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									Light Explorer - LX3800

 Multi-protocol CWDM MUX

   Multi-rate CWDM Transport
    –   8 Channels
    –   Protocol Independent
    –   Rate Adaptive (100Mbps – 2.7Gbps) Input
    –   20 Gbps Transport: 70+ km
    –   Uni-directional line ports

   1RU Chassis Design
    – 8 slot chassis, line-card based
            AT-LX3811

    – Redundant, load sharing Power Supplies (AC or DC)
    – Standard SFP tributary interfaces

   Integrated Management
    –   10/100 Ethernet or RS-232 Interface
    –   SNMP, Telnet, or console management options
    –   Alarm reports and event log
    –   Diagnostic capabilities:
             Line-card, chassis, & power supplies
                                               Optical Transport Family

                                                                   LightExplorer Series

                           •   70+km reach
                           • SNMP Management
                           • Redundant Power (option)
                           • SFP Fiber Interfaces

                                                                    WaveGlider Series

          FIXED PROTOCOL                                MULTI-RATE/MULTI-PROTOCOL

   Service Aggregation
    – Data
    – Voice
    – Video

 Fiber Relief
 Managed Fiber Services
 LAN/SAN Extension
                                 LX3800 - Scaleability

   Modular architecture ensures that CAPEX is minimised by
    only installing the minimum number of active line cards.

                          AT-LX3811 ‘Line Card’

             SFP Module

T1/E1 over Fiber                                                 T1/E1 over Fiber
SONET                                                                      SONET
SDH                                                                          SDH
ATM                                                                          ATM
Fiber Channel                                                      Fiber Channel
Fast Ethernet                                                       Fast Ethernet
Gigabit Ethernet                                                 Gigabit Ethernet
ESCON                                                                     ESCON

           •   Interconnect multiple services with a single device
           •   Extend connectivity up to 70 km in native format
           •   Leverage existing infrastructure
           •   “Pay as you grow” via slotted architecture

   Two-fiber transport for up to 8 services
    – 8 wavelengths transmit on one fiber
    – 8 wavelengths received on one fiber
    – Differs from AT-WD1008: uses bi-directional line fibers

   Allows interoperability with Allied Telesyn WaveGlider
    – Individual channels can be added or dropped as needed
    – Removes the need for an active book-end solution
    – Combined with CWDM GBIC/SFP modules, WaveGlider can demultiplex
      LightExplorer wavelengths

   A growth path to point-to-point transport protection
    – Future line-side protection will interoperate with AT-LX3800U
                                              LightExplorer + WaveGlider
  Site A

                                                              L2/3 Switch

                                               Site 1

                                               Site 2

                                                              E1 over

                                               Site 3
AT-2300 Add/Drop Multiplexer
• Single channel add/drop at remote sites

                                                                            Site B
• Protocol independent OADMs
• Eliminates the need to terminate all services at a single
  add/drop location
• High-isolation of dropped wavelengths enhances security,
  allows wavelength re-use
                                                   LightExplorer + WaveGlider

                                                                              2x GbE
                                                                              1x Fiber Channel
    Site A

                                                                              1x T1 over Fiber

             4x GbE
             2x Fiber Channel
             2x E1 over Fiber                                                 2x GbE
                                                                              1x Fiber Channel
                                                                              1x T1 over Fiber

AT-3300/4300 CWDM Multiplexers
•     Fixed, secure connections over one pair of fiber
•     Each service stays secure through CWDM multiplexers
•     Single LightExplorer at central office supports multiple remote sites
•     WaveGliders at far end keep active equipment in central office
                                           LightExplorer Chassis
1 RU tall/19-inch rack mountable
   Management LEDS
   SNMP and Telnet management

Optional second power supply
   AC or DC, load sharing when both units installed
   Hot-swappable with integrated fans

AT-3801 Blank Line Card
   Protects unused slots, keeps contaminants from the internal fiber
   Chassis ships with AT-3801s in all 8 slots
                                                      LightExplorer Line Cards
AT-LX3811/x Multi-rate Line Cards
   x = slot number (1 through 8)
   Single Small Form-factor Pluggable (SFP) interface
    – AT-SP series SFPs from Allied Telesyn
   Rate adaptive from 100Mbps through 2.7Gbps
    – Rate displayed in management menu
   Color-coded and numbered for appropriate slot
    – Each line card transmits and receives the same wavelength
   Individual LED set per line card
    – Monitors Line sync, Line Tx, Line Rx, Tributary Tx, Tributary Rx, and line card Ready
    – Alerts user via LED behavior if line card is inserted into an incorrect location
                                         LightExplorer Line Cards

 Each AT-LX3811 line card supports rates from 100Mbps
  through 2.7Gbps (inclusive)
 Installed SFP must support desired rate
 AT-SP2670 Series support multiple data rates
 Line card is protocol agnostic
 AT-LX3800U management detects tributary speed

    T1/E1 over Fiber
    SDH                      AT-LX3811
    ATM                                             CWDM wavelength
    Fiber Channel      SFP                          for transport
    Fast Ethernet            Line Card
    Gigabit Ethernet
                                  LightExplorer: AT-SP series
Similar to AT-G8 GBICs, in SFP form factor
 Multi-mode fiber (SX)
 Single-mode fiber (LX10, LX40, ZX80, CWDM)
 Digital diagnostics for enhanced management of the tributary interface
 LC connectors
 Bail latch design for easy installation and removal
 Fiber Channel and GbE support:
 AT-SPSX, AT-SPLX10, AT-SPLX40, ATSPZX80, AT-SPZX80/xxxx (xxxx =
  CWDM wavelength)
 Same SFPs planned for use in new SFP-based 8500, 8900, 9400, 9900 series
 Multi-rate (155Mbps – 2.7Gbps) options under the AT-SP2670 naming
                                       LightExplorer Components
AT-LX3800U                               AT-LXPWR/AC and AT-LXPWR/DC
•   Chassis w/single installed power     •   Power supply
    supply                               •   Line cord (if applicable)
•   8 AT-LX3801 blank slot covers,       •   Installation manual
    installed                            •   Warranty card
•   Hardware manual
•   19” rack mounting brackets           AT-LX3801 Blank Slot Cover
•   Management cable                     •   Ordered for spares, only
•   Warranty card                        •   Blank slot cover
                                         •   Installation manual
                                         •   Warranty card
AT-LX3811/x Multi-rate Line Card
•   Line Card
•   Installation manual
•   Warranty card
   Managed Fiber Services
   Multiprotocol LAN Extension
   SAN Extension
   Service Aggregation

 Benefits
   Reduced Fiber Expense
   SFP Flexibility
   Pay As You Grow
   Multiple Services On A Single Pair
   Multidrop Capabilities Using WaveGlider
                                              Multiple Services Delivery
                                                     SAN                      SDH
                                                    Network                  Network
                                          Fiber Channel

                                                                             With EPS
                                                                             Sub 50ms

                                                                 Telesyn 9000
                                                 LightExplore      Ethernet
    STM-1/4/16                                         r         Multi-Service
                                                 Multi-service      Access
     ADM                                           CWDM &          Platform
      PBX            GbE
                                GbE              Management
                AT 8948
Fiber Channel              Telesyn 9000

   Business Services

                                                Multi-service over Dark Fiber

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