence Supplemental

233.                      Property Report

234.                      Missing Person Report
  City of Berkeley                             05-10051-C                                              Page 87 of 127
  Public Safety Technology System                                                               Release Date 07/18/05
235.                Suspected Child Abuse Report

236.                Crime Gun Report

237.                Other standard report formats as needed


239. General Requirements
240. The system shall provide the (optional) ability to:
241.   Graphically display Berkeley’s street overlay maps.

242.   Display map information from a CD ROM or other medium

243.   Access and display specific maps (e.g., apartment complexes, special structures, etc.)

244.   Display City maps/map layers with the following features:

245.                     Streets, intersections and freeways

246.                     Street names

247.                     Block ranges

248.                     Major buildings or facilities

249.                     House by house

250.                     Map page or reference numbers

251.                     Reporting districts

252.                     Response areas

253.                     Map or terrain features

254.                     Ariel Photography overlay

255.                     Building footprints

256.                     Water mains/access

257.                     Pre-fire plans

258.                     Fire hydrants

259.                     Common places

260.   Center map display on:

261.                     Current vehicle location (AVL)

262.                     Dispatch location

263.                     Specified Geographic Area

264.                     Location of cursor when mouse button is clicked

265.   Highlight recommended route from current location to dispatched location

266.   View other unit locations (AVL) and last known locations

267.   Add comments and draw on electronic map attachments

269.   General Requirements
  City of Berkeley                                    05-10051-C                                      Page 88 of 127
  Public Safety Technology System                                                              Release Date 07/18/05
270. The system shall provide                    the ability to:
271.   Create ad hoc reports and system reports using an industry standard report writer

272.   Schedule reports to run in batch mode with user definable trigger options

273.   Track system usage (by device and user) for the number of:

274.                     Incidents

275.                     Remote inquiries

276.                     Calls received

277.                     Status updates

278.                     Messages transmitted

279.   Print log of MDC transactions including active events:

280.                     Incident entry and supplemental information

281.                     Unit status changes

282.                     Periodic unit status

283.                     Operator ID

284.   Log incident and unit activities on electronic media (USB Flash Drives, CD ROM, etc.)

285.   Direct inquiry results to any network printer and manage printer output options

287.   General Requirements
288. The system shall provide secure message transmission implementing the following:
289.                   Each terminal shall have a unique Terminal ID to identify the source of messages and allow individual addressing

290.                   The operator shall be able to temporarily disable access to the mobile data device with a single keystroke and unlock the
                        unit by entering a password to return to normal operation without signing off and with a hot button to reactivate
291.                   The system should provide data encryption capabilities for all communications, with a minimum standard of Data Encryption
                        Standard (DES) III.
292.   Emergency message transmission shall be initiated from:

293.                     A dedicated button on the MDC shall be color coded, recessed and protected to prevent accidental activation

294.                     An alternative hidden button

296.   General Requirements
297.   The system shall provide the ability to:
298. Automatically log MDC transactions, including:
299.                   User name

300.                   User ID

301.                   Terminal ID

302.                   Date and time of transmission
  City of Berkeley                                    05-10051-C                                   Page 89 of 127
  Public Safety Technology System                                                          Release Date 07/18/05
303.                    Report ID

304. Log all messages to a USB flash disk prior to logging off
305. Create an audit log of all file maintenance (add, delete, change) activity
306. Selectively audit logged messages by:
307.                    MDC ID/Name

308.                    User name

309.                    User ID

310.                    Send date and time

311.                    Receive/open date and time

312.                    Group ID

313.                    Entire message

314. Automatically log unsuccessful log-on attempts by:
315.                    Terminal/workstation ID

316.                    Date and time

317.                    User ID

318. Automatically track before/after images of updated transactions by user ID, date and time
319. Provide an audit trail of information accessed with MDC unit ID(s) and time stamp of each transaction

321. General Requirements
322. The system shall provide the ability to:
323.   Transmit vehicle location coordinates by using a secure and commercially available mobile data network

324.   Provide polling on demand

325.   Automatically poll vehicle location by increments of time or estimated mileage (user definable)

326.   Automatically poll for vehicles following incident updates or vehicle status updates

327.   Manually poll units individually or by group

328.   Vary polling frequency by individual unit or unit type

329.   Indicate the following for all AVL-equipped vehicles:

330.                      Location

331.                      Speed

332.                      Unit and employee history

333.                      Status

334.   Recommend closest unit to incident location by travel time or distance to incident

335.   Alert dispatcher if user-defined time interval elapses without changes in vehicle location, or if AVL unit is malfunctioning or disabled

336.   Estimate travel/response time between two points

337.   Display unit's direction of movement
  City of Berkeley                                   05-10051-C                                   Page 90 of 127
  Public Safety Technology System                                                         Release Date 07/18/05
338. Accommodate for time delays associated with natural barriers (parks, Berkeley street blockades, etc.)
339. Provide recording and playback of one or more units' route history
340. Provide unit location accuracy within 30 feet at all times
      City of Berkeley                                  05-10051-C                                     Page 91 of 127
      Public Safety Technology System                                                           Release Date 07/18/05

                                                                                 Appendix 6
                                                                                                                                                               Vendor     Ref

       Jail Management System Requirements
                                                                                                                                                              Response    No.
                                                                                                                                                            (Refer to the
                                                                                                                                                           Response codes
                                                                                                                                                            on page 47 of

       At booking time, the field officer (who is in the booking room with the defendant) shall be given the opportunity to fill out the Alameda County
       Consolidated Arrest Report (CAR) on-line which will later be made available for the booking officer for further data entry and finally update to
       CABS (after picture and prints are completed). This CAR is now available on-line to the booking officer. Extend this availability to the field
       officer to capture data at the source. It would be helpful if the system provided access to basic application program interface (API’s) or an API
       kit that could be used for interface and data retrieval activities.

       CAR Fields include:
1.             Defendant’s true name

2.             Personal File Number (PFN)

3.             Report Number

4.             Send Verification to

5.             Defendants Last Name

6.             Defendants First Name

7.             Defendants middle Name

8.             Gender

9.             Arrest Number

10.            AJIS Number

11             Also Known As/Nickname

12             Date of Birth

13             Place of Birth

14             Height

15             Weight
     City of Berkeley                                   05-10051-C                                    Page 92 of 127
     Public Safety Technology System                                                           Release Date 07/18/05
16            Hair color

17            Color of Eyes

18            Race

19            Sex

20            Arrest Date

21            Arrest time

22            Salient Characteristics

23            Home Address/City/State/Zip

24            Business Address/school/City/State/Zip

25            Home phone

26            Business Phone

27            Driver’s License#

28            Social Security Number

29            Misc. ID#

30            Occupation

31            Clothing

32            Multiple entry capability for the following:

33                    o   Code Section (use sub-section)

34                    o   M/F

35                    o   Court

36                    o   CIR

37                    o   Warrant#

38                    o   CEN

39                    o   BAIL

40            Location of Arrest

41            Arresting Officer/Badge Id

42            Transportation Officer/Badge Id

43            Co-defendants

44            Vehicle License Number/State/Year/Make/Model/Color

45            Towed to location

46            Tow Tag/Holder for

47            person to be notified/relationship/home phone/business phone/date, time notified

48            Address of person to be notified/city/state

49            Freeform Narrative

50    The booking officer should have the ability to enter into an on-line form which captures the following Prisoner information (Prisoner Confinement
51            Name
     City of Berkeley                                   05-10051-C                                      Page 93 of 127
     Public Safety Technology System                                                             Release Date 07/18/05
52            PFN

53            Date/Time booked

54            Booking PSA’s

55            Locker Number

56            Arresting officer/badge number/agency

57            Charge(s)

58            Bail

59            Case Number

60            Cell Number

61            Phone Number called/Ref/Comp/Not Comp/time

62            Alerts (Medical, Violent, Escape Risk, Suicidal, Isolation, Infections Condition, Disability, Sexual Abnormality, other)

63    Ability to capture the answers for the following questions:

64            Are you suffering from any injury or illness? Yes/No

65            Do you have epilepsy, TB, hepatitis, VD, Aids, or any medical problem? Y/N

66            Are you taking medication for diabetes, hear disease, seizures, asthma, arthritis, ulcers, high blood pressure or a psychiatric disorder?
67            Are you under a Doctor’s or Psychiatrist’s care? Y/N

68            Do you intend to commit suicide? Y/N

69            Females: Are you pregnant or suffering from a special female problem? Y/N

70    Ability to capture all injuries observed at the time of booking and/or explain any ―yes‖ answers

71    Ability to track the administration of medication (type, date/time/dose/jailor, etc.)

72    Ability to track the disposal of medication (Type/date/time/witness, if returned plastic sealed medications, allow entry of pharmacists name,
73    Capture any medical/Psychiatric treatment information (date/time, which facility, authorized by, Doctor name, comments)

74    Capture defendant movement (to court—date/time/id#, enroute to facility—name/date/time/id#, Returned from facility— name/date/time/id#)

75    Disposition (Bail, No Charge, Ordered Released, S/R, ACH, Cite, 849 (B), Other)

76    Release information (Date/Time/Jailer/Comments)

77    The booking officer should have the ability to enter into an on-line form which captures the following Prisoner information (Jail Incident Report):

78            Date/time of Incident

79            Case#

80            Location of Incident

81            Inmate(s) involved (Name/Race/Sex/DOB/PFN)

82            BPD/other personnel involved (Name, Badge#, Department)

83            Comment field to capture incident detail

84            Description information for injury or damage

85            Reporting person’s name/badge#/date/time

86            Reviewed by (name, date, time)
      City of Berkeley                                    05-10051-C                                     Page 94 of 127
      Public Safety Technology System                                                             Release Date 07/18/05
87               General comments

88     The Jail Supervisor needs the ability to generate a Jail Operations Daily report to be presented to Police management. This report should include
       the following information:
89              Platoon number

90              Name of Platoon supervisor

91              Date/Day

92              Planned staffing

93              Actual Staffing

94              Supervisor badge number

95              Assigned FJ badge number

96              Assigned MJ badge number

97              Assigned to CORPUS badge number

98              Overtime hours

99              Sick Leave Hours

100             Forced Overtime hours

101              Special Overtime hours

102             Jail population at reporting time (Males at beginning and end of shift, females at beginning and end of shift)

103             Number bailed

104             Number cited Out

105             Number to Court

106             Number transferred to Santa Rita Jail

107             Information to on-coming shift (Alerts to pass-on)

108    Jail Inspection to track the following information daily:

109             Fire Prevention Equipment (time checked)

110             Prisoners Medicine locker (time checked)

111             Prisoners Property (time checked)

112             Bail Money Count (time checked)

113             Kitchen, Food, Counter (Time checked)

114    Jail Inspection to track the following information weekly:

115             S.C.B.A. Equipment and medical closet (date)

116             First Aid Equipment (date)

117             Jail Sanitation (date)

118             Emergency Flashlights (Date)

119             Description of Other (Date)

120    Daily Jail Activities:

121             Vehicle Release (total)

122             Attorney Visits (total)
      City of Berkeley                                   05-10051-C                                Page 95 of 127
      Public Safety Technology System                                                       Release Date 07/18/05
123            Visitors (total)

124            Number admitted to Santa Rita (total)

125            To Hospital (total)

126            FCB/COB/LiveScan/Juv. Proc’d (Totals)

127            Total Registrants (Sex, drugs, arson). Separate totals by gender.

128    The Jail Supervisor needs the ability to inquire into the following systems:

129            CABS (County system--inquiry and entry)

130            CIB (County System--Finger print verification)

131            CORPUS (County System—Inquiry and data entry)

132            CLETS

133            FBI

134            NCIC

135            CRIMS

136            DMV

137            Warrants

138            Local RMS

139            Local CAD Information

140    Reports
141    Daily Jail Operations report

142    Consolidated Arrest Report (Preliminary to CABS export and after the CABS update—with picture and prints)

143    Jail Incident Report

144    BPD Prisoner Confinement Record

145    List of stay away order that affect prisoner

146    Access to County disposition report

147    Medical treatments of inmates
City of Berkeley                                                                 05-10051-C               Page 96 of 127
Public Safety Technology System                                                                    Release Date 07/18/05

                                                                                      Appendix 7
                                                                 Public Safety workflow for:
                                                              Comm. Center Abandoned Vehicle
  Originator                 Comm Cntr
                                            Comm Srvc Ofcr

                        call get                Answer
                        license                  Call
  9-1-1 Call           plate and
   or other              check
      non-              CLETS
 emergency                SVS                     Log
  method of                                     Request
 communica                                      and visit
   tion with                                    location
                             Set             Return after 3
                           priority          days to see if
                                                car has

                       Assign to

                               Yes              moved


                                             Place Warning
                                               Sticker and
                                              check after 7




                             Tow              Request Tow

  psabandoned vehicl.vsd
City of Berkeley                                                                          05-10051-C             Page 97 of 127
Public Safety Technology System                                                                           Release Date 07/18/05
                                                                  Public Safety workflow for:
                                                                 Comm. Center--Vehicle Tow
   Originator            Comm Cntr             Towing Company          Traffic Division     Car Owner

                          call get license          Recieve
                             plate and              Request                 Receive
                          check CLETS                                       request
                                SVS                                           and
  Request to tow a
                                                                            letter to

                           Call Towing
                          Company and
                           request tow               Log
                                                   and visit
                                                   location                                   Receive
                                                                                            notice and
                              log tow                                                        take care
                          information in                                                       of car
                            TOW Log                                                         obligations

                                        No          Towed


                                                  Place Car in
                                    Close           storage

                                                 Inform Comm.
                                                 Center of Tow
                                   Update             status
                                  log book

       pstow.vsd                   forward
                                    on to

                                                         Public Safety workflow for:
                                                     Comm. Center--Vehicle Repossession
 Originator          Comm Cntr                Towing Company

                        call, get plate
                         Create CAD
Request to tow a
   vehicle by
 Repossession             Enter into
   company               CLETS SVS
                        to alert stolen
                          car calls.

                            log tow
                        information in
                          TOW Log

                           Wait for
                          Stolen car
                         requests to
                           come in

City of Berkeley                                                                                         05-10051-C                                                                     Page 98 of 127
Public Safety Technology System                                                                                                                                                  Release Date 07/18/05
                                                                         Public Safety workflow for:
                                               Special Enforcement Unit (SEU)-- Drug Task Force (DTF)--Evidence and Arrest
                                                                                                                      Property                                Report/Review
 Originator       Comm Cntr                       Officer                               Jail                          Records                   Supervisor     Date Entry
                     call get                      Answer Call                 Review Consolidated
                 license plate                                                  Arrest Report and
                    number                                                       add information
 9-1-1 Call                                Review CAD info (time, name,
  or other                                           other)
emergency          Assign                                                            Type arrest
 method of       Case#, Set                                                       information into
                                            Make site Visit and look for
communica         priority &                                                           CABS
                                              matching description
  tion with       Dispatch
    Police                                                                     Finger Print and send
                                                       Arrest                   to CIB (central info.
                                                        ?                        bureau for identity
                                                                                Fill out Medical form
                                         Fill out Consolidate Arrest            and Incident report if
                                                                                      applicable.                                                                        Type/Edit
                                       Report (CAR) & Evidence form
                                                                                                                                                                        CAR report
                                         #45 & statement form #12
                                                                                                                                                                         into HTE
                                                                                  complete property                                                                        RMS
                                             Type property into HTE             form and have jailer,
                                                                                 officer and prisoner                                                Yes
                                                                                 sign for inventory--
                                                                                prisoner keeps copy
                                             Print property sheet and                                                                                                    Scan into
                                                attach to property                                                                                                        Imaging
                                                                               Write PFN & locker #                                                                        system
                                                                                on custody sheet

                                             Take prisoner to Jailer
                                                                                If not same person,
                   Assign                                                        get new PFN from
                    Case                                                              CORPUS
                   Number                                                                                                                                                Route to
                                                                                Place small item in                                                                       Division
                                                 Drugs, $, small                    jail locker                Receive property w/
                                                                                                                                                                         or archive
                                                     item?                                                        attached forms
                                                                                                                referencing case#
                                              Drop off property to
                                              appropriate location                                             Assign bin and isle.                            Arrange court date if arrest is
                                                                                                               Generate barcode &                                involved and print 3 court
                                                                                                                 append to item                                 date reports from CORPUS
                                                                                                 No                                                    ?       to be used for scheduling and
                                                                                                                                                                accompanying the accused
                                               Write/update Arrest                                                                                                        to court
      psevidence.vsd                                  Report                                                            Pleace in
                                                     Form# 1                                                       appropriate storage
                                               Ensure appropriate                                                  and handle return,
                                                routing is chosen                                                  checkout and audit

                                                                            Public Safety workflow for:
                                                                           Customer Service--Subpoena
                                               Customer Service/
                       Originator                  Support                               Officer                              Supervisor

                            Generate                                                   Subpoena
                        Subpoena for                                                    request,
                       officer to attend
                          from (DMV,                   Date stamp
                         Traffic Court,
                       Willy W Manual
                         Court house,
                        Superior court,
                         San Quintin,                                                 Conflict with
                          Santa Rita,                                                  Subpoena
                       private attorney,                                               schedule
                       Civil Subpoena,               Make 2 copies                          ?            Yes
                       and other court               for the officer
                            houses)                 and keep one on
                                                                                                          for                     Approve
                                                                                           No         continuati                 Continuation
                                                                                                        on. Fill                   request
                                                                                                      out form,                        ?

                                                                                       attend as                                         No

                                                   Prepare tickler
                                                   list and remind                                                                Sign form
                                                     officer of the
                                                  scheduled event

                                                      Ask for a
                                                   different date

City of Berkeley                                                                                          05-10051-C                                                                           Page 99 of 127
Public Safety Technology System                                                                                                                                                         Release Date 07/18/05
                                                                          Public Safety workflow for:
                                                                         Customer Service--Warrants
                       Originator              Customer Service/Support                                  Entry                          Jail                    Detective

                        The County                                                              Research person
                                                Log into Alameda County Warrants Yes
                    Judge generates                                                           information (get aka,
                                                          System (AWS)
                     arrest Warrants                                                               etc. info) on
                       and Oakland                                                            CORPUS, DMV and
                         types the                                                             CII(CAl Id. Info) and
                     information into           Generate the daily list of warrants              Type into NCIC
                      AWS (which is
                    part of CORPUS)
                     for Berkeley to                Felony & Penalty > $3,000
                    process when an                            ?
                      individual (who
                         has been                                 No                              Research person
                     investigated by                                                                information on
                                                    misdemeaner & > $3,000
                       BPD) is either                                                              COPRUS, DMV
                        arrested in                                                               and CII and Type
                        Berkeley (or                               No                                 into CLETS

                                                                                                 Send warrant status
                                                                                                     update to
                                                         Custody (in
                                                            BPD or
                                                      No elsewhere*?

                                                Notify accused           Gernerate an
                                                  of warrant               abstract
                                         Yes                               warrant.

                                                                                                                               Perform Booking
                                                Verify address                                                                     Process
                                                                          Send to Jail
                                                                          for Booking
                                               If important case,
                                                 get to site and
                                                    physically                                                                 Set court date and
                                               confront accused                                                                  send CAR to
                                                                                                                               Customer Service
                                                                          Receive CAR
                                                Gernerate an              and record in
                                               abstract warrant.           Tally sheet


                                                                                                                                                              Follow suspect search

   pscustomerservice1.vsd                                       * if found elswhere, BPD has 5 working days to get the suspect or he will be released.
                                                                       AWS-Automated Warrants System

                                                                            Public Safety workflow for:
                                                                               DD--Youth Services
                                                   Field                                 Report/Review  DD-YSD                      YSD--Detective                 DD-YSD              Executive Alameda County
 Originator                 Comm Cntr                                   Supervisor
                                                  Officer                                 Date Entry   Supervisor                                                Administrator        Management   Juvinal Hall

                                                  Answer                                                                                   research
                      Assign                       Call                                                                                     JUVIS,
                      Case#,                                                                                                                RMS &
                        Set                                                                                        Receive
                                                                                                                   Request                 CRIMES
                     priority &
                                                                                                                  Assign to                In-house
                                                                                                                  Detective                Diversion
                                                                                           Type/Edit                                                     No
                                                                                           report into
                                                  Backup                                   HTE RMS
                     Receive                                                                                                      Yes
                                                  needed                                                                                             Notice
                                                     ?                                                                                                 to

                                                                                            Scan into                                   Send
                                                 Interview                                  Imaging                                      to
                                                 suspect.                                    system                                     Youth        Finalize
                                                                                                                                        Core         paperwo
                                        Yes      If Juvenile,                                                                                                                                         Request
                                               follow special
                                                                                            Route to
                                                                                           Appropriate    Yes
                                                                                            Division                                            Close
     9-1-1                                                                                                         request                     Request
                                                                            No                                                                                                                       Court Date

                                               Write/update                                                      information
                                               Arrest Report                                                      form #99,                                       Log and File
                                                  Form# 1                                                          100, 101
                                                 routing is
       psddyouthservices1.vsd                                                                                      Create
                                                                                                                 Report form
City of Berkeley                                                            05-10051-C         Page 100 of 127
Public Safety Technology System                                                          Release Date 07/18/05

                                                       Public Safety workflow for:
                                                  Customer Service--Request for Report
                                Customer Service/
           Originator               Support                     Finance

                                     Receive Report

             Request for
            Police Report
                                        Collect fee
                                      ($10/report for
                                       Accident and
                                        .1/page for

                                         Request                  Cash
         Recieve request
           for additional
         information or a
         rejection notice       No                              Reconcile

                                                                Type into
           Recieve Report
                                       Print Report
                                      (depending on
                                     age of report, get
                                      the copy form
                                     Microfiche, RMS,
                                       CRIMES or if
                                        less than 2
                                      months, CAD)

City of Berkeley                                                                      05-10051-C                                           Page 101 of 127
Public Safety Technology System                                                                                                      Release Date 07/18/05
                                                                                            Public Safety workflow for:
                                                                                Customer Service--Record Sealing (Expunge) Request
                                        Customer Service/        Report Review
                    Originator              Support               Data Entry


                    Request to              authorization to
                  Expunge local                 proceed               Receive
                  record. Can be                                     request to
                 done by indificual                                   expunge
                 or ordered by the
                                           find all records in
                                            HTE crimes and
                                            Tiburon's RMS,
                                             print copy and
                                             delete from the
                                                                   rescan sealed

                                              Find any pre-
                                              existing hard-
                                              copy reports,
                                            make copy then
                                           proceed to white-
                                           out any reference
                                            to the name and
                                                                   Purge old copy
                                             request for the
                                                                    from imaging
                                            same change in
                                                the image

                                             Place original
                                             copy in sealed
                                            storage for five       Notify that work
                                           years. afterwhich           is done
                                           it is permitted to
                                               purge from
                                             storage. keep
                                              purge tickler

                                           Notify that work
                                               is done


                                                         Public Safety workflow for:
                                       Customer Service--Other (bonds, background, CAR, site release)
                                        Customer Service/
                    Originator              Support

                                            1. Recieve Site
                                             Release and
                 1. Jail generates          process--add to
                 Site release after            tally sheet
                     an arrest,

                    2. Supervisor
                       Routes                2. Receive
                    Consolidated            Consolidated
                    Arrest Report           Arrest Report
                       (CAR),               and process--
                  3. Jail Routs Bail         add to tally
                         Bond                   sheet
                   4. Request for
                      checks by
                      agencies               3. Recieve the
                                             Bail Bond and
                                            process--add to
                                               tally sheet.
                                            place money in
                                               register for
                                                others to

                                            4. Search local
                                              system only
                                           (RMS, CRIMES),
                                            and report back
                                           with information.
                                           no fee is charged
                                            for this service.

City of Berkeley                                                                                                 05-10051-C                                                     Page 102 of 127
Public Safety Technology System                                                                                                                                           Release Date 07/18/05
                                                                                Public Safety workflow for:
                                                                                   Traffic--Stolen Auto
                                                        Field              Traffic  Report/Review    DD                                      Detective
 Originator                   Comm Cntr
                                                       Officer           Supervisor  Date Entry   Supervisor

                           Receive                     Answer
  9-1-1 Call               call get                     Call
   or other                license                                                                                       Receive
      non-                   plate                                                                                       Request                Search
 emergency                 number                                                                                                                 for         No
  method of                                                                                                                                      Car
 communica                                             Arrive
   tion with                                            @
     Police                                            Scene                                                            Assign to
                              into                                                                                                                Car
                            CLETS                                                                                                                found
                            SVS to                                                                                                                 ?
                           see if car
                                                                                                  report into
                                                                                                                         closure                 Fill out
                                                      Interview                                   HTE RMS
                                                                                                                         request                closure
                             Car                      Reporting                                                                                 request
                            Towed                       Party
                              No                     Fill out auto                                Scan into
                                                    theft form #38                                Imaging
                            Assign                                                                 system
     Yes                    Case#,
                           priority &

                                                                                                Route to
                                                   Write/update                                Appropriate
                                                    Auto Theft                                  Division
                                                      Report                                                                                  Fill out auto
                                                     Form# 2                  Approve                                                          Recovery
                                                     Ensure                      ?                                                             form #38
                                                    routing is
 reclaim car.
                              Car into          pstraffic-stolenvehicle.vsd

                                                                                  Public Safety workflow for:
      Originator                      Administration                              Supervisor

                                          Training request

       Request to
    attend training.               Print course description and
   Officer generated                      approval form
    or by supervisor
   or administration.                                                                   Review
                                    Review denial reason and
                                       with with officer and
                                     supervisor to mediate a

                                        Schedule and confirm
                                         training, arrange for
                                          transportation and                            Approve
                                           accommodations                                  ?

                                   Prepare employee package


                                        process expenses and
                                                                                   Sign approval
                                      File copy with employees
                                            training record
        package and
       attend training              fill out the training record
                                   summary form to assist with
                                      tracking training hours

                                    Submit overtime request to
         fill out travel                  Payroll Clerk
          and milage
                                                                                                                POST--Peace Officers Standard and training. Part of DOJ
                                     If this training is POST**
                                     mandated, then an inquiry
                                    can be made to confirm the
                                   needed credits for the officer.                                              psadmin1.vsd
City of Berkeley                                                            05-10051-C                                                                 Page 103 of 127
Public Safety Technology System                                                                                                                  Release Date 07/18/05

                                                     Public Safety workflow for:
                                                    Administration--hiring process
   Originator        Administration                 Investigation

      Fill out
  application and   If passed, place on elligible        Review
     take test                  list                    package,
                     Ask for personal history            search
                    questionaire to be filled out        existing
                      as defined by POST**            databases for
                                                     information on
    respond to
   questionaire     Rate applicant based on the
                     13 DOJ job dimenssions
                                                       report of
 fill out release                                       findings
       forms           Ask for release forms

                    Prepare employee package
                     and send to investigation
Provide Admin
 with certified
copy of Social
Security card,
                      arrange for voice stress
                      analysis, and interview.
                        Review background
                     summary report. Arrange
                    interviews with immediate
                    supervisors and Captains.

   submit to
  medical and                                                                    Wants to utilize an inventory system that would keep
 Psychological        Make conditional offer
                                                                               track of each officer and the assests that are assigned
     exam                                                                  to that officer. This tool can be used to manage these assest
                                                                        and help with forcasting and future planning (cost and availability)..

                                                                      Wants to track weapons qualification cards. Needs to know maintenance
                    If passed, arrange for hiring                        hitory with each brand name and vendor (to aid in finding a more
                        and providing needed                                                         suitable
                     equipment as stipulated by
                                DOJ                                       POST--Peace Officers Standard and training. Part of DOJ

City of Berkeley                        05-10051-C                   Page 104 of 127
Public Safety Technology System                                Release Date 07/18/05

                                           Appendix 8
A. Application Software Form

 Police Core                Product                  Product   Modification        Yearly
 Applications               Name/comment             Cost      Cost (if            maintenance
 CAD System
    CAD                                              $         $                   $

     Geofile                                         $         $                   $

   Total CAD                                         $         $                   $

  Enhanced 9-1-1                                     $         $                   $

   Alameda County                                    $         $                   $
   (AC) AWS
   AC CRIMS                 Push RMS data to AC
                            system as needed (see
                            Appendix 10 for
                            detailed requirements

   Via AC,
   Mobile Data
   Remote dial-in or
   secure web access
   CAD to RMS

   TDD integration

   False Alarm


   Existing Dictaphone
   (or proposed
   Liability Recording
   replacement system)
   Total CAD
City of Berkeley                          05-10051-C                   Page 105 of 127
Public Safety Technology System                                  Release Date 07/18/05
 RMS System (Police)
  Arrest Warrants

   Master Vehicle file

   Management logs

   Mandated Court
   Oriented Policing

   Incident and Crime
   Investigative Case
   Geo Crime Analysis


   Personnel, Training
   and Scheduling

   Field Interview


   NIBRS Crime

   Total RMS

                                                       Product   Modification         Yearly
 Automated Field                  Product Name           Cost      Cost              Maintenance
 Reporting System
   Mobile Data
City of Berkeley                          05-10051-C                   Page 106 of 127
Public Safety Technology System                                  Release Date 07/18/05



   FRS to RMS
   Field Report
   approval system

   Total AFRS cost

 Automated Vehicle
 Location (AVL)
   Total AVL cost

 Jail Management                  Product Name         Product   Modification         Yearly
 System and Property                                     Cost      Cost              Maintenance
 Records with bar
   Jail Management


   Property and
     Total JMS cost

 Mobile Data                      Product Name         Product   Modification         Yearly
 Computer System                                         Cost      Cost              Maintenance
 and Messaging
 (please Itemize)
   Mobile Data

   Total MDCS cost

                                                       Product   Modification         Yearly
   Messaging (please              Product Name           Cost      Cost              Maintenance
City of Berkeley                  05-10051-C         Page 107 of 127
Public Safety Technology System                Release Date 07/18/05
 Total Messaging cost

 Information System
 (please itemize)
  Total GIS cost

 System Interfaces
 (for a full turn-key
    911 (look at
    appendix 1 for






   Parole Leads

    Central Info.
   Alameda County
   Fire arms &
   Electronic Trace
   submission system
   County Property
   Total Interface

 Fire Core
 Fire Records
 Management System
City of Berkeley                  05-10051-C                Page 108 of 127
Public Safety Technology System                       Release Date 07/18/05
 Fire Prevention
 Premise File

 Fire inspection

 Emergency Medical
 Services (EMS)
 Total Fire Core

B. Hardware Recommendation

 Servers Specification                         Cost    Purpose (CAD, RMS, etc)

 Workstations Specification                    Cost    Purpose

 Backup Device Specification                   Cost    Purpose

 UPS Specification                             Cost    Purpose

 Scanners Specification                        Cost    Purpose
City of Berkeley                         05-10051-C                    Page 109 of 127
Public Safety Technology System                                  Release Date 07/18/05
 Printers Specification                                   Cost    Purpose

 Other Hardware Specification                             Cost    Purpose

C. System Software Recommendation

 Server Software Licensing Requirements                   Cost    Purpose

 Workstations Software Requirements                       Cost    Purpose

 Backup Device Software Requirements                      Cost    Purpose

D. Implementation Cost

                                  Implementation costs                             Cost
 Installation                                                                      $

 Technical Training

 Integration and testing

 Geofile utilization and configuration

 Data Conversion based on a predetermined specification

 Project Management (broken down by application and/or phases)

 Training (broken-down by application)

 Travel expense (airfare, per diem, incidentals, etc.)

 Other (please describe)
City of Berkeley                       05-10051-C                           Page 110 of 127
Public Safety Technology System                                       Release Date 07/18/05
    Total Implementation Cost                                                           $

E. Optional Cost

                                Optional Costs for:                                     Cost
 Document Imaging (integration with IKON’s Disc Image system, or with City’s            $
 alternative enterprise-wide imaging system(Acorde which is now owned by Stellant.
 The integrator is ImageSource).
 Mapping and direction guidance system

 Vendor’s Imaging system of choice (Integrated Document Imaging system)

 Mobile Data Computer System for hand-held devices

 Mobile Data Computers



 False Alarm


 Web Publishing for Crime Analysis

 Bicycle Registration

 Case Management

 Subpoena management and scheduling

 Crime Watch

 Criminal Records

 Gang System

 Juvenile Records


 Officer Activity

 Special intelligence
     City of Berkeley                         05-10051-C          Page 111 of 127
     Public Safety Technology System                        Release Date 07/18/05

          Total Police Optional cost                                          $

      Optional Fire Applications


      Hydrant Maintenance

      Equipment Inventory


          Total Fire Optional cost                                            $

i.                                Total One-Time costs

                                       One-Time Cost for:                     Total
      Police Application Software                                             $

      Police Hardware

      Police System Software

      Police Implementation

      Fire Application Software

      Fire Hardware

      Fire System Software

      Fire Implementation

      Total Police without optional systems                                   $

      Total Fire without optional systems                                     $

      Optional Police systems                                                 $

      Optional Fire systems                                                   $

      Total Police with Optional systems                                      $
      City of Berkeley                        05-10051-C                      Page 112 of 127
      Public Safety Technology System                                   Release Date 07/18/05
       Total Fire with Optional systems                                                   $

       Grand Total for Police and Fire systems                                            $

ii.                                Recurring costs

             Recurring Cost for:               Year 1          Year 2         Year 3                Year 4
       Police Application Software        $                $             $                      $

       Police Hardware                    $                $             $                      $

       Police System Software             $                $             $                      $

       Police Other recurring costs       $                $             $                      $
       (please itemize)
       Police Total without optional      $                $             $                      $
       Police total with optional         $                $             $                      $
       systems (please itemize)
       Fire Application Software          $                $             $                      $

       Fire Hardware                      $                $             $                      $

       Fire System Software               $                $             $                      $

       Fire Other recurring costs         $                $             $                      $
       (please itemize)
       Fire Total without optional        $                $             $                      $
       Fire total with optional systems   $                $             $                      $
       (please itemize)
       Grand for Police and fire          $                $             $                      $
       without optional systems
       Grand for Police and fire with     $                $             $                      $
       optional systems
 City of Berkeley                                  05-10051-C                                   Page 113 of 127
 Public Safety Technology System                                                          Release Date 07/18/05

                                              Appendix 9
                                                                                                                                                                     Vendor     Ref

      Digital Photo Management System (DPMS)
                                                                                                                                                                    Response    No.
                                                                                                                                                                  (Refer to the
                                                                                                                                                                 Response codes
      Requirements                                                                                                                                                specification
                                                                                                                                                                  on page 47 of

1.    The DPMS shall have Authentication capabilities that can detect whether photos being imported to the system have been changed since the photos
      were taken by the digital camera. If a photo was modified after being taken by the camera but before being imported to the system, the system will
      detect this and not allow such a photo to be marked as authentic.
2.    The DPMS authentication capabilities shall automatically detect what camera manufacturer and model produced a given photo. This detection shall
      occur at the photo import stage.
3.    The DPMS shall have secure capabilities wherein any given photo processed by the system shall have meta-data associated with it such that tampering
      with the photo after importing into the system will be detectable.
4.     The DPMS shall have Secure capabilities wherein any given photo processed by the system shall have meta-data associated with it such that
      tampering with the photo after importing into the system will be detectable.
5.    The DPMS shall use a lossless Jpeg photo technique wherein Jpeg photos can be enhanced for brightness, contrast, color saturation, color channel
      strength without incurring Jpeg loss from calculation round off present in normal glossy Jpeg photos
6.    The DPMS shall apply an Authentic Time stamp to major system events. This Authentic Time stamp shall be based on a clock present in vendor supplied
      hardware and not dependent on the computer’s clock which is considered not a trustworthy time source.
7.    The DPMS shall maintain user accounts and require users to have an account and password to login before being able to use the system. The user
      accounts shall have the capability of assigning different users different levels of user permissions for the capabilities to View Photos and information
      Edit (title and notes information) or Create new cases. The DPMS shall also allow for the use of Groups in conjunction with security level settings.
8.    The DPMS shall have an Audit Trail capability wherein at least the following system events are tracked using the Authentic Time stamp: User Login
      and Logout, User Viewing of photos, User printing of photos, User Enhancement of photos including values of enhancement parameters, User exporting
      of photos
9.    The DPMS shall allow an area to enter title, notes and case number on each photo independently. The information entered in the title, notes and case
      number sections shall be searchable so that collections of digital photos may be found through searching.
10.   The DPMS shall be able to create a portable photo slide show where the system produces a single file slide show that contains both the viewer and
      photos and may be sent to users for viewing (with password protection). Titles and notes associated with each photo must also have the ―view‖ option.
11.   The DPMS must offer encryption capabilities where a given photo or set of photos may be encrypted for safe transportation by removable media or
      email attachment. An encrypted photo shall not display the real photo data unless a user decrypts the photo with the correct password.
12.   The DPMS must automatically resolve possible name conflicts between different photos when multiple cameras of the same model take different
      photos that result in two or more photos having the same file name. This must be handled automatically, and not involve renaming of photos.
13.   The DPMS must allow a photographer to optionally (digitally) sign each photo to ensure that he/she is the photographer that took the photo.
 City of Berkeley                               05-10051-C                                    Page 114 of 127
 Public Safety Technology System                                                       Release Date 07/18/05
14.    The DPMS must have search features that can search for photos by date and time range, photographer, words in the title, words in the notes or case
15.    The DPMS shall offer optional photo size calibration wherein calibration of a photo with a scale or object of known size will permit printing at life size
       (1:1) or a multiple of life size (from 50% to 500%).
16.    The DPMS shall offer optional photo background removal capabilities wherein certain constant color foreground or background elements may be
       stained a given color or allowed to pass through in its natural color. The system must offer this as a pixel staining process and must not alter or
       damage the authenticity of the original photo. The system must not use a Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) process since the FFT process is lossy
       compression and alters the original photo in the process.
17.    The DPMS must offer flexible printing options from 1 photo per page up to 36 photos per page. Users should be able to select from 1 to 6 rows or 1 to
       6 columns of photos per page to print. Users should also be able to select to include or exclude the following items in the printout format: Photo title,
       photo notes, case number, authentication result, camera model, camera clock, photo import time, photographer name.
18.    The DPMS must offer automatic resize to fit features for the printing and portable photo slide show. The automatic resize to fit feature is to allow
       the user to select how the system resizes the photo when the destination area (such as the space on the paper for the printout or the space on the
       screen for the photo slide show) doesn’t match the shape of the photo. The DPMS should allow the user to select the following choices: Don’t crop,
       size photo to fill the area and cropping in either direction is ok, don’t crop vertically, don’t crop horizontally
19.    The DPMS should allow photo magnification up to 1500% (each pixel on the photo takes up 15 x 15 pixels on the screen)

20.    The DPMS should be structured such that it is capable of managing as many digital photos as will fit on the disk space available. If the disk space on
       the system is increased the system should be able to use the additional space. There should not be an upper limit to the number of digital photos
       managed. Any system where the number of photos is limited because of a database size file limit of 2 GB is not acceptable.
21     The DPMS should have a full screen mode where photos may be viewed using the full size of the computer screen. This full screen mode should offer
       the ability to magnify the photo and also to optionally view the photo title or file name for easy identification of the photo.
22     The DPMS should allow optional auto-rotation to fit on printout if the orientation of the photo (landscape or portrait) doesn’t match the available
24     The DPMS shall offer a command line interface that would allow other software to call the DPMS and log a user in and call up photos in a specified
       case or disk location.
25     The DPMS shall allow users on a LAN to access and share photos from multiple computers.

26     The DPMS shall allow upgrades such that as user needs grow additional users and software licenses can be added to allow additional users on the LAN
       to access the system.
27     The DPMS shall allow copy photos or the information attached to photos to the clipboard for pasting into other third party programs such as word
       processors or report writing programs.
28     The DPMS shall allow saving of Audit Trail information at text format or as Comma Separated Values (CSV) for use in word processors or spread
29     The DPMS must have an interface or API kit available where third party software can make calls into the DPMS and perform the following functions:
               Determine if the DPMS client is currently running on the current client computer
               Launch the DPMS client and log a user into it if it is not currently running
               Log a different user into the DPMS if requested to do so
               Send in Queries into the DPMS to search for photos by case number, photographer name, words in the title, words in the notes
               Close the DPMS client if it is already running
31     The DPMS shall be able to display photo thumbnails at a rate greater than 250 per second on a 2 GHz or faster computer with 512 MB of RAM and a
       7200 RPM hard disk.
32     The DPMS shall have 3 sizes of thumbnails available and be able to switch between them and render them at 250 per second or faster on the
       computer specified in 31 above.
 City of Berkeley                05-10051-C                                                     Page 115 of 127
 Public Safety Technology System                                                          Release Date 07/18/05
34   The vendor shall provide live Internet training to any computer that has a broadband Internet connection.

36   The vendor shall provide a ―help‖ file utility so that users can read instructions on DPMS operation at their workstation. The vendor shall also provide
     a manual on CD in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) form so that users can read or print selected portions of the manual as desired.
38   The vendor shall provide a 12 month service agreement wherein drivers for new cameras purchased in the period where the service agreement is active
     shall be written or provided if technically feasible. Updates to the DPMS software should also be provided in the period where the service agreement
     is active.
      City of Berkeley                                  05-10051-C                                    Page 116 of 127
      Public Safety Technology System                                                           Release Date 07/18/05

                                       Appendix 10
                                                                                                                                                             Vendor     Ref

       Fire System Requirements
                                                                                                                                                            Response    No.
                                                                                                                                                          (Refer to the
                                                                                                                                                         Response codes
                                                                                                                                                          on page 47 of
       Incident Reporting (NFIRS)
1.            NFIRS 5.0 compliant

2.            Dynamic interface to whatever new CAD system is selected

3.            Interface to PDSI TeleStaff software

4.            Electronic transmission of reports to other agencies

5.            Robust data analysis and reporting capabilities

       Fire Prevention
6.            Comprehensive property database and/or live link to HTE Land Management database so all pertinent information is available (e.g. owner,
               business, hazmat, occupancy
7.            Ability to exclude certain properties from the inspection program

8.            Ability to send/receive billing transactions to another system or accommodate open system interface to another system

9.            Support scheduling of inspections/reinspections and automatic reminders for upcoming or overdue inspections

10.           Robust reports to manage the fire prevention program centrally, by station, company and shifts for a given date range. Reports should
               also support the collection of statistics for performance measure compliance reporting.
11.           Flexibility to accommodate groupings of addresses/structures and exceptions to normal billing procedures (i.e. handling ―variances‖)

12.           Facilitate ease of data entry while recording inspection results and preparing inspection reports

13.           Ability to calculate fees based on quarter hour increments

14.           Provide inspection history for any given property in either online inquiry or printed report

15.           Ability for Hills Fire station to obtain Hazardous Fire Area inspection information for submitting performance measures

16.           Ability to incorporate spatial queries and interactive mapping directly all software components.

17.           Ability for software to integrate with a centralized imaging system in such a way that images may be searched and retrieved.

18.           Robust textual search of premise/property file to locate all pertinent attributes and related information.

      City of Berkeley                                   05-10051-C                                     Page 117 of 127
      Public Safety Technology System                                                             Release Date 07/18/05
19.           Simple tracking system to record painting of hydrants, defect list and any important comments.

20.           Export function so data can be sent to EBMUD.

21.           Accessible from network or MDTs in rigs responding to an incident if necessary.

       Equipment Inventory
22.           General inventory system flexible enough to accommodate all the properties and tracking requirements of the various types of
23.           Role-based security to allow equipment officer full rights and company captains the ability to view only their own inventory.

24.           Problem reporting system for company captains to request changes to the inventory.

25.           Support for bar-coding of equipment should metal tags become more cost-effective to use.

26.           Ability for all staff to file detailed problem reports and to inquire about availability of any given unit

27.           Vehicle service history inquiry – possibly via link to HTE Fleet Management vehicle information

28.           Interface to HTE Fleet Management system to allow charges to be reconciled to requests

       Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA)
29.           General inventory system that is capable of storing/tracking all necessary attribute information such as serial number, assigned
               company and assigned firefighter (where applicable) and flexible enough to accommodate all the components of SCBA.
30.           Role-based security so company commanders can view information for their companies, but the data can only be changed by the SCBA
               equipment officer.
31.           Ability to enter and track critical dates, such as service dates and fit test dates, complete with ―tickler‖ system (email, reports or
               both) to alert equipment officer in advance.
32.           Problem reporting system for all firefighters to use, preferably designed in such a way that equipment is accurately identified and all
               crucial information correctly conveyed.

       Emergency Medical Dispatch (EMD)
33.           AI-driven script to help dispatchers more accurately assess a given medical situation and to assure the same questions are being asked
               of each caller to guarantee that consistent, detailed information is being provided to first responders
34.           Straight forward, easy to use interface to accommodate staff working under pressure

35.           Expandable to accommodate FPDS (Fire) and PDS (Police)

       Emergency Medical Services (EMS)
36.           Electronic Pre-Hospitalization Care Report (PCR) accessible via laptop and/or tablet, hot-sync or connected

37.           Correlation to CAD incident data (and possibly EMD data) to allow as much information as possible to be pre-filled in the PCR, though
               medic should be able to change anything at the time of treatment
38.           Some sort of online dispatch or patient history, both to help in pre-filling PCR and to assist paramedics in diagnosis and treatment

39.           Electronic versions of all other required forms including but not limited to:
                    o   AMA (Against Medical Advice)
                    o   Refusal of Service Log
                    o   Controlled Substance Usage form
40.           Export capabilities for transmitting billing information to billing vendor

41.           Produce all reports required by City, County, State and Federal agencies including, but not limited to:
      City of Berkeley                                05-10051-C                                    Page 118 of 127
      Public Safety Technology System                                                         Release Date 07/18/05
                    o    CEMSIS
                    o    NEMSIS
                    o    UTSTEIN/cardiac
                    o    Advanced airway statistics
                    o    Intranasal trial study and other future studies
                    o    CPAP trial study
                    o    CQI/QA/QI
                    o    Statistical reports for management and performance measures, including revenue projections
42.           Ability to interface with PDSI Telestaff system

43.           Fully HIPAA-compliant

44.           Ability to print, fax or otherwise transmit PCRs to hospital (must be acceptable method to ALL hospitals, County’s BASE hospital and
               County Coroner)
45.           Compatible with EMD system, if implemented
City of Berkeley                              05-10051-C                            Page 119 of 127
Public Safety Technology System                                               Release Date 07/18/05

                Appendix 11
CRIMS Interface Requirements:

The tables below identify which data elements are needed in the Person, Vehicle, and Location Queries. The first table in
each section (under Search Parameter Data Elements) identify the data elements used to match the search criteria
entered by the user. The second table in each section (under Additional Query Result Data Elements) identify the data
elements that are displayed in the query results in addition to the data elements in the first table.

I.      Person Query

Search Parameter Data Elements:
Data Element               Comments                            Located in Agency Table     Located in Agency Column
Involvement Type           Example: Suspect, Victim, Witness, etc.
Involvement Date
Last Name
First name
Middle Name
CDC Number
CII Number
FBI Number
Social Security Number     Numeric only (i.e. must not contain
                           dashes, spaces, periods, etc.)
Driver’s License Number
Driver’s License State    Two characters maximum. Example:
                          CA, MA, VA, etc.
Phone Number Area Code Three character numeric
Phone Number Prefix       Three character numeric
Phone Number Suffix       Four character numeric
Phone Type                Example: Home, Work, Pager, etc.
Date of Birth
Hair Color
Eye Color
Height                    Three digit numeric (i.e. 507 =
                          5’7”, 511 = 5’11”, etc.)
SMT (Scar, Mark, and Tattoo) Scar Dragon, Cross, Cartoon
Code                      Characters, etc.
SMT (Scar, Mark, and Tattoo) Body Arm, Face, Leg, etc.
  These data elements correspond to codes that will need to be mapped to the CRIMS standard codes. Except for the Driver’s
License State, the maximum code value length must be 15. The code mapping can be accomplished via the Code Translation tab
   City of Berkeley                              05-10051-C                               Page 120 of 127
   Public Safety Technology System                                                  Release Date 07/18/05

   Additional Query Result Data Elements:
   Data Element           Comments                               Located in Agency Table         Located in Agency Column
   Nature of Call         Example: 23152, 647F, 459, etc.
   Report Number
   SMT (Scar, Mark, and Tattoo)
   Street Number
   Street Predirectional Example: North, East, West, etc.
   Street Name
   Street Type            Example: Avenue, Boulevard, Street, etc.
   Street Postdirectional Example: North, East, West, etc.
   Apartment/Box Number
   State                  Two characters maximum. Example:
                          CA, MA, VA, etc.
   ZIP Code

   II.        Vehicle Query

   Search Parameter Data Elements:
   Data Element                Comments                            Located in Agency Table        Located in Agency Column
   Involvement Type            Example: Stolen Vehicle, Cited
                               Vehicle, Involved Vehicle
   Involvement Date
   License Number
   License State               Two characters maximum. Example:
                               CA, MA, VA, etc.
   License Type                Example: Bus, Truck, Motorcycle, Helicopter,
   Make                        Example: Toyota, Honda, GMC, etc.
   Year                        Four digit year
   Style                       Example: Sedan, Convertible, Coupe, etc.
    These data elements correspond to codes that will need to be mapped to the CRIMS standard codes. Except for the License State,
   the maximum code value length must be 15. The code mapping can be accomplished via the Code Translation tab in CRIMS.

Additional Query Result Data Elements:
   Data Element            Comments                               Located in Agency Table        Located in Agency Column
   Report Number

   III.       Location Query

   Search Parameter Data Elements:
   Data Element                Comments                             Located in Agency Table       Located in Agency Column
   Involvement Type            Example: Home, Work, Arrest
                               Location, etc.
   Involvement Date
   Street Number
   Street Predirectional       Example: North, East, West, etc.
   Street Name
   Street Type                 Example: Avenue, Boulevard, Street, etc.
   Street Postdirectional      Example: North, East, West, etc.
   City of Berkeley                             05-10051-C                                Page 121 of 127
   Public Safety Technology System                                                  Release Date 07/18/05
   Apartment/Box Number
   State                      Two characters maximum.
                              Example: CA, MA, VA, etc.
   ZIP Code
    These data elements correspond to codes that will need to be mapped to the CRIMS standard codes. Except for the State, the
   maximum code value length must be 15. The code mapping can be accomplished via the Code Translation tab in CRIMS.

Additional Query Result Data Elements:
   Data Element              Comments                              Located in Agency Table         Located in Agency Column
   Report Number
City of Berkeley                  05-10051-C         Page 122 of 127
Public Safety Technology System                Release Date 07/18/05

Appendix 12--Trusted Network

City of Berkeley                              05-10051-C                               Page 123 of 127
Public Safety Technology System                                                  Release Date 07/18/05

                                              Firewall Conceptual Layout

                                                DOJ is the most secure of all VLANS on this firewall.
                                           The DOJ VLAN has full access to all other VLANS on the firewall.

                                               FIRE is less secure than DOJ and more secure than COB.
   FIRE                                         Users in the FIRE VLAN have access to CAD for F.M.I.S
                                                               services in the DOJ VLAN.
                                                  The FIRE VLAN has full access to the COB network.

   COB                                                               COB is the least secure VLAN.
                                                         In this VLAN City of Berkeley users are denied access
                                                                    into the FIRE and DOJ VLANS.
   called                         Note that we have permitted four of our Senior Helpdesk personnel access to the file servers and
  Outside                          the domain controller. One of these four servers is located in the DOJ VLAN and the other three
                                                                        reside in the FIRE VLAN.
                                                        Servers given access to the FIRE and DOJ VLAN’S:
                                    For domain replication between domain controllers we have placed the domain controller in the
                                       FIRE VLAN and given two domain controllers from the COB VLAN access to that server.
                                   For virus protection we have given one virus server in the COB VLAN access to three servers in
                                                       FIRE and one server in DOJ to update antivirus products.
                                  For Fund$ printing we have given the Fund$ server in the COB VLAN access to certain printers in
                                                                       the FIRE and DOJ VLAN’s.
City of Berkeley                       05-10051-C                        Page 124 of 127
Public Safety Technology System                                    Release Date 07/18/05

Appendix 13—List of Acronyms
     Acronym                Description
     AFIS                  Automated Finger Identification System
     AFS                   Automated Firearm System
     AJS                   Automated Jail System
     ALI                   Automatic Location Id.
     ANI                   Automatic Number Id.
     AMA                   Against Medical Advice
     APS                   Automated Property System
     AWS                   Automated Warrant System--an Alameda County store-and-forward message
                           switcher and warrant database serving law enforcement agencies in Alameda
                           County California.
     BOLO Notice           Be On the Look Out
     BPD                   Berkeley Police Department
     CABS                  Computer Arrest Booking System
     CAD                   Computer Aided Dispatch
     CALPHOTO              California Photo Id system
     CEMSIS                California EMS Information System
     CHS                   Criminal History System
     CIU                   CAD Interface Unit
     CLETS                  California Law Enforcement Telecommunications system--the State of
                           California message switch providing access to state databases and
     CORPUS                Criminal Offender Records Production Unified System--an Alameda County
                           based system providing in-custody and criminal offender record information
                           to Alameda County justice agencies.
     COTS                  Commercial Off The Shelf
     CRIMS                 Consolidated Records Information Management System
     CRU                   Call Record Unit
     DBU                   Database Unit
     DCN                   Data Communication Network (County messaging system)
     DOB                   Date of Birth
     EMD                   Emergency Medical Dispatch or Priority Dispatch
     EMS                   Emergency Medical Service
     EPO                   Emergency Protective Orders
     FI                    Field Interview
     FPDS                  Fire Priority Dispatch System
     JUVIS                 Juvenal Information System
     NCIC                  National Crime Information Center (FBI)
     NFIRS                 National Fire Incident Reporting System
     NEMSIS                National EMS Information System
     NENA                  National Emergency Number Association
     NIBRS                 National Incident-Based Reporting System
     NLETS                 National Law Enforcement Telecommunications System
     MAARS/VESTA           Plant inc. products which provide computer telephony and provide capability
                           for both Wireless phase 1 and wireless phase 2 compatibility. MAARS stands
City of Berkeley                        05-10051-C                         Page 125 of 127
Public Safety Technology System                                      Release Date 07/18/05
                           for: Modular ANI ALI Retrieval System.
     MPDS                  Medical Priority Dispatch System
     PCR                   Pre-hospitalization Care Report
     PFN                   Personal File Number
     PPDS                  Police Priority Dispatch System
     PSAP                  Public Safety Answering Point
     PSU                   Power Supply Unit
     PRO                   Permanent Restraining Orders
     RECAP                 Regional Crime Analysis Program--an Alameda County based system
                           collecting data from most police agencies within the county to use for crime
                           analysis purposes.
     RMS                   Records Management System
     RMU                   Remote Maintenance Unit
     SCBA                  Self Contained Breathing Apparatus
     SVS                   Stolen Vehicle System
     TMS                   Training Management System
     TIU                   Trunk Interface Unit
     TRO                   Temporary Restraining Orders
     UCR                   Uniform Crime Reports
     WPS                   Wanted Persons System
City of Berkeley                       05-10051-C                             Page 126 of 127
Public Safety Technology System                                         Release Date 07/18/05

Appendix 14—Police Department Statistics
     Description                                                         Statistics
     Geographic Area                                                     10 Square Miles
     Service Population                                                  105,000
     Authorized Full Time Sworn                                          199
     Full Time non-sworn                                                 105
     Yearly Comm. Center calls (2004)                                    36,268 (911)
     Yearly dispatched service calls for Police                          120,000
     Yearly dispatched service calls for Fire                            12,300
     Average number of people in a typical shift (Police)                12
     Maximum number of people in a typical shift (Police)                36
     Number of annual reports including incidents, traffic collisions     80,000
     and Crimes—How many RMS (CRIMES) records are created
     every year?
     Number of arrests or bookings per year                              4,696
     Number of items held as evidence or kept for safekeeping during     372
     a booking (yearly)
     Total pieces of evidence in Property room                           22,000 +
     Number of towed vehicles per year                                   7,000
     Number of current CAD users (anyone who has access to CAD)          90 +
     Number of current RMS or CRIMES users                               90 +
     Number of Mobile Data Units in Patrol Vehicles                      48
City of Berkeley                       05-10051-C                          Page 127 of 127
Public Safety Technology System                                      Release Date 07/18/05

Appendix 15—Vendor Proposal Checklist
      Checklist (Please provide the page number if the item description is included in the proposal).
     Description                                          Page no. in Proposal
     Certified/audited Financial statements
     Computer room requirements
     Implementation schedule
     Training plan
     Project team resume
     Required H/W, S/W contracts and licenses
     Reference list
     Network requirements diagram
     Entire system Diagram
     Alameda County Interface capability
     California State Interface capability
     Federal Government Interface capability
     Test Environment
     Backup/Restore proposal
     Redundancy configuration